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Logical Name 3gpp Name 3gpp Protocol GUI Name

Background Noise Filter
Factor for Adjusting
Ac BckNoiDnFactor - - Downward
Background Noise
Maximum Adjustment
Ac BckNoiMaxAdjAst - - Absolute Value

Background Noise
Ac BckNoiMaxStep - - Maximum Step Size
Background Noise
Automatic Adjustment
Ac BckNoiseAdjSwh - - Switch

Background Noise Adjust
Ac BckNoiThr - - Threshold
TS 25.423:
“UTRAN Iur Background Noise Filter
interface Factor for Adjusting
Ac BckNoiUpFactor - -RNSAP Service
Upward Number in a Cell
for Background Noise
signalling” Update Used in
TS 25.331: Background Noise
Ac BgNoiUptSrvNum - “RRC
- Protocol Dynamic Configuration
TS 25.401:
“UTRAN Overall
Ac CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity

Ac CpichEcN0 - - Default CPICH Ec/No
Offset of Unload Threshold
of Neighboring Cell for
Background Noise
Ac DeltaThr - - Measurement

Cell Downlink Admission
Ac DlCacSwitch - - Control Switch
Maximum Number of
DLEFACHUSERN Users on Downlink
AC UM - - Enhanced CELL_FACH

DRNC Realtime Light-
Ac DRtlightldThr - - loaded Threshold

Effective Unloaded
Ac EffUnldCntThr - - Counter Threshold
Service Number in a Cell
for Load Factor Calculation
Used in Background Noise
Ac LdFactCalSrvNum - - Dynamic Configuration

Maximum Orthogonal
Ac MaxOrthogFactor - - Factor of Current Cell

Minimum Orthogonal
Ac MinOrthogFactor - - Offset
Factor of
of Light-loaded
Current Cell
Threshold of Common
Measurement Report
RTWP and the Original
Ac NoiOffsetThr - - Background Noise
Reference TS 25.433:
Received “UTRAN Iub
Total Wide Interface NBAP Original Background Noise
Ac OriBckNoise Band Power Signalling” Configuration

Ac PathLoss - - Nominal Pathloss
RACH TTI Occupied
Percent Threshold Bellow
Which DTCH Permitted to
Ac RachCacThresh - - be Transmitted on RACH
Reference SF Layer Used
for Code Reservation in
Ac RefSFLayer - - CAC
Threshold of the Number
of the RRC Signaling
Ac RrcSigUsrNumThr - - Users Co-Exist in the Cell

Statistic Window Size for
Ac StaWinNum - - RTWP

Cell Uplink Admission
Ac UlCacSwitch - - Control Switch
Uplink Interference Factor
of Adjacent Cells to
Ac UlInterFactor - - Current Cell
TS 25.331: Unloaded Threshold for
“RRC Protocol Background Noise
Ac UnldThresh AICH
- Specification”
- Measurement
transmission TS 25.433:
timing; AICH TS 25.423:
Channelisati “UTRAN
“RRC Iur
Transmission Interface
interface NBAP
Aich AichTranTime on code;
Timing Specification”
Signalling” AICH Transmission Timing
TS 25.433:
Channelisati signalling”
on Code TS 25.331:
Interface NBAP AICH Channelisation Code
Aich ChCode Number “RRC Protocol
Signalling” No.
TS 25.401:
“UTRAN Overall
Aich CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell ID
TS 25.433:
Common “UTRAN Iub
Physical Interface NBAP AICH Common Physical
Aich CPCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID
TS 25.433:
Common TS 25.331:
Physical “RRC Protocol
Interface NBAP PRACH Common Physical
Aich PrachCPCId Channel ID Specification”
Signalling” Channel ID
STTD TS 25.433:
indicator; “UTRAN Iub
STTD Interface NBAP
Aich SttdInd Indicator Signalling” AICH STTD Indicator

AppPri AppPri - - Application Priority

AppPri AppPriIndex - - Application Priority Index

AppPri BearerType - - Bearer Type

AppPri BPSeg - - Basic Priority Segment
Service Direction used in
Application Priority
AppPri Direction - - Mapping

AppPri RateSeg - - Rate Segment

BasPri ARPSeg - - ARP Segment

BasPri BasicPrio - - Basic Priority
TS 25.423:
BasPri TrafficClass - -RNSAP Traffic Class
TS 25.433:
TS 25.331:
Interface NBAP
Bch BchPwr “RRC
BCH Power Signalling” Protocol BCH Power(dB)
TS 25.401:
“UTRAN Overall
Bch CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Idnetifier
TS 25.433:
Common “UTRAN Iub
Transport Interface NBAP BCH Common Transport
Bch CTCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID

Basic Priority Used in
BPriAc BasicPrio - - Admission Control

BPriAc BPriAcIndex - - Basic Priority AC Index

BPriAc CodeTreeResRto - - Code Tree Reserved Ratio

DCH Downlink AC
BPriAc DchDlAcThresh - - Threshold

BPriAc DchUlAcThresh - - DCH Uplink AC Threshold

BPriAc EdchAcThresh - - E-DCH AC Threshold

BPriAc HsdpaAcThresh - - HSDPA AC Threshold

BPriAc MbmsAcThresh - - MBMS AC Threshold
Offset of NodeB Safe
Admission Threshold
When DCH Has Higher AC
BPriAc SafePwrOfst - - Priority than HS

TS 25.331: MBMS Load Threshold
BPriAc ThreshRefCount - “RRC
- Protocol Reference for Counting
TS 25.304: “UE
Access TS 25.331: in
Procedures Access Class N Barred
CelSel “RRC
ACBarredOmcr Class Barred Idle Mode” Protocol Indicator (N=0..9)
TS 25.423:
TS 25.304:
TS 25.331:
Procedures in
CelSel CellBarredInd Cell Barred “RRCIdle
Mode” Cell Barred Indicator
Cell signalling”
TS 25.304: “UE
Reservation TS 25.331: in
CelSel CellRsvExt Extension “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Cell Reservation Extension
TS 25.401:
“UTRAN Overall
CelSel CId Deferred
Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity
measuremen TS 25.331:
t control “System
Information Switch of Deferred
CelSel CH support Procedures
Block type 3”inSIB11/11bis/12 Support
Idle Mode” Increment to the Minimum
TS 25.331: Required Received Level
DeltaQrxlev “RRC Protocol in the Cell
CelSel DltaQRxLevMin min Specification” (DeltaQrxlevmin)(dB)
Increment to the Minimum
TS 25.304: “UE Required Received Level
Procedures in in the Cell Configuration
CelSel DltaQRxLevMinPr - Idle Mode” Tag
TS 25.304: “UE HCS Serving Cell
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Information Configuration
CelSel Intra-
HcsSrvCelInfoPre ` “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Tag
frequency Specification”
cell re- TS 25.304: “UE
selection TS 25.331: in
Procedures Intra-frequency Cell
CelSel Inter-
InFreqReselInd indicator “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Reselection Indicator
frequency Specification”
ScalingFacto TS 25.304: “UE
r for Procedures in Inter-frequency Scaling
CelSel InterFreqSf Treselection Idle Mode” Factor for Treselection

TS 25.304: “UE Inter-frequency Scaling
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Factor for Treselection
CelSel InterFreqSfPre - “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Configuration Tag
Inter-RAT Specification”
ScalingFacto TS 25.304: “UE
r for Procedures in Inter-RAT Scaling Factor
CelSel InterRatSf Treselection Idle Mode” for Treselection
TS 25.304: “UE Inter-RAT Scaling Factor
Procedures in for Treselection
CelSel InterRatSfPre
- Idle Mode” Configuration Tag
Intra- TS 25.331: Intra-frequency reporting
frequency “System quantity SIB3 when
reporting TS 25.331:
Information SIB11/11bis/12 deferred
“RRC Protocol
CelSel INTRARPTQSIB3 quantity SIB3 Block type 3” reading
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Maximum Number of Cell
CelSel NCr NCR “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Reselections (NCR)
Specification” Maximum Number of Cell
TS 25.304: “UE Reselections in Case of
Non- TS 25.331: in
Procedures Non-HCS Usage (Non-
CelSel NoHcsNCr HCS_NCR “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Duration
HCS_NCR) for Evaluating
Specification” Allowed Amount of Cell
Non- TS 25.304: “UE Reselection(s) in Case of
TS 25.331: in
HCS_TCrma Procedures Non-HCS Usage (Non-
CelSel NoHcsTCrMax x “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” HCS_TCRmax)(s)
Non- TS 25.304: “UE
HCS_TCRm TS 25.331: in
CelSel NoHcsTCrMaxHyst axHyst “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Non-HCS_TCRmaxHyst
Cell TS 25.304: “UE
Reserved for Procedures in Cell Reserved for Operator
CelSel OperatorUseInd operator use Idle Mode” Use
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Quality Threshold
Inter-System Level for
CelSel OtherRATInfoPre - “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Applying Prioritised
Configuration Tag
Specification” Hierarchical Cell
TS 25.304: “UE Reselection (QHcs) When
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Quality Threshold
Measurement Levelisfor
CelSel QHcsEcNo Qhcs “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Applying Prioritised
Specification” Hierarchical Cell
TS 25.304: “UE Reselection(QHcs) When
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Measurement Quantity is
CelSel QHcsRSCP Qhcs “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” CPICH RSCP(dBm)
TS 25.304: “UE Reselection Hysteresis 1
TS 25.331: in
Procedures of Serving Cell (QHyst1s)
CelSel QHyst1S Qhyst1s “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” (dB)
Specification” Reselection Hysteresis 1
TS 25.304: “UE of Serving Cell for UE in
Qhyst1s,FAC TS 25.331: in
Procedures CELL_FACH State
CelSel QHyst1SFach H “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” (QHyst1s,FACH )(dB)
Specification” Reselection Hysteresis 1
TS 25.304: “UE of Serving Cell for UE in
Qhyst1s,PC TS 25.331: in
Procedures CELL_PCH or URA_PCH
CelSel QHyst1SPch H “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” State (QHyst1s,PCH)(dB)
TS 25.304: “UE Reselection Hysteresis 2
TS 25.331: in
Procedures of Serving Cell (QHyst2s s)
CelSel QHyst2S Qhyst2s “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” (dB)
Specification” Reselection Hysteresis 2
TS 25.304: “UE of Serving Cell for UE in
Qhyst2s,FAC Procedures in CELL_FACH State
CelSel QHyst2SFach H Idle Mode” (Qhyst2s,FACH)(dB)

TS 25.331:
“RRC Protocol
Specification” Reselection Hysteresis 2
TS 25.304: “UE of Serving Cell for UE in
Qhyst2s,PC TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in CELL_PCH or URA_PCH
CelSel QHyst2SPch H Procedures
Idle Mode” in State (QHyst2s,PCH)(dB)
Idle Mode”
TS 25.331: Minimum Required Quality
“RRC Protocol Level in the Cell
CelSel QQualMin Qqualmin Specification” (Qqualmin)(dB)
TS 25.331:
CelSel ET - Specification” Qqualmin-offset(dB)

Procedures in
CelSel RE - - Qqualmin-offset Present
Idle Mode”
TS 25.331: Minimum Required
“RRC Protocol Received Level in the Cell
CelSel QRxLevMin Qrxlevmin Specification” (Qrxlevmin)(dBm)
TS 25.331:
CelSel ET - Specification” Qrxlevmin-offset(dB)

TS 25.331:
CelSel PRE Cell
- selection “RRC
- Protocol Qrxlevmin-Offset Present
and Specification”
reselection TS 25.304: “UE Measurement Quantity for
quality TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in Cell Selection and
CelSel QualMeas measure Procedures
Idle Mode” in Inter-System
Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger
TS 25.331: Threshold for HCS Cell
“RRC Protocol Reselection (SHCS,RAT)
CelSel SHCSRat SHCS,RAT Specification” (dB)
TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in SHCS,RAT Configuration
CelSel SHCSRatPre - Idle Mode” Tag
TS 25.331:
“RRC25.304: “UE
Protocol Broadcast in either SIB3 or
CelSel Sib3orSib4 - Procedures in
Specification” Inter-Frequency
Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger
TS 25.331: Threshold for Cell
“RRC Protocol Reselection (Sintersearch)
CelSel SInterSearch Sintersearch Specification” (dB)
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in Sintersearch Configuration
CelSel SInterSearchPre - Procedures
Idle Mode” in Intra-Frequency
Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger
TS 25.331: Threshold for Cell
“RRC Protocol Reselection (Sintrasearch)
CelSel SIntraSearch Sintrasearch Specification” (dB)
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in Sintrasearch Configuration
CelSel SIntraSearchPre - Procedures
Idle Mode” in High
Tag HCS Priority Inter-
Idle Mode” system Cell Measurement
TS 25.331: Threshold for Cell
Slimit,Search TS
Protocol Reselection
CelSel SLimitRat Speed
RAT “RRC Protocol
Specification” (Slimit,SearchRAT)(dB)
dependent Specification”
ScalingFacto TS 25.304: “UE
r for Procedures in Speed Dependent Scaling
CelSel SpSf Treselection Idle Mode” Factor for Treselection

TS 25.304: “UE Speed Dependent Scaling
TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in Factor for Treselection
CelSel SpSfPre - Procedures
Idle Mode” in Configuration Tag
Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger
TS 25.331: Threshold for HCS Cell
“RRC Protocol Reselection (SsearchHCS)
CelSel SSearchHCS SsearchHCS Specification” (dB)
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.304: “UE
Procedures in SsearchHCS Configuration
CelSel SSearchHCSPre - Procedures
Idle Mode” in Inter-System
Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger
TS 25.331: Threshold for Cell
Protocol Reselection
“RRC Protocol
CelSel SSearchRat Ssearch,RAT Specification” (Ssearch,RAT)(dB)
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.331: in
CelSel TBarred Tbarred “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Tbarred
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.331: in
CelSel TCrMax TCRmax “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” TCRmax
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.331: in
CelSel TCrMaxHyst TCrmaxHyst “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” TCrMaxHyst
TS 25.304: “UE
TS 25.331: in
Procedures Cell Reselection Timer
CelSel TReselection Treselections “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Value (Treselections)(s)
Specification” Cell Reselection Timer
TS 25.304: “UE Value for UE in
Treselections TS 25.331: in
Procedures CELL_FACH State
CelSel TReselectionFach ,FACH “RRC Protocol
Idle Mode” Cell Reselection Timer
TS 25.423: Value for UE in
TS 25.304:
Treselections Procedures
interface in State (Treselections,PCH)
CelSel TReselectionPch ,PCH Idle
RNSAPMode” (s)
signalling” Cell Limiting HSDPA GBR
CHsGBRResLmtId TS 25.331: Resource Consumption
Chspa x - “RRC
- Protocol Index
TS 25.401:
“UTRAN Overall
CHspa CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity

DPCH Code Re-Assign
CHspa CodeReAssHy - - Hysteresis

CHspa CodeUptHyA - - Code Update Hysteresis A

CHspa DpchCodeHy - - DPCH Code Hysteresis

Maximum Number of
CHspa EdchTrafLimit - - Users on E-DCH

Estimated Minimum
CHspa EstMinHsdpaPwr - - HSDPA Power

TS 25.433:
Interface NBAP
HS-PDSCH TS 25.423:
And HS- “UTRAN Iur
SCCH interface
CHspa HsdpaScramCode Code signalling” Scrambling Code

Maximum Number of
CHspa HsdschTrafLimit - - Users on HS-DSCH
HS-PDSCH, Assignment Support
- - Indicator
AGCH, E- TS 25.433:
E-HICH Total Interface NBAP HSPA Total Downlink
CHspa HspaPwrRatio Power Signalling” Power(%)

CHspa HspdschBitRate - - Rate(kbps)

CHspa HsShareInd - - Code Sharing Indicator

Switch for DRNC Code
CHspa IurCdReAssDrop - - Re-Assignment Drop

Maximum HSPA Total
CHspa MaxHspaPwrRto - - Downlink Power(%)

MaxNumofHspdsc Maximum Number of HS-
CHspa h Maximum
Target TS 25.433:
Received “UTRAN Iub
Total Wide Interface NBAP Maximum Target Received
CHspa MaxRTWP Band Power Signalling” Total Wideband Power

HS-PDSCH Measurement
CHspa MeasPwrOffset - - Power Offset(dB)

TS 25.433: Minimum HSPA Total
CHspa MinHspaPwrRto - -“UTRAN Iub Downlink Power(%)
Interface NBAP
Signalling” Minimum Number of HS-
Target Non- TS
TS 25.433:
CHspa MinNumofHspdsch - -“UTRAN PDSCH
serving E- “Medium Iub
DCH to Total Interface NBAP
Control (MAC) Target Non-serving E-DCH
E-DCH Signalling”
protocol to Total E-DCH Power
TS 25.433:
CHspa NServToTotalPwr Power Ratio TS 25.423:
“UTRAN Ratio(%)
interface NBAP
CHspa NumofEagch - TS 25.423:
signalling” Number of E-AGCH
RNSAP Number of E-RGCH/E-
CHspa NumofErgHich - signalling” HICH

TS 25.433:
TS 25.433:Iub
Number Of Interface
HS-PDSCH Signalling”
Interface NBAP
CHspa NumofHspdsch Codes TS 25.423:
Signalling” Number of HS-PDSCH
CHspa NumofHsscch - signalling” Number of HS-SCCH
UE Inter-frequency Event
Configuration Index for
CInter EvtMeasEcNo - - CPICH Ec/No
UE Inter-frequency Event
Configuration Index for
UE Inter-frequency Event
Configuration Index for
UE Inter-frequency Event
Configuration Index for
UE Periodic Measurement
Configuration Index for
CInter PrdMeasEcNo - - CPICH Ec/No
UE Periodic Measurement
Configuration Index for
Service and Bearer Type
Used for Differentiating
CInter TrfCategory - - Handover Configuration
Configuration Index
CInter TrfCatInterMIdx - - Related to Traffic Category
Detected Set
Configuration Index for
CIntra EvtMeasDctEcNo - - CPICH Ec/No
Detected Set
Configuration Index for
CIntra EvtMeasDctRSCP - - CPICH RSCP
UE Event Report
Configuration Index for
CIntra EvtMeasEcNo - - CPICH Ec/No
UE Event Report
Configuration Index for
Period Report
Configuration Index for
CIntra PrdMeasEcNo - - CPICH Ec/No
Period Report
Configuration Index for
Service and Bearer Type
Used for Differentiating
CIntra TrfCategory - - Handover Configuration

Configuration Index
CIntra TrfCatIntraMIdx - - Related to Traffic Category
probability TS 25.331:
factor – “RRC Protocol Access Probability Factor
CMbms ApfConn connected Specification” in Connected Mode
Access TS 25.331:
probability “RRC Protocol Access Probability Factor
CMbms ApfIdle factor - Idle Specification” in Idle Mode

TS 25.423: Access Probability Factor
CMbms ApfNum - -
“UTRAN Iur Number
TS 25.331:
CMbms CellCntSwch - “RRC
- Protocol Cell Counting Switch
Offset to the Normal HCS
TS 25.401:
“UTRAN Overall Priority Level Used for
CMbms CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cells
Cell IDBelonging to the
MBMS Preferred
TS 25.331: Frequency Layer When
HCS_OFFm “RRC Protocol UE is in Low Mobility State
CMbms HcsOffMbms bms Specification” (HCS_OFFmbms)
MbmsSccpchResN Reserved Number (Step:
CMbms um - - S-CCPCH of 64kbps)

MbmsThrputThres MBMS Throughput
CMbms h - - Threshold

MBMS Traffic Number
CMbms MbmsTrafLimit - - Limit
TS 25.331:
“RRC Protocol
CMbms QoffMbms Qoffmbms Specification” Qoffmbms

CMbms TfsIndex - - TFS Index
TS 25.433:
Interface NBAP Time of Arrival Window
CMbms ToAWE ToAWE Signalling” Endpoint(ms)
TS 25.433:
TS 24.008:
NBAP Time of Arrival Window
CMbms ToAWS ToAWS interface Layer
Signalling” Startpoint(ms)
3 specification;
Core network
protocols; Stage IMSI Attach and Detach
cnInfo ATTIndCs ATT 3” Indicator
TS 25.331:
CN domain “RRC Protocol
cnInfo CnDomain identity Specification” CN Domain Supported

008: 25. .331: “Mobile radio “RRC Protocol cnInfo MNC MNC interface Layer Specification” Mobile Network Code 3 specification. .346: CS Domain DRX Cycle CnInfo Kcs coefficient Specification”of "Introduction Length Coefficient CN domain specific DRX the Multimedia TS 25.008: network “Mobile radio protocols. Stage Timer for Periodic Location CnInfo T3212Cs T3212 3” Update(T3212)(hour) UE Event Report Configuration Index for Own System CPICH CRat EvtMeasEcNo . RSCP Periodical Report Configuration Index for Own System CPICH CRat PrdMeasEcNo . Ec/No Periodical Report Configuration Index for Own System CPICH CRat PrdMeasRSCP . . .401: “UTRAN Overall CueTrv Cid Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity UE Traffic Volume Event Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcDchUeEvt .433: “UTRAN Iub CN domain Interface NBAP specific DRX Signalling” TS 25. Stage Network Mode of cnInfo NMOPs NMO interface 3” Layer Operation 3 specification.331: “RRC Protocol cnInfo MCC MCC Specification” Mobile Country Code TS TS 24. Core network protocols. DCH UP Traffic Volume Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcDchUp . . in the Radio MbmsModPrdCoef Modification Access Modification Period CnInfo f Period Network" Coefficient for MBMS TS 25. DCH UE Traffic Volume Period Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcDchUePrd .331: “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25. -RNSAP Handover Configuration signalling” Inter-RAT Measurement TS 25.331: Broadcast cycle length “RRC Protocol PS Domain DRX Cycle CnInfo Kps Modification coefficient Multicast Specification” Length Coefficient period Service (MBMS) coefficient. Ec/No UE Event Report Configuration Index for Own System CPICH CRat EvtMeasRSCP . DCH . . RSCP TS 25.331: Configuration Index CRat TrfCatRatMIdx . Protocol Related to Traffic Category Specification” TS 25. “RRC . . TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur Service and Bearer Type interface Used for Differentiating CRat TrfCategory .331: cycle length TS “RRC Protocol 25. TS Core24.

433: Related Power Control DivPc DivPcIndex . .423: DivPc DpchPO2 PO2 signalling” “UTRAN DPCH PO2(dB) “UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP Signalling” RNSAP TS TS 25. UP RACHTraffic Volume Measurement Configuration Number for Streaming Class on HS- CUeTrv DrbcSHsUp . E-DCH UP Traffic Volume Measurement UP Traffic Volume Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcFachUp . .423: DivPc EagchPOTti10 Power Offset signalling" “UTRAN TTI 10ms(dB) "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP E-AGCH Signalling” RNSAP E-AGCH Power Offset for TS TS 25.433: 25.433: 25. -“UTRAN Eb/N0(dB) “UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP Signalling” RNSAP TS TS 25.423: DivPc DpcchPilotEbN0 .433: 25.433: 25. DSCH E-DCH UP Throughput Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv ETtiUpThpt . DSCH UE Traffic Volume Event Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcRachUeEvt . UP Traffic Volume Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcEDchUpThpt . . . . E-TTI Switching Diversity Mode and Traffic TS 25. . RACH UE Traffic Volume Period Measurement Configuration Number for CUeTrv DrbcRachUePrd .423: DivPc EagchPOTti2 Power Offset signalling" “UTRAN TTI 2ms(dB) "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP E-HICH Signalling” RNSAP E-HICH Power Offset for TS TS 25.423: signalling" TTI 2ms(dB) "UTRAN Iur interface E-RGCH RNSAP E-RGCH Power Offset for DivPc ErgchPOTti10 Power Offset signalling" TTI 10ms(dB) .423: DivPc EhichPOTti10 Power Offset signalling" “UTRAN TTI 10ms(dB) "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP E-HICH Signalling” RNSAP E-HICH Power Offset for DivPc EhichPOTti2 Power Offset TS 25. .423: DivPc DpchPO1 PO1 signalling” “UTRAN DPCH PO1(dB) “UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP Signalling” RNSAP TS TS 25.433: 25.433: 25. Measurement FACH Configuration Number for Interactive and Background Class on HS- CUeTrv DrbcIBHsUp .423: DivPc DpchPO3 PO3 signalling” “UTRAN DPCH PO3(dB) "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP E-AGCH Signalling” RNSAP E-AGCH Power Offset for TS TS 25. -“UTRAN Iub Parameters Index Interface NBAP Signalling” DPCCH Pilot Field TS TS 25.433: 25.

211: Cell Reception(dB) "Physical channels and Diversity TS 25.433: Minimum DL RNSAP “UTRAN Iub DPCH Minimum DL DivPc MinDlDpchPwr Power signalling" Interface NBAP Power(dB) TS 25. PS Rate Upper Limit .433: 25. -“UTRAN Iub Sub-service Type Mode.433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP Signalling” TS TS 25. HSPA Quality Measurement Drbc CChQSwch .331: interface Minimum “RRC RNSAP Protocol Minimum Uplink SIR DivPc ULMinSIR Uplink SIR Specification” signalling" Target(dB) TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP DlTfcs Ctfc CTFC value Specification” Signalling” CTFC ID TS 25. . “RRC Protocol interface Maximum Maximum DL Specification” RNSAP DPCH Maximum DL allowed UL TS TS 25. .433: 25.433: interface “UTRAN RNSAP Iub Max FACH Interface signalling”NBAP SCCPCH Power for Single DivPc PwrForSglCell Power Signalling” TS 25.423: “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur Interface interface NBAP E-RGCH Signalling” RNSAP E-RGCH Power Offset for DivPc ErgchPOTti2 Power Offset TS 25.423: signalling" Target(dB) "UTRAN Iur TS 25. "UTRAN Iub Iur Maximum Interface interface NBAP Maximum Allowed Uplink Allowed UL Signalling” RNSAP DPCH Transmission DivPc MaxUlDpchPwr Tx Power TS 25.423: Interface NBAP SCCPCH Power for Cell in DivPc PwrForHalfIsd Power “UTRAN Signalling”Iur Half-island Status(dB) TS 25.433: Signalling” “UTRAN Iub Max FACH TS 25. TFCS Index AmrOverHspaSwc Switch of CS voice over Drbc h . transport Transmit Interface channels NBAP onto Diversity Signalling” physical DivPc TxDivMod Indicator TS 25.433: mapping of DivPc SrvType .423: signalling" TTI 2ms(dB) Maximum DL TS 25. Signalling” CTFC Number DlTfcs TfcsIndex . Switch for VoIP/ CS Voice C Traffic Rate Threshold Used for Determining NRT Drbc CRateThrd .433: TS 25.423: DivPc MaxDlDpchPwr TX Power signalling" “UTRAN Power(dB) TX power.331: "UTRAN Iur Power.423: signalling” Target(dB) "UTRAN Iur interface Maximum RNSAP Maximum Uplink SIR DivPc ULMaxSIR Uplink SIR TS 25.423: signalling" Power(dBm) "UTRAN Iur interface TS 25. TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP DlTfcs CtfcNum . .423: channels (FDD)" Transmit Diversity Mode “UTRAN Iur interface UL SIR RNSAP Uplink Initial SIR DivPc ULInitSIR Target TS 25. .

Quality Event 4B Counter Threshold for CELL_DCH to Idle Shared by Uplink Drbc DToIdleThd . 2ms Event 4B Counter Threshold for E-TTI Switching from 2ms to drbc ETtiEbThd . . Step Downward drbc DrbcSwch . . Uplink and Downlink . >HSPA Event 4B Counter Threshold for Decreasing drbc DchE4bThd . Delay Time Threshold DCH Based on D-TCPof D/D->HS/D or HS/E after HS/D or HS/E ->D/D Triggering by Channel Drbc DToHsDelayThr . . . . Measurement Event 4A Counter Threshold for Increasing Rate on DCH or DCH- drbc DchE4aThd . . Switch of Non Emergency CSRRCONFACHS CS Service Access to drbc WCH . . Throughput Measurement Event 4A Counter Threshold for CELL_FACH to CELL_DCH Shared by drbc FachE4aThd . Event 4B Counter and Downlink Threshold for HS-DSCH/E- DCH Using DTX/DRX to PCH Shared by Uplink and drbc DxHsBo0E4bThd . DRBC Method Switch Event A Counter Threshold for Decreasing Rate on DL drbc DtcpEaThd . . 10ms Switch of E-TTI Switching Triggered by User Plane drbc EttiTraffVolSwch . . . . . . Downlink Event 4A Counter Threshold for E-TTI Switching from 10ms to drbc ETtiEaThd . DCH Based on D-TCP Event B Counter Threshold for Restriction Increasing Rate on DL drbc DtcpEbThd . . and Downlink Event 4B Counter Threshold for CELL_DCH to PCH Shared by Uplink Drbc DToPchThd . Rate on DCH Switch for DL DCH Rate Adjustment Based on D- Drbc DlPwrDasf . TCP Wait Timer for Adjusting Uplink and Downlink Reconfiguration by One Drbc DnUdRecfgTimer . . . CELL_FACH On RRC Switch for DCH Rate Adjustment Based on Traffic Volume drbc DchAdjRateSwch . .

CELL_FACH Event 4B Counter Threshold for CELL_FACH to Idle Shared by Uplink Drbc FToIdleThd . . . Traffic Switch of supporting SRB Drbc SrbOnEdchSwch . . Traffic+ PS Traffic NRT PS Traffic Rate Upper Limit When Low Rate C Drbc PsRateLmtLowC . Support NRT PS Traffic Rate Upper Limit When High Rate C Drbc PsRateLmtHighC . . and Downlink Event 4B Counter Threshold for CELL_FACH to PCH Shared by Uplink Drbc FToPchThd . and Downlink HS/D->D/D or HS/E->D/D Based on Quality Measurement Switch for drbc IBChQSwch . Interface(kbps) Time Threshold for CELL_PCH or URA_PCH drbc PchHoldTimeThr . . . . .331 Max CS Delay Max CS Delay Maximum Bit Rate of HSDPA Across Iur drbc MAXDHSRATE . on CELL_FACH Uplink Maximum Rate Threshold of I/B Service drbc Rrach . on E-DCH Event 4B Counter Threshold for Cell_Dch to drbc ToFtimesThr . . Switch of Transferring to drbc FachSwch . . . . Initial Rate of UL DCH Drbc MaxCsDelay 25. to Idle Switch of URA_PCH/CELL_PCH drbc PchSwch . . Initial Rate of DL DCH Drbc InitialRateUl . Cell_FACH . I/B Traffic Drbc InitialRateDl . . on RACH HS/D->D/D or HS/E->D/D Based on Quality Measurement Switch for S drbc SChQSwch . . Traffic+ PS Traffic Downlink Maximum Rate Threshold of I/B Service drbc Rfach . .

331: signalling" Table0)(%) "UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP PLnon-max.433: 25.433: E-TFCIs (2ms E-TTI.423: EdchRc EplTti10T1 Limit TS 25.423: EdchRc REtfciTti2T0 TFCI signalling" “UTRAN Table0) "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP Set of Reference E-TFCIs Reference E. E- TS TS 25.331: signalling" Table0)(%) “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP PLnon-max. interface Specification” E-DPDCH Puncturing Puncture Signalling" RNSAP Limit(10ms E-TTI. E- EdchRc REtfciPOTti10T0 Offset TS 25.433: E-TFCIs (10ms E-TTI.433: 25.423: EdchRc REtfciTti10T0 TFCI 25.331: signalling" TFCI Table1) “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Interface Reference E.331: Transmission Power “RRC Protocol Wait Timer for Adjusting Specification” Uplink and Downlink TS 25.331: "UTRAN Iub Step Upward “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Specification” Signalling" TS 25.331: EdchRc EdchRefConfigIdx . -"UTRAN Iub Configuration Index "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol PLnon-max.423: 25. interface NBAP Specification” Power Offset of Reference TFCI Power Signalling” RNSAP E-TFCIs (2ms E-TTI.25.25.423: signalling" Table1) "UTRAN Iur interface Number of Reference E- RNSAP TFCI (10ms E-TTI. E-TFCI TS TS 25.331: signalling" “UTRAN Iub Table0) "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol Interface interface NBAP Set of Reference E-TFCIs Specification” Signalling” Reference E.423: EdchRc REtfciPOTti2T0 Offset 25. Periodical Reporting / Event Trigger TS 25. Signalling” RNSAP (2ms E-TTI.331: signalling" TFCI Table1) “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Interface interface NBAP Specification” Set of Reference E-TFCIs Reference E.423: 25. Interface interface NBAP Power Offset of Reference Specification” Signalling” TFCI Power RNSAP TS 25. E-TFCI EdchRc REtfciTti2T1 TFCI TS 25. E- EdchRc REtfciPOTti2T1 Offset TS 25. E-TFCI EdchRc EplTti2T0 Limit TS 25. E-TFCI TS TS 25.423: 25. E- EdchRc REtfciPOTti10T1 Offset TS 25. RNSAP TS 25. Interface interface NBAP E-DPDCH Puncturing Specification” Signalling" Puncture RNSAP TS 25. Interface interface NBAP Power Offset of Reference Specification” Signalling” TFCI Power RNSAP TS 25.433: E-DCH Reference TS 25. E-TFCI TS 25.423: 25. Signalling” RNSAP (10ms E-TTI.331: signalling" TFCI Table0) “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Reference E.433: Limit(10ms E-TTI.331: signalling" “UTRAN Iub TFCI Table0) "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol Reference E. interface Specification” E-DPDCH Puncturing Puncture Signalling” RNSAP Limit(2ms E-TTI.423: EdchRc EplTti2T1 Limit TS 25.331: signalling" "UTRAN Iub Table1)(%) "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol PLnon-max.331: signalling" “UTRAN Iub Table1)(%) "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol Reference E.423: 25.433: 25.433: 25.331: UE Traffic Volume Reporting “RRC Protocol Measurement Report Drbc UeTrfRptMed Mode Specification” Method Switch for UL DCH Rate Adjustment Based on UE Drbc UlPwrDasf . Interface interface NBAP E-DPDCH Puncturing Specification” Signalling" Puncture RNSAP TS 25. TS .433: 25.423: 25. signalling" Table0) .423: 25. TS .433: E-TFCIs (10ms E-TTI. E-TFCI EdchRc EplTti10T0 Limit TS 25.331: signalling" Table1) “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Interface interface NBAP Specification” Set of Reference E-TFCIs Reference E.433: Limit(2ms E-TTI. Interface interface NBAP Power Offset of Reference Specification” Signalling” TFCI Power RNSAP TS 25. Signalling” RNSAP (2ms E-TTI.433: Reconfiguration by One Drbc UpUdRecfgTimer . E-TFCI EdchRc REtfcNumTti10T0 .433: (10ms E-TTI. E-TFCI EdchRc REtfciTti10T1 TFCI TS 25. E-TFCI TS 25.

TS 25.331 25.423: signalling" Table0) "UTRAN Iur interface Number of Reference E- RNSAP TFCI (2ms E-TTI. .433: TFCI (10ms E-TTI.433 Discard Timer Re-ordering Release EFach DLEFACHT1 T1 25.433 timer(T1) Reset Timer Controlling the Reset of the MAC-ehs EFach DLEFACHTRESET Treset 25. . TS 25.331: externalGs Band “RRC Protocol mCell Bandindicator indicator Specification” Band Indicator .433 MAC-ehs Queue Identity MAC ehs EFach MACEHSWINSIZE window size 25.331: “UTRAN Iub "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol Interface interface NBAP Number of Reference E- Specification” Signalling” RNSAP TS 25. signalling" Table1) Channel Type Indicator for Downlink Enhanced CELL_FACH Priority EFach CHTYPEIND . HS-PDSCH Power EFACHHSSCCHP Enhanced CELL_FACH EFach WR . E-TFCI EdchRc REtfcNumTti2T1 .433 Reordering Functionality Discard Timer EFach DTCFGIND .423: signalling" Table1) “UTRAN "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP Number of Reference E- Signalling” RNSAP TFCI (2ms E-TTI. Configuration Indication EFach EFACHCID . HS-SCCH Power MAC-ehs queue EFach MACEHSQID identity 25.433 MAC-ehs Window Size Maximum MAXMACPDUSIZ MAC-c PDU Maximum MAC-c PDU EFach E Size 25. Cell Identity TS 25. .433 Priority Queue externalGs Physical Adjacent GSM mCell AdjPhyGsmCId .331 25. .331 25. Cell Identity EFACHHSPDSCH Enhanced CELL_FACH EFach PWR . Queue Discard EFach DISCARDTIMER Timer 25.433 Size for Flexible PDU Scheduling Priority Scheduling Indicator for Downlink Priority Enhanced CELL_FACH EFach SPI Indicator 25.433: TS 25. .331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Specification” Signalling” TS TS 25.433: 25. Specification” TS 25.423: 25. E-TFCI EdchRc REtfcNumTti10T1 . . E-TFCI EdchRc REtfcNumTti2T0 .

423: externalGs “UTRAN Iur GSM Downlink RT Load mCell GsmDlRtLdThrd . -interface Threshold TS 25.304: “UE externalGs Procedures in DeltaQrxlevmin in mCell DtQrxLvMnSib12 Qrxlevmin Idle Mode” SIB12(dB) TS 25.423: Threshold “UTRAN "UTRAN Iu Iur Interface interface externalGs RANAP GSM Uplink RT Load mCell GsmUlRtLdThrd .331: in externalGs Procedures DeltaQrxlevmin in SIB11 mCell DtQrxLvMnSib11Pr . TS -TS 25. - “UTRAN Iu BSC Identifier Cell Interface TS 25.003: “Numbering.413: 25.003: LAC.331: externalGs Individual RANAP “RRC Protocol Signalling” mCell CellIndivOffset Offset Specification” Cell Individual Offset(dB) TS 23. externalGs CI.331: externalGs BCCH “UTRAN Iur “RRC Protocol mCell BCCHARFCN ARFCN interface Specification” BCCH ARFCN RNSAP signalling” externalGs TS 25.304: “UE externalGs DtQrxLvMnSib12P Procedures in DeltaQrxlevmin in SIB12 mCell r . Idle Mode” Configuration Tag externalGs mCell GERANCELLIND . “Numbering. externalGs Location addressing and mCell LAC Area Code identification” Location Area Code maximum TS 25.304: “UE externalGs DeltaQrxlev Procedures in DeltaQrxlevmin in mCell DtQrxLvMnSib11 min Idle Mode” SIB11(dB) TS 25. “RRC Protocol Procedures in mCell HcsPrio HCS Prio Specification” Idle Mode” HCS_PRIO TS 23.304: “UE TS 25. RNSAP -Signalling” Threshold signalling" TS TS 25.413: mCell BSCId .423: 25. . Cell TS 25.331: externalGs allowed UL “RRC Protocol Maximum Allowed UL TX mCell MaxULTxPwr TX power Specification” Power(dBm) .331: RNSAP “RRC Protocol externalGs signalling” Specification” GSM Uplink Load mCell GsmUlLdThrd . Threshold TS 25. “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” Configuration Tag Specification” TS 25.331: and addressing mCell CI Identity “RRC Protocol identification” Cell Identifier Specification” TS 25.304: “UE externalGs HCS_PRIO.331: 25.331: externalGs Colour Code “RRC Protocol mCell BCC (BCC) Specification” Base Station Colour Code TS TS 25. GERAN Cell Indicator externalGs GSM Downlink Load mCell GsmDlLdThrd . . Base Station TS 25.

Mobile “Numbering.304: “UE Interface externalGs TS 25. RNSAP Interface signalling” RANAP TS 25.003:Iu RAC.423: externalGs Colour Code “RRC “UTRAN Protocol Iur mCell NCC (NCC) Specification” interface Network Colour Code RNSAP externalGs TS 25.003: MCC.423: 25. TS .304: “UE signalling” “RRC Protocol externalGs Procedures TS 25. TS 23.413: the GSM Cell Specification” “UTRAN Iu TS TS 25.413: Signalling” Center(m) “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr RANAP anCell AltitudeAcc .413: Signalling” Cell Center “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr RANAP anCell AnteAltitude Altitude TS 25.331: “UTRAN ProceduresIur in RANAP “RRC Protocol mCell QrxLevMinSib11 Qrxlevmin interface Idle Mode” Signalling” Qrxlevmin in SIB11(dBm) Specification” RNSAP TS TS 25.413: Signalling” Antenna Altitude(m) “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr Direction of RANAP Direction of Antenna anCell AnteAltitudeDir Altitude Signalling” Altitude .331: signalling” PLMN Number of Sharing mCell PLmnNum .25.003: Shared “Numbering. externalGs Network addressing and Shared Network Area mCell SNAC Area Code identification” Code externalGs Shared Network Area mCell SNACNum . TS 25.331: “Numbering.331:Iu Interface “RRC Protocol RANAP Specification” Signalling” TS 23.003: MNC.413: Signalling” “UTRAN TS 25. externalGs Network addressing and mCell MNC Code identification” Mobile Network Code externalGs mCell MNCBcdCodeLen .413: in mCell QrxLevMinSib12 Qrxlevmin Specification” Idle Mode” Qrxlevmin in SIB12(dBm) “UTRAN TS 23. Code Number Switch of CS 64kbps ExternalUt Establishment for External ranCell AdjCs64Switch . externalGs Routing Area RANAP addressing and mCell RAC Code Signalling” identification” Routing Area Code SNAC. MNC BCD Code Length Network TS TS 25. “RRC TS Protocol .413: Identity “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr RANAP Cell Altitude for Cell anCell Altitude Altitude TS 25. UTRAN Cell externalUtr Physical Adjacent Cell anCell AdjPhyCId .331: 25. .331: 25.25. Interface “Numbering. . externalGs Country “RRC Protocol addressing and mCell MCC Code Specification” identification” Mobile Country Code TS 23. Mobile TS 25. .413: Signalling” Altitude Accurary(m) “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr Direction of RANAP Direction of Altitude for anCell AltitudeDir Altitude TS 25.

for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 15 anCell ARESPARA15 . .413: “UTRAN Iu Geographical Interface externalUtr Coordinates RANAP Degree of Antenna anCell AnteLatitude >Latitude TS 25. . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 13 anCell ARESPARA13 . . . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 2 for anCell ARESPARA2 . . . . . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 10 anCell ARESPARA10 . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 19 anCell ARESPARA19 . . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 18 anCell ARESPARA18 . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 20 anCell ARESPARA20 .413: Signalling” Latitude Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface externalUtr >Latitude RANAP anCell AnteLatitudeSign Sign TS 25. . TS 25. . for External UTRAN Cell . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 16 anCell ARESPARA16 . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 14 anCell ARESPARA14 . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 17 anCell ARESPARA17 . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 12 anCell ARESPARA12 . . for External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 11 for anCell ARESPARA11 .413: Signalling” Antenna Latitude Sign Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface externalUtr > Degrees Of RANAP Degrees of Antenna anCell AnteLongitude Longitude Signalling” Longitude(degree) externalUtr anCell AnteType . . . Antenna Type externalUtr Reserved Parameter 1 for anCell ARESPARA1 .

. .25.423: Signalling” Cell Description Type RNSAP Iu “UTRAN Iur signalling” Interface interface externalUtr TS 25. TX TS 25. . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 5 for anCell ARESPARA5 .423: Signalling” Confidence(%) Connectivity “UTRAN Iur DTX-DRX interface ExternalUt Continuous Support RNSAP CPC DTX-DRX Support ranCell CpcDtxDrxSuptInd Packet Indicator TS 25. . Cell “UTRAN “UTRAN IubOverall anCell CId Indicator. External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 9 for anCell ARESPARA9 . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 7 for anCell ARESPARA7 .423: signalling” Indicator Connectivity “UTRAN Iur HS-SCCH interface Max U CPC HS-SCCH ExternalUt less Support RNSAP less Support Indicator E ranCell CpcHslessSuptInd Indicator signalling” DTX Cycle externalUtr DRNC Diversity anCell DIurCmbInd . . TS . Identifier Interface DescriptionNBAP “ Cell Identity Diversity Signalling” Mode.331: RANAP RNSAP “RRC Protocol anCell CellRadius -Closed Loop Signalling” signalling” Cell Radius Specification” Mode1 TS TS 25.331: externalUtr Diversity “RRC Protocol Closed Loop Mode 1 anCell Clm1SuptInd Mode TS 25. -TS 25.413: 25.423: Interface Iur “UTRAN externalUtr Geographical RANAP interface anCell CellDescripType Area TS 25.externalUtr Reserved Parameter 3 for anCell ARESPARA3 .413: Specification” Support Indicator “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr Continuous RANAP anCell Confidence Packet Confidence TS 25. External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 8 for anCell ARESPARA8 . . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 6 for anCell ARESPARA6 . External UTRAN Cell externalUtr Reserved Parameter 4 for anCell ARESPARA4 .433: 25. . Combination Indicator . .401: externalUtr Support C-Id. External UTRAN Cell externalUtr anCell ATimeDelay .413: Transport Time Delay Jitter “UTRAN TS Iu 25.331: Transport Time Delay “RRC Protocol externalUtr Specification” anCell ATimeDelayJitter .

423: 25.304: “UE Protocol externalUtr (Nd).433: 25.423: signalling” Capability Cell “UTRAN Iur Capability interface externalUtr Container RNSAP anCell EdchSfCap FDD TS 25.331:Iur externalUtr band interface “RRC Protocol anCell FreqBandInd indicator 2 RNSAP Specification” Frequency Band Indicator signalling" TS 25. DL Procedures in Specification” DeltaQrxlevmin in anCell DtQrxLvMnSib12 UARFCN. . HSPA Support Method Calculation Application Part externalUtr (PCAP) anCell InnerAngle Inner Angle signalling” Inner Angle .423: “ Description DUARFCN Cell “UTRAN Iur Capability interface externalUtr EdchHarqCombCa Container RNSAP E-DCH HARQ Combining anCell p FDD TS 25. Frequency TS 25.304: “UE externalUtr DtQrxLvMnSib12P UTRA “UTRAN ProceduresIubin DeltaQrxlevmin in SIB12 anCell r Absolute . Procedures in anCell HcsPrio HCS Prio Idle25.401: externalUtr Channel “UTRAN Overall anCell DUARFCN Number TS 25.453: TS Mode” HCS_PRIO “UTRAN Iupc externalUtr interface anCell HspaSptMeth . Qrxlevmin Idle Mode” TS25.423 SIB12(dB) UARFCN.423: F-DPCH Support Indicator Indicator.331: downlink TS “RRC25. RNSAP -TS 25. TS 25. Interface Idle Mode” NBAP Configuration Tag Radio Signalling”.331: “UTRAN Iur Frequency “RRC Protocol interface externalUtr Specification” Flexible MAC-d PDU Size anCell FlexMacdSuptInd band .423 Support Indicator Cell “UTRAN Iur Capability interface externalUtr Container Frequency RNSAP anCell FDpchSuptInd FDD Band signalling” TS 25. TS TS 25. signalling” Frequency "UTRAN TS 25.304: “UE externalUtr HCS_PRIO. Positioning . SIB11(dB) TS 25. Idle Mode” Configuration Tag UARFCN Specification” TS 25. Indicator externalUtr DeltaQrxlevmin in anCell DtQrxLvMnSib11 .423: “UTRAN Iur interface externalUtr Diversity RNSAP SRNC Diversity anCell DivCtrlFld Control Field signalling” Combination Indicator externalUtr 64QAM DL Support anCell Dl64QAMSuptInd .423: signalling” E-DCH SF Capability Cell “UTRAN Iur Capability interface externalUtr Container RNSAP 2ms E-TTI Support anCell EdchTti2SuptInd FDD signalling” Indicator Cell Capability Neighboring Cell ExternalUt Container Enhanced F-DPCH ranCell EfdpchSupInd FDD TS TS 25.331: in Procedures DeltaQrxlevmin in SIB11 “RRC Protocol anCell DtQrxLvMnSib11Pr .423: Support Indicator indicator.304: “UE externalUtr TS 25. . TS 25.

