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ROMER Absolute Arm

Maximum performance
portable measurement

Metrology on the go.

system. remove. or cannot be moved to an offline inspection station. it’s also the most accurate ROMER arm to date. ROMER Technology. Dies. 1 Absolute Encoders With more than twenty years of development in portable arm technology. Innovative new technologies have been added of taking the part to the CMM. Drawing design inspiration 2 Lighter. The ability to quickly measure parts wherever and whenever based on their proven performance in other Hexagon Metrology products. modern internal scanner or external scanning meter arm weighs just 17 pounds. 1 2 3 1 The ROMER Absolute Arm. ROMER A first in the world of portable measuring arms: The ROMER Absolute Arm features products lead the industry with innovative. reduce scrap and Absolute Arm. More Accurate from the entire Hexagon Metrology product family. it’s ready to go. Typical Measuring Applications Typical Industries • Scanning Pack: Allows connection of laser scanning systems. yet stiffest ROMER arm we’ve ever built.5 Whether utilizing a traditional tactile probe. or change features on an arm as required. turned on. using a 110/220v power connection. forms and patterns Heavy Equipment OEM and components RDS Communication Structural and ornamental metalwork Ship and Boat Building The new RDS arm communication and diagnostics software runs in the Windows Composite materials Defense OEM and parts notification area and is instantly available whenever needed. most flexible ROMER arm ever. The result is the first portable measuring arm which does not worldwide rely on ROMER products to deliver essential inspection information quickly in require any kind of homing procedure before starting measurement. molds. With ROMER arms. Combined with the improved accuracy from the absolute encoders.4 meter arms. was designed to be the lightest. ROMER delivers maximum innovation with minimum risk. easy and affordable. For workpieces that are large. Utilizing a common docking connector to the base of the arm. so the arm always “knows” the portable metrology fast. The core technologies used to build every Absolute Arm to move. most accurate. control processes. As new feature packs are released. With the new required allows manufacturers to ensure quality. eliminate re-work. The base 2. feature packs allow you to add. fifteen percent lighter than similar 2. 3 Absolute Flexibility The all-new ROMER Feature Pack concept unfolds the full potential of a portable measuring arm. Vehicle body and chassis Civil Engineering Tanks/Boilers Windpower OEMs Fiberglass structures Appliances . ROMER – absolutely portable CMMs. and all ROMER arms that came before. From the carbon fiber tubes to the simplified dual yoke joint housings. difficult favorable production conditions. Absolutely groundbreaking. lightweight systems designed to make proprietary absolute encoders in its primary axes. Measurable Benefits. The ROMER Absolute Arm is the latest ROMER innovation. ROMER portable measuring arms have fundamentally changed coordinate metrology by By definition. the Absolute Arm the ROMER Absolute Arm is the lightest. an Absolute Arm can be upgraded in the field with new capabilities. you take the CMM to the part. Manufacturers in more than 100 industries position of its joints. Intuitive program operation Machined castings Machinery Manufacturing facilitates probe calibration management and includes a diagnostics function for Tubes and tube assemblies Furniture Manufacturing checking the measuring accuracy of the arm. When the arm is circumstances where traditional measuring methods are impractical or impossible. dimensional inspection at the were chosen based on the experience of thousands of units in the field that must be point of production is essential. Stiffer. Plate and Fabricated Metal Automotive OEM and components Stamped and punched metal components Automotive Interiors • “No Pack” Option: The Absolute Arm is completely functional without a feature Molded parts Aerospace OEM and components pack. there is always a solution with ROMER. portable metrology devices must be accurate and reliable in less than going where traditional measuring machines can’t. instead reliable and accurate in real-world use. Feature Pack Options for Absolute Arms: • Mobility Pack: A rechargeable battery and WiFi transmitter allows completely wireless use of the Absolute Arm.

