Reciprocity in the Lowland Philippines

The writer presented most of the ideas fairly, but there are ideas which
are vague. It was discussed the different form of reciprocity which are
contractual reciprocity, quasi-contractual reciprocity, and utang na loob.
There are source whom the author quoted some of the ideas presented, one
of these were Udy, Jr and Hart which is for the group of farmers who agree to
take turns plowing one another field.
The article convey us the different classification of reciprocity and their
example to the lives of the Filipino people. One of the most common form of
reciprocity mentioned today was the utang na loob (debt of gratitude) which
is very common the country today. There are many ways that debt of
gratitude in the country utilized, and one of these were the landlord and
tenant relationship. This was very significant in the lowland because farming
is one of the most common occupation in the country and the farmers were
just appointed to cultivate the land and later give their harvest to the owner
or landlord and have a share depending upon their agreement. If a person
fail to comply with the payment deadline, it shall be forced to endorse to
agency/lawyer. We can analyze here that no matter what the relationship
was but still if we had a debt we should pay it in accordance to the
On the other hand, Utang na loob has broad implications. The amount
of gratitude that must be given in a clear way when returning a favor is not
clearly express or measured with utang na loob. Favors must be repaid with
interest and over a long period of time. This showing of gratitude can be very
demanding and repayment of this debt is not optional. A Filipino should be
aware at all times of his obligation to those from whom he receives favors
and should repay them in an acceptable manner.
The article should also composed of updated papers regarding what
are the primary reason and how they cope up if they had a debt to someone
so that It will be a basis of further working of utang na loob. The reading
express how important to pay for the person who had a great contribution to
our earnings and it’s not just merely paying them with any amount but, to
acknowledge their effort in a good relationship manner.
Therefore, we must be aware and be careful about the reciprocity
specifically the debt of gratitude and we must know our obligation and
responsibilities so that we have a good form of trade and a better system.