A Call For Unity: All RCMP Members Are Invited To

Join Forces With QMPMA

For more than 30 long years, the Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association
or QMPMA has positioned itself at the epicenter of the labor movement of the
RCMP. All throughout these years, the association has played a key role in
supporting the members and associations of RCMP who have worked really hard
just to acquire the Supreme Court of Canada's commendatory landmark decision
last year, something that they are very proud of. Their directors and executives
have also invested much time for the revision and preparation of all the
documentations that the association needed to improve Bill C-7.

These past few months, the association has been attending meetings with the
members of parliament, senators, and other influential political personalities in
Ottawa and Quebec. The members of the association have likewise actively
participated in the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security
sessions. The committee is the one responsible for reviewing not just the
legislation policies, but also the expenditure plans and programs of the different
agencies and departments of the government that are responsible for:
 Ensuring both the national security and the public safety

 Policing and strict enforcement of the law

 Managing emergencies

 Protecting the borders of Canada

 Preventing crimes

 Correction of the federal offenders

 Conditional release federal inmates

The unified group of NPF, MPPAC and QMPMA
By virtue of the measures implemented since May 17, 2016, and through a
council of union organizations, the members of RCMP are now allowed to acquire
accreditation. They are also legally mandated to stand as the representative of all
the members who wish to get unionized. The unified group have reached out to
all the regular RCMP members and have encouraged them to pick the QMPMA as
their negotiating representative.

The union does not aim to push a single association or to divide the vote, but to
have someone who is readily available to stand in behalf of the association in
labor relations negotiations.
According to the current president of the QMPMA, Paul Dupuis, the association
strongly believes that the only logical way to unionizing is uniting the efforts of
all the member associations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
Although each RCMP members association has its own strengths and
weaknesses, all the associations are still under the roof of RCMP and they all still
belong to the same family.

The call for uniting under a council of association...

The QMPMA has always maintained a direct and open contact with the National
Police Federation (NPF) and the Mounted Police Professional Association of
Canada (MPPAC). And because of this, they were able to know that the RCMP
members of Quebec have been wanting to build a union the soonest possible

The QMPMA is inviting all the members of the RCMP, including the NPF, and
MPPAC, to join their association so that they can bind their forces for the
amelioration of RCMP and for the benefit of its members.

Regardless of whether you are a QMPMA, MPPAC, or NPF member, now is the
best time for you to act, to get involved, to stay informed, and to join the