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Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree

Observation Task 1: Environmental Print in the Classroom
Focus: Noticing the purposes of environmental print in the classroom

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify and discuss the purpose of environmental
print in the classroom

Procedure: Familiarize yourself with the Observation Table: Documenting Environmental Print

Table 1: Documenting Environmental Print
Examples of Environmental Print Purpose Ideas for further

Is the process of It is depends of the unit
adding, subtracting they taken and help child
numbers and children to develop the cognitive
can review by self in skills to do the test.
the corner to see if he
can know and
correctly, also ordering
the number they write
the missing number.

Children work, for This idea is support
example their theme children to have self-
about our earth, they confidence, its make
color the earth. Also happy to see they work in
put in the board, to the class. Even it develop
show them they work fine motor skills.
and encourage.

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree

In the reading area, This corner will help
teacher put some children develop language
alphabet letters of and the ability to
Arabic and English, to pronounce the letters and
be easier for children repeat them and also
to memorize the share with them in the
letters names and the opinions and give
sounds. examples. Also they can
write the letter in the
small board, and read

Reflections on Observation Task 1: Environmental in the Classroom

Read the questions below and choose (1) one to respond to

1. How does environmental print impact students’ language development, and their
reading and writing abilities? Giving students some examples and repetition and also
more practicing to them to be clearer for them.

How do students of different reading levels use environmental print?


Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree

3. How does awareness of environmental print impact how students view themselves as
readers? Children with print awareness can begin to understand that written language
is related to oral language. For example, knowing that print is read from left to right
and top to bottom.

4. How does a school-home connection (based on environmental print) impact students'
literacy development?

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree