Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris P Lamanya : 90 Menit

Hari/Tanggal : Kamis, 11 Maret 2010 A Dimulai Pukul : 06.30
Kelas/program : XI IPA / IPS Diakhiri Pukul : 08.00
1.Tuliskan jawaban pada lembar soal.
2.Tuliskan nama, nomor peserta pada tempat yang disediakan.
3.Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas jika diperlukan.
4.Periksalah kembali pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.

musical instrument store in my hometown. I
This text is for questions 1 to 2 wanted to buy him a set of junior drum
Announcement because his drum teacher advised me to buy
Pay attention! him one. Wilily likes listening to music very
Our school will have a debate competition. much. He also likes asking me everything he
. Participents : All student in our school wants to know. Evan his questions sometimes
seem precocious for a boy of his age. He is
. Prizes : I Rp. 2 000.000 very inquisitive.
II Rp. 1 500.000 We went there by car. on the way, we
III Rp. 1 000.000 saw a policeman standing near traffic light
Please join us! regulating the passing cars and other vehicles
he blew his whistle now and then.
1. what is the announcement a bout? Seeing the policeman blowing whistle,
A. A school debate. Willy asked me at once, “dad why is the a
B. A school competition policeman using a whistle, not drum,
C. A debate competition Hearing his unexpected question, I
D. Extracurricular activities answered reluctantly,” Because he is not Phill
E. Participants of debate Collins

2. According to the text, the competition …2.
A. Is only for student with good English 3. What is the letter about?
B. Will be held in august 2009 A. Willy n his new drum
C. Is in the from of written arguments B. Phil Collins and his drum
D. Will be held after school hours C. The writer’s five-year old son
E. Will run for two days D. Willy’s drum private teacher
E. A policeman and his whistle
This text is for questions 3 to 5
Dear Andrew, 4. “Evans his questions sometimes seem
I have a story to share with. Last week precocious …………” (Paragraph 1 )
I took my five-year old soon, Willy, to a The word ‘precocious’ can be best
replaced with………………………

FM. She lived with her “CHEVY RENDEZVOUS “ stepsisters and stepmother they were very Broadcasted every Tuesday 10. Cinderella was helped by her stepsister C. To persuade the readers to tune in A. To tell the readers the location of Chevy Radio 5. Tips A. 6.00 bossy. Funny B. The stepsisters > News from entertainment world( Music. Annoying B. Chevy Radio E. To share an amusing story with other E. pm One day an invitation to the ball came to Our program includes: > Song the family. 7 B. What is the purpose of the latter? C. To describe about Willy Chevy Rendveous program B. A. 103. Released CHEVY RADIO FM 103. the hosts of the program E. went to the ball without her. To describe how to enroll in Chevy Willy is inquisitive Rendeveous program E. Her stepsisters did not let her go.15 p.7 11. Cinderella felt annoyed with her 7. Located E. She had to do all the housework. Childish text 2? D. Cinderella felt happy with her stepsisters C. Instruction according to the text ? B. film and sport ) Fortunately. What is the communicative purpose of the C. To amuse the writer’s friends radio is an FM Radio D.m to 12. What is the topic of the text above? stepsisters A. the fairy good other came > Quiz and helped her to get to the ball. ‘Chevy Rendezvous D. The communicative purpose of this text . Lexy & febry to do all the housework D. To ensure the writer’s friend that E. The text above is kind of………. The price (taken from “hallo English magazine”) fell in love with her then he married her. Broadcasted Phone : 613902 – 613304 Want to feel relaxed while improving your This text for questions 10 to 12 English? Cinderella Listen regularly to our most progressive and Once upon a time there was a beautiful wonderful English program: girl called Cinderella. To describe about Phil Collins D. News item B. with the hosts of the program: Lexy & Febry Cinderella danced with the prince. To retell events for the purpose of informing and entertaining 9. Founded D.bandung 40172 This text is for questions 6 to 9 A. Produced 59 Pasir kaliki Rd. > World news so Cinderella was very sad. To ensure the readers that Chevy C. At the ball. 10. Chevy radio station is………from 59 pasir kaliki Rd. Advertisement E. Stupid 8. Advanced A. Cinderella lived with her stepsisters C. Cinderella was helped by her stepsisters B. They lived happily ever after. Which of the following is NOT TRUE A. Bandung 40172 C. Announcement D.

