Drivas 1

Nick Drivas

Aaron C. Thomas

Theatre History II

September 14, 2016

Synthesis and Exegesis

This article describes the objectification of female actresses in the restoration period

theatre. The male idealization of viewing women as sexual objects has been a topic of discussion

and controversy in day to day life; as well as particularly in entertainment for centuries. The

viewing of the out of reach female as an object is a generalized trait of men that has been

imbedded in societal teachings. Its treatment of normalcy that it carries when discussed and even

laughed over is actually appalling when thought over for what it actually is. In the Restoration,

the actress performing was portrayed, conveyed, and interpreted as a sexual object. Embodying

and encapsulated the desire of sex, these actresses had no separation from their characters in the

minds of many of these theatre goers. The idea of viewing an actress as the character and nothing

else is a stigma that has quite evident in many instances. It is criticized and frowned upon, but

then regurgitated across the plane in mainstream media varying from film, to television, to many

mediums alike. Described as the “sexpot,” we see many actresses today represented by the

characters they portray and many horny men and women solely view them for these limiting yet

visually appealing characters. In the Restoration, the viewers had more capabilities to pursue and

satisfy the urge of appeal that the sexually objectified actresses conveyed. With the right amount

of money and prestige, you too could take home the actress of your desire. Today, mail ordering

Christina Hendricks dressed as her signature red haired, tiny waisted, wide hipped, blessedly

busty, plump lipped character, Joan Holloway, from the hit series Mad Men, to your door would

but we cannot stand oblivious to the fact that right in front on a TV screen or blocks away at a cinema there is sexual objectification of women at every willing ticket buyer’s disposal. In conclusion. we can look behind us and criticize the actions and behaviors of the past and dissect and analyze the cause and possible prevention tactics. A solid tactic for profit is far from a solid tactic for progress and the future. . Drivas 2 be a much more difficult task to carryout. Regardless. running the same internal clock work of anyone else. even the aroused Joe from the fourth row. it is the association and the lack of separation and differentiation that musters the issue in question: Viewers objectify the actress to her character’s boiled down sex appeal and frame her solely into the character she portrays without any regard for the fact that she is a ticking human being.