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Baba Ramdev and trust run spearheads all his activities which includes Yoga camps. a world-renowed spritial leader "If an individual can be credited with reviving Yoga in India. Baba Ramdev TV programs and Yoga camps have proved to be immensely popular. Patanajali Yog Peeth in Haridwar is a center of Yoga and Ayurveda activities in India built on the name of Maharishi Patanjali who invented Yoga 5000 years ago. 2006. Patanjali Yogpeeth offers treatments for all and has residential accommodation. yajnashala. Archarya Karamveer was also on of the pillar of Divya Yog Mandir. Ramdev Baba has also conduct Yoga camp at Rashtrapati Bhavan . The estimate cost of the project was 10 billion. herbal gradens.Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar. Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust is the dream project of Baba Ramdev. Swami Ramdev has established Divya Yog Mandir in 1995. According to associated press. Patanjali Yog Peeth provides facility for treatment for diceases. manufacturing ayurvedic medicine and treatment of patients with help of Yoga and Pranayam.the residence of the President of India.Patanjali Yog peeth is open to everybody. He was inaugurated on August 6. With help of Balkrishan. Swami Ramdev put lots of emphasis on teaching Pranayam compare to Yoga. as well as the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines. Governor of Uttranchal. According to Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. meditation caves and many other facilities. Yoga has ability to cure even fatal diseases and Baba Ramdev has proved it many times. The institute is Ramdev's flagship project & has been set up for treatment. very near to Roorkee. said "Patanjali Yog Peeth will sonn be the ambassador of Yoga for entire world. Baba Ramdev's aim was to build the world's largest center of Ayurveda. The Patanjali Yog Peeth project was divided into 3 phase. research and a teaching University for Yoga and Ayurveda. every one has to embrace it. According news Yoga Peeth is almost ready. it is solely Baba Ramdev". It will be the biggest Yoga and Ayurvedic 4 . Trust is located 13km from Haridwar. In almost 3 years Divya Yog Mandir and Baba Ramdev have galvanized the world into turning ardent practioners of Yoga. Ramdev Baba has spread Yoga to such an extent that sooner or later. Phase one was basic construction. Named after the Ancient Yog Guru Patanjali. Yoga and Pranayam. At Mahatma Dharamveer's Gurukul at kisangarh Ghasera where Baba Ramdev met philanthropist Archarya Balkrishan. research & development in Yoga and Ayurveda.Located on the Haridwar-Delhi highway at Kankhal. The secnd stage comprises of serviceable guesthouses. Uttarakhand is one of the largest Yoga institutes in India. During inauguration Sudarshan Agarwal. The ashram is run under the guidance of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj who has revived Yoga and spreading it all over the world.Millions of people all over the world attends Baba Ramdev's free Yoga camps (shibir).

Third stage is opening an University of Yoga and Ayurveda. It can handle 1000 patient at a time in Naturopathy. Asia and Africa. whose name has become synonymous with YOGA in India. Millions of people practice Baba Ramdev's Yoga and Pranayam. Ramdev Baba's TV programs broadcast in several counties including America. Blood Pressure. GLP & ISO 9001. Swami ramdev's pharmacy makes the medicines pure and rich in quality. certified by the international standards GMP. Ayurved & Vedic Philosophy. Swami Ji has 25 millions dollars dream project of Patanjali Yogpeeth at Haridwar. NH58 highway through out the journey is a single lane busy highway mostly crowded with the trucks and tourists making their journey to and from Haridwdar/Rishkesh region. 5 . Millions & millions people watch him on TV through four to five TV channels including Aastha TV Channel. He is the man. Viewership is quoted as being 20 millions regulart viewers. Swami Ramdev. spndylitis and Obesity. Now thousands of people are attending his Yoga Camp being organized in all parts of the India and other cities of the world as well. His main target is to teach the Indian ancient “YOGA & PRANAYAM” techniques to the people of whole world. Baba Ramdev wants to flow river of Yoga in each and every one. Swami Ramdev medicines are manufactured in branches well equipped with modern equipments. Baba Ramdev reaffirms the broken down by challenging their sickness widely and openly. 125 millions dollars project for Patanjali University in the same city.center in the world. A big hall to practice 5000 people at one time and world’s largest OPD to handle 5000 patients a day. Patanjali Yogpeeth is operating Patanjali Hospitals in every nook of India. The confidence which Baba Ramdev exuberates comples people to at least give his Yoga a try. Australia. is the founder of “Patanjali Yogpeeth” at Haridwar India. Medicines manufactured go through Quality control and quality assessment tests. Europe. Hepatitis. Pathanjali yog peeth is located on the National highway 58 (NH58 Hwy) in Haridwar on the Roorkee road. whether in a village or city. It is very easily accessible due to its location on the highway approximately 10 KM before the Haridwar town coming from Roorkee in a very peaceful and green area surrounded by lush green farm lands. world’s most popular Yoga teacher well versed in Sanskrit. where one can get life saving Swami Ramdev medicines which are affordable to all rich and poor. Followers of Baba Ramdev have claimed relief from a veriety of ailments such as diabetes. He is real hero who devote his whole life to help people by giving them unknown knowledge of Yoga and Pranayam.

This resulted in unexpected increase in the demand of medicine of swami ramdev. Patanjali Yog Samitis. Swami Ramdevji Maharaj is a historic personality. He has written new history in the areas of yoga- prananyam and ayurvedic treatment methods. Some of very effective Ramdev medicines are Mukta Vati for high blood pressure. Honorable Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishna ji have tried to combine the ancient knowledge with ultramodern technology. GLP & ISO 9001. oral care.Animal trials. All the medicines manufactured go through strict Quality control & quality assessment tests. Here research is carried out on rare herbs and they are grown here by putting in great efforts. Toxicological study . Diabetes. Under Swami Ramdev's guidance an industrial unit is also established called Patanjali Ayurved Limited which produces pure an high quality minerals and plants products through scientific methods. clinical tests. Divya Yog Pharmacy Trust and branches. Madhunashini vati for Diabetes. will be written in golden letters on the pages of history. The ambition of these establishments are to reach yoga and Ayurveda to the 700 crore global population along with Indian culture and words of the sages. arthritis etc. The quality of Swami Ramdev medicines were doubted. Baba ramdev's pharmacy puts in all the efforts to make the medicines pure and rich in quality. distortion free mind and desire of a peaceful life. sexual care. When these medicines were tested in the lab all the allegations proved baseless and swami ramdev came out spotless amidst the acid test. Some people could not digest the increasing fame of Swami Ramdev and they started negative campaigning against swami Ramdev with the help of media. Swami Ramdev also have a botanical garden near Patanjali Yog Peeth where the herbs and medicinal plants are grown. Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) with the association of Patanjali Yogpeeth is operating Patanjali Hospitals in 6 . To encourage the use of Ayurvedic medicine. Many of the critical ailments such as Cancer. hair care and skin care. sexual problems. With the objective of disease free body. can be cured by Swami Ramdev's Medicines. These medicines are low cost. In this regard the work done by the organization established by him namely Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust). Swamiji manufactures superior quality and proven medicine in Divya Yog Pharmacy. Swami ramdev's medicines are manufactured in branches well equipped with modern equipments mostly in Haridwar and other places.Patanjali yogpeeth medecines are also available for health care. Divya Mandir (trust). very effective and available at Ramdev Chikitsalaya. Medohar vati for Obesity. certified by the international standards GMP.

The Kripalu Bagh Ashram on the blessed land next to the holy Ganges. They should made ready raw material for Ayurvedic medicine. were rediscovered and extolled. PatanjaliYogpeeth is a renowned name in the field of medical science. It was the place where the great patriots like Sh. Rash Bihari Bose had taken shelter during their operations for freedom movements. where one can buy life saving Swami Ramdev medicines which are affordable to all rich and poor. vedic learning and promotion of nationalism. its religion and all related aspects. organized a movement of rejuvenation of pristine Indian ancient traditions and renaissance of its glorious and hoary past whereby the country.every nook of India. covered by the gathering dust of centuries neglect. Vyakaranacharya along with other disciples continue to exalt the traditions and enrich the future with what the trust had enshrined and achieved in its glorious preceding years. well conversant with Vedic knowledge and an ardent advocate of noble human values. Swami Ramdev is working towards the goal of establishing the ayurvedic products at par with the international standards and to make it known across the world. 7 . Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj. Saint Shri Kripalu Dev Ji Maharaj was succeeded by his illustrious disciple Pujya Swami Shri Shankar Dev Ji Maharaj. a. In these hospitals with the help of Vaidyas (doctors) treatment of curable and incurable diseases is done free of cost along with the medicines. Patanjali yog peeth has a provision for special discounts or free medicines for economically weak people. was built in 1932 by the scholarly erudite and God realized Param Pujya Swami Kripalu Dev Ji Maharaj. rendering free services to millions of people across the globe throughYoga andAyurveda. who was the founder of the pure and chaste Hindus traditions of the “GURUKUL KANGRI”. Swami ji founded the Trust in 1995 along with his group of disciples. Swami Kripalu Dev Ji along with another great spiritualist Swami Shraddhanand. Concomitant with this noble struggle. one is that the farmers of India should adopt the cultivation of medicinal herbs and plants along with fruits and vegetables. yet another Philanthropist Pujya Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj who has dedicated his presence to augment the haloed traditions of the trust based on selfless service and dedicated quest for excellence in education. also a great spiritualist & great scholar of Ayurveda and an established name in Vedic philosophy Swami Muktanand ji Maharaj Science Graduate. Free Yoga Classes In Patanjali Yogpeeth : Free Yoga classes are conducted in the premises of Patanjali Yogpeeth by trained Yoga Instructors at one hour interval. To encourage the use of Ayurvedic medicine and amongst Swami Ramdev's revolutionary thoughts. he is joined by an energetic soul with an intense spirit of service.

