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AIM: The main aim of the Project is to measure temperature values from different zones in industry and this temperature values are displayed on . METHODOLOGY: BLOCK DIAGRAM: POWER LCD SUPPLLY ENCODER TEMPERATURE SENSOR1 A MICRO TEMPERATURE SENSOR2 D CONTROLLER VOICE C IC TEMPERATURE SENSOR3 UNIT TEMPERATURE SENSOR4 SPEAKER Head office: 2nd floor. Solitaire plaza. Ameerpet. PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to develop a data logging system for furnaces in industries. Hyderabad www. E-Mail: krestinfo@gmail. Ph: 9885112363 / 040 44433434 2 beside Image Hospital.

kresttechnology. so that the flexibility. There are four temperature sensors and the output of these sensors is the analog one. Hyderabad www. . Keil IDE Head office: 2nd floor. In this project. the inputs are the sensors. So for the conversion of analog to digital values we are placing the ADC circuitry to convert those analog values to digital one. Especially in the field of electronics automated systems are doing better performance. Automated systems have less manual operations. The digital outputs are given as an input to the microcontroller. microcontroller accepts only the digital values. SOFTWARE USED: 1. E-Mail: krestinfo@gmail. beside Image Hospital.POWER SUPPLY: Step Bridge Filter Regulato Down Rectifier Circuit r Transforme section DESCRIPTION: Every system is automated in order to face new challenges in the present day situation. But in our project. The outputs of these parameters are displayed on the LCD and then announcing a particular message from voice IC through the speaker attached to it. reliabilities are high and Solitaire plaza. Ph: 9885112363 / 040 44433434 3 . Embedded C 2. Hence every field prefers automated control systems.

LCD 6. Uc-Flash HARDWARE USED: 1. Voice IC RESULT: Hence. Power supply 3. Solitaire plaza. Ameerpet. Hyderabad www. Head office: 2nd floor. Ph: 9885112363 / 040 44433434 4 .kresttechnology. E-Mail: krestinfo@gmail. 3. Micro controller Temperature sensors 4. beside Image Hospital. ADC 5. by implementing this project we can protect the devices from burning due to high .