obtain necessary nitrogen E. to catch the insects of ways. and the leaf wraps it self around the insects. . develop mechanism to trap insects B. bonus. as an illusion and the Venus-flytrap. some that some 80 high-ranking city officials had 80 high-rangking city officials had 14. is to … B. as force E. said. What the Carnivorous plants do to 12. as a trap humid areas where there is an adequate supply of nitrogen in the soil. to attack the insect foliage. to protect from the insects the necessary nitrogen from the insects. in hot area total to a project helping develop fishing a project helping develop fishing villages on D. snapping suddenly and forcefully shut around an insect. present a very useful information Marriage E. to develop mechanisms These plants trap the insects in a variety E. He said that money would be allocated in this year’s city additional budget and the paying out would be conducted in September.330 million in annual bonus worth Rp. in humid area their annual bonus worth Rp. Where do the carnivorous plants can be This text is for questions 18 to 20 found? A. The leaves of the Venus-flying function more likely a trap. They have digestive fluids to obtain C. in many place of the world villages onnorth Jakarta’s Jakarta’s coast. domineering E. develop their growth A. are generally found in C. arrogant Within their foliage C. persuade the readers to read the story Plants survive D. that Thursday. sensitive C. describe how Cinderella went to the ball C. as a weapon D. these plants have developed A. entertain the readers with a fairy tales Carnivorous plants B. This text is for questions 13 to 17 16. to get the nitrogen mechanism to trap insects within their B. in the wet area JAKARTA : City officials will donate JAKARTA : City officials will donate their B. when an insect lands on the leaves. to make the readers aware about this E. use digestive fluids D. In order to 17. such as the sundew B. “They were very bossy” (paragraph 1) survive? The word “bossy” means … A. it gets caught up in the sticky hairs. Sutiyoso Thursday. What is the purpose of the text? agreed agreed toto donate donate their their annual annual bonus. persuade readers to visit the area od popularity popularitycalled calledthe 13thth salary the13 salary because because it is Carnivorous plants equivalent to one month’s equivalent to one month’s pa pay. A. describe about how carnivorous C. inform readers about the important of A. The sundew has sticky hairs on its leaves. D. E.330 million in total to C. 15. in the forest Governor Sutiyoso Governor said. use sticky hairs. what is the function of digestive fluids? survive. explain to the readers why Cinderella’s Phenomenon stepsisters hated her so much. as wraps Carnivorous plants. offensive D. What is the function of Venus-flytrap? A. inform the readers about Cinderella’s D. furious B.north coast. 13.