M. d.A. Mahrishi Balmiki Dharamshala (Hospice) : Haridwar is the religious capital of the country. b. Free Residential Facilities are provided to the poor people in the hospice (Mahrishi Balmiki Dharamshala) of PatanjaliYogpeeth.S. f.A. Canada.S. Free Ayurvedic Consultancy At Patanjali Chikitsalayas : Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) manages to run over two thousand Patanjali Chikitsalayas and Patanjali Arogya Kendras in India and abroad. g. U. About two million Yoga teachers have been engaged in training & teaching of people in East Africa.D. render their valuable services to about two thousand patients suffering from various chronicle diseases daily. where lac of pilgrims come from all across the globe daily. c. degrees. South Africa. e. h. b. degree. free of cost. Free Yoga Classes Through Patanjali Yog Samiti : Fifty thousand free Yoga classes by about twenty million dedicated and trained Yoga teachers take place everyday in nook and corner of India. Some of them belong to poor section of the society who can't even arrange fooding and 8 . Yoga Science Camps : Ateam of Vaidyas also provide freeAyurvedic consultancy to the participants of Yoga Science Camps held in different towns and cities of India from time to time in the benign presence ofYogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj. Free Distribution Of Medicines : Medicines and food supplements are provided on appropriate/ hundred percent discount to the economically weaker people. Yoga Science Camps : People below poverty line are permitted to participate in the Residential and Non-Residential Yoga Science Camps held in towns and cities of India from time to time in the benign presence of Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj. Nepal & Mauritius. Free Ayurvedic Consultancy In Patanjali Yogpeeth : Free consultancy in Ayurveda is provided in Patanjali Yogpeeth.S.D. free of cost to about fifty thousand patients daily.A.K. where about one thousand able Ayurvedacharya (Vaidya) having B.. This team of Vaidyas is also engaged in giving Free Ayurvedic consultancy through letters. examine and prescribe treatment../ M. e-mails &phone also. Over fifty well educated Ayurvedacharya (Vaidya) having B.S./ M.M. U./ M. Free Investigation Facility : Appropriate discount is given to the people below poverty line on all type of investigations in Pathology Lab and Imaging & research centre of Patanjali Yogpeeth. fax.

the author of the great epic 'Ramayana. ft. • A huge langar hall of 20. where thousandsof participants can practice together yoga. • 950 rooms for visitors with AC and Non-AC accommodation. 9 . ft. competent and dedicated senior citizens under vanprastha ashram.D. where visitors could partake of free meals (Prasad) • Agrand museum built upon 50. ft. This hospice has been named after Mahrishi Balmiki. Visitors can also seek free Ayurvedic consultancy in O.000 sq. meditation etc. • A sale outlet of 11. with an objective to establish a fully furnished campus for successful organization of residential Yog Science Camps in the benign presence ofYogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj. ft. Ayurveda and Oriental genres. ft. of Patanjali Yogpeeth. where lodging facilities for about 1000 persons are available. a four story huge hospice of 86. They can also gain the practical knowledge of Yoga and Pranayama by participating in Yoga Classes which are conducted at one hour interval. covered area has been built in Patanjali Yogpeeth-2 by Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust). Keeping this fact in view. All necessary facilities are provided to thousands of participants of such camps within the premises of this campus. on second floor 87 and on third floor 84 spacious rooms with modern facilities have been built.000 sq.P.000 sq.000 sq.' Yajna is performed daily within the premises so that the persons staying in this hospice may come closer to Indian values and traditions. The prominent features of this Multi-Service-Unit of PatanjaliYogpeeth (Trust) are as below : • A huge auditorium of 2. for literature and material related toYoga. • A free-of-charge hospice (Dharmashala) to accommodate 1000 persons. • A huge Annapurna (Food Court) to cater to 5000 visitors daily.II was inaugurated in April 2009.lodging on their own. • 350 apartments for accommodating healthy.000 sq. • A separate Airconditioned auditorium of 60.000 sq. ft. pranayama. on first floor 90. Patanjali yogpeeth 2 Patanjali Yogpeeth Phase . On ground floor 53.00.

organized a movement of rejuvenation of pristine Indian ancient traditions and renaissance of its glorious and hoary past whereby the country. Concomitant with this noble struggle. also a great spiritualist & great scholar of 10 . Swami Kripalu Dev Ji along with another great spiritualist Swami Shraddhanand. Saint Shri Kripalu Dev Ji Maharaj was succeeded by his illustrious disciple Pujya Swami Shri Shankar Dev Ji Maharaj. Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj. ft. Rash Bihari Bose had taken shelter during their operations for freedom movements. its religion and all related aspects. ft. vedic learning and promotion of nationalism. • Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) Head office spanning in 21950 Sq. he is joined by an energetic soul with an intense spirit of service. well conversant with Vedic knowledge and an ardent advocate of noble human values. was built in 1932 by the scholarly erudite and God realized Param Pujya Swami Kripalu Dev Ji Maharaj. where about 1000 persons can be benefiteddaily by Panchkarma and Shatkarma therapy. It was the place where the great patriots like Sh. HISTORY OF PATANJALI YOGPEETH The Kripalu Bagh Ashram on the blessed land next to the holy Ganges. • Bharat Mata Naman Sthal where the sacred soil collected from more than 600 districts of India has been preserved. were rediscovered and extolled. Swami ji founded the Trust in 1995 along with his group of disciples.000 sq. covered by the gathering dust of centuries neglect.• A huge Panchkarma and Shatkarma centre of 44. who was the founder of the pure and chaste Hindus traditions of the “GURUKUL KANGRI”. yet another Philanthropist Pujya Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj who has dedicated his presence to augment the haloed traditions of the trust based on selfless service and dedicated quest for excellence in education.

Under his guidance. mind and soul.Ayurveda and an established name in Vedic philosophy Swami Muktanand ji Maharaj Science Graduate. Since 2006 when Swami Ramdev made his first visit to the UK & USA in particular. ayurvedic treatments. more purposeful lives. It is built on the name of Maharishi Patanjali who invented Yoga 5000 years ago. Swami Ramdev's spiritual yog teachings have been internationally celebrated through televised classes and live sessions. and have a center for Ayurved and Yog in Haridwar. Divya Yog Mandir Trust was established by P. India. He has become a household name in India owing to his ability to simplify yog techniques for the masses and validate the benefits of yog and pranayam [a series of breathing techniques] combined with asans [postures] that are part of the ancient Indian Vedic sciences. a large number of people have been alleviated from pain and suffering. PYP (UK) Trust is inspired by Swami Ramdev Maharaj. Vyakaranacharya along with other disciples continue to exalt the traditions and enrich the future with what the trust had enshrined and achieved in its glorious preceding years. successful results-oriented yog master. P. as a remedy for all ailments. Patanjali Yogpeeth is a center of Yoga and Ayurveda therapies in Haridwar. which produces Ayurvedic foods and medicines. the world's leading. He has sparked off a revolution by bringing about a divine transformation of body. the US arm of the Divya Yog Mandir Trust. have TV programs on the Aastha channel dedicated to spreading the benefits of yog. Swami Baba Ramdev Ji in 1995 to promote yog and pranayam and spread its benefits as widely as possible. The ashram offers various facilities such as Yoga Classes. The ashram is run under the supervision of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj. who has immensely contributed to promote yoga all over the world. Patanjali Yogpeeth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. his international appeal has grown many fold: PYP (UK) Trust trained yog teachers are giving their free time to raising health awareness in local communities by holding yog classes. We hold free yog classes all over the world. through the practice of Pranayam. Swami Ramdev advocates the power of breath. natural health therapies. 11 . most popular. His following has rapidly grown from thousands to millions worldwide. thus leading healthier. He organizes various camps where he teaches Pranayam to hundreds of people together.

bronchitis. the institute has treatment for lethal diseases such diabetes. People all over the world travel Patanjali for learning yoga. accidity etc. He took sanyas diksha from Swami Inder Dev on Ganga Dashera 1958. he abandoned/renounced his home with a group of samnyasis and travelled with them to various tirthas and reached Hardwar. At the age of 15 years. he is living in Vishva Gyan Mandir [Known as Kripalu Bag Ashram : Registered Office of Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)]. hepatitis. Born in 1930 in Almora district of Uttarakhand. constipation.. This is a very sacred place as it is Taposthali of Swami Kripalu Dev ji Maharaj. H. Patients at institute can attend regular yoga classes in morning as it helps in curing their disease as well. Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj took sanyas diksha from Swami ji in 1995. OPD and canteen. obesity. He come in contract of great Saint Swami Kripalu Dev Ji Mahajraj in Hardwar. . Some patients are admitted here for long term treatment. Since February 1968. You can avail the benefit of these facilities in a very hygienic.his guru and an active worker of freedom struggle of India. Ambulance and ICU facilities are also provided at Yogpeeth.P.migraine. 12 . He actively participates in all the activities of Ashram and Trust also. he was very much keen to become a samnyasi from the very beginning of his life. They also offer dorm beds are at Rs 50 per person. Swami Shankar Dev is a spiritual personality. thyroid. parkinson. cancer. clean and well maintained environment. He is guru of world known Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj. The Patanjali ypgpeeth in Haridwar is one of the popular yoga centres.Accommodation. angina. chronic renal failure. gas. The Patanjali Yogpeeth offers accommodation for a person who wishes to stay a few days to experience or learn Yoga and Pranayam. You can reserve room at the Institute between 9 am and 6 pm. The cost of room for a single is Rs 300 and for double it is Rs 400. cervical spondalities. cirrhosis of liver. in 1945. leucoderma. He always participate in Satsanga of Sadhus and samnyasis. depression. insomnia. The institute can handle 1000 patients at a time and offers a hall for 5000 people to practice yoga. FOUNDER OF PATANJALI YOGPEETH SWAMI SHANKAR DEV JI Swami Shankar Dev is Patron and Founder Trustee of Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) and Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust).B. blockages in arteries. The institute has around a hundred small rooms that are neat and clean with attached bathrooms and running hot water. He is a direct disciple of Swami Kripalu Dev Ji Maharaj. asthma. Patanjali is a multi dimensional unit of the Divya Yog Mandir Trust which focuses on treatment and research in yoga and ayurveda. arthritis.

