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abnormal return
above par
accounting profit
accounting record
accumulated dividend
accumulation area
active market
active stock
active trading
adjustable rate preferred stock (ARPS)
adjusted basis
adjusted capital
adjusted net price
adjusted price
adjustment bond
advances and declines index
advances and declines ratio
agency cost
aggregate exercise price
all or none order
all share index
alpha stock
American Depository Receipt (ADR)
American option
amortization schedule
annual effective yield
annual percentage rate (APR)
annual report
annualized rate
arbitrage opportunities
arbitrage pricing theory (APT)

ascending tops
ask price
asset allocation
asset backing
asset beta
at a discount
at a premium
at discretion
at limit
at market
at par
at the close
at the money option
at the opening
auction market
auditor’s report
authorized capital
authorized nominee
authorized stock
automated trading system (ATS)
automatic reinvestment
automatic withdrawal
average annual yield
averaging down
averaging up
back-end load
bad delivery
balance sheet
balanced mutual fund
bare trust
bare trustee
Barron’s confidence index
base market value
basic earning power ratio
bear market
bear raid
bear spread

bearer bond
below par
benchmark portfolio
beneficial owner
best effort offering
black Friday
black Monday
Black-Scholes option pricing model
blanket mortgage
blue chip stock
board lot
board of director
bond fund
bond rating
bond ratio
bond swap
bonus issue
book-entry securities
bottom fisher
breadth of the market
breadth of the market theory (analysis)
break out
broker’s loan rate
brokerage fee
brokerage house
bucket shop
bull market
bull spread

business day
Business Time Index
butterfly spread
buy hedge
buy in
buy order
buy out
buy programme
buy stop order
buy the book
buyer’s market
buying on margin
calendar spread
call date
call feature
call premium
call price
call protection
call provision
call spread
call warrant
callable bond
callable preferred stock
capital appreciation
capital asset pricing model
capital budgeting
capital gain
capital gain distribution
capital loss
capital market
capital market line
capital rationing
capital stock
capital structure
capital yield
capitalization rate
cash delivery
cash dividend

cash equivalent cash flow cash flow from financing activities cash market cash order central depository Central Depository System (CDS) account certified stock chartist churning classified stock clearing house clientele effects close a position closed out closed-end fund collateral trust bond collective investment scheme commissioned dealer’s representative commodity futures market common stock common stock equivalence common stock fund compound interest compounded growth rate compounding constant dollar plan constant ratio plan contango contingent order contra trader contract date contract grade conversion parity conversion premium conversion price conversion ratio conversion value convertible securities cornering (the market) .

corporate bond corporate governance cost of capital coupon coupon bond coupon rate credit rating credit spread cross-border listing crossing transaction cum all cum bonus cum dividend cum right cumulative preferred stock currency futures contract current market value current ratio current yield cushion bond cushion theory cyclical stock dated date day order day trade day trader dealer dealer’s representative debenture debit spread debt ratio debt retirement debt securities debt-to-asset ratio default defensive policy defensive securities deferred interest bond delist deliverable grade delivery .

delivery date delivery month delivery notice delivery points delivery versus payment delta demutualization depreciation derivative market derivatives descending tops detachable warrant devaluation direct business disclosure disclosure-based regulation (DBR) discount discount bond discount yield discounted discretionary account dissolution distribution distribution area diversifiable risk diversification divestiture dividend dividend payout ratio dividend per share dividend policy dividend reinvestment plan dividend requirement dividend yield dollar-cost-averaging dominance principle done double barreled bond double bottom double top Dow Jones industrial average (DJIA) .

