room paneling to be visible from for F&B’ and ‘Miscellaneous MEP

or located in front‑of‑house areas. & Fire Safety’, also needs to be
12) All additional points provided in referred and adhered to.
Section 1D, ‘Mandatory services


Food Court / Kiosk / ATMs

Food Court

In addition to all points covered for Food Court in Section 1B, this section will cover on more
specific guidelines for ‘Food Court units’.

Food court has been designed to provide a unique dining experience. Located on the fourth floor
strategically, it sits in an ideal zone near the Cinema and the Entertainment concept.

Food court tenancies must demonstrate an exceptional design standard. Final designs will be
considered and reviewed carefully, and we will take site location and overall design merit into

General Design Guidelines for Food court: finishes and tenancy design.
5) The FOH design is to be dealt with
1) Your front counter must be of high design merit. Usage of
high‑quality complementary attractive warm colours, contrast in
finishes. It should not protrude surface finishes, high quality
past the lease line. There needs to architectural finishes, innovative
be clear sightlines over 1,350mm signage, branding, menu boards
from mall finish floor level. and food display is expected from
2) Store located at corners must your unit design.
maximize their front counter 6) Open cooking concept is highly
length. encouraged, however cooking area
3) Depth of the front counter has to thus being made visible has to be
be minimum 750-mm. Height has clutter free and clean. This type of
to be restricted to 800mm high a presentation is to entice
from the mall floor level. customers and encourage customer
4) Ensure there is a seamless design interaction.
between your storefront, precinct

7) All inter- tenancy wall details and Signage, Graphics & Menu Boards:
store front details shared for your
food court unit in the LOD 15) All graphic elements in your
drawing will need to be considered premise, which include but are not
for designing your store front and limited to logos, menu boards,
FOH area. uniforms and ticketing, has to be
8) Any third party logos/ advertising designed in sync with your over all
in your FOH is strictly not allowed. concept. Nothing should be
9) Beverage dispensers should not be incidental; all of it has to be part of
placed on the front counter. It has the same story.
to be placed against the back wall 16) All signage and menu boards
of FOH area. should be placed on the rear wall.
10) Doors leading from FOH to BOH Primary signage must be
area should be designed three‑dimensional with internally
aesthetically and placed in such a illuminated letters.
manner that the inside preparation 17) All signage and menu boards
areas like raw material storage and should be placed on the rear wall.
washing area is least visible. BOH Primary signage must be
area layout design needs to take three‑dimensional with internally
care of this guideline. illuminated letters.
11) Cooking grilles & equipment 18) Integrate large format high‑quality
including exhaust hoods, cooking graphic and three‑dimensional
appliances, warming trays, coolers, contrasting elements onto the rear
etc, which are allowed in the front wall and projected elements.
of house, must have walls, soffits 19) We will allow a maximum outgo
or finished panels to conceal projection from the rear wall of
unfinished surfaces of this 200mm. Maintain a neutral zone of
equipment, and where exposed, 450mm from the inter‑tenancy
finished surfaces must be capping and inter‑tenancy wall.
compatible with the overall design 20) Recess slim line edge‑lit menu
of the space. frames or LCD screens into the
12) Integrate all equipments, utensils surrounding finishes.
and menu boards into the counter 21) Surface mounted menu board will
design. not be allowed.
13) Creative and frameless food display
integrated to the front counter
design is a must Ceiling & lighting:
14) FOH area has to be minimum of
22) Both FOH and BOH have to have
2000 mm from lease line.
false ceiling with maximum height
23) Access panels/ trap doors in FOH

false ceiling should be avoided. At a neutral color and finish so it
the same time BOH needs to have merges with the surrounding
all the requisite access panels / trap finishes.
doors in the false ceiling for proper 28) Integrate all your equipment into
maintenance of services. the rear wall design of your tenancy.
24) All guidelines from the lighting Your rear wall zone should appear
section is applicable in the food seamless.
court units also. 29) Install refrigerator motors in a
25) Suspended lighting or other remote location preferably.
element is to be avoided in the 30) Suggested Finishes for FOH area:
FOH area. back painted glass, solid surface
veneers, High gloss & pattern
laminates, natural or reconstituted
Fixtures, Fittings & Finishes: stones, Solid Acrylic surface
(Corian), Mosaic or small format
26) Use a bain‑marie that is frameless tiles.
or has a discreet frame (subject to 31) Finishes to be avoided in FOH
Fit-out Manager’s review). It area: Cheap & colour Laminates,
should have recessed channels and Graphic prints on paper, vinyl,
be set 150mm off from the cheap water based paints on
inter‑tenancy wall. Displays cannot vertical surfaces.
exceed 1,350mm in height.
27) Make sure all your equipment uses

Kiosks are highly visible in a mall environment as they are generally planned in the common
corridor and atrium area of any mall. So they must demonstrate an exceptional design standard.
Designs will be considered & reviewed carefully, and we will take site location and overall
design merit into account while doing so.

The entire 3D structure along with display, fixtures, signage, graphics and merchandise must
be read together as a ‘single entity’, with all sides treated as frontage. They need to enhance the
retail experience of the customer and not restrict or impede clear vision lines and movement in
the mall.

Note: If any guideline for elements common to general retail unit and kiosk varies in content, then the specific guideline given below
for kiosk needs to be followed.

Guidelines for Kiosks (Do’s): allowed. The signage pylon height
should not exceed 1500mm and is
1) Lessee to ensure that kiosk design located to maximize sightlines.
maximizes sight lines across the Any additional pylon if not
mall. spoiling the mall vision lines will
2) Open walk through type kiosks are have to be approved by the mall
highly encouraged. management. This additional
3) Kiosks should consider customer pylon allowed will be for one
flows around and into your kiosk more only.
and develop a retail presence from 10) Signage and graphics can comprise
every side. of both digital and non-digital
4) Issues of queuing and customer media.
traffic circulation are to be 11) Brand signage is allowed on both
considered. the faces of the pylon. This pylon
5) The maximum counter height for should be constructed using
Lessee’s kiosk is 1100mm but innovative architectural finishes.
variations to kiosk heights are 12) Your kiosk signage must be
encouraged in order to create imaginative, three‑dimensional,
visual interest. internally illuminated and of
6) There must be no fixed or loose high‑quality.
fittings above 1450mm that too
13) If you plan to fit a digital screen to
will not be allowed for the entire the pylon, recess it within the
length of the kiosk perimeter. surrounding finish.
7) We will make exceptions for food
14) Digital screens and slim line
kiosks where areas of the counter
edge‑lit boards should be used
require a glazed sneeze guard and
when displaying menu text or
a maximum height of 1,400mm is
menu images. If digital or slim line
screens are specified they must be
8) All drinks refrigerators and other
set within the pylon sign and sit
equipment on the perimeter of the
flush with the front face of the
main kiosk structure must be fully
integrated into the kiosk joinery.
15) Secondary signage is positioned to
They must not sit above 1,400mm.
allow customers to identify your
Where refrigerators and other
shop from every side. This second
equipment are located within a
signage should be perpendicular to
central island structure, we will
the main pylon.
consider a maximum height of
16) When a mall column is located on
1,500mm but this will have to be
the edge or within the kiosk lease
vetted and agreed by the Fit-out
line, the mall column may take the
team and mall vision lines will be
place of the pylon sign. Fit-out
team will confirm this.
9) Only one signage pylon will be

17) When the kiosk has a food usage, 23) Digital screens can be a substitute
a second pylon is allowed. The but it needs to be suitably
mall column may take the place of integrated to the kiosk structure.
the second pylon. 24) A canopy over your kiosk is not
18) Allowed column treatment with permitted.
integrated signage may extend to a 25) We will supply power and data to
maximum height of 2,700mm a point in the mall floor. You need
from the mall floor level and to provide the Electrical
include all four faces of the Distribution Board (EDB) as an
column. Only use high‑quality integral part of the joinery counter.
architectural finishes with discreet This will be provided on your
recessed corner protection and Tenancy Plans.
skirting. 26) For food kiosks, portable water
19) Ensure that architectural finishes tap off with meter and drainage
make up 70 per cent of the tap of will be provided. This will
external kiosk structure. Secondary be provided on your Tenancy
finishes such as graphics, signage, Plans.
promotional material is limited to 27) There is no allowance for exhaust
the remaining 30 per cent. capacity for food kiosks.
20) Make sure any such proposed 28) Fully integrate all equipment, for
branding or illustrative material is example: Point of Sale (POS) into
dimensional and non‑illuminated. the kiosk joinery and fully conceal
21) Set all graphics behind glass or all cabling from view from the
clear acrylic or finish them in clear general mall area. All glass display
2‑Pac polyurethane top finish to cabinets must be of a frameless,
ensure they last longer and are square edge, UV bonded type
easier to clean and above all look construction. A slim line
new and fresh going forward. framework or curved display for
22) Use a high‑quality architectural hot food is subject to Fit-out
finish such as stainless steel or management team discretion.
mirror on non‑digital 29) All internal storage cupboards
promotional frames. All open shelving and joinery to the
non‑digital promotional material internal area of the kiosk must
must be set behind glass or clear have cupboard doors. The internal
acrylic and fully integrated into the cupboard and joinery doors
kiosk structure. Non‑digital should be finished in an
promotional material should be architectural finish that
integrated into the Kiosk design complements the overall kiosk
and the Fit-out team reserves the design concept.
right to allow the number of such 30) Incorporate three-dimensional
promotional signs. features into all kiosk counters.

