net-line FW-50

scalable RTU
Outstanding performance on limited space net-line FW-50 overview
The net-line FW-50 modular telecontrol system provides powerful solutions Scalable field device for modular
for telecontrol, station control and automation applications. With its compact assembly with interfaces and input/
size and the performance of the series5+ range of products, it is made for output cards at 4, 7 or 14 I/O slots.
extremely simple use and fast integration due to a comprehensive set-up, but Direct contact of process signals,
ensures high IT-security complying with BDEW Whitepaper. commands, metered values, meas-
urands, set points, transformer taps,
The RTU offers a high degree of flexibility in three different module frames, 1-of-n command termination and
thanks to the large selection of plug-in communication interfaces and input flexible data routing/cross connec-
and output modules. In this way, the FW-50 can be used as a simple com- tion within the network. Cascadable
munication router or as a telecontrol station with small, medium or large I/O up to 16 racks. Up to 6 separate
capacity. The system can be installed in any infrastructure thanks to the choice Ethernet network segments with
of DIN rail, wall or rear wall mounting and the 19" mounting bracket. individual VPN-tunnel, integrated
switches each with 4 x 10/100BaseTx
or fibre optic 100BaseFx with IEC
61850 station bus, IEC 60870-5-104
Typical fields of use control centre link, DNP3, SyM² me-
• Station and bay controller ter read out. Up to 4 serial interfaces
in MV and HV switching stations with IEC 60870-5-10x protocol, IEC
• Gateway and communication router 60870-5-103 protective equipment,
between station buses, field bus and control systems IEC 62056-21 meter link or external
• Monitoring and control device field devices with DSfG, field bus,
for utilities, waste disposal and industrial sectors Profibus DP, Modbus and MPI.
• Data acquisition and communication system DIN rail, wall and rear wall mounting.
in transport and infrastructure applications

net-line FW-50 scalable telecontrol system

FW-50 or BCU-50 On-site visualisation Protective equipment e.g. nected telecontrol master station.Communication modules • Archive memory expansion up to 1 GB via SD card -. • CPU series5+ with 400 MIPS. SG-50 Directional short circuit and earth fault indicators Modbus RTU net-line FW-50 scalable telecontrol system .g. Coupling to control centre DNP3 FW-50 or FW-5000 FO SHDSL DSL DSL UMTS Dedicated line Switched line PDA & SDS Radio LAN Tetra VPN optional FO SHDSL DSL GPRS GPRS Alternative connection e. system and archives on SD card • Large selection of expansion modules allows fast replacement of hardware -. high insulation class • Cascadable up to 16 racks to form a logic station Communication routes A particular strength of the series5 lies in the large selection Links can be realised via numerous protocols directly to the of communication possibilities and the redundant backup of control system or in a controlled manner with an intercon- FW-50 hardware Ideal handling The modular system can be expanded according to indi. secure even via the internet • High performance for integration complying with BDEW • Memory stick for rapid setup or updates Whitepaper IT-security • Backup of configuration. stations or process points. All components can be accessed and pulled out from the vidual requirements and has impressive functionality while front.Signal/command modules • Diagnostics and download via browser -. up to 512 MB memory • High speed download. The operating state can be assessed quickly via the being simple to use: status LEDs. via mobile radio FW-5.Measurement/set point modules • Area roll-out due to optional address allocation in browser • Compatible with expansion modules of previous versions • LAN integration up to 6 separate network segments • High noise immunity.

