1995 Volvo 850

Front - FWD


Vehicle front suspension consists of standard control arm,
ball joint and strut shock absorber. Components are attached to to a
sub-frame assembly.



NOTE: Front wheel bearing is integral with hub. No adjustment is


Information is not available from manufacturer. See Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Cutaway View Of Hub & Knuckle Assembly
Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.


mark position of outer sleeves in relation to control arm. Clean rust from bushing outer sleeve. Remove 2 bolts attaching control arm to sub-frame. Removal Remove 3 ball joint nuts in control arm. For reassembly reference. Remove plastic cover from control arm. Remove control arm. 2: Cutaway View Of Front Suspension Components Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America. Press out bushings. Fig. Installation 1) Press in new bushings. noting reference mark made during . See Fig. 2.

SPRING. Tighten control arm nuts in sub-frame to 48 ft. lbs. then tighten an additional 120 degrees. lbs. Compress spring with a spring compressor. Tighten nuts to 13 ft. install ball joints. 2) Clamp spring strut in vise.m). (65 N. Remove 3 nuts from shock tower holding spring strut attachment to body. Fig. Do not disconnect connector. Lower vehicle and bounce a few times. Do not tighten bolts and nuts at this time. then tighten an additional 120 degrees. 2) Using NEW bolts and nuts. Support is necessary to avoid excessive joint angle and resulting damage to drive shafts.removal. Remove 2 bolts holding spring strut to axle shaft. install control arm to sub- frame. See Fig. Using NEW nuts.m). Remove ABS sensor wiring from spring strut and brake bracket. (18 N. Mark anti-roll bar for reassembly reference and remove anti-roll bar from spring strut. Remove bolt and washer from top of spring strut . Install Gauge (5483) on control arm and check position of bushings in relation to ball joint mounting area. Remove spring strut. Tighten inside nut first and work outward. 3: Removing 3 Nuts From Shock Tower Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America. STRUT ATTACHMENT & SHOCK ABSORBER Removal 1) Remove wheel. Install Support (5466) under link arm. 3.

Installation 1) Compress new spring to approximately 11. Disconnect hydraulic fluid brackets from sub-frame at front and rear edges. Ensure steering gear bolts come away from frame. Remove splash guard under engine. install anti-roll bar link to spring strut. lbs. and Lifting Hook (5115). (65 N. Remove 5 nuts holding steering gear to sub- frame. Using NEW bolts and nuts. Remove spring seat. rubber bump stop with boot. lbs. Tighten nuts to 18 ft. lbs. (70 N. Remove 4 bolts holding sub-frame brackets to body. (50 N. washer.m). reverse removal procedure. install bump stop with boot. Remove anti-roll bar from links.m). On shock absorber. . caps. Remove 2 bolts along with brackets and washers. (70 N. Lower frame at rear edge. ANTI-ROLL BAR Removal 1) Install Support Rails (5033). washer and nut. and anti-roll bar links.m).attachment. Remove anti-roll bar. Install and tighten attaching nut to 52 ft. Fig. lbs. Loosen sub-frame front bolts approximately 1/2". Install spring strut attachment. 2) Place jack under rear crossmember. Installation 1) Install anti-roll bar. See Fig. Remove spring compressor. 4: Removing Sub-Frame From Body Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America. Tighten nuts to 37 ft. 2) Using NEW nuts. 4. Raise and support vehicle. install spring strut on axle shaft. and noting reference marks made during removal. m). Ensure ends of spring are installed correctly into spring seats. then tighten an additional 90 degrees. To install remaining components.8" (300 mm). Remove anti-roll bar caps. lbs. Bracket (5006). Tighten nut to 52 ft. Check components for damage. (25 N. install spring strut to shock tower. Tighten to 48 ft.m). Remove shock absorber top attaching bolt. Using NEW nuts. and spring. compressed spring and spring seat. Raise engine slightly.

........... front bolts in frame.m).... lbs... WHEEL BEARING Removal 1) Raise vehicle and remove wheel.... reverse removal procedure......... tighten links to 37 ft... Reinstall hydraulic fluid brackets on sub-frame at front and rear edges.. 52 (70) Spring Strut Nut . Tighten brake rotor guide pin and mounting bolts to 72 INCH lbs..m).. ( 1) 13 (18) Control Arm-To-Sub-Frame Nut .. remove drive shaft from hub.. Remove hub... (45 N....m). Tighten bolts on right side in same order.... 3) Using NEW nuts.... install ball joint on control arm.. To complete installation.... (N... then tighten an additional 60 degrees.. 3) Install brake rotor.............m)....... Tap out drive shaft lock and remove nut...... (N. ( 2) 33 (45) Spring Seat Nut ... ( 3) 48 (65) Spring Strut-To-Shock Tower Nut ... Do not disconnect ABS sensor connector.. Using jack.. Remove brake disc rotor. lbs........ (50 N....... then tighten an additional 120 degrees.... using care to avoid damage to boot. (18 N. (105 N....m).... 2) Remove 3 ball joint nuts from lower control arm. tightening nuts to 13 ft..m)..m) ... Install anti-roll bar link to bar...m)................ Carefully tap end of drive shaft to loosen it from splines.. ( 2) 89 (120) Frame Bolt (Left Side) ....... Installation 1) Install hub..... Move jack to front edge of frame.m) Anti-Roll Bar Link-To-Spring Strut ...... then work outward.. Tighten bracket bolts to 37 ft. lbs...... use a chisel and tap drive shaft nut next to groove. Press steering gear mount bolts into frame at same time... Tighten drive shaft nut to 89 ft... Tighten Torx bolts alternately to 33 ft.......... (120 N...m)... then an additional 120 degrees.... 37 (50) Ball Joint Nut ...........Using NEW nuts.... then tighten an additional 60 degrees......... ( 1) 77 (105) Frame Bracket Bolt (Right Side) ...... Use NEW nut tightened to 37 ft. tighten steering gear nuts to 37 ft. ensuring splines align correctly.... Install drive shaft in hub....m)..... Tighten inside nut first.... Replace....... TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS  Application Ft.. (50 N... (50 N....... NOTE: Ensure ABS gear wheel is clean... 52 (70) Spring Strut-To-Axle Shaft Nut .. lbs.... Remove 4 Torx bolts holding hub to axle shaft.. To lock drive shaft nut.... Install and tighten NEW drive shaft nut by hand as far as possible. 37 (50) Hub Torx Bolt .. Lbs....... 18 (25) Steering Gear Nut .. (8 N............... Tighten bolts on left side of frame to 77 ft. 2) Loosely install NEW bolts on sub-frame. lbs.. but do not tighten.......... Install splash guard under engine.... lbs..... press sub-frame up at rear edge. Disconnect anti-roll bar link from anti-roll bar.. Press drive shaft into its inner position and. 2) Using NEW nuts.. lbs.... ( 1) 48 (65) Drive Shaft Nut ... (50 N... Remove brake caliper mounting bolts and hang caliper by wire. 37 (50) INCH Lbs... lbs.....

.Tighten an additional 60 degrees... 72 (8) (1) .... (2) ..........Tighten an additional 90 degrees......Tighten an additional 120 degrees...... (3) ..Brake Rotor Bolt ........  .