stone. lighting within Since there is no canopy allowed. forms part of your joinery unit. 31) Kiosk entry doors should be on a 40) Ensure the barrier wall structure is self‑closing hinge system to made up of 80 per cent neutral ensure the door is kept closed high‑quality durable architectural when not in use. 900mm from the mall floor level. supplied to kiosk sites. suitability for such requirements. surrounding barrier walls 47) Where an internal kiosk floor complement the overall kiosk finish is required. Detail all edge junctions 42) Overhead accent lighting if with a recessed durable required to be provided by Lessee architectural edge protection detail. furniture spill over into the The floor should be dark in color . and depth. 45) Where fluorescent tube or LED 36) Prior approval is a must for any light fittings are specified. likely to come in contact with 41) Kiosk seating can consist of a trolleys and Mall cleaning variety of different seating types machinery. timber. durable architectural finishes such You will need to submit details for as stainless steel or engineered all proposed furniture for review. Ventilation and access 43) All display and merchandising hatches must be incorporated into units whether behind glass or your cabinet design if lighting open. can use a magnetic fixing system make sure your seating and to hold this in place. Use layering and 39) The barrier wall height must be different surfaces to create interest. well ceiling and there are no sprinklers detailed and hidden from view. especially during night to the mall common false ceiling. They should also vary in height circulation area. trading. 34) Where possible. should be well illuminated. each required core hole or floor chasing. as part of the kiosk furniture. abrasive and highly durable 38) Seating to be enclosed to prevent commercial usage type flooring. cabinets is to be used to improve lessee cannot add any light fixture visibility. such as chairs. finishes such as stone. stools. bench 33) Construct kiosk skirting from seating and fixed banquet seating. LEDs reflecting on mall tiles. 44) Lighting within counter joinery 35) Sprinklers are as exists in the mall must be fully integrated. 46) You will need to use an opal who will also perform the acrylic diffuser to prevent the approved work at Lessee’s cost. You 37) Where kiosk seating is allowed. fitting is to overlap the other at The Lessor’s approved services each end to ensure consistent light contractor must check structural coverage. 32) Durable material is used in areas metal. tile and concrete. it has to be non- concept and design.

and must sit on top of the existing discouraged. unless cleared after Lighting in this manual will be careful review by Fit-out team / applicable. tiles using (unless high‑quality) with a pattern chemical or wet mortar are strictly or integrated graphic detail. not allowed. Wallpaper (unless behind glass or 49) Wherever the added flooring layer clear acrylic). Mall management team and it should add to the design merit of the kiosk. 52) All general guidelines for lighting 10) Suspended light fitting above the provided in the section on kiosk area. counters. non‑articulated structures and 14) Overhead horizontal signage single finish surfaces is highly menus are not allowed. Untreated MDF or similar.350mm high electrical equipment should be structure will not be allowed. cut acrylic is a suggested finish. No visible screws are 2‑Pac. 11) Audio within the kiosk. food or promotional permission needs to be acquired material on coloumn at the edge or before purchase of such edge within the kiosk area is not at all profiles. Acrylic. and equipment. proper edge profiles need to be 4) Free standing counter spinners or used. ballast and other 1) Solid continuous 1. branding element. Kiosks must combine individual 13) Internal illumination of the signage floating forms and solid single pylon or the secondary one is not elements (made of stone. Painted finishes. 2) Flat. 3) The following finishes: Laminates 48) Sticking of vinyl floor. Laser Lessor’s mall floor finish. plinths the general mall area. for example) that continue allowed for any signage or to the mall finish floor level. or similar) under all new kiosks. false ceiling above are not allowed. Membranes must 8) Vinyl applied onto counter faces not be permanently fixed to where there is high traffic. ensured. timber or at all allowed. . 51) Ensure that existing mall finish 9) Suspended lights from the mall remains intact. all such edge profiles have to temporary product fixtures.400mm. mall floor finish. 50) Install suitable protection for the 6) Any storage or display above mall floor (waterproof membrane 1. 7) Open shelving that is visible from floor coverings. allowed. Guidelines for Kiosks (DON’T): 12) No visible wires. be shown in the sample board and 5) Lifestyle. is used in open type of kiosk.


Mall management will provide a back panel in keeping with the architecture of the Mall. They should be no higher than 1. if Tonnage and CFM than what is required will be provided by the already provided. so as not to affect sight lines through the mall. 4) When you plan to place an ATM within the store front zone (inside a bank entry). We recommend a set‑back of 1.000mm. building design details provided by 4) Non . ATMs ATMs have become an integral part of the mall environment and following guidelines are provided to maintain the mall’s aesthetic. General Guidelines: 1) Ensure your ATMs are front‑loading and as compact as possible. Signage must not affect sight lines through the mall. 7) Conceal all power and cables inside the machine housing. 5) Any proposed signage above the machine is as at the Mall management’s discretion. . 2) Air Handling units have been 5) Out let Dampers shall be geared provided in every unit as per the type (OEM) Factory fitted. store ducting layout will be covering all factors with in the provided by the Fit-Out team in retail premises and based on the the beginning along with the LOD. connectors to duct is mandatory. make sure it is slim line. Signage and graphics should be well considered and be constructed from high durable finishes. However all submit detailed heat load information required to design in- calculation for review of tonnage. wall). it should be set back from the lease line to ensure queuing does not occur into the general mall area. 2) If you plan to place an ATM in the general mall area (for example: against a column. SECTION 1D: DESIGN PRINCIPLES FOR MEP & FIRE SAFETY HVAC mentioned in the LOD provided by the Fit-out management team. 3) Where you plan to place an ATM in the general mall area and there is no column.600mm unless otherwise approved by Mall Management. Conceal all fixings from view.flammable flexible canvass Fit Out team. 1) If the Retailer demands more 3) The GAD for these units. they have to Mall developer. 6) Integrate signage into the ATM design. Ensure the rear of the ATM presents well to the mall.

& illumination . The electrical meters conditioning in the shop. unless some other design is technical specifications involved validated by a HVAC consultant.) 5) Electrical distribution box & 12) Kitchen exhaust duct should be of accessories has to be branded with MS with adequate number of ISI mark. As/ SMACNA submitted. 6) Internal electrical wiring and 13) M. will have to be validated by the Fit- 8) Provisions of VCD/ dampers is Out team at site. 14) Support to support distance not to 6) Retailer has to submit a detailed exceed 2000mm. 3) Your Electrical contractor 11) AC ducting sheet thickness should preferably should be grade License not be less than 24 Swg and it must holder & copy of license to be be ISI marked. check further details these trap doors need to be provide in the LOD shared with aesthetically treated and have to be you by Fit-out management team. ELECTRICAL 9) Trap door of one feet more than the size of the AHU in the false 1) Electrical incomer (3phase) will be ceiling shall be provided. extruded aluminium dampers and as/SMACNA/IS655 manually operated. necessary for air-balancing during commissioning of the AHU . Please for the Lessee shall be located at ensure adequate air quality and respective floors in electrical room. with the fit-out manager & T&C 7) Entire length of the Duct must be report shall be submitted by he Thermally insulated with 19mm vendor of the retailer.if used for all in comer before found during inspection / distribution. 16) In case of relocation of AHUs. ducting layout showing different as/SMACNA/IS655 section and the CFM 15) Testing & commissioning of the distribution at every outlet entire scheme shall be coordinated designed by HVAC consultant. thick closed cell nitrile rubber. /IS655 (substandard ducts creating 4) 30 mA ELCB is mandatory to be fluttering noise will be rejected. distribution. commissioning.S. light fittings. cleanouts. However. galvanized rod with angle to switchboard including power be used as support of duct. outlets. so as to available at your demised premises meet the service and repair with an isolator for further requirement in future. finished with high grade 2) There shall be separate electrical workmanship. meters provided for Lessee to 10) We strongly recommend providing monitor and record electricity a return air duct to optimize air consumption. temperature in all parts of the shop.

incoming 11) All cables / Wires preferably cable size and breaker detail. final approval. and then executed by lessee. 9) Separate load chart has to be 18) Clean Earth pit location and route submitted with total connected for the same will be provided by load & diversified Demand Load. 22) Change in Isolator/ DB location of 16) Fire suppression system mandatory incomer cable needs to be done for all floor mounted DB’s after permission from Fit-out handling 200 amps or more. should be of FRLS and run 20) Any extra load demand has to be preferably in metal conduits and substantiated through by steel cable tray. it has the extra load. to be MS flexible conduits. 10) Load shall be equally distributed on 19) Check the LOD provided by the all three phases & the same shall Fit-out team for the load provided reflect in the load sheet. This extra load will 13) All wiring above false ceiling level be provided if approved by mall has to run in conduits that are management at Lessee’s cost. 7) Raw power socket in the floor & kitchen has to be with IP rating IP54 & above. all electrical fittings and equipment for the premises has to adhere to IS Standards. 17) Fire sprinklers shall be replaced with ceiling suspended modular extinguisher above main DB . 8) Retailer need to submit a detailed electrical drawing with SLD for the distribution box & looping layout Modular extinguisher above main DB for the entire area. for your individual unit. Non- properly saddled to the slab soffit. properly at the DB. The 12) Concealing of the electrical same will be verified by the Fit-out conduits in inter tenancy walls is team and referred to Lessor for not permitted. 21) Mall will provide 100% DG back 15) All wires/cables must be tagged up to all tenants. usage of extra load will also 14) Flexible conduit is highly warrant payment of all charges for discouraged but if necessary. 9. submitting as per point no. lessor. manager and at tenant’s cost. of Retailers signs.