in fact. He lived in the Siddhayoga Center of Benaras after his own initiation into Sanyas by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirth Maharaj. or renunciation. Swami Narayan Tirth Maharaj initiated him into the Shaktipat system and he enrolled as a Brahmachari there. After dedicating himself completely to her. In spite of these efforts. however. Furthermore. beg for food from nearby areas and provide meals for a number of guests visiting the Ashram at such a time was never an easy job. His parents were religious people and this had a definite bearing on the inclinations of his mind from the beginning of his life. but he consoled his other three brothers by telling them this: "It is true that human beings have their individual mothers but there is a Divine Mother who is the mother of all. Ultimately he received the blessings of Swami Narayan Tirth Maharaj at Madaripur who captivated him for the remainder of his life. Shri Venukumar was. The following is a brief account of his career. She will certainly give us the best care and remove our sufferings. His mother died when he was only five years old. since his teacher was a great disciplinarian. who had come to be known as Brahmachari Atmananda Prakash. To collect dry firewood. Our mother has merged into Her. his desire to have a direct experience of the Divine Mother remained unfulfilled. For eight years he served his Guru continuously with untiring labor. he visited many holy places and stayed in a number of spiritual centers. She in fact is the mistress of this world and is the beginning and end of all. He had a natural tendency to live in the company of holy men and to be absorbed in spiritual pursuits. thus forgot his worldly mother and became a lifelong worshiper of Divine Mother Kali. Swami Bharati Krishna 13 . Swami Shakar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj. A Sanyas Guru is a spiritual teacher who initiates one into the system of. Swamiji directed him to Swami Bharati Krishna Tirth of Jagannathpuri.SWAMI SHANKAR PURUSHOTTAM TIRTH JI MAHARAJ Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj was the Sanyas Guru of Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj. Shri Venukumar. He also carried strong spiritual seeds accumulated by virtuous deeds in his past life. traveled far and wide and met a number of holy persons. Swamiji declared Venukumar to have stood successful to the test and blessed him to go out and propagate the Shaktipat system in the world. Shri Venukumar. Ultimately. sanyas. the disciples were punished for even their smallest faults. very open minded and patient. was born in Lakshmipur in the District of Tripura in East Bengal in the year 1890. He continued to do his spiritual practices and finally requested Sanyas initiation from Swami Narayan Tirth. whose blessings he sought throughout his life. East Bengal is a unique country because nearly the entire area is covered by water for about eight months out of the year. who was the Shankaracharya of Jagannathpuri at that time. originally known as Shri Venukumar Chattopadhyaya. the Shankaracharya of Govardhan Math.

He had his early education in a village school.Propagation of yoga and Ayurveda. political and economic system of India . Reforming the social. a kindred soul and a schoolmate. and earned a postgraduate (Ācārya) degree with specialization in Sanskrit Vyākaran ṣa. Quite early in his life he had his goals cut out for him. Astadhyayi and Patanjali's Mahabhasya at Gurukuls. while Acharyaji devoted himself to the task of restoring people's faith in the efficacy of ayurvedic system of medicine. The books Guru Vani and Yoga Vani have also been translated into English and are available from: Ayurveda Holistic Center in New York. Gulab Devi and Shri Ram Niwas in a village of Haryana. Vedas and Upanis ṣads. Haryana) where under the blessed tutelage of Ācārya Shri Baldevji he studied Sanskrit and Yoga. Therefore. They came together to launch upon this stupendous task from scratch. so he chose the path of celibacy and asceticism. After doing a stint of teaching Yoga. Patañjali as an exponent of Yoga. Swamiji's main focus is on making the people ofIndia as well as of 14 . he set out on his journey to the Gangotri caves of lofty Himalayas . Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. away from the distractions of mundane activities. Darśana. Sanskrit Grammar and Āyurveda continued to exert its influence on him. and Guruvani which were later translated into Hindi. He called this center the Shankar Math. and 2. Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj initiated a number of disciples into the Shaktipat system and wrote several books in Bengali such as Yoga Wani. Swamiji took upon himself the onerous responsibility of demystifying and popularizing Patanjali's Yoga. who was out there on a similar quest. And then luckily he met with Acharya Balkrishna. At the age of 14 he was admitted to the Gurukul at Kalwa (near Jind. He also wrote a short treatise in English entitled Who Am I? Swamiji gave up his mortal body in 1958 in Calcutta and merged with Divine Mother Kali. another center named Siddhiyog Ashram at Varanashi was built for him shortly after this. SWAMI RAMDEV JI Yogars ṣi Swami Ramdevji was born to Smt. Rṣgvedādibhās ṣyabhūmikā etc. Through deep meditation and ascetic discipline and penance he was able to develop a clear vision of the work to be done by him: 1. Since his following consisted mostly of people from West Bengal. Yoga. USA. Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj laid the foundation of a center in Uttar Kashi near the bank of the Bhagirathi River. later he was very much inspired by the life and writings of Mahars ṣi Dayanand and he thoroughly studied Satyārtha Prakāśa. Japa Sadhana. Along-side the magnetism of Mahars ṣi.Tirth kindly accepted Brahmachariji and named him Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj after initiating him into Sanyas. the disciples were worried that Swamiji would not be able to spend much time with them. Panini's.

the whole world adopts yoga and Ayurveda as their lifestyle. of which he himself is a living example.pranava). cow breeding/cow protection. His mind may be soaring in the ethereal spheres of spiritualism. SAHARA etc. 15 . bahya/ agnisara. Within a short span of time the results of yoga and ayurvedic therapy have not only been encouraging but also astounding. in social. He has given a clarion call to the people to come forward and save the country and the democracy. audio-video cassettes prepared by the yogpeeth. Swamiji has led the stand up programme to pass resolution against poverty eradication from the whole world. Therefore they can all benefit from yoga and auyrvedic therapy. 5.O. on 15 october 2006. political and economic system of the country will be salvaged only through the patriotic zeal. All persons whether Hindu.. bhramari. attended by thousands of participants from all parts of the country. anulomaviloma. People have taken to yoga in a big way. at United Nation Organisation's head-quarter in New York . People are learning yoga from the CDs. ujjayi. His approach to treating ailments and disorders in pragmatic. but his feet are firmly planted on earth where he is very much alive to the mundane concerns such as treatment/ enrichment of soil. 3.N. Pranayama Rahasya In his yoga camps. For his epoch-making work various honours/ honorary doctorates by universities have been conferred on him in India and abroad. Recently he has launched Bharat Swabhiman Movement which encompasses all the ground realities of the Indian social. and some specific asanas for various ailments. On the invitation of Secretary General of U. fearlessness and strong character. as also some simple home remedies and ayurvedic medicines.bhastrika 2. While yoga will take care of physical. corruption-free India . mental and spiritual health. he emphasizes on doing eight Pranayamas (1. like AASTHA. STAR. Muslim. udgitha. Swamiji has tried to explain the Yogasutras of Patanjali in simple Hindi in his bookYogadarsana. some suksma (light) vyayamas. political and economic scene. Yoga Sadhana evam Yoga Chikitsa Rahasya 2. He wants to see an addiction-free. 4. proud of its swadeshi products. cleaning the Ganga etc. and watching and following it on various Indian TV channels. the downslide. kapalabhati. Sikh or Christian. DVDs. they are doing it under the guidance of yoga teachers trained and certified by Swamiji's Patanjali Yogpeeth. 8. He has explained in detail the benefits accruing from yoga in his two popular hindi books on the subject: 1. ZEETV. 6. 7. undogmatic and non-sectarian. vegetarian. have the same anatomy and physiology.

" Swami Ramdev also has campaigned (as have others) against modern western farming with its use of pesticides and has spoken out against India's many "illegal" small mines.P. who built Yoga Empire. The New York Times called him "an Indian. In 2003. Khanpur and studied Sanskrit andYoga under the guidance of Acharya Pradumn. Dr. One of Ramdev's popular phrases regarding these beliefs is "Cold Drinks means Toilet Cleaner." Swami Ramdev wants to do away with Rs. 1000 currency notes and wants the Indian government to accept the United Nations Convention against Corruption.). Indian yoga master who has raised a number of political. 16 . Most of the issues raised by him demand a drastic change in the governance policies of India. 500 and Rs. young. his mind was totally cleansed. more supervision of people's debit and credit cards and termination of Indian governmental relationships with any country seen as a tax haven country. a product and symbol of the New India. Swami Ramdev also wants to hang Indian legislators that are involved in proven corruption. After completing his middle education of eighth standard from Shahjadpur Haryana. Aastha TV began featuring him in its morning yoga slot. when he grew up and read the autobiography of Ram Prasad 'Bismil'. Swami Ramdev has five goals for India governmental reform. irrepressible and bursting with Vedic wisdom". He is known for his efforts of popularizing yoga. he had gathered a huge following. Contemporary life and fame He shot into prominence when he started the Divya Yog Mandir Trust with the company of Acharya Bal Krishna. He was inspired by the portraits of Ram Prasad 'Bismil' and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that were hung in his room. Swami Baba Ramdev is a famous. Oz and Oprah Winfrey. which are focused around the ancient physical art of yoga. a yogic fusion of Richard Simmons. Reportedly.Mother and Father of Ramdev maharaj He was born as Ram Krishna to Gulabo Devi and Ram Nivas Yadav in the village Ali Saiyad Pur (Alipur) of Mahendragarh district in Haryana state of India. social and economic issues through his teachings. he joined Aarsh (Arya) Gurukul. Within a few years. Swami Ramdev speaks to issues regarding nutrition as well and advocates that people give up drinking cold drinks and focus on tea and Indian fruit juices. Ramdev has founded yoga camps that are devoted to more than physical exertions. [2] According to his statements in an open Yog Shivir atShahjahanpur (U. Perhaps most controversial are Ramdev's viewpoints on Indian government corruption from the standpoint of finances and "black money. Swami Ramdev wants more supervision over Indian tax havens. His yog-camps are attended by a large number of people in India and abroad.

