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Animal After all, They are

Talk only animals.

By SINGAYAZI KAMINJOLO Animals suffer in the same way
and to the same degree that

humans do. They feel pain,
ven in urban
pleasure, fear and frustration
environments we are
and can show happiness,
surrounded by various
animals domestic pets, excitement and content just as
livestock for food, wild birds we humans do.
and other wildlife. We see
some that are clearly well- LSPCA is dedicated to animal
looked after, even pampered! welfare and instilling a culture
Others are injured, sick, lacking of animal care and compassion
water, exposed to all extremes in the general public through
of weather, left dangling for awareness campaigns, primary
hours in the sun to be sold and and tertiary education, farm
maybe targets for sling-shots or animal clinics, donkey welfare
stones. programme, an annual rabies
vaccination campaign and
deliver free spay and neuter
There are some simple,
services to those communities
internationally recognised
who would usually not afford
guidelines, shown in the
vet treatments for their animals.
illustration, known as the 5
Freedoms for Animals.
We advocate for animals and
promote and enforce the Animal
It is inconceivable for us
Protection Act in Malawi.
to imagine being whipped,
confined in small spaces, or
Our Veterinary Clinic and Centre
tied to a heavy weight all day
for Animal Welfare in Kanengo
long. We humans cherish our are run by a dedicated team to
right to welfare, yet we often ensure that the 5 Freedoms for
dont comprehend that animals Animals are understood and
likewise have a right to welfare. practised by all in Malawi.