If required a separate wall lining to 4) One sprinkler for 3m x 3m grid. shall lay the network for below the false ceiling areas as per Fire norms. upright 2) Necessary provisions for upkeep sprinkler has to be provided as per and maintenance of drainage lines. ELV / COMMUNICATION be in CI as per IS 3989 pipes. norms. Hub less pipes is wall vertical is the dimensional strongly recommended for faster guideline for your store sprinkler installation and ease of layout. data and cable TV and pipes. with an activation is permitted on inter-tenancy walls. UPVC pipes permitted for drainage. 7) The Lessee is responsible for 2) All retail partners and anchors installation of grease trap in kitchen will be provided with telephone area for F&B and Food Court as cables.5m from 4) Use of C. 5) One independent sprinkler for 5) Basic Drainage recommended to each enclosed space such as store . paint. inform tenants. Cleanout plugs will have to be painted with one coat of anti provided. temperature of 680C. then the lessee will have to provide 1) All wet areas shall be waterproofed upright sprinkler as per norms. per requirement. 1) The lessor has provided the 5) All units will be provided sprinkler line tap off to each unit CAT6E cabling with broadband from the main header line. 3) Main telephone MDF is located in 8) The Lessee has to provide Garbage the BMS room on the lower separator and Garbage crusher in ground floor. 3) MS-’C’ class heavy pipes with MS Floor traps with water seals and supports. centre to centre. 4) All units will be provided RG-6 cables for televisions. socket pendant type 3) No embedding of plumbing pipes sprinklers bulb. by membrane waterproofing. all threaded joints. If above the ceiling area is equal to PLUMBING & DRAINAGE or more than 800mm in height. as per requirement. Space for individual dish space on terrace SPRINKLER will be on sole discretion of Mall management. kitchen areas.I. Lessee connectivity. 1) Developer will finalize the vendors 6) Water supply to be in GI C-Class for voice. be done by Lessee. as instructed by Fit-out corrosive and two coats of red management team. and 1. such as Inspection Chambers. 2) In open ceiling concept. maintenance.

signed by Fit- out/Safety before connecting to tap-off 10) Stock room shall have additional sprinkler matching to the rack arrangement. of the smoke detector has to match with the mall smoke detector brand. 8) All below false ceiling smoke detector and fire panel (if required) is in Lessee’s scope. area. 11) Fire Panel shall be programmed & integrated such as per the mall protocol (any detection / information shall not bypass the mall fire panel) 12) Smoke detector can cover approximately 350 Sq. Fit-out team decision will be final) 13) Heat detectors shall be provided in all kitchen & AHU room. if the partition enclosing such an enclosed space goes upto the false ceiling level. Above 50 NB to be welded. (if there is no vertical obstruction. 5) For kitchens. 2) One smoke detector/350 sq. for minimum 48 Hours. 6) Providing smoke detectors (under false ceiling) and heat detectors (in kitchens) within each unit will be the scope of Lessee. heat detectors . all aisle in between two racks shall have sprinklers for every 2m c/c. room/trial room/ toilet etc. conforming to applicable norms. at the rate of one sprinkler/9 sq. 9) Pipe Sizes of 50 NB and below 50 NB to be threaded. . same holds true for the fire panel. 7) The store smoke detection system will be connected and looped to the mall Fire Alarm Panel.m. 8) UL-rated metal flexi-pipes are allowed. 7) Pressure tests to be done at 14 Kg/sq. of retail space and independent detector for each enclosed space such as store room/trial room/ toilet etc. SMOKE DETECTION SYSTEM 1) The Lessee shall procure and install addressable type detectors and fire panel if required & the same to be linked to mall Fire alarm Panel. Report to be submitted to Fit-out MEP. 6) The Lessee shall procure and install sprinklers as per NBC norms. 9) Make & model no. 10) Anchor tenants shall have their own FACP panel & integrated with the Mall sq. in case there is any obstruction. 3) This system is to be integrated with 4) Compatibility between store system and mall BMS in a seamless manner. shall be in Lessee’s scope.ft.

2) All pipes should be exposed. . accessible and shall run through proper ventilated shafts. MANDATORY SERVICES FOR F&B: Safety requirement of commercial kitchen: 1) Piped Natural Gas up to designated point within Lessees premises will be provided in case of F&B shops only. Color-coding and installation shall be as per local byelaws. 2) Retailer needs to coordinate the location of the speaker such that the announcement is audible to all interior parts of the store including stock room & fitting rooms. PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM 1) PA system is mandatory for every unit. which is integrated to mall system. Internal distribution will be in Lessee’s scope. 3) Anchors public address amplifier/BGMS system shall have a overriding facility so as to override all information. when there is a emergency announcement.

like Hydro fluorocarbons) 9) Suitable MCCBs and ELCBs in case electrical cooking ranges should be used.ft. 5) Kitchen chimneys and exhaust ducts to be fitted with 140⁰C fire sprinkler (high temperature). 3) The small kitchens should preferably be located on the cooking areas in the kitchen and periphery of the building with one should be placed in an easily external wall for natural/forced accessible area. detection. for kitchen hoods (only non-CFC based refrigerants allowed. This needs to be integrated with mall floor Fire panel. and one CO2 the reference image below. 11) Need to provide 1kg of ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguisher Proper colour coding of gas pipe lines with valve ON/OFF detail clearly marked as shown in for 100 Sq. 6) Automatic Fire detection and alarm system comprising of smoke/heat/multi-sensor detectors and manual call points and gas leakage detectors. 12) ‘K type’ fire extinguisher is also mandatory to be placed near all . suitable training is very important for F&B staffs. cylinder near the electrical DB accordingly they shall be located in easily accessible location. ranges. 4) Automatic sprinkler system in entire kitchen area including high temperature sprinklers above the cooking surfaces. ‘K’ type fire extinguisher also near all cooking areas. 7) Provision of Auto cut-off of fuel Yellow colour for entire length of gas pipe. grills etc. ventilation. 10) Apart from all the above. with AUTO supply in case of fire and smoke CUT-OFF of fuel supply. 8) Adequate Fire Suppression system for oil fires is strongly recommended.

tenant needs to existing networks at the designated tap- install fire suppression system on kitchen off points in coordination with Fit-out hoods and 140⁰C sprinklers inside exhaust Manager. Grease Traps: existing building systems as established by Lessor. However. the structural members only and the F&B retail partner. This is mandatory for all kitchen 10) Need to provide 1kg of ABC dry hoods. It can be either (1) Gravity 3) Prior to design and during fit-out. it is Separator Mode (2) Enzyme Activator the responsibility of the Lessee to visit Mode starter package the site to verify conditions. However. each kitchen. 6) Relocation of any services provided by Lessor will be subjected to review/approval by Fit-out team and Scrubber and Air washer: Mall management team and will be totally at Lessee’s cost. MEP systems of the Installing a food waste disposer is Lessees shall be supported from mandatory for all kitchens. hood are in tenant’s scope. of store area and one CO2 MISCELLANEOUS FOR MEP & cylinder near the electrical DB SAFETY: accordingly they shall be located in easily accessible location. 4) Lessee shall be responsible for the design and installation of proper service Food Waste Disposer/ garbage requirement appropriate to the Lessees crusher: specific location and use 5) All utility services. before procurement. chemical powder fire extinguisher for 100 Sq. based on the drawing and execution on site reviewed requirements of each kitchen. Dry Scrubber is 9) The networks of sprinklers and smoke absolutely mandatory. Dry scrubber. air washer and their ducting 7) Sprinklers and Smoke Detectors are to from tap off to kitchen smoke extraction be provided as per the applicable norms. ducts. the make & model. 1) All services systems that are used in the 11) The positions of these fire extinguishers demised premises should connect to the need to be clearly indicated in the fire . all enclosed areas must dry scrubber detail specification to be have at least one sprinkler and smoke submitted to Fit-out team for review detector. . can choose by Fit-out Manager. the compliance with all applicable National make & model can be chosen by the F&B (NBC & NFPA) and local codes and retail partner. detectors must be connected to the For all exhaust hoods. Air washer and 8) As a thumb rule. Installing mobile grease management is 2) All work shall be done in full mandatory for all kitchens. based on the requirements of laws.ft.

15) Clear signage of fire extinguishers and ‘Exit’ signage is absolutely 17) Fire suppression system is mandatory. 13) Any welding work carried out at site will be done after getting ‘Hot work Permit’ by Safety department. safety drawings. 14) Hangers are not permissible for Support of pipes. Support to support distance not to exceed 2000mm. . Only rigid angle support is permissible. 12) All fire pipe to be painted red. mandatory for electrical panels for 200 amps and above 18) Layout must be designed in such a manner that it does not obstruct Self Glow Exit signage placed at existing fire-escape corridors and / strategic visible area or fire hose reel cabinets 16) Proper labeling of Electrical paneling is mandatory.

Following diagram captures the process broadly. which you will need to go through. Section 2: Process – Concept to Trade This section of the document takes you through the four‑stage fit-out process — from concept to trade. which is followed by a detail list of activities that is entailed in the four main Fit-out Process. Each stage includes steps to help with every aspect of the fit-out process. .

sending the first set of drawings in PDF and 1.0 Storefront Elevations missing drawings. providing all services and tap off details provided by the lessor. SECTION 2 B: Design Submission & Review Stage The main activities in this stage: List of Drawings: 1) After mutual agreement on the 1.0 Kitchen Layout (for F&B) views.2 Internal Cross sections with concept of your store in form of Dimensions & Finishes unit layout. provided in this manual. once LOI is signed. site logistics and agree on fit-out schedule. 2) Brand Design Activation. 2) Preliminary drawings are reviewed 2. This set should Shop Fittings ideally put forward clearly the 1.Receive a welcome note from Fit-out team along with snapshot of fit-out process and list of drawings/documents required for submission 3) Receiving scaled tenancy plan.2 Colored Storefront renderings (3D view.1 Colored storefront elevation and submitted: dimensions with material finishes. 2.0 Unit Layout joint measurement.1 Detailed kitchen layout with equipment as per the design guidelines weight/load details.2 Technical sheet & specifications for all 3) Submission of revised equipments. with materials) . Following is the details list of drawings to be 3. layouts/drawings as per reviews received along with all other 3.1 Layout plan with measurements & ACAD format. LOD (Lease outline Drawing) from Fit-out team. internal sections and views and storefront drawings and 2. 3. 4) Appointment of your retail designer or briefing to your in-house designer 5) Design kick of meet at site to verify LOD (joint site measurement) and understand the on-site process. SECTION 2 A: Pre-Design Stage The main activities in this stage: 1) Receiving of Fit-out letter from lessor.

