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What is the role of offline and online advertising in acquiring
checking account for the bank?
The major role of offline and advertising was to build brand awareness and
improve consideration among potential bank customers. Another role of offline
and online advertising plays in acquiring checking account customers for the
bank is by being a gateway for other lines of businesses within the banks entity.
After acquisition of Compass bank, the awareness for the Compass bank brand
was over 80% in 2007 and 2008. To maximize the global awareness of the BBVA
brand following the 2008 financial crisis, they adopted the trade name BBVA
compass. However, awareness of the new name dropped to 48% in 2009 but
through effective advertising campaigns it again rose to 53% in 2010.
The role of online advertising was to build online brand awareness and
acquire new customers for various lines of the business. This was achieved
through both search and display advertising, generally accompanied by a
promotional offers that include iPod Nano, iPod Touch, 5% cash back, or $100 or
$150 in cash(*with conditions apply) to encourage customers to open a new
checking account.
Q3. Why did BBVA sign a multiyear sponsorship deals with NBA and
ESPN? Do you agree with this decision?
 One reason is to increase the brand recall of the company. After changing
the name of the bank to BBVA Compass, the awareness of the company
was not up to the mark in the US. The company, therefore, correctly
signed a multiyear sponsorship deals with NBA and ESPN.
 Changing the name of the company directly affected the brand awareness
of the company in a negative manner, and with these steps of signing
sponsoring agreements with such known and popular entities the
company would be able to create the desired level of brand awareness
amongst the customer segment of the company.
 People love sports in the US, particularly NBA. It is the most watched
league in the country. Hence, the company’s association with the sport will
definitely increase the brand recall and awareness.
 BBVA advertisements being advertised or aired between the prime-time
slots all over the US would significantly affect the brand awareness levels
for the bank. Marketing activities of such nature are credible and are
fruitful for the organization eventually.
 Also, the company has learned from its success in Spain by associating
with La Liga, the top tier soccer league in the country.
Q4. What are the various steps in the online acquisition process and
how can the bank improve this process?
1. People go online and search for checking account
2. There are 2 types of online marketing that company does- Paid
search and Display ads
3. Customer applications
4. Submission of completed applications
5. Opening of new checking accounts

. The company can give online suggestions to people based on their appetite for risk and their financial conditions. Moreover. they can also focus on reminding the customers regarding the required funds that they must keep in the account for increasing the level of received funds and business for the bank. The reminders should be based on a period and done on a mentioned and stated period. The company should focus more towards specifying the required information from the customer for enabling them in providing the desired information in the online application form and what are the requirements that need to be fulfilled and met by the customer to get the applications approved by the bank. The company can look forward towards making the online acquisition process more interactive and elaborative for the customers. BBVA compass can increase the level of value delivered to the customers with enhancing the process of online acquisition.