Feature Packs plug into the base and provide interchangeable and upgradeable add-on Metrology on the Go capabilities such as WiFi connection. the same type used in Hexagon Metrology bridge CMMs. Arriving parts can be inspected right on the dock. . Kinematic Probe Joint. Patented Infinite Rotation in the principle axes allows access to difficult to reach areas. Integrated work light and digital camera graphically document setups. 7. 9 and minimizing user fatigue.6 Axis Tactile Probe 1 Designed with 6 axes of infinite rotation. not years. and is used to inspect parts or to interact with the software take place right on the shop floor so production can keep moving. Compact Head is easy to hold. Universal thread mount base attaches to a variety of available base and stand options your own mobile metrology lab. Absolute Encoders improve overall accuracy and eliminate “homing” procedures. 4. • Minimizing production wait time because results are available faster. supplied parts meet critical specifications. battery power. maximizing accuracy verification of position are all possible with an Absolute Arm. SpinGrips allow the arm to “float” in the operator’s hands. When moving the part is impractical or impossible. low-friction hand hold positions for better user 3D Alignment Precise 3D positioning of parts for assembly. single parts or entire assemblies is fast and convenient. including magnetic bases. critical dimensions can be 6. The Absolute Arm is now available in the largest size ever: an industry first 14. Automatic probe 8 recognition allows you to store hundreds of calibrated probe profiles for instant recall. and ergonomics. provides volume. 5. The absolute portability of a ROMER arm means you can put it to work all around your facility to take on 3 varied tasks such as: 7 Large Part and Assembly Inspection ROMER Absolute Arm. the ROMER Absolute Arm is ideal for 2 multiple applications on a wide array of workpieces. 5 4 4 6 2 3 8 9 8 The Absolute Arm . even above and below the arm’s centerline. It’s like having 10. eliminating manual data entry. • Replacement of costly and inflexible dedicated gaging. First Article Inspection Faster than traditional methods of taking parts elsewhere. Verification of 1. inspected before further processing takes place. Better ergonomics means lower Incoming Quality Control operator fatigue and better measuring results. to take on the biggest tasks. with no need for recalibration. Inspection accuracy in its most mobile form. a ROMER arm can be taken to the location where dimensional measurements are required.8 foot (4. (shown) RROIROMER Return On Investment ROMER arm systems produce results you can measure. Carbon Fiber Tubes provide a lightweight. Low Profile Zero-G Counterbalance balances the arm’s weight for easy. Benefits may include: • Faster and more accurate inspection than traditional manual methods.5m) measuring 2. operation with effortless control. scanning and more. 9. • More efficient documentation. stiff structure that is thermally stable. when in “mouse mode”. repeatable connection of probes. Patented SpinGrips are infinitely rotating. the return on investment can be calculated in months. setting up tooling and fixturing. Ideal for materials that would 10 deform if removed from the machine. Integrated handle and lifting point under counterbalance allow for easy carrying. The best part of a ROMER Absolute Arm is it’s totally portable. • Scrap and rework reductions via in-process or on-machine inspection. • Reduced setup time for machines or fixtures. so you can put it to work doing any or all of the above tasks anytime and anywhere. On-Machine Inspection and Verification: Using a ROMER arm on the bed of a machining center. for immediate feedback if 8. Many ROMER owners discover benefits so dramatic. first article checks can 3.

