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Viewed by its people as Second only to Heaven, Botswana is one of the most
stable countries in Africa. Good economic policies transformed Botswana from one
of the poorest countries to a middle income one. Once focused solely on diamond
mining, the government has worked to broaden the economy.

With a multi-party democracy since independence, Botswana is relatively
corruption-free and in 2105 was ranked the least corrupt country in Africa by
Transparency International as well as the 28th least corrupt country in the world.
The country has good relations with neighboring countries and the international

Culture Overview

Cultural Essentials

There are vast differences between the values of the rural and urban
dwellers. More importantly, each ethnic group has their own distinct
culture. There are similarities and differences between these individual
tribal cultures. The similarities create a national culture, but the differences
may mean that some behaviors are less pronounced with some Batswana.

Conformity / Group Centeredness
Batswana want to appear like everyone else. This is a culture where
standing out is not valued. As an agrarian culture, Batswana know the
value of working together towards a common goal. They expect their
leaders to be strong and provide detailed instructions.

There are great differences between the old and the young as to what is
considered conformity. Young, urban Batswana (Generations X and Y)
want the accoutrements of success, while their parents are more
concerned with taking the time to sip tea leisurely and converse with

The Family
The basic unit of culture is the family, which includes both the nuclear and
the extended family or tribe. In traditional African cultures, the tribe is the
most important community, since it is the equivalent of a nation. The tribe
provides emotional and financial security. 8.2.2017.

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Batswana consider their extended family to be almost as important as their
nuclear family. Although educational or work opportunities may force family
members to move from the village, Batswana still return to their "home"
whenever possible. As more people move into the urban areas, they
maintain familial ties and provide financial support to family members who
have remained in villages.

Although in the middle between direct and indirect communication styles,
Batswana generally maintain polite communication and avoid any form of
confrontation. Greetings are leisurely and include the words Sir (Rra) or
Madam (Mma).

In their attempt to be helpful and appear courteous, many Batswana have
difficulty giving a negative response. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask
open-ended questions.

Botswana has a high-context communication culture where people use
non-verbal language to enhance their spoken words. They expect others to
pay attention to their non-verbal cues and use them to interpret the true
meaning of their words. For the most part, Batswana are non-
confrontational and go out of their way to maintain harmonious
relationships. If there is a rule, they obey it, since to do otherwise would be

Impact of Generations
As a relatively young country, Batswana over the age of 45 have seen
massive changes within their lifetimes. Younger Batswana, who have
grown up in an independent country and have benefited educationally,
seek to live in urban areas and amass the accoutrements of success. Quite
often, their parents have remained in rural areas and maintain the lifestyle
of their ancestors.


Botswana is predominantly a Christian country. David Livingstone was a
pioneer in bringing the religion of Botswana to Christianity. As in much of
Africa, Christianity is interspersed with traditional beliefs.

Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution and the various
religious groups coexist amicably. There is an interfaith council that
includes representatives of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Baha’i.

Batswana are open to missionaries, in part because they often build
schools and health centers.

Religion in Batswana extols the virtues of treating people equally. It also
plays a pivotal role in unifying the people and developing harmonious
relationships. 8.2.2017.

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Role of Women

The Constitution enshrines equality, although the traditional patriarchal
culture has historically viewed women as inferior to men and sees them as
homemakers rather than business professionals. In rural areas, these
prejudices override the government's attempt to foster equality.

The relatively young country has made tremendous strides towards gender
equality, seeing it as fundamental to the country's financial and economic
success as well as necessary to compete on an international level. Female
representation in decision-making positions has risen substantially,
although it remains relatively low compared to most Western countries.

The Women’s Affairs Department (WAD) in the Ministry of Labor and
Home Affairs is Botswana’s lead agency on gender equality. The
government is committed to redressing the gender imbalances of the past.

Women have attained senior roles in many government and public
enterprises, including Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions,
Governor of the Bank of Botswana, permanent secretaries, heads of
department and parastatals and ambassadors. In the business sector,
women are rising commensurate with their experience and expertise.

About 75% of women who move from rural to urban areas engage in small
business. About 95% of all female-owned companies involve
knitting/sewing, poultry, baking, or small-scale food processing. The
remaining companies owned by women have developed into larger-scale
operations. These success stories are paving the way for entrepreneurial

About one-third of senior management roles are held by women according
to the 2014 Grant Thornton International Business Report.