17 . a yogic fusion of Richard Simmons. Acharya Karmaveer is well-versed in Yoga and Veda while Acharya Balkrishna is a physician with a degree in Ayurveda. an institution for treatment and research in Yoga and Ayurveda. Khanpur and studied Sanskrit and Yoga under Achary Pradumn. Mahabhashya and Upanishads along with six systems of Indian Philosophy in various Gurukuls. Swami Ramdev claims however to have no urge for elected office or even to start a political party. Ramdev established Divya Yoga Mandir Trust with Acharya Karamveer and Acharya Balkrishna. and Mahendragarh in India. Swami Ramdev joined Aarsh (Arya) Gurukul. At the same time. For a while. Ramdev was moved outside Delhi and prohibited from entering the city for two weeks." As a teenager. a product and symbol of the New India. Swami Ramdev began the Divya Yog Mandir Trust and eventually created a morning TV program for yoga. campaigning against corruption in the Indian government. Swami Ramdev went to the caves of Himalaya to practice meditation in solitude. The trust provides several free services to all visitors. Swami Ramdev claims he has received death threats as a result of his activities. Ghashera. Leaving the Himalaya's. in Haridwar. Swami Ramdev began to found yoga-camps that became popular as well. In 1995. who built Yoga Empire. Oz and Oprah Winfrey. irrepressible and bursting with Vedic wisdom. Swami Ramdev apparently was influenced by the autobiography of Ram Prasad 'Bismil'. Ramdev has taught several aspects of traditional Indian scriptures such as Ashtadhyayee. Swami Ramdev was such a success that he was even written about internationally with such publications as The New York Times calling him "an Indian. Eventually Swami Ramdev entered the Sanyas . he also practiced intense self-discipline and meditation. Ramdev has also lately expanded into politics. Dr. He has helped establish Gurukuls in Kishangarh. became known as Swami Ramdev and began offering yoga services to in the Kalva Gurukul of Jind district. Ramdev's Yog Sandesh journal is reportedly published in 11 languages and reaches more than one million readers. He has also founded the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust. Swami Ramdev reportedly said he would continue to fast and to protest against government corruption. Later Swami Ramdev bought a Scottish Island for a wellness retreat. claiming he was "totally cleansed. After his removal. Ramdev spent many years undertaking an study of ancient Indian scriptures. Swami Ramdev was born as Ram Krishna Yadav in the Haryana state of India.Swami Ramdev was involved in a protest against corruption in June of 2011 that was forcibly broken up by the government.

brain tumors and leukemia by practicing the seven breathing exercises. uterus. their use was often limited to advanced practitioners of Yoga and undertaken only under the strict supervision of an experienced teacher. Heretofore. Claims of curing Cancer Other press reports quoted him as claiming to have a cure for cancer of the breast. 18 . A website promoting his products states that the CD4 cell count in some AIDS patients has improved after practising Yoga. press reports claimed that Ramdev had made claims of being able to use Yoga to cure AIDS. pituitary gland. Claims of curing AIDS In December 2006. The degree was presented to him in a ceremony presided over by the respected scientist and Nobel laureate Richard Ernst.Awards and recognitions In January 2007. not cure it. liver. He teaches Pranayama which is a series of techniques for breath control that were developed as a part of the ancient Indian system of Yoga. They also said that he claimed to have documented proof of his successes. His position was that Yoga and Ayurveda together can alleviate the suffering from AIDS. He also added that Yogic education was preferable over sex education in response to the AIDS crisis. prostate. He has devised a set of six simple Pranayama breathing exercises as listed in the section below. KIIT University awarded Swami Ramdev with an Honorary Doctorate degree in recognition of his efforts at popularizing the Vedic science of Yoga. these techniques were often thought of as being esoteric and complex and portrayed as being unsuitable for lay people. As a consequence of these press reports he was sent a cease and desist order by the Indian Union Health Ministry and threatened legal action from medical NGOs. Swamiji has worked diligently to break these barriers and help make the practice of Pranayama achievable by the ordinary layperson. Ramdev responded by saying that he had been misquoted. These techniques have been readily embraced by the general public as evidenced by the following facts. Consequently. This statement was translated by certain journalists as claiming a cure for AIDS.

Indian system of medicine by exploring and selecting indigenous herbs. Need was felt to provide quality Ayurvedic medicines to the patients to seek optimum results as results of Ayurvedic treatment are directly proportional to the quality of prepared medicines. which was totally based on traditional methods. PLC controlled herbal extraction plant commissioned in the pharmacy is used for extracting from the various parts of the medicinal plant like the leaves. This was the beginning of Divya Aushadhi Nirmanshala (Divya Pharmacy). Kankhal.HERBAL PRODUCTS IN PATANJALI YOGPEETH Divya Yog Mandir (Trust). 19 . A new expanded unit of the pharmacy has been established well equipped with machines based on modern techniques. ancient Ayurvedic literatures and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological. high speed mixer-grinder. Divya Pharmacy tries that medicines should possibly be available to common man at the minimum cost price. tablet compressing device with the capacity for preparing one lac tablet per hour. high speed auto-coater for coating the tablets. Quality of the medicines so produced is of the highest level. For the manufacturing processes in Divya Pharmacy automatic high speed spray drier unit. The extract concentration is achieved under vacuum drying preserving the maximum valued contents of the herbs. modernization of the pharmacy has been done. started “Brahamkalp Chikitsalaya” at Kripalu Bagh Ashram. Hence a small scale manufacturing unit of Ayurvedic medicines was established in the campus of Kripalu Bagh Ashram. for quick liquification a fluid wed processor. of raw herbs. The salient feature of this plant is the production of medicine using latest SCADA technology under controlled environmental conditions of temperature and pressure. crossing & pulverizing units have been established. The desired fluid component is added to this extract in the process of making the medicines. toxicological safety tests and clinical trials to create new drugs and therapies.000 kgs. Divya Pharmacy has had the exalted vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind this haloed and revered. fluid wed driers and cleaning. Kankhal in 1995 where patients suffering from various diseases were cured using Ayurvedic medicines and practices of Yoga. This unit has the capacity of extracting from 10. In the year 2002-03.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices(GHP) are being strictly followed. As a result of this Divya Pharmacy has become the first medicine manufacturing unit of Uttarakhand to get ISO-9001 and WHO-GMP certifications. Delhi-Haridwar highway. 1997 it was a great effort with high spirit to collect the valuable medicinal plant and to ensure to grow in Garden. The consequential benefits are no less crucial to the mankind. aromatic and ornamental plants in a organized way in the Patanjali Herbal Garden has been established. It is all about economically processing organic farm produce into daily use consumables ranging from Ayurvedic health supplements to Foods and cosmetics and then supplying them largely to the urban world. These Herbal Gardens have beautiful collections of more than 200 medicinal herbs. trees. to explore more possibilities of a large number of wide collections.arrest of 20 . Backed by a robust preaching and promotion on the popular Astha channel by the world renouned Yog Guru Swami Ramdevji and an international authority on Ayurved and traditional herbs Acharya Balkrishanji. softeners & cooling towers including boilers & air compressors having the capacity to produce 300 ton steam. A utility center has been set up in this production unit which has two 500 KVA generators. Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji. Patanjali Herbal Garden site Gurukul Gaushala Farm. Thereafter. Since.Patanjali Herbal Garden site Nursery. rejuvenation of rural economy. it is all about reinventing our traditional knowledge of Yog and Ayurved. situated nearby Patanjali Yogpeeth at Maharishi Dayanand Gram. And all this at a cost that is unmatched in the market. In the Pharmacy the international standards like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). shrubs. a Divya Vanaushadhi Vatika has been earlier established in the Ashram at Kankhal. The health based products will then be made available to a large population in the urban areas that is reeling under the scourge of polluted food items and artificial drinks that make them vulnerable to a variety of cronic diseases.In the modern packing section of Divya Pharmacy PLC controlled packing equipment having the capacity of 300 volts per minute with automatic blister packing equipment has been installed. H. Good Packaging Practices (GPP). Vaidyaraj Acharya Balkrishna and Swami Muktanand. thereby increasing the effective income of the farmers. A team of Scientists from Botany and Agriculture and a number of swayam sevak are engaged for research and management. The produce will be picked up right from the farms. climbers and ornamental plants. Under the learned guidance of H. Patanjali Herbal Garden & Agro Research Department has been established at following few sites. Bahadrabad. exposition and research of medicinal.