which can then be reproduced with a 3D printer. It’s an excellent way to • Create a 3D model for further CAD design modification. Ideal for automotive aftermarket design applications. Since laser scanners • Inspection of the mating of two parts produce large quantities of high-density data very quickly. Copy Milling Producing a duplicate of a sample part directly from the point cloud scan data. CAD to Part comparison of scanned data can also manipulate. Laser scanning technologies imagination. Feature Inspection Rapid Prototyping A sample part or physical model is scanned and converted to an STL file representation of the part. feature recognition for dimensional inspection. you can set up the arm inside • Competitive part/product analysis. slots and other can be converted to CAD that describes a sample or prototype part. inprocess by taking points one at a time. or used models. nominal across the entire part at a glance. • Create a “legacy” or “golden” part for repair or restoration work where no CAD or part drawing exists. Common applications include: have changed the way many companies think about part inspection and also enabled entirely new methods of product design. CAM software is used to read the scan cloud data and produce machining instructions for machine tools. GD&T Inspection . the ROMER Absolute The possibilities for 3D laser scanning are limited only by your Arm opens up new worlds of possibility. Shaded Point Cloud While a traditional tactile arm produces relatively low density data • Verifying a part meets CAD.ROMER Scanning Systems . objects quickly and easily. preservation or restoration work. for incoming inspection. from the scan data. part inspection Inspection and validation and quality control. evaluate how and where the surface of a part deviates from the nominal. In some cases.from Points to Point Clouds. high quality data collection is extremely fast for even the largest parts. “clouds” of 3D points in just minutes. geometric characteristics is possible by performing feature extraction Reverse Engineering software is used to import the scanned point cloud. The ROMER Absolute Arm takes laser scanning mobile. Laser scanning produces a 3D point cloud for cloud-to-CAD comparison. The portability • Create an “as-built” model of a tool so wear over time can be of a ROMER laser scanning system means that you can scan large scale compared. Point clouds in the millions or • Verify tool & die wear or rework. 2D cross-sections or 3D topographical mapping. comparing parts to corresponding CAD be compared to a CAD model. and GD&T analysis. mathematically smooth and combine the scanned data so a be shown as a colored “weathermap” showing areas of deviation from representative surface model can be created. and also allows CAD to Part “Weathermap” the creation of a 3D record. Why choose non-contact laser scanning? When equipped with laser scanning technology. Reverse Engineering Small or large parts can be quickly digitized and the resulting 3D model Polygonized Point Cloud Traditional inspection of features such as circles. or underneath a part or assembly to scan areas inaccessible with other • Scan surfaces to create a 3D model to design a part that will mate scanning methods. laser scanning produces high density inspection or final validation. tens of millions of points are not uncommon. model or copy. This aids in archival. perfectly. to reproduce a physical 3D model of the part. planes. used to create a CAD model. Historical Preservation 3D scans of priceless artifacts can be created without touching them. Point cloud data can • Contour measurement.

000 points per second scanning • Share one scanner between multiple devices • Semi-automatic laser power and exposure control • Internal cabling • No warm-up time • Open platform for future upgrades with TESA connectors and • Scanning system certified to B89. 3 Ergonomics. Quick Facts: Quick Facts: • Designed for interchangeable laser scanners available • Fully integrated– no additional cables or controller box from ROMER or third parties • 30. automated probe • Available in measuring ranges from 6. When sharing a scanner. Many operators will find the upgrade is as simple as changing a probe. As new scanner technologies are released. 2System Calibration.7 Axis for External Scanners The ROMER Absolute Arm SI is the first ROMER arm with a laser The ROMER Absolute Arm SE for external scanners is a 7 axis portable scanner integrated directly into the wrist. the arm is still usable in just moments.5m) recognition • Available in measuring ranges from 6. 4 Interoperability. Owners of existing scanners with a TKJ joint can upgrade to the The ultra portable. With the scanning control and batteries incorporated into a Feature Pack for the scanning system. Single button semi-automatic laser power control even if the scanner is on another device. an for precise control of scanning paths.6 ft (2 m) to 14. coupled with no requirement including arms of different sizes or a stationary device such as a for homing procedures means an operator can be up and scanning bridge or gantry CMM. no warm up scanners. All the benefits of laser inspection system designed for use with interchangeable external scanning are combined with the Absolute Arm’s class-leading laser scanners that use a TESA kinematic joint (TKJ) connection.8 ft (4. The scanner requires no warm up time.4. The Absolute Arm . safety and measuring accuracy. because the arm is a fully allows scanning of different surface types without compromising functional tactile measuring system without a scanner attached. More than 20 years experience in portable metrology design and innovation.7 Axis with Internal Scanner The Absolute Arm . maneuver and use. the entire system is self-contained.22 Feature Pack technology • No coating or surface preparation necessary • Balanced operation with Zero-G counterbalance Captions for 1 2 3 upper right • Scanning and probing interchangeable. and auto probe recogni- tion means you can power up and just start measuring. accuracy. Absolute encoders.8 ft (4. Some users actually prefer the 7 axis “pistol grip” configuration for tactile inspections. Scanning system is calibrated to B89 as a single unit for performance confidence. system can be operated comfortably with one hand. low weight scanning system is balanced with latest ROMER technology by purchasing a new arm and attaching the Zero-G counterbalance for user ergonomics and ease of use the existing scanner. Software packages that work with other Hexagon Metrology products ensure interoperability and easier training. standard features. Easy to hold.5m) Reasons to Choose ROMER 1 Fast Startup. This completely integrated scanning system is Benefits of choosing the 7 axis external scanner configuration factory calibrated and certified as a system to B89 specifications. . include the ability to share a single scanner among multiple devices. 5Innovation.6 ft (2 m) to 14. ergonomic features are designed for operator comfort.