View of Foreign Women
Foreign businesswomen are generally treated with respect. Older
Batswana businessmen may be somewhat chauvinistic; however, they will
also be exceedingly polite. Those who have worked for international
companies or NGOs are more interested in a woman's with qualifications
and credentials than her gender.

Tips for Businesswomen
Status is derived from position in this hierarchical culture. Businesswomen
are generally afforded respect.

Batswana are generally private people and do not discuss personal
matters in business. Therefore, it is a good idea to refrain from asking
personal questions or relaying too much information about yourself.

Although it is important to appear warm and friendly and develop strong 8.2.2017.

it is probably a good idea to do so when meeting with government officials. Although somewhat wary of foreigners' intentions. 8. If she says she must refer the decision to someone else. including your academic background and professional accomplishments. This visible taking charge enhances your credibility. you should have few difficulties. Even with an introduction. If you are part of a team.2017. Botswana has watched the effects of racism in both South Africa and even if all team members are equal. As a relatively new country. she loses credibility. Batswana are generally warm and hospitable. leading the business discussion. they are sensitive to Africans from neighboring countries who are willing to work for less. if initially a bit standoffish. A woman should be authorized to make decisions. forward a brief bio of yourself. Some older Batswana businessmen may think a woman should lower her eyes when greeting them. http://kpmg. Establishing Credibility Titles tell Batswana how to behave towards you and where to place you relative to themselves -. It is important not to appear bothered by these questions since Batswana admire people who retain their professional demeanor. the government has had a practice of deporting homosexuals and prostitutes. In many companies there remains a tendency to defer to the men on a team. Since 2013. a businesswoman may be asked questions about her expertise from older Batswana businessmen. Business relationships take time to develop.aspx. If this is not done by the person making the introduction. At the same time.2. Although this practice is slowly dying out.. If you are a business traveler. It is a good idea to establish your credentials quickly. Black South Africans are welcome in the country while those from other African nations are considered more problematic. you may wish to invent a "business card title" to facilitate smoother working relationships. View of Foreigners The view of foreigners often depends on their nationality. do not to appear overly friendly or casual.PrintView Page 4 of 38 personal relationships. If you behave in a polite manner. They can also be concerned about other foreigners who they believe take jobs away from their own people.and relative to the hierarchy. Without a title of manager or above. . To avoid this. it is a good idea to arrange with your team to have certain questions referred to you as the subject matter expert.culturewizard. they may assume that the businesswoman does not have a position of authority.

Cultural Model. you will want to give clear. you need to approach every situation with an understanding of the basic tenets of a given culture and yet remain alert to the specific cultural signals you receive in each situation and adjust your behavior and expectations accordingly. Formal vs. They are designed to help you work and understand people from other cultural backgrounds. you will want to demonstrate a somewhat authoritative leadership style unless the corporate culture you're dealing with is different.. Hierarchical vs. Please keep in mind that not all people from any given culture act the same. .PrintView Page 5 of 38 Cross Culture Tips The following cultural observations are based on the dimensions in the ICAM169. • Be aware that people from different socio-economic backgrounds or different levels of the organization may feel uneasy being invited to the same social or business function. • Show the appropriate level of respect.2017. behavior and planning. explicit directions regarding responsibilities and decisions.aspx.. Informal The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • The importance of appearance and demeanor as an indicator of status http://kpmg. we had to make generalizations. but in order to describe cultural traits. Perhaps the most important tip we can provide is that when interacting across cultures. When you interact with Batswana. • As a manager or employer. to the more senior members of the organization. • If you are on a global team or managing a corporate group or household help. 8. Egalitarian The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • How society is structured • How power is allocated or earned • Tolerance for social mobility • How organizations are structured and run • The amount of responsibility and control employees are given Botswana is both an egalitarian and a hierarchical society. • Expect to encounter some bureaucracy in organizations and the following tips will help you: • People appreciate structure in manners. which may not apply in some cases. depending upon the circumstances.2. through language and behavior.

