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Chapter 5

Mind, Consciousness, and Alternate

Chapter 5 Preview

The Contents of Consciousness

The Function of Consciousness

Sleep and Dreams

Chapter 5 Preview

Altered States of Consciousness

Mind-Altering Drugs

Recapping Main Points

Contents of Consciousness Consciousness Awareness of internal events and of external environment Self-awareness Top level of consciousness .

Contents of Consciousness Non-conscious Preconscious memories processes Unattended Information Unconscious .

What does it mean? • Punctuate the sentence below and discuss its meaning. • The man eats shoots and leaves .

Functions of Consciousness Planning Selective function Restrictive storage function function Survival function Uses of Consciousness .

Functions of Consciousness Personal Construction of Reality Individual. unique interpretation of current situation .

Search for Conjunction of Two Colors .

Functions of Consciousness Cultural Construction of Reality Ways of thinking about world that are shared by most members of particular group .

Studying the Contents of Consciousness Think-aloud Experience- Protocol sampling Method • Reports of • Participant mental recording of processes and thoughts and strategies feelings when signaled .

Sleep and Dreams Consistent pattern of Circadian cyclical body activities Rhythm determined by internal clock Twenty-four to twenty-five hours .

and unusual sleep- wake cycles Results when internal circadian rhythm is out of phase with temporal environment . irresistible Jet Lag sleepiness.Are We There Yet? Fatigue.

Sleep Cycle Non-REM Sleep • Dreamlike mental • Less activity activity Rapid Eye Movements (REM) .

Stages of Sleep .

Sleep and Dreams Conservation • Sleep (specifically NREM) occurs to • Sleep evolved provide opportunity because it allowed to repair and restore animals to conserve brain cells energy Why sleep? Restoration .

Patterns of Human Sleep Over a Lifetime .

Why Sleep? Conservation of energy Evolutionary Role in basis and learning and biological memory need for sleep WHY SLEEP? .

Sleep Disorders Insomnia Chronic inability to sleep Narcolepsy Irresistible compulsion to sleep Sleep Apnea Stop breathing while asleep Somnambulism Sleepwalking in which people leave their beds and wander while still remaining asleep .

Dreams Latent content Freudian Dream Manifest content Analysis Dream work .

Dreams Non-Western Approaches Shamans Physiological Theories Activation-synthesis model .

Dreams When dream is frightening and makes Nightmares individual feel helpless or out of control .

Altered States of Consciousness Conscious awareness Lucid Dreaming of dreaming as learnable skill .

Psychology in Your Life • Are you a morning type or an evening type? • How does this affect your selection of and attendance in classes scheduled at different times of the day? • Check page 133 to read more about it! .

Altered States of Consciousness Hypnotizability Hypnotic Hypnotic induction analgesia Altered state of awareness Hypnosis Autohypnosis .

Level of Hypnosis at First Induction Hypnotic induction Hypnotizability Relatively stable trait Pain relief Effects Response to suggestions (motor ability) .

Altered States of Consciousness • Enhances self-knowledge and well-being through Meditation reduced self-awareness • Concentrative Kinds • Mindfulness .

Mind-Altering Drugs Psychoactive Drugs • Chemicals that change conscious awareness of reality Tolerance • Continued use requires greater dosage Physiological Dependence • Body becomes adjusted to and dependent on drug • Outcome of tolerance and dependence is addiction .

Mind-Altering Drugs Addiction • Body requires drug to function without reaction • Individual suffers painful withdrawal symptoms if drug is not present Psychological Dependence • Craving for a drug .

Critical Thinking in Your Life • What can we learn from “The Munchies”? • Do you think there is a link between the brain system that regulate appetite and reward? Why? Why not? .

Varieties of Psychoactive Drugs • Mescaline Hallucinogens • Psilocybin (psychedelics) • LSD • PCP .

Varieties of Psychoactive Drugs • THC Cannabis • Hashish • Marijuana .

Varieties of Psychoactive Drugs •Heroin Opiates •Morphine .

Varieties of Psychoactive Drugs • Barbiturates Depressants • Alcohol .

Varieties of Psychoactive Drugs • Cocaine Stimulants • Caffeine • Nicotine .

Recapping Chapter 5 Main Points Contents of Consciousness • Awareness and Consciousness • Contents of Consciousness Function of Consciousness • Uses of Consciousness • Functions of Consciousness .

Recapping Chapter 5 Main Points Sleep and Dreams • Circadian Rhythms • Sleep Cycle • Why Sleep? • Sleep Disorders • Dreams .

Recapping Chapter 5 Main Points Altered States of Consciousness • Lucid Dreaming • Hypnosis • Mediation Mind Altering Dugs • Dependence and Addiction • Psychoactive Drugs .