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Warlock Patron: Hexwright


Expanded Spell List

Patron Features
Primal Magic Runes
Wild Magic Surge
Guide Surge
Copying Spell into Grimoire
Memorize Spell
Summoning the Grimoire
Pact of the Tome Interaction
Scribe Spell Tattoo
Scribe Arcanum Tattoo

Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
Control Grimoire

Closing Remarks

Your patron is not a specific entity, but a force of magic itself. Your pact allows you to channel primal magic
through arcane runes tattooed on your body, but sometimes it slips your control. Hexwright warlocks are
driven to gather spells, uncover arcane secrets, and ensure that magic thrives. The patron could be like The
Weave from Forgotten Realms, Living Spells from Eberron, an ancient spellbook, Primal Chaos from 4e, the
spirit of an Archmage, or some other source of raw magic.

These warlocks are driven by their pact to collect spells and incentivized with mechanics to do so. dispel magic. mystic arcanum. and ​Prestidigitation​. Primal Magic Runes ​ Starting at ​1st level​ when this patron is chosen and as they grow in power. Wild Magic Surge When casting spells through any warlock feature the hexwright channels primal magic through their runes and sometimes the powerful magic leaks through tiny flaws in the runes. They are fine with altering magic or causing it to cascade off into a wild surge. ​Immediately after you cast a warlock spell of 1st level or higher. Acts that end magic are abhorrent to them. things like anti-magic field. counterspell.. On a result of 1-5. all the spells from ​pact magic. they have no additional non-warlock spells they can learn. C ​ ontrol Grimoire​. You can choose which spell(s) is/are prepared at the end of a long rest. In some ways they are the ​“Blue Mage”​ of the spellcasting world. The warlock can move around the tattoos at will. Patron Features Cantrips At ​1st level​ warlocks with this pact gain the following cantrips. that until the warlock collects spells and adds them to their grimoire. and throwing the one ring into Mt. but slightly more controlled version of the Wild Magic sorcerer. roll a d20. Anyone seeing the tattoos can make a hard Arcanum check on each sigil to understand what they represent. ​ This patron amplifies the concept of the ​Book of Ancient Secrets to create something like the common multiclass dubbed the “sorloc” without any metamagic but with some of the versatility of a wizard and bard. ​Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer​. along with the ​invocations known by the warlock are tattooed with magical script that flows across their skin. The price for this versatility is a more common. roll on the Wild Magic Surge table to create a random . Doom. Expanded Spell List Spell Level Spells 1st One 1st level spell from the warlock’s grimoire feature 2nd One 2nd level spell from the warlock’s grimoire feature 3rd One 3rd level spell from the warlock’s grimoire feature 4th One 4th level spell from the warlock’s grimoire feature 5th One 5th level spell from the warlock’s grimoire feature It is important to note.

the transcription process takes 2 hours and costs 50 gp for the rare inks needed to inscribe it. Any spells added to the spellbook are treated as Warlock spells when cast through other class features. you can add spells from any spell list found in spellbooks or scrolls to your grimoire. . This grimoire acts as the Hexwright’s a Spellbook On your adventures. when you see a creature casting a spell within 60 feet. Grimoire At ​1st level​ when this pact is chosen. and it destroys the previous book. This ceremony can be performed during a short or long rest. the Book of Shadows is merged with their Grimoire (one book representing both features). make an ability check using your spellcasting ability. The book turns to ash when you die but can be summoned again if you are returned to life. Memorize Spell As a reaction. you can add it to the grimoire if the spell's level is equal to or less than half your warlock level (rounded up) and if you can spare the time to transcribe the spell. while eager to be unleashed into the world. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. successfully using the ability again will remove any currently memorized spell. When touching their Grimoire a hexwright can turn it to ash as a free action. when this result occurs the GM can create a custom effect or have the Warlock roll again. you may attempt to have the grimoire memorize the spell. After this ability is used (success or failure). The Grimoire can only memorize one spell at a time. On a success. the GM can optionally have the hexwright roll on the Wild Magic Surge table. Summoning the Grimoire If you lose your Grimoire. When you find such a spell.magical effect in addition to the spell cast. the spell has been memorized and can later be copied using the “Copying Spell into Grimoire” rules above. you can perform a 1 hour ceremony summon an exact replacement from your patron. A​ fter the results of a roll on the Wild Magic Surge Table is declared. the warlock creates a Grimoire in which their knowledge of magic is reflected. A roll of 99-00 on the Wild Surge table is specifically for Sorcerers. Guide Surge Primal Magic. For each level of the spell. this attempt fails. ​ rcane focus​. If the spell level is greater than half your warlock level (rounded up). Guide Surge may be used a number of time equal to the warlock’s proficiency bonus per short rest. If it is casting a spell equal to or less than half your warlock level (rounded up). the Hexwright can use Guide Surge to reroll (taking the last of their rolls). can be shaped by a warlock with this pact. Pact of the Tome Interaction If the warlock chooses Pact of the Tome.