buttons. PC-DMIS Portable is fast and intuitive to learn. PDF and RTF streamlined programming and formats. Meshing Capabilities Quick start GUI — Commonly used functions are grouped together into one • Reduce and optimize polygon mesh data compact interface for ease and speed of access. Customizable reporting tools — Customizable inspection reports are Colormaps in conjunction with created automatically. etc. PC-DMIS Reshaper is capable of connecting live to a measuring device for data collection or can for users already familiar with the PC-DMIS environment on any type of measuring device. The PC-DMIS Portable interface is specifically designed for the arm user. simulation. By taking the Used for portable inspection with or without a CAD model. • CAD-comparison mapping of surfaces in color with variable scales and Automatic nominals — Feature nominal values are automatically retrieved movable data flags from the CAD file during measurement. no manual data entry is required. Data for SPC analysis can be automatically transferred in real powerful reporting tools are ↑Collected Point Clouds time to the DataPage+ SPC package. PC-DMIS Portable allows ↑Meshed plus optional direct CAD interfaces. repair. especially Online or offline. • Optimize meshing along high curvature areas Automatic programming — Part programs are automatically created during • Smooth. various point clouds. without translation. . Hexagon Metrology’s very own PC-DMIS Reshaper software offers a specialized set of tools using this PC-DMIS is the ideal match for ROMER portable CMMs whether implementing tactile or data to create high quality 3D models for reverse engineering. and deform shapes in 3D for mesh adaptation inspection. • Preserve 3D records of artifacts for archival or historical purposes Aligning contoured parts — PC-DMIS Portable quickly aligns even • Output high quality 3D mesh model for rapid prototyping. function as a stand-alone application for the processing. Scanned data created by the ROMER Absolute Arm can be applied to a wide variety of applications beyond simple measurement. sectioning. Reverse Engineering ↑B-Splines Any-order measure — Lets operators probe or scan parts in the most • Model parts in 3D for further CAD design or adaption convenient and efficient order without having to follow the steps of an • Create a “legacy” or “golden part” where no CAD or part drawing exists inspection routine. inspection. cleaning the clouds to eliminate irrelevant data and meshing the data into a 3D model. button depressed.PC-DMIS® Portable. the points to mesh solution. Guided inspection routines with visual A multiple point scan can be • Fill holes to bridge missing data cues and comments are easily created for repetitive inspections. CAD file compatibility — PC-DMIS has translators for all major CAD formats. Software for tactile or scanning inspection. which read and use the native CAD Point Clouds for a multitude of scanning formats. with larger PC-DMIS Reshaper Capabilities Include: menus. control and Curve Network alignments are included. CAD-comparison. or part duplication. the powerful capabilities of PC. With the world’s largest installed base of any measurement and inspection software. Reshaper is capable of creating NURBS surfaces and exporting data into a wide variety of 3D file formats. align and best fit clouds • Remove extraneous data and reduce noise generate inspection programs and produce clear. concise CAD-to-part reports. finite element analysis. merge. meshing and editing of point cloud data. ↑NURBS taken by simply dragging the 3D Control and Inspection Surfaces Guess