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IBM Cognos Analytics (Cognos 11) Installation Steps and Notes

 Launch the installer program and Accept the license agreement

 Choose a location to install the product

 Choose the installation Type

 Optionally.  Data Tier: This tier includes the Content Manager component. You may choose to use a third-party software/hardware load balancer to achieve this. we perform all the configuration steps on your behalf.Installation Options Available - Ready to Run! This install option is intended to help you get up and running with IBM Cognos Analytics in no time. With this install option.  Informix 12. .  Once the installation process completes.  Apache Directory Server to create and manage users. There are three components that you may select to install as part of a Custom install option:  Application Tier: This installs the application tier which consists of the dispatcher and all the services. you may also click on the post-installation tips link to check out some of the things you may want to do right after an install such as install JDBC drivers to connect to your data. without any additional configuration and without the need to install any supporting software.10 installed and configured for use as content store database. Maybe you want to customize or integrate IBM Cognos Analytics with third-party software. This is the option you would want to select. you will also be able to leverage the load-balancing capabilities built into IBM Cognos Analytics. etc. Of course. you get the following with all the configuration already in place:  A full version of IBM Cognos Analytics software with all the new capabilities. which maintains the connection to the content store database. By performing an Expand install on a separate machine. Custom We provide you with the full flexibility to pick and choose the IBM Cognos Analytics components that you want to install.  Optional gateway: Only required if you plan on setting up advanced options such as Kerberos security with IIS or third-party portal integration. Note: You can only perform one Ready to Run! Install on a machine. It is responsible for running reports. Expand This option helps you add more capacity to your initial Ready to Run! Install by installing the Application Tier components on a separate machine.  Load-balancing is unavailable by default for the new REST bases services within Cognos Analytics at this time. schedules.  Your initial install must be up and running for the Expand install to be able to obtain and apply the configuration. you can click on the Launch Cognos Analytics link from the installation wizard and login to IBM Cognos Analytics using the set of credentials you created earlier.

An IBM Cognos Analytics server runs requests. otherwise you do not need to configure a gateway. . and queries. Apache Modules (apache_mod). ISAPI or Apache module for Kerberos and some legacy features such as portlets. Application tier: components The IBM Cognos Analytics applications tier contains one or more IBM Cognos Analytics servers. models. Content Manager is needed to publish packages. such as Internet Server Application Program Interface (ISAPI). An IBM Cognos Analytics server also renders the interfaces. that are forwarded by a gateway. Optional Gateway tier: web communication Gateways are often CGI programs. or as a servlet implementation. analyses. configuration data. retrieve or store report specifications. but may follow other standards. Note: The optional gateway is only needed for Kerberos and some legacy features such as portlets. IBM Cognos Analytics only use the CGI. including security. report specifications. manage scheduling information. and manage the Cognos namespace. and report output. metrics.A] Custom Data tier: Content Manager Content Manager is the IBM Cognos Analytics service that manages the storage of customer application data. such as reports.

 Choose Custom installation Type .

 Open Cognos Configuration  IBM Cognos configuration is configured with <HostName> URLs instead of localhost .

 Note that IBM Cognos Analytics is by default configured to use Websphere Liberty Profile Application Server with 4096 MB memory.  Start IBM Cognos services .

Ready To Run .B] Installation Method .

http://<HostName>:<port>/bi/v1/disp .  IBM Cognos analytics is now ready to access with URL . the Installation Wizard configures cognos service with 9300 port by default. After installing cognos component. port availability is checked at every +5 port and service is configured with a LDAP namespace with anonymous access disabled  Wait for some time at the end of installation as it takes time to configure and start cognos services. If the port is not available.

accessible only through Cognos Administration.  There will be IT managed data sources which are inappropriate for users to create data modules against.  Checking the Data source connectionsConnection tab. you won't be able to. JDBC data source connections created in Cognos Administration are not exposed in the Manage > Data servers area for use in Data Modules. which can be used to prohibit the use of web-based modeling. These data files are not stored in the content store or in another database. The default location for data files is <install_location>\data\datafiles.  For the IBM Cognos Analytics 11. By default. If you have a distributed installation. use a network path instead of the default local path.  Existing customers will probably want to use some of your existing (upgraded) data source connections to create data modules. .  Uploaded files and data modules in snapshot mode are saved on the file system. There is a new property on JDBC data sources. the JDBC drivers must be copied to <Install_location>\drivers directories.0. but until you check the Allow web-based modeling box on one of your data source connections.0 release. the value of Location of directory for data file must be changed to a network path in all distributed environments.Things to know –  The use of <install_location>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib for locating JDBC drivers is deprecated for future releases.  In Manage > Configuration. The Configure and manage the system administration capability is required to manage system settings. Allow web-based modeling check box in Cognos Administration enables that data source connection to be used to create Data Modules. The default permissions are such that the data server connection is only accessible by the creator and privileged administrators.