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Effectiveness of legal and non-legal mechanisms

Fight – 20 years sentence of jock palfreeman
- Melee between jock and local football fans
- Father did not know the procedures
- He pulled out a knife to scare the people away
- Andrei Monov died from a single stab wound under his armpit (he believes
he did not kill Monov)
- His friend Antoan Zahariev received a knife wound to his side – 19 years
- Jock received a wound on his arm
- MURDER WITH HOOLIGANISM – charged under this in Bulgaria (they
believe it was an unprovoked murder. He went out that night to kill
- 0.1 blood alcohol concentration, but in contrast the other boys appeared
to be much more affected
- Injured boy – .18
- Boy who died - .29
- Hristo Monov – psychologist (dad of dead boy)
- Hristo Monov was making comments in the media. Deputy Chairperson of
Child Protection – you have to politically and personally well connected to
get this job
- During the investigation, police secured all CCTV camera footage taken
outside the government building where the incident occurred
- Police failed to locate key eye witnesses including two Roma men, also
known as gypsies
- Simon was struggling with legal issues – he called Julian McMahon pro
bono barrister who organised a small team. Simon also had a Bulgarian
lawyer for his son, Dinko Kanchev
- Jock had no criminal convictions or pending charges in any countries he
has been in
- It was clear a lot of witness statements who identified that the boys were
in an argument with gypsies. The statements had the story of Jock
- The police and lawyers said there is no evidence which is so stupid
considering there were statements
- The prosecutor said Jock had intentions of finding a killer
- Jock pleaded non guilty on the basis on self defence. If it happened in
Australia, he would have been acquitted or a charge of manslaughter due
to excess self defence.
- In Bulgaria, close family members are allowed to be on the self defence
team – Simon became part of the team
- Bulgaria has an inquisitorial system – a bench of judges
- Parents of the boy who died were the first two witnesses – that’s fine no
need to stress on this
- Monovs were suing for compensation alongside the criminal proceedings,
which had a great impact on how the criminal proceedings were run
- Members of the group changed their version of events to say there was no
Roman people and no fight
- Defence wanted to bring in the original statements, but the prosecutor
and parents worked together to block this. In 2010, the law changed to
stop this, but it was too late

it positively found that there was no evidence of the fight of the Roma or Gypsie – THIS IS COMPLETE STUPIDITY . These people changed their stories. but a witness or judge is unavailable and they have to post pone the trial . Sometimes Simon flies to Bulgaria for a trial. When the defence asked the judge to double check their statements. The knife wound itself showed the possibility that were was a double edge blade. A large number of witness statements taken from the boys in the group that said there was fight with a gypsie. Trials can be weeks or months apart. Simon has to work. Hristo Monov: “Jocks father said he was proud of him. On one hand the court accepted the witness statement of Georgini that there was a beating of a man. She needed a bone marrow transplant. The prosecution and civil claiminants appealed the 20 year sentence was too lenient. Simon was faced by a system he does not have confidence in . which is hard because he has to go the trials as well. Jock Palfreeman appealed the conviction as unjustified in the light of evidence. which raised significant questions for the defence lawyers on whether there was another knife involved . According to me from a moral aspect he can only be condemned as the father of killer because im convinced his son is a product of the family he was born in Appeal Hearing . EVIDENCE WAS BEING PLAYED WITH . He gave evidence that the wound showed that there was a fast thrusting movement but he conceded that he couldn’t actually tell if the thrusting came from someone stabbing Monov or from Monov falling onto the knife. Murder with hooliganism and sentence of 20 years . . part of a gang. On the last day of the trial. He suffers financial pressures . There are already excess of 200 cases waiting to be checked by the European court of Human Rights – the Bulgarian judiciary is already under scrutiny by the European union . In December 2009. the forensic pathologist gave evidence about the autopsy of Monov. Cross-examining the policemen – the police denied what they had written in their signed statements. Geri Palfreeman (sister of simon) was diagnosed with a disease (dysplasia?). and attacked a woman . Of the 6 siblings. requesting it should be increased to life without parole . Palfreeman’s weren’t mentally prepared for the appeal because they couldn’t understand the reasonings for the verdict . then the Monovs blocked it from coming out . they went through 18 court hearings . the Monovs used their right to say that we’re not going to have their statements read out in control. It would be bad for the Monovs if the son was drunk. but Jocks knife wasn’t a double edge blade. Family issues and stress during the trial . only Simon was a match. but then in its conclusion. JUDGEMENT DAY: simple statement.

This was obvious purgery but nothing was said about that “but atleast we had their original police statements” . The court formulated a worse version of the story. Jock tries to focus on the welfare of other inmates . Jock - . Simon is getting tired from travel. Jock carried a knife because of the dangers in Sofia . they will consider taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights - .. there was no blood stains on his clothes. saying he wanted to kill way more people . . Simo Panov – a person that was saved by Jock in another incident . Antoan Zahariev. “If Andrei’s parents ask me to give a statement then I will as it happens” . The police agreed their first statements was original and valid. The forensic evidence was poorly done. Doctor Grozeva is upset with the police and forensic science here. Julian McMahon “there is a lot of doubt. Heathrow Airport snowfall has stopped the planes. He discovered he has partially lost the sight in his right eye. Doctor Grozeva? Examined jock and the boy that was wounded. When she examined Jock. Sometimes Simon gets optimisitic. The appeal courts rejected the request of reviewing the forensic evidence . Defence wanted to look at whether the injury was consistent with the Jocks knife. Monovs blood was found on the knife carried by Jock . He couldn’t see from one of his eyes. but then his hopes get shattered. The injured mans blood was not on it either . . Dr Krassimir Kanev. “They are not well educated” . . Simon had a health scare. Jocks fingerprints were not found on the knife he carried. Jock is losing hope . Bulgarian Helsinki Committee . They postponed the court date to another date in January . There are no partial fingerprints of Jock on that butterfly knife. Court upheld the 20 year verdict. It will come any day. This doubt is important when committing someone of murder. She is not sure if he is the murderer . They had another appeal. If it is adverse. Could be a result of the stress and the fact that Jock is in prison . That it means it’s possible that Jock didn’t kill him . Doctor Grozeva found that it wasn’t Jocks knife that caused the wounds .