Full Name : Licia Audina
Birth Date & Place : Pariaman, 22 October 1996
Religion : Islam
Current Address : Cisitu lama I, No 13, Coblong, Bandung City
Permanent Address : R.A Kartini Street, No 26, Rawang, Pariaman City
Nationality : Indonesian
Telephone : +62816106599
E-mail :


A competent, capable with good experience in organization, event organizer and
publication. Self-motivated, with a can-do positive attitude with a proven ability to ensure the
smooth running of each event hosted. Experienced in marketing, public speaking, and
management of organizational events. Well presented with good communication skills and keep
a level head at all times and considers no job too big or too small. Now looking forward to a
making a contribution with an new event that offers opportunities for progression and allow me
to further develop my potential


1. SDN 17 Kp, Jawa II (2002-2008)
2. SMPN 1 Pariaman (2008-2011)
3. SMAN 1 Pariaman (2011-2014)
4. Bandung Institute of Technology (2014-Recent) – Geology Engineering

1. Science English Course (2008)

1. Juara 2 Pelajar Pelopor Keselamatan LLaJ se-Kota Pariaman (2012)
2. Juara 3 Lomba Menyanyi Solo se-Kota Pariaman (2012)
3. Juara 1 Lomba Olimpiade Sains Mata pelajaran Biologi se-Kota Pariaman (2013)
4. Juara 1 Pelajar Pelopor Keselamatan LLaJ se-Kota Pariaman (2013)
5. Juara 2 Pelajar Pelopor Keselamatan LlaJ se-Sumatera Barat (2013)
6. Juara 3 PelajarPelopor Keselamatan LlaJ Tingkat Nasional (2013)

current affairs and a good general knowledge. November 2015 : Sekretaris Malam Jaket Kuning HMTG GEA ITB 4. people/building rapport. 7. good written comunication and oral communication. Juli 2015 – Recent : staff Alumni UKM ITB 3. Desember 2014 – Juli 2015 : staff external UKM ITB 2. Juli 2016 : Sekretaris Wisuda Juli HMTG GEA ITB COMPETENCE AND INTERESTS interest in earh science.good analytical skills and ability to absorb. COMMITTEE EXPERIENCES . Dean List Award ITB 2015 8. ability to work both within teams and individually. extract and present information in a clear and understandable way. Uni Terbom Sarinah UKM ITB 2015 ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERIENCES 1.