4 Material specification of 9. if any.0 Electrical Layout proposed look n' feel. merchandizing display. 6.3 Water Proofing Details for wet 6.0 Flooring 5. internal drainage distribution to the 7.0 HVAC Layout area.1 Sample board of indicative material to provide the idea of 5.3 Grease-trap.4 For kitchens.1 Flooring layout depicting levels. Note: Make and specifications to be specified everywhere 4. PA system. HVAC units and ducts (in case of open ceiling format). wires and fixtures. Kitchen. Pantry.1 Cross-sections through the 6. 5.3 Fire extinguisher locaion and 4.0 Material Sample Board / plumbing layout is mandatory (for F&B only) 8. 10.1 Electrical load breakup sheet 9. indicating suppression system.3 Electrical layout indicating dimensions (Start Tile Location) location of DB/panel & Power with all details &material Points specifications. 5. fresh air.2 Drainage layout depicting exit signage layout. from the provided tap-off and Heat Detector and fire panel. 7. 4.2 Smoke detectors. exhaust and make up with air specifying heights of balancing chart (only for F&B). marked with specifications as a part of drainage 8.1 Heat load calculations.1 Dimension layout of Fire 4. marking Water seal & Clean out plug and kitchen hoods and related sprinkler material specification (for F&B.2 AHU location and Duct layout 10. toilets and Salons). in case of F&B/Pantry/Toilets 6. detailed fire provided drain point. location.0 Plumbing/Drainage Layout 7. specifications.0 Internal Elevations and including air-conditioning. 5. Sections exhaust. false 7. 9.0 Fire Fighting System .3 Ventilation drawing showing store with elevation details.1 Plumbing layout depicting sprinkler networking.2 SLD with 'connected load' and 'demand load' 9. floor levels. if any material specification.2 Floor Raise with floor filling conduits. as applicable: with dimensions and specifications. internal water supply distribution 7.

a CD or through ‘We Transfer’.1 Drawings indicating equipment location.You are before taking possession of bare required to appoint a suitably .0 Reflected Ceiling Plan comments provided earlier.2 Cross-section through the storefront. (Refer Section 3. (Prepared and duly stamped fixture specifications. (Mentioning by a qualified structural engineer) Lux Levels) 11.0 Lighting 15.3 Emergency Lighting Layout per the design guidelines provided in this manual and as per 12.1 RCP showing lighting. more in PDF and ACAD format in 13. A final soft copy 13. SECTION 2 C: Fit-Out & Coordination Stage The main activities in this stage: 1) Submission of all shell from Lessor. compliance/Indemnity documents for all Compliances & and completion of all commercial documentation requirements) and administrative 2) Appoint Your Shop- formalities/obligations by Lessee fitter/Contractor . ceiling. clearly indicating 3D 14. trap Doors for above have to send two copies of all ceiling services.2 Internal fire exit signage. size and load 11. 15. drawings mentioned above in hard copy. as applicable. Lessee will detectors. as per the satisfaction of the Fit- speakers.2 Looping Layout 4) Revised drawings are reviewed as 11.1 Lighting layout with light in kg.0 Visual Merchandizing 10. etc. smoke out team and Lessor.0 Signage lessee’s discretion but drawings will have to be legible. material specifications.1 Signage Design/Visual set also needs to be submitted once Artwork and fixing details.1 Internal and storefront nature of signage along with merchandizing. 14. The scale of the drawing is to 13.0 Structure (as/ if applicable) 11. 5) Once all the Drawings are reviewed 12. sprinklers.

permit systems. a) Quality workmanship in your 5) Submission of ‘Workman’s interior and services works. accordance with final drawings. 7) Issuing of Gate pass and ‘General bye lays and safety protocols are Work Permit’. adhered to by all vendors and their . e) All fit-out site rules. 3) Submission of Information on your (refer section 3 for ‘Inventory site representative (your authorized Checklist format') project manager) and the list of 9) Handed over unit needs to be Vendors and their authorized ‘Key immediately boarded out. Site “Do’s & Don’t” and other site d) Works do not disrupt or otherwise logistics are passed on clearly. important part of this handover. by Lessor’s project team. All Fit-out Site Rules and Manager. final 4) Above authorized ‘Key person’ of drawing set submitted and ‘Fit-out the vendor to submit application Site Rules’. works are erected/constructed Documentation in form of according to the final Reviewed ‘Inventory Checklist’ is an and submitted drawings. A impact on adjoining tenants or the clear induction to all ‘permits’ and common area of the Mall. Fit-out during construction. for entry pass as shared in the 10) Coordinate Services Alteration & Document section of this manual. on. The Person’ on the letterhead of board out standards and other site Lessee/mail from primary contact safety protocols to be followed are person of the brand/letter of shared in the ‘Fit-out Site Rules’ in authorization with Brand or Section 3. Fit-out time delivery. for issue of ‘Gate Pass’ project management and ensuring post issue of ‘General Work the following items are met: Permit’. 8) Handing over of unit (Bare shell fitter/Contractor. a safe working team to coordinate this entire environment and lastly that all ‘Handover’ exercise. All works have to company seal. Insurance’ by above authorized b) Works are carried out in vendors. Your Project handover) to Lessee’s project Manager on site is responsible for manager/authorized representative ensuring quality workmanship. qualified and experienced Shop. the related formats are provided.your duly filled with 1 photograph Shop-fitter and pasted along with one extra appointed/authorized site photograph for everyone including representative is responsible for himself. 6) Orientation and Safety & Site c) Alteration and plug in to base induction of Vendor and their building services is coordinated workers as per submitted list and directly with the Mall’s Fit-out details. comply with local byelaws.

when the store fit-out is completed 4) On completion of all works and and the date your shop will prior to the removal of the Board- commence trading. 12) Fit-out manager will be the person a) Floor closure clearance to perform the required b) MEP/Safety clearance (before coordination during whole project ceiling closure) and provide/arrange the necessary c) MEP/Safety clearance (before clearances. 14) Obtain following clearances during f) All snagging works to be fit-out of your premises by the Fit- established and agreed with all out Manager before proceeding to parties. Lessee’s Shop-fitter be provided to the Fit-out should be present at this inspection.At the Mall Manager/Fit-out Manager least 48 hours notice is required. out. compliances. the next stage. The Mall Manager. 11) The following tests and 13) Fit-out Manager will make weekly certifications have to be done in observation on your work progress presence of the Mall team’s and take the acknowledgement of representative and Fit-out your authorized representative on Manager: the same and share the same with a) Sprinkler Pressure Test lessor and Lessee’s main contact b) Water proofing ponding test as per person. workers working in your unit. an onsite inspection must take 2) All necessary compliance place. Shop-fitter are required to notify 3) Arrange a Final Inspection . to ensure this process in order to d) Ceiling Closure. refer Section 3) must required). . contractors and Lessee’s authorized site consultants (in forms satisfactory representative & Consultant (if to the Lessor. schedules and fit-out e) Snag list clearance SECTION 2 D: Pre Opening Stage 1) Lessee’s authorized Site Team/Mall Manager prior to representative or it’s appointed opening for trade. meet deadlines for the grand e) Connection of Licensee Services to opening of the mall. the Mall main MEP system. the certification from relevant Lessor’s Fit-out Manager. Your cooperation to the specifications Fit-out team is of real importance c) Fire Alarm commissioning. the authorities. He or she makes regular merchandizing) inspections to check over work d) Final Fit-out Assessment clearance quality.

A timeline to meet accordance with the Design the same is mutually agreed upon. Performance Criteria.The and undertaking to be obtained to Lessee shall arrange for all dues get final ‘trading’ clearance from and organize compliances as per Fit-out team: the following (apart from already a) Electrical work complies with all mentioned submissions in the relevant Authority Requirements. earlier points): b) Emergency Lights and Emergency Exit signs have been installed and comply with relevant byelaws.The associated with your Lease (Signed Lessee shall submit three copies of Lease. as not in keeping with the Lessor’s applicable. Bank Guarantee and as-built drawings to Mall Insurances) and fit-out (including Management team as per the all de. 6) Ensure all documentation h) Submit as-built Drawings.all design criteria and local fire norms. guidelines are to be rectified g) Pest control treatment to be done immediately without exception. relevant authority licenses d) An Electrical Load Balance Report • Shop Registration / Trade has to be submitted on the Licenses/Undertaking letterhead of the Lessee. • Electrical Layout The Board-out/flex will not be • Plumbing / Drainage Layouts removed and you cannot • HVAC Layout commence trading until all works • Any other special services / are performed to the Lessor’s provisions satisfaction and documentation as per point 15 of Section 2C. 5) A detailed snag list is created for properly balanced and perform in site pendency. 7) Following documents/drawings 8) Clearances and Compliances. Any items inconsistent with the f) Water proofing Certification and reviewed and submitted plans or undertaking for 10 years. in 3 rounds. • Signed/Registered Lease agreement c) Fire Systems should comply with • F&B License / Undertaking . • Launch Marketing Plan e) The Mechanical Ventilation and • All commercial clearances Air Conditioning System are • Insurances .snagging) have been following: provided to the Mall Manager and • Layout Plan that all debris has been removed.

displayed at all times in the Shop 3) Safety induction and Site premises (at the entrance. Mall Management are to be strictly adhered to. on a familiarization has to happen for all visible vertical surface) during the individuals entering the Mall site Fit-out period. Getting Started: Working Hours and accessibility in site: 1) As explained in Section 2C. reference during site progress 4) Obtain Gate passes after the above reviews. letterhead/with company seal and 3) Mall management/ Fit-out team authorized signatory’s signature/ reserves the right to stop work at mail from official mail ID. induction and the relevant ‘Work 6) Contractor Contact details along Permit’ to start bringing in your with work crew will have to be labour and material. Site safety and Site cleanliness best practices to be followed by the contractor and labor. Vendors and their ‘Key Person’. next section on Documentation for 7) The working hours allowed by the the various ‘Special Work Permits’. Section 3: Fit-out Site work Rules & Documents Fit-Out Site Rules (for Site Project Manager & Vendors): This section consist of the ‘house rules’ to be followed during Fit-out activities on site for making your store ready for trading. Refer to the periodically updated (if any). The any time if there is excessive noise same needs to be done for the or any other nuisance being created. One set of the for working including but not reviewed and submitted drawings limited to Project Managers and must be kept at site for quick Site supervisors.23:30 to 08:00 manager on the Lessee’s hrs.24 requires to send an authority letter hrs. For detail please vendor. Lessee 1) Prior to Mall Grand Opening. 4) Mall corridor is not a free 2) Final Drawing Sets. refer to the next section on 5) The site work permit is to be ‘Documentation’. Compliance movement area for workers. . The Letters and Insurance need to be responsibility lies on the Site submitted before deploying your Supervisor and ‘key person’ of the site manpower. for their appointed project 2) After Mall opening.