331: 25. “Numbering. TS 25.423: Protocol externalUtr Allowed UL “RRC “UTRAN Protocol Iur RACH Maximum Allowed anCell MaxRACHTxPwr Tx Power Specification” Specification” UL TX Power(dBm) interface TS 23.413: Signalling” Cell Center(degree) TS 25.413: DCH for NRT PS RAB in ranCell D .25.423: 25.25.413: identification” Location Area Code Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface externalUtr > Degrees Of RANAP Degrees of Latitude for TS 25.413: “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr IURDCHSDSSUP RANAP Dual-Cell HS-DSCH anCell TIND . External UTRAN Cell Calculation Application Part externalUtr (PCAP) anCell OffsetAngle Offset angle signalling” Offset Angle .331: ExternalUt “RRC Protocol ranCell MimoSuptInd . Specification” .423: Support Indication Signalling” “UTRAN Iur DRX Cycle TS 25.413: identification” Mobile Country Code “UTRAN Iu Interface ExternalUt Mimo64QamSuptI RANAP Mimo64Qam Support ranCell nd .423:Iur “UTRAN “UTRAN Iu Iur interface Interface interface ExternalUt Max UE DTX RNSAP RANAP Max UE DTX Cycle ranCell MaxDtxCyc Cycle RNSAP signalling” (subframes) Signalling” signalling” Maximum TS TS 25. -Signalling” Indicator TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP signalling” TS 25.453: TS External UTRAN Cell “UTRAN Iupc Maximum Bit Rate on UL ExternalUt NrtMaxUlRateDch interface DCH for NRT PS RAB in ranCell D .413: anCell Latitude Latitude Signalling” Cell Center(degree) Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface TS 25.413: Signalling” Center Geographical interface “UTRAN Iu Coordinates RNSAP Interface externalUtr > Degrees Of signalling” RANAP Degrees of Longitude for anCell Longitude Longitude TS 25. Mobile RNSAP “Numbering.423: externalUtr >Latitude RANAP “UTRAN Iur Latitude Sign for Cell anCell LatitudeSign Sign TS 25.003: MCC. MNC BCD Code Length Maximum Bit Rate on DL ExternalUt NrtMaxDlRateDch TS 25. Positioning . “UTRAN . Mobile “Numbering.003: MNC. .331: TS “RRC25. externalUtr Country signalling” addressing and anCell MCC Code TS 25. MIMO Support Indicator TS 23. externalUtr Location addressing and anCell LAC Area Code TS 25. Iu External UTRAN Cell Interface RANAP Maximum Bit Rate on E- ExternalUt Signalling” DCH for NRT PS RAB in ranCell NrtMaxRateEdchD .003: LAC. TS .331: interface externalUtr Length “RRC RNSAP Protocol UTRAN DRX Cycle Length anCell KUtran Coefficient Specification” signalling” Coefficient TS 23. . externalUtr Network addressing and anCell MNC Code identification” Mobile Network Code externalUtr MNCBCDCODELE anCell N .

304: “UE externalUtr TS 25. External UTRAN Cell Maximum Bit Rate on UL ExternalUt DCH for RT PS RAB in ranCell RtMaxUlRateDchD .003:Iu RAC.331: in Procedures “UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol anCell QqualMinSib11 Qqualmin Idle Mode” interface Qqualmin in SIB11(dB) Specification” RNSAP TS 25. externalUtr RNC addressing and RNC Identity of Adjacent anCell RncId Identifier identification” cell Maximum Bit Rate on DL ExternalUt DCH for RT PS RAB in ranCell RtMaxDlRateDchD .331: signalling” Cell Primary Scrambling anCell PrimScraCode Code “RRC Protocol TS25.413: Signalling” Sign Geographical “RRC “UTRAN Protocol Iu Coordinates Specification” Interface TS 25. .433: Primary “UTRAN Iub CPICH Interface NBAP Power.25. .331: 25. Configuration Tag externalUtr PLMN Number of Sharing anCell PLmnNum .304: “UE Interface externalUtr TS 25.423: 25.433 Code Specification” TS 25. .304: “UE signalling” “RRC Protocol externalUtr Procedures TS 25. Signalling” Primary TS 25. External UTRAN Cell .331: in signalling” Procedures anCell QqualMinSib12 Qqualmin “RRC TS Protocol Idle25.304: “UE externalUtr TS 25.331: externalUtr CPICH Tx “RRC Protocol Primary CPICH anCell PcpichPwr Power Specification” Power(dBm) externalUtr Primary CPICH Power anCell PcpichPwrPre . Interface “Numbering.413: the Cell “UTRAN Iu Interface externalUtr RANAP anCell PolygonPointNum Polygon Signalling” Polygon Point Number Geographical Coordinates externalUtr > Degrees Of Degree of Polygon Point anCell PolyLatitude Latitude TS .331: “UTRAN ProceduresIur in RANAP “RRC Protocol anCell QrxLevMinSib11 Qrxlevmin interface Idle Mode” Signalling” Qrxlevmin in SIB11(dBm) Specification” RNSAP TS TS 25. externalUtr Routing Area RANAP addressing and anCell RAC Code Signalling” identification” Routing Area Code TS 23. . “Numbering.423: TS 25.413: Latitude(degree) Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface externalUtr >Latitude RANAP TS 25.423: externalUtr > Degrees Of RANAP Degrees of Polygon Point anCell PolyLongitude Longitude “UTRAN Iur Signalling” Longitude(degree) interface Primary RNSAP externalUtr Scrambling TS 25. interface RNSAP signalling” TS 25. External UTRAN Cell Maximum Bit Rate on E- ExternalUt DCH for RT PS RAB in ranCell RtMaxRateEdchD .003: RNC-ID.413: Mode” Qqualmin in SIB12(dB) Specification” “UTRAN Iu TS TS 25.413: in anCell QrxLevMinSib12 Qrxlevmin Specification” Idle Mode” Qrxlevmin in SIB12(dBm) “UTRAN TS 23.25.331: Polygon Point Latitude anCell PolyLatitudeSign Sign TS 25. TS .

UARFCN “RRC Protocol externalUtr URA ID.401 UARFCN. uplink URA Specification” (Nu). Signalling” -“UTRAN Iu SACB Configuration Tag TS 23.331: TUTRAN-GPS externalUtr Indicator.413: anCell SACBPre . signalling” externalUtr STTD TS25.331: URA-ID. Service RANAP addressing and Service Area Code for CS Signalling” anCell SACPC Area Code identification” and PS Domain SNAC.331: Period of BMC Scheduling BmcSchMsgPrdPr “RRC Protocol Messages Configuration Fach e .401: externalUtr Channel “UTRAN Overall anCell UUARFCN Period Numberof Description “ UUARFCN BMC scheduling TS 25. Support Indicator TS RNSAP23. TS 23. -signalling” Ability Indicator Tx Diversity TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP signalling” TS 25.423 URA Identity UARFCN.433: Transmit interface “UTRAN Iub externalUtr Diversity RNSAP Interface NBAP anCell TxDivInd Indicator signalling” Signalling” TX Diversity Indicator TS 25.331: externalUtr UTRA “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol anCell URANum Absolute maxURA Interface NBAP Specification” URA Number Radio Signalling”. interface .433 anCell SttdSuptInd indicator TS25.331 STTD Support Indicator externalUtr Support R5/R6Congestion anCell SuptCgtDetInd . TX “RRC Protocol Measurement Support TS 25. externalUtr SAC. TS .423: externalUtr RANAP “UTRAN Iur RTT Measurement anCell RttMeasSptInd . Frequency TS 25.433: 25. TS25. anCell URA Identity UL TS25.003: Shared “Numbering.25. externalUtr Network addressing and Shared Network Area anCell SNAC Area Code TS 25.331: messages “RRC Protocol Period of BMC Scheduling Fach BmcSchMsgPrd (P) Specification” Messages TS 25.423: “Numbering.423: anCell TutranGpsSptInd Diversity .003: Interface “Numbering.413: Service Area Code for BC anCell SACB Area Code interface identification” “UTRAN Iu Domain RNSAP Interface signalling” RANAP externalUtr TS 25. Specification” -“UTRAN Iur Indicator Indicator.423: Detection Indicator “UTRAN Iur interface externalUtr RNSAP Support RL Timing Adjust anCell TimAdjAbi .413: “UTRAN Iu Interface TS 25. Service TS addressing Iurand 25.423: Support “UTRAN Iur externalUtr Possible Secondary anCell SNDSVRCELID Indicator. TS 25. . Signalling” interface . TS 25. Serving Cell ID STTD RNSAP Indicator. TS TS 25.003: TS 25. signalling” externalUtr “UTRAN SAC.423: identification” Code “UTRAN Iur interface externalUtr maxnoofSNA RNSAP Shared Network Area anCell SNACNum s signalling” Code Number STTD TS 25. Specification” Tag .

331: CTCH “RRC Protocol Period of CTCH Fach CtchAllocPrd allocation (N) Specification” Allocation(frames) TS 25.331: Protocol Fach CbsFrameOffset offset (K) “RRC Protocol CBS Frame Offset(frames) Specification” Specification” TS 25. . Decrease Valid Time Window of CPICH Ec/No for Power GloAc EcNoValidTimeWin . .423: “UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP signalling” TS 25. Consumption Limiting HSDPA GBR HsGBRResLimitId Resource Consumption GbrRes x .401: “UTRAN Overall Fach CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity Period of TS 25.331: CBS frame TS “RRC25. . AMR Service . . TFS Index TS 25. TS 25. . Guaranteed Bit Rate Level Consumption(bps) Number of HSDPA Services for Limiting HSDPA GBR Resource GbrRes HsGBRLevNum . Specification” FACH Usage Fach TfsIndex .331: CTCH “RRC Protocol Fach CtchInd indicator Specification” CTCH Indicator TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Fach SignalFach .433: Common “UTRAN Iub Transport Interface NBAP FACH Common Transport Fach CTCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID TS 25. Consumption(dB) Switch of AMR Traffic Re- AmrDnRateAcSwc admission after AMR Rate GloAc h . Increment Forced Queue Switch for GloAc ForcQueSwiAMR . . .433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP Time of Arrival Window Fach ToAWE ToAWE Signalling” Endpoint(ms) TS 25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP SCCPCH Common Fach SccpchCPCId Channel ID Signalling” Physical Channel ID TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP Time of Arrival Window Fach ToAWS ToAWS Signalling” Guaranteed Startpoint(ms)Bit Rate Levels of HSDPA Services for Limiting HSDPA GBR Resource GbrRes HsGBRLev . . UE HS-DSCH Required Index Power Upper Limit for Limiting HSDPA GBR UEHsReqPwrUpli Resource GbrRes m .

“RRC .401: gsmRelati C-Id. Cell “UTRAN Overall on CId Identifier Description “ Cell Identity gsmRelati on GsmShareCover . .304: “UE (Qhcs) of Neighbouring gsmRelati Procedures in Cell Broadcasted in on QhcsSib11 Qhcs Idle Mode” SIB11(dBm) . .304: “UE gsmRelati TS 25. . - RNSAP GPS Card Type signalling” TS 25. Relocating into UTRAN(s) TS 25. Forced Queue Switch for GloAc ForcQueSwiCS64 . Protocol GPS Information Root Specification” TS 25.304: “UE gsmRelati TS 25. . Configuration gsmRelati Measurement Priority of on MeasPrio . Setup Process(s) Maximum Time in the True Queue when Service be GloAc TTrueQForced . . . .331: in Procedures on “RRC Protocol PenaltyTimeSib12 Penalty_time Idle Mode” Penalty Time in SIB12 Specification” Quality Threshold Level TS 25. .423: “UTRAN Iur interface GpsCfg GpsCardType . Protocol Cell Identity Specification” TS 25. or SIB11bis UE State Indicator Used gsmRelati for GSM Neighboring Cell on GsmStateMode . CS 64kbps service GloAc QLength . . . Forced into Queue(s) Time of True Queue for Congested Service GloAc TTrueQReloc . Neighboring GSM Cell gsmRelati TS 25. Scheduling E-DCH Eb/N0 Time of True Queue for Congested Service in RAB GloAc TTrueQ . True Queue Length GloAc SEdchEbN0 .331: GpsCfg GpsInfoRoot .331: Neighboring Physical GSM on NPhyGsmCId . Share Cover Indication gsmRelati GSMSIB11ORSIB1 Broadcast in either SIB11 on 1BIS . “RRC .331: in Procedures on “RRC Protocol PenaltyTimeSib11 Penalty_time Idle Mode” Penalty Time in SIB11 Specification” TS 25.

n Idle Mode” Broadcasted in SIB12(dB) Specification” TS 25. TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Specification” Quality Threshold Level TS 25. DTX/DRX Switch .433: Temporary_offset1 in on TempOffset1Sib12 .304: “UE Serving Cell and gsmRelati TS 25. .423: Specification” “UTRAN Use of HCS "UTRAN IubIur HS-DPCCH ACK Power Interface interface NBAP Offset for Single Radio ACK Power Signalling” RNSAP TS 25.304: “UE (Qhcs) of Neighbouring gsmRelati TS 25.n Idle Mode” Quality Offsetin1 SIB11(dB) Broadcasted Specification” (Qoffset1s.331: in Procedures Cell Broadcasted in on QhcsSib12 Qhcs “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” Quality Offset 1 SIB12(dBm) Specification” (Qoffset1s.433: 25.331: NBAP gsmRelati Signalling” “RRC Protocol TS 25.423: signalling" Handover “UTRAN "UTRAN IurIur ACK-NACK interface interface Repetition RNSAP RNSAP ACK-NACK Repetition Hspa AnackRepFactor Factor signalling” signalling" Factor Maximum TS 25.423: Hspa CodeUptPrdUnit .433: on UseOfHCS Use of HCS TS 25.n) Between TS 25. . . Support Indicator DPCH Code Re-Assign Hspa CodeReAssPrd .304: “UE gsmRelati Temporary_o Procedures in Temporary_offset1 in on TempOffset1Sib11 ffset1 Idle Mode” SIB11 gsmRelati TS 25.433: MAC-d PDU “UTRAN Iub Conversational service Size Interface NBAP Maximum MAC-d PDU Hspa CMAXPDUSIZE Extended Signalling” Size Extended(byte) DPCH Code Re-Assign Hspa CodeReAssInd .331: in Procedures Neighbouring Cell on “RRC Protocol Qoffset1SNSib11 Qoffset1s. -“UTRAN Iub Code Update Period Interface NBAP Signalling” TS TS 25.304: “UE Serving Cell and gsmRelati TS 25.433: 25.433: Hspa CodeUptPrd .n) Between TS 25.331: in Procedures Neighbouring Cell on “RRC Protocol Qoffset1SNSib12 Qoffset1s.423: Hspa CqiCycle Cycle k signalling" “UTRAN CQI Feedback Cycle(ms) "UTRAN IubIur HS-DPCCH CQI Power Interface interface NBAP Offset for Single Radio CQI Power Signalling” RNSAP Link or Intra-NodeB Hspa CqiPwrOffset Offset TS 25. - “UTRAN Iub SIB12 Interface TS 25.423: Link or Intra-NodeB Hspa AckPwrOffset Offset TS 25. -“UTRAN Code Update Period Unit "UTRAN IubIur CQI Interface interface NBAP Feedback Signalling” RNSAP TS TS 25.423: signalling" Handover "UTRAN Iur CQI interface Repetition RNSAP Hspa CqiRepFactor Factor signalling" CQI Repetition Factor Hspa DtxDrxSwch . Period(s) TS 25.

- “UTRAN Iub Channel)(dB) Interface NBAP Maximum Bit Rate with MaxRateWithNVH Signalling” HS-SCCH Less for Non- Hspa s .433: 25.423: 25.423: 25.25.331: signalling" “UTRAN Iur Offset (10ms TTI) CH power "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol offset.423: signalling" Handover "UTRAN Iur interface HS-DPCCH NACK Power NACK Power RNSAP Offset for Inter-NodeB Hspa InterNackPwrOfst Offset signalling" Macro Diversity Gain of Handover Downlink Dedicated Channel (Power Offset for TS 25.423: Hspa EdpcchPOTti10 Power Offset 25.433: HSPA Downlink Control Hspa MacroDivGain .331: “UTRAN Iub "UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol E-DCH Interface interface NBAP E. TS . Power Allocation Method Switch for Limiting HSDPA GBR Resource Hspa HsGBRLimitSwi . Resource Down Timer(S) HsdpaCmAssoMo HSDPA Associate CM Hspa de .433: Hspa HsscLessSwch . .433: E-DCH Reference Power Hspa EdchRefPO DPCCH/DPC Power Offset TS 25. . Specification” Signalling” Reference RNSAP TS 25.423: 25.423: Hspa de . .433: 25.423: Hspa EnabDelay Delay Signalling” Enabling Delay(frame) HARQ RV "UTRAN Iur Configuration interface .433: DPCCH/DPCCH Power Hspa EdpcchPOTti2 Power Offset signalling” signalling"Iub Offset (2ms TTI) “UTRAN TS 25. . interface Specification” Quantified E- E- DPCCH Signalling” RNSAP DPCCH/DPCCH Power DPCCH/DPC TS TS 25.331: signalling" Offset CH power “UTRAN "UTRAN Iub Iur “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP offset. -“UTRAN Method "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP HS-DPCCH ACK Power ACK Power Signalling” RNSAP TS 25.433: TS 25.423: signalling" Handover “UTRAN "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP HS-DPCCH CQI Power CQI Power Signalling” RNSAP Offset for Inter-NodeB Hspa InterCqiPwrOfst Offset TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Specification” Signalling” TS TS 25. -“UTRAN Iub HS-SCCH Less Switch Interface NBAP HsupaCmAssoMo Signalling” HSUPA Associate CM TS TS 25. Method HsdschTotPwrMet HSPA Total Downlink Hspa h . E. E.433: Interface “UTRAN Iub NBAP Enabling Signalling” Interface NBAP TS 25. HARQ Info RNSAP Hspa HarqRvConfig for E-DCH signalling" HARQ RV Configuration HS-PDSCH Code Hspa HsCodeDnTimer . TS 25.433: Offset for Inter-NodeB Hspa InterAckPwrOfst Offset TS 25.423: VoIP/AMR(kbps) "UTRAN Iur HS-DPCCH NACK Power interface Offset for Single Radio NACK Power RNSAP Link or Intra-NodeB Hspa NackPwrOffset Offset signalling" Handover . Consumption TS 25. interface interface Quantified E- Specification” RNSAP DPCCH RNSAP TS 25.

Flexible PDU Size Format Hspa Rnc64QAMInd . . Support Indicator RNC Enhanced Layer 2 Hspa RncEnL2Ind .433: 25. DTX/DRX Switch for NRT HS-SCCH Less Switch for Hspa NVHsscLessSwch . Support Indicator RNC F-DPCH Support Hspa RncFdpchSupInd . HSPA or MBMS(s) TPC Command Error Rate Hspa TpcErrTarget . . Power Signalling” Power Offset TS Offset for TS 25. . Power Signalling” Offset for TS 25.433: for “UTRAN Iub DTX/DRX Switch for Hspa RtDtxDrxSwch Scheduling -E-DCH Interface .423: “UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP signalling” Maximum TS 25.331: Scheduling “RRC Protocol Power Offset for Hspa ScheInfoPOTti2 Info Specification” Scheduling Info (2ms TTI) Timer for Event 1D in Hspa T1d . TS 25.331: Power Offset for for Scheduling “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol Scheduling Info (10ms Hspa ScheInfoPOTti10 Scheduling Info Interface NBAP Specification” TTI) Info. 64QAM Support Indicator RNC Enhanced F-DPCH Hspa RncEfdpchSupInd . . . . NBAP Speech Info. Resource Down Timer(S) Hspa NrtDtxDrxSwch . . Target .433: MAC-d PDU “UTRAN Iub Non-Conversational NONCMAXPDUSI Size Interface NBAP service Maximum MAC-d Hspa ZE Extended Signalling” PDU Size Extended(byte) NonHsCodeDnTim NonHS-PDSCH Code Hspa er . Indicator Hspa RncMIMOInd -E-DCH . HSDPA Support Type of RLC Hspa RlcSizeSuptType . MIMO Support Indicator Power Offset TS 25. Indicator RNC MIMO and DL64QAM Combined RncMimo64QamIn Capability Support Hspa d . . . . . . Non-VoIP/AMR Pending Times Threshold for Power Balance Between DPCH and Hspa PbPendTimeThd .

331: “RRC Protocol Inter Hysteresis Hysteresis Specification” Hysteresis(dB) Inter-frequency Measurement Inter InterMeasCfgNo .331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Inter RptCrt Mode Specification” Reporting Criteria CPICH RSCP TS 25.331: Filter “RRC Protocol Inter FilterCoeff coefficient Specification” Filter Coefficient Frequency TS 25. frequency Measurement t quantity for frequency TS 25. Configuration Index Function of Configuration Inter InterMeasCfgNote . . Cell synchronisati on information TS 25. TS 25.331: reporting “RRC Protocol Inter CIdRptInd indicator Specification” Cell ID Reporting Indicator CPICH Ec/N0 TS 25.331: Transfer “RRC Protocol Measurement Report Inter MeasRptTrMod Mode Specification” Transfer Mode Pathloss TS 25. .331: Cell Synchronisation reporting “RRC Protocol Information Reporting Inter CellSynRptInd indicator Specification” Indicator Cell Identity TS 25. .331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Reporting Interval in Inter PrdRptInterval Periodical interval Specification” Period Report Criteria Reporting / Event Trigger TS 25.331: Carrier Frequency Quality quality “RRC Protocol Estimation Reporting Inter FreqQualEst estimate Specification” Indicator TS 25. Parameters Inter.331: reporting “RRC Protocol Pathloss Reporting Inter PathlossRptInd indicator Specification” Indicator TS 25.331: quality “RRC Protocol Inter MeasQuantity estimate Specification” Measurement Quantity Measuremen t Report TS 25.331: Amount of “RRC Protocol Amount of Reporting in Inter PrdRptAmount reporting Specification” Period Report Criteria TS 25.331: reporting “RRC Protocol CPICH Ec/No Reporting Inter EcN0RptInd indicator Specification” Indicator TS 25.331: reporting “RRC Protocol CPICH RSCP Reporting Inter RscpRptInd indicator Specification” Indicator .331: frequency “RRC Protocol Inter-frequency Event Inter MeaEvtId event identity Specification” Identity Event Number of Inter- Inter MeasEvtNum Measuremen .

331: reporting “RRC Protocol CPICH Ec/No Reporting Intra EcN0RptInd indicator Specification” Indicator TS 25.331: 2B/2C/2E(CPICH ThreshNoUsedFre non used “RRC Protocol Absolute Threshold of the RSCP:dBm.331: Weight of the Currently W used “RRC Protocol Used Frequency for Inter Wused frequency Specification” 2A/2B/2D/2F CPICH Ec/N0 TS 25.331: Weight of the Non-used W non-used “RRC Protocol Frequency for Inter WNoUsed frequency Specification” 2A/2B/2C/2E TS 25. .331: Amount of “RRC Protocol Amount of Reporting for Intra EvtRptAmount reporting Specification” Event 1A/1B/1C/1J TS 25. frequency Measurement TS 25. TS 25.331: Filter “RRC Protocol Intra FilterCoeff coefficient Specification” Filter Coefficient TS 25.331: Time to “RRC Protocol Inter TrigTime trigger Specification” Time To Trigger TS 25.CPICH Inter q frequency Specification” Quality Ec/No:dB)the Currently of Used Frequency for Threshold TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Intra Hysteresis Hysteresis Specification” Hysteresis(dB) Intra-frequency Measurement Intra IntraMeasCfgNo . Configuration Index Function of Configuration Intra IntraMeasCfgNote .331: UTRA “RRC Protocol Inter UTRACarrierRSSI Carrier RSSI Specification” UTRA Carrier RSSI TS 25. Absolute Threshold of the Quality of the Non-used Frequency for Threshold TS 25.331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Reporting Interval for Intra EvtRptInterval interval Specification” Event 1A/1B/1C/1J(ms) TS 25.331: 2B/2D/2F(CPICH used “RRC Protocol RSCP:dBm. Parameters Intra. .331: frequency “RRC Protocol Intra-frequency Event Intra MeaEvtId event identity Specification” Identity Event Number of Intra- Intra MeasEvtNum .CPICH Inter ThreshUsedFreq frequency Specification” Ec/No:dB) TS 25.331: Transfer “RRC Protocol Measurement Report Intra MeasRptTrMod Mode Specification” Transfer Mode . .331: Measuremen “RRC Protocol Intra MeasQuantity t quantity Specification” Measurement Quantity Measuremen t Report TS 25.

413: Signalling” Information(TigOR)(s) “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP Timer for Not Allowing to IuCnst TinTR TinTR TS 25.331: reporting “RRC Protocol Pathloss Reporting Intra PathlossRptInd indicator Specification” Indicator TS 25. Pathloss TS 25.331: Range “RRC Protocol Reporting Range Constant Intra RptRange Constant Specification” for Event 1A/1B(dB) CPICH RSCP TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Intra W W TS 25.331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Intra RptCrt Mode Specification” Report Criteria Reporting TS 25.413: Signalling” RESET in RNC(s) “UTRAN Iu Interface Timer Before Sending RANAP RESET Response to iuCnst Tratc TRatC Signalling” CN(s) .331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Reporting Interval in Intra PrdRptInterval interval Specification” Period Report Criteria(ms) Replacement TS 25.331: reporting “RRC Protocol CPICH RSCP Reporting Intra RscpRptInd indicator Specification” Indicator Threshold TS 25.331: Threshold of the Quality of used “RRC Protocol the Used Frequency for Intra ThreshUsedFreq frequency Specification” Event 1E/1F TS 25.413: Signalling” Data in SRNC(100ms) “UTRAN Iu Timer for Ignoring all Interface OVERLOAD Messages or RANAP Signalling Point Congested IuCnst TigOR TigOR TS 25.331: deactivation “RRC Protocol Reporting Deactivation Intra RptDeactThr threshold Specification” Threshold for Event 1A Reporting TS 25.413: Signalling” Increase Traffic(TinTR)(s) “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP Maximum Time for RAB iuCnst Tqueuing TQUEUING TS 25.331: Time to “RRC Protocol Intra TrigTime trigger Specification” Time To Trigger(ms) TS 25.413: Signalling” Queuing in RNC(100ms) “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP Maximum Waiting Time for iuCnst Trafc TRafC TS 25.331: Amount of “RRC Protocol Amount of Reporting in Intra PrdRptAmount reporting Specification” Period Report Criteria TS 25.413: Specification” Weight for Event 1A/1B “UTRAN Iu Interface Maximum Time for RANAP Forwarding GTP-PDU iuCnst Tdatafwd TDATAfwd TS 25.331: Replacement Activation activation “RRC Protocol Threshold for Event 1C Periodical Intra RplcActThr threshold Specification” and 1J Reporting / Event Trigger TS 25.

.423: “UTRAN Iur interface Waiting Timer for IU iuCnst TWaitRelCmd RNSAP RELEASE COMMAND signalling” TS 25. Uplink and Downlink Maximum FACH Power Adjustment Switch for MBMS Downlink Load LdCtrl DlAdjustMFPSw . . .413: Signalling” Relocation(100ms) “UTRAN Iu Interface SRNC Wait Time for TRELOCpre RANAP Relocation iuCnst Trelocprep p Signalling” Preparation(100ms) Timer for Sending RESOURCE RESET iuCnst Tresetdelay . Control Downlink Overload LdCtrl DlAlrmLd . Shielding Rate Reduction Maximum Number of Degraded Downlink Load LdCtrl DlDnMaxStg . Response to CN(100ms) Timer for RESOURCE RESET Response from iuCnst Tresetwait . “RRC . Protocol Decreasing Specification” TS 25. Recovering Lower Limit(%) Downlink Switch for LdCtrl DlDecRateSw . TS 25.413: “UTRAN Iu Interface SRNC Overall Protective TRELOCove RANAP Time for iuCnst Trelocoverall rall TS 25. . CN(100ms) Waiting Timer for SRNS iuCnst TWaitContextReq Context Request Waiting Timer for SRNS DATA FORWARD iuCnst TWaitDataFwd COMMAND TS 25. . . Handover Downlink High Load Threshold for R99 CS AMR Services BLER LdCtrl DlHighLd . Target Adjustment(%) . . Steps Every Time Downlink Switch for LdCtrl DlDropSw .331: Algorithm of Load LdCtrl AglLdDec . .401: “UTRAN Overall LdCtrl CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity Switch for Shielding GBR Reduction Shared by LdCtrl DecGbrSw . Shielding Forced Drop Downlink Switch for Shielding Forced LdCtrl DlForceHandoffSw . . .

Users in Congestion Switch of Interactive Class/Background Class LdCtrl SwitchToFach . . Limit(dB) Uplink Switch for Shielding LdCtrl UlDecRateSw . DSCH(%) Recover Threshold for HS- LdCtrl HsdsRecoverThr . . Upper Limit(%) The Switch of Forced Handover for Online Users LdCtrl ForcedHOSwit . Maximum Number Users Every Time of Downlink Forced Handover Users or Deleted Radio Links Every LdCtrl DlMaxForHoNum . . users in Congestion Common Overload Threshold for HS- LdCtrl HsdsOverLdThr . . RAB->FACH for Overload Safe Threshold for LdCtrl NodeBSafeThr . Congestion Maximum Users of Interactive Class/Background Class LdCtrl NFach . Limit(%) Downlink Serious overload LdCtrl DlSeriousOverLd . . Maximum Number of DSCH Overload(%) Services Whose GBR Can Be Decreased in Load Control Every Time Shared LdCtrl MaxGbrDecNum . by Uplink and Downlink Maximum Number of UE MaxNumUeOfDec Decreasing Rate When LdCtrl Rat . Rate Reduction . . . RAB->FACH for Overload Uplink Overload Recovering Lower LdCtrl UlAlrmLd . . . . in Congestion The Switch of Forced RAB to FACH of the online I/B LdCtrl ForceRABtoFASwit . . Time Downlink Overload Upper LdCtrl DlOverLd . . NodeB(%) Switch of Required Rate Decreasing for Online LdCtrl RequiredRDSwit . . . in Congestion The Switch of Forced RAB Release for Online Users LdCtrl ForcedRABRelSwit . Maximum Number of Downlink Forced Drop LdCtrl DlMaxDrpUrNum . . . .

MBMS(dB) . Maximum Number of Degraded Uplink Load LdCtrl UlDnMaxStg . Steps Every Time Uplink Switch for Shielding LdCtrl UlDropSw .25. Every Time Maximum Number of Uplink Forced Handover LdCtrl UlMaxForHoNum . Updated Interval(100ms) B Traffic Frequency Mbms BFreqConvSwch . . Upper Limit(dB) Service (MBMS) Access Info in the Radio Period Access Access Information Period Mbms AccInfoPrdCoeff coefficient Network" Coefficient for MBMS Access Probability Factor Mbms ApfUptInterval .331: counting “RRC Protocol Counting Scope for Mbms CellfachCount scope Specification” Cell_FACH Connected mode TS 25. Switch Connected mode TS 25. . . Converge Switch B Traffic on PTP or PTM Mbms BonPTP . .331: counting “RRC Protocol Counting Scope for Mbms CellpchCount scope Specification” Cell_PCH Detection Period for Mbms DesynDetPrd . . TS . Dropping MBMS Services Maximum Value of the Maximum FACH Power in Load Control for Mbms MaxMFPLc . Desychronization(hours) Downlink Switch for Mbms DlMbmsDropSw . Target Adjustment(dB) Maximum Number of Uplink Forced Drop Users LdCtrl UlMaxDrpUrNum . .331: Users Every Time “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25. .346: Uplink Overload Upper LdCtrl UlOverLd . . Forced Drop Uplink Switch for Shielding LdCtrl UlForceHandoffSw . Multicast . - "Introduction of Limit(dB) the Multimedia Broadcast Uplink Serious Overload LdCtrl UlSeriousOverLd . Forced Handover Uplink High Load Threshold for R99 CS AMR Services BLER LdCtrl UlHighLd . . . .

. MBMS(dB) Maximum FACH Power Increasing Step Size for Mbms MFPIncStep . Selective Combining(dB) SCCPCH Power Offset for Mbms PwrForSoftCom . Bearer Multiplex Switch Number of MBMS SCCPCH of Load Control Decreasing Rate Every Mbms MbmsLcNum . Offset(ms) TS 25. Time The Minimum Rate Threshold of the SCCPCH Mbms MbmsMinRate . of Cell(min) UE Number Threshold for Mbms PThreUENum . UEs(minutes) Period of Examining MBMS Combining Status Mbms PrdIsdStat . R99+MBMS Cell(%) Service (MBMS) Repetition in the Radio Period Access Repetition Period Mbms RepPrdCoeff coefficient Network" Coefficient for MBMS . . . . Multicast .346: MBMS Load Hysteresis for Mbms R6MbmsLoadHy . Setup for MBMS(kbps) MCCH out of Sequence Mbms McchOSDSwth . . .331: Soft Combining(dB) “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25.331: Scheduling “RRC Protocol Mbms MschSchPrd period Specification” MSCH Scheduling Period Mbms MschSptSwitch . - "Introduction of R6+MBMS Cell(%) the Multimedia Broadcast MBMS Load Hysteresis for Mbms R99MbmsLoadHy . . . . PTP and PTM Switch SCCPCH Power Offset for Mbms PwrForSelCom . MBMS Iub Transport Mbms MbmsIubMultSwch . .25. . . MSCH Supported Switch Timer to Recount the Number of MBMS Mbms NumRecntTimer . TS . SDU Delivery Switch Maximum FACH Power Decreasing Step Size for Mbms MFPDecStep . MBMS(dB) Step for MBMS Scheduling Mbms MschOffStep .

331: counting “RRC Protocol Counting Scope for Mbms UrapchCount scope Specification” URA_PCH TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iur “RRC Protocol interface MbmsSa MCC MCC Specification” RNSAP Mobile Country Code signalling” TS 25. MBMS Service Area Code TS 25.423: TS 25.331: Protocol MbmsSa MNC MNC “RRC Protocol Specification” Mobile Network Code Specification” TS 25. .401: “UTRAN Overall Mich CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell ID TS 25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP MICH Common Physical Mich CPCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID .331: CONNECTION SETUP “RRC Protocol Message When MBMS is Mbms T318 T318 Specification” Used(T318) Threshold for Cell in Half- Mbms ThreshForHalfIsd . Status Connected mode TS 25.331: TS “RRC25. . Converge Switch S Traffic on PTP or PTM Mbms SonPTP . . island Status Threshold for Cell in Island Mbms ThreshForIsd . Switch Waiting Time for RRC TS 25. Frequency Band Indicator MBMS Preferred Layer Indicator for Frequencies MbmsSa FreqPLInd . the MBMS Service Area DUARFCN of the Cells in MbmsSa DUARFCN . . MBMS SAC Cell Identity of the Cells in MbmsSa Cid .331: Window size “RRC Protocol Mbms WinSizeOSD OSD Specification” Window Size OSD Cell Number of a Frequency Layer in a MbmsSa CellNum . . the MBMS Service Area MbmsSa FreqBandInd . in SAC MbmsSa MbmsSac . . . . . . S Traffic Frequency Mbms SFreqConvSwch .

Specification” FDD DL TS 25.433: MICH Power TS 25.433: Mich SccpchCPCId Channel ID Specification” Signalling” “UTRAN Iub Physical Channel ID STTD TS 25.433: TS Channelisati 25.331: “UTRAN Iub on Code “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP MICH Channelisation Mich MichChCode Number Specification” Signalling” Code No.433: indicator.331: “UTRAN Iub Physical “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP S-CCPCH Common TS 25. TS 25.423: signalling" Power Balance "UTRAN Iur Power interface Adjustment RNSAP Adjustment Type for DL NodeB AdjType Type signalling" Power Balance NodeB Resource Audit NodeB AuditTimer .331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol offset.433: Adjustment Period for DL NodeB AdjPeriod Period TS 25. . Interface “UTRAN Iub NBAP STTD Signalling” Interface NBAP TS TS 25.423: signalling" Power Balance(frames) “UTRAN "UTRAN IubIur Interface interface NBAP Adjustment Signalling” RNSAP Adjustment Ratio for DL NodeB AdjRatio Ratio TS 25.25.433: Co-NodeB HS-PDSCH NodeB HsSharMethod . . MICH Interface NBAP Mich MichPwr Power Specification” Signalling” MICH Power(dB) TS 25. TS . TS 25.433: Number of NI “UTRAN Iub per frame.423: Period(s) "UTRAN Iur Max interface Adjustment RNSAP Max Adjustment Step for NodeB MaxAdjStep Step signalling" DL Power Balance(slots) MCC4RANSHARI NodeB NG . Interface NBAP Mich NiNumPerFrame MICH Mode Signalling” Number of NI per Frame TS 25.331: Channelisati “RRC Protocol on code.433: Common TS 25. Update Threshold(dB) TS 25.433: 25. be used by the PLMN . MCC for RAN Sharing Minimal percent of CE can NodeB MINCEPERCENT .433: “UTRAN Iub Diversity Interface NBAP NodeB DivContrlField Control Field Signalling” Diversity Control Field DL Reference Power NodeB DlRefPowUpdtTh .423: Mich SttdInd Indicator Signalling” “UTRAN Iub MICH STTD Indicator "UTRAN Iur Interface interface NBAP Adjustment Signalling” RNSAP TS 25. Timer(100ms) TS 25. - “UTRAN Iub Code Sharing Method Interface NBAP Co-NodeB HS-PDSCH Signalling” Code Sharing Update NodeB HsSharUptPrd . . .

PICH Interface NBAP Pc PichPwr Power Signalling” PICH Power(dB) Power Offset for Downlink DPCH Initial Power Calculation when RAB PC PORabHardHO . TS .401: “UTRAN Overall Pc CId Cell Identifier Description TS 25. Adjustment Ability Indicator NodeB TimeDelay . Hard Handover(dB) .433: AICH Power signalling” “UTRAN Iub offset. Time Interval Frequency between two Intelligently Downgrade of P-CPICH TS 25.433: PICH Power “UTRAN Iub offset. Specification” . . Transport Time Delay TS TS 25. . Specification” -RNSAP Jitter(ms) TS 25. . Sharing Coding Type for SIB of Iub NodeB SibIubCodeInd . . Intelligently(100ms) TS 25. NodeB No. Detection Indicator Support RL Timing NodeB TimAdjAbi .331: Power Used to Close “RRC Protocol Frequency Pc PcpiPwrDnTmWin . MNC4RANSHARI NodeB NG .331: “ Cell Identity Shield Period for “RRC Protocol Increasing SIR Target in Specification” Threshold Pc CoverPrd . Frequency Intelligently(dB) Times of Downgrade of P- CPICH Power with Equal Step Used to Close Pc PcpiPwrDnStepTm . Number of PLMN for RAN NodeB PLMNNUM . MNC for RAN Sharing NodeB NodebNo . .331: “UTRAN Iur “RRC Protocol interface Transport Time Delay NodeB TimeDelayJitter . RNSAP DPCH PC Preamble Pc DpcchPcpLen PC Preamble signalling" Length(Frames) P-CPICH Power Down Step Size Used to Close Pc PcpiPwrDnStep . AICH TS 25.423: Algorithm(Frames) "UTRAN Iur PC interface preamble.25.423: 25.331: Interface NBAP Pc AichPwr Power “RRC Protocol Signalling” AICH Power(dB) Specification” TS 25. . . Interface Support R5/R6Congestion NodeB SuptCgtDetInd . . . .

433: indicator. . .331: Interface NBAP Time of Arrival Window Pch ToAWS ToAWS “RRC Protocol Signalling” Startpoint(ms) Specification” TS 25.433: signalling” “UTRAN Iub TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface Time of Arrival Window Pch ToAWE .433: 25. Power Offset for Downlink DPCH Initial Power Calculation when RAB Re- PC POReEstablish . .25. TFS Index TS 25. Protocol Back Threshold(dB) Specification” TS 25. .401: “UTRAN Overall Pccpch CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell ID TS 25. signalling” “UTRAN Iub STTD TS 25. Setup(dB) Power Offset for Downlink DPCH Initial Power Calculation when Soft or PC POSoftHO . interface RNSAP Pc SrbDelay SRB Delay signalling" RNSAP SRB Delay(Frames) signalling” TS 25.331: Interface NBAP Pccpch SttdInd Indicator “RRC Protocol Signalling” PCCPCH STTD Indicator Specification” TS 25. .433: Common “UTRAN Iub Transport Interface NBAP PCH Common Transport Pch CTCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP Pch PchPwr PCH Power Signalling” PCH Power(dB) TS 25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP SCCPCH Common Pch SccpchCPCId Channel ID Signalling” Physical Channel ID Pch TfsIndex . - RNSAP Endpoint(ms) TS 25.423: Hard Handover(dB) "UTRAN TS 25.423: Common TS 25. “RRC . Establishment(dB) Power Offset for Downlink DPCH Initial Power Calculation when Call PC POSetup .401: “UTRAN Overall Pch CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity TS 25.331: Uplink Interference Write Pc UlInterUpdtTh .401: “UTRAN Overall Pcpich CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell ID .331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Iur Protocol Physical Interface interface NBAP P-CCPCH Common Pccpch CPCId Channel ID Specification” Signalling” Physical Channel ID TX Diversity RNSAP TS 25.423:Iur interface “UTRAN Iur SRB delay.25.331: TS Softer Handover(dB) Power Offset for Downlink “RRC Protocol DPCH Initial Power Specification” Calculation when SRB TS PC POSrbHardHO .

.331: Interface NBAP PICH Channelisation Code “RRC Protocol Pich ChCode Number Signalling” No. TS 25.331: “UTRAN Protocol Iub Physical “RRC Protocol Specification” Interface NBAP PICH Common Physical Pich CPCId Channel ID Specification”. .211: 25. .331: interface CPICH “RRC RNSAP Protocol Pcpich PcpichPwr TX Diversity Power Specification” signalling" P-CPICH Power(dBm) Indicator. .331: “ TS 25. -RNSAP Call Holding Procedure signalling” TS 25.331: Service Balance Switch of plBal CallHoldSBSw .433: Signalling” Channel ID TS 25.433: Cell ID TS Common TS “RRC 25. Assignment Procedure Service of CS Handover CsHo4MulRabSwc for CS+PS in Multi-Carrier PlBal h . TS 25.401: “UTRAN Overall Pich CId Cell Identifier Description 25. Protocol Call Holding Procedure Specification” TS 25. channels onto STTD physical Pich SttdInd Indicator channels (FDD)” PICH STTD Indicator TS 25. .433: Common “Physical “UTRAN Iub PCH Common Transport Transport channels and Interface NBAP Channel ID Associated Pich PchCTCId Channel ID mapping Signalling”of with PICH STTD transport indicator. Indicator Specification” Signalling” Indicator FDD DL RNSAP TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Number of PI “UTRAN Interface Iub NBAP per frame. Scenario UTRAN Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal DlCdThdCs .433: CPICH Tx “UTRAN TS 25. Specification” TS 25. (Code) for R99 PS(%) .433: Channelisati signalling” “UTRAN Iub on Code TS 25. Interface Signalling”NBAP Number of Paging Pich Np PICH Mode Signalling” TS Indicators per PICH Frame TS 25.433: Iub Power.331: “RRC Protocol Specification” Primary TS 25.433: Transmit TS 25. “RRC . "UTRAN Iur Primary TS 25. (Code) for CS(%) UTRAN Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal DlCdThdHsd . (Code) for HSDPA(%) UTRAN Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal DlCdThdR99Ps . TS 25. Common Interface “UTRAN Iub NBAP Primary Physical Signalling” Interface NBAP P-CPICH Common Pcpich CPCId CPICH Channel ID TS 25.401: “UTRAN Overall PlBal CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity CS Balance Switch of RAB plBal CsBalSwch .423: “UTRAN Iur interface Load Balance Switch of plBal CallHoldLBSw .423: Signalling” Physical Channel ID power.423: 25.331: Iub Channelisati “UTRAN “RRC Iur Protocol Diversity Interface interface NBAP P-CPICH Tx Diversity Pcpich TxDivInd on code.

HSDPA Throughput DLLDBALHSWEIG Weight for Load plBal HT . . . . Downlink Power Downlink Power Weight for plBal DlLdBalPwrWeight . Permitted Balance(dB) Payload Difference Downlink Available Load Threshold in Inter-frequency Cells plBal ExtraCDeltaCdTrd . Balance(dB) Cpich RSCP Threshold for DULCARBALRSC Dual Carrier HSDPA plBal PTHD . (Interference)(%) HOLDHSPAPLUB HSPA+ Balance Switch of plBal ALSW . (Power) for CS(%) Inter-RAT Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold (Power) for PlBal DlPwrThdCs4G . (Power) for R99 PS(%) Cpich EcNo Threshold for DULCARBALECN Dual Carrier HSDPA plBal OTHD . UTRAN Downlink Load Balance(%) Available Load Balance Threshold (HSDPA Throughput) for PlBal DlLdHsThdHsd . (Power) for HSDPA(%) UTRAN Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal DlPwrThdR99Ps . Permitted (Code)(%)Payload Difference Downlink Available Load Threshold EXTRACDELTAHS in Inter-frequency Cells plBal TRD . . . . . Permitted (Power)(%)Payload Difference Uplink Available Load Threshold in Inter- frequency Cells plBal ExtraCDeltaTru . Balance(%) Load Balance Switch for plBal DlLdBalPwrSwch . . Permitted Payload (HSDPA Throughout)(%) Difference Downlink Available Load Threshold in Inter-frequency Cells plBal ExtraCDeltaTrd . . . CS(%) UTRAN Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal DlPwrThdHsd . Call Holding Procedure HSPAPLUBALCAP plBal PRI . . . . . HSDPA(%) UTRAN Downlink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal DlPwrThdCs . HSPA+ Capability Indicator . . . . HSPA+ Balance Priority HSPAPLUSCAPIN plBal D .

PS(%) TS 25. Procedure Dual Carrier Balance RRCDUALCARRS Switch of Initial RRC plBal W . Initial RRC Procedure Service Balance Switch of plBal InitRrcSBSw . . . . HSUPA(%) UTRAN Uplink Available Load Balance Threshold (Interference) for R99 PlBal UlLdThdR99Ps . Load Balance Switch of plBal InitRrcLBSw . Initial RRC Procedure Load Balance Switch for plBal LdBalCdSwch . HSDPA Throughput Load Balance Switch of RAB Assignment plBal RabAssLBSw . Procedure HSPA+ Balance Switch of RABHSPAPLUBAL RAB Assignment plBal SW . . for Load Balance(%) UTRAN Uplink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal UlLdThdCs . Balance(%) Load Balance Switch for plBal LDBALHSSWCH . . . . . . . .331: signature “RRC Protocol Available Signature End Prach AsigEndIdx End Index Specification” Index . Procedure Load Balance Switch for plBal UlLdBalPwrSwch . Code Code Weight for Load plBal LdBalCdWeight . (Interference) for CS(%) UTRAN Uplink Available Load Balance Threshold (Interference) for PlBal UlLdThdHse4U . . .331: AC-to-ASC “RRC Protocol Prach AC2ASCMap mapping Specification” AC-to-ASC Mapping Available TS 25. . Uplink Interference Uplink Interference Weight plBal UlLdBalPwrWeight . . (Interference) for CS(%) UTRAN Uplink Available Load Balance Threshold PlBal UlLdThdCs4G . Procedure Service Balance Switch of RAB Assignment plBal RabAssSBSw .

331: Constant “RRC Protocol PRACH Initiation Tx Power Prach ConstVal value Specification” Constant Value(dB) TS 25.331: persistence “RRC Protocol Initial Dynamic Persistence Prach DynPstLevelInit level Specification” Level TS 25.401: “UTRAN Overall Prach CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell ID TS 25.321: Specification” Power of RACH(dBm) TS 25.331: Maximum Number of Preamble “RRC Protocol Preamble Being Prach MaxPreamRetrans Retrans Max Specification” TS 25.433: RACH Sub signalling” “UTRAN Iub Channel TS 25.331: Power Ramp “RRC Protocol PRACH Preamble Power Prach PRStep Step Specification” Ramp Step(dB) . Available TS 25.331: Transmitted Maximum “RRC Protocol TS 25. TS 25.321: specification" Random Back-off "Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol Sets Lower Bound for Prach NB01min NB01min specification" Random Back-off Preamble TS TS 25. TS TS 25.331: 25.331: scrambling “RRC “RRC Protocol Protocol Permitted Maximum Prach PermitMaxASC code .331: "Medium Access “RRC ControlProtocol (MAC) Preamble Specification” protocol Maximum Number of Prach Mmax Retrans Max TS 25.321: specification" TS 25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP PRACH Common Physical Prach CPCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID Dynamic TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Preamble Interface NBAP Detected Preamble Prach PreamThs Threshold Signalling” Threshold(dB) TS 25.433: Scrambling “UTRAN Iub Code Interface NBAP PRACH Preamble Prach PreamScraCode Number Signalling” Scrambling Code TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iur Available “RRC “RRC Protocol Protocol Sub Channel interface Prach AvailableSF Available SF Specification” Specification” RNSAP PRACH Available SF Number.331: signature “RRC Protocol Available Signature Begin Prach AsigStIdx Start Index Specification” Index Assigned TS 25.331: Interface NBAP PRACH Available “RRC Protocol Prach AvailSubChanNum Numbers Signalling” Subchannel Number Specification” TS 25.331: Sub-Channel “RRC Protocol Prach AsubChNum Number Specification” Assigned Subchannel No. Specification” Specification” Access Service Class number.423: TS 25.331: Specification” allowed UL “RRC Protocol Maximum Allowed UL TX Prach MaxRACHTxPwr TX power TS 25.331: Preamble Ramping Cycles "Medium Access “RRC ControlProtocol (MAC) Specification” protocol Sets Upper Bound for Prach NB01max NB01max TS 25. TS 25.331: 25.

331: Band “RRC Protocol PriSel GsmBandIndicator indicator Specification” Gsm Band Indicator .331: Reselection Threshold for TS “RRC25.331: “RRC “RRC Protocol Protocol Persistence Scaling Factor Prach PsfNum .low Specification” in Priority in EUTRAN(dB) Idle Mode” TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Inter-RAT Layers of Low PriSel Procedures GeranLowThresh Threshx.high Specification”in Priority in GERAN(dB) Idle Mode” TS 25.331: scaling “RRC Protocol Prach PSF factors Specification” Persistence Scaling Factor TS TS 25.401: “UTRAN Overall PriSel CID Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity TS 25.331: 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface Prach TfcsIndex . “UTRAN Iub Preamble Interface NBAP Prach Signature Signatures Signalling” Available Signature TS 25.331: TS “RRC25.304: “UE Protocol Inter-RAT Layers of Low PriSel Procedures EutranLowThresh Threshx.331: Downlink EUTRAN TS “RRC25.331: TS “RRC25.331: “RRC “RRC Protocol Protocol Broadcast in either SIB5 or Specification” Prach Sib5OrSib6 .433: Signature .low Specification” in Priority in GERAN(dB) Idle Mode” TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Absolute Priority of Inter- PriSel GeranPriority priority Specification” RAT Layers in GERAN TS 25.331: Reselection Threshold for TS “RRC25.331: Measuremen TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Number of EUTRAN PriSel EutranInterFNum . “UTRAN Iub Puncture Interface NBAP Prach PunctLimit Limit Signalling” Puncturing Limit(%) TS TS 25.331: 25.331: Reselection Threshold for TS “RRC25. Specification” Specification” Number Puncturing TS 25. Specification” SIB6 Available TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Absolute Radio Frequency PriSel DlEARFCN EARFCN Procedures in Specification” Channel Number Idle Mode” TS 25.331: Reselection Threshold for TS “RRC25.304: “UE Protocol Absolute Priority of Inter- PriSel EutranPriority priority Procedures in Specification” RAT Layers in EUTRAN Idle Mode” TS 25. - RNSAP TFCS Index signalling” TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol EUTRAN Allowed PriSel AllowMeasBand “RRC Protocol t Bandwidth Specification” Measurement Bandwidth Specification” TS 25. Persistence TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Inter-RAT Layers of High PriSel Procedures GeranHighThresh Threshx.high Specification” Priority in EUTRAN(dB) Idle Mode” TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Inter-RAT Layers of High PriSel Procedures in EutranHighThresh Threshx.433: Limit. Procedures in Specification” Centre Frequencies Idle Mode” TS 25.

304: “UE Protocol Priority Reselection PriSel GLOW g.304: “UE Procedures in Idle Mode” TS 25.331: Starting TS “RRC25.423 Specification” Low Priority in UTRAN(dB) Idle TS Mode” 25.331: Inter-Frequency Layers of TS “RRC25.331: GsmCellGroupNu TS “RRC25.401: UTRAN Absolute Radio TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Qqualmin of UTRAN for PriSel QqualminFDD D Procedures in Specification” Cell Reselection(dB) Idle Mode” TS 25.331: “UTRAN Overall Frequency Channel PriSel UtranUARFCN UARFCN “RRC Protocol Description “ Number Specification” TS 25.331: Absolute Priority of TS “RRC25.331: Threshold for Absolute TS 25.high Specification” in UTRAN(dB) Idle Mode” TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Number of GSM PriSel m .331: QrxlevminEU TS “RRC25.423: TS TS 25.331: Threshold for Absolute Sprioritysear “RRC Protocol Priority Reselection PriSel SPrioritySearch2 ch2 Specification” Criteria(dB) TS 25.304: “UE Protocol High Priority in PriSel Procedures UtranHighThresh Threshx.304: “UE Protocol Qrxlevmin of GSM for Cell PriSel QrxlevminGSM M Procedures in Specification” Reselection(dBm) Idle Mode” TS 25.331: QrxlevminGS TS “RRC25.433: 25.304: “UE Protocol Serving Cell for Cell PriSel ServCelPriority priority Procedures in Specification” CPICH RSCP Reselection Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Reselection Threshold for TS “RRC25.304: “UE Sprioritysear “RRC Protocol Priority Reselection PriSel SPrioritySearch1 ch1 Procedures in Specification” CPICH EcN0 Criteria(dB) Idle Mode” Measurement Trigger TS 25.331: Absolute Priority of Inter- “UTRAN “UTRAN Iur Iub “RRC Protocol interface Frequency Layers in PriSel UTRANPRIORITY priority Interface NBAP Specification” UTRAN RNSAP Signalling”. Procedures Specification”in Frequencies Idle25.331: QqualminFD TS “RRC25.304: “UE Protocol PriSel StartARFCN ARFCN Procedures Specification”in GSM Starting ARFCN Idle Mode” Serving Cell Reselection TS 25.331: Threshold for Absolute THRESHSERVIN Threshservin TS “RRC25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP Primary SCH Common Psch CPCId Channel ID Signalling” Physical Channel ID .304: “UE Protocol Inter-Frequency Layers of Specification” Procedures in PriSel UtranLowThresh Threshx.304: “UE Protocol Qrxlevmin of EUTRAN for PriSel QrxlevminEUTRA TRA Procedures in Specification” Cell Reselection(dBm) Idle Mode” TS 25.331: TS Mode” TS 25.304: “UE Protocol Qrxlevmin of UTRAN for Procedures in PriSel QrxlevminFDD D Specification” Cell Reselection(dBm) Idle Mode” TS 25. TS 25.331: QrxlevminFD TS “RRC25.low Procedures Specification”in Criteria(dB) Idle Mode” Reselection Threshold for TS 25.low TS25.331: TS “RRC25.304: “UE Protocol Number of UTRAN Centre PriSel UtranInterFNum . signalling” TS 25. Procedures in Specification” Frequency Groups Idle Mode” TS 25.401: “UTRAN Overall Psch CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell ID TS 25.

THP Segment Number QosSeg THPThresh . Level . . . . . Number Basic Priority Segment QosSeg BPThresh . . . . Level Downlink Rate Adjustment QosSeg DlRateAdjLevNum . Threshold DCH Downlink Nominal Bit QosSeg DlNormBitRate . .433: “UTRAN Iub Primary SCH Interface NBAP Psch PschPwr Power Signalling” Primary SCH Power(dB) TS 25. . . Level Number E-DCH Uplink Nominal Bit QosSeg EdchNormBitRate . Rate HS-DSCH Downlink QosSeg HsNormBitRate . ARP Segment Number QosSeg ARPThresh . Priority QosSeg THPSegNum . TS 25. . . THP Segment Threshold DCH Uplink Nominal Bit QosSeg UlNormBitRate . . ARP Segment Threshold Basic Priority Segment QosSeg BPSegNum . Rate(kbps) Uplink Rate Adjustment QosSeg UlRateAdjLev . Nominal Bit Rate Power Offset of the Maximum Downlink DPCH Showing Different Basic QosSeg MaxDlDpchPO . Rate(kbps) Downlink Rate Adjustment QosSeg DlRateAdjLev .433: “UTRAN Iub TSTD Interface NBAP Psch TstdInd Indicator Signalling” SCH TSTD Indicator QosSeg ARPSegNum . . Priority Power Offset of the Maximum Uplink DPCH Showing Different Basic QosSeg MaxUlDpchPO . .

331: Inter-RAT “RRC Protocol Rat EventId event identity Specification” Inter-RAT Event Identity Inter-RAT Measurement Rat EventNum .433: Common “UTRAN Iub Transport Interface NBAP RACH Common Transport Rach CTCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID TS 25. . . Event Number TS 25.331: Uplink Rate Adjustment QosSeg UlRateAdjLevNum . Protocol Level Number Specification” TS 25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP PRACH Common Physical Rach PrachCPCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID Rach TfsIndex . Parameters Measuremen t Report TS 25.331: Filter “RRC Protocol Rat FilterCoeff coefficient Specification” UTRAN Filter Coefficient GSM Carrier RSSI TS 25.331: verification “RRC Protocol GSM BSIC Verification Rat BSICVeriReq required Specification” Required Indicator TS 25.401: “UTRAN Overall Rach CId Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity TS 25.331: Filter “RRC Protocol Rat GsmFilterCoeff coefficient Specification” GSM Filter Coefficient TS 25. .331: Measuremen “RRC Protocol UTRAN Measurement Rat OwnMeasQuantity t quantity Specification” Quantity TS 25. “RRC .331: Transfer “RRC Protocol Measurement Reporting Rat MeasRptTrMod Mode Specification” Mode TS 25. TFS Index BSIC TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP signalling” TS 25.331: Reporting “RRC Protocol GSM Carrier RSSI Rat GsmCarrRSSIInd indicator Specification” Reporting Indicator TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Rat Hysteresis Hysteresis Specification” Hysteresis(dB) Inter-RAT Measurement Rat InterRatCfgNo . . TS 25. Configuration Index Function of Configuration Rat InterRatCfgNote .331: Amount of “RRC Protocol Amount of Reporting in Rat PrdRptAmount reporting Specification” Period Report Criteria .

331: Absolute Threshold of the Threshold “RRC Protocol Quality of UTRAN Cell for Rat Thresh own system Specification” 3A TS 25. . . . Scrambling Code Starting No. TS 25. of RCP rcpSc RcpScrEndId .331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Reporting Interval in Rat PrdRptInterval Periodical interval Specification” Period Report Criteria Reporting / Event Trigger TS 25.331: Absolute Threshold of the Threshold “RRC Protocol Quality of Other RAT for Rat ThreshSys other system Specification” 3A/3B/3C TS 25. . Support Indicator Ephemeris in Assistant rncBRnc AlmInAssistInd .331: estimated “RRC Protocol UTRAN Quality Estimation Rat UtranEstQual quality Specification” Reporting Indicator TS 25. . Handover Switch AMR Inter Rat Handover rncBRnc AmrRatHoSwch .331: Time to “RRC Protocol Rat TrigTime trigger Specification” Time To Trigger UTRAN TS 25. Data Indicator AMR Inter Frequency rncBRnc AmrIfHoSwch . . . . Assistant Data Indicator Handover Based on IMSI rncBRnc BasedImsiHoInd . . RCP Module Number Ending No.331: “RRC Protocol Weight of the UTRAN Rat W W Specification” System for 3A rcpSc MbmsRcpInd . Scrambling Code HSDPA HS-DPCCH ACK/NACK enhancement rncBRnc AckNackEncInd . MBMS RCP Indicator rcpSc Module .331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Rat RptCrt Mode Specification” Report Criteria TS 25. . Support Indicator . Switch rncBRnc AssistDataInd . of RCP rcpSc RcpScrStartId .

Indicator Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA1 . Switch Fast Reconfiguraton rncBRnc FastRecfgSptInd . . Parameter 10 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA11 . Info(s) CS64RBMODESW rncBRnc CH . . Support Indication DCREDIRECTSTA Dual Carrier Redirection rncBRnc SW . . . Strategy Switch Inter-System DTM Support rncBRnc DtmSuppInd . Switch Duration of Valid Cell Load rncBRnc CellLdInfoVldTim . Support Indication Four E-DPDCHs Allowed rncBRnc FourEChAllowed . Parameter 12 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA13 . . Switch MBMS Enhanced Broadcast Mode Support rncBRnc EBroadcastSupInd . . Indicator Dynamic Update PO2 rncBRnc DynaUpdtPO2Stch . . Parameter 11 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA12 . Parameter 13 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA14 . CS 64K RB Mode Switch Dual-Cell HS-DSCH rncBRnc DcHsdschSptInd . . . Parameter 1 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA10 . Parameter 14 . . . . . . . . R99 CS AMR Services BLER Target Adjustment rncBRnc BlerAdjustSwitch . Indicator Emergency Call Redirect rncBRnc EmgCallRdtSwitch . .

. . Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA15 . Parameter 18 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA19 . . Parameter 7 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA8 . Parameter 3 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA4 . Switch HSUPA Inter Frequency rncBRnc HsupaIfHoSwch . . . Parameter 20 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA3 . . Parameter 17 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA18 . . . Parameter 15 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA16 . . . Parameter 19 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA2 . Parameter 16 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA17 . Parameter 9 HSDPA Inter Frequency rncBRnc HsdpaIfHoSwch . . Handover Switch . . . Parameter 6 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA7 . Parameter 2 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA20 . Parameter 8 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA9 . Parameter 5 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA6 . . Handover Switch HSDPA Inter Rat Handover rncBRnc HsdpaRatHoSwch . . . Parameter 4 Golbal Reserved rncBRnc GRESPARA5 . .

. Intra-RAT IuUP Version IU Uplink in Sequence rncBRnc IuUlInSeqDlvInd . . Switch rncBRnc INTERRATUPVER . . . . . 16k MBMS Service MBMSRATESWIT rncBRnc CH256 . for VoIP Support Indicator . HSUPA Inter Rat Handover rncBRnc HsupaRatHoSwch . Inter-RAT IuUP Version rncBRnc INTRARATUPVER . 8k MBMS Service MBMS Multicast Mode rncBRnc MulticastSupInd . . . . Support Indicator rncBRnc NaccSuppInd . LCS Support Method Loading based InterSys rncBRnc LdBsdIntSysHOInd . Delivery Indicator rncBRnc LCSMethod . NACC Support Indicator Neighbouring Cell Monitoring Support rncBRnc NbrCellMonSupInd . Indicator PS Conversational RAB rncBRnc PsConvTraSup . 64k MBMS Service MBMSRATESWIT rncBRnc CH8 . 32k MBMS Service MBMSRATESWIT rncBRnc CH64 . 128k MBMS Service MBMSRATESWIT rncBRnc CH16 . . 256k MBMS Service MBMSRATESWIT rncBRnc CH32 . . HO Support Indicator MBMS over Iur Support rncBRnc MbmsIurSupInd . . Indicator MBMSRATESWIT rncBRnc CH128 . . . . . .

433: “RRC Protocol interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr UE DPCCH RNSAP Interface TS 25. .423: signalling” x CqiDtxTimer Timer TS 25.423: signalling” x DrxCycInactTrd cycle Signalling” “UTRAN Iur DRX Cycle(subframe) TS 25. . PS Inter-System Handover rncBRnc PsInterSysHoSupp . Handover Switch Wait Time for RADIO Service-Based Handover rncBRnc ServBasedHoInd . TS . Support Indicator R99 NRT Inter Frequency rncBRnc R99NrtIfHoSwch . Indicator PS Signalling RAB for IMS rncBRnc PsSigForImsInd . . BEARER Support Indicator RECONFIGURATION COMPLETE when TRBRECFGCMPD CELL_DCH to rncBRnc TOF .433:Iur “RRC Protocol interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr CQI DTX RNSAP Interface NBAP TS 25. .433: “RRC Protocol Threshold for interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr UE DRX RNSAP Interface NBAP Inactivity Threshold for UE TS 25.423:NBAP UE DPCCH x DpcchBurst1 burst_1 signalling” TS 25. Handover Switch R99 RT Inter Rat rncBRnc R99RtRatHoSwch .433: UE DRX “UTRAN Iub RNCDtxDr Grant Interface NBAP x DrxGrantMon Monitoring Signalling” UE DRX Grant Monitoring . TS 25. .331: CELL_FACH(s) “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25. signalling” -TS 25.423:NBAP UE DPCCH x DpcchBurst2 burst_2 signalling” TS 25. Handover Switch R99 NRT Inter Rat rncBRnc R99NrtRatHoSwch . Support Indicator MBMS PTP over HSDPA rncBRnc PTPoverHS .25.433: interface “UTRAN Iub RNCDtxDr UE DRX RNSAP Interface NBAP x DrxCycle cycle signalling” Signalling” UE DRX Cycle(subframe) TS 25.331: Signalling” Burst_2(subframe) Inactivity “UTRAN TS Iur 25. Handover Switch R99 RT Inter Frequency rncBRnc R99RtIfHoSwch . .331: Signalling” CQI DTX Timer(subframe) “UTRAN TS 25.331: -“UTRAN Iur UL 16QAM Switch “RRC Protocol interface Specification” RNSAP TS 25. .433:Iur “RRC Protocol interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr UE DPCCH RNSAP Interface TS 25. .423: WB-AMR Speech Support rncBRnc WAmrSupInd .423: rncBRnc Ul16QamSwi .331: Signalling” Burst_1(subframe) “UTRAN TS Iur 25.331: Indicator “UTRAN TS 25.

. AMR_NB 4.423:NBAP DTX Cycle 2 for 10ms x DtxCyc2InactTrd10 cycle 2 signalling” TS 25.423: NBAP UE DTX Cycle 2 for 2ms x DtxCyc2Tti2 cycle 2 TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iur “RRC Protocol interface Specification” RNSAP TS 25.40k Use Tag .25.331: Signalling” “UTRAN Iur TTI(subframe) Inactivity TS “RRC25.433:Iur “RRC Protocol interface UE DTX long “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr preamble RNSAP Interface NBAP UE DTX Long Preamble TS 25. Specification” TS 25.331: Signalling” “UTRAN Iur Length(slot) Inactivity TS 25.423:NBAP Inactivity Threshold for UE x GrantMonInactTrd Monitoring signalling” TS 25.433: “RRC Protocol Threshold for interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNSAP RNCDtxDr UE Grant Interface TS 25. signalling” TS .423: signalling” x DtxLongPreLegth length TS 25. AMR_NB 5. . AMR_NB 5.423: signalling” x DtxCyc2InactTrd2 cycle 2 Signalling” “UTRAN Iur DTX Cycle 2 for 2ms TTIs TS 25.331: Signalling” TTIs Inactivity “UTRAN TS Iur 25. AMR_NB 7.423:NBAP MAC DTX Cycle for 10ms x MacDtxCycTti10 Cycle signalling” Signalling” TTI(subframe) “UTRAN TS 25. AMR_NB 6. .433:Iur interface “UTRAN Iub RNCDtxDr MAC DTX RNSAP Interface NBAP MAC DTX Cycle for 2ms x MacDtxCycTti2 Cycle signalling” Signalling” TTI(subframe) TS 25.423: TS 25.433:Iur “RRC Protocol interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNSAP RNCDtxDr MAC DTX Interface TS 25.433: “RRC Protocol interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr UE DTX RNSAP Interface NBAP UE DTX Cycle 1 for 2ms TS 25.423: signalling” TS 25.331: Signalling” “UTRAN Iur TTI(subframe) “RRC Protocol interface Specification” RNSAP RNCDtxDr TS 25.75k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrNbMode1UseT n ag .423: signalling” x DtxCyc1Tti2 cycle 1 TS 25.70k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrNbMode4UseT n ag .433: MAC “UTRAN Iub RNCDtxDr Inactivity Interface NBAP MAC Inactivity x MacInactThresh Threshold Signalling” Threshold(TTI) rncFunctio AmrNbMode0UseT n ag .433: Protocol Threshold for interface “UTRAN Iub Inactivity Threshold for UE Specification” RNSAP RNCDtxDr UE DTX Interface TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iur TS 25.331: Signalling” Grant Monitoring(TTI) “UTRAN TS 25.433: Protocol “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr UE DTX Interface TS 25.331: Signalling” TTI(subframe) “UTRAN TS Iur 25. .90k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrNbMode3UseT n ag .331: Configuration Index “UTRAN TS 25.433: “RRC Protocol interface Threshold for “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNCDtxDr UE DTX RNSAP Interface NBAP Inactivity Threshold for UE TS 25.433: “RRC Protocol interface “UTRAN Iub Specification” RNSAP RNCDtxDr UE DTX Interface TS 25.423:NBAP UE DTX Cycle 1 for 10ms x DtxCyc1Tti10 cycle 1 signalling” TS 25. .433: interface “UTRAN Iub RNCDtxDr UE DTX RNSAP Interface NBAP UE DTX Cycle 2 for 10ms x DtxCyc2Tti10 cycle 2 signalling” TS 25.15k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrNbMode2UseT n ag .331: Signalling” TTI(subframe) TS “RRC25.423: UE DTX/DRX x DtxDrxConfigIdx .

. Switch for RNC rncFunctio AMRSERVHOSTR Service Handover Strategy n A . AMR_WB 6. . .25k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode4Use n Tag . Threshold(%) . .85k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode7Use n Tag . .rncFunctio AmrNbMode5UseT n ag .85k Use Tag rncFunctio n CbsLicense . CBS License rncFunctio CDT-IMEI Acquisition n CdtImeiAcqSwitch .85k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode5Use n Tag . Switch rncFunctio CDT/MR Overload n CdtMrOvdThd . . .95k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrNbMode6UseT n ag . of RNC for AMR rncFunctio AmrWbMode0Use n Tag . AMR_WB 18. AMR_WB 14. . AMR_WB 8. AMR_WB 23.05k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode8Use n Tag . . AMR_NB 10. AMR_NB 7. AMR_WB 15.85k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode2Use n Tag . . AMR_WB 19. AMR_NB 12. .25k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode6Use n Tag . .2k Use Tag rncFunctio AMR Rate Adjustment n AmrRncAdjust . . .65k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode3Use n Tag .60k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrWbMode1Use n Tag . . . AMR_WB 12. AMR_WB 23.2k Use Tag rncFunctio AmrNbMode7UseT n ag . .

. CDT Function Switch Ciphering TS 25.331: rncFunctio Range “RRC Protocol n GsmLRange (UARFCN) Specification” GSM Lower Range GSM Upper TS 25.413: CELL_FACH(Kbps) “UTRAN Iu Interface rncFunctio Encryption RANAP n EncryAlg Algorithm Signalling” Encryption Algorithm TS 25. Configuration Strategy rncFunctio CS64SERVHOST Service Handover Strategy n RA . .331: rncFunctio Serial “RRC Protocol DES Ciphering Serial n CiphSerNum Number Specification” Number rncFunctio COMPMDCFGST Compressed Mode n RA . .331: TS Timer(s) “RRC Protocol Type of Transport Channel rncFunctio Integrity Specification” for Initial RRC Connection n InitRrcOnDch protection .331: rncFunctio maxNumFD “RRC Protocol Number of FDD UMTS n FDDFreqRngNum DFreqs Specification” Frequency Range maxNumGS TS 25.rncFunctio n CdtSwitch .25. .331: rncFunctio cycle length “RRC Protocol UTRAN DRX Cycle Length n KUtran coefficient Specification” Coefficient TS 25.331: rncFunctio UARFCN “RRC Protocol n Luarfcn (Nlow) Specification” UARFCN (Nlow) . of RNC for CS64 TS 25. TS . . “UTRAN Iu Integrity Interface rncFunctio Protection RANAP Integrity Protection n IntegrityAlg Algorithm Signalling” Algorithm UTRAN DRX TS 25.413: Setup algorithm.331: rncFunctio MFreqRange “RRC Protocol n GsmBARangeNum s Specification” Number of GSM BA Range GSM Lower TS 25.25.331: rncFunctio Range “RRC Protocol n GsmURange (UARFCN) Specification” GSM Upper Range rncFunctio HoToGsmPenTime Handover to GSM Penalty n r . TS . kbps) Transport Band Width for rncFunctio EFACHBANDWID Downlink Enhanced n TH .331: rncFunctio Ciphering “RRC Protocol n DesCiphKeyFlag Key Flag Specification” Lower Limit of GBR DES Ciphering for Key Flag Downlink Services Used for QoS rncFunctio Negotiation/Renegotiation( n DlLowLimNegGBR .25.

Maximum Number of Type Switch Retransmissions of the TS 25. of RNC for PS RT Service rncFunctio Switch for QoS n QosNegRenegSwi . . MR Function Switch MR-UE Location rncFunctio MrUeLocMeaRptIn Measurement Reporting n t . .rncFunctio n MrSwitch . Reporting Interval Measuremen t Report TS 25.331: rncFunctio PDCP ROHC “RRC Protocol n RohcTgtMode target mode Specification” PDCP ROHC Target Mode rncFunctio n ServHoComStra . . . . Negotiation/Renegotiation Time Interval for Consecutive AMR rncFunctio Adjustment of Same n RevEvtDetectIme . . .331: RRC CONNECTION rncFunctio “RRC Protocol RELEASE COMPLETE n N308 N308 Specification” Message(N308) Negotiated GBR Level rncFunctio Number Shared by Uplink n NegGBRLevNum . Indicator Service Handover Strategy rncFunctio PSNRTSERVHOS of RNC for PS NRT n TRA . . RELEASE Message rncFunctio Prior Redirect RAT n PriRedirectRat . Interval(ms) rncFunctio MR-UE Measurement n MrUeMeasRptInt . . . Combination Strategy rncFunctio Service Handover Strategy n SERVHOIND . . Indicator . . . and Downlink Maximum Number of Retransmissions of the rncFunctio RRC CONNECTION n NReTran . . Service rncFunctio PSRTSERVHOST Service Handover Strategy n RA . Diversity Mode TS 25.331: rncFunctio MrUeMeasRptTrM Transfer “RRC Protocol MR-UE Measurement n od Mode Specification” Report Transfer Mode rncFunctio MrUeMeasTypeSw MR-UE Measurement n it . Direction(100ms) Switch for RL Reference rncFunctio Time Adjust During n RlRefTimeAjtSwit .

. TS 23.413: Specification” Lower Limit of GBR for Reestablishment(s) interface “UTRAN Iu Uplink Services Used for RNSAP Interface QoS TS 25.003: Interface MNC.331: rncFunctio occurrence “RRC Protocol n SIB153OccId identity Specification” SIB15. ANI Support AAL2 Switch or rncNeInfo BAAL2SERVER . . -Signalling” interface kbps) “UTRAN TS Iu 25.413: n UlLowLimNegGBR .003: Shared “Numbering.413: Specification” Signalling” UARFCN (Nupper) TS 23.331: “Numbering. Shared Network Mode SIB TS 25. Network addressing and Shared Network Area rncLcSnac SNAC Area Code identification” Code Additional Transport Time rncNeInfo AddDelayJitter .423: “Numbering. . Mobile “Numbering.331: RNSAP TS 25. . Delay(ms) rncNeInfo ANI .423: rncFunctio signalling” RANAP Negotiation/Renegotiation( “UTRAN TS Iur 25.331: Wait Time for RRC TS 25.331: 25.003: “UTRAN Iu LAC. Occurrences Timer for Stopping Inter- frequency Measurement rncFunctio T4STPIFMEAACT and Activating Inter-RAT TS n RAT . Mobile TS 25.rncFunctio n SharedNetMode . . Network RANAP addressing and rncLcSnac MNC Code Signalling” identification” MNC SNAC.413: Measurement(s) “UTRAN Iu Interface TS 25.3 n SIB153OccNum .423: signalling” rncFunctio “RRC “UTRAN Protocol Iur Connection n Twait Wait time TS 25.3 Occurrence ID rncFunctio Times of SIB15.003: RNSAP MCC. . signalling” Country “RRC Protocol addressing TS 25.423: rncFunctio RANAP “UTRAN Iur n Tnnsf TNNSF Signalling” interface Tnnsf(s) RNSAP TS 25. not Transport BandWidth BANDRELSWITC Release Switch based on rncNeInfo H . .331: Interface rncFunctio UARFCN “RRC “RRC Protocol signalling” Protocol RANAP Specification” n Uuarfcn (Nupper) TS 25. . Delay Jitter(ms) Additional Transport Time rncNeInfo AddTimeDelay . Overload . TS 25.25. Interface “RRC Protocol Location “UTRAN addressing RANAP Iurand rncLcSnac LAC Area Code Specification” interface identification” Location Area Code Signalling” TS 23.413: and Specification” rncLcSnac MCC Code identification” “UTRAN Iu MCC TS 23.

PS Handover or not BSCFEATSWITCH Neighboring BSC Supports rncNeInfo 2 . DTM Handover or not Whether udp checksum or rncNeInfo CheckSum . Procedure BSCFEATSWITCH Neighboring BSC Supports rncNeInfo 1 . . not rncNeInfo COSVPNID . Switch IUB Far End Transport FARENDBANDAD BandWidth Adjustment rncNeInfo JSWIT . Domain Default Office Flag in CS rncNeInfo CsDefaultFlag . GT Code(Hex) rncNeInfo GTTYPE . . . Domain Network Resource Network Resource rncNeInfo CsNri Identifier TS23. . . . . BSCFEATSWITCH Is Support Iur-g Signaling rncNeInfo 0 . . VPN ID Capacity Weight in CS rncNeInfo CsCapWeight . GT indicator . Switch Global Physical Net rncNeInfo GLOPHYNEID . . . . Element ID rncNeInfo GT .236 Identifier in CS Domain Network Resource Identifier Bit Num in CS rncNeInfo CsNriBitNum . . DCH ID Offset Indicator UDP Demultiplexing rncNeInfo DeMuxUdpSwitch . Domain Number of Network Resource Identifier in CS rncNeInfo CsNriNum . . . Domain Timer of Relocation Delay rncNeInfo CsReDelayTimer . . . for CS Service rncNeInfo DchIdOffset .

service bear IP DSCP of interactive rncNeInfo IUIPDSCP2 . . class service bear TS 25.003: MCC. Channel in IUB TOS for Common Channel rncNeInfo IUBCCHIPDSCP . . whether in order or not Bear Type of Common rncNeInfo IUBCCHBRSTYPE . Multiplexing UDP packet IP DSCP of session class rncNeInfo IUIPDSCP0 . Bear Type of NBAP in IUB IUBPATHPROSWI Protection flag in IUB rncNeInfo TCH . . IUB Payload Type of rncNeInfo IUCSMUXPLTYPE . . .423: “UTRAN Iur IP DSCP of background rncNeInfo IUIPDSCP3 . - Signalling” Service in IUR-G TS 25. . Packets sent to the office rncNeInfo InOrder . mutual production rncNeInfo IUBRSTYPE .331: “RRC Protocol Priority Adjust rncNeInfo KPRIADJUST . . . Bear Type in IU Bear Type of Service in rncNeInfo IUBSRVBRSTYPE . Country addressing and rncNeInfo MCC Code identification” MCC .25.413: Bear Type in IUR “UTRAN Iu Interface IURGSRVBRSTYP RANAP Config for Bear Type of rncNeInfo E . . Coefficient(%) TS 23. in IUB IUBMUXUDPPOR NodeB Multiplexing UDP rncNeInfo T . . Mobile “Numbering. . TS . service bear IP DSCP of flow class rncNeInfo IUIPDSCP1 . . - interface class service bear RNSAP signalling” rncNeInfo IURBRSTYPE . Specification” . port IUBNBAPBRSTYP rncNeInfo E .

. Numbering Plan PLMN Number of Sharing rncNeInfo PLmnNum . Node Synchronization Flag rncNeInfo OFFICEID . Multiplexing UDP packet. . UDP multiplexing Switch Nature of Address rncNeInfo NATURE . . . . Adjacent NE Version rncNeInfo NODESYNCFLAG .7 office ID rncNeInfo PLANEX . . No. multipath production(s) rncNeInfo NDBALCMODULE . parameter Index rncNeInfo ProMon . . MNC BCD Code Length MUXUDPPKTMAX Maximum Length of rncNeInfo LEN . rncNeInfo MUXUDPSWITCH . Preference CN Office Flag Transport Qos Profile rncNeInfo PROFILEINDEX . Net Element ID rncNeInfo NeType . NodeB Attached Module rncNeInfo NeId . . . Net Element Type rncNeInfo NEVERSION . the RNC rncNeInfo PreferOfficeFlag . . . . Indicator Resiliency time in IUB rncNeInfo NBAPRESITIME . Mobile “Numbering.003: MNC. . . . Network addressing and rncNeInfo MNC Code identification” MNC rncNeInfo MNCBcdCodeLen . Interface RANAP Signalling” TS 25. . Month Of Protocol Version .331: “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 23.

Domain Number of Network Resource Identifier in PS rncNeInfo PsNriNum . RNCFEATSWITC Support HSUPA Iur rncNeInfo H2 . . Protocol Version rncNeInfo ProYear . . . . . . Domain Timer of Relocation Delay rncNeInfo PsReDelayTimer . Domain Default Office Flag in PS rncNeInfo PsDefaultFlag . Transport Qos Profile Type Basic Priority Transport rncNeInfo RESBWDINDEX . Year Of Protocol Version Capacity Weight in PS rncNeInfo PsCapWeight . interface. interface. Interface Process . Reserved Bandwidth Index RNCFEATSWITC Hard-handover With rncNeInfo H0 . . Whether or not support User Plane Sending RNCFEATSWITC Control Frame in Iur rncNeInfo H13 . Interface Process Whether or not support UE RNCFEATSWITC not Involved Relocation for rncNeInfo H10 . Domain Network Resource Network Resource rncNeInfo PsNri Identifier TS23.236 Identifier in PS Domain Network Resource Identifier Bit Num in PS rncNeInfo PsNriBitNum . . Relocation RNCFEATSWITC Support HSDPA Iur rncNeInfo H1 .rncNeInfo ProVer . . for PS Service QOSPROFILETYP rncNeInfo E . . . . . . CS Service Whether or not support UE RNCFEATSWITC not Involved Relocation for rncNeInfo H11 . PS Service Whether or not supportIFast RNCFEATSWITC Reconfiguration in Iur rncNeInfo H12 . . .

. Mode rncNeInfo RNCRCPMODULE . . SRNC forcing Iur Hard Handover transport DSCR bearer to be established during Intra-DRNS Serving RNCFEATSWITC HS-DSCH Radio Link rncNeInfo H5 . Extend Information Extend Information Digits rncPnSnac ExtInfoDgtNum . HSPA RNCFEATSWITC Support Compressed rncNeInfo H9 . Information Use DSCR for PS Service RNCFEATSWITC When UE all RLs Have rncNeInfo H7 . . Num . . . . Moved to DRNC RNCFEATSWITC Support AMR/VoIP over rncNeInfo H8 . . . Route Type Interval of RTCP rncNeInfo RTCPInterval . packets(s) rncNeInfo RtcpSwitch . . RTCP Switch RTPPAYLOADTYP rncNeInfo E . Flag rncNeInfo TRANSTYPE . . Translation Type rncPnSnac ExtInfo . . . Bearer Type Index TRANSSYNCFLA Transport Synchronization rncNeInfo G . RTP payload type Basic Priority Transport rncNeInfo TBTYPEINDEX . . . . RNC Attached Module rncNeInfo ROUTETYPE . Support one-way and RNCFEATSWITC bidirectional conversion by rncNeInfo H3 . Change Send AGPS RNCFEATSWITC Synchronization rncNeInfo H6 . DCH MODIFY RNCFEATSWITC Whether or not support rncNeInfo H4 . . .

signalling” Country “RRC Protocol addressing TS 25.433: code. TS 23.003: Shared “Numbering.433: Offset. RNSAP Interface TS 25. Mobile TS 25.433: Common TS 25. Cell ID TS 25.331: RNSAP Interface TS “RRC25.433: TS 25.423: “Numbering.003: MNC. . Flow Control Switch TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub Code “RRC Protocol Physical Interface NBAP S-CCPCH Common Sccpch CPCId number.003: “UTRAN TS Iu 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP S-CCPCH TFCI Field Sccpch PO1 PO1 Signalling” Power Offset(dB) TS 25. DL “UTRAN Iub Scrambling Interface NBAP S-CCPCH Scrambling Sccpch DlScraCode Code Signalling” Code Sccpch FlowConSwt .433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP Indicator for S-CCPCH Sccpch PCHInd . Mobile “Numbering. TS 25.003: “UTRAN Iu MNC.423: signalling” RANAP “UTRAN Iur TS 25.003: RNSAP TS 25. scr ambling TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub on Code “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP S-CCPCH Channelisation Sccpch DlChCodeNo Secondary Number Specification” Signalling” Code No. Interface Country “RRC Protocol signalling” addressing and RANAP Specification” rncPnSnac MCC Code TS 25. Mobile Interface “Numbering.331: “UTRAN Iub Max FACH “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Maximum FACH Sccpch MaxFachPwr Fixed Poweror Specification” Signalling” Power(dB) Flexible TS 25.433: Position. Network addressing and Shared Network Area rncPnSnac SNAC Area Code identification” Code Sccpch CId .433: TS 25.413: Signalling” interface “UTRAN Iu TS 25.413: Signalling” interface TS 23. Signalling” Carrying PCH TS 25.413: and Specification” rncPnSnac SMCC Code identification” “UTRAN Iu MCC of Shared Network TS 23.331: “UTRAN Iub Multiplexing “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Sccpch MplexPos Position Specification” Signalling” Multiplexing Position TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP S-CCPCH Pilot Field Sccpch PO3 PO3 Specification” Signalling” Power Offset(dB) Timing TS 25.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP PICH Common Physical Sccpch PichCPCId Channel ID Signalling” Channel ID TS 25.423: Protocol signalling” RANAP “UTRAN Iur Specification” TS 25. Network RANAP addressing and Signalling” rncPnSnac SMNC Code identification” MNC of Shared Network SNAC.413: identification” Signalling” MCC TS 23. Interface “RRC Protocol Network “UTRAN addressing RANAP Iurand rncPnSnac MNC Code Specification” interface identification” MNC Signalling” TS 23. FDD “UTRAN Iub Frame Timing Offset SCCPCH Interface NBAP Between SCCPCH and Sccpch SccpchOffset Offset Signalling” PCCPCH(chip) .331: 25. .331: MCC.433: Channelisati TS 25. Channel ID Specification” Signalling” Physical Channel ID FDD DL TS 25.331: MCC. Mobile RNSAP “Numbering.

25. Configuration Index E-DCH Reference SrvPhy EdchRefConfigIdx . -“UTRAN Iub Cell ID TS 25.433: Secondary “Physical “UTRAN Iub CCPCH Slot channels and Interface NBAP Sccpch SlotFmt Format mapping of Signalling” S-CCPCH Slot Format STTD transport indicator.331: 25. TFCS Index SchPri BasicPrio . -“UTRAN Iub Scheduling Priority Index Interface NBAP Channelisati Signalling” SchPri SchPrio on .25.code. .433: Scpich CId . channels onto STTD physical Sccpch SttdInd Indicator channels (FDD)” S-CCPCH STTD Indicator Sccpch TfcsIndex . Basic Priority SchPri BearerType .331: “RRC Protocol Specification” TS TS 25.433: Signalling” Physical Channel ID scrambling "UTRAN Iub “UTRAN Iur code. DL interface NBAP Interface Scrambling Signalling” RNSAP S-CPICH Scrambling Scpich DlScraCode Code signalling" TS Code TS 25. “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25. . TS 25. Specification” TS SIB6 TS 25. TS .433: Secondary “Physical “UTRAN Iub CPICH channels and Interface NBAP Scpich ScpichPwr Power mapping of Signalling” S-CPICH Power transport Transmit channels onto Diversity physical S-CPICH Tx Diversity Scpich TxDivInd Indicator channels (FDD)” Indicator UE DTX/DRX SrvPhy DtxDrxConfigIdx .433: SchPri SchPriIndex .433: Signalling” SCCPCH Usage “UTRAN Iub TS 25. Configuration Index .331: Interface NBAP “RRC Protocol Signalling” Broadcast in either SIB5 or Sccpch Sib5OrSib6 .433: “RRC “UTRAN Protocol Iub Specification” Interface NBAP Sccpch SccpchUsage . .331: Bearer Type “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25.211: 25.423: Scheduling Priority FDD DL "UTRAN Iur Channelisati interface on Code RNSAP S-CPICH Channelisation Scpich ChCode Number TS 25. TS .211: 25. .423: 25.331: signalling" Code No. TS 25.433: Common Interface “UTRAN IubNBAP Physical Signalling” Interface NBAP S-CPICH Common Scpich CPCId Secondary Channel ID TS 25.

Downward .423: Period(TBs) "UTRAN Iur BLER interface Quality RNSAP SubSrv BLERtarget value. .423: Stealing Frame "UTRAN Iur R99 CS AMR Services BLER interface TS 25.433: Interface “UTRAN NBAP Iub TS 25. Sub-service Type Ssch CId . Signalling Service Number SrvPhy SrvType .433: SubSrv Direction Indicator signalling"Iub “UTRAN Direction TS 25.413: Signalling” Discard Interface Iu “UTRAN NBAP SubSrv DiscardTimer Timer TS 25.SrvPhy SigSrvNo .25. BLER signalling" BLER Target BLER Target for Dropping SubSrv BLERtargetforDc .25.25. "UTRAN Iur Unidirectiona interface l DCH RNSAP TS 25.423: to NHR Indicator. Cell ID TS 25.423: Signalling” Discard Timer Interface "UTRAN Iur RANAP interface Discard Signalling” RNSAP MAC-hs Discard Timer SubSrv DiscardTimerPre Timer TS 25. . . -TS 25. TS .433: “UTRAN Iub Secondary Interface NBAP Secondary SCH Ssch SschPwr SCH Power Signalling” Power(dB) R99 CS AMR Services Tolerance BLER Period in High Load Status for BLER SubSrv BLERAccpPerHLd . BLER signalling" Interface Adjustment RANAP Correction Coefficient for CorrNumHarqToNh RAB Signalling” Converting HARQ Failure SubSrv r Asymmetry .413: BLER Target in High Load Quality RNSAP Iu “UTRAN Status for BLER Target SubSrv BLERtargetHLd value.433: Common “UTRAN Iub Physical Interface NBAP Secondary SCH Common Ssch CPCId Channel ID Signalling” Physical Channel ID TS 25.331: call “RRC Protocol Specification” BLER Target for VoIP SubSrv BLERtargetforSf . .331: TS Target Adjustment(TBs) “RRC Protocol Specification” Tolerance BLER SubSrv BLERAccpPeriod . TS . .423: signalling" Configuration Switch "UTRAN Iur interface CN Domain RNSAP SubSrv Domain Type signalling" CN Domain Indicator Threshold of Sample DwThresSampleN Number to Adjust SubSrv um .25. TS .

331: TS “RRC 25. E. Specification” RNSAP E-DCH Transmission Time "UTRAN TS Iur 25.331: "UTRAN Iur Signalling” “RRC Protocol Time interface TS 25.423: signalling" DCH "UTRAN Iur interface Transmission RNSAP SubSrv MbmsInd Mode signalling" MBMS Indicator NHR Threshold to Adjust SubSrv NhrThrDown .331: “Medium Access for “RRC ControlProtocol (MAC) Scheduling Specification” protocol Periodicity for Scheduling SubSrv PeriodSIG Info – grant TS 25. Maximum Bit Signalling” RANAP SubSrv MaxBitRate Maximum Rate TS 25.433: Specification”.433:NBAP Number Threshold in High Signalling” “UTRAN Iub Load Status for BLER SubSrv ErrorThreshHLd E-DCH . . SIR Target Downward NHR Threshold to Adjust SIR Target Downward(2ms SubSrv NhrThrDownTti2 . “UTRAN TS 25. ns.423: Interval. TS 25.423: Signalling” DwThrSampNumTt CHOICE "UTRAN Iur Target Downward (2ms E- SubSrv i2 d flow power -transmission TS . TS -TS 25.25. DCH HARQ RNSAP interface CHOICE E- Power Offset signalling" RNSAP E-DCH HARQ Power SubSrv EdchHarqPOFdd FDDDCH Grant TS 25. interface "UTRAN Iur grant type.331: “RRC Protocol TS 25.331: Specification” “RRC Protocol TS 25. . Control (MAC) DCH grant protocol E-DCH Transmission SubSrv EdchTrGrantType type TS 25.423: TTI) offset.423: Signalling” Maximum Bit Rate(bps) Number of "UTRAN Iur Retransmissi interface Maximum Number of ons for E.331: TS SIR Target Upward “RRC Protocol NHR Threshold to Adjust Specification” SIR Target Upward (2ms SubSrv NhrThrUpTti2 .25.331: specification” Grant Type “RRC Protocol Specification” TS 25. -Specification” “UTRAN Iub Number Threshold(TBs) Error Transport Block Interface TS 25. E.433: SubSrv MachsWinSize Window Size TS 25. TS 25.321: SubSrv ETTI TTI E-DCH MAC. E-TTI) NHR Threshold to Adjust SubSrv NhrThrUp . Interface Interface NBAP DCH. “Medium Access CHOICE E. Maximum Control (MAC) Specification” MAC-hs Number Of protocol TS 25. RNSAP Retransmissions for E- SubSrv MaxRetransEdch DCH TS 25.321: E-TTI) Periodicity 25.321: 25. .331: specification” Happy Bit Delay Condition MAC-hs retransmissio “Medium “RRC Access Protocol window size.321: specification” Information-Grant Periodicity “Medium Access for Control (MAC) PeriodSING protocol Periodicity for Scheduling SubSrv PeriodSING – no grant specification” Information-No Grant .321: signalling" Offset FDD Type.413: specification” MAC-hs Window Size Retransmissi “UTRAN “UTRAN IubIu ons For E. TS -TS 25.423: Interface NBAP Target Adjustment(TBs) Transmission 25. signalling" interface Interval(ms) “Medium Access d flow bit Happy RNSAP Control (MAC) maximum signalling" delay protocol SubSrv HappyBitDelCond number conditionof TS 25.433: Protocol Error Transport Block R99 CS AMR Services SubSrv ErrorThresh .433: Iub Interface “UTRAN Iub NBAP Signalling” Threshold of Sample Interface NBAP Number to Adjust SIR E-DCH MAC.

TS . Number to Adjust Upward TS 25.25. .433: “UTRAN Iub SubSrv SrvType . Target For Silent Mode mode.331: FACH Measurement cycle length “RRC Protocol Occasion Cycle Length SysMc FachMeasK coefficient Specification” Coefficient . “RRC . CHOICE TS TS 25.321: TTI)(20ms) “Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol MAC-hs Re-ordering SubSrv T1 T1 specification” Release Timer Threshold of HARQ TS 25. Permission The Number Threshold of Physical Channel BER Less Than or Equal BER SubSrv QeCntThres . . NBAP Sub-Service Signalling” TS 25.423: Threshold of Sample “UTRAN Iur Number to Adjust SIR UpThrSampNumTt interface Target Upward (2ms E- SubSrv i2 .401: “UTRAN Overall SysMC CId FACH Cell Identifier Description “ Cell Identity Measuremen t occasion TS 25. - RNSAP TTI) signalling” TS 25. Target For Normal Mode CHOICE Physical Channel BER Uplink RLC SubSrv QePhyBerTarSil . Interface . . Target Physical Channel BER SubSrv QePhyBerTarNorm .25.413: Failure Indication Number “UTRAN Iu to Adjust SIR Target SubSrv ThrHarqFailTti10 . -Interface Upward (10ms E-TTI) Threshold of HARQ RANAP Failure Indication Number Signalling” to Adjust SIR Target SubSrv ThrHarqFailTti2 . P-T-M RB Release SubSrv PtmRlsPerm . Protocol Valid Time Window(s) Specification” TS 25.331: Downlink “RRC “RRC Protocol Protocol SubSrv RlcMode RLC mode Specification” Specification” RLC Mode TS 25.423: Statistics Window Size of "UTRAN Iur E-DCH Quality (10ms E- SubSrv StatWinSizeTti10 . TS .331: 25. - interface TTI)(80ms) RNSAP Statistics Window Size of signalling" E-DCH Quality (2ms E- SubSrv StatWinSizeTti2 . .423: Upward (2ms E-TTI) "UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP SubSrv TrafficClass Traffic Class signalling" Traffic Class UpThresSampleNu Threshold of Sample SubSrv m .331: SubSrv ValidTimeWin . .

331: “RRC Protocol UE Inter-frequency FDD SysMc FDDInterFMeasInd .331: Maximum Number of RachMaxRptCelPr “RRC Protocol Reported Cells on RACH SysMc e .331: “UTRAN Iub Rate Specification” “RRC Protocol CRC size. Specification” Measurement Indicator Intra-frequency Reporting TS 25.423: Signalling” Rate Matching Attribute "UTRAN Iur RLC Size.331: Reporting “RRC Protocol SysMc RptQuan quantity TS 25.433: Broadcast in SIB11 or SysMc Sib11orSib12 . “UTRAN Iub Transmission Interface NBAP Tfs TTI Time Interval Signalling” Transmission Time Interval . "UTRAN Iur Type Of TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub Transport “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Number of Transport Tfs TrBlkNum Blocks Specification” Signalling” Blocks Transmission TS 25.331: cells on “RRC Protocol Maximum Number of SysMc RachMaxRptCell RACH Specification” Reported Cells on RACH TS 25.331: signalling" Coding Rate TS 25.331: Specification” “RRC Protocol TS 25.433: time interval.331: Number of “RRC Protocol Tfs TfsIndex Transport .331: Quantity for RACH SFN-SFN “RRC Protocol Reporting Configuration SysMc IntraRachRptQPre observed .331: Specification” RACH Reporting Quantity “RRC Protocol TS 25. TS 25. Signalling” Transport Format Number TS 25.331: SFN-SFN Observed Time reporting “RRC Protocol Difference Reporting Maximum SysMc OTDRptInd indicator Specification” Indicator number of reported TS 25. “UTRAN TS 25. Specification” .433: Type of Interface “UTRAN Iub NBAP channel Signalling” Interface NBAP Tfs ChType coding. Specification” -“UTRAN Iub SIB12 TS 25. Specification” Measurement Indicator TS 25. Specification” Configuration Tag TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP Tfs TfNum .331: “RRC Protocol UE Inter-System SysMc InterRatMIndPre .331: interface Channel “RRC RNSAP Protocol Tfs CodingRate Coding Specification” TS 25. Specification” Tag time difference TS 25. TS 25.423: Signalling” Channel Type Coding Rate.433: “RRC Protocol TS 25. .433:Iub Rate Interface “UTRAN Iub NBAP Matching Signalling” Interface NBAP Tfs RateMatchAttr Attribute TS 25. TS 25. Interface TS 25.433:NBAP Tfs CRCSize matching CRC Size Specification” Signalling” CRC Size attribute.433: Number of TS 25.331: interface Transport “RRC RNSAP Protocol Tfs RlcSize Block Size Specification” signalling" Transport Block Size(bits) TS 25. TFS Index blocks. TS 25.

.433: Maximum Down Step TrfPc MaxSirTargDnStep .25.331: Maximum Number of “RRC Protocol Successive "Out of Sync" ueCnst N313 N313 Specification” Received from L1(N313) Maximum Number of TS 25. . signalling” Control(dB) TS 25. .423: Sub-service Type “UTRAN Iur FDD TPC interface Step Size of Downlink Downlink RNSAP Inner Loop Power TrfPc TpcDlStep Step Size. . - “UTRAN Iub Size(dB) Interface NBAP Signalling” TS TrfPc SrvType . .331: Sync" Received from L1 in “RRC Protocol Idle Mode (N312 in Idle ueCnst N312Idle N312 Specification” Mode) TS 25. Step Size(dB) Uplink SIR Target Up Step TrfPc UlSirTargUpStep .331: TPC step “RRC Protocol Step Size of Uplink Inner TrfPc TpcStepSize size Specification” Loop Power Control(dB) TrfPc TrfPcIndex .331: Control “RRC Protocol Uplink Inner Loop Power TrfPc UlIlPcAlg Algorithm Specification” Control Algorithm Uplink SIR Target Down TrfPc UlSirTargDnStep . FachCacToMinRat FACH CAC Tolerable trfCtl e . Traffic PC Index Power TS 25. Maximum Size(dB) Number of Retransmissions of the TS 25.331: Sync" Received from L1 in “RRC Protocol Connected Mode (N312 in ueCnst N312Connected N312 Specification” Connected Mode) Maximum Number of "In TS 25.331: Retransmissions of the “RRC Protocol CELL/URA UPDATE ueCnst N302 N302 Specification” Maximum Number of Message (N302) Retransmissions of the UE TS 25. . Minimum Bit Rate Percent BO Allocation trfCtl PctBOallThrshFbd .331: Successive "In Sync" “RRC Protocol Received from L1 During ueCnst N315 N315 Specification” T313 is Activated ( N315) . Threshold Forbidden Uplink SIR Target TS 25.331: CAPABILITY “RRC Protocol INFORMATION Message ueCnst N304 N304 Specification” (N304) Maximum Number of "In TS 25.331: RRC CONNECTION “RRC Protocol REQUEST Message ueCnst N300 N300 Specification” (N300) Maximum Number of TS 25.

Specification” broadcasting Time Interval to take an TS 25.331: Established in CELL_DCH “RRC Protocol Waiting Time for State Losing ueCnst T313 T313 Specification” Completion of Cell Sychronization Update (T313)(s) When Radio Link Fails and TS 25.331: Selection/Reselection After “RRC Protocol UE is out of Service in ueCnst T317 T317 Specification” UE's Waiting Time CELL_FACH of State(T317) Sending Message TS 25. Waiting Time After UE Sending RRC TS 25.331: Radio Bearer(s) “RRC Protocol Associated with T315 Exist ueCnst T315 T315 Specification” Waiting (T315) Time for Cell Selection/Reselection After TS 25.331: average or a “RRC Protocol Time Interval for Taking an UeTrv AverageTime variance Specification” Average or a Variance(ms) .331: Waiting Time for Cell “RRC Protocol Reselection After UE is out ueCnst T307 T307 Specification” Waiting Time After of Service(T307) Sending RRC TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Switch of T323 ueCnst T323SWCH .331: Radio Bearer(s) “RRC Protocol Waiting Time Associated forT314 Exist with ueCnst T314 T314 Specification” Completion (T314) of Cell Update When Radio Link Fails and TS 25.331: When UE is in “RRC Protocol CELL_FACH/CELL_PCH/ ueCnst T305 T305 Specification” URA_PCH State(T305) TS 25.331: "In Sync" from L1 in “RRC Protocol Connected Mode (T312 in ueCnst T312Connected T312 Specification” Connected Mode)(s) Waiting Time for Receiving TS 25.331: UE is out of Service in “RRC Protocol CELL_PCH/URA_PCH ueCnst T316 T316 Specification” State(T316) Waiting Time for Cell TS 25.331: "In Sync" from L1 in Idle “RRC Protocol Mode (T312 in Idle Mode) ueCnst T312Idle T312 Specification” (s) Waiting Time After DPCCH TS 25.331: CONNECTION SETUP “RRC Protocol REQUEST ueCnst T300 T300 Specification” Message(T300) TS 25.331: Establishment in Other “RRC Protocol System(eg. GSM) (T309) ueCnst T309 T309 Specification” (s) Waiting Time for Receiving TS 25.331: Sending UE CAPABILITY “RRC Protocol INFORMATION ueCnst T304 T304 Specification” Message(T304) Period of Cell/URA Update TS 25.331: Waiting Time After UE “RRC Protocol Sending CELL/URA ueCnst T302 T302 Specification” UPDATE Message(T302) Waiting Time After UE TS 25.331: "Signaling Connection “RRC Protocol Release Indication"(with ueCnst T323 T323 Specification” cause)(T323)(s) TS 25.331: CONNECTION RELEASE “RRC Protocol COMPLETE Message in ueCnst T308 T308 Specification” Waiting CELL_DCHTimeState(T308) After Requesting Connection TS 25.

331: Reporting “RRC Protocol UeTrv RptCrt Mode Specification” Report Criteria Average of RLC Buffer TS 25.331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres2 Threshold Specification” 32 kbps TS 25. Traffic TS 25. .331: Pending time “RRC Protocol UeTrv PendingTime after trigger Specification” Pending Time After Trigger TS 25.331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres0 Threshold Specification” 8 kbps TS 25.331: Payload for “RRC Protocol Average of RLC Buffer UeTrv RptRlcAveInd each RB Specification” Payload for Each RB RLC Buffer TS 25.331: Transfer “RRC Protocol Measurement Report UeTrv MeasRptTrMod Mode Specification” Transfer Mode TS 25.331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for Non- UeTrv RptThres Threshold Specification” DCH Channel TS 25.331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres3 Threshold Specification” 64 kbps .331: Measuremen “RRC Protocol UeTrv MeasQuantity t quantity Specification” Measurement Quantity Measuremen t Report TS 25.331: Payload for “RRC Protocol Variance of RLC Buffer UeTrv RptRlcVarInd each RB Specification” Payload for Each RB TS 25.331: Reporting “RRC Protocol Reporting Interval in UeTrv PrdRptInterval Periodical interval Specification” Period Report Criteria Reporting / Event Trigger TS 25.331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres1 Threshold Specification” 16 kbps TS 25.331: Amount of “RRC Protocol Amount of Reporting in UeTrv PrdRptAmount reporting Specification” Period Report Criteria TS 25.331: UE Traffic Volume volume event “RRC Protocol Measurement Event UeTrv MeaEvtId identity Specification” Identity Event Number of UE Traffic Volume UeTrv MeasEvtNum . Measurement Uplink TS 25.331: transport “RRC Protocol UeTrv Measobj channel type Specification” Transport Channel Type TS 25.331: Payload for “RRC Protocol RLC Buffer Payload for UeTrv RptRlcBufInd each RB Specification” Each RB Variance of RLC Buffer TS 25.

. Parameters TS 25. UEs(%) .331 PRACH Data Part(dB) UlTfcs TfcsIndex .433: TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub Gain Factor “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Data Part Gain Factor UlTfcs BetaD (D Specification” Signalling” BetaD TS 25. . Configuration Index TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub Gain Factor “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP Control Part Gain Factor UlTfcs BetaC (C Specification” Signalling” BetaC TS 25.331: Time to “RRC Protocol UeTrv TrigTime trigger Specification” Time to Trigger Tx Interruption After UeTrv TxInterCfgPre .331: TXINTERRUPTIO interruption “RRC Protocol Tx Interruption After UeTrv N after trigger Specification” Trigger UE Traffic Volume Measurement UeTrv UeTrvMCfgNo .433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP UlTfcs CtfcNum . TS 25. . .433: TS 25. Reselection Criteria Switch Access Percent of the ACCESSPERCEN PLMN for Non-Supporting utranCell T . TFCS Index Absolute Priority utranCell AbsPriReselSwch . . .433: TS 25.331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres6 Threshold Specification” 384 kbps Throughput Threshold of UeTrv ThoughThres . Signalling” CTFC Number Power Offset between Power offset PRACH Control Part and UlTfcs POPpm P p-m 25. Trigger Configuration Tag Tx TS 25. Specification” .331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres4 Threshold Specification” 128 kbps TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Function of Configuration UeTrv UeTrvMCfgNote .331: Traffic Volume Threshold Reporting “RRC Protocol of Event 4A/4B for DCH of UeTrv RptThres5 Threshold Specification” 256 kbps TS 25.331: “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol Interface NBAP UlTfcs Ctfc CTFC value Specification” Signalling” CTFC ID TS 25. Event 4A/4B for E-DCH TS 25.

413: Signalling” Center(m) “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP utranCell AltitudeAcc . TS . . Basic Priority AC Index utranCell CellBarAcNum . .25.413: Signalling” Altitude Accurary(m) “UTRAN Iu Interface Direction of RANAP Direction of Altitude for TS 25.25.413: Signalling” Latitude Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface >Latitude RANAP utranCell AnteLatitudeSign Sign TS 25.413: utranCell AltitudeDir Altitude Signalling” Cell Center “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP utranCell AnteAltitude Altitude TS 25.413: Cell Address “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP Cell Altitude for Cell utranCell Altitude Altitude TS 25.413: Restriction “UTRAN Iu Interface Geographical RANAP utranCell CellDescripType Area Signalling” Cell Description Type Cell TS 25.331: TS Switch of Cell Restriction “RRC Protocol Specification” Switch of Polling in Cell utranCell CellBarPollingSwh . Antenna Type Time Interval of Barred utranCell BarInterval .331: Individual “RRC Protocol utranCell CellIndivOffset Offset Specification” Cell Individual Offset(dB) .413: Signalling” Antenna Latitude Sign Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface > Degrees Of RANAP Degrees of Antenna utranCell AnteLongitude Longitude Signalling” Longitude(degree) utranCell AnteType .utranCell ADDRESS . AC(s) utranCell BPriAcIndex . . Number of Cell Barred AC utranCell CellBarAcSwh . .413: Signalling” Altitude “UTRAN Iu Geographical Interface Coordinates RANAP Degree of Antenna utranCell AnteLatitude >Latitude TS 25.25. TS .413: Signalling” Antenna Altitude(m) “UTRAN Iu Interface Direction of RANAP Direction of Antenna utranCell AnteAltitudeDir Altitude TS 25. TS 25. .

423: “UTRAN Iur Cell MIMO and DL64QAM CelMimo64QamIn interface Combined Capability utranCell d . 12 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA13 . .423: (Congestion Control) Specification” “UTRAN Iur TS 25. “RRC TS Protocol . .331: Diversity “RRC Protocol Closed Loop Mode 1 utranCell Clm1SuptInd Mode Specification” Support Indicator Switch of Closing Frequency Intelligently UtranCell CloseFreFunSwit . . . 1 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA10 . . - RNSAP Support Indicator signalling” TS 25. Pathloss Scenario TS 25.413: Common PLMN Indicator “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP utranCell Confidence Confidence Signalling” Confidence(%) utranCell CpcSuptInd . Cell CPC Support Indicator Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA1 .433: Support “UTRAN Iub utranCell ClassZoneInd Indicator.401: interface “UTRAN RNSAP Overall utranCell CId Cell Identifier Closed Description “ Loop signalling” Cell Identity Mode1 TS 25. TS . . NBAP Classified Zone Indicator Diversity Signalling” Mode. 13 .25.331: Application Priority Index utranCell CgtCtlPriIndex . 10 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA11 . TX TS 25.413: “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP utranCell CellRadius . . Function utranCell CommonPlmnInd .25. TS 25. 11 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA12 . . OCNS Codes Changed utranCell CellScen . Signalling” Cell Radius(m) Indicator of Cell Reestablishment when UtranCell CellReestabInd . Interface . . .

8 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA9 . . 3 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA4 . 5 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA6 . 17 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA18 . 14 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA15 . . Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA14 . . . Indicator . . . 16 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA17 . Establishment CS Domain Specific Access Class N Barred utranCell CsACBarredOmcr . . . 9 Switch of CS 64kbps UtranCell Cs64Switch . . . . . 20 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA3 . 4 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA5 . 7 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA8 . 2 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA20 . . . . 18 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA19 . 19 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA2 . . 15 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA16 . . 6 Cell Reserved Parameter utranCell CRESPARA7 .

433: UARFCN. -TS 25. . . .25. Domain DSAR Switch of CS Domain utranCell CSDsarSwh . . CS Domain Switch of Polling in CS utranCell CSDsarPollingSwh . .331: Expiration “RRC Protocol utranCell ExpTimFactor Time Factor Specification” Expiration Time Factor Cell F-DPCH Support utranCell FDpchSuptInd . TS . DL TPC TS 25.433: “UTRAN Iub UTRA Pattern 01 “UTRAN Interface Iub NBAP utranCell DlTpcN Absolute Count Interface Signalling”NBAP DL TPC Pattern 01 Count Radio Signalling” Frequency TS 25. . Switch Diversity Mode and Traffic Related Power Control utranCell DivPcIndex .401: Channel “UTRAN Overall utranCell DUARFCN Number Description “ DUARFCN Downlink Enhanced CELL_FACH Support utranCell EFACHSPPTIND .423: DL Controled MBR Switch UARFCN “UTRAN Iur downlink interface (Nd). Support Indicator End Time to Close Frequency UtranCell EndTimetoClsF . Intelligently(h:min:sec) TS 25. Indicator Cell Enhanced F-DPCH utranCell EfdpchSupInd . . . . .331: DL Controled MBR “RRC Protocol Specification” utranCell DlCtrlMBRSwitch . . DL RNSAP DL Tx Power Switch for utranCell DlPwrHoSwch -UARFCN. DSAR DCHSDSCHSUPP Dual-Cell HS-DSCH utranCell TIND . -signalling” Handover TS 25. Frequency (hour) . Parameters Index utranCell DlControledMBR . Support Indication Detected Set Handover utranCell DetSetHoSwch . Number of Barred AC in utranCell CSBarAcNum . Indicator Forbidden Time of Closing After Opening the UtranCell ForbTimAftOpnF .

Specification” .433: Interface >Latitude “UTRAN RANAP Iub Latitude Sign for Cell utranCell LatitudeSign Sign Interface Signalling”NBAP Center Signalling” Local Cell ID. signalling” TS 25.304: “UE HCS_PRIO. RNSAP . HSPA Support Method IFORRATHOSWC Inter Frequency or Inter utranCell H . TS . “UTRAN Iur Based on UE Number Frequency interface During Closing Frequency UtranCell FreClsOpnTrigTm band . Procedures in utranCell HcsPrio HCS Prio Idle Mode” HCS_PRIO utranCell HspaSptMeth .423: “UTRAN Iur Inter-frequency Handover utranCell InterHoMth .413: Specification” Frequency Band Indicator TS 25. .331: “RRC Protocol band “RRC Protocol Specification” utranCell FreqBandInd indicator 2 TS 25. Layer 2 Support Indicator Calculation Application Part (PCAP) utranCell InnerAngle Inner Angle signalling” Inner Angle TS 25.413: identification” Location Area Code Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface > Degrees Of RANAP Degree of Latitude for Cell utranCell Latitude Latitude TS 25. (Load Control) .25.453: TS RAT Handover Switch “UTRAN Iupc interface Cell Downlink Enhanced utranCell ImpDlL2SuptInd .401: Local Cell “UTRAN Overall utranCell LCId Identifier Description “ Local Cell Identity Application Priority Index utranCell LdCtlPriIndex .25. Frequency Band TS 25.331: Frequency TS 25.003: LAC. Intelligently(s) indicator. TS 25. Location addressing and utranCell LAC Area Code TS 25. . Method TS 23. -interface Method RNSAP signalling” Inter-frequency Handover utranCell InterHoTactic .331: “RRC Protocol Inter-RAT Handover utranCell IntRatHoMth . “Numbering. Positioning .413: Signalling” Center Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates TS 25.413: Tactic “UTRAN Iu TS 25.423: Trigger Time of Judgment Indicator.423: “UTRAN Iu "UTRAN Interface Iur Geographical interface RANAP Geographical Area Report utranCell GARptType Area RNSAP Signalling” Type signalling" TS 25. .331: Interface UTRAN Measurement Measuremen “RRC Protocol RANAP Quantity for Intra- utranCell IntraMeasQuan t quantity Specification” Signalling” frequency Measurements TS 25.

RCP Module Number MR-CELL Measurement utranCell MrCellMeasSwit .331: Quantity for Inter- NonIntraMeasQua quality “RRC Protocol frequency and Inter-RAT utranCell n estimate Specification” Measurements Maximum Bit Rate on DL DCH for NRT PS RAB in utranCell NrtMaxDlRateDch . TS . Switch MR-CELL Measurement Reporting Interval utranCell MrCelMRptIntCoef .331: “RRC Protocol Cell MIMO Support utranCell MimoSuptInd .433: Maximum RNSAP “UTRAN Iub Transmission signalling” Interface NBAP Cell Maximum utranCell MAXDlTxPwr Power TS 25. Mobile “Numbering. TS 25.413: Signalling” Transmission Power(dBm) “UTRAN Iu Maximum Allowable Rate Interface on DCH to be Increased to RANAP When UE is in Macro utranCell MaxRateMD . Nfast utranCell NodebNo Measuremen .25. - Signalling” Diversity TS 25. Indicator TS 23.423: > Degrees Of RANAP Iur “UTRAN Degrees of Longitude for utranCell Longitude Longitude Signalling” interface Cell Center TS 25. . . . .003: MCC. Network addressing and utranCell MNC Code identification” Mobile Network Code utranCell Module . . - Signalling” MIMO Pilot Mode TS 25. Coefficient MR-UE Measurement utranCell MrUeMeasSwit . . Specification” .413: Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface TS 25.413: MIMO Indicator “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP UtranCell MimoPilotMode . Switch utranCell Nfast .423: Country addressing “UTRAN Iurand utranCell MCC Code identification” interface Mobile Country Code RNSAP signalling” utranCell MimoInd . Mobile “Numbering.331: “RRC Protocol Specification” utranCell MbmsSuptInd . . . TS 25. Serving Cell . Support MBMS Indicator TS 23.003: MNC. NodeB Number t quantity for UTRAN Measurement frequency TS 25.

. Nslow TS 25. . OCNS Calculation Application Part (PCAP) utranCell OffsetAngle Offset angle signalling” Offset Angle Switch of Algorithm Used to Open the Frequency UtranCell OpenFreAlg . Maximum Bit Rate on E- DCH for NRT PS RAB in UtranCell NrtMaxRateEdch . Serving Cell utranCell Nslow . Intelligently Switch of Paging and PagingLocaBarSw Location/Registration utranCell h . TS .433: “UTRAN Iub N_OUTSYN TS 25. . . .413: Interface NBAP utranCell NumOutSyncInd C_IND “UTRAN Iu Signalling” N_OUTSYNC_IND Interface RANAP Signalling” Code Node Number with UtranCell OCNSCode . . .25.25.413: Latitude(degree) Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface >Latitude RANAP Polygon Point Latitude utranCell PolyLatitudeSign Sign Signalling” Sign . SIB6 Configuration Tag PLMN Number of Sharing utranCell PLmnNum .453: TS SF =128 for OCNS “UTRAN Iupc Number of the Codes with interface OCNSCodeNumbe SF =128 Ordered for UtranCell r . . .433: “UTRAN Iub N_INSYNC_I Interface NBAP utranCell NumInSyncInd ND Signalling” N_INSYNC_IND TS 25. Message PCCPCH Information in utranCell PccpchInfSib5Pre . Positioning .25. Restriction Sending Times of Paging utranCell PagingSendTimes .413: the Cell “UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP utranCell PolygonPointNum Polygon Signalling” Polygon Point Number Geographical Coordinates > Degrees Of Degree of Polygon Point utranCell PolyLatitude Latitude TS . Serving Cell Maximum Bit Rate on UL DCH for NRT PS RAB in utranCell NrtMaxUlRateDch . SIB5 Configuration Tag PCCPCH Information in utranCell PccpchInfSib6Pre .

413: Geographical “UTRAN Iu Coordinates Interface > Degrees Of RANAP Degrees of Polygon Point utranCell PolyLongitude Longitude TS 25. . .331: Signalling” Longitude(degree) “RRC Protocol Dynamic Persistence Specification” Level Information of SIB6 TS 25. Signalling” .003: RNSAP RAC.413: and utranCell RAC Code identification” “UTRAN Iu Routing Area Code Interface RANAP utranCell RatHoTactic . TS 25.331: 25. “UTRAN Iur Limited TS 25. Indicator (N=0…9) TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur Number of Barred AC in utranCell PSBarAcNum . Serving Cell Maximum Bit Rate on E- DCH for RT PS RAB in UtranCell RtMaxRateEdch . -interface PS Domain RNSAP signalling” TS 25. . - “UTRAN Iur Configuration Tag interface RNSAP utranCell PrefTrafType .003: RNC-ID. . .433: Primary “UTRAN Iub Scrambling Interface NBAP Cell Primary Scrambling utranCell PrimScraCode Code Signalling” Code PS Domain Specific Access Class N Barred utranCell PsACBarredOmcr . Preferred Traffic Type TS 25. “Numbering. . “Numbering. TS 25. Type Tag . TS 25. signalling” .423: PRACH in SIB7 utranCell PrachSib6Pre .423: -Signalling” DSAR _Limit. Serving Cell Maximum Bit Rate on UL DCH for RT PS RAB in UtranCell RtMaxUlRateDch .433: Switch of Polling in PS utranCell PSDsarPollingSwh . Inter-RAT Handover Tactic TS 23.413: -“UTRAN Iub Domain DSAR “UTRAN Interface IuNBAP Interface Signalling” RANAP Switch of PS Domain utranCell PSDsarSwh Power_Raise . Serving Cell RTT Measurement utranCell RttMeasSptInd .423: interface Power “RRC “UTRAN RNSAP Protocol Iur utranCell PwrRaisLim Increase Specification” interface signalling” Power Raise Limit(dB) TS 23. signalling” Routing Area addressing TS 25. RNC addressing and RNC Identity of UTRAN utranCell RncId Identifier identification” cell Maximum Bit Rate on DL DCH for RT PS RAB in UtranCell RtMaxDlRateDch . Support Indicator UE Rx-Tx time difference utranCell RttTypeFlag .

Service Handover Switch TS 25.413: “UTRAN Iu Interface TS 25. Sector Identity UtranCell ServHoSwch . Soft Handover Method Start Time to Close Frequency UtranCell StartTimetoClsF . Service TS addressing 25.003: RNSAP “Numbering. . SAC.331: SIB6 “RRC Protocol utranCell SIB6Ind Indicator Specification” SIB6 Indicator utranCell SIB7Originator .003: “Numbering. S-CPICH Support Indicator utranCell SectorId . . Scheduling Priority Index UtranCell ScpichSupInd . . Indicator . Service addressing and Service Area Code for CS utranCell SACPC Area Code identification” and PS Domain utranCell ScenarioType . . signalling” SAC. . SACB Configuration Tag TS 23.433 utranCell SttdSuptInd indicator TS25. . SIB7 Originator utranCell SoftHoMth .331: SIB12 “RRC Protocol utranCell SIB12Ind Indicator Specification” SIB12 Indicator TS 25.423: RANAP “UTRAN Iur Signalling” interface TS 23. . signalling” TS 25.331 STTD Support Indicator Cell 64QAM Support utranCell Supt64QamInd . . Indicator STTD RNSAP Indicator. Intelligently(h:min:sec) STTD TS 25. Signalling” . Scenario Type utranCell SchPriIndex . interface .423: STTD and MIMO Support “UTRAN Iur Activation Binding utranCell SttdMimoBindInd Indicator.413: and Service Area Code for BC utranCell SACB Area Code identification” “UTRAN Iu Domain Interface RANAP utranCell SACBPre .331: SIB4 “RRC Protocol utranCell SIB4Ind Indicator Specification” SIB4 Indicator TS 25. . . signalling” STTD TS25.

. . UL Controled MBR utranCell UlCtrlMBRSwitch . Handover . Tslowjudge(s) Cell HSUPA 2ms TTI utranCell Tti2msSuptInd . . .433: “UTRAN Iub Interface NBAP utranCell TCell T Cell Signalling” T_Cell utranCell Tfast . Tfast(s) Inter-frequency Measurement Configuration Index utranCell TrfCatInterMIdx . Multi-User Detection utranCell SuptMulUsDetInd . Related to Traffic Category Inter-RAT Measurement Configuration Index utranCell TrfCatRatMIdx . Support Indicator TUTRAN-GPS Measurement Support utranCell TutranGpsSptInd . . . UL Controled MBR Switch UE Tx Power Switch for utranCell UlPwrHoSwch . Indicator UE Number Threshold Used for Closing UtranCell UeNumThreshCls . . Support Indicator TS 25. . Related to Traffic Category utranCell TrfPcIndex . .433: “UTRAN Iub T_RLFAILUR Interface NBAP utranCell TRlFailure E Signalling” T_RLFAILURE(s) utranCell Tslow . Handover utranCell UlControledMBR . . Frequency Intelligently UL BLER Switch for utranCell UlBlerHoSwch . . . Related to Traffic Category Intra-frequency Measurement Configuration Index utranCell TrfCatIntraMIdx . . Tslow(s) utranCell Tslowjudge . . . Traffic PC Index TS 25.

.433: 25.331: in Procedures on “RRC Protocol PenaltyTimeSib11 Penalty_time Idle Mode” Penalty Time in SIB11 Specification” Quality Threshold Level for TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface RNSAP signalling” TS TS 25.401 URA Identity “UTRAN Iur UARFCN TS 25.331: in Procedures Hierarchical Cell CPICH Threshold Ec/No Broadcasted “RRC Protocol Quality Reselection (Qhcs)Level of for on QhcsEcN0Sib11 Qhcs Idle Mode” in SIB11(dB) Applying Prioritised Specification” Neighbouring Cell When TS 25. .331: in Procedures Reselection (Qhcs) Broadcasted in of on QhcsRscpSib11 Qhcs “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” Neighbouring SIB11(dBm) Cell When Specification” Measurement Quantity is TS 25.331: Neighbouring Physical Cell on NPHYCID . URA Specification” Specification” utranCell URA Identity TS 25. RNC utranRelati TS 25.401: utranRelati C-Id. “RRC “RRC Protocol Protocol URA ID.304: “UE utranRelati TS 25.304: “UE Hierarchical Measurement Cell Quantity is utranRelati TS 25. Frequency TS 25. TS 25. signalling” URA Number UARFCN. Neighboring Cell Does Neighbouring Cell utranRelati Belong to Self Physical on NCToSelfPhyRnc . Protocol Identity Specification” TS 25. - RNSAP Cell VAM Support Indicator Cell signalling” TS 25.423: TS25.304: “UE Applying Prioritised Measurement Quantity is utranRelati TS 25.331: in Procedures Hierarchical Cell on “RRC Protocol PenaltyTimeSib12 Penalty_time Idle Mode” Reselection Time(Qhcs) Penalty Threshold of in SIB12 Specification” Quality Neighbouring Cell Level Whenfor TS 25.331: 25.331: UTRA “UTRAN Iub “RRC Protocol utranCell UseOfHCS Absolute Interface NBAP Use of HCS Specification” Use of HCS Radio Signalling”.304: “UE CPICH RSCP utranRelati Procedures in Broadcasted in on QhcsRscpSib12 Qhcs Idle Mode” SIB12(dBm) .331: interface “RRC Protocol uplink (Nu). .331: utranRelati Individual TS “RRC25.331: Protocol on CellIndivOffset Offset “RRC Protocol Specification” Cell Individual Offset(dB) Specification” TS 25.331: URA-ID. Cell “UTRAN Overall on CId Identifier Description “ Cell Identity utranRelati Forbidden Cell Indicator on FbdCellInd . RNSAP utranCell URANum maxURA UL Specification” UARFCN. for Event 1A/1B utranRelati Measurement Priority of on MeasPrio . “RRC .331: in Procedures Reselection (Qhcs) CPICH Threshold of Ec/No Broadcasted “RRC Protocol Quality Neighbouring Cell Level When for on QhcsEcN0Sib12 Qhcs Idle Mode” in SIB12(dB) Applying Prioritised Specification” Measurement Quantity is TS 25.304: “UE Hierarchical CPICH RSCP Cell utranRelati TS 25.304: “UE Applying Prioritised utranRelati TS 25.401: Channel “UTRAN Overall utranCell UUARFCN Number Description “ UUARFCN TS 25. TS TS 25.423: “UTRAN Iur interface utranCell VamSupInd .

n “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” Quality Offsetin1 SIB11(dB) Broadcasted Specification” (Qoffset1s.n Idle Mode” Broadcasted in SIB12(dB) TS 25.304: “UE Serving Cell and utranRelati TS 25.331: in Procedures Temporary_offset1 in on TempOffset1Sib12 ffset1 “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” SIB12 Specification” TS 25.304: “UE utranRelati Temporary_o TS 25. Specification” or SIB11bis UE State Indicator Used utranRelati TS 25.331: in Procedures Temporary_offset1 in on TempOffset1Sib11 ffset1 “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” SIB11 Specification” TS 25.n ) Between TS 25.331: for UTRAN Neighboring on StateMode .n “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” Quality Offsetin2 SIB12(dB) Broadcasted Specification” (Qoffset2s.304: “UE Serving Cell and utranRelati TS 25. Share Cover Indication TS 25.331: in Procedures Neighbouring Cell on Qoffset1SNSib11 Qoffset1s.331: utranRelati “RRC Protocol on UseOfHCS Use of HCS Specification” Use of HCS . Protocol Cell Configuration Specification” TS 25.331: “RRC Protocol Quality Offset 1 Specification” (Qoffset1s. “RRC .331: in Procedures Neighbouring Cell on Qoffset2SNSib11 Qoffset2s.331: in Procedures Temporary_offset2 in on TempOffset2Sib11 ffset2 “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” SIB11 Specification” TS 25.n) Between TS 25.304: “UE utranRelati Temporary_o TS 25.304: “UE utranRelati Temporary_o TS 25.304: “UE utranRelati Temporary_o Procedures in Temporary_offset2 in on TempOffset2Sib12 ffset2 Idle Mode” SIB12 TS 25. .n) Between TS 25.n “RRC Protocol Idle Mode” Quality Offset2 Broadcasted in SIB11(dB) Specification” (Qoffset2s.331: utranRelati Read SFN “RRC Protocol on ReadSFNInd indicator Specification” Read SFN Indicator utranRelati on ShareCover . TS 25.331: utranRelati “RRC Protocol Broadcast in either SIB11 on Sib11orSib11bis .331: in Procedures Neighbouring Cell on Qoffset1SNSib12 Qoffset1s.304: “UE Serving Cell and utranRelati Procedures in Neighbouring Cell on Qoffset2SNSib12 Qoffset2s.n) Between TS 25.304: “UE Serving Cell and utranRelati TS 25.

Value Range and Parameter Description Related FG Unit Default Value This parameter Step This parameter indicates the filter factor indicates the maximum of the background noise absolute being adjustedbackground noise downward.. where It istheused Basic Identification Neighboring to predict the Cell power for cell locates.62)dB step 0.. noise the The new adjustment background conditions is openof cell or 0: Closed noise unloaded not. indicates Admission Control dB dB 30dB services inthe This parameter a cell for background indicates thenoise maximum adjustment update adjustment usedthreshold.65534 N/A - increasement of new Measurement. to threshold. Noise Background Paramater 0.62)dB step 0.. being adjustedWhen the cell upwad. admission control.9 .02 indicates whether downlink access control is open or closed for the 0: Closed This cell. the cell load factor for in Admission Control dB dB 0. parameter Admission Control 1: Open N/A Open This parameter indicates the maximum This number parameter indicates of the threshold Users can be This parameter indicates the DRNC real of the number carried onthe indicates of Downlink effective Parameter for time lightloaded services for load factor Enhancedcounter unloaded CELL_FACH future use (0~255) step by 1 N/A 64 threshold. Admission Control (0. Admission Control (0.01 N/A 0.01 N/A 0..1) step 0.1 of theparameter number of noise.01 N/A 0. Itinisaused calculation cell.1 the absolute background indicates whether value noise noise.25 determines the This parameter maximum range to indicates the threshold adjust This the background (0. corresponding When of the the loadbackground factor of noise the threshold.100)% step 1% % 0. Admission Control (1.100 N/A 20 dynamic configuration (BNDC) and the calculation of load factor of the cell.1 neighboring new and value..1) step 0.01.100)% step 1% % 0.. (0. the indicates inthe starts to adjust services offset a cell theis of unload background below threshold noiseofto the this threshold. Admission Control (1....5dB dB -7 dB used to calculate one of the conditions to start the background noise This parameter measurement.adjustment. It Admission Control (0.which is Admission Control (-24. Admission Control 0...1) step 0. cell starts unloaded the user plane is detected measurement and base noise value used in background may be updated noise Admission Control 1.2 dB This parameter background noise this cell isthe indicates belowfilterthefactor measurement. downlink service it is regarded request in callas near unloaded. This parameter Noise Admission Control 0..62)dB step 0.0) step 0. of Admission Control dB dB 3 dB the differentce dynamic background between configuration.. cauluate theWhen the condition when times the number of to startofthe services cellbackground inlarger unloaded a cell thanis counter is noise measurement. and state the old areone that Admission Control 1: Open N/A Open This exceeds the parameter number thisofthreshold.100 N/A 3 This parameter indicates the maximum orthogonal factor of current cell. This parameter in of step If (0.1 below this threshold.100 N/A 0 Measurement+Offset indicates theisdefault of Cell Identity Unload Threshold validofonly CPICH in the RNC Ec/No. this parameters.2 neighboring cell is in unloaded state. is less than Unloaded background noise Threshold update willfor be Background performed.

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from which the
number parameter
indicates the this number
statistic (4(0),8(1),16(2),32(3
of the exceed
reference SF ),64(4),128(5),256(6)
threshold, size this fornew the
layer is calculated.
statistics of uplink Admission Control ,512(7)) N/A 128
“RRC setup request” will
not be accepted noise. on
When the condition of
DCH ,and it will attempt
on FACH. noise Admission Control 0.. 255 N/A 200
adjustment is satisfied,
the new value is the
average value in the
This Admission Control 1..100 N/A 20
This parameter
indicates the
whether uplinkuplink
This parameter
interference factor of
access parameter
indicates control
the unloadedisisopen
used 0: Off
or calculate
closed for cells the to current
the cell. Admission Control 1: On N/A 0: Off
cell. It is the Whenratio the of
relationship between
cell’s load
interference is of the than
this threshold,preambles, it load
is to
between thenearcell
self as
cell load. PRACH Admission Control (0.01..2) step0.01 N/A 0.5
unloaded. and And it is one
of the conditions between to start
the background noiseIn
measurement. this parameter Admission Control (0..100)% step 1% % 0.03
is used parameter
by the UE to Node B
calculate the the effective Management
sub-channel No. code of /Connection
available to ASC. spreading Code Resource
Management (0, 1) N/A 0
This of AICH is 256, so Allocation /Node B
the rage of
indicates the itscommon Management
channelization channel codeID of is 0 /Connection
~ 255. Common
AICH. the common Management 0..255 N/A 2
physical channel
channel ID of
ID only
Cell Identity
PRACH which is valid
the unique
in the RNC where identifier
allocated to one to thisthe Basic Identification
cell locates.
AICH. Common Paramater 0..65534 N/A -
common physical
channel within channel ID is
a cell
the unique
One cell can contain identifier Node B
several AICHs. to one Management 132..163 N/A 132
common physical
channel within a cell.
One cell can contain Node B
several PRACH. Management 68..99 N/A 68
This parameter Node B
indicates whether the Management
STTD is activated for /Connection 0: Inactive
AICH. Management 1: Active N/A Inactive

This parameter
indicates the Application
Priority configuration
index. There are several
This parameter
indicatessets of
the Application
Priority (AP) which of theis
mapped from Basic Priority
Priority, bearer in RNC typeleveland
rate segment. It is can
different cells used
use thiscontrol.
in load parameter It makesto
index the different
possible to provide sets
of the configuration
higher rate to users with
higher priority Thewhile
lower rate to users with
parameters indicated by
lower priority. QoS Guarantee 0..15 N/A AP_Default
this index is used for
selecting users in
congestion control and
load control QoS Guarantee 0..255 N/A AP_Default
This parameter 0:DCH
This parameter
indicates the service 1:HSPA
indicates used
direction the radio in 2:MBMS
bearer parameter
type.priority QoS Guarantee N/A AP_Default
indicates the segment 1..MAX_BP_SEGME
of the Basic The uplink It is
Priority. NT,
application priority is of
used in the mapping MAX_BP_SEGMEN
mapped from
the Application Priority. uplink QoS Guarantee T=16 N/A AP_Default
rate, and downlink
application priority is
mapped from downlink 0: Uplink
rate parameter QoS Guarantee 1: Downlink N/A AP_Default
indicates the segment 1..MAX_NUM_RATE
of rate. It is used in the 0: Voice
This parameter of the 1: Video
indicates thePriority.
Basic QoS Guarantee 2: Streaming
DJUST =6 N/A AP_Default
This parameter 1..MAX_ARP_SEG
3: Background
Priority (BP) which is a
indicates the segment MENT,
kind of service
of Allocation/Retention priority MAX_ARP_SEGME
mapping from RAB ENT+3,
Priority (ARP). QoS Guarantee NT=15
corresponding to the N/A BP_Default
parameters such as
traffic class and QoS Guarantee values of THP
BCH transmission segment of
power. is the
It This used code tree
in other
parameter /overbooking on
reserved interactive services
is the offset relative tois
RRM ratio,
priority which
mapping. iux 0..15
N/A BP_Default
PCPICH in the admission
algorithm based ENT
indicates BCH theisreserved
traffic 19: Session Initiation
one code
to onetree to PCCPCH
ratio, in order to reserve QoS Guarantee Protocol N/A BP_Default
This channel.
parameter In
This parameter one
the for
cell users
common only of Power Control
contains one
indicates service
channel type.
the indexIDofof /Node B (-35..+15) dB step
the parameter
configuration of used
the Management 0.1dB dB -3dB
of algorithm
the channel
admission is theis
This Identity
reference SF islayer,
valid only
the unique
in the RNC identifier
where the Basic Identification
allocated means the
to Basic
Priority on
locates.usedtheoneinBasic Paramater 0..65534 N/A -
Priority. transport the
codes for
cell is for
channel within control
the service
a cell 0..16
algorithm. Its make
value Where 0~15 is the
One cell configurations
contains to theonly Node B
range is 0~16, where real value range for 0
of theBCH. SF
parameters. layer. And Management N/A 0
These istwotheparameters
real value the Basic Priority
range for cell can use
this bethe
parameter used Basic
to index
and 16 means
together, and
and 16the means handover.
handover. configuration. Admission Control N/A BPriAc
The set ofcodes parameters number
corresponding toSF
the reference this
index isis calculated
mapped from by Admission Control
using the code
the Basic Priority. tree 0..255 N/A BPriAc
reserved ratio. This
parameter is configured
based on the Basic
Priority. Admission Control (0~100)% % BPriAc

admission. If the
downlink parameter
exceeds this the admission
control threshold,for
threshold the
new admission
service requestcontrol.on
If parameter
the will
uplink interference
indicates not be
the admission
admitted. this
This for E-
control threshold
threshold, the
DCH configuredIf the
This service
on the Basic on
based interference request
DCH will not
Priority. this
exceeds the be downlink Admission Control (1.. 100)% step 1% % BPriAc
TCP thresholdThisadmission
for the
parameter threshold,
is configured
new admission.
service If the
downlink therequested
on power Basic
on E-DCH will not be
Priority. Admission Control (0.. 62)dB step 0.1 dB BPriAc
admitted.this Thisadmission
control threshold,
parameter is configured the
new service requested Bit0 1:Not
This on the Basic
on HS-DSCH will not be Barred
indicates downlink Admission Control The first instance
(0..62)dB step 0.1of dB BPriAc
admitted. the ThisMBMS the parameter Bit1 1:Not
parameterthreshold for
is configured Barred
MBMS corresponds to
This on the BasicIf the
parameter If
Access Class 0, the Bit2 1:Not
cell load ispower
greater than
Priority. one of DCH
indicates Admission Control (1..100)% step 1%
second to Access % BPriAc
the threshold this admission
CAC conditions when Class 1 and so on Bit3 0:Not
by this threshold,
parameter, the
DCH CAC threshold is up to Access Class Barred
new MBMS service will
counting/recounting will
higher than HS CAC 15. Bit4 0:Not
be be admitted. and the MBMS (1.. UE
100)%reads this
step 1% IE % BPriAc
threshold. This of its access class Barred
PTP /PTM mode
parameter is configured will be Bit5 1:Not
switched stored in SIM.
based on the Basic the
based on
Bitstring(16) Barred
Priority. Admission Control Bit0
(0..100)% % BPriAc
~ bit9 Bit6 1:Not
result.may be switch to
correspond to Barred
PTM mode based on
This parameter is cell AC0~AC9, Bit7 1:Not
the counting/recounting
reservation extension bit10~bit15 are 1% Barred
This parameter is cell MBMS (1.. 100)% step N/A BPriAc
indicator. If it is set reserved and take Bit8 0:Not
This indicator.
parameter Ifthe
the Barred
cell barred theisvalue
ifindicator is
Idle Mode and the value of 1.
of class barred
Intra-frequency Cell Common Channel 0: Barred Bit9 0:Not
set to
indicator ‘Barred’,
for AC0~AC9. UEs are Behavior 1: Not Barred N/A Barred
not permittedIndicator to is
‘not allowed’,
select/re-select this cell, UEs shall Idle Mode and
even foras if cell status
emergency Common Channel 1: Barred
calls. is indicated. Behavior 2: Not Barred N/A Not Barred
And if cell status status
‘not barred’ is indicated , Idle Mode and
the "Cell Reservation Common Channel 0: Reserved
Extension" is invalid. Behavior 1: Not Reserved N/A Not Reserved
Cell Identity is valid only
in the RNC where the Basic Identification
This parameter
cell locates. Paramater 0..65534 N/A -
indicates whether
deferred 0: Closed
This parameter is
SIB11/11bits/12 connection 1: Open
supported. the extension management N/A Closed
This parameter
of Qrxlevmin, is intra-
frequency cell
means Qrxlevmin = Idle Mode and
Qrxlevmin +indicator. If Common Channel
cell isparameter
barred , ifisthe
DeltaQrxlevmin. a Behavior (-4..-2)dB Step2dB dB -2dB
switch indicating
value of this parameter
is DeltaQrxlevmin
‘Allowed’, UE is Idle Mode and
used forto
allowed cell reselection
select other Common Channel 0:False
is configured or cell
intra-frequency Behavior 1:True N/A 0
This parameter
case it satisfies
indicates whether theHCS
cell Idle Mode and
serving cell information Common Channel 0: False
is configured If it or
is not.
set ‘Not Behavior 1: True N/A 0
Allowed’, when cell is
barred, UE will not Idle Mode and
select another intra- Common Channel
This parameter
frequency cell. Behavior 0: Allowed N/A Allowed
indicates the scaling
factor for cell Idle Mode and
reselection timer for the Common Channel
inter-frequency case. Behavior (1..4.75) step 0.25 N/A 2