Getting our patients rid of their diseases is again too limited a goal for us to seek. building immune levels. is a company that functions like all other companies under the regulations of the company law affairs.the flight of rural job seekers to the more demeaning urban slums. PATANJALI AYURVED Ltd. This 21 . Amalika. mending the environmental imbalance…and finally fighting the tirade of western culture on Indian panorama. Amalaki contains abandon amounts of Vitamin C – ascorbic acid & is likely to possess richest amounts of it as compared to any edible on this planet. Claim for having found a lasting cure for many other relatively more rampant but equally tormenting diseases like Diabetes. The herbal fruit of Indian gooseberry (amalaki) contains active levels of tannins that help in rejuvenating the body cells & concerned organs. This is natural digestive tonic which helps in regularizing digestion process & cures acidity problem. Getting rid the food we consume of the pollutants in the form of poisonous pesticides and chemical fertilizers that our farmers use. Along with PRANAYAM. undertake to fight out the dreaded and incurable diseases like CANCER and AIDS. Avipattikar Churna is traditionally used to remove excess Pitta (Fire) from the stomach and small intestine. world over. rejuvenating the body. Avipattikar Churna is recommended for complete cure of your acidity. is a goal that we strive to achieve by providing our people the eatables that are cultivated in organic and natural manures and pest repellents. A holistic approach to improvement in the quality of life of all beings. Avipattikar acidity remedy control acid secretion from stomach walls and helps in easy and timely movement of food from stomach to intestines.also known as amala or Aavla (Latin –Emblica officinalis) is Indian gooseberry. the wisdom of our ancient sages. strengthening the health grid of the nation and the world. yet is constantly striving for nation building more than the profit accumulation. Superior quality of our products at a fair price is not the only concern that we have. It is probably the most famous Ayurvedic herbs used in dozens of classical Ayurvedic formulae & in hundreds of patent Ayurvedic formula. revitalizing body systems & top of all. the organic food products and herbal medicines churned out of this unit. burning stomach and indigestion problems. The herb of Amalaki is used for many purposes such as delaying the aging cycle. At micro level the challenge is no less herculean. Arthritis and Thyroid is already established with thousands of patients cured with satisfaction. A regular course of this ayurvedic medicine gives good results & generally no further medication is required. is the purpose behind our being.

Pyrexia of unknown origin (fever)  Divya Hridayamrita Vati for Heart Disease  Divya Kanti Lep for Increasing Skin Splendour  Divya Kayakalp Tail Oil for Skin Problems. use of too much laxative. energy levels and the absorption of nutrients will get altered. PRODUCT LINE AND PORTFOLIO OF PATANJALI YOGPEETH Products of patanjali ypgpeeth are as follows:  Divya Amla Churna for Eyes. Constipation can affect digestion. helps to check mild constipation and improve the appetite. Heartburn and Indigestion. Fatigue and General Health  Divya Chandraprabha Vati for Urinary Disease  Divya Churna for Constipation  Divya Dant Manjan Tooth Powder  Divya Gashar Churna for Removal of Gas  Divya Giloy Sat for Swine flu. enema abuse etc. Bird flu. Avipattikar Churna is very good. appetite. These days most of the people are suffering from constipation. High Pitta (Fire) produces the problem of Acidity or Hyper Acidity. Dandruff and Headache  Divya Madhu Nashini Vati for Diabetes 22 . For hyper acidity and abdominal aches being a mild laxative it makes the stool soft. The failure to excrete the feces from the intestine is termed as constipation. stress. Acne and Pimples  Divya Kesh Tail Hair Oil for Hair Loss. Cracks and Burns  Divya Kayakalp Vati for Skin Disease. To reduce High Pitta (Fire) in the abdomen. Digestion and General Health  Divya Arogyavardhani Vati  Divya Arshakalp Vati for Piles  Divya Ashmarihar Ras for Kidney Stones  Divya Ashwagandha Churna for Stress. wrong food habit. like shortage of fiber in diet. the clearing of toxins from the system is hampered.ayurvedic remedy alleviates acidity. There are many reasons for this disease. insufficient intake of fluid. inadequate exercise.

Along with these medicines. Fever and Flu  Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati for Impotency  Divya Shilajeet Sat for Gout and Weak Immune System  Divya Singhnaad Guggulu for Rheumatism  Divya Stri Rasayan Vati for Menstruation  Divya Swasari Ras for Lung Problems.Divya 23 . Piles and Weight Loss  Divya Udaramrita Vati for Digestion and Stomache Problems  Divya Udarkalp Churna for Indigestion and Constipation  Divya Vatari Churna for Arthritis  Divya Yauvanamrita Vati for Weak Bodies and Impotency  Divya Yograj Guggulu for Joint Pain PRODUCT MIX OF PATANJALI YOGPEETH Swami Ramdev's Divya Medicines are 100% natural. They have proven extremely effective for combating all forms of sickness and disease.Divya  Ajamodadi Choorna . which will strengthen the immune system and quicken the healing process. Bronchitis and Asthma  Divya Triphala Churna for Rejuvination and Detoxification  Divya Triphala Guggulu for Joint Pain.  Divya Madhukalp Vati for Diabetes  Divya Medha Kwath for Headache and Memory Enhancement  Divya Medha Vati for Memory Loss and Improving Intelligence  Divya Medohar Vati for Weight Loss  Divya Mukta Vati for High Blood Pressure  Divya Peya Herbal Tea  Divya Pidantak Ras for Joint Pain and Arthritis  Divya Pidantak Tail Massage Oil for Joint Pain and Arthritis  Divya Punarnavadi Mandur for Kidney Problems and Anemia  Divya Sanjivani Vati for Cold. Swamiji recommends patients to also adopt the practice of Pranayama.  Abhrak Bhasm . made from potent herbs such as the ashtavarga healing plants of the Himalayas.

Divya(Dry Spicy)  Awala .Divya(for Leucoderma)  Beauty Cream 50 gm .Divya  Amrit Rasayan .Patanjali  Bang Bhasma 5gm . Strength and over all nourishment)  Anti Wrinkle Cream . Aloevera Gel  Aloe Vera Juice .Divya / Vrikkdosh Har Kwath .Patanjali Tejus  Arjuna Kvath .Divya  Amla / Awala Juice 1 Liter .Divya (Dry Sweetened)  Awala / Amla Murabba Wet .Divya  Ashvagandha Capsule .Divya (for Eyes.Divya  Badam Rogan .Divya(for Brain.Patanjali  Ashvagandha Churna .Divya  Bael Murabba .Patanjali (Juice of Emblica Officinalis) / Divya Amalki  Rasayana 100 gm  Awala .Divya  Balm .Divya (Amla) Murabba . Digestion and General Health)  Amlki Rasayan .Patanjali 1 Lt.Divya  Bavaci Choorna . Eyes.Divya (Amla) Murabba . Fatigue and General Health)  Ashvashila Capsule .Divya(for Piles) 20 Grams  Ashmarihar Kvath .Divya  Badam Pak .Divya(for Coronary Artery Disease)  Arshakalp Vati .Divya  Ashmarihar Ras .Divya  Bael Candy .Divya(for Piles)40 grams  Arshkalp Vati .Patanjali  Avipattikar Choorna . or Aloe Vera 30 Capsules  Amla Churna .Divya  Awala Choorna .Divya (for Stress.Patanjali Tejus  Bilwadi Churna .Divya 24 .

Divya (for Skin Disease.Divya  Kaisara Guggulu .Patanjali (Tooth Paste)  Divya Dhara  Drishti Eye Drop .Divya (for Increasing Skin Splendour)  Kayakalp Kwath . Acne and Pimples) 20 Grams  Kayakalp Vati . Dandruff and Headache)  Lavan Bhaskar Churna .Divya (Tooth Powder)  Dant Kanti .Divya with Ashtavarga Healing Plants (1 Kilogram)  Crack Heal Cream . Cracks and Burns)  Kayakalp Vati . Chronic Headache.Divya (for Chronic Renal Failure)  Gulab Jal . Acne and Pimples) 40 Grams  Kesh Tail .Divya 25 .Divya (Pure Himalayan Honey)  Hridayamrita Vati .Patanjali Tejus  Body Massage Oil 100ml .Patanjali 40gm  Godanti Bhasm . Sprue Syndrome.Divya (for Heart Disease) 40 Grams  Kachanar Guggulu .Patanjali  Gangadhar Choorna .Divya (Hair Oil for Hair Loss.Divya (for Urinary Disease & diabetes)  Churna .Divya (Psoriasis & Eczema)  Kanti Lep .Divya (for Skin Problems)  Kayakalp Tail .Divya (for Diarrhoea .Divya (for Migraine. Ama)  Gashar Churna .Patanjali  Daliya : Patanjali Arogya Daliya  Dant Manjan . Body Lotion .Divya (for Heart Disease) 20 Grams  Hridayamrita Vati .Patanjali  Chatpata Choorna  Chandraprabha Vati .Divya (for Skin Disease.Divya (for Skin Problems. Depression & Hernia)  Gokshuradi Guggulu .Divya  Honey .Divya (for Removal of Gas)  Giloy Ghan Vati .Divya (for Constipation)  Chyawanprash .

 Panchakol Choorna .Divya (for Cold.Divya (for Weight Loss)  Mukta Pishti .Patanjali  Lauki .Divya  Peedantak Cream 50 gm .Divya (for Osteoporosis)  Medha Kwath .Divya (Massage Oil for Joint Pain and Arthritis)  Praval (branch) Pisthi.Divya  Sarvakalp Kwath .Patanjali  Peya (Herbal Tea) .Divya (for Memory Loss and Improving Intelligence) 40 grams  Medohar Vati .Patanjali  Shampoo .Divya (for Liver Problems and Jaundice)  Shadbindu Tail . Lauki Juice .Amla Juice .Divya (for Kidney Problems and Anemia)  Sanjivani Vati .Divya (for Diabetes)  MahaYograja Guggulu .Divya 100 Grams  Peya (Herbal Tea) .Divya (for High Blood Pressure)  Mukta-shukti Bhasm .Divya  Shatavar Choorna .Divya 26 .Divya(for Headache and Memory Enhancement)  Medha Vati . Fever and Flu)  Saptavimshati Guggulu .Patanjali 60 Gr.Divya 300 Grams  Pidantak Kwath .Patanjali  Shankh Bhasm .Divya  Mukta Vati .Divya  Ojas Multani Mitti .Divya (for for Joint Pain and Arthritis)  Pidantak Tail .Divya  Punarnavadi Mandur .Divya (for Diabeties)  Madhukalp Vati .Divya  Praval Panchamrit.Divya (for Joint Pain and Arthritis)  Pidantak Ras .Patanjali  Nimb Ghan Vati .Patanjali  Madhu Nashini Vati .