1) Lessee will ensure that no 6) No worker is allowed to walk unauthorized persons enter the barefoot or without clothes in the mall and their unit in particular mall common areas or within the during the entire fit-out period. Mall all project managers and site Management or Fit-out supervisors also. 3) Lessee to ensure insurance preferably Safety shoes. accordingly it shall be numbers’ right at the entrance of located in easily accessible the unit. Guards should be ideally deployed 7) Smoking within the Mall building at ‘entry’ & ‘exit’ points whenever premises (whether common area or there is work happening inside. Please on site at all point of time. cooking. alcohol. for 250 Sq. This applies to materials etc. 4) No worker should be present on 10) All combustible materials need to site without the ‘Gate Pass’. harness to work on height Lessee’s materials. above 6 feet and close boots. and using cutter machines. Any openings. inside. hand’s distance. which are No Pan/Gutka is allowed to be unmanned. Management team to have no 9) List of compulsory PPE: Safety liability of any loss/damages to helmet. manager/site supervisor or the 11) First Aid box to be made available ‘Key Person’ of the vendor. premises. inside unit) is strictly prohibited. a out. No be disposed off daily and stacking works will be allowed on site at site is not allowed. Display ‘Emergency taken on site: Exit’ plan also on the board out in a visible location. During welding. and general PPE (personal 2) Lessee takes full responsibility of protective & Safety equipment) to security of their premises with all workers on site. equipments. preferably on the Board location shop. . Display all contact details of separate 5kg ABC type fire the key contacts of Fit-out team extinguisher to be provided at a and Mall management team. Safety coverage for under Fit-out gloves and glasses while welding property. even during the fit- 5) Display ‘Emergency contact out period. Work permit without the presence of either the will have to be revoked if this is lessee’s authorized project not stringently followed. to avoid ingress of unauthorized 8) Vendor to provide all job specific personals. need to be barricaded brought into the mall premises. Safety and General measures to be induction. provided to you at the time of 13) No hooliganism.ft. submit additional authorizations if 12) Need to provide 1kg of ABC dry both are not available due to some chemical powder fire extinguisher unavoidable circumstances.

wires. these are subjected to connection in the length will be revisions time to time as per the allowed. premises. near the site periphery and from 15) Mall base building and other there immediately removed from tenants properties have to be taken the site. 1) All debris must be removed daily 3) Once the Mall gets operational. informed at the time of site 5) No loose wires. as per site conditions by the Mall 16) Obtaining and renewing Hot Work management and informed permit is a must for all welding accordingly. it has toilets provided at site. 2) Material intake/shifting is allowed only through lessor allocated Debris Management: staircase/vertical/horizontal circulation. DB. This logistic will be revised care of. loose/taped induction. 4) Dumping of debris in other units 1) Tenant shall fix a metal DB box for and other non-designated area Fit-Out period. related activities. Site to be regularly taken to the supervisor needs to strictly control designated Debris removal location labor movement and behaviors. DB & accessories has to be 5) Segregate and recycle the debris procured from standard brand being removed. this is highly with ISI mark encouraged. intake or take out Failure to remove rubbish will are allowed during operational result in a fee being charged for hours. 2) Debris will not be allowed to 14) Labors have to use designated accumulate within the unit. bathing is allowed within the Mall management. 3) DB shall have sufficient sockets (industrial type) required for the fit Construction Material unloading: out works 4) 3 core cables to be used for all 1) Material Entry and connections/Wires have to be of loading/unloading places will be FRLS type only. Proper closed connectors Mall Operation and Fit-Out to be used to increase length of management team. Also the material entry and this service by the Mall loading/unloading in the . 3) No debris stacking will be permitted outside the Lessee’s Temporary Electrical connection demise line unless allowed by during Fit-out: Lessor or its representative. within the mall premises is strictly 2) 30 MA ELCB is a MUST for all not allowed. material shifting. no from the site as it accumulates.

unit handover as mentioned in the 9) The Board-out is to be repaired process section. to maintain an acceptable needs to be provided for the vinyl standard. 7) The Board-out is to be sealed from the top to the bulkhead with clear Board Out Specifications: plastic to stop all the dust. 8) The two ends of the Board-out are to return to the inter-tenancy walls 1) Board-out has to be done by as shown in the diagram and Lessee within 48 hours of taking reference photos shown. . and repainted should any damage 2) If done by the lessor. 4) Damage caused to Lessor/other 4) The Board-out is to be 800mm Lessees finish due to movement of outside the storefront as allowed by material have to be compensated Lessor. and should finish 100mm below the mall corridor false ceiling. details and specifications. from Lessor through the Fit-out 6) Board out cannot take any support management team. operational mall will be informed provided below for all construction once the mall starts operations. by the Lessee/Contractor. 5) The Board-out is to be self- 5) Permit for stacking of construction supporting and braced back to the material/storage area to be taken bulkhead metal member. standard and presentation. 3) Please refer to the diagram Note: Please refer to the following diagram for reference. print and the entire cost of board 10) All Board-outs are to be inspected out and flex needs to be by Mall Management/Fit-out reimbursed by the lessee to the coordinator for approval of lessor upon start of work. artwork occur.


2) Design Compliance Letter (to be furnished by Lessee). Renewal & Temporary) 7) Temporary Power Request Form 8) Height Work Permit 9) Hot Work Permit 10) Temporary Shut Down of Services 11) Tools/Equipment Entry Form 12) Floor Closure Checklist 13) False Ceiling Closure Checklist 14) Sprinkler Pressure Test Report 15) Final Fit-Out Assessment Please find the formats from the next page onwards. 3) Post Fit-Out Certificate (to be furnished by Lessee). Following is the list below of all the ‘Forms and Formats’ followed by the sample of the same: 1) Indemnity Bond (to be furnished by Lessee). 5) General Work Permit 6) Entry form Application (First time. . Documents (Forms & Formats): This section provides all the forms and formats mentioned in ‘Section 2 – Process’ of this ‘Tenant Manual’. 4) Store Inventory Handover Checklist.

th 1956 and having its registered office at 6 Floor. . having its office at through its partner Shri/ Smt. a partnership firm duly registered under the Indian Partnership Act. by-laws or rules and regulations on my / our part while carrying out the work. Dhun Building. th 6 Floor.100/. Ltd. Or *Shri/Smt. ___________________________ Son/daughter/wife of Shri resident of ________________________________________________________________________. Anna Salai. That I/we/M/s. Chennai – 600002 (“Company”) to the following effect:- 1. 1956 and having its registered office at through its authorized signatory Shri/ Smt authorized by a board resolution dated . These interiors / internal finishes shall be carried out by me/us at my/our own cost and with due compliance of all applicable Laws and due approvals from Governmental Authorities. furniture and fittings. _____________________at floor (hereinafter referred to as the “Demised Premises”) in t h e Vivira Mall.. Dhun Building. 3. That while doing this work.. am/are THE LESSEE in respect of unit no. electrical fixtures and fittings. 827 Anna Salai. 4. (hereinafter referred to as the "Indemnifier") bind ourselves to indemnify and keep harmless Suryavardhan Estates Pvt. I/we shall not carry out any item of work in violation of the sanctioned building plans or any rules for the time being in force and that I/we shall be solely held responsible for any deviations or violations of a n y laws. Chennai – 600002 INDEMNITY CUM UNDERTAKING FOR TAKING OVER SPACE FOR CARRYING OUT INTERIOR FIT-OUT WORKS KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT we *M/s . 827. a company incorporated under the Companies Act. That I/we have been permitted at my/our request to enter into the Demised Premises to carry out the interior fit-out works/ internal finishes like wood-work.1932. duly authorized by authorization dated . Suryavardhan Estates Pvt. decorative items. To. Resi – To be executed on Non-judicial stamp paper of be attested by Notary Public NRI – To be executed on Plain White Bond paper attested by Indian Mission Abroad and stamped by Collector of Stamp within 3 months of execution. a public limited company incorporated under the Companies Act. 2. false ceiling. That I/we shall not damage or demolish any structural part of the Demised premises or the said building. gadgets etc. for use immediately after we are permitted to use the Demised Premises. . Ltd. Or *M/s. Chennai (hereinafter referred to as the “Said Building”).

