EERF6311 RF & Microwave Circuits

Assignment 3

Exercise 1:
Assume that a microstrip line has h=0.7874 mm and that RF/Duroid (  r  2.23 ) . Gold is
utilized as a conductor. The thickness of the conductior is t=50 µm. Determine the with of the
transmission line utilizing TX LINE from AWR.

Install the software TX Line. Please go to the website

If for any reason you can reach this site, please search for TXLINE DOWNLOAD.

Exercise 2: Problem 2.19 (part a) Gonzalez.
Design a matching circuit shown in Figure 2 to transmform the 50-Ω load to the input
impedance 100 – j100 Ω. Utilize Y-Smith Chart.

Figure 2

Exercise 3: 2.20 Problem 2.20 (part a) - Gonzalez
Design a single-stub matching network (see Figure 3) to match the load ZL=15+j25Ω to a
50-Ω. The characteristic of the short circuited stabu is 50-Ω. Use Y-Smith Chart

Figure 3

Exercise 4– Part of Problem 2. Load impedance to the input dadmittance given in the figure.21 Gonzalez Design the matching newtork shown in Figure 4. Use Y-Smith Charts. Figure 4 2 . to transform the 50-Ω.