If UE is not detected in
high mobility state, the
cell reselection timer
value for the inter-
frequency case is
Treselections or
Treselections,PCH or Idle Mode and
Treselections,FACH Common Channel 0: False
This parameter
multiplexing this factor. Behavior 1: True N/A :0:FALSE
If UE is not
indicates thedetected
scaling in
high mobility
factor for cell state, the Idle Mode and
cell reselection
reselection timer
timer for the Common Channel
value parameter
for the inter-RAT
indicates when case. Behavior (1..4.75) step 0.25 N/A 2
case is Treselections or
Treselections,PCH or are Idle Mode and 0: False
deferred reading, the
Treselections,FACH Common Channel 1: True
multiplexing this factor. Behavior N/A 0: False
reporting quantityinforhigh
If UE is detected
mobility report
state,inthe RRC cell 0: CPICH Ec/No
This parameter is a
switch indicating request
timer value connection 1: CPICH RSCP
This parameter
for the inter-RAT
whether inter-RAT case is management N/A CPICH Ec/No
indicates the maximum
number of cell or
parameters Idle Mode and
used for cell in
reselections case or
reselection of Common Channel
HCS usage. or not. If
configured Behavior 1..16 s 8
the value is False, this factor inter-
RAT Speed
information dependent Idle Mode and
This parameterfor
ScalingFactor Common Channel
indicates theare not
configured to UE, and Behavior 1..16 N/A 8
for evaluating allowed
amount parameter
of cellthe inter- Idle Mode and (Not Used[0], 30[1],
RAT the additional
reselection(s) in case of Common Channel 60[2], 120[3], 180[4],
time period
periodically before
according the
UE can parameter usage.
revert toislow-cell to Behavior 240[5])S s Not Used
the period
reserved inicated
indicator for by
the measurements
parameter Idle Mode and (Not Used[0], 10[1],
in case ofuse. non-HCS If the Common Channel 20[2], 30[3], 40[4],
value is ’reserved’, If thethe
value is True, inter-RAT Behavior 50[5], 60[6], 70[7])s s Not Used
cell cannot be campped
on, except forparameters
particular Idle Mode and
are parameter
configured to UE,
UEs, parameter
if sothe
indicates indicated
hysteresis in Common Channel 0: Reserved
the UE
system judges
the whether
information. Behavior 1: Not Reserved N/A Not Reserved
to parameter
for FDD
perform thewhen cells
inter-RAT in
indicates(Qhyst)the quality UE
This the quality
measurement. For used Idle Mode and
is in
threshold levels
for for
for FDDplease thecell
cells hysteresis
caseto Common Channel 0 :False
TS 25.304. prioritised
(Qhyst)and when UE Behavior 1: True N/A 1
the parameter
hierarchical measure
cell for
is in CELL_PCH
indicates the is set
quality to
CPICH selection
reselection,RSCP and
when orfor Cpich Idle Mode and
reselection isused
levels set for
cells cell-ranking
in casequantitythe Common Channel (-24..0)dB step
is CPICH prioritised
RSCP or Cpich
quality REc/No.
hierarchical ofcellcell for cell Behavior 0.5dB dB -12dB
EcNo. If
reselection, this parameter
the R value
is not and
provided when in SIB4, Idle Mode and
measurement cellis equals
set to
quantity to Common Channel (-115..-26)dBm step
the measured shall be value used.
RSCP. or Cpich
hysteresis Behavior 1dBm dBm -92dBm
the hysteresis criterion
R of cellIf this
(Qhyst) parameter
reselection, when UEthe
is not For the
provided hysteresis
details in SIB4, Idle Mode and
R in
value CELL_FACH,
value for ofFDD serving cells used
for FDD refer
shall toin
be TS used. Common Channel
25.304. thetocells
the measured
quality case
Behavior (0..40)dB step2 dB dB 10dB
the cell-ranking
value quality
plusfor measure
the criterion for
R of cell cell
cell selection
selection value. For the
and Idle Mode and
R value
reselection of
details please serving
is set
refer tocell
equals to the is measured
set to to Common Channel
TS 25.304.
Ec/No. If this
In cell- Behavior (0..40)dB step 1dB dB 10dB
parameterplus the
is not R of
ranking criterion
hysteresisinvalue. For Idle Mode and
cell reselection, SIB4,the R
Qhyst2s please
shall refer
be to
used. Common Channel
value of
25.304. serving cell Behavior (0..40)dB step 1dB dB 10dB
equals to the measured criterion
R of cell reselection,
value plus Qhyst2s. For the Idle Mode and
R value of serving
details please refer to cell Common Channel
TS 25.304. to the measured Behavior (0..40)dB step 2 dB dB 2dB
value plus the
hysteresis value. For Idle Mode and
details please refer to Common Channel
TS 25.304. Behavior (0..40)dB step 1dB dB 2dB

provided in SIB4,
Qhyst2s parameter
shall be used.
In cell-ranking the minimum criterion
required quality
R of cell reselection, level the of
the cell which
R value of serving cell satisfies
equals condition
to the of being
value plus the or reselected
by UE. When
hysteresis value. the For Idle Mode and
measurement is used
for pleasePLMN
restricting refer to Common Channel
is parameter
Ec/No, only
reselection Behavior (0..40)dB step 1dB dB 2dB
the measured the inter-RAT
quality of
the cell cellis selection
measurement overtriggering and Idle Mode and
Qqualmin for the In
canHCS cell
the cell cell Common Channel
required and
be selected. power Behavior (-24..0)dB step 1dB dB -18dB
level of
used bythe UEcell Squal
to judge which = Idle Mode and
whether inter-RAT the –condition of Common Channel
being selected
measurement should be + or Behavior //Node B
performed. byAssumeUE. When the Management (1..16) step 1dB dB 16dB
This parameter
QrxlevminOffset is used Idle Mode and
indicates level
whether of serving
the Common Channel 0:False
for restricting
quantity is CPICH PLMN
cell is Srxlev,
ping-pong the will
reselection quality be Behavior //Node B 1:True
of serving only the
cell is Squal, 0:False
when cell in SIB3 and
selection Management N/A
Srxlev<=SHCS,RAT received or
power level In the
of cell
selection and is not cell is Idle Mode and
over Qrxlevmin
configured, UE can the Common Channel (-115..-25)dBm step
cell parameter
be selected. Srxlev = Behavior 2dBm dBm -115dBm
Qrxlevmeas inter-RAT
indicates the–inter-
Idle Mode and
frequency + in case
measurement Common Channel
QrxlevminOffset) – ,forif Behavior //Node B
cell Management (2..16)step 2dB dB 16dB
T, UEparameter
does not perform Idle Mode and
inter-RAT parameter
whether is a the Common Channel 0:False
measurement, which
used by UE indicates
to judge
if Squal be Behavior //Node B 1:True
parameter in SIB3 is Management N/A 0:False
indicatesparameter the is aIf be
performs the or intra-
inter-RAT not.
performed. which indicates
is not
When quantity HCS Idle Mode and
whether parameter
measurement measurement
Sintersearch onand the is
for cellused,
is not
triggering selection UE
thresholdthe quality
for Common Channel 1: CPICH Ec/No
configured the or inter-RAT
not. If the
cell serving
cell exceeds Behavior 2: CPICH RSCP N/A CPICH Ec/No
value having
is False, highertriggering HCS
threshold for
priority. For details UE used
higher may by Idle Mode and
choose to UE not is not
please to
configured judge
refer whether
to UE, andTS Common Channel
25.304. to performs
reselection(Slimit,Searc Behavior (1..91)dB step 2dB dB 9dB
This performs
measurement; the inter-
ifUE a be
This used
parameter byshould to
quality measurement
of whether
serving Forcell is Idle Mode and
indicates whether
periodically When inter-RAT
according HCS
the to
is larger
not used,Sintrasearch
pleasethan if refer
the to
quality is Common Channel 0: False
the period
configured inicated
or should
not. by
If the be
of 25.304.
performed. cell orexceeds
Assume if the Behavior 1: True N/A 0
value parameter
is False,
parameters are level isUEof not may
serving Idle Mode and
configured, UE Ifnot
isperform the
cell is
value to
is True, not the
intoSIB3 quality
or Common Channel 0: SIB3
intra-frequency inter- UE, and
UE performs cellis theis Squal,
intra- Behavior 1: SIB4 N/A SIB3
Srxlev<=SHCS,RAT if the
measurement. to UE,
measurement Forcelland or Idle Mode and
UE judges of serving
whether not is
not larger
configured, pleasethanUE refer to
according to to Common Channel
TS period
25.304. theinicated
inter- by Behavior (0..20 )dB Step 2dB dB 10dB
frequency or if
the parameter
Sintrasearch is in not
Treselections. IfFor case
the Idle Mode and
detailsisplease UE refer ,toif Common Channel 0: False
performs True,
TS 25.304. is
Sintrasearch Behavior 1: True N/A 1
T, UE does to notUE, perform
measurement. Forand Idle Mode and
UE judges whether to
measurement, please refer
if Squal to Common Channel
TS 25.304. the
parameter intra- Behavior (0..20 )dB Step 2dB dB 14dB
performs the
factor of cell For
reselection Idle Mode and
detailsinplease on theto
refer Common Channel 0: False
neighboring UE’s high
TS 25.304.
mobility state. For UE Behavior 1: True N/A 1
cells having higher HCS
UE in high
priority. For details mobility Idle Mode and
pleaseitsrefer cell to reselection
TS Common Channel
25.304. value equals to Behavior (0..20 )dB Step2dB dB 6dB
Treselections or
Treselections,PCH or Idle Mode and
Treselections,FACH Common Channel
multiplexing this factor. Behavior (0..1) step 0.1 N/A 0.5

UE’s serving
threshold for cell
belongs to SsearchHCS
HCS, if the is
configured or not. When
T) used level
by UE of
cell serving cell
is notinter-RAT
larger than
belongs to HCS,
This parameter or ififathebe
quality of
SsearchHCS servingis not cell is
not which
larger When
than indicates HCS
is not used,
whether scaling UE
if the quality
performs UE
performs cell exceeds
cell reselection
intra- timer Idle Mode and
in UE high and UE
mobilityonmay all
state Common Channel 0: False
intra-frequency inter-
frequency to notor
is configured perform
not. Behavior 1: True N/A 0:FALSE
neighboring cell. ifFor Idle Mode and
SsearchHCS is ifnotthe
details of
quality please
serving refer celltois Common Channel
TS 25.304. UE always Behavior (1..91)dB step2dB dB 9dB
not larger than
performs intra-
frequency andorinter- if Idle Mode and 0: False
frequency is not Common Channel 1: True
measurement. UE Behavior N/A 0:FALSE
performs inter-RAT
measurement. For Idle Mode and
details please refer to Common Channel
TS 25.304. Behavior (0..20 )dB Step 2dB dB 6dB
This parameter Idle Mode and (10[0],20[1],40[2],80[
This parameter
indicates the barred Common Channel 3],160[4],320[5],640[
This parameter
indicates the period for
time of
indicates a barred
the cellcell. Behavior 6],1280[7])s s 10s
This parameterallowed
amount parameter
reselectionofthe timer
cell value Idle Mode and (Not Used[0], 30[1],
This parameter
indicates the cell
the UE shall
reselection use
timer in
in case RRC
value. of Common Channel 60[2], 120[3], 180[4],
time duration
connected the
mode cell
before the
UE usage.
reselection reselect the Behavior 240[5])s s Not used
UE transits timer
CELL_FACH fromifnew value
the cellshall
mobility if theuse
state to in
RRC Idle Mode and (Not Used[0], 10[1],
is SIB4, otherwise
better ranked than the
mobility state
Treselections mode in states
shall beof
case Common Channel 20[2], 30[3], 40[4],
CELL_PCH cell according
and to
used. usage.
indicatesUE theshall reselect
index of in Behavior 50[5], 60[6], 70[7])s s Not used
the cell-ranking
URA_PCH if criterion
during cell
a time if the GBRnew
interval Idle Mode and
cell is otherwise
best ranked
Treselections Consumption
by shall be Common Channel
Treselections. tobased
the cell- on Behavior (0..31)s step 1s s 1s
ranking UE shall
criterion reselect
the service
newa cell type.
the new
Different time
requirements Idle Mode and
cell is
indicatedbest ranked
by the cell Common Channel
need different
according totimer
the cell-
In the HSDPA of Rvalue.
cell the
that Behavior (0..6.2)s step 0.2 s s 2s
ranking criterion
CodeReAssInd And
during a time interval to is set Idle Mode and
"1: Support",
indicated by the Limiting
some cellthe Common Channel
downlink GBR
DPCH Resource
reselection timer value. Behavior (0..31)s step 1s s 2s
Consumption code
could of the cellif
be re-assigned
can free
the be indexed
channelization by this
SF512 code number is Load Control 0..65535 N/A 1
larger than this
Cell Identity is valid only
This parameter
parameter is used
in the RNCso
the Basic Identification
cell resource
locates. Paramater 0..65534 N/A -
assignment theisnumberoptimized of
and more SF16 codes based
on code
could be occupation
assigned to Code Resource
ratio to
HS-PDSCH. judge whether Allocation (0,…,512), step 1 N/A 64
the criteria of is used
in the procedure
decreasing the HS- of
PDSCH number is of
the number Code Resource
parameter based
satisfied. Allocation 0..512 N/A 16
on code
indicates occupation
the estimated
ratio parameter
to reserve a certain
indicates HSDPA
the maximum
power. codesbe for the
used in Code Resource
number of E-DCH
DPCH. admission users Allocation 0..512 N/A 16
in the cell. It will be
guaranteed If thebypower
admission delta control P of
mechanism. service Admission Control 0..65535 N/A 64
request is lower than
this value, this value will
be used instead of delta (-35..15) dB step 0.1
P. Admission Control dB dB -10 dB

This parameter
indicates the index
offset, of the scrambling
code used by HS-
PDSCH parameter
and HS-SCCH,
to the cellthe maximum
primary Code Resource
number of
scrambling code. HS-DSCH Allocation 0..15 N/A 0
users in the cell. It will
be guaranteed
The parameter by indicates Admission Control
the initial control /HSDPA
This parameter of the
Introduction 0..65535 N/A 64
total transmission
indicates whether the power
HS-PDSCHs’ codes of a HS-
cell are E-AGCH,
allocated by E- Code Resource 0: Not Support
NodeB. and E-HICH Allocation 1: Support N/A 0: Not Support
codes, which is a ratio
relative to the maximum
DL transmission power
of the cell. Power Control (1..100) % step 1% % 0.4
This parameter Code Resource
indicates the average
whether to Allocation
data parameter
rate of oneor HS- /Admission (1..65535)kbps step
drop the
indicates DPCH
the whether F-
DPCH channel.
of the link Control 1 kbps 700kbps
the HS-PDSCH code
number Iur. Release
is shared the
with 0: Not Sharing
DPCH parameter
or F-DPCH indicates
the cells
indicates theof the
maximum same of Code Resource 1: Sharing
of the
NodeB. link over Iur when Allocation N/A 0: Not Sharing
UL transmission
the parameter is set to
‘CloseOff’,of HS-PDSCH,
a certain cell,
otherwise, 0: Closed
including E-AGCH,
received wideE-
do not re-assign the 1: Open
code and
power E-HICH
from all code management N/A 0: Closed
codes, which
sources, which is is
a anratio
to the to maximum
offset relative the UL
DL the maximum
transmission power
number when
of the HS- there
is theload
no cell. in the cell. in Power Control (1..100) % step 1% % 0.7
PDSCHs configured
This parameter
the cell. Minimum is used
by the Node
Number of HS-PDSCH B
≤ Number of HS-
PDSCH ≤ Maximum As a result Code Resource
of E-DCH scheduling,
Number of HS-PDSCH. Allocation 1..15 N/A 5
the total rising RTWP Admission Control
caused parameter
by the uplink /Overload
The parameter
indicates indicates
the assumed
the minimum should valuenot of Control /hsupa
exceed this powervalue.
target packet schedule (0.. 62)dB step 0.1 dB 6dB
offsettotal transmission
relative to P-
power of
CPICH/S-CPICH HS-PDSCH, power Power Control
used for CQI E-AGCH, E- /HSDPA Packet (-6..13)dB step 0.5
RGCH parameter
and E-HICH Power Control /
indicates the minimum Scheduling dB dB 6dB
codes, which is a ratio Congestion
relative of
to the the maximum
HS- Control
PDSCHs parameter
configured in
DL transmission
indicates power
the threshold /Admission
of thecell. Minimum
cell. Control (1..100) % step 1% % 0.03
Number E-DCH
to total E-DCH power
≤ Number of HS-
ratio. Node
PDSCH ≤ Maximum B controls Code Resource
of HS-PDSCH.E-DCH Allocation 1..15 N/A 1
load not exceed this
threshlod through the Overload
HSUPA scheduling Control /HSUPA
mechanism. Packet Scheduling 1..MAX_NUM_EAG
(0..100)% step 1% % 0.15
This parameter CH
indicates the number of where
the E-AGCHs of the Code Resource 1..
cell. Allocation MAX_NUM_ERGCH
=10 N/A 1
This parameter Code Resource _HICH
indicates the number of Allocation where
the E-RGCHs/ E-HICHs /Admission MAX_NUM_ERGCH
of the cell. Control _HICH=10 N/A 1

PDSCH number can be
adjusted to the
parameter value directly
if the criteria to increase
parameter number
indicates theMinimum
satisfied. UE event
report of HS-PDSCH
≤ Number
index for CPICH of HS-Ec/No,
PDSCH Maximum Code Resource 2 for the cell
used for ≤ indexing the supporting
Number of HS-PDSCH.
configuration of the set Allocation 1..15 N/A 5 both
This parameter R99 and
of inter-frequency
indicates the number of HSDPA
HS-SCCHs configured Code Resource 3 for the cell of
in theevent for event Allocation 1..32 N/A HSDPA only
configuration indexbyfor
decided UE 0: RT RAB Including
when measurement
CPICH RSCP, used for Voice
isthe CPICH
indicates the UE CPICH 1: RT RAB Excluding
configuration Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CInterDefault
Ec/No event of the set
This parameter Voice
of inter-frequency
report(2D/2F) the UE period 2: Single NRT on DL
report inter-frequency
configuration index for DCH/UL DCH
This parameter for event 3: Single NRT RAB
inter-Rat handover. handover control 0..65535 N/A CInterDefault
differentiate decidedindexbyfor
different UE on DL HS-DSCH/UL
sets ofmeasurement
Ec/No, used for
handover DCH
isthe CPICH
indicates theaccording
period to 4: Single NRT RAB
different traffic oftype.
the set Handover Control 0..65535
on DL HS-DSCH/UL N/A CInterDefault
report event
of inter-frequency
Taking account
index for
measurement CPICHofRSCP, E-DCH
various characteristic
used for indexing index forof
the 5: All Multi-NRT RAB
service, it
inter-Rat handover. for
should UE have handover control on DL DCH/UL DCH
0..65535 N/A CInterDefault
periodical of the set
of handover
inter-frequency 6: Multi-NRT RAB,
when measurement
parameters such as HSPA is Involved
hysteresis, is CPICH
absolute and only DCHs are
Ec/No. for Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CInterDefault
periodical for 2b/2d
reporting Used in UL
etc… parameter
Altogether there 7: Multi-NRT RAB,
This 8
quantity sets
parameter of
is CPICH HSPA is Involved
configuration index
for of and E-DCH is Used
the the detected
inter-frequency Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CInterDefault
set scenario based
measurement in UL
on service type, 0xff: Not Related to
parameters indexon
based for
CPICH parameter
transport channel
Ec/No, used type, Service Type
single/multi theThere
RAB. arefor Handover Control N/A CInterDefault
several the
different sets of
set measurement
measurementof the set
of intra-frequency index for
CPICH parameter
according RSCP, to different
used for
traffic types. the UE event Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CInterDefault
parameters the for detected
report configuration
configuration of the set 0: RT RAB Including
set when
index for measurement
CPICH Ec/No, Voice
is CPICHthe
used for
measurement indexing 1: RT RAB Excluding
configuration the UE event
the set Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
report for
configuration Voice
of intra-frequency
set when measurement 2: Single NRT on DL
index for CPICH
measurement RSCP,
used parameter
for is CPICHthe
indexing DCH/UL DCH
RSCP. thefor event
different Handover Control 3: Single NRT RAB
0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
reporting of the set
of of handover by UE
intra-frequency on DL HS-DSCH/UL
accordingEc/No, to DCH
used for
parameters indexing
trafficfor type.the
event 4: Single NRT RAB
configuration the period
of of
the Handover Control on
0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
report account
configuration bysetUE DL HS-DSCH/UL
of intra-frequency
when for characteristic
measurement of E-DCH
measurement CPICH RSCP,
used it
for is should
indexing have 5: All Multi-NRT RAB
RSCP. handover for Handover Control on DL DCH/UL DCH
0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
periodical of the set
of intra-frequency such as 6: Multi-NRT RAB,
when measurement
report range for 1a/1b, HSPA is Involved
quantity is CPICH
parameters for
for1d, and only DCHs are
absolute Handover Control Used
0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
periodical reportingfor
threshold in UL
when etc. Altogether
measurement 7: Multi-NRT RAB,
there are 8
quantity is CPICH sets of HSPA is Involved
RSCP for Handover Control and E-DCH is Used
0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
different scenario based in UL
on service type, 0xff: Not Related to
transport channel type, Service Type
single/multi RAB. Handover Control N/A CIntraDefault

indicates the or all
elements of
of ApfIdle
[MAX_APF indexare
NUM] of
the intra-frequency
NUM] Access probability
are sent. Access
factor can prevent too
parameters factor
basedcan on
prevent UEs from
too There
many UEs
traffic type.
reporting and too are
different and
much interaction
signal over
Uu interface. values
over Uu interface.
according to different
Where access
traffic types.
probability factornumber
should Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CIntraDefault
is the maximum
of access probabilityand
between 0.4118
factor, which is 8. (0..960) step 32,
Where MAX_APF NUM MBMS 1000 N/A [128, 0]
is the maximum number
of access probability
which is 8. (0..960) step 32,
indicates the number of MBMS 1000 N/A [128,0]
access probability
This parameter
factors (APFs) applied 1..MAX_APF NUM
indicates whether
MBMS counting isand in
for UEs in idle where MAX_APF
turned on for mode.
the cell. If MBMS NUM=8 N/A 2
it is on, UEs in the cell
will not be counted/
recounted and their
MBMS services will be 0: Closed
carried in PTM mode.
This parameter MBMS 1: Open N/A Open
indicates theisHCS
Cell Identity valid only
priority offset
in the RNC where added theto Basic Identification
the HCS
cell locates. cells belonging Paramater 0..65534 N/A -
to the MBMS preferred
This parameter
frequency layer when
UE in the the cellreserved
is in low
mobility state. of SCCPCH MBMS 0..7 N/A 1
for MBMS with the step
of one parameter
This parameter
indicates the is one
factor parameter
of the 64kbps
service the FACH
(SF=32). MBMS 0..32 N/A 3
This thethat
parameter transport
FP. DL data
This parameter
format setthe frames
index, usedare
expectedparameterto bewindow
for indexing
throughput the maximum
for FACH
MBMS MBMS /Admission
number thisthe
of MBMS the users
additional data
in a Time of
frames a
cell. ofadded
offset setareof Control (0…100000) kbps kbps 800 kbps
in the parameter
transport cell. It
format will be Arrival
to to
cells belonging
Window be
Endpoint received
to the
after this whether
windowfor a attach
and detach
admission preferred
is defined
control with MBMS /Admission
frequency channel
layer of
including value
channelto berelative
type, Control 0..65535 N/A 80
Latest Window
the cell-ranking
or not. Time
Startpoint formatof Arrival
(ToAWS) is
TRUE: R of cell
When theand UE is (4[0], 8[1], 12[2],
reselection number
with fora of
the non- 16[3], 20[4], 30[5],
transport together
the define
the relative
cell. of the arrival of MBMS 40[6], Infinity[7])dB dB 4 dB.
Arrival is
transport unplugged,
Window size, send INDEX-1
one message
transmission in Node of B.
time IMSIA Where
data frame (ToAWE).
interval, and
ToAWS to the
coding network
side. When
rate matching the arrival
UE size
is Management DEX=100 N/A 10
window define
gives the
a Timing
of on,
the arrivalControl supposing
window in
that the UE is still in the
Node B.
Frame Response A data frame
from MBMS /Node B (0..2559)ms
arriving district
outside the
Node B.
where it is deactivated, Management step1ms ms 8ms
arrival window gives a
Timing shall apply IMSI
Controland Frame detach MBMS /Node B (0..1279)ms step
Response from Otherwise,
Node B. Connection
Management 0:
1msNot Apply IMSI ms 44ms
UEs shall not apply Management / Idle Attach and Detach Apply IMSI
IMSI attach and detach Mode and Procedure;1: Apply Attach and
procedure. Common Channel IMSI Attach and Detach
Behavior Detach Procedure N/A Procedure
0: CS Domain
This parameter 1: PS Domain
indicates the supported Connection 2: CS +PS Domain 2: CS +PS
CN domain Management N/A Domain

cycle lengthIfcoefficient. UE has
In the connection only in one mode,
k is the minimum value domain or
PS domain),
in CSparameter
domain DRX then k is
attached domain DRX
indicates length thecoefficient,
PS length
domain coefficient.
In the connection period mode,
coefficient is used
for to indicate
MBMS. and
is the minimum
whether the
DRX cycle Gs value
in CS domainmodification DRX or
period is installed
equals 2k*10ms, Connection
not. length
Network coefficient,
Mode of Management 6..9 N/A 6
PS domain k is the DRX cycle
modification I indicates
that coefficient,
Gs interface
UTRAN DRX for cycle
MBMS. A Connection
modification period to
length T3212
Network Modeis
coefficient. the of with Management 6..9 N/A 6
timeout from the
value frame
the SFN location II indicates
value fulfills the MBMS
that Gs uniquely
interface area
updating equation:
in decihours. SFN /Connection
not 2k = 0. country
modoccur. Management 7..10 N/A 7
that location
the UE
The Gs interface update
users (or
system) in the
that there is a LA/RA system
to. MCC
due to twoupdate.
is allocated
combined reasons:
uniformlyUE Basic Identification
LA/RA the location area
and internationally.
combined Paramater 0..999 N/A 460
has identifies
changed a
specific when(different
PLMN the
with a and
CS the network
This parameter
one countrythat
prescribes is
the the
MS by Basic Identification
MCC). event attaching
report to the Paramater 0..999 N/A -
SGSN, update
the SGSN the 0:
location index for
periodically. 0: Network Mode of
RT RAB Including
CPICH trigger Ec/No, the ROUTE Operation I;1:
parameter is used
procedure. is the
Network Mode of Network Mode
representation the 1: RT RAB Excluding
UE event reportofthe
the Management (Operation
II N/A of Operation II
timeout value of
configuration for for
set Voice
of inter-RAT
periodic location areafor 2: Single
measurement RSCP, used
indexing thefor event Connection DCH/UL
(0..255) DCH
This parameter
reporting decided of is theperiod
Management 3: Single NRT RAB hour 1hour
of configuration
inter-RAT on DL HS-DSCH/UL
index measurement
differentiate CPICH differentEc/No, DCH
quantity is CPICHthe
sets forhandover
parameters indexingfor event 4: Single NRT RAB
Ec/No. parameter
configuration of is theperiod Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CRATDefault
report according
configuration byset to
of inter-RAT
when for traffic
measurement type. E-DCH
measurement CPICH RSCP,
used for account
indexing of 5: All Multi-NRT RAB
RSCP. for the of
characteristic Handover Control on DL DCH/UL DCH
0..65535 N/A CRATDefault
periodical of the set
service, it should have 6: Multi-NRT RAB,
of inter-RAT
when measurement
measurement handover HSPA is Involved
parameters of own such system
is CPICH for as
and only DCHs are
Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CRATDefault
periodical absolute
reporting Used in UL
This parameter
threshold for 3b/3b etc. 7: Multi-NRT RAB,
when measurement
indicates the
quantity of own there are 8
system HSPA is Involved
sets of configuration index offor
inter-RAT RSCP. Handover Control and E-DCH is Used
0..65535 N/A CRATDefault
different scenario based in UL
on service type, 0xff: Not Related to
transport channel basedtype, on Service Type
traffic type.
single/multi RAB. There are Handover Control N/A CRATDefault
several different sets of
This parametervalues
indicates to different
UE traffic
traffic types.
volume measurement Handover Control 0..65535 N/A CRATDefault
This parameter
configuration number
Cell Identity
indicates theisUE valid only
for DCH,
in the RNC used where fortraffic
the Basic Identification
indexing periodic
a set of
cell locates.
measurement Paramater 0..65534 N/A -
This parameter configured
for UE traffic number
for DCH, the
used userfor plane
event volume
traffic measurement for Dynamic Radio
DCH. a set of Bearer Control 0..65535 N/A 1
parameters configured
for UE traffic volume number
for DCH, used
periodic measurement for Dynamic Radio
for DCH. a set of Bearer Control 0..65535 N/A 0
parameters configured
for user plane traffic
volume measurement Dynamic Radio
for DCH. Bearer Control 0..65535 N/A 2

Power Control step 0.. measurement plane traffic Bearer Control 0.25 This parameter the DPCH data domain. +31...6) dB step This parameter and the DPCH data 0. for streaming service on Bearer Control 0.65535 N/A 6 control parameters..24 dB DpchPO3 offset relative to DL DPCH pilot domain This parameter configured for E-AGCH (-32 .. Power Control dB dB DpchPO1 indicates the power offset between the DL 后台: (0.75)dB indicates the power in 10ms E-TTI..indicates the user plane Traffic volume measurement This parameter This parameter configuration number indicates indicates the user theused userforplane plane for E-DCH. +31.the power Power Control step 0.+30)dB step This parameter a newly accessed call.75)dB in 10ms E-TTI.25 dB dB -2dB offset relative to DL DPCH pilot domain This parameter configured for E-HICH (-32 .65535 N/A 7 measurement parameters configured traffic volume configuration number for UE traffic volume measurement for RACH.65535 N/A 4 parameters configured HS-DSCH.65535 N/A 5 volume This measurement parameter configuration for interactive number or traffic indicates for RACH.75)dB indicates in 2ms E-TTI.25 dB dB -9dB offset relative to DL DPCH pilot domain This parameter configured for E-HICH (-32 . the power Power Control D=P*40. Dynamic Radio service related power TTI Switching.6) dB step 0..24 dB DpchPO2 offset between the DL DPCH PILOT domain 后台: (0. Bearer Control 0.. Bearer Control 0. used event measurement for for Dynamic Radio configuration indexing a setnumber of RACH. used for of Bearer Control 0.25 dB dB -9dB offset relative to DL DPCH pilot domain This parameter configured for E-AGCH (-32 .75)dB indicates in 2ms E-TTI... parameters configured This parameter indexing a set traffic of for user plane indicates the UE traffic parameters configured measurement Dynamic Radio volume for event for user FACH.25 dB前台: indicates domain. configured Index Bearer Control 0. Power Control D=P*40. +31.65535 N/A 3 for user which plane traffic indicates a set of This volumeparameter measurement diversity indicates mode and the user plane for streaming service relatedservice power on Dynamic Radio throughput HS-DSCH. +31.domain which is Power Control 0.. a theset of user plane Bearer Control 0. Power Control 0. Power Control step 0.25 dB dB -9dB .. Power Control step 0..65535 N/A 10 This parameter control parameters indicates accordingthe quality to the index factor indicated by thisDPCCH of the UL PILOT parameter.25 dB dB -3dB offset relative to DL DPCH pilot domain configured for E-RGCH (-32 .6) dB step This DPCH parameter TPC domain and 0.. measurement Each cell obtains configuration numberthe diversity mode and for E-DCH.65535 N/A 1 a constant used for calculating the UL DPCCH power offset for (-30. used orfor volume background measurement service on Dynamic Radio indexing a set for E-DCH.65535 N/A 9 HS-DSCH.. the UE used for on This volumeparameter background service periodic Dynamic Radio indexing indicates HS-DSCH.25 dB前台: indicates the DPCHthe power data domain...the power Power Control step 0.1dB dB DpcchPilotEbN0 indicates the power offset between the DL DPCH TFCI domain and (0..75)dB indicates the power in 10ms E-TTI. traffic volume traffic indexingvolume a set of measurement measurement parameters configured configuration number configuration user planenumberTraffic for for interactive FACH. +31. used for E. used for UE traffic volume for indexing This a parameter set periodic measurementofis a Dynamic Radio parameters configuration for RACH..

I/B PSTFCS Power Control step 0..parameter DL power...over is HSPA not greater is Management CS_INDEX-1 N/A separately.1. power computed When UE offset can performing transmission receive relative the the performing power is largerthetouplink DL downlink same DPCHloop inner service inner pilotpower domain the than loop from configured power multiple configured control. voice) It Management C N/A configuration present) channel is used service type for is indexing based on event the Node B indexed by This CTFC parameter DCH/DCH+DCH/DCH. the format (used by range combination)for theand conversational target is the intraffic TFCS SIR SCCPCH SCCPCH combination of the outer of loop transport power (-8. target SIR TfcsIndex=0: combination indicates theloop minimum TFCS 1] (used by This of theparameter means outer the combination power Power Control (-8....which format target combination) SIR.25 dB dB -3dB make must same itMBMS be equal larger tothan the or services Power Control power This of UE parameter configured DPCHmay be /Handover Control equal and over theto the benefit Maximum configured from the indicates Maximum DPCH Minimumthe DLSCCPCH Power.1 transmits neighbouring the same cells are This Minimum services. Odd 6. power used Where 0. even configured for uplink indicates indicates the the initial transmit SIR number target of isthe configured uplink for Basic Identification service. or HS- turnedPS “NRT on.2.3)dB not used SCCPCH uplink indicates target the SIR.(-35.. transmission cells calculatedtransmitting in 2ms E-TTI.TrafficCS voice Rate 0: Closed DSCH/DCH over HSPA toallowed.power indicates control.not 1: Open “otherwise allowed. +31. theRNC UE can shall computed which only the requires transmit transmission withless Power Control use power power is smaller than SCCPCH Maximum configued transmission allowed by this UL /AMR-NB & AMR. inner loop power Power Control Mode 1 N/A None This control.1 dB dB not used SIRtarget is used(transport TFCS to give the format TfcsIndex=1: [0.15) dB step 0.2. indicates This parameter the of transport or Management 0.(-50.each MBMS for signalling service.17. 4] (used means traffic channels.3)dB TfcsIndex=0: uplink the power control..15 ) dB step soft allowed power combining for UL TX cellnewly or power. diversity uplink service mode used by Paramater N/A SrvType&TrafficClass&MaxBitRate physical channel. (-8.250 the MBMS are service. otherwise upper limit.the the new This parameter transmission power of transmission indicates the power maximum mustSCCPCH This the be smaller parameter used than foror allowed equal to the UL power configured used indicates bearring to limit Maximum the MTCH the maximum minimum DPCH downlink information This parameter DPCH when DL theof transmission Power.. parameter The value has This effectparameter indicates on the the identity of indicates each convergenceTFCthe maximum (transport speed of (-8. /Connection 0. isWhen 1: Open Upper DCH/DCH Limitbased onLow otherwise Rate C not allowed. 1 dB 3dB number This parameter is configured for even number is This downlink parameter service. whether this If the rate CTFC switch Id is of ofthe turned theTFCS CCS of on. of single service. sets of R99 carrying DL streaming/interactive/ba combination channel set transferring index for TFCS corresponding ckground PS andtransport /Connection MAX_SCCPCH_TF FACH at used C (VoIP/ channels..0xFFFFFF N/A FACH)by3 altogether combination PS) + Node B SCCPCH transmission indicates formats whether allowed format by the Management 1. When island the power. number which of TfcsIndex=1: This of is theparameter control.1 dB dB MaxDlDpchPwr such island casestatus.DL in /AMR-NB & AMR...75)dB control. Traffic+ PS CS over HSPA N/A Open event 1F for the VoIP Traffic” /CS voice is adopted serive is for 0: Closed PS rate allowed. ratetheWhere combination upper limit Management carrying by SCCPCHMCCH) of whenthe transport Multi-RABs MAX_SCCPCH_TFC=2 formats are /Connection TfcsIndex=2: carrying R99 This of parameter CCTrCH.. DPCH neighbouring for the new E-RGCH (-32 .33)dBm step the power.. parameter to meetused0. combination determining set). used transport to give formats the /Handover Control step 0. switching supported from or not. that when the cellnone is in half-island make neighbouringit equal cells to the status configured which DPCHmeans few Power Control / (-35. power transmission the Power Control step 0. WB 0. Maximum theDL newly Power.. selective if the combining.. Bearer Control 1 kbps kbps 32kbps .2 voice service one SCCPCH. in half- Power. NRT PS CS over HSPA N/A Open Traffic Rate Upper Limit When High Rate C Traffic+ PS Traffic” is Dynamic Radio (1.3)dB carrying MCCH) (transport rate formats threshold format allowed usedby the for carrying PCH. this set of diversity The 0: None target mode and SIR service is the 1: STTD standard related power to performcontrolthe 2: Closed Loop uplink parameters.250 status.250 are used for QoS siganlling requirements service. status. in casecase But in theDPCH WB 1 dBm 33dBm parameter Minimum DLofPower. TfcsIndex=2: [0. 3.1 dB dB carrying PCH.0)dB step for 1 dB -3dB service. Odd MBMS for downlinkstep (-35. control.17.5 are the 6. This rangeparameter for theset). configured TX power. used for number is configured single service.. 2.HS. and(CS is the There are 5(used conversational 56.MAX_NUM_DLTF =0..17..5 are used of soft numbering selective for configured combining is this sub bysmall.2. If it is than DSCH this /E-DCHthreshold. UE is in island Admission Control dB dB MinDlDpchPwr transmitting indicates the thesub same 0... MBMS and service RNC shall andfor gain service use theortype.65535)kbps step adopted.1 dB dB SIRtarget SCCPCH corresponding transport Node B 1.15)dB service.2 SIRtarget TFCs(transport indicates of CCTrCH. by the CS SCCPCH. in Power Control step 0. number Ifand Management TfcsIndex 1F is indicates allowed. If the power newly transmission cell is indicates the in UE.

. TTI is used. 0: Closed decreasing DSCH/RACH uplink or downlink onon RRC being 1: Open is DCH. RLC UE’s buffer otherwise. it is invalid decreased. not will supported be DCH/DCH decreased. being parameter. on traffic if the CS volume times of indicates service the the will notRLC measured event access 4B measurement counter to FACH/RACH threshold is for buffer supported. dedicated the times of transmitted Bearer Control Open 0. downlink being larger Bearer Control 1. threshold Dynamic Radio 0: Closed indicated otherwiseby this invalid..255 N/A 2 This UTRAN. the itUEis invalid process.. buffer Bearer Control 1. Bearer Control 1: Open N/A Open data This rateofonthe parameter DCH uplink will or be downlink increasedwhether being or UE will less be indicates than the 4Bfrom threshold DL transferred DCH rate adjustment DCH to Dynamic Radio exceed HSPA.65535 N/A 3 indicates threshold 10ms to the indicated 2ms. measured UEUE will downlink.65535 N/A 10 counter indicated indicates threshold by this the switch of for than the 4B CELL_FACH- parameter and threshold 10ms E- E-TTI exceed switching the threshold >CELL_DCH. CELL_DCH the switching event to PCH from4B on RLC DCH. downlink meets the Bearer Control 1. Dynamic Radio >CELL_DCH. report event can this4B CELL_DCH This timer parameter starts. and this rate parameter. on D-TCPthe threshold Bearer Control 1.255 N/A 2 counter DCH/DCH shared by and to HS-andof payload threshold uplink for the uplink HS-DSCH/E-DCH DSCH/DCH downlink orthe HS.. larger for DCH than rate the 4Ausing adjustment DRBC N/A 1: Open DCH thresholdin both directions.. by indicated uplink and by Bearer Control (0~65535)s s 10s times This of the parameter this parameter.indicates by one Dynamic Radio 1: UL Closed& DL DRBC.state by by shared this by uplink parameter.. if theand measurement. measured RLC from buffer Bearer Control 1. payload Ifrate thisoforswitch theHS. the Bearer Control 1. Ifthe DRBC. event from 4A if the uplink counter CELL_DCH and threshold downlink to idle for Dynamic Radio the This being times parameter of zeroE-TTI the exceed the switching state.. payload valid. indicates the event B Dynamic Radio 0: Closed (downswitching) counter otherwise.. using downlink.. When ifit the counter trigger times of threshold increasing the measured for rate Dynamic Radio indicates expires. times 2ms If thisof E. thestate. RLC buffer Forpayloadthe of indicates be transferred using the the DTX/DRX.. downlink when on downlink UE PCH DCH is Dynamic Radio DSCH/E-DCH leaves event A to status. Dynamic Radio user exceed plane indicates the E-DCH the thresholdevent 4A This parameter DSCH/E-DCH throughput being to PCH. will be switched to the Dynamic Radio payload function of of the E-TTI uplink or 10ms. For only the traffic UE in channel indicates volume quality. if the Dynamic Radio threshold shared allowed. threshold valid. UE will be transferred from CELL_FACH. less Bearer Control 1. ifbased the timeson exceed traffic of the the volume threshold measurement. DCH Itinmeans both rate This non adjustment parameter emergency based directions. triggeredby UE byor Bearer Control 1.65535 ms 30 radioparameter dedicated This bearer control transmitted 2: UL Open& DL code algorithmpower being larger is turned on code indicates than power the the event being event A and less4B or Closed This off than forparameter the uplink thethreshold event B for Dynamic Radio 3: UL Open& DL 3:UL Open& counter threshold indicates exceed that afterthe downlink threshold CELL_DCH services. exceed to idle the Bearer Control Open N/A DL Open threshold from switching threshold indicated indicated HS. times This of the parameter UE willlarger measured be than the transferred 4A threshold from HS.. of Bearer Control 1: UL Open N/A Open counter the wait threshold timer for waiting 0: Closed & DL consecutive This parameter DTCP is a Closed consecutive the opposite reports for DTCP-DTCP direction switch reports which for reconfiguration DTCP. event For the 4B by payload counter this using of the threshold parameter. triggered by UE’s userForplane the E-TTI Dynamic Radio indicated UE in by CELL_FACH will be switched to 2ms. UE’s is data This parameter supported.255 N/A 2 throughput parameter state. being the switching be transferred times of theE-TTI from measured fromzero Dynamic Radio exceed 2ms CELL_DCHto the threshold 10ms. the TTI is used. of first.255 N/A 2 for DCH rate adjustment requirements This based parameter on D-TCP for rate This parameter adjustment indicates the event A measurement. DSCH/DCH or UE‘s HS. measured RLC UE’s E-TTI buffer switch is turned on.For If this or indicates whether DCH the switch UE using is ”Off”. process. Bearer Control 1.255 N/A 2 switching triggered by than the 4Athroughput user plane threshold exceed the measurement is valid.65535 N/A 1 .65535 N/A 3 user plane indicated by E-DCH this if the UE using throughput E-DCH.turnedFor off. toForPCH. indicated by Dynamic Radio 0: Closed measured this parameter. whether If thedynamic times of step. being zero For exceed UE thein DTX/DRX DSCH/E-DCH CELL_DCH to PCH is state. this Bearer Control 1.255 N/A 2 based indicated by this measurement parameter. uplink for UEifwill UE and downlink E-DCH.indicates the whether eventnon 4A emergency counter CS service threshold for access to CELL_FACH increasing rate on DCH This RRCparameter on DCH->HSPA. Bearer Control 1: Open N/A 0:Closed parameter. parameter Moreover. If this switch rate on DCH indicates when willuplink be or Dynamic Radio is turned off.

Bearer Control 1.65535 kbps kbps 64kbps This parameter the upper voice threshold limitthe This parameter frames of UE when in staying Multi- indicates maximum PDCP in RABs CELL_PCH indicates when are CS orvoice bit This rate of the parameter HS-DSCH initial rate Dynamic Radio mapps URA_PCH conversational of UL DCH on HS-DSCH/E- for the (CS admission. low or This parameter iffor parameter Determining is This For highdownlink indicates parameter the is useless. Dynamic Radio uplink and the downlink DCH.HSPA toif Dynamic Radio (0.65535)kbps step the counter uplink otherwise.65535)kbps step condition cell and UE include the times UE capability. UE having CS over HSPA (20. Bearer Control 1. If idle this Dynamic Radio exceed state. Bearer Control 1 kbps kbps 8kbps channel CELL_DCH DSCH/EDCH.. the threshold Bearer Control 1. when or DRNC transferring RABs areto adjust toidle. to and the the resource,on URA_PCH/CELL_PCH conversational the (CS other or data If ratethe will time be of of the serving discarded... UE willto services URA_PCH conversational be transferred when there service from cannot This is no data exceed parameter to this transmit. if the times of forthe CELL_FACH measured to RLC buffer PCH This shared parameter by uplink and payload This of parameter indicates whether the uplink downlink. RLCE-DCH buffer and calculated DSCH/DCH payload of theto downlink DCH MinSF=2sf2+2sf4. HS-than the on eventThis buffers. the UE will be transferred from CELL_DCH to Dynamic Radio CELL_FACH.65535s s 30s Support’.cell If in stayed conversational DRNC,this serviceor parameter the value is streaming/interactive/ba URA_PCH ‘Only exceeds the is used high. turned FACH on. interactive/ parameter. otherif exceed transferring the threshold transport the indicated of from times channel by the this HS- to Dynamic Radio 0: Closed DSCH FACH is allowed measured to DCHRLC for or not. DCH. CELL_PCH threshold.. whether CELL_DCH. This low. transport threshold allocate for HS- beared UE capability.and downlink when PCH is not supported This by UE parameter or UTRAN.SRB to rate Bearer Control 1. HS-DSCH of the /E.For UE maximum determined that which when is PS bit Dynamic Radio Rate rate indicates using isUpper lower Limit”..else,beared on Bearer Control 0: Closed exceed DCH/E-DCH. 1F is allowed.+parameter indicates judgment PS) If data the of I/B PS can transferringnotrate be This indicates upper parameter limitwhetherwhen used by transfered from CELL_PCH in streaming/interactive/ba timeMulti. Bearer Control 1 kbps kbps 8kbps both support of F-DPCH DCH measured and HS.65535 N/A 2 switch indicated is turned by thison .control case. for with thethe service.65535)kbps kbps 128kbps bit and rate is lower UE. Bearer Control 1: Open N/A Closed This parameter This indicates parameter the time of indicates determining This parameter thethe initial rate Dynamic Radio of DL maximum indicates DCH or not. buffer Bearer Control 1: Open N/A 0: Closed parameter. on DCH/E-DCH. in which parameter case. parameter beared DSCH/DCH on allocate E-DCH/HS- or If RACHthis indicates switch for the the is on and event service. UE background will be service transferred fromwill transfer from Dynamic Radio HSPA including CELL_FACH to PCH.When determined When is rate minSFnoofdata the to transmit. in Dynamic Radio ckground threshold the sum ofPS indicated the andrates the byof Iub allows interface UE to transfer Bearer Control 0.signal /DCH based being smaller on event Dynamic Radio 0: Closed ing beared on than HS. based Bearer Control (1...65535 kbps kbps 64kbps across This Iur interface.200)ms step: 10 ms 60ms aspect,if is PS) supported + in CELL_PCH or not. the threshold otherwise /HSUPA 1: Open indicated on DCH/DCH by this 3..65535 kbps kbps 3650kbps rate thisthe all of I/BthePS parameter. threshold. Support in in flowwhich URA_PCH’.. For indicates the UE in the event 4B CELL_FACH counter threshold state. Rate Threshold this service Used service is considered is set up asNRT initially. DCH/DCH otherwise according to Dynamic Radio (0. Introduction N/A 0:Closed parameter. HS. or Bearer Control 0. 4B’s threshold on event Bearer Control 1: Open N/A 0:Closed DSCH/E.. to “C Traffic allocate isif the transferring measurement Rate Threshold service is set fromup UsedHS- ofsupport the initially. buffering the I/B timePS of rate Bearer Control 0. is E-DCH. established when Whether onthe there Dynamic Radio 1: Only Support allowed high CELL_FACH. interactive/ UE will be background payload transferred of the from uplink service and based downlink to on being event zero CELL_FACH 1F is allowed..signaling DSCH/EDCH. DSCH occupied iffor the to DCH Determining uplink of maximumfor uplink NRT PS Dynamic Radio of F-DPCH otherwise. all bearedthe I/B UE onforPS is not services transport conversational threshold allowed to I/Bservice transfer service to 0: Not Support cannot channel is considered exceed E-DCH asthis islow or being URA_PCH threshold. of E-DCH is Bearer Control URA_PCH N/A 0:Not Support according interactive/backgroundto “C Traffic conversational 2sf2+2sf4. code CS URA_PCH ckgroundcounter PS expires. DSCH/DCH service For the will turned off. onorthe transfer UE using DCH/DCHofaccordingfrom CELL_DCH. than the Bearer Control (1.65535 N/A 1 DSCH /E-DCH and HS- DSCH/DCH to DCH /DCH based on event Dynamic Radio 0: Closed 1F. 4B DSCH. and downlink For the being UEzero in indicates transferring CELL_FACH whether fromstate.65535)kbps kbps 64kbps according interactive/background SrbOnEdchSwch threshold..65535 N/A 1 . from allocate cellHS- streaming and Rate downlink Upper service sending Limit”.the 1F. to HS.4k.theIf ordownlink Whether Dynamic Radio indicates the value sum the is of ‘Not the rates of indicates URA_PCH rate maximum of thewhetherbit For SrbOnEdchSwch streaming CELL_FACH.