13. 6. 8. such compounding charges. the Company shall have absolute and unimpeachable right to revoke the permission granted to me/ us for carrying out the interior fit out works/ internal finishing work in the Demised Premises and I/ we shall not have any objection. 11. As I/we have no vested right as on today to enter into and use the Demised Premises as I/we are yet to get the permission to enter into and use the Demised Premises upon completion of payment of all the amounts as per the payment schedule forming part of the lease deed / leave and license agreement to be executed by us in respect of the Demised Premises. central laws. That the permission to enter into the Said Building for carrying out interior fit out works does not confer upon me/ us any right to use the Demised Premises as a lessee till I/ we execute the lease deed / leave and license agreement and make payment of all the amounts due to the Company under the terms of the said lease deed / leave and license agreement and possession of the Demised Premises is handed over to me by the Company. which is being handed over to me/ us for doing the interior fit. That I/we shall take the requisite permission before moving into the Demised premises for the purposes of commencement of the interior fit-out works. quality of Building material used and workmanship and that I/we assume full responsibility for breakage or loss of any item. That while carrying out the work relating to the interiors / internal finishes. In case of any default and / or violation of any of the terms hereof. employees or representatives shall not be liable in any manner for any action/ claims / damages/ penalties/ impositions of any nature whatsoever or any other liability arising due to any non-compliance of any Laws and non. specifications. . 14. bye-laws etc. are levied by the municipal authorities or any other administrative or local body or authority because of any violation of building plans. That in case any compounding charges. fees. fees. 9. building rules. 7. claim or grievance in this regard. the Demised Premises.out period and thereafter. I/we shall not create any hindrance in the execution of the work being carried out by the Company simultaneously in the Said Building/ Demised Premises. That I/we shall rectify at my /our own cost any breakage or damage. the Said Building and /or to the other occupants of the Said Building due to violation of any fire and safety compliances by me/ us or my/ our employees. I/we shall be exclusively answerable. injury and / or any other damage / loss resulting from fire and / or electrical hazards and shall keep the Company fully indemnified and harmless from the penal and / or financial consequences in respect thereof. That I/we undertake to comply with the fire safety obligations and I/we also confirm hereby that no inflammable material will be stored in the Demised Premises and I/we take the complete responsibility of safety and security of the Demised Premises. I/ we shall perform all acts and deeds necessary for complying with all safety requirements so as to ensure safety of all occupants of the Said Building and that I/ we shall be wholly responsible for any/ all losses or damages to the Company. 5. responsible and liable for any violation of the relevant provisions relating to fire and electricity safety measures and for any consequences in respect of loss of life. penalty etc. in the Demised Premises and the Said Building.fulfillment of any obligations related to safety by me/ us for the Demised Premises and the Said Building and that I/ we shall keep the Company indemnified on this account at all times. Bureau of Indian Standards Specifications/Codes of Practice. That I/ we shall always comply with electrical safety. zoning etc. That I/we am/are fully satisfied about the design. shall be borne by me/us. agents. fire safety and any other safety norms in accordance with NBC. 12. on my/ our part in relation to the interior fit out works being carried out by me/ us. which may occur to the Demised Premises or the Said Building while carrying out the interiors or internal finishes and in case required by the Company to pay all costs for such rectification works to the Company. fixtures and fittings that are provided by the Company. state or local laws. 10. licensee or customers and that the Company or any of its officers. penalty etc.

claims. guidelines of courts. demands. regulations. or its employees or agents in procuring and maintaining safety measures and taking all precautions all through the fit out period or any reason related to the fit out works. damages. c) failure of the Indemnifier to comply with all the laws. IN WITNESS WHEREOF THIS INDEMNITY CUM UNDERTAKING IS EXECUTED ON THE DATE AND PLACE AS AFOREMENTIONED IN THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING WITNESSES: SIGNATURE AND SEAL OF THE INDEMNIFIER Witnesses: 1. d) failure of the Indemnifier to comply with the central and state acts. for whatsoever reason on account of carrying out of the interior fit out works or any reason related to the interior fit out works. and f) infringement of any third party’s intellectual property rights due to said activity or any part thereof. commissions. That I/we agree to continue to abide by all the terms & conditions of the documents signed/to be signed by me/us with the Company. Name and address. rules and regulations as may be applicable to the Demised Premises/ Said Building for carrying out the interior fit-out works. property or material that takes place due to any accident. incident etc. rules. 15. I/we undertake to keep the Company harmless and indemnified against all actions. omissions. notifications as may be applicable for carrying out the interior fit-out works. b) any injury caused to any person. costs and other liabilities whatsoever suffered or incurred by the Company or brought against the Company by third party(s)/ concerned authorities resulting from:- a) any acts. 16. negligence of the Indemnifier. 2. e) failure of the Indemnifier in obtaining at its own cost all the applicable permissions/sanctions/approvals/licenses which may be necessary for carrying out the said activity at the Demised Premises/ interior fit-out works. . The Indemnifier shall always remain solely responsible for the consequences of non- compliance of the applicable laws/ acts/rules including but not limited to labor laws. losses. Name and address. penalty.

notifications including but not limited to the National Building Code 2005. That the final design and drawings enclosed herewith are in compliance with electrical safety. Ltd. 2.(s) _. central laws. to any structural part of the Premises or the Said Building. 3. We M/s. bye- laws etc. rules. For and on behalf of Signature: Designation: Place: . regulations. 827 Anna Salai. Suryavardhan th Estates Pvt. state or local laws. (“Said Building”). We hereby certify: 1. That the final design and drawings enclosed herewith are in accordance with all applicable laws. whatsoever. bye laws. floor (“Premises”). That the final design and drawings enclosed herewith shall not cause any damage or potential damage or threat of any nature. fire safety and other safety norms in accordance with NBC. municipal laws as amended and upto date and in accordance with all approvals/ sanctions/ permissions/ guidelines/ directions/ instructions whatsoever issued by the concerned authorities from time to time.. That we are competent and duly authorized to issue this certificate prior to commencement of the interior fit-out works at the Premises. 1956 having its registered office at have been appointed by M/s _(“THE LESSEE”) as its consultant for the purposes of inspecting. Date: 6 Floor. Chennai – 600002 DESIGN COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE Subject: Interior Fit-Out Works Premises: Unit No. 4. assessing and certifying the interior fit-out works to be carried out by THE LESSEE at the Premises. a company registered under the Companies Act. Dhun Building. On the letterhead of the reputed consultant issuing the certificate To.

bye-laws etc. 3. All safety measures have been taken care of including connection of the fire panel with the Lessor’s fire panel. notifications including but not limited to the National Building Code 2005. quality of building material used and workmanship carried out in the interior fit-out works in the Premises and the same shall not adversely affect the structure of the Said Building.(s) ______________. There is no fire and safety risk to the Premises and/ or the Said Building. _____________(“Said Building”). _________________________ a company registered under the Companies Act. fire safety and other safety norms in accordance with NBC. 1956 having its registered office at _________________________ have been appointed by M/s ________________________(“THE LESSEE”) as its consultant(s) for the purposes of inspecting. Dhun Building. That we have carried out a detailed inspection of the interior fit-out works at the Premises on __________________. That the interior fit-out works have been carried out and completed in accordance with all applicable laws. specifications. That there is no damage or potential damage or threat of any nature. 5. Chennai – 600002 INTERIOR FIT-OUT CERTIFICATE Subject: Interior Fit-Out Works Premises: Unit No. rules. That the interior fit-out works have been carried out in compliance with electrical safety. For and on behalf of ______________________ Signature: ____________________ Designation: __________________ Place: _______ . Ltd. municipal laws as amended and upto date and in accordance with all approvals/ sanctions/ permissions/ guidelines/ directions/ instructions whatsoever issued by the concerned authorities from time to time. On the letterhead of the reputed consultant issuing the certificate To. We hereby certify: 1. assessing and certifying the interior fit-out works carried out by THE LESSEE at the Premises. regulations. 6. ______________ floor. caused to any structural part of the Premises or the Said Building as a result of interior fit-out works carried out at the Premises. bye laws. Date: th 6 Floor. state or local laws. building rules. That we are competent and duly authorized to carry out inspection and certification of the interior fit- out works at the Premises. Suryavardhan Estates Pvt.. 827 Anna Salai. central laws. 4. whatsoever. That we are fully satisfied about the design. Bureau of Indian Standards Specifications/Codes of Practice. We M/s. 2.

Flush Water connection with Valves Drainage point Electrical Meter Water Meter Gas Meter Gas Connection with valves Exhaust tap off with damper Make up tap off with damper FHC (Complete) with inventory Fire Escape Doors(complete with hardware) One Set of key for temporary board out door Handover Date: Sign & Stamped by Lessee: Fit-Out Management (BSAPL): Mall Facilities: . Store Inventory Hand-over Checklistist Doc No: Date: Name of the Lessee: Unit No : Floor: Representative: Details No's / Capacity Status Remarks Design criteria Manual / Tenant Fit-out Manual Temporary water connection Temporary power connection Electrical Cable with Isolator / DB box TV Data Telephone Smoke Detector above False Ceiling Loop for Smoke Detectors Floor standing AHU Ceiling Suspended unit (CSU) Chilled Water Tap-off AHU Drain Point Treated Fresh Air Tap-off HVAC Tap off / Return Tap off Raw flooring level difference with FFL Wall Plaster Shaft doors leaves Sprinkler tap off Domestic water connection with Valves.

Request you to inspect the site and authorize for start of the following work. Chennai. Vivira Mall. • Safe zone in all directions from the welding area must be maintained by covering all combustibles with non-combustible material or removing them .8mm Height) • All ladders used for the work to be in good condition. Date: ____________ The Mall Head. Brand Name: _____________________________________Shop No: _______________ Contractor Firm Name: _______________________________________________________ Complete Address: ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Supervisor Name: __________________ Supervisor Contact No: ______________________ Nature of Work: _____________________________________________________________ Authority letter/mail: YES: NO: Workmen Compensation/Third Party available:____________________________________ (Copy to be enclosed) Duration of Work Period: From___________________________To_____________________ Safety Precautions Required: • Safety Helmets to be worn • Safety Harness to be worn (Above 1.(only aluminum ladders) • Shoes to be worn while performing the work (to be decided by nature of work ) • Fire extinguishers should be available at all work sites. Vivira Mall. Chennai General work permit Form (Fill In Triplicate) To.