Dow Jones transportation average Dow Jones utility average Dow theory downside protection downside risk downtrend dual listing dual securities dual-purpose fund due diligence earning earning per share earning yield economic indicator effective conversion price effective yield effective yield to maturity efficient frontier efficient market efficient market hypothesis efficient portfolio equity equity market equivalent bond yield equivalent taxable yield Eurobond Eurocurrency Eurodollar Eurodollar bond ex-all ex-bonus exchange exchange rate risk ex-date ex-dividend ex-dividend date executive stock option exercise exercise limit exercise notice exercise price .

expectation theory expiration date ex-right ex-warrant face amount certificate face value fair market value Fannie-Mae fidelity fund fill or kill financial analyst financial distress financial futures financial leverage financial market first mortgage fiscal year fixed delivery settlement and system (FDSS) fixed exchange rate fixed income fund fixed income investment fixed income securities fixed rate securities float floatation cost floating debt floating exchange rate floating rate debt floating rate note floor broker floor ticket floor trader flower bond fluctuation limit forced conversion forced selling foreign stocks forward contract forward exchange contract fourth market .

free cash flow friendly take over front-end load front-line regulators (FLR) fully diluted earning per share fully underwritten fund manager fundamental analysis future value futures contract futures market geometric average return gilt-edged securities Ginnie Mae gold bond gold mutual fund gold standard golden parachute good-till cancelled order government bond graduated securities greenmail growth fund growth stock guaranteed bond hair cut hammering the market hard currency head and shoulders heavy market hedge fund hedge portfolio hedging high historical yield holding period horizontal spread hostile take over hot issue hot money housing bond .

Hubert rating illegal spot commodity illiquid immediate basis contract immediate or cancelled order (IOC) in the money inactive market inactive trading income fund independent broker index index fund inflation inflation premium initial margin initial public offering (IPO) inside information inside market insider insider dealing insider trading institutional investor instrument intangible asset intercommodity spread interest coupon interest coverage ratio rate interest rate risk interest rate swap interest tax shield interim dividend intermarket spread intermediary intermediate term bond intermonth spread internal rate of return (IRR) intracommodity spread intra-day trader intrinsic value investment adviser investment bank .

investment grade issued share issuer issuing house joint bond junior issue junior refunding junk bond justified price knock-in option knock-out option lapsed option last trade last trading day lending at a premium lending at a rate lending securities leverage leveraged buyout leveraged stock liabilities limit down limit order limit price limit up liquidating dividend liquidation liquidation value liquidator company liquidity liquidity preference theory liquidity risk listed bond listed company listed option listed stock listing requirement load fund loan crowd loan value locked market .

lodgement date long hedge long position long term debt long term trading lot low maintenance call maintenance excess maintenance requirement majority shareholder managed account management company management fee managing underwriter manipulation margin margin account margin call margin requirement margin risk marked to market market market arbitrage market capitalisation market efficiency market index market inefficiency market maker market order market portfolio market price market risk market risk premium market segmentation theory market timing market value-weighted index marketability marketability risk marketable securities married transaction .

maturity maturity date member company members merger mezzanine financing minimum liquid fund minimum maintenance minimum paid up capital minimum subscription minimum variance set minority interest minority protection minority shareholder mortgage bond most active list moving average multi-index model multiple growth model municipal bond municipal bond fund municipal note municipal revenue bond mutilated security mutual fund naked option naked position negotiable certificate of deposit negotiated market net asset value net cash flow net present value method (NPV) net working net yield new issue no-load fund nominal interest rate nominal yield non-callable non-cumulative preferred stock non-dealing members .

non-diversifiable risk non-guaranteed bond non-marketable securities non-participating preferred stock non-voting stock notes payable odd lot odd lot dealer odd lot theory offering date official list off-market offshore on the sidelines on-balance volume open end mortgage bond open interest open market rate open order open-end fund open-end mutual fund optimal capital structure option credit spread option debit spread option holder option mutual fund option premium option pricing model option spread option writer optional dividend options out-of-money option outstanding stock over bought over issue over sold overnight position oversubscribed over-the-counter market overtrading .

overvalued paper loss paper profit par value participating bond participating preferred stock passive asset passive management pension fund performance fund perpetual bond perpetual warrant physical commodity pink form portfolio portfolio manager portfolio weight position limit pre-emptive right preference share preferred stock premium premium bond premium income premium over conversion value premium raid prepayment prepayment penalty prepayment risk pre-sale order present value price earning ratio price range price spread price weighted index primary market primary-movement prime paper principal value private debt securities private placement .