be sensitive to the role of the group. Instead. teamwork in accomplishing and rewarding business goals • The roles and responsibilities of individuals to other family members • The appropriate levels of self-assertion and self-promotion within a society Botswana is a relatively group-oriented society. They may be uncomfortable if too much focus is placed on them individually. • Individuals do not always feel comfortable taking sole credit for accomplishments.2.culturewizard. it will be helpful to remember the following: • People value their role as a family or team member. • Appearance. the following tips will help you as you cross cultures: • Overt displays of wealth or status may be considered pretentious and arrogant.PrintView Page 6 of 38 • The importance of protocol and etiquette • The appropriate use of titles. • Talk in moderate tones and do not do anything to call attention to yourself. As you interact with Batswana. These external manifestations of status may be absent and are often regarded as unnecessary and unwanted. even when credit is primarily due to them. • Decision making may require a good deal of consensus building. and lack of status symbols may be deceiving. http://kpmg. • Individuals feel a strong sense of responsibility for family members. building relationships and entertaining Botswana is an informal Individual The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • The source of an individual's identity and loyalties • The relative importance of the individual versus the group • Whether legal systems will protect the rights of the individual or focus on the group as a whole • Whether individuals prefer to work alone or be part of a group • Whether work teams operate as a seamless entity or as cooperating individuals • The value of individual contributions vs. People from Botswana strive to fit in at all times. They will often identify themselves first as part of a group.. When you interact with Batswana.. lines between personal and professional lives and status in the organizational hierarchy. as well as the individual. demeanor. surnames and honorifics • The appropriateness of discussing personal matters at work • Appropriate ways of meeting people. • Recognize that lines may be blurred-lines between socio-economic groups. then as an individual. • Promotions will be based on a mixture of group and individual performance and achievement. 8. . Group vs.

you will want to remember these points: • Relationship building is important and tends to be somewhat formal and ritualized. trust and familiarity will likely take precedence over price and perhaps even efficiency. relationship building takes time and attention. • Expect to be asked personal questions. • Employing or giving favorable treatment to family members and friends may be good business. once developed. In return. • In a business situation. The following tips will give you clues about how you might handle communication with http://kpmg.aspx. 8. non-verbal communication • The degree of directness or subtlety in the language • The relative importance of contextual versus tactical information in conveying a message • The need to maintain harmony and dignity when communicating • The degree to which a society uses conciseness and clarity versus eloquent language when communicating Botswana is a relatively indirect communication culture. personal relationships. they carry an underlying assumption of friendship. Indirect The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • The relative importance of verbal vs. which may include going out after work to socialize.. This is how locals learn more about you as a person so that they can be learn if the type of person with whom they want a relationship. Direct When you have business or social interactions with Batswana.2. . Transactional Relationships The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • What constitutes a relationship • What are the expectations • Whether trust is deemed critical to building social or business relationships • What takes precedence in making a business decision: the people involved or other more objective business criteria • The pace and degree of formalized rituals in building new relationships • The appropriateness of mixing business and pleasure. relationship-oriented culture.2017. relationships are long lived. or professional and personal lives Botswana is a relatively interpersonal.PrintView Page 7 of 38 Interpersonal vs.culturewizard. and what may be considered to be "nepotism" in your culture may be openly accepted. • In general. entertaining at one’s home or even inviting someone for the weekend and while these may be seen as casual in your culture. • There are expectations that people have of relationship-based behavior.

• Take care when making introductions to have a respectful. even deferential demeanor. • Plans are often fluid. They may not share the same sense of urgency or ambition about completing business Page 8 of 38 Batswana colleagues: • Non-verbal gestures enhance the meaning of the spoken word. it is often valuable to seek concurrence from team members when establishing deadlines. 8.2017. The following tips will give you clues about how you may best interact with Batswana colleagues: • Be accepting of the fact that people do not feel a sense of urgency for promptness. Controlled Time The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • The degree to which people feel that they can control time • The relative importance of relationships vs. people need context and background information to confirm a shared understanding. • Verbal eloquence is highly valued. schedules • Attitudes towards timekeeping and punctuality • Comfort level with short range vs. Balance vs.aspx. or personal career advancement. • Since the entire message is not contained in the words. personal lives • How status and success are defined by a society • The presence or absence of government-sponsored initiatives relating to family welfare benefits • The source of an individual's identity and self-esteem • Tolerance for blurring the lines between professional and personal lives http://kpmg. Fluid vs. • Fluid Time cultures often strive for balance in professional and personal lives. sourcing new business.2.. • Since people have respect for schedules. longer term planning • The feasibility / appropriateness of assigning set times for social functions or business meetings to start and finish Botswana is a moderately Fluid Time culture. • Show you are considering the subject thoroughly when a topic is presented.. changing frequently and often at the last minute. and brevity to maintain time schedules is not considered a virtue. . • It may be rude to interrupt a colleague who is taking a long time to deliver a message. but they understand the need for deadlines and schedules.culturewizard. Status The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • The importance and value attached to professional vs.