mode — PC-DMIS automatically recognizes feature types as you probe over the part with the • Import files in IGES and STEP formats • Compare surfaces and contours measure — just measure a circle and it’s recognized as a circle. A range of algorithms for best fit and iterative generation. animation. tool path ↑Meshed with the most complex parts. edit. The software keeps track of what is measured and only • Analyze competitive parts and products evaluates dimensions when all of the necessary information is available. some of the features available. and separate point clouds makes it easy for operators to inspect parts in comparison to CAD models in real-time. PC-DMIS DMIS deliver inspection information quickly and accurately. scanning measurement solutions. Compatibility with Microsoft Excel™. and a virtual keyboard which allows direct interaction with PC-DMIS Point Cloud Processing without touching the computer when using the arm in “mouse mode”. PC-DMIS Portable • Manage the largest point clouds easily • Manipulate. PC•DMIS Reshaper software. Sheetmetal measurements — PC-DMIS Portable offers an optional library • Generate Nurbs surfaces for further CAD design or adaptation of sheetmetal measurement routines. measurement solutions. • Easily register. for recall and later re-use.

Each individual point measurement is Storage temperature: -22°F – 158°F (-30°C – 70°C) 7535SE 11.P.0024 in.8 ft.1 kg) ing applications.6 lbs.7 lbs. (0.0029 in.6 ft. (0. 75 Series SE 7530SE 9.6 ft. (9.136 mm) 19.042 mm) 16. (7.8 ft.5 m) ±0.028 mm) ±0.0 m) ±0.0042 in. (8. (0.8 ft.(4.023 mm) 17. (8. (0.150 mm) 0.7 kg) TesaTKJ Connector Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard 73 Series 7330 9.0059 in.044 mm) ±0.8 ft. Results analyzed via Range/2 method. (0.2 ft.0013 in.): Specifications are subject to change without notice.025 mm) 0. (9.6 lbs.0054 in.0067 in.0028 in.2 ft. (8.2 ft.8 ft. (4. (0.6 lbs.0043 in.1 ft. (0.4.1 lbs.0035 in. This test Humidity: 10% – 90% non-condensing is to assess the arm’s ability to provide similar values of a point coordinate.198 mm) 20.0024 in. (3.T.033 mm) 0.066 mm) 19.023 mm) ±0.120 mm) 0.1 ft.0 m) ±0.0012 in.0 lbs.0017 for latest information.0009 in.082 mm) 20. (0.7 lbs. (0. (0.108 mm) ±0. (2. (0. and individual points are measured from multiple approach angles with Working temperature: 32°F – 122°F (0°C – 50°C) maximum articulation of all of the principal joints.033 mm) 18. (0. Volumetric length Scanning System Accuracy Test: This test most accurately represents the reasonable 73 Series SE accuracy is determined by using certified length standards that are measured at various expectations for machine performance in practical measuring applications while using 7335SE 11. 7345SE 14. (0.061 mm) ±0.1 ft.A.5 m) ±0. (2.8 ft. (9.020 mm) 0.0037 in. (0. (0. 7525SE 8.22 and VDI/VDE 2617-9.0008 in.0050 in.1 lbs. (3.130 mm) 18.029 mm) 17.9 ft. (8. (3.9 kg) LED Worklight N/A Standard N/A N/A N/A N/A 7520 6. (3.ROMER Absolute Arm Product Line Specifications 6 Axis Absolute Arm for Tactile Measurements Configurations 73 Series 75 Series 73 Series 75 Series 73 Series 75 Series Performance 6 Axis Arm 6 Axis Arm External Scanner External Scanner Internal Scanner Internal Scanner Model Measuring Range Point Repeatability Volumetric Accuracy Arm Weight Data Zero G 7315 4.0032 in.149 mm) 19.