profit and loss account profit taking programme trading promissory note proprietary account prospectus proxy proxy fight public offering publicly held purchasing power purchasing power risk put option put spread put-call parity put-call ratio quoted investment raid raider rally random walk theory rate of exchange rate of return rating ratio writer ready basis contract real rate of interest realized profit (loss) record date redeemable bond redemption redemption notice redemption price registered bond registered trader regular-way transaction required rate of return research analyst resistance level retail investor revenue bond .

revenue note reversal reverse split reverse take-over rigged market right issue rising bottom risk risk arbitrage risk capital risk loving risk management risk neutral risk premium risk-adjusted discount rate risk-aversion risk-free hedged position risk-free rate risk-free securities round lot rumour salaried dealer’s representative Samurai bond scheduled delivery time scheduled settlement time seasoned issue seat secondary market secondary movement secondary offering secured bond securities securities analyst securities borrowing and lending securities market securitization security market line sell order sell programme sell stop order semi strong efficient market hypothesis .

senior debt senior refunding senior securities sentiment indicators serial bond settlement date shadow calendar share share buyback scheme share repurchase plan shareholder shareholder’s equity Sharpe index shelf registration scheme short covering short interest short interest theory short position short selling short term debt short term trend signalling hypothesis single option single-index model sinking fund sleeper stock small investor soft currency soft market specialist speculation speculative stock speculator split offering split rating spot commodity spot delivery month spot market spot month spot price spot rate .

spread spread order spread position staggering maturities stock stock broker stock certificate stock dividend stock exchange stock index futures stock market stock option stock split stockholder stockholder’s equity stop loss order stop-limit order straddle straight bond strangle strap strike price strip STRIPS (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principles Securities) strong form of efficient market hypothesis structure of interest rate subordinated debenture subscription privilege subscription warrant sunk cost support line suspended stock suspended trading swapping sweetener synergistic merger synergy systematic risk .

systemic risk take over take over arbitrage take over bid take over code take over panel technical indicator technical analysis technical analyst technical correction technical rally technical sign thin market third market time spread tip trading at a discount trading at a premium trading floor trading limit trading pattern trading volume treasury bill treasury bond treasury note treasury stock trend Treynor index trustee securities uncovered option underlying securities underwriting underwriting spread undistributed dividend unissued stock unit trust unlisted securities unpaid dividend unrealized profit (loss) unsecured debt unsystematic risk .

variable hedging variable rate debt instrument venture capital vertical spread volatile volatility volume voting right voting stock warrant weak form of efficient market hypothesis working capital Yankee bond market Yankee certificate of deposit yield yield curve yield spread yield to call yield to maturity yield-equivalence zero coupon bond .

pengabaian pulangan abnormal atas tara untung perakaunan rekod perakaunan dividen terkumpul pengumpulan kawasan pengumpulan pasaran aktif saham aktif dagangan aktif aktual saham keutamaan kadar boleh laras asas terlaras modal terlaras harga bersih terlaras harga terlaras bon penyelarasan indeks naik turun nisbah naik turun agensi kos agensi ejen harga laksana agregat pesanan semua atau tiada indeks semua saham perumpukan saham alfa Resit Depositori Amerika opsyen ala Amerika jadual pelunasan penganalisis kadar hasil efektif tahunan kadar peratusan tahunan laporan tahunan kadar laras setahun anuiti naik nilai arbitraj peluang arbitraj teori penentuan harga arbitraj .

tunggakan puncak menaik harga minta Asset peruntukan aset sokongan aset beta aset dengan diskaun dengan premium ikut budi bicara ikut had ikut pasaran pada tara pada penutup opsyen pada wang pada pembukaan pasaran lelong juruaudit laporan juruaudit modal dibenarkan nomini diberi kuasa saham berwenang/ saham dibenar sistem dagangan automatik pelaburan semula automatik pengeluaran automatik purata hasil tahunan pemurataan ke bawah pemurataan ke atas caj tebus serahan elat kunci kira-kira dana bersama imbang amanah wadiah pemegang amanah wadiah indeks keyakinan Barron asas nilai pasaran asas nisbah kuasa perolehan bear pasaran bear serbuan bear spread bear .