98] βed of E-DPDCH. Power Control (0. reference MAX_REF_ETFC=8. the refer UEE-TFCs set to useand will of the reference quantized reference gain E-TFCIs factor TS25.11.. gain factor Power Control MAX_REF_ETFC (0. 47. configured spreading ForE- for factor.127) step1 N/A 94] MAX_REF_ETFC TFCIs and their poweris the detail This maximum descriptions parameternumber of offsets please to compute refer to the indicates reference quantized the E-TFCs gain number factor andof [1. gain factor configured MAX_REF_ETFC=8.120) step1 N/A .14] βed of E-DPDCH.214. in Power Control _INDEX =50 N/A 1 higher configured This spreading parameter for 2ms factor.71 TS25.62] βed of E-DPDCH. βed TFCIs higherof E-DPDCH. configured (1-EPL)*100.214. Power Control (0. reference E. (EPL) (1-EPL)*100. configured MAX_REF_ETFC For for is the TFCIs This detail and their power parameter descriptions 2ms maximum offsetsE-TTI to and E-TFCI number compute of the indicates please table1. X that This can befor parameter configured applied in where,MAX_NUM_ This order value to limits avoid the multicode indicates combinations amount the E-DPDCH of E-TTI of puncturing EDCH_REFCONFIG or toE-TFCI enable puncturing the (EPL) limit use of a and that can be Table applied Index.16. 18] βed of E-DPDCH.5. of puncturing amount Bearer Control (100ms) ms 30 three TTI andparameters E-TFCI are table1. MAX_REF_ETFC is E- the configured detail for 10ms descriptions maximum TTI and number E-TFCI of table0. opposite TTI and direction E-TFCI table0.214. (EPL) Bearer Control 1: Open N/A Open This wait parameter timer for configured for waiting 10ms the E- Indication indicates of Reference the E-DPDCH 1. offsets indicates please UE will to compute the refer use to the set ofof the reference quantized reference E-TFCs gain E-TFCIs factor and [3.100)% step 4% % 0. TFCIs This that and parameter can their be applied power in 10ms The offsets E-TTI allowed toavoid and E-TFCI puncturing compute the indicates order to the power multicode table1.15.. reference E..29) step1 N/A .. amount TFCIs of puncturing configured Power Control (44. configured MAX_REF_ETFC for 2ms For isE-the TFCIs This detail and parameter their descriptions power TTI and maximum E-TFCI number table0.65535 Unit: reconfiguration This value limits the one Dynamic Radio TFCI PO. 8. reference E. 65.214. invalid Bearer Control 1: Event N/A Event downlink for DCH rate meets adjustment indicating requirements a set of E- This based DPDCH UE for rate parameter onPuncturing adjustment indicates transmission the power.214.127) step1 N/A [1 . 29.29) step1 N/A [5. configured MAX_REF_ETFC for 2ms For isE-the TFCIs detail and their descriptions power TTI and maximum offsets toE-TFCI number compute table1.100)% step 4% % 0.This parameter indicates whether UL DCH rate adjustment based This on UE This parameter parameter transmission indicates indicates the power the report is E-DCH This parameter supported. Power Control (0.. configured MAX_REF_ETFC=8. This or to value offset configured limits of reference enable the use reference theE-of a E..64. UEthe refer to will power use theto in % offsets is quantized actually of gain reference equal factor E-E- TS25. Power Control (44. puncturing otherwise.13. configured where for 10ms the last E. configured MAX_REF_ETFC for 10ms For is E- the TFCIs This and parameter their power detail TTI and maximum descriptions E-TFCI number table0. reference Power Control (44. E-TFCIs..125) step1 is N/A [1. reference For E. Power Control (0. Reference limit valid. use of a indicates in % value the is actually E-DPDCH equal This offsets higher puncturing of limits reference spreading limit the E-to factor.29) step1 N/A [7 10 12 12 13] βed of E-DPDCH. βed of E-DPDCH.56 TFCIs This detail and parameter their descriptions power 2ms The offsetsE-TTI allowed to and E-TFCI puncturing compute the indicates please table0.6. 16] βed of E-DPDCH. N/A 5 . configured MAX_REF_ETFC for 10ms For is E- the TFCIs This detail and parameter their descriptions power TTI and maximum E-TFCI number table1. the and MAX_REF_ETFC=8. offsets indicates please UE will to compute the refer use to the set ofof the reference E-TFCIs quantized reference E-TFCs gain factor and TS25.. configured reference E. 10.214. Power Control (0. of the please UE will refer use reference E-TFCs to the and [1...214. For the maximum detail descriptions number of reference please refer to E-TFCs and TS25. to UEthe avoidwill power multicode use the (1-EPL)*100.100)% step 4% % 0. 15. indicates order table0. offsets indicates please UE will to compute the refer use to the set ofof the reference E-TFCIs quantized reference E-TFCs gain factor and TS25.13 TS25. Power Control (44. MAX_NUM_EDCH_ 0.214. E-TFCI.19. Power Control (0. 83] MAX_REF_ETFC is the TFCIs and maximum number of their power 1.100)% step 4% % 0. If this switch reference method ofwhen indicates configuration the UE uplinktrafficor Dynamic Radio 0: Periodic is turned index. it is for the measurement..MAX_REF_ETFC offsets reference to compute E-TFCs and the Where quantized MAX_REF_ETFC=8. configured MAX_REF_ETFC=8. 36..41.29) step1 N/A [10. volumeused off.. please reference refer to UE will useE-TFCs TS25..55.64 The This that allowed configured befor parameter can 2msfor puncturing applied E- in to 10ms in TTI% is and E-TTI actually E-TFCI and E-TFCI equal table1. Number (upswitching) of the first. 13. E-TFCIsFor Power Control (0. E-DPDCH Dynamic Radio 0: Closed limit.56 βed TFCIs of E-DPDCH. Power Control MAX_REF_ETFC=8.214.3.. configured MAX_REF_ETFC=8. E- order This The to avoidpuncturing parameter allowed multicode TTI or toand indicates E-TFCI enablethe power the table0. puncturing Reference limit by (EPL) E. quantized TS25.64 amount TFCIs higher of puncturing configured spreading for factor. configured MAX_REF_ETFC=8. in UE % is actually quantized will gain use the equalE-to offsets or to enable configured thefactor of reference reference use of a (1-EPL)*100. reference E. REFCONFIG_INDE step.

which is INTEGER (- a power level relative to Parameter for 35.. delivered to the upper values .. Discard Timer . Timer in multiples of T1 160(12). the priority of future use Used. 2. starting from the instant Power Control MAX_REF_ETFC=8. 750(14). offsets indicates to the compute number theof Where UE will use quantized the gain factor MAX_REF_ETFC is reference configured E-TFCIs reference E- βed of E-DPDCH. Enhanced ordering CELL_FACH release timer Parameter for 2:Otherother The Node B shall use 1500(17).214..15)dB step by the configured in a cell. avoidance in the UE 30(2).1 dB 0 Parameter for MAC-ehs queue identity future use INTEGER (0.15)dB step by the configured in a cell. The Used a neighboring GSMthe larger of the value. MAX_REF_ETFC=8. 50(4). discard out-of-data 3000(21). 1250(16). future use 0. future use (0. N/A 3 βed of E-DPDCH. 160(7). reference ForE. 80(3). One physical 3: GSM 450 Band higher of the priority. indicates UE will use thethe number of reference E-TFCIs configured reference E- configured TFCIs for 2ms and their E- power 1. 400(15)); layers when When the Parameter for control the reset of the timer T1expires. 140(6). 16(4). 70(6). 7500(26)) ms DL_E_FACH_Default MAC-hs PDUs will be 120(10). 40(3). MAC-hs SDUs from the Parameter for 4000(23).214.. is N/A 7 configured βed of E-DPDCH.step:1 Used N/A DL_E_FACH_Default cell corresponds to four logic cell 4: GSM 480 Band (MCC+MNC+LAC+CI) Used This parameter at most. 3.MAX_REF_ETFC This TTI parameter and E-TFCI table0. (1. N/A 5 Channel Re-ordering Type Indicatior release 2,3);0: of its arrival Indication for into an Downlink 500(13). 300(11). 200(13). 3500(22).MAX_REF_ETFC number of reference offsets please to compute refer to the Where Integer E-TFCs(20(0). MAC-c PDU Size for 0: DCS32(6)) 1800 Band Byte DL_E_FACH_Default flexible PDU in Used. of reference please for refer toSDU a MAC-hs E-TFCs 200(9).. 12(3). is 100(4). CCCH;1:SRB1; timer HSDPA (T1). Priority T1 Queue controls the stall future use Integer (10(0).which is used to 300(14).. 80(7).15).1504)Byte Byte DL_E_FACH_Default physical Mac-hs . indicates the Maximum retransmission future use 24(5).MAX_REF_ETFC number of reference TTI and offsets toE-TFCI compute table1. future use unit:ms ms DL_E_FACH_Default MAC-ehs reordering functionality in This parameter CELL_FACH or Parameter for indicates CELL_PCH whether 。 future use Integer (1. The Priority Re- Queue. Enumerate(0,1, TS25. SRB;3:DTCH 1750(18). 100(9). detail descriptions defines the time to live number 180(8). and 40(1). the Where please UE will refer use to the E-TFCs and quantized TS25.which is a INTEGER (- power level relative to Parameter for 35.. quantized identifies 2: GSM 900 Band hs scheduling. Used for GSM adjacent Mac- cell identity. 6(1). 4) N/A DL_E_FACH_Default Discard Timer is configured for the downlink Enhanced Parameter for 0: False CELL_FACH queue. and 250(10).. gain factor Power Control MAX_REF_ETFC 60(2)..214. future use 0. This MAC-hsparameter PDU Parameter for 8(2). 60(5).. Downlink The Enhanced parameter indicates Parameter for 1: PCS 1900 Band INTEGER Indicates CELL_FACH. Correctly received 90(8). the maximum TFCIs and their detail descriptions power 1. RAN Sharing 5: 0.This TTI andparameter E-TFCI table1. 2500(20). 20(1). gain factor Power Control MAX_REF_ETFC MAX_REF_ETFC=8. cell Parameter for INTEGER uniquely.7) N/A DL_E_FACH_Default MAC-hs Window Size.1 dB 0 The configured power for HS-SCCH. future use 1:True N/A DL_E_FACH_Default this parameter indicates the Cell Identity of the downlink Enhanced Parameter for CELL_FACH future use 0~65534 N/A N/A The configured power for HS-PDSCH. the maximum TFCIs detail and their descriptions power 1. 140(11). HSDPA Priority Queues. 4500(24). configured for 2ms For E. 400(12). reordering buffer.which is used for Integer (4(0). N/A DL_E_FACH_Default this information to 2000(19).GSM 750 Band 2^32-1 N/A N/A identifies which Used frequency band the 6: GSM 850 Band BCCH ARFCN GSM Adjacent Gsm cell Used DCS 1800 Band neighboring cell uses Basic Parameter N/A Used .which For the maximum 120(5). future use 5000(25). 1000(15).

33)dBm.75 This parameter indicates the uplink overload threshold in (1. increment in Basic Parameter 0. negative corresponds the to Band GSM850 PCPICH report is Adjacent Gsm cell limited.0xfffd..LAC area.0..293] positive networksoffset. Handover Control 1 N/A 0.1 + DeltaQrxlevmin. 124] offset to and the Colour Code). 0xffff N/A - This parameter indicates the maximum OMCR: (- allowed uplink transmit Adjacent Gsm cell 50. Behavior N/A 0 This parameter 0: Not GERAN Cell indicates whether the 1: GERAN Cell 0: Not GERAN GSM cell is GERAN cell Handover Control N/A Cell This parameter indicates the downlink overload threshold in (1. is used. Behavior dB -2dB This parameter indicates whether Idle Mode and 0: False DeltaQrxlevmin in Common Channel 1: True SIB12 is configured.511] actual point. One location area Adjacent Gsm cell includes many cells.corresponds beside thethe UE to Band sends GSM450 the measurement border. 100)%,step system.. Handover Control 1 N/A 0... indicates the(0-7) LAC for of the Handover Control 1 N/A 0. If present...340] report the cells corresponds justthat likeuse PCPICHthe to is Band x dB GSM480 better same BCCH frequency than the Adjacent Gsm cell [438. parameter is Handover Control 40 dB 0dB neighboring cell identity. Handover Control 1 N/A 0..RNC:D= power in the GSM cell.65535 N/A - SIB11.-2)dBm N/A 0 SIB12. 1023] correspond measurement identifies result. This set. to If band the GSM900 suchPCPICH as.0..5 removed from the active RNC:D=(P+10)*2.If present. the network. case. 100)%,step GSM system.[512.75 priority level the Idle Mode and neighboring cell GSM cells. the OMCR:(-4.251]offset. 0 is the Behavior location lowest priority.85 indicates the downlink overload threshold for RT service in GSM (1. corresponds Or... the which GSM Cell cell is corresponding Adjacent Gsm cell possibly belongs to. 100)%,step This parameter indicates the HCS GSM system.-2)dBm actual value of Idle Mode and Step2dBm Qrxlevmin = Qrxlevmin Common Channel RNC:D=(P+4)/2 + DeltaQrxlevmin Behavior 0.. Basic Parameter P+50.(at least Basic Parameter 0~65535 N/A - temporarily) the target OMCR: (-10..7 N/A 0 belongs to LAI (LAI = MCC + MNC + LAC).. if the Basic Parameter 0. BCC identifies [306. Common Channel It identifies highest different priority.10)dB cell of the handover or step 0.83 dBm 30 dBm .85 This parameter indicates the uplink This parameter overload threshold in (1.. judges (Network812] corresponds whether Colour anCode) to Band event PCS1900 occurs. 7 is the locates. it is valid only in the This LAC parameter where the cell is the Adjacent Gsm cell Qrxlevmin locates. 100)%,step This GSMparameter system. differentuses GSM a [259.7 N/A - to Band GSM750 PCPICH uses a [128. Basic Parameter 1.. increment in Behavior OMCR: (-4. the Step2dBm actual value of Idle Mode and RNC: D=(P+4)/2 Qrxlevmin = Qrxlevmin Common Channel 0.1 dB -2dB This parameter indicates whether Idle Mode and 0: False This parameter is DeltaQrxlevmin in the SIB11 Common Channel 1: True Qrxlevmin is configured. /Handover Control 0. When the cell Basic Parameter 0~1023 N/A - This parameter individual indicates BSC offsetIdentifier. and BCC (Base Stationadds the [0. NCC [9575.

65535 N/A N/A shared network area 64kbps of RANAP code that the in External LOCATION 0.45 broadcast This parameter in SIB12. dBm -115dBm can the cell be selected.- Sharing RSCP.4 N/A 1 can theonly cell the be selected. indicating the + cell radius”. which This such parameter as. of the altitude Location Service (0.. received indicates the code NCC power identifies level length of the the cell of the MNC BCD network.. 25)dBm step 2 dBm This parameter is the Idle Mode and RNC:D=(P+115)/2 Qrxlevminimum Common Channel 0. This parameter indicates the altitude is onefor of This parameter the parameters is one of to the cell center. theOne cell can altitude belong This to parameter direction at most of the polygon four This SNACs parameter (shared network indicates point. RAN Sharing 1. Location Service N/A - .255 N/A N/A belongs indicatesto. selectedbeside or the Basic Parameter 2..999 N/A - Colour required Code). identifies valid. One physical radius”.... When received The the parameter measurement indicates power PLMN level number of theof cell is quantity over is QrxlevminimumCPICH OMCR: (-115... satisfies different the condition GSM of of the indicates neighboring the minimum GSM Adjacent Gsm cell networks being cell. establishing receives the traffic message CS Handover Control 0. if the cell Bearer Control 1: Open identity. to parameters Location Service (0. selected Basic Parameter 0.. power byidentifies When level of the cells the measurement cell that use which the satisfies same BCCH quantity the is condition CPICH frequencyof Adjacent Gsm cell being point. to the location Basic Parameter 0.45 over Qrxlevminimum broadcast in SIB11.. Location Service (0..215-1)m meter - the transmission antenna of the cell is 0: Height above or below the 1: Depth level. Basic Parameter 0. If this requires switch reporting is Basic Parameter PER_GSMCEL.It REPORT. belongs Adjacent Gsm cell MAX_NUM_SNAC_ or not. parameter Basic Parameter 0.7 N/A - reselected measured by UE. the GSM cell.It indicates altitude accuracy. of the cell. ais /Handover Control N/A Open described neighboring cell in type of “cell center + cell uniquely.3 N/A 2 required border. 2^32-1 N/A N/A describe results in theRANAP cell in type of “cell central LOCATION point”.it otherwise. location it is invalid result with The parameter for traffic CS 64kbps indicates Dynamic Radio 0: Closed Geographical physical adjacent Areacell (GA) establishment. reselected BCCreceived UE. Behavior dBm -115dBm indicates the shared network The parameter area code that indicates Adjacent Gsm cell the This neighboring RAC parameter of the Gsm cell..MCC uniquely identifies the country that the UE When users (or thesystem)neighboring cell is GSM belong to..999 N/A 460 MNC consists identifies of NCCa specific (Network This parameter PLMN Colour inside Code) one and country BCC indicates the minimumby (Base (decided Station Adjacent Gsm cell This MCC). only the or RSCP. which to.215-1)m meter - describe the cell in type describe of “cell center the cell in type + cell of “cell center radius”. cell Basic Parameter 0.. indicates When whether the RNC number of area code).. is its BSIC (Base allocated uniformly and transceiver Adjacent Gsm cell Station Identity Code) internationally.. Inter_RNC This this parameterdecides parameter cell corresponds istoonefourof Adjencent cell the how parameters logic tocellfillatinmost. UTRAN REQUEST neighboring Cellfrom is allowed cell CN.990)m meter - whether the altitude direction of the cell center is above or below 0: Height 1: the sea level. 25)dB step 2 dB measured This parameter received is the Idle Mode and RNC: D=(P+115)/2 power level of the cell is Qrxlevminimum Common Channel 0.. N/A 0 turned the off. Location Service Depth N/A - This parameter Direction indicates of theAntenna altitude of Altitude. Behavior OMCR:(-115. MCC cell.. the transmissionThis parameter indicates antenna in the cell..

65535 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 15 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.. Location Service When the value N/A - This parameter configed with OMCR indicates the longitude is 180°.2^32-1 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 18 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.65535 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 16 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.the value of transmission antenna in RNC is 2^23-1 .the value of of the transmission RNC is 2^24-1 .65535 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 12 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0..255 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 10 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0..255 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 20 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0. Location Service Degree - indicates the latitude OMCR: (-180°...2^23-1 indicates the When the value geographical latitude configed with OMCR coordinates of the is 90°.65535 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 14 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0....2^24-1 1: South south or north.65535 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 11 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0..2^32-1 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 2 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0..2^32-1 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 19 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0. This parameter the cell.... 90°)step 1” This parameter RNC: 0.65535 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 13 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.. direction of the 180°)step 0: North 1” transmission antenna is RNC: 0.. OMCR: (0°. antenna in the cell Location Service Degree - This parameter indicates the type of the 0: Omni Antenna transmission antenna in 1: Beam Antenna 0: Omni the cell Location Service N/A Antenna Reserved Parameter 1 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.2^32-1 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 17 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0..2^32-1 N/A 0 ..

. Basic Parameter N/A 0:Combined . er Control 50ms[2] ms 20ms which requires RNC and the adjacent reporting the cell. parameters to Overview 0. the Location Service N/A Cell Radius cell radius. indicating the indicates confidence whether of the continuous packet position information.. indicating LOCATION REPORT.. Reserved cell.65535 N/A 0 This parameter Reserved Parameter 7 parameter for indicates for External theUTRAN transport Cell future use 0.. for External UTRAN 100ms When RNC Cell future use 0. It takes the cell center transmission antenna as the circle The center.the Overview/Handov 20ms[0].65535 N/A 0 (Medium the receives Earth Orbit message This parameter transmission)..1806627)m meter - the neighboring cell identity. Basic Parameter 0.255 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 6 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.65535 N/A 0 (Low be type Earth Orbit andor of “polygon” Terrestrial “arch”. Location Service (0.. 250ms RAN Transmission of RANAP indicates LOCATION the transport (Geostationary REQUEST fromEarth CN.Reserved Parameter 4 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.255 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 4 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0.65535 N/A - indicates if the This parameter neighboring cellis one of Inter_RNC the supports ClosedtoLoop parameters Adjencent cell 0: Supported describe Mode1.255 N/A 0 Reserved Parameter 5 parameter for for External UTRAN Cell future use 0. can Cell 20ms future use 0.. packet HSPA Evolution 1: Support N/A Support connectivity HS-SCCH less operation is supported by the 0: Not Support This parameter neighboring celldefines or not.65535 N/A 0 time delay between the rnc and Cell the adjacent description type.. the cell in type Basic Parameter 1: Not Supported N/A Not Supported of “cell center + cell This parameter radius”.parameter indicates Location Service (0. or “cell center + Reserved Parameter 9 parameter for transmission).. HSPA Evolution 1: Support N/A Support the neighboring cell diversity combination Inter_RNC 0: Combined indicator when the Adjencent cell 1: Not Combined current RNC is DRNC.2 delay Orbit jitter between transmission).. this is one of Altitude and Cell the parameter.100)% N/A - connectivity DTX-DRX This parameter operation is supported indicates whether cell by the neighboring 0: Not Support continuous or not.100ms ms 5ms parameter decides how Radius describe to fill in the thelocation cell in type 1: Polygon 0: Center Point of “cell center results in RANAP + cell 2: Arc with Altitude and radius”. which is valid Inter_RNC only in the RNC where Adjencent cell This parameter the cell locates.100ms[1]. cell radius”..location The value results of FPwith Geographical TOAWS Area is related (GA) with RAN Transmission 0: Center Point with This of the parameter cell.There which Parameter are three indicates 8 the type parameter for for timeExternal delay UTRAN levels: to describe the cell.

Basic Parameter Combining Capable N/A Capable This parameter indicates the E-DCH SF Inter_RNC (SF8[0].This parameter defines the neighboring cell 0: May diversity combination Inter_RNC 1: Must indicator when the Adjencent cell 2: Must not This parameter current RNC is SRNC. 512..If present. 2SF2[3]. frequency point of the indicates whether Idle Mode and 1032.. HSDPA and This parameter neighboring cell. Basic Parameter 2SF2 and 2SF4[4]) N/A 2SF2 and 2SF4 indicates if the neighboring cell Inter_RNC supports E-DCH TTI Adjencent cell 0: Not Supported This 2ms. increment in Basic Parameter 1: Supported N/A Not Supported SIB11.1 V: 4357… Band + DeltaQrxlevmin. 1513 Qrxlevminthe indicates = Qrxlevmin occupied Common Channel 0.412. If present. Basic Parameter 1: Band II 1: Supported N/A Not Supported indicates the frequency 2: Band III band of the central Inter_RNC 4: Band V This parameter frequency of the Adjencent cell 5: Band VI indicates neighboring thecell..(-4.1037.-2)dBm 587. Basic Parameter Capable N/A - The parameter indicates 1: Combining the E-DCH HARQ Inter_RNC Capable IR and Chase combining capability of Adjencent cell 2: IR and Chase Combining the neighboring cell. 612. SF4[1].-2)dBm actual value of Idle Mode and Step2dBm Band I: Qrxlevmin = Qrxlevmin Common Channel RNC:D=(P+4)/2 10562. 7 is the Control Common / Load Channel 0: Not Support highest priority. capability of the Adjencent cell 2SF4[2]..10838 + DeltaQrxlevmin Behavior 0.3088 downlink channel.360) the cell. is configured.. 562. 0 is the Balance Behavior HSUPA and HSDPA This lowestparameter priority. Support HSUPA and HSUPA of the . DeltaQrxlevminabsolute It is UTRA in Common Channel 1087 0: False radio SIB12frequency channel is configured. Behavior Band 1: TrueVI: 4387 … N/A 0 No.9938. /Admission /Handover Control 1: Support HSDPA 0... Basic Parameter N/A May indicates whether the neighboring cell Inter_RNC This parameter supports downlinkis the Adjencent cell 0: Not Supported Qrxlevmin 64QAM or not.7 N/A 0 indicates the supporting Control /HSDPA and DCH type of DCH. HSDPA Introduction 3: Support HSUPA . Introduction N/A DCH indicates the inner angel of the OMCR: (0°. 1037. 1012. Behavior N/A 0 SIB12. 0: False This parameter is DeltaQrxlevmin in the SIB11 Common Channel 437. 487. cell. 462.360°) transmission antenna of RNC: (0. 1: Not Supported DPCH.parameter Basic Parameter 1: Supported N/A Supported indicates whether the neighboring cell 0: Supported supports Enhanced F./HSUPA HSDPA and DCH .1 II: Band dB -2dB This parameter indicates whether Idle Mode and 9662. 1062. Basic Parameter N/A 1:Not Supported indicates whether the neighboring cell Inter_RNC supports flexible MAC-d Adjencent cell 0: 0: Band I Not Supported This PDU parameter size or not. 1062 the central frequency of Inter_RNC Band VIII: 0: IR Combining the carrier used by the Adjencent cell 2937. the Step2dBm 637. Location Service Degree - . HSPA Evolution N/A 1:Not Supported This parameter indicates whether the Inter_RNC 0: Supported neighboring cell Adjencent cell 1: Not Supported This parameter supports F-DPCH. 662. 687 actual value of This parameter Idle Mode and RNC: D=(P+4)/2 Band III: 1162.. downlink Behavior dB -2dB This parameter central carrier 4458.. This parameter neighboring cell. HCS Basic Parameter 7: Band VIII N/A - priority level (0-7) for the Handover Idle Mode and GSM cells.1007. the OMCR:(-4. 1: True Qrxlevmin increment in OMCR: 537... corresponding to 4413..

1 operation. 90°) This center.20[2].65535 kbps kbps 384 kbps bit rate on UL E-DCH allowed in External Dynamic Radio This UTRAN parameter Cell for an NRT Bearer Control indicates PS domain theRAB. /Handover Control 0...It ofindicates the parameters the is 90°.the value of UE DTX cyclelongitude geographical RNC is 2^24-1 supported by the of the cell center. value N/A - type This of “cell central configed with OMCR is oneparameter point”.cell Handover Control 0. PS Iur. OMCR: (0°... location areas.360°) transmission antenna in RNC: (0. Thethe LAC of the neighboring discontinuous cell. Inter_RNC indicates location the absolute area.It indicates parameter is whether the latitude one of the 180°) step 1” 0: North parameters to direction of the cell describe RNC: 0.65535 kbps kbps 384 kbps indicates the offset angle of the OMCR: (0°. that is.64[4].80[5].. Degree - point”. is toIn This confirmparameter the indicate location of the connection whether Dual-Cell mode. the maximum handover control 2.65535 kbps kbps 5760kbps bit rate on UL DCH allowed in External Dynamic Radio UTRAN cell for an NRT Bearer Control This parameter PS domain RAB. Behavior dBm 24dBm that the UE users (or This parameter system) belong to.2^24-1 1: South the cellisinsouth center type of or “cell north.. Location Service Degree - . type of “cell central for longitude degree the cell center.. This parameter Handover Control When the0xffff 1....40[3 connectivity DTX-DRX ]. The the minimum coverage value DSCH areas is each of supportedPLMN forin CS domain the neighbor DRX cycle cellmany over 0: Not Supported 0: Not are divided length into coefficient. reception This cycle parameter is 2k frames.. parameter Handover Control 0.83 identifiesthe the neighboring country cell.0xfffd.the value of indicates to describe thethevalue cell of in of geographical the latitude RNC is 2^23-1.. Location Service When the value N/A - This centralparameter point”..9 N/A 6 degree MCC + for MNC the+cell LAC).128[6]. of the cell in cell center. (LAI = Basic Parameter 3.360) the cell. maximum /Handover Control 0.HS-k the is MS. LAC UTRAN value of DRX theLAI cycle latitude Adjencent cell belongs to length coefficient. 2^23-1 direction to describe the cells.. a constant required in This parameter monitoring the PICH indicates cycle. future use N/A 0:Not Supported This parameter indicates whether the 0: Not Supported neighboring cell 1: Supported supports MIMO or not.parameter This parameter step 1” One location indicates the area latitude is one of many includes the parameters RNC: 0. MCC indicates is allocated whether uniformlythe neighboring and internationally.3 N/A 2 bit rate on DL DCH allowed in External Dynamic Radio This UTRAN parameter cell for an NRT Bearer Control indicates PS domain theRAB.. maximum /Handover Control 0.10[1].. LAC HSPA Evolution 1: Supported N/A Supported domain This DRX parameter cycle identifies different and length coefficient. Handover Control N/A 0:Not Supported MNC identifies a specific PLMN inside one country (decided by This MCC). Location Service Degree - neighboring cell for continuous packet (5[0].999 N/A 460 supports to activate MIMO and downlink 0: Not Supported 64QAM at the same parameter for 1: Supported time.. This Location Service OMCR: (-180°.occasion. HSPA Evolution OMCR: (- 60[7])subframes N/A 160 subframes This parameter is the 50.33)dBm maximum allowed Idle Mode and RNC:D=P+50 MCC RACHuniquely transmit power of Common Channel 0.It configed with OMCR indicates indicates the the maximum is 180°.999 N/A - indicates the code length of the MNC BCD This of theparameter neighboring indicates UTRAN cell.

of the cell.. /Handover Control 0. reselected byThis UE. When the scramblingcondition the of Adjencent cell indicates Qqualmin being selectedthe can minimum the or cell codes measurement required in received UTRAN totally. infrom if type the CN.0)dB dB -18dB RSCP. This of the parameter planning.. an absolute result the with polygon value. Idle Mode and RNC:D=(P+115)/2 power level of the cell is Qrxlevminimum Common Channel 0. location It is Adjencent cell 0. Behavior dBm -115dBm can the cell berouting one selected.maximum /Handover Control 0.45 services.65535 kbps kbps 384 kbps bit rate on UL E-DCH allowed in External Dynamic Radio This UTRAN parameter Cell for an RT Bearer Control indicates PS domain theRAB. included the location the in the message resultpolygon with type of RANAPof “polygon”.2^23-1 described described results in the in with RANAP type it’s own Parameter for 15 describe “polygon”. quantity power Basic Parameter 0. identifies REQUEST howPCPICH from many CN. can the only cell bevalid selected.600 dBm 33. transmission points should of When the power be cell.255 N/A - indicates the RNC ID of the neighboring cell.. Inter_RNC This RNCparameter ID is distributed Adjencent cell indicates uniformly the maximum in PLMN.. Behavior OMCR:(-115. RAN Sharing 1..0)dB dB -18dB RSCP.It parameter decides indicateshowof configed with OMCR This the parameter geographical is one is 90°. selected.RNC: MAX_POINT_NUM= to thefill in the parameters location toof 0. of cell is The to fillparameter which inrequires thethe location indicates reporting “polygon”. 25)dBm step 2 dBm area in PLMN ofisGSM- This parameter the Idle Mode and RNC:D=(P+115)/2 MAP type for packeting Qrxlevminimum Common Channel 0. When parameter primary the scrambling required longitude measurement quality of the level polygon quantity of Parameter for RNC is 2^24-1 . the value of by This cellUE. RAC is Inter_RNC set by the operator via Adjencent cell This RNCparameter O&M. It measured is onlyreceived when This parameter supporting PS is the services. This required whether parameter quality the latitudeis oneofof level 180°) step 1". 25)dBmstep 2 dBm cell. reselected When measured This parameter Thismeasurement parameter received is the Idle Mode and the power level of the cell is indicates Qqualminimum quantity isrouting CPICHarea Common Channel over code Qrxlevminimum broadcastof the neighboring intheSIB12.. if Each the cell isis of is one cell step 1". LOCATION thiscell.. future use N/A - of “polygon“.- broadcast identifies in SIB11. describe point. the value in to thefill in the parameters location to latitude results This inofthe parameter the polygon RANAP Parameter for RNC is 2^23-1.0dBm Otherwise.. 0. 90°) N/A 1 Geographical decided parameter during decidesArea network(GA) how And.only When is CPICH level of parameter the Ec/No.RNC:D=(P+ indicates parameter This of RANAPparameter is value set LOCATION of “True”. Sharing the REPORT...511 N/A - be selected. cell is the which Idle Mode and the the measurement quality ofcondition the cell isof satisfies Qqualminimum quantity the is CPICH Common Channel over being Qqualminimum broadcast selected inthe or SIB11.being the level Theremeasured ofarethe cell 512 quality which downlink of Inter_RNC selected This the orover parameter cell is reselected satisfies primary by UE..65535 kbps kbps 384 kbps .This parameter indicates the absolute value of the polygon This parameter point indicateslatitude. can theonly cellby beUE. this cell in type When the value number of points. belongs Behavior dBm -115dBm to RAI (RAI = PLMN-ID + LAC + RAC).1: True N/A 0 Geographical parameter decidesArea how REQUEST described of the cell. cell of future use 0: North. indicating or reselected configed with OMCR adjcent indicates the RNC...the geographical the minimum The is 180°. cell in type future use Degree - LOCATION indicates of “polygon“. Basic Parameter 0.1: South N/A - This selectedparameter of “polygon“. broadcastRAC in SIB12..It theREPORT. indicates code the cellis used whichthe minimum tosatisfies point. only power future use Degree - distinguish the condition theofcell.1dBm.- OMCR: (-24.RNC: the parameters cell direction which to satisfies of the polygon Parameter for 0. Behavior OMCR: (-24..45 The over routing Qrxlevminimum area code OMCR:(-115. Geographical point Basic Parameter 10)*10.whether When This RNC parameter receives the PCPICH indicates This parametertransmission the latitude message power of RANAP is configured. described PLMN number in type best of of 3.4095 N/A - bit rate on DL DCH allowed in External Dynamic Radio This UTRAN parameter Cell for an RT Bearer Control indicates PS domain theRAB.2^24-1 Cell scrambling describe the cell code in type of When the value the point the condition is south neighbouring of orbeing north. If the LOCATION this cell(GA) is Handover Control 0: False. is CPICHreceived required Ec/No. results the number in location of RANAPresultiswith points MAX_POINT_NUM “polygon”. When transmission transmission RNC power of Inter_RNC step from parameter This power CN.. minimum indicates OMCR: (-180°.isif RNC which the cell requires is described reporting in receives invalid.65535 kbps kbps 5760kbps bit rate on UL DCH allowed in External Dynamic Radio UTRAN Cell for an RT Bearer Control PS domain RAB. LOCATION REPORT... cell.maximum /Handover Control 0. direction indicates LOCATION of the PCPICH REQUEST polygon OMCR:(-10. Area (GA) longitude. Basic Parameter 0..4 OMCR: (0°. which is valid whenrequires this receives the neighboring reporting the the message cell.50)dBm PCPICH point..

. 187.2863 uplink channel Basic Parameter N/A - This parameter indicates the period of (8[0]. Inter_RNC 9262. 137..65535 N/A N/A shared network area code that the Inter_RNC MAX_NUM_SNAC_ neighboring cell belongs Adjencent cell PER_GSMCEL=4 This to. CBS 256[5])frame frame invalid indicates whether the period of BMC CTCId=9: True scheduling messages is 0: False Other CTCId: configured or not. frequency point UTRAN registration of the Inter_RNC 787. 16[1]. 237. them not.cell.. One cell inactive.. Only supports TUTRAN-GPS when the Parameter for 0: NotI:Supported. this parameter indicates will be active. SA of when the=cell BC domain Inter_RNC PLMN-ID supports + LAC the cell one + can only SAC). service. 1: Active112. the shared One of Inter_RNC network them must becode area CS +that PS Adjencent cell the domain SAC. cell neighboring Basic Parameter 0.9538. CS + (service PS domain area SACscode for and Service indicates BC domain)area whethercode parameterthe Inter_RNC 0: Not Supported the cell other indicates support is BC the UE RTT domain Adjencent cell 1: Supported is configured SAC. can belong to Basic Parameter 162. channel Basic Parameter Band VI: 4162 … MAX_URA=4 N/A N/A No..807. corresponding to 4188.65535 N/A N/A operator via Otherwise. 32[2]. CBS 1: True N/A False . Basic Parameter N/A Not Supported STTD indicatesindicator if the and PCCPCH neighboring STTD cell indicator.12. registration this parameter area willID. 837 the central frequency of Inter_RNC Band VIII: the carrier used by the Adjencent cell 2712 . 287 Different This UEs that parameter Inter_RNC Band III: 937.the UTRAN otherwise. radio frequency belongs to.location service domain to CN.. It is must location measurement required for to be orSAC Adjencent cell 62. uniquely SAC is set by identifies one the operator or several via RNC cells O&M. parameter Basic Parameter N/A 0 describes the Possible Secondary Serving Cell Bit0:Not 0 ID for the neighbor cell Support/Support HS. Other CTCId: This parameter messages. the number of handover Control PER_GSMCEL.. 87.4233.. PS domain SAC Basic Parameter N/A 0 This and theparameter other is BC indicates domain SAC. 837.9888 common This measurement. this RNC O&M. 0: Inactive 37. parameter future use Supported Band II: N/A Not Supported active..65535 N/A - belongs to.782.812. 212. Service + LACarea+code SAC). One cell can belong to at most four 0. 812. It is scheduling Reseverd,Fixed 0 N/A Detection (0/1) This parameter decided by indicates whether PSCH/SSCH TSTD Node Inter_RNC 0: Supported B supports radio link indicator,PCPICH Adjencent cell 1: Not Supported This timing parameter adjustiment.1288 reside in this indicates the cell can occupied Adjencent cell Band V: This belong parameter to different URA.. One cell may parameter is not belong to Inter_RNC 0: False one or two required to be SACs: One Adjencent cell 1: True is CS + configured. SAC area belongs code to SAI of the (SAI = neighboring PLMN-ID cell.1: three indicators are all Band 9612. Basic Parameter 0. areasIt that is UTRA the cell absolute Adjencent cell 862 1. cell. 0. This parameter One cell contains one or belonging indicates to the same whether SACB two SAC: Location This parameter One Are is (LA). SAC contain is set by the Adjencent cell broadcast cell. Basic Parameter 0.. HSPA Evolution 0…65535 N/A N/A HS- DSCH Congestion Support indicates whether STTD Detection (0/1) DSCH can be used on the Inter_RNC 0: Supported Bit1:Not Congestion downlink DPCH of the Adjencent cell 1: Not Supported This parameter Support/Support E. Detection (0/1) cell.65535 N/A N/A uplink carrier central indicates the number of 4132. 262. One or ofCN. CTCId=9: 64 BMC scheduling 64[3]. This parameter Basic Parameter N/A Not Supported indicates if the DCH Congestion Bit1:Not indicates neighboring if thecelltransmit Detection (0/1) Support E-DCH diversity supports is active in the R5/R6 hsupa packet Bit2~Bit7 Congestion neighboring congestion detection. 128[4]. MAX_URA. Bit0:Not This over parameter Iur. Basic Parameter N/A Not Supported be CS + to belongs PSSAI domain (SAI configured SAC.. N/A Inactive at most four URAs. This SNACs parameter (shared network MAX_NUM_SNAC_ indicates area code).

HSUPA services quick for limiting need reported to limit MAX_NUM_HS_GBR=3 by resource UE. 8. oneof a setare frames of Management 9. of GBR HSDPA CPICH services. CTCId=9: 8 MTTI. 3.000 bps 14000000. and If there 0. 38800.5]dB have to soft no report resource inlimit “Valid queue Time switch for Window of AMR and the service.1279)ms step this in threshold. allocation on S-CCPCH.256. the Basic Identification integer cell locates. 4. number too HSDPA much validity ofresource. required calculation. guarantee power bitif thereupper rate. have consumption limit the for MAX_BP CPICH limiting control Ec/No HSDPA of MAX_NUM_HS_GB Where HSDPA GBR isvalue services. is no RNC queuewill be admittedor information again.. fails 3.5. Admission Control 0~65535s step 1s s 65535s information.2559)ms 64000. Management 0: R99 Data. traffic and is being admitted... 6.Ec/Noso it 10100000. Timeofcan ofthewith be Node B carrying MCCH: a positive parameters.. It is used MAX_NUM_HS_GB UE。UE power HS-DSCH increment used in as minmum resources R. Control 1:Open N/A 1:Open . 4. outside This the parameter arrival parameter rate matching together indicates define attribute. separately. Node B MAX_NUM_TFS_IN FACH carrying consumption. HSDPA When from Node B (0.65534 N/A - frames This parameter0 * K * N-1 This where parameter indicates K isthe a multiple commonof CTCId=9: 64 indicates MTTI. services arriving on outside E-DCH. scheduling.Response A data bit rateframe [23850. 1: R99 Signaling. 8. the ofIt is the That Node required services this B. R99 data: FACHs 10 4 parameters the for unique indexing startpoint based identifier the of contain FACH on SCCPCH One before cell thiscan Node B FACH carrying configured by the FP. the FACH used for MaxSFN: maximum CTCH system N: period frame of CTCH number = 4095.5..32 N/A carrying R99 MCCH:carry 32 endpoint. Priority. 6. then this AMR RAB Congestion 0:Closed has the queue ability. HSDPA GBR by resource 1… consumption In 3. time by Where R99 data: 15 GBR data resource frame arriving parameter..0: Closed that there Increment”. 7.MTTI. 10 0. mapped arrival from window the gives Basic a UE used HSDPA HSDPA for GBR calculating GBR resource 768000. transport the common channel ID of (1.000. The Latest transport Time corresponding format of Arrival Limiting FACH Startpoint This (LToA). established valueinAnd a relative cell. HSDPA parameter ToAWS GBR (ToAWS) and Resource is 2: R99 defaultcarrying values number. framesN0 is where *K a *multiple N-1 of where K is a multiple of MTTI.1dB 5. 4..255)frames step Other CTCId: system frame number = CBS 1frame frame invalid 4095. MTTI * N of *radio 256. 5.35 N/A MCCH 35 including Arrival channel Window type.65535 N/A 1 HS_GBR] use the value onetoby one. cell INDEX-1 FACH carrying Arrival limit window Window for limiting in Node HSDPA B.5. In the guaranteed that process this UE algorithm consumption of isfrom bit Node rate consuming to NodeB ensure control B. to indicates be admitted the forced due Load Control dB 7... blocks. CPICH Frame levels ofpower. the procedure this ofis Load Control step 10 bps bps 21096000] bps EdchNormBitRate consumption. the size parameters transport of the block of arrival the size. is higher increment than It isin used 1200000. channel ID of Common CBS 1frame frame invalid This the parameter SCCPCH carrying transport This parameter indicates channel whether ID there is CTCId=9: True This this This parameter FACH. type. defined indicates number with UE a of of positive HS-DSCH R99 signaling: ToAWE Consumption the together purpose define Connection Signaling+MCCH are: transport value required this FACH. 3. parameter of HSDPA Common indicates transport thethat FACH GBR transport Paramater 1:True N/A Falsethere9 Currently SCCPCH common FP. Timing This higher Adjustment parameter basic service power consumption. switch In the is CPICH on. 128000. 10.. indicates when RNC AMR will Load Control 0.+15) dB step [3. nominal Response bit rate. of radio integer number frames. valid only K: CBS in the RNC frame where offset.This interval. if the forced queue function is turned on.. DL set data frames are FACH are carrying three Resource physical Consumption channel ID is carrying PCH: format indicates channel expected theindex. Limiting one cell. the RAB WB 1: Open N/A 1: Open calculate the power by be usingassigned increment has the no queue default ability CPICH inEc/No the AMR RAB assignment from OMCR.This parameter is one the unique indicates is CTCH the identifier mapped window FACH Other carrying indicates parameter the indexonto ofin Basic Identification 0: False CTCId: This factor parameter allocated of thetoisthe unique protocal one R99 signaling: endpoint this FACH. this A can be indexed transmission Endpoint (ToAWE). relative power Timeupper of Management 0. ToAWS coding and ToAWE rate.MAX_NUM_TFS_ 3: MCCH N/A 1. level of Management 1ms ms 44ms 7200000. the condition Admission Control Ec/No lowest for Power rate will assigned /AMR-NB & AMR. within to bewindow used areceived cell. the Management DEX=100 N/A MCCH: 16 expressed window gives indicates nominal the bit in the rate a the form Timing for in size of of the power arrival offset Adjustment Control window of the guaranteed interactive/background Node B. K: CBS number integer frame offset. service allocated configuration severalDL datatowindow FACHs. priority Control indicates traffic Frame the has higher Node B (0.5 . Cell Identity. calculate ifMAX_NUM_HS_GBR=3 MaxBR the power is adopted but This parameter increment.256)frames step Other CTCId: physical FACH.. the Load Control R=33 N/A 12 GBR saved resource by RNC maximum number of the in “Valid consumption Time BasicWindowPriority. which of CPICH corresponds Ec/No equals for to 16. (-35. Window need channel parameters Endpoint different within for aa cell Up SCCPCH after (ToAWE) this window is defined R99 data and configurations to 32 SCCPCH transport channel startpoint. number of radio Paramater 0.Power to This parameter HsGBRLev[MAX_NUM_ Increment”. admission resources control it means 3650000.5. Different Time of Arrival OMCR: transport requirements common expected physical format to be received R99 FACH: 6 signaling. MaxSFN: maximum (0. power parameter for limiting Management step1ms ms 8ms 384000.

idle mode are Location Service 0: NovAtel.10[1]. else priority if time of Idle Mode and The parameter TempOffset1Sib12 the neighboring indicates cell. Behavior 60[6] )s s Not Used CPICH This parameterthis RSCP.2 N/A 0 TempOffset1Sib11 identifies a cell uniquely.. quality SIB12. reselection. parameter which is used condition real queue. logic cell at most. This Idle Mode and OMCR: (-110. 50[5]. Cell Identity is that the cells valid only 2: Connected State. 40[4].it criteria the lowest priority iswill in cell 2.1: indicates neighboring where cellsRNC list Neighbouring RNC. Congestion service.. parameter used in calculatingif time H measurement duration isthe no in control more Connected State. is OMCR: (Not parameter broadcast to specifies UE in the Idle Mode and Used[0]. threshold levels Common Channel 30[3]. 20[2]. Idle State + duration selected is no from more the than Non-Cell_DCH Cell_DCH n is applied SIB11 PenaltyTimeSib11. Idle Mode and Balance 3: Contained in N/A Neighbor control This message specifies parameter the time to Common Channel Non-Cell_DCH neighbouring be sent. not be taken else into if time One physical duration is H cell than greater account corresponds in and to four R Adjacent Gsm cell PenaltyTimeSib12. is to be Location Service Only N/A Self sent.. H Behavior GSM and R cell identity. the status of This Value parameter 0 means no Congestion the GSM indicates neighboring GPS card queue cell.65534 N/A - This the specifies describes neighboring the the timelist cells 0: NeighborState Cell_DCH duration neighboring and for which are filledrelationship in SIB12. Control (1…60)s s 10s queue ability.. Paramater 3: Idle State + 0. for applying prioritised Behavior 60[6] )s s Not Used hierarchical cell reselection.73 dBm -90dBm . UTRAN. Thisthen this CS 64kbps parameter service has indicates thethe maximum queue Congestion 0:Closed This ability. Non- indicates and R criteria message. support in the RNC connected where the Basic Identification Non-Cell_DCH This mode cell parameter are selected from locates. ion) 1: SIB11bis N/A SIB11 neighboring neighbouring cells cell. Connected n Gsmis applied neighboring for a iscell.. queue information or the RAB be assigned has no queue ability in the CS 64kbps service RAB assignment information. reselection is set to Common Channel 30[3]. then this which RAB has the relocates (CAC) into algorithm.. process. When account cellin selection H and R and SIB11. for a or SIB11bis. after parameter the call in Admission Control 1dB dB 1dB the setup RAB assignment requirement is indicates information.In cells that 5: Cell_DCH State + duration indicates HCS for which whether scenario. theifmaximum the forced refused time lengthby the that Call the queue Admission switch Controlis opened. congested E-DCH In the calls in the Congestion queuing function is This Eb/N0. /Handover Control 0. 40[4]. can and stay this in the true queue parameter is the after the relocation requirement maximum time in the Congestion is truerefused queue. cell than Handover Control Non-Cell_DCH N/A Cell_DCH PenaltyTimeSib12. if time the the Behavior (Cell support DCH TEMPORARY_OFFSET cell will be status broadcast are in Selection/Reselect Connected 0: SIB11 State. Behavior RNC: D=P+110. will Common Channel duration neighboring is greater physical than be Theusedhighest in calculating PenaltyTimeSib11. criteria. Control (0…60)s s 4s type.32,0 means Scheduling into queue.parameter Control 1:Open N/A 1:Open This time parameter in the true indicates the maximum queue indicates when number ofthe service thebe forced 0.. priority is 0.It is usally used to When identifySIB11the is to be sent. 2: Exterior Network 1: Cell_DCH State information When SIB12from.In list 6: Idle State + State+ TempOffset1Sib11 and are filled in the will Cell_DCH State+ Connected HCS This be scenario. indicates that the there maximum is to Control closed N/A 16 predict no queue the UL time lengthinformation Interference that incrementthe call or the can RAB be assigned stay in the E-DCH true for Scheduling has no queue ability (-20… 20)dB Step queue. the cells of manufacturer that the support GPS card. the Handover 1: Idle 4: Overlap State + TEMPORARY_OFFSET of the serving When the measurement cell and Control /Load 2: Covers State.- parameter is Common Channel 37)dBm broadcasted in SIB11. 20[2]. This traffic.10[1].1: Moto N/A NovAtel This parameter selected from the 0: Self. will TempOffset1Sib12 Basic Parameter 0. criteria. if the forced queue function is turned on. 0: Idle State Only can get GPS and are filled in SIB11. 2^32-1 N/A N/A This parameter is OMCR: (Not not be taken broadcast to into in UE Idle Mode and Used[0] the Call Control (1…60)s s 6s Admission This parameter Control (CAC) indicates algorithm. measurement reselection. the cell. 50[5].