lot of water. with its trunk when it wants to make a One day. elephant F.sowed road the seeds E. channeled seeds. Thesis and 21. food. it actually its front teeth. As an elephant needs to they flocked to his padi field and took home drink three hundreds. after a short period of the nose and upper lip. you wretched thing!” As soon . It also uses its again right away. some are the largest high-ranking land animals city officials had B.villages how an were elephanthappyuse to its help trunkhim. sad and hungry. himAccording to grow his to own the text. When an Before the boatman went away. he began with totusks think alive today.A. water than anytook The boatman otherpity tusks and trunk. so D. A. “It pulls everlasting up trees harvests if youwith its trunk work very when hard. Orientation Soon. canal before the rains The trunk of an elephant is a fusion of C. theD. C. there was a drought and all the plants B. there is a project helping develop told 22. a path through the padi thewill plants jungle” money This test isfor forthe ivory of 21 questions an to elephant 23 tusk. the project development on fishing villages C. way came. 28 with its trunk when it wants to make a After each harvest. a body characteristics. It pulls up trees old This man gottextaislot forofquestions rice from24the to harvest. People pay a lot of wants If you tired of to themake work. 20. C.stopped drink less by. Strangely. E. elephantHe went to a E. the plan of Governor Sutiyoso to help other people B. The its trunk in many ways. “oh. He did not grow food but the text? depended on the jungle fruit to survive. every day. Identification C. are the only animals his hut. the donationtusks wouldarebemade of a hard. land andB. General classification he turned B. hunting nearby village an elephant trying to get some food.elephant … fishing villages One day. the plant grew back path through the jungle. there lived a hermit in a 19. program on the hermit animalsand gave him some padi Elephant’s D. They A. The trunk can hold a about the hermit and his wonderful padi. Which statement is NOT TRUE based However. all is correct white substance like directly to the needy bone. C. elephant’s when he came tusks and trunks they continually. street hermit worked D.toThese agreed donate animals have special their annual bonus. An elephant uses time. word means … The ivory from the tusks is made into The old A. Just then. What is the text about? A. Newsworthy Event The old A. are verythe while weak animals hermit was sitting in Elephants B. stop growing. the donation of the annual bonus for the development of fishing villages E. an manelephant’s had nothinghabitsto eat now. the padi was ready for harvesting. training to be aanbeggar. It pulls up trees as much padi as they could. The September tusks of an elephant are 23. the annual bonus of high- ranking officials D. are thehislargest about growing own landfood.18. E. When the villages heard trunk to get water. What do you call the first paragraph of forest of Sumatra. At first. theispaying angry. the hermit became so tired of path through the jungle pints of water harvesting the padi that he shouted. The underlined turn into seeds”. tunnel hard to clear the many beautiful things. on the text? refused to give him food anymore. governor Sutiyosoamong themthe supported are boatmanD. he said. the paying out the donation will be conducted in September The hermit and His Padi Seeds Many years ago. fruitThe main trees topic in the of the jungle text above is … died.out its will tusk be canconducted be very in “These seeds will grow and give you dangerous.

“oh. C. He died in jungle when there was a drought E. the hermit shouted ordering the padi plants to stop growing 26. He liked to give the villagers fruit and padi D. What is the major complication of the story? A. the seeds should be sown before the This paragraph is the … of the story rains came A. sad and hungry C. the padi 24. Why did the padi plants turn into weeds? Because … A. The old man had nothing to eat now. The old man got a lot of rice from the harvest E. Orientation B. He hated bagging though there was nothing to eat 27. he villagers took home as much padi as they could E. C. it needed a short period of time to as he had said that. the hermit was a successful farmer stop growing. As soon as he had said this. the hermit became so tired of B.” E. the hermit should clear the land harvesting the padi that he shouted. 25. so he turned to be beggar D. Which statement is TRUE about the hermit? A. the hermit got angry with the villagers B. The main idea of paragraph 5 is … plants turned into weeds A. the padi plants med into harvest the padi seeds. He went to the village to ask for some food C. The hermit was sitting in his hut. Major complication . the hermit stopped growing the padi plants. He lived in a small town in Sumatra B. the padi stopped growing 28. the villagers grew weeds instead of padi plants D. you wretched thing!” As soon D. “One day. The villagers refused to give him food anymore B.

I groped 4. stumbling way to the kitchen down the steps. I did not like being 32 1. Fear made my hands shake. Worried abouth Dullah I hoped they would return home soon.. C. Dullah went to the kitchen to find Finally. I found a matchbox and lit a candle.. On that night. I stumbled down C. After I had groped around for may B. Evaluation D. I knocked against things. After I was groping around for my way downstairs. That thieves would come to the way downstairs.. I stumbled down 29. my worst fear drawers came true.. They brought candles stumbling down the steps” for me A. “ DULLAH ! DULLAH ! Where are you? “it was my 33.. The house became pitch dark. I groped around for my way D. My parents D. Raining heavily the steps D. The front door slowly opened. Happy for Dullah C. neighbor and his son. E. C. Bright an clear way downstairs.. I had to go to the kitchen for a candles matchbox. As I was groping around for my B. Curious about Dullah and my sister were away at a friend’s house. 1-3-2-5-4-6 in ! Grabbed my hockey stick and waited. I stumbled down 30. 2-3-1-4-5-6 uprigt. E. 5. Dullah groped around for his way alone. Before I grouped around for may E. I held the hockey stick D. That would be all alone in the house downstairs as I was stumbling E. downstairs The lightning and thunder were 2. Dullah found the candles in the getting worse. a voice cried out. That his family would return on E. at The best arrangement according to the last. the steps A. What was Dullah’s worst fear? the steps A. Suddenly. 1-2-3-5-4-6 I heard voices. Dullah got the matches and lit the Now. That he would stumble down the down the steps stairs . 1-2-3-4-5-6 porch. But. Dullah stumbled down the steps remembered that my brother kept candles in a cupboard in the living room. Resolution 31. 2-1-3-5-4-6 Then. Complication candles as they were………… A.. 6. I 3. I could hardly see anything. I stumbled down house the steps C. “I groped my way downstairs. Scared of Dullah This text is for questions 29 to 33 B. That the electricity would go of D. That neighbor and his son brought E.. I heard sound coming from the A. Afraid of Dullah It was a stormy night. Very snowy C. Very windy B. I froze. The lights kept flickering. Calm and quiet way downstairs. I found the candles in a matches drawer. Someone was trying to get B. events is: suddenly. it was. Dullah knoked against things on his around for my way downstairs..