bon pembawa bearis saham pandu bawah tara portfolio ukur rujuk pemunya bermanfaat tawaran usaha terbaik beta bida Jumaat hitam Isnin hitam model penentuan harga opsyen Black-Scholes gadai janji sarwa blok saham perdana/ saham mewah lot dagangan lembaga pengarah bon dana bon penarafan bon nisbah bon swap bon terbitan bonus sekuriti catatan buku pencari paras terendah bursa keluasan pasaran teori keluasan pasaran (analisis) rentas rentas keluar Broker kadar pinjaman broker fi broker/fi pialang firma broker/firma pialang syarikat broker haram pembrokeran liar bul pasaran bul spread bul Bulis pengelompokan .

hari niaga Indeks Business Time spread rerama beli lindung nilai belian semula pesanan belian belian kuasa program belian pesanan henti beli belian buku pasaran pembeli belian margin spread kalendar opsyen beli tarikh panggilan ciri panggilan premium panggilan premium opsyen beli harga panggilan lindungan panggilan peruntukan panggilan spread opsyen beli waran opsyen beli boleh panggil bon boleh panggil saham keutamaan boleh panggil naik nilai modal model letak harga aset modal belanjawan modal laba modal agihan untung modal rugi modal pasaran modal garisan pasaran modal catuan modal saham modal struktur modal kadar hasil modal permodalan kadar permodalan serahan tunai dividen tunai .

kesetaraan tunai /kesamaan tunai aliran tunai aliran tunai daripada aktiviti pembiayaan pasaran tunai pesanan tunai depositori pusat akaun Sistem Depositori Pusat stok sah pencarta/ cartis penggodakan saham terkelas rumah penjelasan kesan klientel penutupan kedudukan penutupan paksa dana tertutup bon amanah bercagar skim pelaburan kolektif wakil peniaga berkomisen pasaran niaga hadapan komoditi saham biasa kesetaraan saham biasa dana saham biasa faedah kompaun kadar pertumbuhan kompaun pengkompaunan pelan wang malar pelan nisbah malar kontango pesanan kontingen pedagang kontra tarikh kontrak gred kontrak pariti penukaran premium penukaran harga penukaran nisbah penukaran nilai penukaran sekuriti boleh tukar pengepungan (pasaran) .

bon korporat tadbir urus korporat kos modal kupon bon berkupon kadar kupon penarafan kredit spread kredit penyenaraian melepasi sempadan urus niaga silang dengan semua dengan bonus dengan dividen dengan hak saham keutamaan kumulatif kontrak niaga hadapan mata wang nilai pasaran semasa nisbah semasa kadar hasil semasa bon berkusyen teori kusyen saham kitar tarikh akru pesanan harian dagangan harian pedagang harian peniaga wakil peniaga debentur spread debit nisbah hutang persaraan hutang sekuriti hutang nisbah hutang kepada asset mungkir dasar bertahan sekuriti bertahan bon faedah tertangguh nyahsenarai gred boleh serah serahan .

tarikh serahan bulan serahan notis serahan tempat serahan bayaran atas serahan delta demutualisasi/ nyahsama turun nilai susut nilai pasaran terbitan/ pasaran derivatif terbitan / derivatif puncak menurun waran boleh cerai pengurangan nilai dagangan langsung pendedahan/ penzahiran pengawalseliaan berteraskan penzahiran diskaun bon diskaun kadar hasil diskaun terserap akaun budi bicara pembubaran pelupusan kawasan pelupusan risiko boleh pelbagai pempelbagaian penyahlaburan dividen nisbah bayaran dividen dividen sesaham dasar dividen pelan pelaburan semula dividen keperluan dividen kadar hasil dividen pemurataan kos pelaburan prinsip dominans beres bon dwilaras paras rendah berganda paras tinggi berganda purata industri Dow Jones .

