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Figure P3–24. Assume all elements have the same AE.

3.25 Now remove the element connecting nodes 2 and 4 in Figure P3–24. Then determine
the nodal displacements and element forces.

3.26 Now remove both cross elements in Figure P3–24. Can you determine the nodal dis-
Name If not, why?
3.27 MECE 3381:
Determine the Quiz 3. In-class.
displacement Openatbook/notes.
components Calculator
node 3 and the okay.
element forces for No
the mobile phones.
plane truss shown in Figure P3–27. Let A ¼ 3 in 2 and E ¼ 30 " 10 6 psi for all ele-
ments. Verify force equilibrium at node 3. A 3-element 4-node planar truss is shown here (use
the element and node numbering as on the figure).
Take a = 1 in2 and E = 30 × 106 psi for each mem-
ber. Your instructions are as follows:

1. You will do all the work in your own separate
notebook, but you need to turn in the final an-
swers on this quiz paper (see below).
Figure P3–27
2. Write your name and UHID at the top of this page.

3. Write below the B T matrix for this truss struc-

4. Write below the unknown nodal displacements.

5. Write below the forces in each of the elements
(i.e., bars).

6. Write below the unknown reaction forces at the