6 kbit/s. R&TTE. isolated separately WT12 VFT modem.5 mA per chan.bis) EVU2-I Check-back card for command termination with EVU-2-O ISDN-1 ISDN terminal adapter B-channel 64 kbit/s (EDSS1.5-pole command termination with 1-of-n monitoring. 115 kbit/s. max.5 kV AC treshold ON at 80%. PDA multislot/SDS 8OE-4-230 8 optocoupler inputs. 3 kV DC card format Set point outputs Isolation 2. 115 kbit/s.5 kV AC 8 relay outputs. 100 mA. 5 A cont. 16 single/8 double commands. tolerance.34/V42. 115 kbit/s. SWI1-6 FO/optical fibre 100BaseFx. selection by output separately. port mirroring + wide range inputs 24. 33.5 kV WT96 VFT-comp. 8 bit. GSM-2 GSM/GPRS Quad-Band. 5 kV surge pulse signal/logik (S/L) acc. 1. meas. 1. Measurand inputs channel-by-channel coil resistance. Combination and special cards Dial-up line OERA-5 8 optocoupler inputs. 18.. isolated separately V24-3 RS-232 redundancy multipoint-to-point. point-point 5 kV surge pulse signal/logik (S/L).. 1 A.100 kΩ isolated separately.34/V42. 100 V. EVU2-O-4 same as EVU-2-O-2 with external measurement circuit: 1 kΩ . Isolation 3 kV DC EVU-X  Utility expansion card for cascading a utility command group over 8AE16-3 8 analogue inputs.2 km 16RA-1 16 relay outputs 230 V AC.2 km 386 bytes max.2 kbit/s. auto-MDIX. max.. circuit: 100 . IEC 60870-2-1 VW3 unless otherwise 8AA8-1 8 analogue inputs. 19. X. 30 km. Convenient integration of complex features: tion software allows exceptionally fast setup. Isolation 5 kV surge signal/earth via rack. 24 V DC FO/optical fibre and 1-port Ethernet switch such as SWI1-6 CNT1-5 8 meter inputs 1 kHz. WM336-3 PSTN modem analogue max. isolated separately V24-2 EIA/RS-232.72 V DC. 1. 250 V AC.. post command lag Measurand/set point value cards time. 1. post command lag 8AE8-2 8 analogue inputs. 9. 250 V. 1000 VA ON. up to 17 users 16OA-1 16 optocoupler outputs. insulation 1.6 kbit/s. RJ-45. tolerance.5 kV AC signal/logik accord. 10 km. FW-50 software Intuitive parameterisation: Our innovative and well-established setIT parameterisa. command and release relays. common root BBM-1 Baseband max. 2-/4-wire max. up to 31 users DPS-1 Profibus DP slave..20 kΩ common root. ext.60 V DC / 110 V DC / 220 V DC 10/100BaseTx. up to 17 users 16OA-3-1 16 FET outputs. Multimode SC/ST.20 kΩ EVU2-O-2 2-pole command termination with 1-of-n monitoring 8 single/4 double commands. 18…72 V DC/48…130 V DC SWI2-3 same as SWI2-2 but FO Singlemode SC/ST up to 32 km 8OE-4-110 8 optocoupler inputs. The integrated • Syntax checks to prevent input errors codeIT soft PLC offers additional flexibility and allows many • Fault analysis by click and link to inaccurate entry kinds of PLC programs to be implemented. max. 1 kbytes max. 0(4) to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V. max. auto-MDIX. Isolation 3 kV DC © SAE IT-systems GmbH & Co. 24 V DC. point-to-point 16OA-3-2 16 FET outputs. 4 * RJ-45.2 km. auto neg.bis). 1 A. 320 mA. 115 kbit/s. 110 V AC/ DC TETRA-1 TETRA radio data transmission.32/V. ½ nel overflow/underrun ± 110 %. common root..6 kbit/s (V. several module frames. FSK 1. KG . max. max. port mirroring 16OE-5 16 wide range inputs 18…72 V DC/60…130 V DC/150…240 V DC auto negotiation. multi-range ±20/±10/±2. 230 V AC/220 V DC RS-485-2 EIA-485 symmetrical. common root WM336-4 PSTN modem analogue max. 16 bit. ext. Isolation 1. Isol. suppression of imperfection . protection class II DPM-1 Profibus DP master. meas. telecontrol technology or plant • Calculation values and logic functions automation can be provided in this way.5 kV 8AA16 8 analogue outputs. The perfect solutions • Context-sensitive online help for station control systems.2 km RS-485-3 EIA-485 symmetrical. 20 km.5 kV AC 16OE-6 16 inputs für links to power brakers.100 kΩ 8AE8-3-1 8 analogue inputs.31b) Wide range inputs 18…72 V DC/60…110 V DC/220 V DC. channel-by-channel coil resistance.5 mA / 0 to 10 V time. 30 A 0.5 s V24-4 RJ-45 to ETSI EN 392-300-5. suppression of imperfection.6 kbit/s (V. self-keying Relay outputs RS-422-2 EIA-422 symmetrical.. 1A. 57. to SWI1-7 same as SWI1-6 but FO Singlemode SC/ST up to 32 km IEC 61850-3 (h) & EN 60870-2-1 class VW3 SWI2-1 additional LAN-segment via internal USB link 16IE-5 16 fast wide range inputs detection 250 μs 4-port Ethernet switch such as SWI1-5 18…72 V DC/48 …130 V DC SWI2-2 additional LAN-segment via internal USB link CNT1-3 8 meter inputs 10 kHz. Isolation 3 kV DC EVU2-O-3 same as EVU-2-O-1 with external measurement circuit: 1 kΩ . release and locking via closed ring. Isol. 115 kbit/s 12RA-1 12 Power relays 220 V DC.110) common root EVU2-O-1 1. insulation 1. 33. 130 mA. 0(4) to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V. 1. • Extensive diagnostic features • Integrated project documentation Module communication Signal/command cards Dedicated line Optocoupler inputs SWI1-5 4-port Ethernet switch 10/100BaseTx. 230 V AC. up to 8 users 16RA-3 16 relay outputs. A link to the OPC • Practical copy functions server can be realised by connectIT. noted. 16 bit. 0(4) to 20 mA / 0 to 2. 9600 bit/s /115 kbit/s (V. command and release relays. max. 1. circuit: 100 .2 kbit/s. 0(4) to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V. 8 bit.2 km. 8 bit. isolated separately.