purata pengangkutan Dow Jones purata utiliti Dow Jones teori Dow lindung ke bawah risiko ke bawah arah aliran menurun penyenaraian dwipasaran sekuriti dwijamin dana serampang dua mata ketekunan wajar perolehan perolehan sesaham kadar hasil perolehan penunjuk ekonomi harga penukaran efektif kadar hasil efektif kadar hasil efektif hingga matang sempadan cekap pasaran cekap hipotesis pasaran cekap portfolio cekap ekuiti pasaran ekuiti kadar hasil bon setara kadar hasil boleh cukai setara bon Eropah mata wang Eropah dolar Eropah bon dolar Eropah tanpa semua tanpa bonus bursa risiko kadar tukaran lepas tarikh tanpa dividen tarikh tanpa dividen opsyen saham eksekutif melaksana had laksana notis laksana harga laksana .

teori jangkaan tarikh luput tanpa hak tanpa waran sijil amaun muka nilai muka nilai pasaran saksama Fannie-Mae dana fideliti laksana atau batal penganalisis kewangan kesulitan kewangan niaga hadapan kewangan keumpilan kewangan pasaran kewangan gadai janji pertama tahun fiskal sistem penyerahan dan penyelesaian tetap kadar pertukaran tetap dana pendapatan tetap pelaburan pendapatan tetap sekuriti pendapatan tetap sekuriti kadar tetap apungan kos pengapungan hutang terapung kadar pertukaran terapung hutang kadar terapung nota kadar terapung broker lantai niaga tiket lantai niaga pedagang lantai niaga bon bunga had anggut/had turun naik penukaran paksa jualan paksa saham asing kontrak hadapan kontrak pertukaran wang hadapan pasaran keempat .

aliran tunai bebas ambil alih mesra caj belian pengawal selia barisan hadapan perolehan sesaham tercair sepenuhnya ditaja jamin sepenuhnya pengurus dana analisis fundamental nilai masa hadapan kontrak niaga hadapan pasaran niaga hadapan purata pulangan geometrik sekuriti kukuh Ginnie Mae bon emas dana amanah emas standard emas pampasan kencana pesanan sah hingga batal bon kerajaan sekuriti naik taraf ufti korporat dana pertumbuhan saham pertumbuhan bon terjamin pangkasan penekanan pasaran mata wang utama bentuk kepala dan bahu pasaran berat dana lindung nilai portfolio lindung nilai melindung nilai harga tertinggi kadar hasil sejarah tempoh pegangan spread mendatar ambil alih paksa paksa terbitan panas wang panas bon perumahan .

penarafan Hubert komoditi lani tak sah tak cair kontrak serta-merta pesanan serta-merta atau terbatal berwang pasaran lembap dagangan lembap dana pendapatan broker bebas indeks dana indeks inflasi premium inflasi margin awal tawaran awam awal (IPO) maklumat dalaman pasaran dalam orang dalam Lihat insider trading perdagangan orang dalam pelabur institusi instrumen/ surat cara aset tak ketara spread antara komoditi faedah kupon nisbah perlindungan kadar faedah risiko kadar faedah swap kadar faedah lindungan cukai faedah dividen interim spread antara pasaran perantara bon jangka sederhana spread antara bulan serahan kadar pulangan dalaman spread intrakomoditi pedagang intrahari nilai intrinsik penasihat pelaburan bank pelaburan .

gred pelaburan saham terbitan/ syer terbitan penerbit rumah terbitan bon bersama terbitan junior pendanaan semula junior bon kualiti rendah harga saksama opsyen efektif opsyen tak efektif opsyen terlanjur dagangan terakhir hari terakhir dagangan peminjaman dengan premium peminjaman dengan kadar sekuriti peminjaman keumpilan beli kuasa berumpil saham berumpil liabiliti had turun pesanan had harga had had naik dividen pembubaran pembubaran nilai pembubaran pencair syarikat/ pembubar syarikat kecairan teori keutamaan kecairan risiko kecairan bon tersenarai syarikat tersenarai opsyen tersenarai saham tersenarai keperluan penyenaraian dana caj kelompok pinjaman nilai pinjaman pasaran terkunci .

