Europe: because the autor of that athemp has been
identified, they have to put i jail the autor, because he has
killed 39 confirmed persons.

Oceania: maybe it increase 14% because some countryes
are preparing for a war or something else, also it can be
because people want to me more safe. My solution eill be, or
more controls by the pólice, or maybe, putt he prices higher, so
then , the must pay more for it, and maybe they will think twice
if the pay for guns.

Africa: i think this news cant have a solution, because this
is good, because the elefants, were hunted by humans, and
the, in a future, they maybe will be inof elefants, and this new
is good for africa and all the elefants lived on it; but i think it
not olnly this happens with elefants, i think it has be equal with
all animals.

South America: i think, the president of Venezuela, have
to validate another time the 100 bolivars, because of the chaos
is in that country, most of the people is living like the dont want
to live, he have to put any solution quikly, because if not it will
be more and more chaos, and maybe Venezuela goes to ruine.

Asia: this is good for the world because of the
reconciliation between each countrys, then it will be good
feelings in the world.

North America: knowing what i know about Donald, is a
tipicly comment of he, because he always says crazy things like
that, and i think this is a Little bit absurd, the comment.
Pablo Ruiz Martin


News In All Continents


The secretary of Turkish Interior has affirmed that the author of the attempt of Istanbul is identified
after during the yesterday day the Turkish means were throwing all kinds of information and
conjectures on the identity and origin of the author of the death in New Year's Eve of 39 persons in
the club Reigns, where during minutes it unloaded his Kalashnikov, stopping also 65 injured men.


The world trade of conventional
The elect president of The United
States, Donald Trump, says that the
weapon increased 14 % between
ONU is a "club" of people who meets to 2011 and 2015 with regard to the
speak and " to spend it to him well ". previous period, according to a
spread report this Monday for the
International Institute of Studies
AFRICA for the Peace of Stockholm
Good news for the elephants. China, the major
world market of ivory, it has announced this SOUTH AMERICA
Friday that will prohibit the internal trade and
for processing of the so called " white gold " at The Venezuelan president has
the end of 2017, one decision with the one that
announced new monetary measures
one expects to put a stop to the poaching for
that have provoked the chaos in the
these threatened pachyderms in Africa.
country. The leader has indicated that
the tickets of 100 bolivars will be
invalidated whereas the Central Bank
of Venezuela has ASIA
advanced that
As Barack Obama's visit to Hiroshima in May prepares the imminent emission of
of the past year, that of today of the tickets of 500 and of 1.000, but these
Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe to Pearl will not come in time for Christmas.
Harbor is the culmination of eight years of The lack of cash has caused
approximation, recovery of the memory and disturbances and plunders that three
reconciliation between both nations dead men have left at least.