Patanjali  Shilajeet Rasayan Vati .Divya (for Lung Problems.Patanjali  Soap Gomutra Kanti .Patanjali  Soap Somya .Body Cleanser .Divya  Sitopaladi Choorna .Mogra Body Cleanser .Divya (for Gout and Weak Immune System) 50 gm  Singhnad Guggulu .Patanjali  Soap Ojas Aquafresh .Body Cleanser . Shilajit Capsule .Divya (for Impotency)  Shilajeet Sat .Divya (for Gout and Weak Immune System)  Shilajeet Sat . Bronchitis and Asthma)  Tejus Tailum For Women  (Tooth Powder) Divya Dant Manjan  (Tooth Paste) Dant Kanti Patanjali  Trayodashang Guggulu Divya  Trikuta Choorna Divya  Triphala Churna Divya (for Rejuvination and Detoxification)  Triphala Guggulu Divya (for Joint Pain.Patanjali  Stri Rasayan Vati .Body Cleanser .Divya  Swasari Ras .Patanjali  Soap Ojas Aquafresh .Patanjali  Soap Patanjali Somya Haldi Chandan Body Cleanser . Piles and Weight Loss)  Tulsi Ghan Vati Patanjali 40 Gr.Divya  Soap Kanti Aloevera Body Cleanser .  Udaramrita Vati Divya (for Digestion and Stomache Problems)  Udarkalp Churna Divya (for Indigestion and Constipation)  Vatari Churna Divya (for Arthritis)  Yauvanamrita Vati Divya (for Weak Bodies and Impotency)  Yograj Guggulu Divya (for Joint Pain) 20 Grams  Yograj Guggulu Divya (for Joint Pain) 40 grams  Wheat Grass Powder Organic 1 Month Doses  Chatpata Choorna 27 .

Yoga has been there in India since time immemorial. leave aside the thought of popularizing it among the masses. organizers and managers of the enterprises but they are also great visionaries who not only anticipate the future needs but also keep a check on the present requirements. while travelling. had a product which was well researched.  For Gastric troubles and taste  Divya Jeera Goli  Divya Anardaana Goli  Divya Chatpata Chuara  Divya Nimbu Vati From nowhere to everywhere. Nobody could have thought of commercializing it. meant for different age groups of people based on their ability to perform a particular aasan. He saw. had some exclusivity attached to it. We are sure Baba must have worked tirelessly on his mission away from the glare of media. keeping a check on the preparations and one day he must have decided to appear on the big stage and take the world by storm that seems to be a meticulously planned launch of the “Brand Baba”. let them channelize their energy and control their inner self toward a single goal. had all the medium of advertisement to support his Brand. 28 . In marketing parlance we can think of it as a product which was restricted to a very small segment of society. while working in an office or for that matter whenever people found themselves free. it has been synonymous with sadhus( saints) who usually after relinquishing their mundane world in search of God or Nirvana used to keep them healthy. is supposed to be rightly described as the arrival of Baba and his infectious popularism among the masses. listened to their problems & tried to solve them. Entrepreneurs are not only risk bearers. The epithet “He came . waiting for a train at the platform. As a good marketer would do he made himself available for the masses through his “Yoga Shivers”. People were looking for a solution to their stressful life. connected with them personally. fit. had variants of products in terms of different Yoga Aasans for different ailments. He conquered”. completing all his defined tasks. Suddenly everyone was seen rubbing his/her nails walking by the road side. which used to be considered Generic till now was well known by “Baba Ramdev Brand of Yoga”. He as a true entrepreneur anticipated this need before anyone could and sold his idea of a complete health to the masses. Yoga. he was there everywhere in the life of people. expertise of saint in performing it and a luxury which could only be afforded by the disciples of saints. an alternative form of medicine. Brand Baba seems to be pervasive.

the consumers were looking for products which were close to nature. he has not only reached to the interiors of the places but he is also there in the mind of the people enjoying the share of his own. Books. infact they ended up following his footsteps…even the corporate world found a big market for herbal products..V. organizations. People. wherever you go you find his hoardings announcing the date of his Shivers. available through different channels based on your convenience( like T.His journey didn’t stop with his Brand of Yoga. There might be other before he appeared on scene. which is a sign of a big brand. And finally look what he is doing. can be used anywhere anytime( operational convenience). common man identified with him and he positioned his product as a “ Total Health Solution” unlike the craze generated by the Filmstars to develop bulging biceps. It seem that after achieving the leadership position in 29 .. when big business houses were struggling to launch and operate Branded Medical Stores. Shivers ). He is different in terms of the practicality and objectivity of his product unlike the subjective nature of the discourses delivered by spiritual gurus. His product promise for a lifelong solution ( durability). He has made his brand ambassadors out of his own followers who very religiously vouch for his claims and motivate people who come in contact with them to practice Yoga. His name has become synonymous with Yoga and Ayurveda. His USP is that he made himself approachable. his product emphasizes on precaution rather than cure…. His presence was so infectious that people from different walks of life were cashing on his popularity….Filmstars like Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu came with their own version of Yoga CD’s but could not pose a challenge to his leadership. There has been lot of yoga gurus and they are there today also who can challenge him in the art of yoga but there is only one Baba Ramdev the Yoga Guru turned out to be a Great Marketing Guru. He is in his unique way different from other gurus who only give spiritual discourses. he has taken the responsibility to bring back the black money to the nation and eradicate the corruption from the country. zero figure which could be defined as a fad bound to fade away without notice. that how marketing can help in reviving the traditional form of things that too with a handsome profit and one need not to be an American or someone from a developed world to market a product and lay a claim on it. institutions involve in any kind of traditional thing in India can take a lesson or two from Baba. He run his trust as a big corporate house generating employment. curved body. he was once again there bang on launching his own Brand of Ayurvedic Medicine Stores ( Patanjali) all over India…Franchising model also included. there are many in his era also but no one could make an impact like him. profit and his initiative has not only pumped a new lease of life to ayurveda but has also indirectly helped people to find out an employment as yoga instructors in schools. colleges and corporate houses. He is ubiquitous.a feature which make his product standout from the rest of crowd and even if any ailment need to be cured he has the natural therapies and his own brand of ayurvedic medicine to compliment his main product.

His Brand seems to be in crisis these days and there is a need of second thought to be given to the diversification. I feel he should have thought of Co-Branding with Anna.his form of business he want to diversify to the business of politics. It’s still not too late . he must think strategically on his move and rethink of launching his brand of movement again with new energy and a new look. 30 . this could have made it easy for him to diversify into the business of politics. There is always a risk of diluting your brand if you think of entering into a totally different field and Baba has taken that risk.

They report profitability and the financial position of the business at the end of accounting period. The two statements are: - 31 . INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC MEANING OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS:- Financial statements refer to such statements which contains financial information about an enterprise. The team financial statement includes at least two statements which the accountant prepares at the end of an accounting period.

Thus the financial statement provides a summarized view of financial positions and operations of a firm.1. The Balance Sheet 2. The final step is interpretation and drawing of inference and conclusions. Profit And Loss Account They provide some extremely useful information to the extent that balance Sheet mirrors the financial position on a particular date in terms of the structure of assets. MEANING OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS The first task of financial analysis is to select the information relevant to the decision under consideration to the total information contained in the financial statement. 32 . liabilities and owners equity. Financial statement is the process of selection. The second step is to arrange the information in a way to highlight significant relationship. and so on and the Profit And Loss account shows the results of operations during a certain period of time in terms of the revenues obtained and the cost incurred during the year. relation and evaluation.

 To know the financial strengths.  To make comparison between various groups to draw various conclusions.  To know the capability of payment of interest & dividends. if financial position is to be studied then balance sheet analysis will be necessary. He should know the plans and policies of the management so that he may be able to find out whether these plans are properly executed or not. On the other hand. If the aim is find out. Earning capacity of the enterprise then analysis of income statement will be undertaken.  To know the trend of business.Features of Financial Analysis  .  To know the solvency.To classify the items contained in the financial statement in convenient and rational groups.  The extent of analysis should be determined so that the sphere of work may be decided. 33 . Purpose of Analysis of financial statements  To know the earning capacity or profitability.  .  To know the efficiency of mgt.  To make comparative study with other firms.  To provide useful information to mgt Procedure of Financial Statement Analysis The following procedure is adopted for the analysis and interpretation of financial statements:-  The analyst should acquaint himself with principles and postulated of accounting.To present a complex data contained in the financial statement in simple and understandable form.

But the information in the financial statement is not an end in itself as no meaningful can be drawn from these statements alone The information provided in the financial statement is of immense use in making decisions through analysis and interpretation of financial statements. 34 .  The information is interpreted in a simple and understandable way. Breaking down of individual components of statement according to nature. trends. common size. They play a dominant role in setting the framework of managerial decisions. The data is reduced to a standard form. JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDY Financial Statements are prepared primarily for decision-making. It will involve the grouping similar data under same heads.  The financial data be given in statement should be recognized and rearranged. The significance and utility of financial data is explained for help in decision making. The financial analysis is the process of identifying the financial strength and weakness of the firm by properly establishing relationship between the items of the balance sheet and P&L A/C.  A relationship is established among financial statements with the help of tools & techniques of analysis such as ratios.  The conclusions drawn from interpretation are presented to the management in the form of reports. fund flow etc.

common size statement. cost volume profit analysis and “RATIO ANALYSIS”. There are various methods or techniques used in analyzing financial statement such as comparative statement. 35 . a financial analyst analysis the financial statement with various tools of analysis before commenting upon the financial health or weaknesses of an enterprise. schedule of changes in working capital. Just like a DOCTOR examines his patient by recording his body temperature. fund flow and cash flow analysis. trend analysis. blood pressure etc before making his conclusion regarding the illness and before giving his treatment. It is a process of establishing and interpreting various ratios that the financial statements can be analysed more clearly and decisions made from such analysis. Ratio analysis is one of the most powerful tools of financial analysis.