C. I’ll just open the window!” confidence. fatty and skinny “hello” and other expressions because D. teenagers shorten car door to carry across the desert?” the words. and give –orientation “And what would you like?” ask the them and C. and a little humor of the cross the desert day. A car door The Fools on the Desert E. fatty skinnyand john. To describe the guard “I know the desert is very hot and dry. “I know the allowsE. “I’d like a car door. or to show off umbrella to keep the sun off me. Slang some time D. his umbrella. Refrom their parents. The fools. Complication a language they there friends guard. so I’d like an outsiders understanding. A car Three fools. fatty said. To inform the read about events of very hot. Orientationself as part of a group then john walked out into the desert. Slang can color their vocabulary and sentences. “I belive it’s very hot in the desert. pronounce terms with a different style. dry desert. were just getting out of prison. E. Thus.” by MTV. stretch definitions and guard inquired. Resolution “well. They A.” answered john. Firstly. To criticize somebody’s works you?” aguard asked john. The fools. This 36. The fool. they use slang for speed 35. If The way they talk shows their it gets too hot. it can be concluded that teens use slang words because using their own terms is the easiest way to make the world of . to many parents and adult. hip-hop culture and the “A car door! Why would you want a popularity of e-mail. After Teens like to use slang words for that. fatty and skinny might talk the way they do with words B. Daily teen questioned.”replied skinny. skinny and jhon like “coz” for “because” and “holla” for C. When the guard asked him what conversations can be incomprehensible he wanted. I’ll just open the “that was a reasonable request. so I’dlike a glass of water to drink 37 “I believe it’s very hot in the desert. This Secondly. Influenced please. The guard. E.” that they belong to particular group. from the reasons above. As they were leaving. To explain how the desert occurs “What would you like to take with D. the guard and john not because they re lazy Finally. the guard and skinny the words are cool and easier to use. they use slang to show It wasnow fatty’s turn to be their individuality.them Twistto communicate without sun is very hot in the desert. or separate B. so that they don’t seem boring. This wish was also granted. the day theytextcould This bring one for question 34 tothing 37 with them to B. What did john want to bring with him to and usefulness. skinny walked out into the desert with several reasons. Fatty.” The Slang window!” is definitely a way to guard gave him a cool glass of water and distinguish your A. To amuse and entertain the readers help them cross the arid region. gets too hot. This text is for questions 34 to 37 B. A glass of water C. What is the purpose of this text? jailhouse was located in the middle of a A. If it when I get thirsty. Slang flows quicker than standard A. they use text for questions 38 toslang 41 34 Who are the main characters in the text? because it is or easier to say. An umbrella languages. can call their own. A car window D.