The warlock regains the ability to scribe a spell tattoo they have cast after a long rest. In all other respects this behaves like Scribe Spell Tattoo. . Warlock. The tattoo can be created using any of the spells contained in their grimoire feature of a level up to their warlock ​slot level.. but something almost always occurs in the process.Scribe Spell Tattoo At ​6th level​ the warlock can create and empower a single temporary tattoo on their body that allows them to cast a spell once before vanishing (similar to Activating An Item | Spells pg 141 DMG). The spell must be contained in their grimoire feature and can be at most the level of their highest Mystic Arcanum. any spells beyond that must have been found in the course of play and added to their grimoire. When cast. is unlikely. with a chance of casting the intended spell. After a short rest the warlock can dismiss an unused spell tattoo without casting the spell and regain the ability to use scribe spell tattoo immediately. Note that all of their chosen warlock spells and mystic arcanum are always in their grimoire and available to be scribed as Spell or Arcanum tattoos.S Duration: Special Intentionally create a wild surge. the mage attempts a rapid weaving of the pattern which releases a sudden flood of wild magical energy in the hope of seizing and shaping that energy into a desired spell effect. This brings their total number of scribed tattoos up to three with 2 being at most 5th level and the third up to their highest Mystic Arcanum spell level (or warlock level divided by 2 round up). This spell is a dangerous ultimate last-resort spell. Wizard) Casting Time: 1 Action Range: Special Components: V. At ​10th level​ the warlock can scribe one additional Spell Tattoo on their body. Scribing a scroll tattoo requires time spent meditating while the magical sigils form on their body and takes 1 minute per spell level. Cantrips Nahal's Reckless Dweomer Evocation Cantrip (Sorcerer. Which. Scribe Arcanum Tattoo At ​14th level​ the warlock can scribe one Arcanum Tattoo..

On a 20 the mage successfully casts the desired spell at its minimum level without expending a spell slot. the mage announces the spell effect he is trying to create. if the mage is still capable of casting a spell. ● Have one specific spell from any list of levels 1-5 as a spell known. As an action the warlock can move the grimoire anywhere within 30 feet. roll a d20. The spell must be one they know and could otherwise cast but they don't need the spell slot available . Control Grimoire Conjuration Cantrip (Warlock) Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action Range: 30 feet Components: V. For the hexwright warlock. Closing Remarks The “ultimate expression” of this warlock who has collected a large number of spells in game. After announcing the spell (along with the target and any other conditions required by the spell). would be able to do the following in addition to the regular Warlock things: ● Prepare and cast “vancian style” two spells of 5th level and lower and one spell of 9th level and lower. the grimoire will float within arms reach of the warlock at a location of their choosing and they can turn pages as a free action.S Duration: 1 minute The warlock’s grimoire is surrounded with spectral runes.Before casting the spell. The book can’t attack or carry more than 10 pounds. which the wild mage tries to manipulate into the desired form. the wild mage casts Nahal's reckless dweomer. First roll normally on the Wild Magic Surge table. The price they pay is regular Wild Magic Surges and the GM controlling which spells they can gain. . While the cantrip is in effect. Then. A burst of magical energy is released. “known spells” includes spells in their spellbook along with any warlock spell or mystic arcanum they could normally cast.