These figures often do not convey much meaning unless expressed in relation to other figures. Thus.” “A ration is simply one number expressed in terms of another.” TYPES OF RATIOS  Proportion or Pure Ratio or Simple ratio.  Simplification of accounting data.  Percentage  Fraction.  Rate or so many Times.  Helpful in comparative study.  Helpful in forecasting  Estimate about the trend of the business  Fixation of ideal standards  Effective control  Study of financial soundness.N. it c a be say that the relationship between two figures. Anthony. CLASSIFICATION OF RATIOS 37 . expressed in arithmetical terms is called a ratio.  Helpful in locating the weak spots of the business. It is found by dividing one number into the other. .MEANING: Absolute figures expressed in financial statements by themselves are meaningfulness. “According to R. OBJECTS AND ADVANTAGES OR USES OF RATIO ANALYSIS  Helpful in analysis of financial statements.

Activity Ratios: Activity ratios are calculated to measure the efficiency with which the resources of a firm have been employed. Generally. two types of profitability ratios are calculated.g. III. Debit Equity Ratio and Interest Coverage Ration.g.g. Profitablity Ratios: These ratios measure the results of business operations or overall performance and effective of the firm e. gross profit ratio.In view of the financial management or according to the tests satisfied. II. These ratios are calculated to comment upon the short-term paying capacity of a concern or the firm’s ability to meet its current obligations. Liquidity Ratios: These are the ratios which measure the short-term solvency or financial position of a firm. operating ratio or capital employed. Leverage Ratios. These ratios are also called turnover ratios because they indicate the speed with which assets are being turned over into sales e. debtors turnover ratio. (a) In relation to Sales. various ratios have been classifieds as below I. Long –Term Solvency and Leverage Ratios: Long-term solvency ratios convey a firm’s ability to meet the interest cost and repayment schedules of its long-term obligation e. and (b) In relation in Investment 38 . IV.


One can draw conclusions about the exact financial position of a concern with the help of ratios. Research is defined as “a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic”. formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions. Research is an art of scientific investigation. an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. Making deductions and reaching conclusions to determine whether they if the formulating hypothesis.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Research methodology is a systematic way to solve the research problem. Research is thus. It is important to design the methodology for solving the problem as the methodology may differ from problem to problem. Research comprises defining and redefining problems. Financial statement analysis is an attempt to determine the significance and meaning of financial statement data so that forecast may be made of the future earning. It is a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. position or weakness of an enterprise. A financial ratio is the relationship between two accounting figures expressed mathematically ratio provide clues to the financial position of the concern. Research is an academic activity and this term should be used in a technical sense. soundness. Research is a systematized effort to gain now knowledge. The search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solutions to a problem is research Statement of the Problem The purpose of financial analysis is to diagnose the information contained in financial statements so as to judge the profitability and financial soundness of the firm. These are the pointers and indicators of financial strength. ability to pay interest and debt maturities and profitability of a sound dividend policy. LITERARURE REVIEW 40 .

Pg 67. ‘Advanced Accounting7” pg b40-b48. “Statistics for Business and Economics 12” pg209-212 “Calculation of trend analysis and its interpretation”. “How ratio can be analysed and about the interpretation of these ratios.  Cooper R. trend and statistical tools”.” * Gupta S.M “Financial Management6” Pg-143-145 “How to prepare comparative balance sheet and how can we evaluate”. Different ratios depict the position of firm in market”.Y. * Maheshwari.Donald. how can we say that the firm is going well or not”. Pg 378-418 “From here I found the information regarding correlation. Ratios and there formulations”. * Goel D. “Business Statistics4”.c. “Financial Statement Analysis-A new approach3”. S.R.K. “Fundamentals of Statistics11” pg112. * Khan M.  Hooda R. 2006. “Marketing Research10” pg15 “Some theoretical knowledge about the type of data”.P. “Management Accounting and Financial Management5”.. “Fundamental of Financial Management13” pg125-130 “From this I got how to analyse the financial condition”  Chandra Prasanna. “It explains ratio analysis as a tool to analyze the financial statements of organization.  Horne James. “Management Accounting& Financial Management8” pg 28-30 “from this I have how to prepare comparative balance sheet and how to interpret it” * Jain T. its meaning” OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 41 .  Berry G..K.C.P. “From here I found the definitions that are the base for the statistical tools”. pg103-108 “this book help me to analyse the balance sheet. * Mittal R.  S.N. * Bruch Lev.Van. “Business Research Methods17”. * Pandey. pg176-180 “all about sampling design. Jain P. “Fundamental of Financial Management14”. “Information about the calculation of chi square test”. “Statistics for MBA9” Pg part C 135-138.. I. Pg 78 “In this I found the different types of ratios and there formulas and about thumb rule and all basic concept”.C Gupta.K “Management Accounting2”. p-11.

Primary objective:- 1) To analyse the financial statements of the corporation to its true financial position by the use of ratios. These are shown below :- 1. Primary objective 2. It is the data which is already collected by someone else. It has 42 . so as to judge the company financial situation profitability and financial soundness of firm which will help out in forecasting future earning ability to pay interest and debt maturities and dividend policy. Objectives are the main aspect of every study. Secondary objective:- 1) To find out the shortcomings in HDFC Bank. It guides the researcher and keeps him on track. Every study must have an objective for which all the efforts have been done. 2) To see whether HDFC Bank is going well or not in different areas. Secondary objective 1. Without objective no research can be conducted and no result can be obtained. 2. On the basis of objective all the research process is followed.Objectives are the ends that states specifically how goal be achieved. 3) To provide information to investors for enabling them to take investment. Researcher has to analyze the data and interprets the results. NATURE OF STUDY The study is diagnosis in nature. The objective of the study gives direction to go through the research problem.  I have two objectives regarding my research project. DATA COLLECTION In present study only secondary data has been taken into account. It diagnosis the information of the financial statement of HDFC Bank.

statement of the problem. financial analysis. suitable. literature . business profile. 43 . next chapter is of Ratio analysis then Research Methodology which provide information about justification of the study.review. resent development. organization structure SWOT analysis etc. objectives of the study. adequate and specific knowledge. feature & purpose of financial analysis etc.e Company profit which details about introduction. Next chapter contain information of project which details about financial statement. data collection etc. nature. technology capital structure. percentage Method and bar Diagram. Further I took help of many books for analysis the financial situation. Data comprises financial statement of last 3years of HDFC Bank which is collected from bank website and newspapers. After then next chapter initials the data analysis and interpretation which provide finding of the study and lastly bibliography. ORGANISATION OF THE STUDY Organization of the study is combination of various chapters i. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRITATION For analysis of data tools applied are calculation of various ratios. distribution network. It provides reliable.always been important for the completion of any report.


519.03 Adjusted PAT 2.44 3. 43.887.35 - Reported net profit 2.50 Depreciation 394.911. - Personnel expenses 2.55 1.16 Retained earnings 5.12 Equity dividend 549.74 3. Profit loss account Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Mar ' 06 Income Operating income 19.85 Adminstrative expenses 4.33 4.596. - Manufacturing expenses .944.054. .881.19 0.68 2.75 1.06 -0.70 -1.244.17 .02 4.395.97 3.82 Selling expenses 83.334.73 4.403.59 Expenses capitalized .96 31.38 301. .818.928.424.16 Adjusted PBT 4.93 -0.04 102. - Dividend tax 91.10 4.59 -0.583.142.855. .354.786. .51 Non recurring items 4.20 38.12 1.91 Other recurring income 17. .90 497.29 51.179.992.141. . .253.06 1.10 1.48 1.18 2.73 2.73 Balance sheet Balance sheet Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Mar ' 06 Sources of funds Owner's fund 45 . . . - Cost of sales 7.92 690.575.72 219.79 1.00 24.38 Adjusted PBDIT 4.09 245. 3.54 Tax charges 1.91 271.303.29 Financial expenses 7.27 223.78 Earnigs before appropriation 6. .73 74.05 0.947.929.68 2.76 19.34 5.340.35 1.29 425.41 8.863.663.301.48 1.87 3.645.12 3.486.86 2.26 Operating profit 4.846.57 172.522.371.238.247. .321.32 1. . .99 1. .276.12 1.677.770.02 6.68 114.77 2.309.289.81 4.20 1.567.27 Other non cash adjustments -0.50 870.752.39 359.169.05 2.59 Other write offs .45 1.10 870.590.23 72.60 178.72 12.77 2.23 Preference dividend .568. 241.930.83 1.936.958.98 3.240.88 80.12 108.762.35 776.72 .30 8.473.15 2.70 383.589.67 Expenses Material consumed .803.56 2.86 486.77 3.31 3.

74 425.796.80 6.43 319.67.768.90 1. .39 depreciation Net block 2.706.37 3131.14 Share application .160.73 .249.79 -16.16 2. .75 14. . .49 liabilities & provisions Total net current -14.277.61 1. .22 -10. - progress Investments 58.393.76 4. .402. . .615.064.564. .817.585.93 5.49 38.539.955.65 -5.83 74.67 855.689.226.720.63 2. - expenses not written Total 46.79 -12.43 4253.43 11.928.09 61.849.64 Notes: Book value of .82 Total 1. .39 313.94 22. . 0.09 & advances Less : current 20.69 3.60 68. - capital Reserves & surplus 21.62 16.56 1.926.38 354.13 966.80 28. .62 58. - reserve Less : accumulated 2.589.731.356.33 3193.605.58 1.55 49. - unquoted investments Market value of .363. . .707.09.79 2. .917.07 money Preference share .211. .84 3544.14.Equity share capital 457.39 Loan funds Secured loans .42 46 .86 Number of equity 4577.99.45 21.13 7.386.47 Less : revaluation .44 1.91 13.42 Uses of funds Fixed assets Gross block 4.811.00.338.99 1.31 1.297. .447.404. - Unsecured loans 1.89 734.572. 400. loans 5.431.176.94 55.92 .54 30.48 2..986.660. .57.15 6.81 1. .82 23.956.864.08 Capital work-in.40 assets Miscellaneous .93 1.113. .175.12. .96 Net current assets Current assets.83 4.42.607.265.86 950. - quoted investments Contingent liabilities 44.97 3.