tarikh hantar serah Lihat buy hedge kedudukan panjang hutang jangka panjang dagangan jangka panjang lot harga terendah panggilan senggara lebihan senggara keperluan senggara pemegang saham majoriti akaun terurus syarikat pengurusan fi pengurusan pengurus penaja jamin manipulasi margin akaun margin panggilan margin keperluan margin risiko margin laras ikut pasaran pasaran arbitraj pasaran permodalan pasaran kecekapan pasaran indeks pasaran ketidakcekapan pasaran pembuat pasaran pesanan pasaran portfolio pasaran harga pasaran risiko pasaran premium risiko pasaran teori pemetakan pasaran pemasaan pasaran indeks wajaran nilai pasaran kebolehpasaran risiko kebolehpasaran sekuriti boleh pasar urus niaga temuan .

matang tarikh matang syarikat ahli ahli penggabungan pembiayaan mezanin dana kecairan minimum senggara minimum modal berbayar minimum langganan minimum set varians minimum kepentingan minoriti perlindungan minoriti pemegang saham minoriti bon gadai janji senarai paling aktif purata bergerak model multiindeks model pertumbuhan berbilang bon perbandaran/ bon munisipal dana bon perbandaran/dana bon munisipal nota perbandaran/ nota munisipal bon hasil perbandaran/bon hasil munisipal sekuriti rosak dana bersama opsyen dedah kedudukan dedah sijil deposit boleh niaga pasaran terunding nilai aset bersih aliran tunai bersih kaedah nilai kini bersih kerja bersih kadar hasil bersih terbitan baru dana tanpa caj kadar faedah nominal kadar hasil nominal tak boleh panggil saham keutamaan tak kumulatif ahli bukan broker .

risiko tak boleh kurang bon tak dijamin sekuriti tak boleh pasar saham keutamaan tanpa penyertaan saham tanpa undi. nota belum bayar lot ganjil peniaga lot ganjil teori lot ganjil tarikh tawaran senarai rasmi luar pasaran luar pesisir pinggir pasaran volum imbangan bon gadai janji terbuka kepentingan terbuka kadar faedah pasaran terbuka pesanan terbuka dana terbuka dana bersama terbuka struktur modal optimum spread kredit opsyen spread debit opsyen pemegang opsyen dana bersama opsyen premium opsyen model penentuan harga opsyen spread opsyen penerbit opsyen dividen pilihan opsyen opsyen tanpa wang saham empunya terlebih beli terlebih terbitan terlebih jual kedudukan semalaman terlebih langgan pasaran atas kaunter terlebih niaga .

terlebih nilai rugi atas kertas untung atas kertas nilai tara bon penyertaan saham keutamaan penyertaan aset pasif pengurusan pasif dana pencen dana prestasi bon kekal waran abadi komoditi fizikal borang langganan pekerja portfolio pengurus portfolio wajaran portfolio had kedudukan hak beli dahulu syer keutamaan saham keutamaan premium bon premium pendapatan premium premium atas nilai pertukaran serangan premium prabayar pinjaman penalti prabayar risiko prabayar pesanan prajualan nilai kini nisbah harga perolehan julat harga spread harga indeks wajaran harga pasaran primer/ pasaran pertama pergerakan primer/pergerakan pertama kertas utama nilai pokok sekuriti hutang swasta penempatan tertutup .