(0.6 kg) Hard Case Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard 7540 13. (9. The result is the determining machine accuracy and repeatability since it involves measuring a certified maximum 3D center to center distance of the 5 spheres.5 m) ±0.095 mm) 17. (0.088 mm) ±0. (7.093 mm) 20. (3.0 m) ±0.0024 in.5 m) ±0. (7.0015 in. (2. (8.5 ft.0006 in.0 lbs.7 lbs. (0.070 mm) 0.0047 in.095 mm) 0.0 m) ±0.061 mm) 17.3 lbs.110 mm) 18.0 lbs (8.0 kg) NIST Traceable 7530 9.0 m) ±0. or S.4 lbs.5 ft.4 lbs.5 m) ±0.6 ft.8 kg) locations and orientations throughout the measuring volume.037 mm) 15. (8.0 kg) 3 TESA Hard Probes Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard 7335 11.8 ft.043 mm) 0.0015 in. (0.4 lbs.069 mm) 18. (0-2000 m) 7540SE 13.5 m) ±0.0059 in.061 mm) 19.0019 in.061 mm) 0.0019 in.0 m) ±0.4 lbs.5 kg) Volumetric Performance Test: Results analyzed via Range/2 method.0017 in.6 lbs.0026 in. different arm articulations.0013 in.7 kg) All specifications according to B89.9 kg) Dust Cover Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard 7545 14. (9.0 m) ±0.168 mm) 20. (0. (2. (2.049 mm) ±0.0047 in. (0.9 kg) Utility Software RDS RDS RDS RDS RDS RDS 7325SE 8.3 kg) Feature Pack Optional Mobility Pack Scanning Pack Scanning Pack Scanning Pack Scanning Pack 7340 13. (0.6 kg) Digital Camera N/A Standard N/A N/A N/A N/A 7345 14.5 m) ±0.6 lbs (8. (8.5 m) ±0. This test most accurately the laser scanning method. (0.0019 in. (0. (2. In each articulation of the arm the sphere is scanned from 7340SE 13. (4. (8.085 mm) ± 0.039 mm) 18. (0. (0.3 kg) Optional Standard Optional Standard Optional Standard 75 Series Length Standard Bar 7535 11. (0.1 kg) analyzed as a range of deviations about the average value for the point locations.2 ft. (2.3 lbs.049 mm) 18.0020 in.7 lbs. (2. (3.1 lbs. (0.5 m) ±0.0027 in. (0.0026 in.2 kg) resultant measurements to the actual length. (0.3 lbs.2 kg) 7330SE 9. (8.7 kg) Calibration Sphere Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard 7525 8. (4.126 mm) 21.5 m) ±0.5 ft. .4 kg) SpinGrips N/A Standard N/A Standard N/A Standard 7325 8.120 mm) ±0. (0.0009 in. (0.2 kg) Bolt-down base Bolt-down base Bolt-down base Base Magnetic Magnetic Magnetic plate plate plate 7 Axis Absolute Arm for External Scanning PC-DMIS Portable PC-DMIS Portable PC-DMIS Portable PC-DMIS Portable Performance Probing Volumetric Application Software PC-DMIS Portable PC-DMIS Portable or or or or Model Measuring Range Point Repeatability Arm Weight Data Accuracy PC-DMIS Reshaper PC-DMIS Reshaper PC-DMIS Reshaper PC-DMIS Reshaper 7320SE 6. The Volumetric Length Accuracy Test is the most appropriate test for 5 different directions such that the majority of the sphere is scanned. when the arm Operational elevation: 0-6600 ft. (4.016 mm) 0.5 kg) Point Repeatability Test (also known as Single Point Articulation Test.075 mm) 19.0030 in.0 m) ±0. (0.0017 in.8 kg) conical socket.0066 in. (4. (9. (7. (0. (0. (0.106 mm) 20.0051 in. (1. (4. (0.romer.170 mm) 19.0 m) ±0.1 ft.156 mm) ±0.0078 in. (7.0061 in.065 mm) 0.4 kg) length standard many times in several locations and orientations and compares the 7520SE 6.4 kg) is articulated through the maximum possible range of motion for that single point. (3.5 ft. (0. (0. (0.6 ft.5 m) ±0. (4.0043 in. (0. (0. (0.0015 in.0011 in.0010 in. (0. (3.8 ft.0024 in. (8.1 kg) Counterbalance Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard with Lock 7320 6.074 mm) ±0.048 mm) ±0. The probe is placed within a trihedral seat or Go to http://us.0 m) ±0.0033 in.030 mm) 0. Power requirement: Universal worldwide voltage 110-240 Certification: CE compliant 7545SE 14.5 m) ±0. (0.0011 in.0 lbs. (8.0037 in. (0.0 m) ±0.5 m) ±0.0037 in. The test consists of measuring a matte grey sphere with 5 represents the reasonable expectations for machine performance in practical measur.051 mm) 17. (0.038 mm) 0. (8.3 lbs.0 m) ±0.1 lbs. (0. (0. (0.

