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Cebex® 112 constructive solutions

Mortar Plasticiser

Plasticising action : Cebex 112 entrains a controlled amount
of microscopic air bubbles which increase cohesion and
To improve workability and trowelling properties of sand/ provide lubrication to the sane particles in the mix, thereby
cement mortar mixes during application. To increase quality imparting improved workability to the mortar. The air bubbles
of masonry and plastering. hold the cement/water matrix at the contact surfaces which
Advantages results in improved bond strengths.

Frost resistance : Where this is a consideration, that air
Improved moisture retention and bond strength: Slows entrainment appreciably increases the frost resistance of the
down drying out of mortar which remains workable longer. fully cured mortar and also improves that of fresh mortar, as
Ensures better bond to all surfaces, including ceiling. established by international practice.
Makes mortar crack resistant : Minimises drying
Increased yield : The special action of Cebex 112 causes
shrinkage cracks and increases frost resistance in cold
the cement particles to disperse evenly throughout the mix,
which combined with its air entrainment property, expands
High workability : Even with harsh sands, makes creamy
the volume of the mortar. Increase in yield for the same
easy-to-apply mortar. quantities of sand and cement is typically between 8% and
Cost saving : Increase yield of the same quantity of sand/ 18%, depending upon the coarseness or fineness of the
cement. Extra coverage normally exceeds material costs. sand used.
Better & safer masonry : Mortar fills joints easily and
With typical mixes of 1:3 and 1:4 cement : sand, the cost of
efficiently and ensures stronger construction.
Cebex 112 will normally be recovered and, in most cases, a
Improved appearance : Mortar cuts cleanly from faces of net cost saving will be obtained, as a result of the increased
brick, block or stone work. yield.
Increased productivity : Speeds up work by easy
Application instructions
application of mortar.

Description Mixing

Cebex 112 is supplied as an off-white to pale yellow liquid Cebex 112 Mortar Plasticiser may be added either direct to
which mixes readily with water in any proportions. It is based an individual mix or to the gauging water, depending upon
on internationally recognised chemicals and is free from site convenience.
calcium chloride and similar salts.
Direct to the mix
Technical support
1. Use between 0.100 and 0.200 litres of Cebex 112 per
100kgs of cement. Soft fine sand will require least and harsh
Fosroc offers technical support service to specifiers, end
sands most. Site trials will best determine the practical rate
users and contractors, as well as on-site technical
of addition in each case and are recommended.
assistance in locations all over the country.
2. Cebex 112 to be stirred thoroughly before use. Measure
Properties the total required quantity of Cebex 112 and stir into the first
bucket of the gauging water.
Chloride content : Nil 3. After dry mixing the sand/cement in the normal way, add
the Cebex 112 and start wet mixing.
Compatibility with cements : Can be used with any type of 4. Continue adding plain water and mixing the mortar until
Portland, Super Sulphate, Blast furnace or Pozzolanic the required workability is obtained.
Note : Do not add Cebex 112 directly to dry sand/cement
Setting time : There is no significant effect on the setting of mortar.
Cebex® 112

sand/cement mortars.
1. Add between 0.100 and 0.2 litres of Cebex 112 to every
100 litres of water and stir well to ensure even dispersion.

Packaging Lime Mixes : Cebex 112 is supplied in 100ml. Shelf life Curing : Mortar containing Cebex 112 should be properly Cebex 112 has a minimum shelf life of 12 months under cured in accordance with accepted practice and protected normal ambient temperatures. copies of which may be obtained on request. 10. specification. it cannot. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that any advice. recommendation Fosroc Chemicals (India) Pvt. recommendation specification or information it may give is accurate and correct. No. accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products whether or not in accordance with any advice. Overdosing : Overdosing of Cebex 112 will result in increased Precautions workability and air entrainment. Sirur Park B Street. because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. Where a small quantity of hydrated lime is usually added to a sand/cement mix to fattiness and Regional Offices Bangalore Mumbai Delhi Kolkata ‘Vishnu Chittam’. Ltd.45062000-5 Ph: 033 24650917 / 55343188 Fax : 080-23368667 Fax: 022 . 2nd Floor Sirur Park B Street.Cebex® 112 2. Excess dosage of Cebex 112 will result in reduction of the final strength of the mortar. 1stFloor 208/209. the lime may Storage normally be omitted and Cebex 112 used to replace it with economic benefits. ® Denotes the trademark of Fosroc International Limited Important note : Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard terms and conditions of sale. 1st Floor. Lake Terrace Extn. Vikrant Towers P-569. No.10. Rajendra Place First Floor Bangalore 560 020 Navi Mumbai 400 703 New Delhi 110 008 Kolkata 700 029 Ph:080-2334 3188 Ph:022-2789 6411/12 Ph:011. Head Office telephone fax e-mail ‘Vishnu Chittam’. 1. Persepolis email:Kolkata@fosroc. 20 and 200 litre containers. Seshadripuram Sector 17.45062001 Fax: 033-24650891 email: Bangalore@fosroc. or information given by it. temperatures above 400C and stored in shade. Seshadripuram ++91 80-2334 3188 ++91 80-2334 3178 india@fosroc.2789 6413 Fax: Bangalore 560020 email:Delhi@fosroc. An overdose of double the recommended measure of Conplast P509 will result in increased retardation of the initial set of the concrete. The ultimate strength of the concrete will not be affected and could be increased if advantage is taken of the increased workability by reducing Ahmedabad : (079) 26762799 Ankleshwar :(02646) 220704/224687 Bellary: 09845891690 Bhubaneshwar : (0674) 2521176 Chennai : (044) 24899949/24853383 Chandigarh : (0172) 2639360 Cochin : (0484) 2347465 Coimbatore : (0422) 2472966 Goa : (0832) 09423058696 Guwahati : (0361) 2462866 Hyderabad : (040) 27662324/27662425 Indore : (0731) 4049339 Jaipur : (0141) 2336103 Lucknow :(0522) 2239044 Nagpur: (0712) 2753510/2563242 Visakhapatnam : (0891) 2564850 / 2707607 INDIA/0112/A . Cleaning : Spillages of Cebex 112 should be removed with Health and safety instructions water. Accidental splashes to eyes should be washed immediately Limitations with plenty of water and medical treatment sought. Cebex 112 is mildly alkaline. 5. Use the Cebex 112 to make the mortar in the usual way Estimating and keep adding and mixing until the required workability is obtained. Avoid contact with the skin. It should be protected from against sun and drying winds. Vashi 4.