33 EPS (Rs) Reported EPS 64.81 (Rs) Reported cash 73.95 61.25 92.24 52.8 (Rs) Adjusted cash 72.32 86.42 52.16 41.03 61.56 profit per share (Rs) 47 .sharesoutstanding (Lacs) RATIOS OF HDFC BANK Ratios Mar ' Mar ' Mar ' Mar ' Mar ' 10 09 08 07 06 Per share ratios Adjusted EPS 64.14 52.19 52.77 27.5 7 5.5 share Operating 106.2 41.74 27.34 EPS (Rs) Dividend per 12 10 8.53 50.85 35.33 52.36 107.68 44.51 50.87 35.77 44.

7 15.42 return on net worth (%) Reported 13.98 177. .62 10.57 259.68 15.74 16.Book value 470.24 (incl rev res) per share (Rs.83 17.44 324.35 margin (%) Net profit 14.38 201.69 132.56 margin (%) Gross profit 22.11 margin (%) Adjusted 13.34 74.58 30.07 23.01 19.53 debt/equity 48 .32 13.76 10.78 33. - debt / Equity Total 7.42 169.01 per share (Rs) Profitability ratios Operating 24.19 344.75 16.76 11.29 13.55 252.91 60.38 201.36 19.08 83.37 269.71 13.43 return on net worth (%) Return on long 56. .8 income per share (Rs) Free reserves 363.82 17.57 15.15 15. .35 12.39 18.5 26.19 344.44 324.03 464.89 155.75 8.87 30.42 169.) Net operating 436.55 margin (%) Adjusted cash 16.24 (excl rev res) per share (Rs) Book value 470.82 13.05 28.31 62.15 29.06 term funds (%) Leverage ratios Long term .77 348.78 9.

07 83.25 77.24 8.63 1.33 3.24 5 5.17 payout ratio (cash profit) Earning 78.03 0.38 1.67 as % of total source Fixed assets 4.04 0.13 54.28 0.03 0.16 22. .26 0.44 retention ratio Cash earnings 80.03 0.9 1.26 0.6 8.23 4.44 1.87 charges coverage ratio Fin.18 4. .Owners fund 11.91 54.5 turnover ratio Liquidity ratios Current ratio 0. .11 77.07 5. - turnover ratio Payout ratios Dividend 21.29 Current ratio 0.18 Inventory .83 77.69 84.39 9.29 1.3 10. charges 1.16 22. st loans) Quick ratio 7.11 flow time total debt Financial 1.87 81.14 5.15 19.32 15.82 80.72 22.43 1.67 cov.5 1.79 1.55 payout ratio (net profit) Dividend 19.89 4.14 42.ratio (post tax) 49 .1 18.93 16.6 43.27 0.83 retention ratio Coverage ratios Adjusted cash 50.91 22.03 (inc.79 77.


Material cost - - - - -
component (%
Selling cost 0.41 0.54 0.92 0.9 1.45
Exports as - - - - -
percent of
total sales
Import comp. - - - - -
in raw mat.
Long term 0.91 0.9 0.91 0.89 0.92
assets / total



Liqudity Ratio
These are the ratios which measure the short-term solvency or financial position of a firm. These
ratios are calculated to comment upon the short-term paying capacity of a concern or the firm’s
ability to meet its current obligations.


Current Ratio

Current ratio may be defined as the relationship between current assets and current liabilities.
Current ratio = Current assets/current liabilities

Year 2008 2009 2010
Current Ratio 0.28 0.27 0.26

If the C.R. is less than 2: 1, it indicates lack of liquidity and shortage of working capital. But a
much higher ratio, even though it is beneficial to the short-term creditors, is not necessarily
good for the company. A much higher ratio than 2: 1 may indicate the poor investment
policies of the management. So liquidity of Bank is satisfactory.

Quick ratio

This ratio help in measuring the firm’s ability to repay its current liabilities immediately and
calculated as follows:-
Quick ratio Quick ratio = Quick Assets / current liabilities


1 considered as a standard ratio. Earning per share ratio This ratio indicates that how much amount is earned on a share. Returnn on share holder’s fund This ratio measure that how much profit is generated on amount invested by the share holders. EPS = Net profit after (interest.Year 2008 2009 2010 Quick ratio 7.Higher ratio indicates toward goodliqudity ratio of a company and vice-versa.23 4. tax & preference dividend) / No.14 5. of equity shares 53 .89 Interpretation A liquid Ratio of 1.

00 8.53 Interpretation: This ratio is helpful in the determination of the market price of the equity share of the company.Year 2008 2009 2010 EPS (Rs) 73.50 54 . of equity shares Year 2008 2009 2010 Dividend per share 12.00 10.24 52.03 61. The ratio is also helpful in estimating the capacity of the company to declare dividends on equity shares. DPS = Dividend paid to equity shareholders / No. Dividend per share ratio Dividend is the amount distributed among shareholders out of total profits.

83 55 . This represents higher the ratio more is the good will of the firm.25 77.Interpretation: This Ratio indicates how much profit has been given in hand to the equity share holders.79 77. Earning ratio = Market price of share / EPS Year 2008 2009 2010 Earning ratio 78. Price-Earning ratio This ratio establishes the relationship between market price of share and earning per share.

15 19.10 18. Dividend payout ratio This ratio indicates that how much profit is distributed as dividendout of the total profit earned by a company.Interpretation: This ratio indicates that to earn the earning per share how much amount is spent to purchasing that share. Dividend payout ratio = DPS / EPS * 100 Year 2008 2009 2010 Dividend payout 19. It also include that weather the market price is low or high.93 ratio (cash profit) 56 .

This ratio depe nd on the stage of the company.Interpretation: This ratio is used by the share holders to know that how much return they will get on amount invested by them. operating ratio or capital employed. gross profit ratio. Gross profit is resulteant of sales and cost of good sold.g. Gross profit ratio It establishes the relationship between gross profit and sales. Gross profit ratio = Gross profit/ Net sales * 100 57 . Profibility ratio These ratios measure the results of business operations or overall performance and effective of the firm e.

78 58 . A high ratio indicates that the business can survive even in case of rising costor decreasing selling prise of the goods.Year 2008 2009 2010 Gross profit 22.39 18.05 28.58 Interpretation: Greater the ratio more profitable business will be.87 30. Operating ratio = Operating cost/ net sales * 100 Year 2008 2009 2010 Operating ratio 24. It is the indicator of the efficiency of the management.36 19. Operating ratio The relationship between the operating expence and sales is called operating ratio.

Net Profit Ratio This ratio depicts the relationship between net profit and sales. With the help of the ratio. the more efficient the firm is because it means the operating cost are lessin comparison to net sales. Net profit is calculated by adding non operating income and deducting indirect expence in the gross profit.35 12. Net profit Ratio = Net profit / Net Sales * 100 Year 2008 2009 2010 Net profit 14.76 11. inter firm comparison can bemade to check the operating cost of one company with that of another.82 59 .Interpretation: The lower the operating ratio.

the profitability of the company will be higher and vice-versa.Interpretation: This ratio should be on lower side this ratio is very significant. If these are of very lower side. 60 .

But a much higher ratio. even though it is beneficial to the short-term creditors.  This ratio is helpful in the determination of the market price of the equity share of the company. is less than 2: 1.  A liquid Ratio of 1. This represents higher the ratio more is the good will of the firm.R. So liquidity of Bank is satisfactory. is not necessarily good for the company. The ratio is also helpful in estimating the capacity of the company to declare dividends on equity shares  This Ratio indicates how much profit has been given in hand to the equity share holders. 61 . it indicates lack of liquidity and shortage of working capital.Higher ratio indicates toward goodliqudity ratio of a company and vice-versa. 1 considered as a standard ratio. A much higher ratio than 2: 1 may indicate the poor investment policies of the management. FINDINGS FINDINGS  If the C.

It also include that weather the market price is low or high. If these are of very lower side.  The lower the operating ratio. This ratio indicates that to earn the earning per share how much amount is spent to purchasing that share. It is the indicator of the efficiency of the management. A high ratio indicates that the business can survive even in case of rising costor decreasing selling prise of the goods. This ratio depe nd on the stage of the company. the profitability of the company will be higher and vice-versa.  Greater the ratio more profitable business will be. inter firm comparison can bemade to check the operating cost of one company with that of another. Limitations of the Study 62 .  This ratio is used by the share holders to know that how much return they will get on amount invested by them. the more efficient the firm is because it means the operating cost are lessin comparison to net sales. With the help of the ratio.  This ratio should be on lower side this ratio is very significant.

63 . Some of such limitations encountered by me in this study are as follows: -  The most important factor.  Confidential matters were not easily revealed. This study has not been conducted over an extended period of time having both market ups and downs. is the time factor. The market state has a significant influence on the buying patterns and preference of investors. in the same way no study can be considered as fully reliable at one glance.  Due to changing environment.Limitations of the Study As no person is perfect in this world. The study has not captured such situations. what is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. There are number of uncontrollable factors acting as limitations in conducting the study. which limits the research.

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