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Draft of youthpass

Tasks of the volunteer – a short decision of what you did (500 characters). You did a lot of
things but this is what will appear on the certificate, so it is best if you highlight(put an accent
on) the thing that you want.

I’ve been working in two schools in Filiasi, a small town in Romania. In the High School I
carried on different activities focused on the multicultural exchange and social awareness. The
most relevant ones were a Spanish language course (twice per week), a Music workshop where
we learnt songs in different languages, a debate on “Minorities”, and several workshops related
with developing the artistic skills of the students with recycled materials. In the Primary School
the main objective was to give a small approach of our countries to the students; I planned
activities focused on Europe and the similarities and differences that we have. I also designed
different activities regarding typical traditions and games in our countries.

Key competences

1. Communication in mother tongue
During these 6 months the most important thing regarding that was to have the change to teach
some Spanish to our Romanian students. It enabled me to see my language from another
perspective, let’s say in a more technical way. I also put in practice my knowledge on how to
teach languages, based on my university studies.

2. Communication in foreign languages

Although I’ve been using English with no-native speakers, I highly developed my speaking
fluency, as well as my ability to write in different registers. Besides, I learnt a lot of vocabulary
related with the “volunteering life”. During this period, I also received lessons of Romanian
language. On the other side, as I was living in a small town where almost nobody spoke
English, I used Romanian in my daily life. And finally, with my Italian flat-mate I’ve been able
to talk in Italian and improve the level that I already had.

3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology/ digital

I developed quite a lot of technologic and digital competences, as we usually made power point
presentations, Word files or even a video documentary for the school. I learnt more about how

6. how to communicate with body signs sometimes. and I lived in a different society. I organized different debates and workshops regarding the values of European Union. 4. most of them coming from the social differences between my hometown and the new one. and breaking stereotypes. where you have complete freedom to do what you want. Every week I had to come up with new ideas for the activities. It’s also one of the things I tried to transmit to the students. for example how to interact with groups of different aged people in the school. Google Drive and these kinds of formats. because a lot of things can happen in a classroom and you have to know how to react to them. in a social and historical way. 8. you must be kind of entrepreneur all the time. so I was really concerned about that. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship In a project like mine. Once I was in Romania I was shocked by a lot of different things. I tried to be as open-minded as I could. Going . 7. So these things of course sometimes were not the easiest ones. So I consider myself as a person with initiative and willingness to create and do things. I dealt with people from different nationalities. So. Learning to learn Learning to learn is one of the most important things in a learning process. Cultural awareness and expression The topic of my project was focused on the multicultural exchange and the social awareness against racisms and discrimination. overall. or even how to learn Romanian in a more inductive way. I also had to have initiative during the activities themselves. Civic competence Mentioned before. I used technology as far as it’s always present in our current life. 5. but they helped me to develop my view and knowledge about Eastern Europe. Social and civic competence I worked towards concerning students about racism. what does it mean to have a national identity. During this project I had to learn a lot of things by myself. tolerance and multi-cultures. and sometimes I realized that it was not possible to implement them –but one can learn a lot from mistakes. About myself. to work with Excel files.

everyday to work to the school helped me to learn from the students and share our different or shared point of view. 9. Music is a universal language that creates union and harmony between groups of people. Other specific skills I put in practice my music knowledge and how to teach songs to children. Sometimes it also came when I was with my team planning next week activities or defining our objectives. the ukulele and sung with them in different languages. . I played the guitar. I also developed my skills of leadership when I was to guide a group of students in order to do an activity.