0019 in.048 mm) ±0.5 m) ±0.0066 in. Professor.9 kg) of Tomorrow chassis] for safety and cost containment” 73 Series SI — Jerry Kaproth.0054 in.066 mm) ±0.5 m) ±0. Safety Coordinator. Smith & Wesson 7325SI 8.0019 in. (0.8 ft.0043 in.8 ft.101 mm) 20. (9.0027 in. Forge Manager.0029 in. (0.6 lbs (9.4.1 kg) — John C. You do not want a machine or an operator sitting idle for long. (0.106 mm) ±0. (4.049 mm) ±0.0017 in. Quality Assurance Manager.6 ft.0 m) ±0.147 mm) 20. (0.9 kg) serve model without the programming upfront is key to our effort. to solve a wide variety of manufacturing problems.3 kg) — Joe Dombkowski.0031 in. Measurements that were often time consuming and difficult are now fast and easy.063 mm) 19.058 mm) 19. (0.085 mm) ± 0.0026 in.069 mm) ±0.8 ft.” — Alex Rizzuti.5 kg) Product Design & Development Enhancement “Time to market is one of our biggest pushes.0061 in.061 mm) ±0.0033 in. (0.104ºF (5°C .9 lbs. (0. (0. (0. it is definitely an advantage to have an arm.5 kg) results in just a couple of minutes. When we are able to inspect parts faster. (0.0033 in.126 mm) ±0.0013 in. (0. This year.0015 in.0042 in.093 mm) ±0.6 lbs. (0.046 mm Here are some of their experiences: Laser power control Semi-automatic . (0. (0. (0. (0. Point 30. When a machinist brings me a complete part.168 mm) ±0.119 mm) 21. (8. Lead Engineer.1 ft.6 lbs.0 m) ±0. write an inspection program. For 7520SI 6. (3. so they can continue running the part. (0.3 lbs.6 ft.0 m) ±0.0050 in. 7 Axis Absolute Arm with Internal Scanner Scanning System Scrap and Cost Reduction Performance Probing Volumetric Model Measuring Range Point Repeatability Accuracy (with RS1 Arm Weight “When we consider ROI on this purchase.2 kg) 75 Series SI “For this type of work. and have your 7535SI 11.0 m) ±0.” 7545SI 14.136 mm) ±0. (4. (4.181 mm) 20. (0.3 lbs (9. (0.5 m) ±0. Giving the 7345SI 14.156 mm) ±0.0024 in.0047 in.138 mm) 22.0025 in.0084 in.2 ft.0033 in.6 kg) continuous improvement and shortening time to market. our scrap per unit produced was at its historical lowest level.2 ft. (2.0 m) ±0.028 mm) ±0. with flowing shapes and compound angles it makes Controller Feature Pack it important that we find the best ways to integrate these with the body during assembly so that the fit is correct Laser Safety Class 2M from the beginning. You can get an idea. Inc. it affects our overall productivity.0011 in. (0.0 lbs.5 ft.061 mm) ±0.5 ft. ESCO Corporation 7530SI 9.0 lbs. (0. (8. how you 7540SI 13.9 lbs. (8.0054 in (0.039 mm) ±0. (2. (8. (9.079 mm) 18.198 mm) ±0. (0.5 m) ±0.0058 in. we cannot take five or six years to design a product.214 mm) 21. (10.0078 in. We use a lot of portable technology like the ROMER arms in these problem-solving activities in part because of the portability. Astronics-Luminescent Systems.0024 in.” Working Temperature 41ºF . Just a few years Data Accuracy Scanner) ago.033 mm) ±0.0009 in. (8.0037 in. (0.5 m) ±0. (0.023 mm) ±0. (9.088 mm) ±0.8 kg) are going to measure it.6 lbs. On the other machine. So the self- 7525SI 8. (0.