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The”goniometer” consists of two outer field coils which receive the antenna power and a rotatably

arranged therein search coil. At right angles to the plane of the search coil, a pointer, which runs over a
graduation, is mounted on the axis of rotation, with which side bearings can be read at the fixed bearing
scale. The two field coils with search coil and bearing scale form the goniometer. It is installed in the
housing of the direction finder receiver, the search coil is connected to its input. Due to the interaction of
field and search coils, an angle-accurate image of the reception field strength is produced in the
goniometer. If the search coil is rotated in this field by 360 degrees, the same characteristic is observed
as with a rotating frame in the original field of the bearing shaft. If, by means of the minimum, the position
of the field strength in the goniometer is determined with reference to the zero line of the bearing scale,
then the position of the original field is also known to the center plane and thus the side direction of the