EN61000-6-4 (03/2000). USB device. 0. plastic V0 Ambience −20° to +70°C. leap year correction Status displays CPU: 12 LEDs in front panel. 128 kb program memory CPU-5C series5+ RISC processor core. max. red I/O cards: card error. double-point.4) 14 slots IEC 62056-21 · meter connection (IEC 1107) SML · SyM² meter connection via Ethernet 224 digital I/O* DSfG · interface for natural gas equipment 112 analogue I/O* Profibus-DP · master/slave Modbus RTU/TCP · master/slave. height 173 mm. rear wall. ±20 ppm over entire temperature range. single/double commands (1. 20 ms. IP20. wall. EIA / RS-232. 1 GB up to setIT V5.4 Real-time clock  Errors max. failure buffering min. field bus FW-50-7 Input/output Selection of 50 plug-in cards for: Single-point. PLC programming IEC 61131-3 compatible via codeIT.0 host 12 Mbit/s (configuration/archive via memory stick) Power supply +24 V DC. depth 135 mm Im Gewerbegebiet Pesch 14 50767 Köln (Cologne.5/2-pole). power fail management.5 kV surge. +20 %/-15 %. 7 slots command termination. transformer tap signals. green.2 to 2. KG Subject to technical modification. communication 6 switches integrated with 4 RJ-45 10/100 Mbit/s or FO ST/SC 100 Mbit/s + RJ45 4 serial interfaces. Daylight savin changeover. values only apply to limited extent. OpenVPN from setIT V5. 400MIP@400 MHz. supply to measurands. KG width (mm) BGT-M: 228 /BGT-L: 432 /BGT-S: 152. MPI/3964R/RK512 · field bus SNMP · network management. NSRL: DIN EN 60950 Housing FW-50 module frame. real-time clock 384 MB memory (256 MB RAM. IEC 60255-5 R&TTE: ETSI EN 300328. USB Standards EMC: EN61000-6-2 (03/2000).4 sions use identical resources. 1 communication component e.g. 110 VDC/115 V AC/230 V AC. Status:February 2016 Construction Modular station control. watchdog. NTP/SNTP/DCF clock synchronisation * Max. Insulation: DIN EN 60870-2-1. Germany) Installation DIN rail. optional wide range power supply unit 48 to 60 V DC at I/O slot. maintenance-free buffer. Product images may contain special features. 112 digital I/O* set points. 1-of-n monitoring. EN 301489. MMU. UPS and external redundant supply Dielectric strength 5 kV surge. measurands and metered values. to DIN EN 60870-2-1 class VW3 2. acc. auto-MDIX. 256 MB Flash. as some exten- VPN-Tunnel · IPsec [IKEv1/IKEv2] .sae-it. SAE IT-systems GmbH & Co. 50 W. 4 Mb SDRAM). encryption engine Memory expansion optional SD card up to 8 GB. 2 Ethernet 10/100BaseTx auto-MDIX 32 analogue I/O* Example: max. EN55022. status LED of process data (binary) Interfaces: Send and momentary contact signals depending on card type Operational controls PLC switch in front panel RUN/STOP USB pushbutton for configuration/backup/recovery Programming interface Ethernet LAN 10/100BaseTx.5 mm2 Fax: +49(0)221/59808-60 info@sae-it. telecontrol and automation system FW-50-4 plastic/V2a/alloy module frame with 4/7/14 slots 4 slots Configuration Example: Max. 200 mA (CPU only).com net-line FW-50 scalable telecontrol system . input/output expansion 64 digital I/O* 14 I/O slots (up to 224 dedicated I/O). rated current approx. 19" installation rack Phone: +49(0)221/59808-0 Terminals MSTB screw-type terminal or Combicon spring terminal. station control technology IEC 60870-5-103 · protective device coupling IEC 60870-5-104 · TCP/IP coupling to control centre FW-50-14 DNP3 server · serial (IP from setIT V5. others on request. USB 2. relative humidity < 95% without condensation www. transformer tap commands. metered value outputs 56 analogue I/O* Protocols IEC 61850 · IED and protective device coupling IEC 60870-5-101 · telecontrol technology.Technical data: net-line FW-50 Product variants © SAE IT-systems GmbH & Co.