(0.8 kg) engineer a tool that would allow them to spot check their products immediately appealed to the group. (0. (0.0043 in. (9. you get can get results.000 Points/s acquisition rate Points per Line 1000 Line Rate 30 Hz ROMER Customers Explain the Benefits of Portable Metrology Line width 65 mm Portable metrology users across many industries use ROMER arms for many Stand off 150 mm ± 50 mm different reasons. (3. I can get back to them very quickly to tell them if their setup is good. and then finally in the fullness of time. Ziegert. (0.044 mm) ±0.3 lbs.119 mm) 19. Quality Inspector.120 mm) ±0. Our 3D Measurement capability sped up our in-process inspection and delivery has increased” — John Hamel.8 ft. Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research All specifications according to B89.” 7320SI 6.2 kg) 7340SI 13.084 mm) 19. (2. (0.22 . we have reduced setup on inspection by nearly 40%.6 kg) “The ROMER system comes into play every day to verify dimensional controls that were implemented [on the Car 7330SI 9.0035 in. (0.0 m) ±0.0047 in.per line Accuracy (2 sigma) 30 µm Improving Speed and Flexibility Weight 340 g “The complexity of the exterior lighting designs has increased.1 ft.0047 in.110 mm) ±0. (3.074 mm) ±0. work simply can not sit around in the queue.0040 in. Point spacing (min) 0. (3. GM Manufacturing Engineering 3D Scanning Group “The ROMER PCMM allows us to measure complex parts in a greatly simplified manner. (2. you have to consider what you want to measure. (4. (0. we have lowered the rate down to 1/6 of what it was.5 m) ±0. (0.RS1 Integrated Scanner Specifications Configurations Integrated Scanner RS1 Max. (0. (0.” — Greg Steele.0071 in.40ºC) — Chris Purdy.083 mm) 20. NASCAR 7335SI 11.108 mm) ±0.3 lbs.0023 in. go measure it. Hycomp Compressor “The arm’s versatility sold itself.

com http://us. Portable coordinate measuring machines for industrial production. a brand of Hexagon Metrology. research and development is the ROMER brand’s specialty in the global Hexagon Metrology offering. Inc. 2010 #990151 .com © Hexagon Metrology.October. 2010 Features and specifications in this brochure may change without notice. ROMER’s co-founder patented and marketed the first multi-axis articulated arm for tube inspection in 1973. Metrology on the go. 250 Circuit Drive North Kingstown. Inc. RI 02852 USA Phone: 800-274-9433 Fax: 401-886-2727 E-mail: sales@ROMER. Printed in USA .Responding to needs throughout industry for portable. The power of Hexagon Metrology’s global sales. assembly. service and support network ensures that your investment in ROMER products is secure no matter where in the world your business takes you. flexible solutions for measurement and inspection applications. Decades of continuous innovation have made ROMER products the technological leader in the portable arm market.For use in the North American Market Only ISO 9001:2000 and 17025 certified . Today’s ROMER arms are direct descendants of that first invention. ROMER.ROMER. ROMER.