• Workman insurance and Contractor all risk policy should be pasted on work site. • General work permit form should be pasted on work site. • No usage of any kind of Alcohol. is allowed in the premises as anytime. Please Note: • ____________________________Shop/Kiosk indemnifies Vivira Mall.8mm with proper height permits & procedures. • No smoking signage should be display on work site. Cigarettes.• If any work happens at a height of 1. • First Aid kit to be available all work site. • Loose clothes (Lungi/Dhotis) are not permitted while working at the site. No Spitting. • Adequate emergency light to be placed inside premises and easily accessible. Chennai against damages or claims caused due to the work happening at site. • Fire exit to be kept free from obstruction. • All the workers have to carry ID cards. • All work area should have adequate barricades. • Duplicate key of work site should be available with mall security / Management (Applicable for board out work site) • Joint free electrical wire should use at work site (Industrial & three pins) • Electrical equipment’s should be in proper working condition. and Tobacco permitted in the area of work. • Safety signages should be properly displayed at all work sites. • No cooking or sleeping. • Any change in manpower to be intimated to the Safety and Security department. • Premises/store should be manned by security guard for 24 hours. No Smoking. • Work site should be kept combustibles free. • Emergency numbers should be visible on work site. No washing. Pan. • The Contractor should start work only after the site is safe to work at all times.( Copy attached) _______________ __________________ _____________________ Name & Signature Name & Signature Name & Signature Retailer/ Main In charge Fitout Management Mall Head With seal and date .

Date of Birth :---------------------------------------------- photo graph 4. Note: In case of loss/damage of entry Pass incurred cost is liable to the pass holder. Sex :---------------------------------------------- here 5. Occupation :----------------------------------------------- 8. Company/Firm address :----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ 10. Enclosure: -a) Any Government ID proof. Residential Address :---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- 11. __________________________________ ___________________________ Signature of the Retailer/Main Contractor Signature of Individual With seal & Date II Verification and Recommendation by Project/Tenants This is certified that I have personally seen above individual. Nature of work :---------------------------------------------- 9. Blood Group :--------------------------------------------- 6. Brand / Shop no :--------------------------------------------- passport colour 3. he is the legal contractor/Vendor/Employee of M/S---------------------------------------------------------- and is required to visit/work regularly to our site premises at------------------------------floor. The Individual may be issued the building entry permit. c) Return the pass to issuing authority on completion of job/expiry of date etc. APPLICATION FOR ISSUE OF BUILDING ENTRY PASS 1. Name :--------------------------------------------- Affix Recent 2. Contact No (M)--------------------------------(O)----------------------- 12. c) One Passport size photograph . Identification Marks :-------------------------------------------- 7. for a period of --------months/weeks Date& seal Signature of Fitout Management FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Building entry permit issued on------------Sl No--------------valid up to--------------signature------------- Note: - a) Display the pass all the time whilst at site.

Valid Up to :---------------------------------------------- 5. Type of Pass :--------------------------------------------- 3. Name of pass holder :--------------------------------------------- 2. Date& seal Signature of Fitout Management FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Building entry permit issued on------------Sr. No--------------valid up to-------------- Renewed up to---------------------verified by-------------------------- Date& Office seal Authorized Signatory . Renewal require up to :----------------------------------------------- 6. Date& Office seal Authorized Signatory Application for renewal of Entry Pass 1. Contact No ` LM)--------------------------------(o)----------------------- ------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Signature of the Retailer/Main Contractor Signature of Individual With seal & Date II Verification and Recommendation by Project/Tenants This is certified that the above individual continues to be the legal contractor/Vendor/Employee of M/S---------------------------------------------------------- and is required to visit regularly to our site premises. The Pass/ entry permit no-----------issued to the individual may be renewed for-------- months. I shall ensure that the pass is not misused by the individual. Pass Number :---------------------------------------------- 4.

Safety/Security form to be filled and approved) 2) We hereby certified that the above mentioned person bears a good moral character and is not involved in any criminal /civil cases/activities. Coimbatore. 1) Please allow following additional labors to enter the Mall premises--------------------------------- (Area of work) for -------Days in connection with civil/Electrical --------------------------------------- (Specify the nature of work) Sno. --------------------------------------. The Security Vivira Mall. (For 1 to 7 days only) From. Permitted till ---------------------------- Signature of Security Head. 3) In case of any incidents/accidents happen at the site we will be responsible for his/her hospitalization/treatments and further procedures. Chennai Dear Sir. Date: M/s-------------------------- ------------------------------- To. 4) They are not in possession of valid Identity documents. ---------------------------------------- Name & Signature of Contractor Authorized Signatory With Contact Number Fitout Manager ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… For Security office use only. We shall be responsible for his good behavior and character during the work at Prozone Mall. Name Sex Designation Date of Birth (In case of large number of workers/contractors can attach certified labor list. Application for Temporary Entry permit (Fill up in Duplicate). .

Temporary Power Request Form Brand Name: Shop No: Date: Floor & Grid where Power is required: Contractor: App: Load Required: App: duration of requirement: Whether chargeable or not: Requested By: Site Incharge Power Allotment Details: Panel Charged: Start Time: End Time: Charged By: Approved By: Shift 1: Note Engineer Cheif All Consumers are requested to provide ELCB with 30 mAEngineer leakage current at the tapping point. Note 2 : A calibrated energy meter having appropriate rating shall also be provided for reading the consumption( Applicable if energy is given on chargeable basis) Remarks: .

Scaffold . Signature of the safety officer : ___________________________ Date :____________ Time:____________ . shaft. ladder. PERMIT TO WORK AT HEIGHT PART 1 – APPLICATION (To be filled by the person in-charge) Applicable : Whoever works near to building edges. Name & Designation of the person in-charge : Company : Deatailed Working Location & Elevation : Type of work/Activity to be undertaken : Name of the workers involved : (1)_________________________________ (2)_____________________________ (3)_________________________________ (4)_____________________________ Duration of work Date :____/_____/______ Time : From___________ To__________ (i)Provide full body safety harness :Yes p No p N/A p (ii)Suitable rigid anchor point available to secure full body harness :Yes p No o N/A p (iii)Safe work platform/guard rail/barricade available :Yes p No p N/A p (iv)Workers involved in working at heights received recognized training :Yes p No p N/A p (v)Suitable PPE provided for the activity :Yes p No p N/A p (vi)All tools used secured with rope or other means from dropping down :Yes p No p N/A p (vii) Proper access such as ladder is provided :Yes p No p N/A p (viii) Mobile scaffolding has correct wheel with brake :Yes p No p N/A p (ix) Mobile scaffold erected as per 1:4 ratio :Yes p No p N/A p I have personally checked all the above mentioned items & certify that the information provided is correct and true. Signature of the person in-charge : _________________________________ Date & Time of application : ________________________________ PART2 – APPROVAL (to be completed by the Security Manager) I hereby certify that I am satisfied with the complied requirements & approve this permit to work.

./…. Time:………………. Subject Yes No N/A Remarks 1 Tool Box Talk / Safety training conducted 2 All the welders are competent and trained The welding area cleared of all the 3 combustible & flammable materials..Information Company:………. No.. Description of Work …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3.Date…. Check List Sl.. No.../…………. 4.…………………………..... Signature:…………………………………... 1./…. Hazards Involved …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….………………./………… Signature:…………………………………… Project Manager:…………………………... Are firefighting equipment and water 4 available in welding area 5 Fire blanket provided Welding cables & Thimble kept in good 6 condition 7 Welding machine properly earthed Gas cylinders are kept upright position in 8 trolley Pressure Gauges & Hose pipes are in 9 good condition 10 Flash back arrestor provided 11 Specified PPEs provided for the job Person in charge:…………………….. Permit No.:………………………………... HOT WORK PERMIT (VALID FOR 7 DAYS) Ref. Position:………………………………. Signature:…………………………………… ./……….... Date:…………………………………………..… Person in charge:……………………………./…. Fitout Manager:……………………………….…… Date:…. Mobile:…………………………………... Duration:……………………………………….Date…..…………………………… Location:….. 2.

Vivira Mall. Engineering to ensure that the system is deactivated during this time for above services.00 hours to 9. Chennai Temporary Shutdown of Services Unit # Brand Name: Floor: Permit Validity Period: Date of commencement: Ending date: Start Time: Stop Time: Work: o Sprinkler Work: o Electrical Work: o HVAC Work: Details of the Work: o 22. Noida. Name: Signature: Title: Date: Time: AUTHORIZATION: ________________ _________________ Fit-Out MGR Facility-MGR Date Filed: Filed By: .00 hours o 11:00 hours to 22:00 hours o Not Approved o Approved Reason: I certify that I agree Hot work permit is filled and will adhere all safety norms as per the Safety Precautions of DLF Mall.

Chennai Date--------------- Please allow us to carry following tools/Equipments inside the Shopping Mall site to carry out the work Sr. . The Security Officer Vivira Items Description Qty Remarks ------------------------------------ --------------------------------- --------------------- Sign of Contractor Fitout Management Sign of Security Head NOTE: - Please keep this carefully and safe or material outward shall be restricted. Tools / Equipment Entry Form (On the Letter head in Duplicate) To.

before floor closure 8 Filling material as per specifications Grease Trap (Mandatory): 1.Slope & Leak Passed Failed 6 Inspection Chamber / Clean Out Plugs 7 Anti termite/Pest control . Status of Floor Closure Clearance Re-Visit for Site Observation Reqired Scheduled date of re-Site Observation Sign & Stamped by Lessee: Mall Facilities: BSAPL: . Sr. Floor Junctions in Place.-Grease Trap connected at the main tap-off of Mall Drain Electrical: Floor Point / Conduit works completed for 1 Sensormatics. Passed Failed 3 Drainage system as per the reviewed drawings Water supply and drain pipes: (as per approved 4 specs) 5 Drain Test . 2 All Raceways. Certificate submitted 2 Ponding Test done. Floor Closure Checklist Doc. Check Points Observation Remarks Plumbing & Drainage Y / N Water Proofing Treatment completed (as per 1 approved specs) in all wet areas. No: VIVIRA/ Date & Time: Brand Name & Unit No: Name & Designation of Brand Representative: Name of Mall Representative: Pre-Requisite: All relevant updated drawings & executing agencies should be present for the inspection.-Under sink / Concealed 9 2. No.