to provide E. the trash deposal (dump site).fruits recommendation and vegetables in the river which is contaminated by trash. Moreover. like general groups police officers. Which of the following sentences is must take a regulation that pr people NOT TRUE according to the text ? Thisthrow who text is trashforonquestions the ground42 or to 44 A. thesis this mountain like heap of trash. to forecast D. C. Finally. orientation many people live around B. because they don’t have knowledge about healthy living. 39. “Slang is definitely a way to distinguish your self as part of a group…” The underlined word has the same meaning as … A.If to wepresent walk near twothe different pile ofpoints of trash.D. last paragraph Isn’t that veryof this dangerous text is called the to our …health if flies land on our food? A. Also.Sometimes to inform when the readers I pass about some why places inteensJakarta. with Thethem.bytotheexplain side ofthethereaders street or about evenwhy by the river. to from describe it. Also. areinforcement lot of woman washes clothes andE. issue Many children play nearby. I think the efforts to keep our environment clean and tidy need hard work from both the citizens and the government. In y opinion. Slang is not used by there should be special officers. What is the purpose seriousof this text? A. Parents and adults people who throw trash on the ground aren’t familiar with teen’s slang or into he rivers. It makesC. who watch and catch C. A standard language prohibits people to build houses near flows slowly than slang. to extinguish C. to make different B. D. litter carelessly. .However. E. the government 38. This is terrible. what slang is Piles of trash bring the bacteria 41. the government should put them in jail as a punishment. slang is a way to unite some different groups. if a big D. ourto persuade city look the uglyreaders and very to use slang dirty. B. weview couldaboutsmell slang sticky odors coming E. Teens think that it’s fine doesn’t make people stop easier to use slang dropping A. to give up The government should be more 40. slangThisis view is annoying. I think they don’t realize the danger. like using Oftenslang see piles of trashB.

am watching B. that’s not true A. will watch E. we are sorry D. the government’s problem B. to walk near the piles of trash and smell stinky odors B. to know that piles of trash bring the bacteria with them D. is built environment E. The communicative purpose of this text is . why did you throw stones at my car? You’re very naughty Children :”…mom. have watched D. What does this text mainly discuss? A. how to live healthy E. Ahmad : Mah. was watching C. B. to find that our city look ugly and dirty E. A :”this is a very old building concerned with trash’s case B :”I wasn’t even born yet when it … D. we admit it 42. watch 46. To inform the readers about environment problem C. we don’t deny it C. to share an amusing story with others. To persuade the readers to be 47. Mrs Ibrahim :”boys. the police officers problem 45. to know piles of trash by the side of the street C. to see many people enjoy living around heap of trash B.. We didn’t do it” A. E. 44. A. the trash’s problem in Jakarta C. what were you doing when I phoned your mother last night? Halimah : I …TV A. To present two points of views about A. children living around heap of trash D. you are right B. To describe the environment problem to the readers 43. What is terrible according to this text? .

Fitri :”What would you like to drink. is being built C. what can we do for 4 A B C D E 29 A B C D E you? (at the police station) 5 A B C D E 30 A B C D E Woman :”I want to report. Police :”yes. the car wasn’t there. I drink both. What do you 25 A B C D E 50 A B C D E prefer? Response: A. I like orange juice to tomato juice D. Let’s see the menu. had built 2 A B C D E 27 A B C D E 3 A B C D E 28 A B C D E 48. B. prefer – to 20 A B C D E 45 A B C D E D. 17 A B C D E 42 A B C D E A. It will be stolen 10 A B C D E 35 A B C D E C It stole it D. tea or 14 A B C D E 39 A B C D E coffee?” 15 A B C D E 40 A B C D E Helmi :”actually. It was stolen 11 A B C D E 36 A B C D E E. It is stolen 9 A B C D E 34 A B C D E B. I’d rather orange juice than tomato juice. was built D.better than 21 A B C D E 46 A B C D E 22 A B C D E 47 A B C D E 50. choose . I’d rather have orange juice that tomato juice E. I prefer orange juice better B. Narrator 23 A B C D E 48 A B C D E Here we are. like – than 19 A B C D E 44 A B C D E C. but I 16 A B C D E 41 A B C D E …tea…coffee now. would rather – to E. When I got 7 A B C D E 32 A B C D E back. I prefer orange juice than tomato C. Nama : Kelas : Jawaban : . madam. prefer – than 18 A B C D E 43 A B C D E B. There’s 24 A B C D E 49 A B C D E tomato juice or orange juice. . Is should be stolen 12 A B C D E 37 A B C D E 13 A B C D E 38 A B C D E 49. 8 A B C D E 33 A B C D E A. I parked my car 6 A B C D E 31 A B C D E in the parking lot. has been built 1 A B C D E 26 A B C D E E.