opsyen beli pelaburan sebut harga serbuan penyerbu rali teori gerak rawak kadar tukaran kadar pulangan penarafan penerbit (opsyen) nisbah kontrak sedia ada kadar faedah benar untung (rugi) terealisasi tarikh rekod bon boleh tebus penebusan notis penebusan harga tebus bon berdaftar pedagang berdaftar urus niaga cara biasa kadar pulangan diperlukan penganalisis penyelidikan paras rintangan pelabur runcit bon hasil .akaun untung rugi ambil untung dagangan berprogram nota janji hutang akaun empunya prospektus proksi perlawanan proksi tawaran awam pegangan awam kuasa beli risiko kuasa beli opsyen jual spread opsyen jual pariti opsyen jual-opsyen beli nisbah opsyen jual.

nota hasil balikan pecahan saham berbalik pengambilalihan berbalik pasaran manipulasi terbitan hak paras terendah menaik risiko arbitraj berisiko modal berisiko cinta risiko pengurusan risiko neutral risiko premium risiko kadar diskaun terlaras risiko benci risiko kedudukan lindung nilai bebas kadar bebas risiko sekuriti bebas risiko lot genap khabar angin wakil peniaga bergaji bon Samurai masa penyerahan berjadual masa penyelesaian berjadual terbitan mantap kerusi pasaran sekunder/ pasaran kedua pergerakan sekunder tawaran peringkat kedua bon bercagar sekuriti penganalisis sekuriti sekuriti pinjam-meminjam pasaran sekuriti pensekuritian garisan pasaran sekuriti pesanan jualan program jualan pesanan henti jual hipotesis pasaran cekap bentuk separa kuat .

hutang senior pendanaan semula senior sekuriti senior penunjuk sentimen bon bersiri tarikh penyelesaian kalendar bayangan syer/saham skim beli balik saham rancangan beli balik saham pemegang saham ekuiti pemegang saham indeks Sharpe skim pendaftaran simpanan penutupan jualan singkat kepentingan jualan singkat teori kepentinan pendek kedudukan singkat jualan singkat hutang jangka pendek arah aliran jangka pendek hipotesis isyarat opsyen tunggal model indeks tunggal dana terikat saham lena pelabur runcit mata wang lemah pasaran lemah pakar/spesialis spekulasi saham spekulatif spekulator penawaran berpecah penarafan berbelah komoditi lani bulan serahan lani pasaran lani bulan lani harga lani kadar lani .

spread pesanan spread kedudukan spread kematangan berperingkat saham broker saham sijil saham dividen saham bursa saham niaga hadapan indeks saham pasaran saham opsyen saham pecahan saham pemegang saham ekuiti pemegang saham pesanan henti rugi pesanan had henti stradel bon biasa strangel strap harga laksana strip STRIPS hipotesis pasaran cekap bentuk kuat struktur kematangan kadar faedah debentur subordinat keistimewaan langganan waran langganan kos lupus garis sokongan saham gantung penggantungan dagangan penswapan pemanis penggabungan bersinergi sinergi risiko sistematik .

risiko sistemik ambil alih arbitraj ambil alih tawaran ambil alih kod ambil alih panel ambil alih penunjuk teknikal analisis teknikal penganalisis teknikal pembetulan teknikal rali teknikal isyarat teknikal pasaran nipis pasaran ketiga spread masa tip dagangan diskaun dagangan premium lantai niaga had dagangan pola dagangan volum dagangan bil perbendaharaan bon perbendaharaan nota perbendaharaan saham perbendaharaan arah aliran indeks Treynor sekuriti pemegang amanah opsyen tak terlindung sekuriti sandaran penajajaminan spread penajajaminan dividen belum agih saham belum terbit unit amanah sekuriti tak tersenarai dividen belum bayar untung (rugi) belum terealisasi hutang tak bercagar risiko tak sistematik .

lindung nilai berubah instrumen hutang kadar berubah modal teroka spread menegak tak menentu ketaktentuan volum hak mengundi saham berundi waran hipotesis pasaran cekap bentuk lemah modal kerja pasaran bon Yankee sijil deposit Yankee kadar hasilhasil keluk perolehan spread kadar hasil kadar hasil hingga panggilan kadar hasil hingga matang kesetaraan kadar hasil bon kupon sifar .