All openings closed. Caps etc. etc provided by mall is intact & further course of action clarified. Works executed as per Reviewed drawing. Hooter. Status of Ceiling Closure Clearance Re-Visit for Site Observation Reqired Scheduled date of re-Site Observation Sign & Stamp by Lessee : Mall Facilities: BSAPL: . make. MCP. Sprinklers Pipe used as per IS:1239 & welding/threading duly supported. Isolation Valves and other services are planned. Sr. 4 All loop for fire alarm wiring tested and found ok Smoke detector . Sprinkler pipes painted red. Insulation & CWL supported Drain pipes Insulated & adequate Slope maintained. insulation works completed & VCD installed. Painted. Pressure test (14 kg. fixity. No. TV points transferred to the desired location NOTE: Ensure all trap doors for AHU's. Electricals Cabling/Wiring adequately clamped DB/Main switch accessible for Emergency Wiring for AHU started panel completed 5 Timer circuit wiring works completed Joint in wiring & Flexible with connectors Telephone . Check Points Observation Y / N Remarks General Inspection Any Visible damp patches in the Ceiling 1 Material specification. MEP/Safety inspection & Clearance (Before Ceiling Closure) Doc. Any visible leakage. 3 Thermostat installed AHU connection flushed & tested Ducting works adequately supported. Standard valve package followed. No: VIVIRA/ Date & Time: Brand Name & Unit No: Name & Designation of Brand Representative: Name of Mall Representative: Pre-Requisite: All relevant updated drawings & executing agencies should be present for the inspection. Data . Fire Alarm Location & wiring along with Panel as per drawing.cm2) for the sprinkler grid HVAC AHU Suspended Properly. 2 Location as per approved drawing.

SPRINKLER PRESSURE TEST REPORT (On the Letter head of Vendor) Brand Name: - CRU No. No pressure Duration Remarks carried out ) (Kg/cm ) (Kg/cm ) Time /Date Time/Date Pressure testing of 1. sprinkler system Above –mentioned activity was carried front of concerned officials Certified by:- Lessee Vendor Lessee supervisor Witnessed by:- BSAPL (Fit-out Manager) . The flowing observations were made:- Pressure on Pressure on Discharge Activity Hold (Kg/cm Release Sr. in Vivira Mall: - The pressure testing of the fire sprinkler pipe line was carried out.

HVAC commissioning report. Yes / No 1 As Built Drawings- Floor Plans – Retail Layout. gineer . Guarantee certificate for the waterproofing. 4. Existing DB/Main switch accessible for Emergency Breaker rating & distribution as per Reviewed SLD & entire system is properly double earthed. Repeator Panel (If Fire Panel added) Function Test report 4. cladding etc to acceptable standards. All Meters taken-over & readings duly signed.checked in presence of Mall L&P / F&S Manager Sprinkler Fixed Properly & as per Reviewed drawing( 80° / 141°) Every Full Height Partition/Enclosure Provided with Sprinkler Any visible leakage Pressure Test report at 14Kg/cm2 4. response indicator. Finishing. Name plate.4 Fire Exit Door Signage Emergency signage as per Reviewed drawings 4. etc. 5.) Detectors & RI as per Reviewed drawings Mall systems. circuit Subject Details Status Remarks Note: All documents should be duly stamped. Store Front colored elevation / photos Documentation 2 Documents Termite Control Certificate Sprinkler Pressure testing certificate Plumbing installation & testing certificate. All Opening closed to air tight requirement. Date of main Power On Ceiling Closure Checklist complied.5 Safety No sharp edges. Hood suppression & Gas leak detection is functional. RCP with electrical works Layout of sprinklers Layout of smoke detectors Internal AC ducting plan with CFM at Grills.2 Smoke Detectors Fuction test Report (Verified & Signed by Ops Dept. Final Fitout Assessment Checklist Doc No: VIVIRA/ Unit No:. Brand: Date: Name & Designation of Brand Representative Present: Name of representative from Mall Management team : Name of representative from Mall Fit-out Management team : Sr. projections of fixtures which could hurt (Sharp edges of laminated table tops / fixtures to be made blunt). 4. FAD etc in working condition Heat Detectors installed in F&B. Any other Safety concerns. Work completion & commissioning certificate of fire alarm system (Continuity test for SD) and Integration with Mall System. To ensure proper functioning of the smoke detectors. Hooter.1 Sprinklers Fire & Safety-.1 Electricals Lighting as per drawing (Certified by Tenant) Electrical Load breakup sheet (3 phase should be balanced equally) Cabling/Wiring Properly Tagged in DB box. 3 Walls Structural Civil & All Partitions as per Reviewed drawings & finishing acceptable.3 Fire Extinguishers ABC/CO2 type fire extinguishers installed as per NBC requirements. BGU. away from the Fresh air throw. smoke detectors positioned in the return air path.

All Patch fitting are cleaned.To be checked in the presence of Mall Engineer Termination & Functioning checked.1 Signage 3d Signage as per Reviewed Design and size. Kitchen hood (double skin) as per Reviewed drawings. Stickering & Vinyl graphics not allowed.1 Painting & Finishes Ceiling & wall paint quality to be neat & even without undulations or patches Light cut-outs. n& Aesthetics . No seasonal/ temporary signage at the front. suitable shutters provided for concealing & servicing.4 Lighting in DCZ Lighting in DC adequate with accent lights on display & Lux level between 700-800 Lux Lighting in DCZ & Signage to be on timer ( on diff loop) & set to time as per mall ops norms 7.4 Plumbing & Drainage Main lines connected & water Meter Installed by Mall. 5.Pipes painted. 6. AHU boxing constructed for AHU in the F & B kitchen area. inspection chambers for cleaning & servicing available at regular interval. byline & numbers of signage as per Reviewed drawings. Door to be opening inward only -with internal mechanism in the floor spring Door handle secure & well finished. 48 Hours Test Run completed) Chilled water pipes functioning Properly. Outside false-ceiling is not affected & repainted if needed.3 HVAC AHU Functioning Properly (Min. All floor drain point well terminated with nahni trap. air bubbles Design Control Zone Visual evenly lit . screws projecting etc. Floor gaps between mall floor and glazing to be filled. covers etc No open drains.As per Reviewed drawings Fresh Air & Exhaust ducts routed & connected properly to the outdoor units. Signage to be accessible for servicing & to be on timer. check for brand name.2 LV System : Services-. AHU panel functioning Properly 5. Signage lit properly & no gaps seen or source of light or patch visible No moving lights/ graphics / Neon permited. No visible Leakage * Thermostat commissioned to get desired temperature (By Facility) Grill/Diffusers fixed properly (No gap between grill and duct above the ceiling) AHU trap door is accessible for maintenance (Accepted By Facility) Black paint done behind the Grill/Diffuser Drop All fresh air grilles properly terminated . without any leaks.without any gaps between duct collar & the grill profile.2 Visuals No mention of Branding/ repetition of brand name permissible on the Visuals installed in the Design Control Zone Visuals neatly stuck with no loose corners. Bulkhead finish as Reviewed & trap doors for concealing of shutters & service available.without glue marks. Gas leak detection is functioning and integrated with FACP 6. Trap doors in place to access all mall services 5. 6. Rolling shutter incase installed to be as per Mall Reviewed Design. No visible Leakage * Drain pipe Functioning properly. no dark patches to be seen. All plumbing points well be done in good workmanship.3 Front Glazing/ Door entrance area 12mm toughened glass used for front glazing & joints evenly finished duly cleaned.5 Gas All points well terminated without any leaks. 6. pressure tested & certified. Air Balancing done (by Tenant) 5. switch plates etc to be neatly finished. Grease traps provisioned. 5mm SS strip inlayed at junction of Mall & Store Floor Mall neutral column finish maintained with proper edge detail Nothing to be stuck to front glazing Silicon infill for joints in glazing if any.

completion of snags within the committed timelines. Overall Design& Aesthetics Fixtures painted in duco / spray paint to be neatly finished.compliance / Non .Site Observation Remarks: Note: Store can open only after a successful Final Site Assessment & confirmation of compliance issued by Mall Fitout Team& Mall Operations team. All the snags to be completed by the retailer within the committed timeline specified in above checklist.No loose light fixtures. buffed to ensure even surface .Site Observation Required (Yes/No) Scheduled date of re.2 Flooring Store Floor to be in same level as mall floor in the DCZ Flooring finished well with clean edges & no demise edge voilation/damage Wood flooring to have edge profile installed at junction only slim curved section permissible."T" type section not permissible 7.for Final Site Assessment / Re. Name & Designation Signature/ Date Sign & Stamp by Lessee: Mall Facilites: BSAPL: . doors etc to be neatly finished. Laminates used on fixtures. without air bubbles 7. loose wire Status of Design Clearance Issued (Yes/No) Whether Provisional OR Final Clearance issued Re.The Provisional Clearance Issued by Mall Fitout Team to facilitate the store opening would be rendered NULL & VOID Mall Ops/ Mall Fitout Team to be updated on successful completion of Snags . without undulations of nail heads etc.confirmation. In case of Non.3 Ceiling Finish & Lighting All lighting fitting properly secure & neatly finished.