4: 10ms indicates PDSCH number the CQIbased 5: 20ms feedback cycle.4) step1 N/A 1 allowed to be used by the system.50)dB dB 0dB the and cell R reselection criteria in cell rule.9) step1 N/A 5 repetition factor..1504. When indicating the number the of value of the switch consecutive repetitions is open. criteria. TempOffset1Sib11 This parameter will isif time Idle Mode and reselection. 21[6]. 12[3]. 6[1]. CQI intra-NodeB DTX/DRX is allowed to Power Control (0. inf[7])dB dB 3dB This parameter Idle Mode and This parameter indicates whether the Common Channel indicates HCS is used the or powernot. Power Control (0. else This if time Idle Mode and parameter TempOffset1Sib12 parameter is is required broadcast will Common Channel duration when queueis greater the than cells in be used in to UE in SIB11. account in H and R SIB11. inf[7])dB dB 3dB criteria. 6[1]. ACK. when DPCH... set to CPICH indicates CPICH RSCP. This ratio parameter satisfies the criteria step 100ms. otherwise DTX/DRX is not allowed 0: Closed to be used.used In theinlayered case the cellquality neighbouring measure for cell cell for the structure. be used.. downlink required. is Power Control (1. the period to Code Resource 0: Not Support This parameter judge whether to re- indicates Allocation 1: Support N/A 0: Not Support assign thethe time period to judge codes channelisation whether of the code one or occupation several downlink Code Resource (100. the time to Allocation 7: 1: 80ms s N/A s send CQI. indicates selection the is setquality tolevelItthe is qualityinthreshold used case the quality of offset CPICH the of the RSCP.. neighboring calculating cell forH Behavior dBm -90dBm duration queues is no cells ininthe more than cell and CPICH R criteria RSCP. TempOffset1Sib12 This parameter is will Idle Mode and OMCR:(3[0]. This parameter is Idle Mode and OMCR:(3[0]. When the 8: 160ms This valueparameter is 0. not be taken else into broadcastis to duration UE in than greater Common Channel account SIB12... is required the if whenservice cell be and used to UE in in SIB12. broadcast to UE in Common Channel 9[2]. DPCH HSPA Evolution …) unit octets octets 65 channelisation code in This HSDPA parameter cell is supported indicates or not.65535)s.In This qualityHCS Idle Mode and 37)dBm RSCP. theparameter RSCP..4) step1 N/A 1 This of theparameter MAC level PDU indicates whether the when an extended MAC function to level PDU size re-assign is the INTEGER (1. in H and R Behavior OMCR: (-50. reselection reselection.. calculating H Behavior OMCR: (-50. to on code occupation Code Resource 6: 0: 40ms ms determine ratio. cell if time cell when performing selection and the when duration cell This the is reselection parameter no re- measurement more for than OMCR: (-110.60000)ms. Behavior 18[5]. 15[4]. the UE does 9: 16ms indicates not feed back the power the 10: 32ms offset of HS-DPCCH channel quality. unit of time Allocation 0: 0ms (5…65535)s step 5s s 10s to adjust the CodeUptPrdUnit=ms 1: 2ms period PDSCH numberwhether to judge based (1. indicates the HS.. duration of This This parameter selection parameter and re- indicates PENALTY_TIMEn.. 15[4]. HSPA Evolution 1: Open N/A Closed ... indicates indicatingthe the number of Conversational consecutive repetitions service maximum of size the ACK and NACK.. parameter This TempOffset1Sib11 istime broadcast will Common Channel RNC:D=P+110 0. Behavior 18[5]. Behavior 1: Not Used offset of HS-DPCCH /Handover Control 2: Used N/A Not Used ACK domain relative to DPCCH when UE has a This singleparameter link or is in the indicates intra-NodeB thehandover. SIB12. 21[6]. the codeoccupation occupation 2: 4ms on code Code Resource when 3: 8ms ratio ratio. rule.In cell neighboring service HCS cell measure and for neighboring scenario. DTX/DRX of the CQI. not be taken broadcast to UE into in Common Channel 9[2]. cell This PenaltyTimeSib12.50)dB dB 0dB PenaltyTimeSib12.9) step1 N/A 6 This parameter NACK repetition factor. Power Control 11: 64ms ms 1: 2ms CQI This domain parameter relative is theto DPCCH when DTX/DRX switch UE has a This singleparameter link whether or is in the indicating indicates thehandover.- selection quantity is isCPICH PenaltyTimeSib11. step 1s. 12[3]. in octets Power Control (1. PenaltyTimeSib11..73 offset of scenario. satisfies the criteria Allocation CodeUptPrdUnit=s ms/s 2s This parameter to adjust the HS.

NodeB means that Assigning compressed This parameter Mode:RNC does not Power Control 0: mode indicatesand theHSDPA HSUPA can 0: RNC SerialStatic configure be used HSPA together. timer expires. is a Load Control 1: Open N/A 0:Closed DSCH->DCH switch which indicates channel transition is whether HS-SCCH Less completed can the compressed is allowed to be used by 0: Closed mode the RNC be activated. 64[2]. indicates by the time UTRAN.1[1]. HSPA Evolution 1: Open N/A 0:Closed The value of ‘Parallel’ This means parameter that compressed This modeparameter indicatesandthe maximum HSUPA can 0: Serial indicates bit be rate usedwith theHS-SCCH together power Handover Control 1: Parallel N/A Serial offset Less for of Non- HS-DPCCH ACK domain VoIP/AMR. Power Control (0.…10)dB step (3) The channel.1 Capability that compressed IE in AUDIT mode parameter.8[ Downlink DCH value Harq of Power Combining ‘Serial ’ means indicated HS-PDSCH configured byincode this OMCR as 4]. quantified transmission UE 2. number power is can the restricted compressed inand some cases Code Resource congestion mode beforebe overload theactivated. will set RNC Dynamic variable E-DPCCH/DPCCH interval. 256[4]. compressed DRX uses the Power Control (0.three methods: 1. in 0: Closed This bad parameter radio conditions.64[7]. of theframes TheE- timer for (0[0].. for Limitingmode compressed sion Control Mode N/A Assigning Mode HSDPA and HSUPA GBRcan Resourcenot be Consumption used together. Node which B is and usedthe to value is fixed. and Node The B Packet Assigning Mode whether value allocates itthe is supported of ‘Serial power ’ means Scheduling/Admis 2: NodeB Assigning 2: NodeB or thatnot freely. method. Power Combining based andon Capable’ the such hsupa introduction 1: RV Table N/A 1: RV Table DSCH->DCH decreasing channel of HS- factors transition asispowercompleted PDSCH balance. B channel. which is used Power Control (0…9) step1 N/A 6 (2) HS-SCCH Less to compensate the Switch for Non- power offset of HSPA VoIP/AMR downlink control is open. But configures to 2ms UE E-DCH actually HSPA Total This parameter executes DPCCH Downlink transmission indicates Power the time RV HSDPA toDRX and Node F-DPCH B and interval. (-10. RNC Static Assigning Mode: RNC configures This parameter the HSPAthe indicates TotalE-DCH Downlink reference Power power to offset.16[5]. resource ifisthe HSDPA HSPA value is used. and HSPA Evolution 28[8])frames frame 8 frames RESPONSE and HSDPA returned can not be When by NodeB the HS-PDSCH dynamically adjust takes the used code together.. 128[3].when if HSUPA HSDPA is used. domain relative HSPA Evolution 384[5])kbps kbps 64kbps to DPCCH when UE has a single link or is in the intra.6) step1 N/A 6 power DTX/DRX power offset which configured parameters are This to parameter 10ms E-DCH configured needed.1dB dB 0dB This maximumparameter bit rate is less indicates than Max the powerwith Bit Rate (16[0]. 32[1].NodeB handover. estimate which the isE-DPDCH set This based power parameter on the from the satistic E-TFCI indicates throughput.4[3]. resource initial value reclaimer.8) step1 N/A 3 DRX_DRX_STATUS Assigning power offset Mode:configuredRNCas true... codes e PDUs After number UE andreceives Power Control (0. offset of HS-DPCCH HS-SCCH Less for Non. macro Power Control (0…9) step1 N/A 5 NACK satisfied:domain relative diversity to DPCCH gain whenof UE is (1) HS-SCCH downlink dedicatedLess in inter-Node Switch is open. assigned Power Control 0..65535)s step 1s s 20s The value of ‘Parallel’ 3.32[6]. NACK VoIP/AMR. use HS. GBR only when usersHS.8) step1 N/A 6 configuration associate operation afterselected the This value by RNCparameter of HSPA when Total the mode number indicatesmethod.. Allocation (0.. Power Control (0…9) step1 N/A 6 . handover. without decodingtheestimated quantified enabling MAC- E-DPCCH/DPCCH delay. 0: RV0 congested. relative to This DPCCH parameter when UE is in Non-VoIP/AMR indicates the power services inter-Node are allowed Btohandover. Power Control (0…9) step1 N/A 6 offset of HS-DPCCH This SCCH parameter Less CQI domain relative tofunction indicates only DPCCH when the when thepower following UE is in This offset parameter of HS-DPCCH conditions inter-NodeB indicates theare all handover. Total /Congestion Handover Control Assigning 1: Parallel Mode N/A Parallel This parameter associate Downlink Power Compressed is toa Control /HSDPA 1: RNC Dynamic switch Mode indicating Node. Total of only ‘IR andDownlink when Chase HS.2[2].

non-VoIP/AMR services arethe services..05 . too UE will use tofrequent use to 2ms power E-TTI. parameter HSPA Evolution N/A 0:Not Support indicates whether the RNC supports the Enhanced Layer 2 0: Not Support function or not. to helps HSPA Evolution 1: Support N/A 1: Support time services information are configured MACe avoid allowed PDU. the function Flexible Mode otherwise not allowed. HSDPA HSPA Evolution 1: Open N/A power is consecutively 1: Signalling Fixed VoIP/AMR are allowed Mode.. offset the forcell changes speechreal scheduling or MIMO included channel function . of theparameter MAC level PDU This When the DPCHiscode the when an extended DTX/DRX switch forMAC resource level PDUissize congested. MACd serving PDUs cell otherwise are 0: Closed scheduling changes and information not allowed. non-realtime this services timer is started. This parameter Handover Control (0. allowed to Only When when the value times of the use DTX/DRX. indicating This parameter whether HSPA Evolution …) unit octets octets 600 the increasing of HS- DTX/DRX indicates PDSCH number is allowed the is to pending be used.01 N/A 0. 1: Support This DPCH parameter or not. times When threshold restricted in some the for cases Code Resource This value parameter is HS- beforeof power SCCH thetimer balance the Less switch between switch is expires for Allocation (0. two of the HSPA switchWhen is indicates RNC no MACd the supportsPDUs power the are 0: Not Support serving open. not other 0:closed decreasing services except theallowed. HSPA Evolution 1: Support N/A 1: Support This parameter indicates whether the 0: Not Support RNC supports the F... included as HARQinpower thechannel same offset HSPA Evolution 1: Open N/A 0:closed transition.interval minimum Power Control (0.This parameter This parameter indicates the Non- indicates Conversationalthe timer for service non-HS-PDSCH maximum size in octets code resource reclaimer. MACe PDU.6) step1 N/A 6 as HARQ power offset between to compute twothe best cell changes due transmission power to event of 1d which E-DPDCH.65535)s step 1 s 0s indicates the target for TPC command error rate. HSPA Evolution 1: Support N/A 1: Support RNC supports the 0: Not Support Enhanced F-DPCH or 1: Support This not.. that the criteria of 0: Closed switch otherwiseis open. HSPA Evolution 1: Signalling 2: Open and N/A Closed of power balance between R99 and Conversational 2: Signalling HSDPA will be Service Fixed Mode.255) step1 N/A Conversational 3 indicates the support Flexible Mode Service Fixed type of RLC felxible HSPA Evolution 3: All Flexible Mode Mode..01. downlink indicating the this 64QAM power whether and 1: Supported 0: Not offset MIMO DTX/DRX for parameterat scheduling theindicates is same allowed the time to HSPA Evolution N/A Supported This parameter information minimum configured interval be Thisused. Power Control other Service (0. Power Control (0. the this power offset for transmission power of parameter scheduling indicates information the E-DPDCH..65535)s step 1s s 15s open.1) step 0.. is the HSPA Evolution N/A 0:Not Support indicates whether DTX/DRX switch for RNC real This time parameter supports speech to activate services 0: Not Supported indicates For HSPA. other PDU size format for /HSDPA Packet 4: All Fixed Mode Service Flexible signaling and service.6) step1 N/A 6 too frequent change between PTP and PTM bearer types. Scheduling N/A Mode This parameter indicates whether the This RNCparameter supports the 0: Not Support indicates 64QAM functionwhetherorthe not. DPCH the non-realtime and HSDPA. UE will use to compute For MBMS. offset When no for HSPA DTX/DRX.. is INTEGER (1.. When parameter indicates whether thethe to 10ms between value E-TTI. to use HS-SCCH the 0: Closed the which or same not. Service satisfied exceeds Less. and required. and This parameter executed. used for adjusting SIR target of F-DPCH.1504. helps to avoid Power Control (0.0.

4. 500[1]. exceeds measurement Control 1: True 4000[5]. 5[5]. the periodical If 2a[0]. where the CPICHUE 4. Report Criteria reporting. frequency Event Parameters for measurement frequency Event results. 2[1].5.for Report Parameters UE Period Report indicates that the inter.4]dB Report valid factor trigger tois. 16000[9].4. is ‘Inter- For 20000[10]. the 28000[12]. RSCP: Report for 3. and can report). frequency Parameters Event UE Inter. 13[11]. 64[6]. Parameters RSCP(GSM) for :- set Ec/No(GSM) CPICH : measurement resultsthe of parameters of on 32000[13].2f] CPICH Event Ec/No False Parameters for : event the number fromretransmission UE. whether tocelltrigger identitythe frequency CPICH Event RSCP: Report CPICH RSCP: Ec/No to the cells of non-used 0: False RSCP(GSM) Ec/No(GSM) Parameters CPICH for: when This event. reported change. Handover Control 0.result This parameter UE UE CPICH Inter- Period Ec/No: measurement CPICH Parameters Report respectively. This which is 4: UE Period Report 7: UE4]dB frequency CPICH Inter- Report Mode RLC Event RSCP criteria separately is judgment (event selected. CPICH Ec/No(GSM) 4: Ec/No Report UE ParametersPeriod :3 not. 7[7]. Period ParametersRSCP: Report 7,8,9 for3 synchronization UE Inter- False Parameters for value of k isof the Filter Report CPICH UE Inter- Parameters respectively. request are UE number oftofor Handover Control RSCP(GSM) N/A Parameters frequency CPICHPeriodical Report frequency Parameters RSCP(GSM) for- Event Ec/No: Event for be configured retransmission configured forafter to SRNC for the set UE True CPICH Report Period Reporting inter-frequency Parameters CPICH Report Ec/No: for of the receiving event measurement the judgment. The defined CPICH RSCP: Report the value measurement reportsis UM RLC. 11[10].2f[5] N/A frequency Ec/No(GSM) CPICH frequency Event RSCP: [2d.65535 N/A Acknowledged frequency RSCP(GSM) CPICH CPICHReport [2d. 0. to UE and quantity.inter. UE False Report Parameters Period Parameters for for currently sets is configured useddifferently. reporting formula This parameter the indicates Report UE Inter- Parameters 3: UE Inter-for frequencies Handover Control 1: True N/A CPICH CPICHFalse TrueEc/No: False Ec/No measurement that makes the itsmaller different results. Inter- Parameters for for: report This of the CPICH UE Period Report UE Inter- Parameters for usedparameter effect status frequencies. 6[6]. Report 1: True1[1]. which is for CPICH Infinity for Ec/No(GSM) Parameters Criteria CPICH Parameters for indicates indicates the the purpose RLC mode Ec/No(GSM) CPICH 9: CPICH CPICH Inter-for6 Report Ec/No: UEInter- UE RSCP: RSCP: measurement parameters related to the are quantity CPICH UE Period Ec/No(GSM): CPICH Parameters RSCP: for and of thefunctions of the set 9: UE Inter.If Mode Report Parameters UE frequency RLC Inter- False for Event measurement indicates the value how is many Report Parameters Parameters Report for frequency VENT indicateseventRLC. This parameter is Control RSCP(GSM) : only valid to the cells of /Admission 0: False True non-used frequencies. anthethe cells event larger ofthe and non- the 1: True (Report) Parameters for Mode frequency Report RSCP(GSM) Parameters UE RLC Event [2a.2c.2d. frequency UE Inter- the This When measurement parameter ‘Intra-frequency report Mode RLC UE Inter- Acknowledged ReportEvent indicates and increase whether the the 1: Unacknowledged frequency frequency Mode RLC Event indicates Event report of the CPICH Reporting the times of Parameters Report for system the capacity). This have the This criteriaparameter indicateson trigger of the thethe status inter. One CPICH Event Report Ec/No: Reporting Parameters UE Periodfor Report Parameters This This parameterpurpose.2e.4. error SDU Having UE Ec/No(GSM)Inter- Parameters Report for Criteria : 2- parameters for a certain UECPICH Parameters frequency UE Period for Event Inter- label which(not received is 6. so parameter as to result avoidwill 3: UE Inter. 15[12]. not.8000[7].4. Periodical frequency CPICHCPICH Parameters Event Ec/No:for parameter used to parameters index is forvalid different this tobethe Parameters for 8: UE frequency Inter- Parameters UEReport UE Event Period Inter- Reporting Report CPICH Ec/No for configured with of different Handover Control 17[13].4. important criteria parameters and Handover Control _EVENT =6. Handover Control 1. CPICH Reporting UE reports the Criteria’. in UM mode handover Handover Control 1: CPICH RSCP N/A CPICH UE CPICH Inter- RSCP (to reduce the traffic of 0: Acknowledged CPICH False RSCP(GSM)RSCP: True Event :- according This parameter to the event.2b. 1[0]. measurement event.. frequency for Event Mn is the whether indicates latest received the Report [4.2e[4].14. 16[4]. True corresponding this parameter. Handover Control 0. CPICHCPICHRSCP: corresponding only valid to thetheintra-times cells of of /Admission 0: False 2000[3].2b[1]. the 24000[11]. frequency UE UE 1s Event Period Inter- and sointer-frequency configured measurement on. 4]dB Report values measurement indicates event which forthe theisevent same 6. for indicates reporting the intervals the of 12000[8].5)dB 9:UE CPICHUEInter- Report frequency UE CPICH Inter- Ec/No: Event Inter- Ec/No: of parameters frequency Eventstep UE frequency Period Parameters Parameters for Event for parameters triggered by are theaccording required Control 7: UECPICH UE UE Inter-for Report Period Report Inter- Parameters for only valid whether indicates configuration to the cells ofof the /Admission frequency 0: False Event CPICH Report RSCP(GSM) ParametersEc/No: Ec/No(GSM) for:- frequency measurement change non-used report of due toindex result frequencies. carrier very quality Control (0[0]. N/A frequency EventFalse Event Reporting the value of Amount 3000[4]. the Parameters UE Period frequency CPICH frequency for Event RSCP: Event This This parameter parameter is only 0: Acknowledged 4: UE CPICHUE Inter- Period Ec/No: value between indicates of the the filtering whether status to 0: False (No Report) UE Period Report CPICH Report [4.2c[2]. This parameter isthe of parameters If the UE of Control Ec/No(GSM) Ec/No(GSM) : :- detects that (250[0]. N/A UE RSCP(GSM) frequency Period Report Event Inter-frequency :2 indicates the Parameters frequency Report for Event measurements then measurement quantityto decides in whether AM Parameters Event Reportingfor mode CPICH Report Parameters for- for theand perform thethose inter-less inter-frequency 0: CPICH Ec/No CPICH RSCP(GSM)RSCP: Criteria Ec/No(GSM) Parameters CPICH RSCP: for: important frequency measurement. 1000[2]. Mode RLC UE Inter- Parameters frequency for Event of inter-frequency report the results of the MAX_INTER_MEAS 500ms UETrue CPICH frequency Inter- Event according This parameter to the event CPICH RSCP: Report UE Inter- handover. AM the UE frequency UE Inter- Parameters CPICH RSCP: for Event Inter- Report configuration events are required for CPICH CPICHCPICHEc/No: RNC maximum can parameters parameters.5dB Parameters Report dB Inter-frequency Report frequency FalseEvent Report CPICH to specific be frequency configured. CPICHUEReport ParametersRSCP: Report Period Ec/No(GSM) for: - estimation measurement value isor the for CPICH Ec/No CPICH frequency UE RSCP Acknowledged Event Inter- Parameters for When (periodical events different are report) configuredreport 8[8]. Parameters N/A frequency Report Parameters frequency CPICH Parameters UE CPICH Event Inter- TrueEc/No: False for Event for the small inter-frequency measurement.2b. a to Handover CPICH Parameters for be set reported. a = 1/2^(k/2). configured UE to stops UE. to RNC Different 4[4]. When or ofThere ‘Periodical non. CPICH UE Ec/No: Inter- Parameters Report [4. UE Inter- configuration This parameter ID are of 6000[6].MAX_INTER_ME 3] for CPICH RSCP CPICHReport 2f] RSCP(GSM) frequency CPICH Mode RSCP: ReportRLCfor: - Event RSCP: sets This of selected. 8[3]. inter. Handover Control Infinity[7] N/A RSCP(GSM) Report : - the periodical report. set to 0 0: CPICH UE Report frequency 3:UE UE Event-- Period Inter- Ec/No: False Report indicates requested or hysteresisThis Inter.4. periodical reports Handover Control Mode RLC N/A Report Criteria’ is Ec/No is requested orselected.2d[ CPICH Parameters UE Inter- RSCP(GSM): Ec/No(GSM) for: purpose. [4. the 3: Periodical Report Criteria report of the CPICH Handover Control Reporting Criteria N/A Parameters for RSCP is requested or Handover CPICH not. 0: False Event CPICH CPICH RSCP(GSM) Parameters frequency RSCP Report RSCP: for Event [2a. UE Inter- Inter-frequency RSCP(GSM) Ec/No(GSM) True : :- event frequency reports non-used frequencies. the maximum Report frequency CPICH Event used are several Reporting different Handover Control 1: True Parameters N/A 8: UE Parameters Inter- Acknowledged False CPICH for number of Criteria’ inter. measurement parameter two sets of the UE Period Ec/No(GSM) Parameters UE CPICH Inter- Parameters RSCP for frequecy measument 8: UE Inter. ofparameter measurement set the periodical measurement. continuous). CPICH 19[14]) RSCP N/A RSCP(GSM) CPICH frequency CPICH Ec/No: Report Event Ec/No: : 36 cells parameterno matter measurement configuration purpose Report Parameters frequency Parameters UE for Event Criteria Period for values. 32[5].4.2f]Event RSCP RSCP: of inter-frequency This parameter measurement frequency Event UE frequency Inter- Report Event the other MAX_INTER_MEAS_E set ofreport. SRNC is judges related is AS_EVENT Report Acknowledged Infinity Report to the judgment method Where UE CPICH Inter- Parameters RSCP: Ec/No:for not required.. which event is triggered Usually. 9[9].2c. for inter-frequency CPICH Report UE CPICH Inter- RSCP: Report MAX_INTEREAS_EVE frequency UE Inter- Parameters for: frequency measurement.4]dB configuration Ec/No(GSM) CPICH RSCP: : measurement Parameters 0:UEUE Period Report for report of the result Parameters index CPICH Period are False True 0. for information the frequency CPICH Event UE Inter- Ec/No Coefficient. 3[3]. . This parameter Parameters Ec/No(GSM) frequency CPICH for: Event RSCP: neighboring This NOTE: parameter if kthe cells is is not. the to current leave the or Handover Control CPICH Ec/No N/A CPICH 2f] False CPICH frequency CPICH Ec/No: Event Ec/No Ec/No This is parameter indicates requested the report Handover CPICH UEReport Parameters frequency RSCP Period for Event measurement event. Handover Control 2: Inter-frequency 64000[14])ms N/A RSCP(GSM) : frequency measurement Event Reporting UE Inter- Inter-frequency This parameter configuration ID are Criteria frequency Event Event Reporting indicates configuredwhether to UE. Control 1: True N/A . 4[2].4. Parameters for NT is frequencies. set (0. frequency UE Event Inter- parameter is only valid 3 used will when mean no judging layer Parameters frequency ReportEvent Parameters CPICH Parameters for for for3 frequency filtering. for requested parameters. Report CPICH When periodical the value reporting. 7: UE Inter. 2[2].

False 0.0.331: NT is the “RRCwhether judgment maximum results Protocol thefor [0. Parametersare0. 200[9]. -. RSCP: : :[- MAX_INTEREAS_EVE they Period frequency Report Report Event eventare filtering Sometimes. judgment RNC can method request of UE the for Handover Control CPICH RSCP N/A CPICH Measurement RSCP intra-frequency Parameters Detected Set for soft handover. step CPICH CPICH CPICH UE Inter- CPICH Parameters Ec/No: Ec/No: Ec/No: for-- the calls following may formula decrease.11 for -.0) dB step 1dB dBm Parameters parameter Parameters UE Parameters Inter- for are for for: Specification”: number parameter inter- indicates Fn=(1. The after Parameters CPICH RSCP: for measurement 1.True 2000.the error SDU 1a[0].640] Parameters for required This judging parameter to be Parameters [0. Period CPICH Report [2000]msReport Ec/No: measurement used to index result different Parameters (0[0].0] -. Parameters 7: UE Parameters CPICH Event 1f.for event do which not reach isthe 6.1f[5]. is used (to reduce Handover Control 0: Acknowledged N/A the traffic volume of the Mode RLC measurement report 1: Unacknowledged and increase the Mode RLC Acknowledged system capacity).5dB 10: Detected Set dB Parameters Measurement Parameters for to specificthe event ID indicates Detected CPICH SetRSCP Set configuration measurement measurement index.1b.100.0]0.-8]dB False measurement NT is the results parameter and thereport maximum should be set CPICH RSCP: (.65535 Ec/No N/A 11: CPICH CPICH Detected Report RSCP Ec/No: of the the events set ofisintra- related to 11: Detected Set Report Set Parameters of the frequency intra-frequency MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E measurement Measurement [1a] for Parameters Measurement for7 the purpose measurement VENT indicates ofreport. CPICH 7.1j[6] N/A Detected Set This handover parameter is related to Where CPICH Measurement Ec/No: the value the indicates is UM RLC.0. Parameters CPICH Measurement Ec/No: [4.1c. indicates and so on.4.1j] for different the intra intra-frequency frequency Monitor 0. 8000[6].0.for CPICH UEReport Event RSCP: Set for maximum number of CPICH RSCP Report Parameters Measurement Parameters This are parameter several different Handover Control 17[13].6. for maximum Different number events areofwill (0[0].640] UE Event 2000.1 N/A [4. the functions The number RLC mode of Handover Control CPICH 0. -. 0. Detected CPICH RSCP: Set 1 not of required.. 7[7]. [2000. judgment 6. hysteresis Handover Control 16000[7])ms CPICH Ec/No ms CPICH RSCP CPICH Parameters Ec/No Ec/No: for- reported parameter toconfiguration RNC 4[4].0] Coefficient.for 4] after small number triggering measurement change.0.. 15[12]. [4. when frequecy This judging parameter measument the quality is used 1dBm 60[4]. between the status to default frequency Parameters Period values Event Report for: currently related stops result to used reporting the the RSCP(GSM) There are Ec/No(GSM) CPICH Period RSCP 6 Report sets :- MAX_INTEREAS_EVE CPICH of intra- Report Parameters RSCP: trigger frequency measurement Fn-1 NT isthean event or themaximum isparameter of previousresults. for2. to report MAX_INTEREAS_EVE the measurement The the frequencyReport Report Event judging the quality of CPICH Only Ec/No: configured 13.0.-24]dB Event Ec/No: decided The larger by UEvalue the freely). -. Measurement CPICH CPICH UE RSCP RSCP: Event MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E (periodical report) or the 5: 8[8]. Report . [100. of to inter- the event results actual 115. NT isreporting stop measurement the maximum the result Handover Control (0.0.0. 8[3]. 0. (because measument The 1dBm UE RSCP(GSM)1c.UE Report 0. thethe If CPICH Detected RSCP: Set configuration measurement and the Parameters for CPICH Parameters Detected SetRSCP: for the value maximum is AM number RLC.Set -.-25 )dBm20[2]. UE Parameters Event frequency for This status used and the to leave frequencies. Control /RAN Parameters CPICH CPICH CPICH RSCP: Ec/No RSCP: for This events values parameter required for the same to beset Parameters for 10: CPICH CPICH Detected Ec/No: Ec/No 7 which is 7the indicates function Performance (0. the current intra-frequency Handover Control Infinity[7]) for N/A Parameters Measurement CPICH RSCP [1a.0.. 9[9]. for are :- the numberresult filtered of ofinter- measurement judgment CPICH Report Ec/No: measurement CPICH Detected Set 2 indicates event. Report Period 11[10].100. of Measurement CPICH RSCP parameters.7.1e. CPICH CPICH CPICH configured RSCP Ec/No: for used Carrier intervals. Parameters 13[11]. 115.0. which reported shall is ifbe 6. between report the thevalue After status event to Handover Control (0.0 ) step 0. measurement and can be configured event.2. This weight exceeds 2560[14].MAX_INTRA_ME Measurement CPICH[1a] Ec/No: 1 receiving which is 7.1c[2]. 0.1b. measurement [0. CPICH Ec/No500[2]. event the (only type Handover Control 1: True N/A CPICH True Parameters parameter UE RSCP Inter. indicates report the carrier according ofofthe theof to This hysteresis UTRA currently the report Handover Control 160[8]. RSCP(GSM) different Ec/No(GSM) [2000.2. and as Detected Parameters Setfor parameter. as to that time avoid event CPICH UE configured frequency Parameters Event Ec/No: for Event for - result frequecy interval to measument report the UE Event configuration RSCP(GSM) Measurement Report : the trigger MAX_INTEREAS_EVE 1a/1b/1c/1j Mn is the status finishes. 4.5)dB step [1a. latest received CPICHUE Event different Report ReportRSCP: event measurement change whichdue is results to 6. Report 32[5]. Period 115. -.0 ) step 0. Period Parameters Detected CPICH ReportSet Ec/No for measurement intra-frequency result 1000[3]. important Handover Control N/A measurement that UE 0: CPICH Ec/No Parameters for measurements performs and it uses is AM 1: CPICH RSCP CPICH RSCP: mode. Report -. performed too large. 1a. very index[0.0] Report frequencies. 7: CPICH UE Parameters[2] Event Ec/No: for- sets VENT forindicates intra-frequency the 10: UE Detected Detected Event Report Set 3 judgment measurement. the Control 1: True N/A Measurement UEReport Parameters Event for according This maximum parameter to numberthe is report of CPICH CPICH ReportEc/No: Ec/No that This the smaller parameter intervals. 2000[4].1d[ Parameters for parameter label of the soft If (not continuous). Period Report [6]Report configured of Thisparameters parameter for the accordingset of CPICH RSCP Period Set 11: Detected 1f.1e. otherwise related to actual UM 2: Pathloss CPICH RSCP mode scenario. Parameters Period Detected Parameters ReportSetfor for which with is different 7. 19[14]) N/A Report for Measurement Parameters for intra-frequency indicates number of Handover 7: UE Event Report CPICH CPICH Ec/No: Parameters Parameters RSCP for for sets of measurement measurement event.Ec/No: -. -.2. the intra-frequency Measurement handover algorithm. 320[11]. 2[1]. measurement of UE and is CPICH Parameters for 2a/2b/2c/2e).1c.-80]dBm indicates for quality measurement 25.6] which effect the is 7.-25 )dBm step for event UE frequency CPICH Parameters 1c. 40[3]. thatUE based the willon status mean the reportsto leave nothelayer the 3 Control 2:the CPICH UEfollowing: Parameters[1] 3Event Measurement CPICH RSCP: RSCP for MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E filtering. for 1[1].0] for Report False measurement [0.1 N/A Parameters Parameters Measurement Period2000]ms parameter Report for are: indicated NOTE: measurement if kby is this setresult to 0 Handover CPICH CPICH CPICH Period Parameters Ec/No: RSCP Ec/No Report for 1a/1b/1c/1j trigger the is event triggered.4.-115]dBm [0. Inter- RSCP: after number accordingtriggering measurement frequency. of inter.4. : whether requested to trigger or theof indicates event 1/2^(k/2) the reports which quality . CPICH default Ec/No: values even value indicates they the the are larger of k times is whether reported the the of difference report Filter UE 0:RSCP(GSM) Measurement Period Period Detected 2000.4.of index 0: Period 16[4]. There frequency UE RSCP(GSM) are True Ec/No(GSM) Event6Event sets : :[- the of UE described MAX_INTEREAS_EVE the event This reports cells which parameter inof3GPP isnot the 6. Event 1j. 1280[13].1b... measurement. Handover Control N/A Mode RLC .1e[4]. of this [0. Report [6404.0)10[1]. of (0[0]. ofCPICHUE Period ReportRSCP: Event measurement Report Report 95. 0. for event indicates the so 2a/2b/2d/2f). CPICH Ec/No the number of the is retransmission MAX_INTRA_MEAS Parameters for measurement events in the Usually.. CPICH 120[7]. 4.True 2000. Only configured Parameters Report True for the currently used for CPICH event UE 1a.indicates configured the absolute forcan event frequency UE Inter- Parameters Ec/No(GSM) Event for : [- This triggeredmethod and reported.0. 0:Detected Period CPICH UE Event Report Ec/No:Set: -- Report measurement event will quantity results set it CPICH Ec/No: (.If judging the is.1j] RSCP: for for configured have on the which separately 2: UE Event Report 5: Measurement CPICHPeriod Report Ec/No: 3 parameters. Parameters 5.times awhich =cellofin frequency CPICH Event Ec/No: frequecy weight of measument the best 640[12].1d. Ec/No(GSM) CPICH Inter- 1j.100. 2[2]. event maximum L3tofilters be Period frequency CPICH Parameters UE Report Period for- Event 2b/2d/2f (used when UE Parameters Ec/No(GSM) CPICH Inter- RSCP: for : [- times latest triggered.6. the Parameters CPICH Report [2000]ms Ec/No for related intra-frequency value of tothe thefiltering (1[0]. is.. indicates /Admission 0: False UE True Parameters Parameters Eventfor for VENT This CPICH indicates formulaEc/No.4. dB step (- 1dB dBm Report Parameters for This number parameter 1a/1b/1c/1j ofthe inter- is quality is used triggered.64 Report threshold 2b/2c/2e that (used iswhen frequency CPICH Report 24. -. 80[5].Report measurement Parameters 4. is 4000[5]. the 240[10]. used TS 100[6]. Handover Control AS_EVENT 3]. 250[1]. event results Parameters purpose.1b. parameter 1a/1b/1c/1j where (because the CPICH Ec/No: respectivey. 0.for 4] event. After according event to Handover Control CPICH RSCP: 24.1d.the and non- quantity If 0: False ofPeriod 0. purpose.0.10. 6[6]. UE Inter- Report 2000]ms the makes cells quality this filtered no it different matter judgment parameter. 24. parameter the Fn best value is for This the eventcell isparameter updated tobythe in indicatedvalid the Parameters Period Report (only Handover Control 5000[15])ms ms purpose. retransmission measurement event.0] for Then the L1the stricter reportsquality the to of judgment L3 at CPICH Inter- RSCP: configured indicates thefor is not intervals theused the and event forfrequency). : The frequecylarger the measument value is. Ec/No: (. It is Measurement Parameters CPICH RSCP: for:- triggered used to by the explain intra- the Parameters for Measurement CPICH CPICH RSCP Ec/No parameters This parameter measurement quantity frequency for a certain UE Eventfor Parameters purpose and UE Event purpose. the larger event. 64[6].2.[640 0.640] 0.the isnot. 3[3]. 5[5].4]Report -. when a)*Fn-1+a*Mn RSSI frequency. quantity soft _EVENT =7. for- Event 1a/1b/1c/1j frequecy saved requirements..0] NT is the maximum Parameters for periodically). 4[2]. Report Detected Parameters[1] Setfor VENT and the indicates event the type. CPICH Detected RSCP:the Setfor2 a = This 1/2^(k/2).1b[1].0. [0. . Parameters 2: CPICH CPICH UERSCP: Event RSCP: for3 indicates MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E measurement the quantity 5: Period Parameters Detected CPICH Report RSCP:Setfor measurement factor configurationis.. should periodically). (eventThere report).0.

0. for - Handover Control 1: (0. 200[9]. 1280[12]. repetition Parameter for RESET the procedure shall be ACKNOWLEDGE future use 1. Report for 3] for configured one celltosatisfies measurement that SRNC resultsfor in CPICH UE Event Period RSCP: Report event judgment.0]for The PDU VENT larger duplicates indicates the event.200.2. monitoring indicates the If reporting set so. 24. of Handover Control 20000[11]. N/A Detected 0. CPICH [2. and only CPICH CPICH Ec/No: RSCP VENT active having according indicates set detectedis to the the not bigger the report 32000[14].-24.0.0. SRNS.Criteria Parameters -] for intra-frequency by this parameter.0] Parameters UE Event for- Set This reporting parameter UE Parameters for For the each measurement parameter whether the RAB event.0 maximum the best queuing CPICH cell number ofdecrease. -. RAB Specifies While Assignment a this timer guard is period procedure.200.. of Handover Control 160[8].0. N/A Measurement and establishthe event intra-frequency or modify type. event generation shall SRNC 1a is 7 1a contain decides is is detected at least whether UE. CPICH Parameters UE Parameters RSCP: Event for for - smaller When measurement thethan UE thedetectsvalue quantity /Admission 0: False 2000[4]. GTP-PDU the and CPICH RSCP: reports indicated that pathloss.Set Ec/No:-. This one exceeds parameter by this cell inwhether the Control 1: True 4000[6]. or modified all OVERLOAD or failed to expires. procedure The sending terminates in Iu Flex (0.been to the either Handover Control (0. 6. If so. 2. indicates it is the set 115.60)s s 18s . -.5)dB step Detected[7] Set 200. -. for is Uponforparameter the event to reception of be the Handover Control (0. PeriodInfinity 3. dB 20[2]. 6.- Parameters CPICH Measurement True RSCP: for Only COMMAND to the be when configured triggering themessageevent of not to UE.165) Parameters Measurement for modification.the request RNCquantity to dB CPICH Parameters RSCP: for maximum the timer number Tdatafwd. Parameters UE Parameters Event for for RNC perform parameter. 3. handover reporting value ittriggered first mode. of the DL N. -. CPICH Measurement Parameters UE Ec/No: Event for - MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E the cells difference measurement in the between current results 28000[13].0)10[1]. be usedreported results verse.0] Period UE Report Event for triggered..0 Parameters Ec/No: 0. 7) N/A CPICH Ec/No: RSCP: intra-frequency This Handover Parameters -115. When to reportUEare the detects Parameters [-. 32[5].640..Event 1a/1b. 1000[3]. judgment result Handover Measurement Parameters Parameters for for requirements. source MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E RNC shall start CPICH RSCP: (. reportthe SRNC maximum thejudges Report Measurement UE Report Event to report number ofmore the resultcells in that Parameters Detected Report Parameters for Set for measurement which eventactive is results.0.0] Specifies Tqueuing process. required controls CPICH CPICH Detected Parameters RSCP Ec/No: Set for : measurement event 1a is event. triggered Handover Period Parameters CPICH ReportReport Ec/No: for - measurement the can based current exist on in the active set set. after association and Time vice Reporting Criteria CPICH Parameters RSCP: Criteria Parameters for for maximum UE CPICH Event Ec/No: trigger.-24. -.the sends a [0.- RSCP for :- This triggered. 5. CPICH Measurement Detected CPICH RSCP:Set which stricteris 7. be Handover Control N/A Measurement CPICH CPICH [0.0 0.200. 16000[10].. VENT message indicates thestop 100[6].value towards the is.0 True for- 0. -. 5. 80[5].14. be to increase repeated a traffic. -. -.. 8[3].. invalid. the the entire RNC areReset ignored.0. parameter whether first UE CPICHUE Detected UE RSCP Event Event Set :- measurement judge checks whether whether reports it needs the Period CPICHUE Criteria Report RSCP: Event - indicates should from UE. the RNC RESET the before RNC message is not the RNC sending allowed a for RESETall queued shall RABs.0] calls SRNS may intra-frequency DATA (0[0].0) step 0. judgment Period[6]Report Parameters for the relocation maximum number of Measurement [-115. to the CN. 2[1]. andofthe ACKNOWLEDGE maximum "n" RNC times (0.200.0 intra-frequency triggered forwarding and reported.RSCP: -. -. Pathloss: (30. 60[4].. If 24. 3. the measurement value generation the number indicatedof and Handover Control 64000[15])ms ms -. Arewhen timer releasedall for RESET Ignoring RABs havemessage OVERLOAD. CPICH [0. and still meets all 1.0 TrueRSCP ReportEc/No: 0. -] time criteria forparameters. When Parameters CPICH CPICH Ec/No: RSCP Periodical for: periodical the trigger This parameter reporting. Measurement CPICH Period CPICH RSCP ReportReport Ec/No: :- of the 1a. thetarget. 320[10]. triggered.0Ec/No:Set 0. True Measurement Ec/No: -.for Measurement [2.-20. N/A [-.istoput 640[11]. connection indicating that all management (1. Detected Set - which measurement When is the 7. RELOCATIONparameter measurement The event.0 0.5.indicates when the maximum triggering event CPICH CPICH for event Measurement RSCP Ec/No: 1a. Parameters -. during the relocation software UEofstops (1[0].ofthe Monitor 0. satisfies 6000[7]. 1. Detected [3. the VENT timer Tdatafwd. respond for all of Iu Flex 10s s 100 where them noneis anRAB operator After matter.0Event 0. theandthe RNC other maximum 2560[13]. 4. ACKNOWLEDGE messages establish or ormodify.320.. 8000[8]. thefornumber event the by canof UE. in the requestthe of Control CPICH 1: True Ec/No: (. CPICH -115. connection management (5. signalling Handover Control 1..300)s Step shall message. 3]- Report forwarding then value decides indicated at the source byeventthisto Event Parameters DetectedReporting for Set parameter.0Report 0.0Set :- 0.-24.-24] CPICH Parameters Ec/No: [-] Event 0. CPICH Period CPICH Report Detected ReportRSCP:Set: -- Report RSCP: originating one set of from the the PS EventUE ParametersReporting Event maximum than event intervals.32 Measurement CPICH 12 RSCP: which not.120)s s 8s references at the UTRAN have been cleared. one 240[9].0] RSCP: for VENT RABs subject indicates the data Detected in a which forwarded Specifies queue.300 Unit: 100ms ms 50 stopped and the message maintenance shallsystem be be returned informed.5dB dB Measurement 0]ms event for quality measurement 1e/1f. RSCP. CPICH PeriodReport Parameters Detected Ec/No: Report for[- Set reporting RELOCATION parameters This parameter theisevent. 2.1 N/A by CN the and RNC receives only when no While successfully the timer thisTdatafwd timer is established RESET running.0. the to 16[4]. Detected Set Parameters for event 1a Specifies based onand 1b,which theifmaximum Control CPICH CPICH RSCP: RSCP: Sometimes. stopRNC. is 7. 120[7].200. 500[2].8. periodic event If 12000[9].-25) Measurement indicates time Upon thethe inreception measurement too large. CPICH Measurement quality of RABjudgment MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E establishment and isor 40[3]. 64[6]. Parameters Detected UE for MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E measurement Parameters[4]RSCP: 0. 3000[5].20 Report Set should according from the report PS to thethe actual domain. is easier but Reporting Parameters [6.UE threshold of Report Parameters CPICH False for- Ec/No: receiving uses this theit periodical paramter to 500ms Reporting Parameters for event This indicates 1c/1j. according is judges 0. ainguard After theperiod n-th of ASSIGNMENT TRatC seconds a unsuccessful RESPONSE message.255)s Step5s s 60 in of the running. domain. 4.. Report CPICH Period 3. 4[2].0. isnumber results.-80. Infinity[7]) N/A Detected Measurement Period CPICH CPICH CPICH RSCP: Report Set Report Ec/No: Ec/No: Ec/No: - indicates reports successfully When the the the value time established is Event 24000[12]. 7) N/A CPICH Report 320]msEc/No: one to 1b is pair performharder of the Iutotransport software trigger Criteria CPICH Detected Parameters ReportRSCP:Set for MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E requirements address handover and Iu according of event to 2: Periodical Parameters Period Event [6]Report Reporting for when VENT this indicatesvalue the toto Measurement CPICH Parameters Detected RSCP :- for Set triggering transport the measurement increases.0. the RNC weight qualityforthe quantity of of of /Admission 0: False dBm CPICH [0. Control /RAN CPICH True [200.300 Unit: 100ms ms 50 Specifies message point congested the timer within for a period In not case allowing the timer to increase Trafc information Tqueuing then it shall received expires. Parameters UE [-] True Parameters Event for for in the target Reporting system Criteria.0 0. Parameters -115. repeat theat traffic.-115] UE Event is 7. -. CPICH RSCP: PDU If the forwarding RNC which is 7. -. event [200.False CPICH Detected -. RSCP: indicates indicates the absolute 97.whether UE Detected parameter COMMAND which threshold This parameter should value message used is be set used for Performance (0. isIf Control Measurement Parameters CPICH Parameters Ec/No: RSCP: for for Specifies according the times the oftoevent maximum the event (250[1].200. : parameters Period Report times 1j. [200]msSet maximum shall start number the timerof Handover Control 5000[14])ms ms Measurement UTRAN time for intra-frequency resources Reset Parameters for Tqueuing which usedinfor the GTP- procedure measurement The RNC shall the event. -.. CPICH Ec/No: Parameters for The Iu transport bearers MAX_INTRA_MEAS_E or several measurement RABs event. CPICH PeriodCriteria Ec/No: Report 1c/1j the interval is not threshold forthe triggered. Detected [200]msSet FORWARD measurement related to the COMMAND event.

"Trelocoverall then Cancel it shall expiry". the timer is during common 0: R99 Load stopped. or receives SRNS for timer waiting DATA the Handover Control 1.. DATA "Trelocprep RESET FORWARD RESOURCEexpiry" indicating Start: When that all cellbe Handover Control 1.500 Unit: 100ms 100ms 50 cell.CN.8) step1 N/A 1 whether function.100)% step 1% % 0.65534 N/A - the cellwhich indicates is the in the lower limit whether overload itstate. Bearers N/A 0:closed system cell is inrecovers the downlink from the overload state.300 Unit: 100ms ms 80 indicates appropriate timer valuelengthfor Resource indicates message procedure.500 Unit: 100ms 100ms 50 receives IU of load decreasing COMMAND. overload for HSDPA Handover Control Decreasing 1.500 Unit: 100ms 100ms 200 message FORWARD has expired. power control (0. Trelocprep the sending expires a the in RESET source message to source RNC should RESOURCE the CN and RNC. another to CN... HS load decreasing Algorithm and R99 load 1: HS Load HS Load decreasing This parameter can is bea Decreasing Decreasing selected. from the Specifies REQUIRED message period If in the CNthe RNC before RNC sends the before expirya of before RESET timer RESOURCE timer Trelocoverall. overload state.. withina a period RESET the Relocation Tresetwait.. downlinkparameter in theisBLER usedoverload a /Congestion switch auto happens. "n" times CONTEXT cleared. which adjustment indicates Control (1.. below the MBMS 1: Open N/A Open threshold. And the measures of decreasing This parameter the downlink load is a switch should which be stopped. connection Stop: for Start: When waitingreceive After COMMAND SRNS IU RELEASE management 0. procedure Relocation ACKNOWLEDGE towards thePreparation CN with of a After a procedure guard by period initiating message cause value Tresetdelay. is supported This Services and 0: Closed for for the downlink adjusting parameter overload is maximum sharedThe recovers.. the overload system isstate. This Stop:parameter When SRNS indicates theRELEASE algorithm Handover Control 1.100)% step 1% % 0.RELOCATION procedure ainguard source RNC the RNC. timer the for timer is waiting DATA management 50.of Start: UTRAN the After timer have is beensend started. Start RELEASE shall be timer COMMAND stopped. references shall at the relocate repeated to another a SRNS maximum RAT. Expiration:Release COMMAND.. timer length waiting the The Cause forshall sending SRNS IE.. where RESPONSE n is an connection Expiration: This operatorparameter Start After matter.g. stopped.1200 Unit: 100ms ms 50 SRNS receive CONTEXT DATA from REQUEST. the timer Iu is resource. rate downlink indicates overload the upper limit Overload Control 1: Open N/A Open for the selected service Overload of the downlink each time when high Control This load. the waiting returned CONTEXT for toSRNS the REQUESTCN. switch indicating Overload Control Algorithm) N/A Algorithm whether Cell Identitydecreasing is valid only guaranteed in theparameter RNC where bit ratethe is Basic Identification This supported or not iswhen a This cell switch parameter locates. receives initiate the thenosource IuRESET ReleaseRNC ACKNOWLEDGE shall cancel the RESOURCE Request message. indicates Paramater 0.indicates Overload Control (1. Overload Control 1: Open N/A Closed and BLER target for high status of R99 CS AMR services should be send to UE. by Radio Access 1: Open FACH the power uplink and when the downlink. of be e.85 This whether parameter it is supported indicates for decreasing the maximumdata rate number whenparameterof the cellDRBC is insteps the 0: Closed This of decreasing datastate. RESOURCE This parameter procedure with the repeat This the parameter ACKNOWLEDGE entire Reset Handover Control 1. Thisif overload status the downlink parameter is load used in 0: Closed decreases MBMS. in Overload Control 1: Open N/A Closed whether it is supported the high load for forcing status if handover the downlink load when the cell is in the 0: Closed exceeds downlink this threshold..300 Unit: 100ms ms 60 message COMMAND. length FORWARD that waiting repetition the COMMAND for IUanother procedure Expiration: from CN.7 . stop the FORWARD Stop: When COMMANDSRNS timer.. itWhen is supported the for forcing switch for handover BLER auto This whenparameter the cell is is in athe 0: Closed adjustment switch which function indicates is downlink "On".600 Unit:100ms ms 80 indicates the timer n-th unsuccessful started.

1 dB 57dB whether it is supported for decreasing rate when the cell is in the 0: Closed uplink overload state.98 number thresholdofand.50) step1 N/A 3 in the serious overload should be overload status taken to if the decreasedownload the TCP downlink load this exceeds threshold immediately. RABs to be future use 1: Open N/A Closed transferred to FACH A cellDCH from leaves or overload HSDPA state when when the cell itsisRTWP in the 0: Closed reported overload by state..255) step1 N/A 5 algorithm the /Admission This parameter transmitted carrier is a Control switch power which can not exceedindicates /Congestion This whetherparameter a congested is a this threshold. the HS and overload measures status should if the be This parameter downlink load taken indicatesto decrease the maximum the decreases load.100)% step 1% % 0. each time Overload Control (0..100)% step 1% % 0. indicating Overload Control (0. Overload Control 1: Open N/A Open . Bearers (1.100)% step 1% % 0.. below the Overload Control (0. and measures Overload Control (0. forced This system parameter handover is in the isonline of the a parameter for 0: Closed switch overload whichstatus users in the cell.. of Overload Control (1.50) step1 N/A 5 This whose parameter rates will be This parameter indicates decreasedthe indicates the eachmaximum safetime Congestion users of interactive when congestion or takes Control /Overload threshold background of transmitted RABs to be place..100)% step 1% % 1 whether athresholdcongested the user can triggerThe HS-DSCH.95 user can trigger whether required itrate is supported decreasing for interactive of the online users or in parameter for 0: Closed background the cell. FACH threshold. selected services whose measures of decreasing guaranteed the HS overload bit rates should will be decreased be stopped. to scheduling Control Overload Control (0.50) step1 N/A 1 over or radio indicates the links uppertolimit be the downlink deleted each load time when of the exceeds downlink serious downlink this overload.. future use 1: Open N/A 1: Open power of all user can trigger codes forced indicates used for the HS-DSCH HS-PDSCH..100) step1 N/A 3 transferred to forFACH Node B to use.. of overload Overload Control (0.96 when overload This parameter happens. carrier power Control (1.100)% step 1% % 0.62)dB step 0. This Services and indicates parameterthe maximum is shared by Radio Access number uplink andof services downlink. parameter for 0: Closed RGCH users in theor E-HICH cell. from DCHWhen or HSDPA Node B schedules HSDPA when the cell is in the data Overload according overload state.. overload status if Overload Control (1.. is future use 1: Open N/A 0: Closed recovers from over this threshold.of the online The system I/BE. overload threshold The system is and measures happens.. RAB overloadtransferring recovery to HS-SCCH.This parameter indicates the maximum number This of selected UEs parameter This whichparameter arethe forced to be indicates indicates the upper maximum limit dropped of the each downlink time number when downlinkof selected UEs overload overload. forced to beThe system handed is This in the parameter happens.95 of serious overload should This be taken to parameter This parameter decrease the common is a downlink indicates switch which the indicates load immediately. switch which indicates Control (1. E-AGCH. indicates when future use 1: Open N/A 0: Closed whether the sum aofcongested HS-DSCH This user parameter can trigger is a forced Required switch which Power and the indicates RAB releasecarrier transmitted of the parameter for 0: Closed whether This a congested onlineparameter users in the not cell.Node B is Overload Control 1: Open N/A Closed lower than the threshold indicated by this This parameter parameter for a is a period switch of time.

This parameter indicates the upper limit of theparameter This uplink high load.50 N/A 5 The which system arethe is in the forced to be indicates overload status upper if the limit handed of the This over uplink parameter each serious time uplink when RTWPoverload uplink exceeds overload. power control (0.1 overload control.10)dB step 0. the maximum MBMS 1: Open N/A Open value of the maximum FACH power to be adjusted in MBMS (0. the MBMS 1: True N/A 1 transmission timing relationship to ensure the soft-combining of (0. status if the Overload Control 1: Open N/A Open whether is supported uplink effective for forcing handover load exceeds when thethis cellthreshold. immediately... desychronization. MBMS 1: Open N/A Closed This parameter Detection of indicates whether desychronization background service is tois 0: Closed detect carriedwhether by PTP. and counting/recounting. indicates whether If the UEs desychronization in CELL_PCH state is will 0: False detected.. the timer will be restarted and the system will not recount until the timer expires.600 unit: 100ms ms 20 This This parameter parameter is the background indicates thetraffic detection frequency period for converge 0: Closed switch.3 N/A 2 PTM switch. indicates this Theupdating the threshold.8 N/A 1 whether it is supported auto adjustment for dropping function is "On".call when This parameter the cell isthea 0: Closed system switch is in indicatingthe uplink overload high loaditstate.62)dB step 0. adjust be counted or not..1 dB 61dB measures PTM services. and MBMS 0. When the for the selected service This switchparameter each time R99 for whenCS isuplink aAMR switch services indicating overload BLERhappens.. used in the indicates theR99 CS maximum AMR number services of DRBC BLER steps target auto adjustment of decreasing data rate function.1 dB 55dB which This are forced to be parameter This parameter dropped each time limit indicates indicates the upper theoverload maximum when of the uplink uplink overload. is in the 0: Closed and R99 CS uplink overload AMR state.50 N/A 5 measures of overload status will be iftaken probability thefactor uplink to (APF) RTWP for MBMS exceeds this decrease the load threshold... number This happens. of selected UEs parameter Overload Control 1.62)dB step 0. in the intervalserious of accessoverload Overload Control 1. MBMS dB dB 3dB . MBMS 1. is MBMS 1: True N/A 1 This parameter maintained.1 dB 62dB This connected indicates the state accessis less than the UE information period number threshold coefficientfor forPTP MBMS. system and is happens.seriousif APF overload updating will be taken interval timer to decrease the load expires and the number immediately.4096)hours step This parameter the MBMS service MBMS 1 hour 30 indicates the switch of dropping MBMS service This parameter in MBMS overload 0: Closed indicates controll. For Overload Control (0. of UEparameter being in RRC. target Overload Control 1.62)dB step 0.. Overload Control (0.. Overload Control 1: Open N/A Closed services should do This parameter OLPC with the OLPC indicates parameters thefor maximum high number of selected UEs load status.the MBMS 1: Open N/A Open This parameter synchronization indicates each between whether cellsUEs in CELL_FACH which transmit the state same 0: False will be counted MBMS service or not..

If used SCCPCH This parameter indicates power the MBMS number of UEsMBMS for transmiting obtained indicates load by theispower hysteresis counting for of larger service.. (32[1]. threshold (1. This parameter hierarchical cellularwhen is MTCH employed the offset information intheMBMS related to the network: receiving In SCCPCH in preferred procedure the soft frequency Power of rankingfor combining layer Single selection Cell mode. in number of frames. setup This parameter for ,128[3],256[4],3 This MBMS. 512[5].This parameter is a switch indicating whether Iub transport bearer multiplexing is This usedparameter on the Iub 0: Closed indicates interface the maximum MBMS 1: Open N/A Open number of MBMS SCCPCH to be decreased one time in This This MBMS parameter parameter overload control.. 100)% N/A 0. MBMS (0. This betweenparameter MBMS Parameter for 256[4]. MBMS 1: Open N/A Open indicates the powerthe peak.. 64[2].. MBMS (0.10)dB step 0. parameter which can avoid is used by MCCH. service forthe RNC PTM shall indicates apply the UEservice..64 N/A 1 mode. 80) ms ms 40 indicates the period. sum of real downlink the load of the cells supporting load and this parameter.. MBMS (-15. MBMS 0..10)dB step 0..255)min step 1 min 5 than This or equals parameter to MTCH employed threshold.1 being overload setup. MBMS 0.0) dB step 1 dB -7 bothcells HSDPA of difference and MBMS frequency services shall based be theon the downlink load.32 N/A 1 indicates indicates the the minimum step size rate threshold for MBMS scheduling of the (16[0],32[1],64[2] SCCPCH offset.0) dB step 1 dB -5 the cells parameter of difference iscellular the offset hierarchical frequency based on the relative toInthe network: the SCCPCH downlink load. toused the MBMS step 1minute min 30 for switching corresponding between status for This PTP parameter and PTM. offset MBMS dB dB 3dB default indicates scheduling the increasing of which is step of maximum 0. decreasing When step the first SCCPCH FACH of maximum for power in MTCH is MBMS steup,the (0.1 This parameter overload control.3 N/A 1 .4 both R99 and MBMS services shall be the sum of real downlink load and this parameter. Power for Single the load Cell procedure of the cells of ranking supporting Reception the MBMS (-15. Once is supported the or Parameter for 0: Closed length not for recounting future use 1: Open N/A 1:Open combining UEs using status is MBMS This parameter detected.. parameter is a is MBMS 48[5]) kbps kbps 64kbps used switch indicating the for ensuring different whether out SCCPCH of to be transmitted in sequence SDU delivery different 0: Closed This time.. thenFACH for each following power in MBMS SCCPCH (0. messages future use 1024[6]) frames frame 128 This parameter examining MBMS This parameter indicates whether combining indicates thestatus timerof a MSCH cell. in This Reception. its control.2 This parameter indicates the repetition period coefficient for MBMS. appropriate When number the timer expires. SCCPCH R6+MBMS used cell, tothis bear MBMS (0. 128[3].. 100)% N/A 0. indicates scheduling the period of .60000)minute value starts according recounting. MBMS dB dB 1dB scheduling offset should be added the value indicated by this Parameter for This parameter parameter. information in UEs MBMS will when be This parameter indicates receiving the in theMBMS preferred switched indicates frequency between the power PTP of load hysteresis selective for layer mode SCCPCH R99+MBMS andcombining selection PTM used cell into mode. future use (40. bear MBMS 1.

0: Closed threshold SETUP. Control (RLC) protocol Band 40[3]. Paramater 0. 56[5]. MBMS (0. MBMS 0. For MBMS 1: True N/A 1 details please refer TS 25.15) step1 9662. theby PTP. appropriate MCCH out ofpower...750[2] N/A Closed This This parameter parameter MBMS stops service after is reception lessof . number of a frequency 2012. SAC. 1062. (0.. max cell number within 1: Band II This parameter 1037.65534 N/A N/A common physical channel within a cell One cell contains only Node B one MICH. Management 164 N/A 164 . Cell mode inand Island willStatus.150 indicates indicates than or the equals threshold whether to this RRC to CONNECTION judge streaming if and the cell service is is in 0[5].4413,1037. cells this that transmiting MBMS cell is in the RRC CONNECTION same MBMS service 12000[13]. 1513 SDU delivery indicates whether whenUEs MCCH out of in URA_PCH state will sequence 0: False delivery be counted is used. 587. code MBMS 0.. ,1007. MAX_NUM_CELL_PER layer in a MBMS service 2087 _MBMSSAC_PER_FRE area code.. N/A 3 status.This T318parameter is a timer which indicates starts after the threshold transmission to judge if of RRC CONNECTION the local cell is in half-island This parameter REQUEST in casestatus.1750[6].500V: 4357.500[1]. half-island REQUEST status..322: “Radio Link This parameter (8[0]. 64[6]) 1912. channel number of the 1062 Cells in the MBMS Band VIII: This Serviceparameter Area...1087 a MBMS SAC.3088 3: N/A N/A indicates the frequency Band IV band used by the cells 4: Band V in the MBMS service 5: Band VI area MBMS 7: Band VIII N/A N/A This parameter indicates whether the MBMS /Idle Mode 0: Non Preferred MBMS cell is on MBMS and Common Layer Non Preferred preferred layer in SAC Channel Behavior 1: Preferred Layer N/A Layer This parameter indicates the MBMS service area code. MBMS 1. 562. 8000[11]. number UE of enters idle neighbouring 6000[10]. 487.65535 N/A N/A This parameter indicates the mobile country code MBMS 0. indicates This parameterthe cell specification”.65534 N/A N/A UTRA absolute RF 4387 . MBMS 2937. 662. The judgment This parameter result indicatesthe of thestatus size ofisthe 437.2000[7].1000[3]. When larger T318 3000[8].or not. 612.15) 687 step1 N/A 2 This parameter Band III: 1162.. not send 10000[12]. 1987.. is theof When streaming traffic of the connection number neighbouring frequency converge establishment cells for 0: Closed transmitting switch MBMS reception the same and MBMS 1: Open (250[0]. N/A 16 identity in a indicates the cell MBMS 1937. 462.999 N/A N/A physical channel Cell Identity ID only is valid is the unique identifier in the RNC where the Basic Identification allocated to one cell locates. 512. 32[2].999 N/A 460 This parameter This parameter indicates the common indicateschannel physical the mobileID of networkCommon MICH.sequence MBMS 637. 4458 N/A N/A Band QLEV represents the 0: Band I1012. N/A Closed expires. island carried than status. Theis MBMS 16000[14]) ms ms 1000ms smaller than judgment result of theor equals to the Threshold Band I: status is used to for Cell 10562.. IV:1537. 1962. 1032.. 2037.. 16[1]. again. 2062. used to configure storage window forthe 537. ThresholdWhen the for MBMS 1: Open 4000[9].10838 in configureStatus. Island the this MBMS cell is in island Band II: appropriate power.. the 2: indicates the downlink Band VI:III Band default value is 500 MBMS 0..1250[4].9938,412. 48[4]. MBMS 1738,1887.

. There MCCH. re- send the DL POWER CONTRL REQUEST (1. balancing indicates there is no Management 1: Active N/A Inactive adjustment need to balancequantitythe is DL This evenly parameter distributed in the power. but thereThe the exists largera balanced radio the value radio link and is. radio link.the power Power Control 1 frame 50 frames DL When power balancing. Power is Management 2: Must not N/A May over the threshold.35 N/A 35 This parameter MBMS /Node B cycle value to of perform None.step by operator(PLMN) Control 0. the theDL radio link RNC auditsPower Reference resource in Node B 200. the HS. adjustment the Management 4.01 N/A 0. which indicates the common is the offset relative physical channel to the ID of MBMS This PCPICH parameter transmission /Connection SCCPCH indicates which carries the number of power. 72[2]. Node AccordingB. Allocation 1: RNC Control N/A 0: Not Sharing adjustment PDSCH code step for to number performing the DL share for each one of power balancing. step 5s s 20s adjustment in the slots indicated by the parameter should not exceed 1 dB. Power Control (1. Management which MICH radio framebe may either /Connection (18[0]. unit: will Node use B the Iub inferface periodly. 36[1]..256) frames step ratio of adjustment. power Allocation (5…65535)s. the cells The of the same Code Resource maximum NodeB. between combined.10) dB step message to Node B.0dB This parameter indicates the control method to share the HS-PDSCH This parametercodes channelisation This parameter indicates the period to among the indicates cells the of the maximum Code Resource 0: Not Sharing update the same NodeB. Power Control (0....96 This balanceparameter indicates the DL power whether the indicates but the link the balanced current radio DL andradio 0: None This links parameter reference use power their ownupdate 1: Common the existing indicates the radio link auditthe timer threshold. If tothey theare timer.1dB dB 2.1) step 0. Management Unit: 100ms ms 100ms calculated resource ofinthe theexisting new adjustment radio link and not and cycle setup 0: May the newprevious FP connection DL any Node B 1: Must Reference more... the balance range in the Individual this parameters balancing indicates cycle will to be.1% % N/A . Management (-10. Power Control 0.This parameter indicates the downlink MBMS /Node B This parameter channelisation Management indicates code(SF=256) the assigned /Connection transmission This parameter to MICH. links needs the smalleruse to the buildsame another power.on to a Management 144[3]) N/A 18 SCCPCH This parameter also used for non- indicates thepurposes MBMS balancing or to of This type a SCCPCH parameter the DL power.999) N/A N/A while carrier sharing. power of Management 0. Node B dedicated indicates which canthe to takeMBMS. Individual. indicates Common thecycle adjustment adjustment indicates toDL balance for the (1. STTD is activated for None The /Connection 0: Inactive power MICH.65535 300. indicates whether thetheDL Common Management power or balancing. mapped contains.10) slots step 1 slot 8 slots Minimal percent of CE RAN Sharing can be used by the /Admission PLMN MCC forforRAN RANSharing Sharing Control INTEGER (0. which can not be RAN Sharing occupied by other /Admission (0…100)%.255 N/A 10 MICH...5)dB step 1dB dB -6dB NI (Notificationis only MBMS /Node B one MCCHthat Indicators) in a one cell. combined in Power Control 2: Individual N/A Common of Node Bdifference absolute resource. reference will be When power.

control is an theoffsetpreamble effect of Management length.The difference is valid of in Basic Identification RNC.1dB dB 1dB times step down of P- power CPICHused power,theto switch off frequency intelligently.250ms. delay sion Control RNC:0.65534 N/A - When power control shieldparameter period. will add jitter RAN Transmission This after to parameter uplink in TOAWS SIR FPtarget is Overview /HSUPA This parameter indicates the AICH Power increased. Cell Identitybefore is valida only So transmitted shield period is set. the power. relative For uplink the adjustmentPrimary to the can not /Connection DPCH. scheduling N/A This parameterdelay three time levels: 20ms indicates whether (Low Node Earth 0: Not Supported Orbit and Terrestrial B supports radio link RAN Transmission Parameter for 1: Supported transmission). dropped Power Control 1 frame 0 Frames used to switch off because This of fast parameter frequency intelligently. power control 0. downgrade ofofP-CPICH DPDCH In order to protect transmission power UEs to (0.999) N/A N/A This parameter indicates the coding indicates type of Iubthe Node B interface number.5)dB step 1dB dB -7dB preamble should be period of time. Basic Identification is cellto say locates.thethat in the RNC DPDCH where transmission. this interval step can between twonot Node B PcpiPwrDnStepTm be too big.200) Frames step power control is in step effect so as This handled..65535 N/A - standard coding and Support/Support HS- nonstandard Number of PLMN coding foris RAN Sharing DSCH Congestion Bit0:Not coded system RAN Sharing while /Admission Detection (0/1) Support HS- information carrier sharing of standard Control Enum (0,2,3,4) N/A N/A Bit1:Not 0:Standard Iub DSCH coding is more 8 bits Support/Support E. interface Orbit transmission).. power will be decreased Node B This time must to bottom be big . blocks downwill not inner power be size (2.10]dB step 0. parameter future use Coding N/A Coding This parameter indicates theIub Bit2~Bit7 Support E-DCH indicates whether Node inferface satellite Reseverd,Fixed 0 Congestion B supports transport R5/R6 delay. of P-CPICH downgrade Management [0. For jitter.50] step 1 N/A 33 enough to complete the cell reconfiguration and This handoverparameterUE to other Node B indicates cell. Congestion than nonstandard Coding.. decrease the indicates of P-CPICH time After power...There hsupa packet Detection (0/1) congestion are detection.1000] unit:100ms ms 10 (unit:100ms) transmission power.. which is an offset Power Control This relativeparameter to the Primary /Connection indicates CPICH power.during this Paramater 0. before control a Management (-22.100ms. Radio network the lay threshold user-planealgorithm. CPICH be shown power power. /Node B power which trip time. which SIB.…50)dB step handover.parameter Power Control 1 frame 6 used to ensureto switch the timesoff indicates the of frequency requirement intelligently.1dB dB 1dB . the This preamble is being received error indicates the transport P-CPICH transmitted.. Paramater Bit0:Not 0. immediately Management [0. RAN Sharing /Admission This MNCparameter for RAN Sharing Control INTEGER (0. SETUP indicates because procedure. 5) dB step 1dB dB -7dB for downlink DPCH initial power calculation when RAB hard (-50.100ms ms 5ms transmission the existence of round. /HSUPA Packet OMCR: period indicates used in uplink the IubEarth (Geostationary outer looptransport power control Scheduling/Admis 20ms. the PICH Management [0. DPCH of Packet Control Scheduling 0..7)Frames step power with equal step from be being satisfied. This timingparameter adjustiment.1: DCH Congestion Detection (0/1) coding and all the 8 bits Parameter for Nonstandard Iub Standard Iub This Detection (0/1) Bit1:Not is 0.2 ms 20ms algorithm.. power offset Management (-10. 100ms Overview future use N/A Not Supported (Medium Earth indicates the Orbit shield /Handover Control This parameter250ms transmission).

Node B MAX_NUM_TFS_IN ToAWS outside the arrivalToAWE rate matching together define attribute.1dB dB 2dB for downlink This parameter DPCH initial This power parameter indicates calculation the uplink This when parameter RABpower orupdate SRB (-50. But for UE shall to calculate avoiding too F-DPCH frequent not send any initial power when data F. diversity is Management 0 N/A 0 activated This parameteror not for PCCPCH.65534 N/A - .. outside the Management step1ms ms 8ms arrival window gives a Timing Adjustment Control Frame Node B (0.the indicates The transmit common diversity transportmode channel used ID by of Node B 0: Inactive PCCPCH PCH. Only when indicated by this value the absolute of the changes of uplink parameter Power Control (0.35 N/A 35 the size ofblock transport the size.This parameter indicates power offset for downlink DPCH initial power calculation This whenparameter RAB re. to one Paramater 0.65534 N/A - common physical This channel parameter within a cell. the size Management DEX=100 N/A 20 window gives a Timing of Adjustment Control in the arrival window Node FrameB. the PCH transport Time mapped format of Arrival on the expected physical Window to be received channel Endpoint IDais carrying PCH: 4 SCCPCH. indicates the the is commonvalue of UL interference physical channel ID of (0.1dB dB -3dBR99 common Latest Time physical of Arrival FACH: 6 transport Startpoint channelToAWS format (ToAWS) within aandcellisUp SCCPCH (LToA). Common of a set frames are Management 1. are used indicates channel this PCH. DPCH power control 0.. Power Control 0. parameters after this windowwhich for a is Power Control the power unique (ToAWE) offset isidentifier defined relative with to /Node B (-35.relative type. Management 0... by (-50.8 N/A 1 SCCPCH endpoint. on (-50.65534 N/A - indicates parameter common the SCCPCH thethat transporttransport carrying DL This data format frames parameter set index. valid ID is only This the parameter unique indicates is identifier thewhere common window one in theparameter This factor RNC of channel the protocal the Basic Identification allocated physical endpoint cell locates.…50)dB step indicates interference indicates power offset offset setup. number of be defined to 32 SCCPCH ToAWE with together a positive can define Node B carrying MCCH: transport value established blocks.of in aarrival Management 0. indicates whether only One cell contains the Node B transmit one PCCPCH. transmitted.MAX_NUM_TFS_ 4. (-50. load. Common PCCPCH.PCHs...Response A data frame from Node B (0. number. Management 1ms ms 44ms Cell Identity is valid only in the RNC where the Basic Identification cell locates...2559)ms arriving Node B.1dB dB 0dB for downlink DPCH initial Because power initialparameter power uplink calculation calculation This when SRB hard interference when softthe indicates or varies softer SRB delay..…50)dB step handover. timeB..1dB dB 1dB physical Cell Identity channel is valid ID only is the unique identifier in the RNC where the Basic Identification allocated cell locates.1dB dB 0dB When parameter DPDCH also is is being used dynamic. allocated channel toTime one of carrying a thepositive PCPICH including Arrival value channel Window power. for downlink threshold.…50)dB step indicates establishment. Common is STTD. This its value is power control 0. Management 1: Active N/A Inactive transport This Cell channel parameter Identity. A Where data frame interval.. relative Timecell.…50)dB step modification signalling radio of the bearersvalue DPCH an UL hard handover. one DL several data cell. Paramater 0. the cell handover. INDEX-1 Arrival window Window in Node transmission Endpoint (ToAWE).7)Frames step 1 frame 7Frames inteference This parameter exceeds the threshold.40) dB step modified.1279)ms step Response from Node B. expected the within This to be window areceived cell. Paramater 0. interfere update power control 0. indicates for indexing startpoint One cell the canof the PCH contain in Node B parameter before this transmission is unique window power ofof configuration FP. power offset power control 0. to the of one PCHID ofFP. and coding arrivingrate.15)dB step SCCPCH transport startpoint.1dB dB 4dB RB0 to RB4 during the threshold number ofisframes set.

Control step 0.. Management 100.indicates the common physical channel ID of PCPICH. Paramater 0. This frameparameter contains.8 N/A 1 This parameter service balance Node B procedure. Power Control indicates the One cell contains only /Connection Node B transmission one PCPICH. than If the the threshold local /Handover Control 1: Open N/A Closed judgment UTRAN is performed cell's downlink indicated by and somechannelization UEs this may be available parameter.0)dBm This absoluteparameter value...5 . CELL_DCH. 72[2].channel validIDonly is the unique identifier in the RNC where the Basic Identification allocated cell locates. Open diversity open for mode call holdingor not. holding is a Management 1. Allocation /Node B so indicates theofcommon the rage its Management channelization physical channel code ID of is 0 /Connection ~ 255.100%) step 1% % 0. PCPICH. establishmentPS service and is 0: Closed released CELL_FACH and to only R99 1: Open This CS parameter service remains. Common physical channel ID is the unique identifier allocated to one common physical This channel parameter within a cell. 36[1]. which is an /Admission (-10.5 is performed and some UEs may be balanced to other inter-frequency UTRAN cell..power Management Management 1 N/A 1 level of the Primary /Node B CPICH (Common Pilot Management Channel). “open”. Basic Identification indicates threshold where the whether of cell the CSlocates. 0xff N/A 100 indicates the number of Connection the PI (Paging Indicator) Management that one PICH radio /Node B (18[0].100%) step 1% % 0. The switch 0:Closed indicates which whether indicates the whether Management application scenes are 1: PICH load uses thefunction balance STTD is /Connection 0: Inter-frequency Inactive including handover. service.0. the PICH. procedure.. judgment Load Balance (0.. Management 1: Active N/A Inactive relocation,RAB re.65534 N/A - common physical channel within a cell.131.5 than the threshold is performed and some indicated UEs may by be this balanced parameter. Common Management 0. scenario: For multi-RAB Load Balance N/A Closed relocation,RAB re- service. The establishment This parameter and is used 3: Inter-frequency application scenes are CELL_FACH in the following to and Inter-RAT Open including handover.100%) step 1% % 0. the downlink to other inter-frequency load UTRAN balance cell. Load Balance (0. is a load Management 144[3]) N/A 18 indicatesswitch balance the PCH which common indicates transport whether load channel balance ID related function is to open Node B This the call for parameter PICH. threshold parameter ofvalue R99 is PS the Load Balance 0: Closed code downlink usage load ratio is less balance service. Load Balance (0. of assignment HSDPA R99 during RAB channelization indicates the code downlink 1: Open service service. if CELL_DCH. One cell can contain Node B This several parameter PICHs.65534 N/A - UE will available balance be balanced channelization function to a is cell's If thewith cell local UTRAN shared code allowed downlink loadfor balance CS service available 0: Closed This coverageparameter threshold relation.1dBm dBm 33dBm This parameter indicates whether the indicates the transmit diversity is channelization activated or notcode for of Node B 0: Inactive PICH. available If the localand Load Balance N/A Closed usage available not only ratio HS is less than channelization PS UTRAN the cell's threshold downlink indicated code load balance preferred channelization available when the by this parameter. The spreading Code Resource Management 1: Active N/A Inactive factor of This parameterPICH is 256. to one Paramater 0.255 N/A 3 physical Cell Identity.. balanced code usage totheother ratio downlink isinter- less load balance frequency UTRAN judgment cell. 2: Inter-RAT Open procedure. indicates Load Balance N/A Closed the This cell is the parameter downlink R5+R6+R99 is a andCS available Cell or Identity R5+R99 channelization is valid and only HS This balance code parameter loadswitch balance which unique PS only is preferred indicates the indownlink the RNC traffic...50.

strategy.on RACH”the DC is CPich RSCP. power. by this If the indicates downlink the HSDPA throughput downlink available are load parameter.asIf the balance. It is indicates the uplink HoldHspaPluBalSw[ Off MIMO 1: Deltaparameter This threshold of TCP 3] 0: Switch Off Support MIMO RTWP load load between difference target and indicates threshold whether between inter.. It is balance during call Delta threshold of uplink DC Balance Sw[3] d [0]0:: Switch HS- holding procedure will HoldHspaPluBalSw[ HspaPluBalCap Off HSDPA DC RTWP load between SCCH Pri Less [0] :29 be taken account.100%) step This Deltaparameter threshold of 2] 0: Switch Off1% % 0.1 HoldHspaPluBal HspaPlusCapIn frequency cells. load balance HSDPA 64QAM[4]) N/A 64QAM .100%) step 1% % 0 whether downlink load availablebalance downlink available based on channellization load downlink threshold 0: Closed HSDPA code.100%) step 1% % Sw[2] 0. the DC code 1] 0: Switch Off Sw[0] 0: Switch threshold redirection for load strategy will MIMO+64QAM Off HS-SCCH This balanceparameter between inter- be triggered. uplink downlink HSDPA RTWP transmitting throughput and HSDPA power. indicates load balance Balance 1: Switch (-115.HSDPA throughput.. for load Load Balance (0. Load Balance [0] 0: Switch (0. than Load Balance (0. if current 1: Switch On HS- redirection This parameter strategy will SCCH Less Balance Cpich be RSCP triggered..100) % % 0. HspaPlusCapIn capability and each bit HSDPA DC[3].It is Load Balance (0.100) % % 0.It is On MIMO+64QAM HoldHspaPluBal throughput Delta threshold threshold of code for load balance between Balance Sw[1] 0: Switch between target and HoldHspaPluBalSw[ Off inter-frequency source cell. Load Balance 4] 0: Switch Off (0.45 higher than SCCH Less Balance results threshold. MIMO[2]...-25)dBm dBm Less Balance -105dBm frequencyHSDPA cells. downlink If the in the localthreshold available cell load may indicated threshold be downlink by available the this parameter.. the threshold judgment Load Balance (0..45 quantity is performed in IE “Measured and UE indicates results on threshold RACH” is ofin local DC cell may be redirection strategy..31 N/A d [3] Pri: [4] HSDPA :5 This parameter MIMO+HSDPA DC indicates HSPA+ 64QAM[1].10: Switch This parameter frequency cells.0)dB dB -13dB indicates higher than thethe downlink HoldHspaPluBalSw[ HoldHspaPluBal channellization threshold. if current to other inter. throughput downlink of of CS local service transmitting UTRAN for power cell load is isless 1: Open transmitting balance openparameterbetween or not. 0. by If this the and UE inavailable downlink local cellload may parameter..100) % % 0.1 bit indicates whether the 64QAM Balance 1: HspaPluBalCap HoldHspaPluBal Pri d [1] [1] :20 : balance of Switch On 64QAM Sw[4] 0: Switch MIMO+HSDPA This parameterHSPA+ corresponding Balance HspaPluBalCap Off HSDPA indicates 64QAM capability the priority of is used.100) % % 0. Load Balance Balance (0.42 is performed indicates and UE threshold ofin indicated local cell may by this be DC redirection parameter. load balance N/A Pri 64QAM [2]Balance HspaPlusCapIn :11 HSPA+ capability and HspaPluBalCap each bit indicates one d [2] Pri :[3] MIMO:8 priority of corresponding Enum (HS-SCCH HspaPlusCapIn HspaPluBalCap HSPA+ capability. CPich balanced EcNo. When threshold throughput evaluating for This load parameter balance are cell taken is between intoseveral account a the This switch load. available taken into load thethreshold account downlinkfor of local This load UTRAN parameter balance cell judgment is of CSthan load less servicethreshold balance. When evaluating the cell load...5 indicates is performed balance the between downlink and UE RATin indicated available local cell by this load may threshold be systems. parameter for loadindicating UTRAN factors indicates cells..100%) step 1% % 0. tothe downlink balanced When measurement other inter- load This balance parameter frequency UTRANjudgment cell. between inter. HSDPA DC Balance Balance source cell. % 0.100) % Off HS. d [4] : HSDPA indicates one capability..Each target and source cell. Load Balance (0. load balance Less[0].100%) 1: step Switch On 1% HSDPA % 0. Load Balance N/A Open than This uplink the RTWP threshold and UTRAN indicated cells. HSPA+ capability Load Balance (0. parameter. If the the downlink downlink of HSDPAload balanced available toservice otherof for inter- local This parameter judgment load UTRAN balance frequency cell UTRANbetween isandlessUE cell. HoldHspaPluBalSw When Cpich measurement EcNo quality is frequency quantity UTRAN in IEthe “Measured cell.100)% % Balance HspaPlusCapIn 0. such the downlink Load Balance (0.4 indicates is performed UTRAN the cells. load of of R99 balanced local PS UTRANtoservice other is for inter- less downlink load balance frequency load UTRAN balance between cell. Load Balance (0. several factors such as downlink This This parameter channellization parameter code.1 MIMO+HSDPA indicates the downlink HSDPA throughput MIMO Balance 1: 64QAM Balance TCP load between target difference and Switch On MIMO HoldHspaPluBal threshold source cell. indicates downlink the the downlink indicates transmitting weight of available power. quality is load balance (-24.45 than the threshold judgment is performed UTRAN indicated cells.. cells. be balanced the to downlink other of local UTRAN load is less RAT balance This than parameter systems.

01 signature is performed channel. each other. End Mapping andIndex UEof arein indicated the starting local cellClasses by this index may beto and Access parameter. downlink code channellization RabHspaPluBalSw[1 1: Open Off HS-SCCH transmitting resource is open or not. Load Balance ] 0: Switch Off N/A LessOpen Balance power. 12: indicated stored 2). frequencyBegin signature UTRAN Index cells..0.. available downlink load of of CSUTRAN Available based local service on signature uplink forRTWP cell load is End less 1: Open This parameter transmitting balance between Index. 0:Closed to Thistwoparameter balance parameters: between is a used several indicates forfactors accessing.. Common Channel Where MAX_ASC =8.01 will is be performed used in initial and UE in available setup state. than of PRACH the threshold physical Load Balance (0.. switch which Load Balance Open 1: Switch Balance N/A Sw[2] 0: Switch 0: Closed indicates This parameter whether the 2: OnInter-RAT Open MIMO Balance Off MIMO 1: load indicatesbalance whether function is 3: Inter-frequency RabHspaPluBalSw[3 Support MIMO This open parameter for RAB is a and Inter-RAT HSPA+ service capabilityswitch balance ] 0: Switch Off Open Balance assignment balance during procedure. is the balanced RACH the uplink access to other RAT local and load UTRAn the balance Available cell judgment is less level systems.uplink RTWP and MIMO+64QAM RabHspaPluBal HSDPA throughput are Balance 1: Switch Sw[1] 0: Switch This takenparameter into account is afor switch indicating On MIMO+64QAM Off load balance..15] . 5: cell.100) % % 0. When RRCevaluating 0: ] 0:Closed Switch Off HS- This procedureparameter used isfora 1: OpenLess Balance the switch cellindicating load. available the load mapping performs the of 1) R99 in balanced local the UTRAN PS service ascending to othercell ASC. ASC local uplink signaturecellavaiableBegin beload Index of parameter. Behavior 0. in maythe by this UE IMSI.15.0] higher level the ASC is..100%) Balance step 1% % 0.01 Where 1) of different MAX_AC_ASC_MAPPI ASCs can Idle Mode and overlap NG =7. several SCCH accessing. Common Channel Generally speaking. with and indicated available HSDPA by this load throughput threshold are If the Available parameter. RAB Load Balance HSDPA DC Balance N/A 0: Closed RabHspaPluBal which indicates whether assignment the load service function procedure 1: 0: Switch Closed On HSDPA Sw[3] 0: Switch will be taken DC Balance Off HSDPA DC is open for RAB 1: Open account. UTRAN threshold 2:level0. frequencybalance Range UTRAN judgmentof cell. for inter- is less between uplink load load balance AC and balance between order frequency than (such the as.100%) step 1% % 0 is performed UTRAN This cells. RabHspaPluBal downlink based on channellization downlink SCCH 0: Closed Less Balance Sw[0] 0: Switch code. parameter and If the UE in indicated available Signature local cell by load may this (whose threshold be bit ofis uplink indicates parameter. If the downlink available Begin whether Index channellization load load and threshold balance 0: Closed uplink code. the threshold configured the uplink Available Load Balance (0.isload threshold supported When for of aCS PRACH service correspond for load initial evaluating This RRC parameter procedure the cell load..This parameter is a load balance switch which indicates whether the 0:Closed This RRCparameter load balance is a 1: Inter-frequency service function is open switch balance for Load Balance Open which This indicates initialparameter RRC procedure whether /Connection Inter-frequency the usedRRC indicates service the weight of for accessing. Load Balance (0. UE If the of 1. Load Balance (0. ending balanced Access index tothe Service other uplink after inter- Classes load ordering. signatures And local cell (Available may be not End signature be used in connected balanced to other inter- Index-Available state.Each assignment procedure. the signatures uplink load balance Balance N/A 64QAM Balance the dual carrier indicates the balance weight of assigned available to each ASC function uplink RTWP.0.uplink different Their RAT relation RTWP systems.0.01 AC UTRAN is judgment the access andAvailable cells.100) % % 0. bit Load Balance RabHspaPluBalSw[4 N/A Balance Closed indicates whether the ] 0: Switch Off RabHspaPluBal balance of 64QAM Balance 1: Sw[4] 0: Switch This parameterHSPA+ corresponding is switch Switch On 64QAM Off HSDPA This which This parameter indicates parameter whether capability The effective indicates is used. the such as uplink load balance 1: Open N/A 0:Closed Available switch indicating UTRAN signature cells. factors Load Balance N/A Closed whethersuch loadas balance 1: Switch On HS.100) % % 0. the more signatures it Idle Mode and will be configured. Management N/A Open balance function downlink channellization is open RabHspaPluBalSw[0 for initial code.5 MIMO+HSDPA whether load balance based on HSDPA 0:Closed RabHspaPluBalSw[2 0: Closed 64QAM Balance This parameter throughput is open is aor load ]1: 1:0:Inter-frequency Switch Off MIMO Open RabHspaPluBal balance not.uplink threshold the Load Balance N/A Closed power. the Behavior 0. is thanopen indicatestheor not.0.uplink available Signature the uplink is: of HSUPA taken load into service account isforfor After of This load local parameter ordering balance cellthe judgment between less load than indicatesbalance. Load Balance (0.+ Load Balance (0.0..7 N/A [0.100) % % 0.15 N/A [15.

indicates Where MAX_ASC the minimum =8. bound PRACH MAC forisphysical L1.64. can be sent Idle Mode and time. can 0 UL be setLower transmission Sets as Common Channel times. it doing ‘and’ will be configured. the unique attempts identifier on MAC layer. 0. indicates Common the correction level bound physical usedforchannelby maximum value random thewhen MAC ID back- is Power Control / times calculating layer for to re-sending calculatethe initial the Idle Mode and off. spreading Node B allocation (32.. for It PRACH setsstarts the threshold size each of thecell judgment MAC relates to the a new DL Idle Mode and following when attempt on three thescrambling NodeRACH. layer starts allocated This parameter the to Idle Mode and This ACK timer UE parameter (acknowledged). 0] the actual value is This obtained. interval of 10 ms and Back-off the MAC can vary layer NBO1 randomly exits in Idle Mode and This Sets from the parameter Upper access Bound fora Common Channel range.65534 N/A - PRACH. arrays: B Common Channel primary Available signature detects code PRACH ofIndex. receive any responses Management 0. To Available make addition. Bound scrambling for Randomcode index Behavior 1. threethe layer.33)dBm dBm 24dBm Bound is over for this Random parameter. In Behavior 0.8 N/A 1 number not send again that response). should be larger than This Behavior //Node B (-36. the Management 68. Back-off that this MAC starts  PRACH NBO1new  can indicates Sets Upper theaBoundpermitted Idle Mode and use. UE within tocan MAC senda layercell.0) dB step parameter this parameter.99 N/A 68 send to theagain responses actual after from cases: certain AICH. persistence the upper isID theof Paramater 0. vary adds randomly the attempt in a TBO1 allowed range. indicates Random 0  the Sets Back-off. Index-Available This allocated sub-channel signature Begin number Index + can not be 1) of different ASCs used directly..50 N/A 40 services indicates When Tbo1 thein the preamble expires. spreading factor for the Management Behavior / Bit string(4) N/A Bit string(1111)] PRACH message part Idle Mode and This (limitingparameter the maximum Common Channel indicates rate that the thePRACH minimum Behavior /Code effective can transmit).used Behavior 0.. Common Channel Channel Number then Behavior 0. after andaccess certain the NACK UL preamble capacity. canTbo1. and then the Common Channel next preamble is sent at Behavior(PRACH)/ this new power. Power Control (1.8)dB step 1dB dB 1dB .. times of by 1. times theand MAC of the layer Behavior 1..parameter Idle Mode and [Bit string(1111). preambleLower process. parameter access Common Channel Random code thatfor can bePRACH.. NBO1 power M.. the the power proportion parameter ramp can be used Common Channel 0 ( add one for of the receivedtheby the step to distinguish used Behavior /Node B each new UE when preamble it does power in notthe PRACHs.5dB dB -21dB added to the previous Idle Mode and power. the maximum or NO /Idle Mode and can ACK. transmission the more signatures timing. receiving layer from of several any according L1.. attempt number This The on RACH. MAC PRACHs time.50 N/A 3 Begin preambles. The One access when When cell canso preamble accessing receiving that contain the again the NACK Node B dynamic MAC can persistence attempt to ifseveral not physical on level AICH PRACH.32 N/A 6 Whenparameter This Tbo1 expires. to the the configured higher levelAICH the ASC Allocation Behavior / Idle 1. value. of When the M Behavior (-50. signature there End Index are at the Idle Mode and access most preamble sixteen preamble of the Code Resource and Assigned PPRACH Sub- transmission Common Channel scrambling This Channel parameterNo..15 N/A PRACH) preamble cycle and the Idle Mode and from AICH after interference levelsending Common Channel a preamble. layer returns random configured starts theback- channel The status off. can and after overlap each other. from Each L1.128.15 N/A [0.. is used to be Management so broadcastthat the Common Channel can NOACK avoid(Node indicates frequent the maximum B does MAC together rejection can in attempt andtheSIB7.. MAX_ASC N/A 3 be detected available. Node CommonB Channel Bit string(1111).-10)dB step allocated The PRACH PRACH indicates to one the