and allow failure Botswana is a moderately External Control society. with risk tolerance limited to those in decision making positions.. you should remember the following tips: • People in these societies believe they have limited control over their destiny or environment. 8. education and pursuits outside of the workplace. • Younger workers may expect to be measured on their own achievements. When interacting with Batswana. it is a good idea to make periodic checks on progress. • When delegating work to people from Botswana may be reluctant to adopt new products or systems without a great deal of research. status and sense of personal accomplishment are often derived from family.culturewizard. .2017.2. Country Overview The People http://kpmg.aspx. • People can gain status and respect by workplace accomplishments. • Risk tolerance is often a matter of position.PrintView Page 9 of 38 Botswana is a moderately Status-Motivation culture. • Employees may see a distinction between work time and personal time although they may also blur those lines with friends and family. Internal The defining characteristics of this dimension are: • The degree to which people feel they control their environment and destiny-or the degree to which they feel their environment and destiny control them • Openness to change and innovation • The preference for rules and structure • Willingness to take risks • The degree to which organizational practices encourage and reward initiative and risk taking. you should remember the following tips: • Personal identity. When interacting with Batswana. • Employees expect managers to be strong leaders who care for their staff and take a personal interest in their lives. • Although change may be viewed in a positive light. • Obligations to family and close friends are often viewed as important as professional responsibilities. External vs. • Social occasions may be used to achieve business objectives.

8%. Kalanga 11%.6%. and the specific site was chosen because it did not favor any one ethnic group and was near the railway line. As the city has grown. higher infant Shekgalagadi 3.) Source: The World Factbook Cities & Regions Botswana is a landlocked country in Africa that straddles the Tropic of Capricorn. unspecified 0.3%. higher death rates. Sembukushu 1.) Languages: Setswana 77. English (official) 2. Under British colonial rule. Gaborone has been the capital since independence.2.culturewizard. It is bordered by Zimbabwe on the northeast.7%. which is not really a desert. And Namibia on the west and north.PrintView Page 10 of 38 Botswana is comprised of several ethnic groups. other 1.1%.2%.4%. other. the largest of which is the Tswana.8% (2011 est. http://kpmg.2017. The city itself is designed in concentric circles. Zezuru/Shona 2%.4%. Nationality: Noun: Motswana (singular). Batswana (plural) Adjective: Motswana (singular).208 Note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS. including Kgalagadi and white 7% Religions: Christian 79.209. Basarwa 3%.26% (2014 est. this can result in lower life expectancy. Hindu. Sesarwa 1.3% (2011 est. Sekalanga 7. Muslim.) Population growth rate: 1. whose red sands have vegetation and an abundance of mineral deposits. none 15. Nearly 80% of the country is comprised of the Kalahari Desert.aspx. and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected (July 2016 est. Batswana (plural) Population: 2..4% (includes Baha'i. It was built in the 1960s. lower population growth rates.) Ethnic groups: Tswana (or Setswana) 79%. the populations of these states were given the official status of tribes. 8. Badimo 4. South Africa on and south and southeast.1%. much like a traditional village. Tswana ethnic dominance is derived from the eight Tswana states that ruled most of the area in the 19th century. Rastafarian).. other 2. . Ndebele 1%.

com A comprehensive directory of Batswana government Web sites.S.2017.cia.state. and the House of Chiefs. Background Note: Botswana http://www. and the National Museum. It is a thriving metropolis. each with circles encircling them. An online directory of leaders updated weekly by the Central Intelligence Agency. . The government area includes ministries. the National Assembly.PrintView Page 11 of 38 there are several centers.. 8.. Department of An overview of government and political conditions published by the U. Government Country name: • Conventional long form: Republic of Botswana • Conventional short form: Botswana • Local long form: Republic of Botswana • Local short form: Botswana • Former: Bechuanaland Government type: Parliamentary republic Capital: Gaborone Independence: 30 September 1966 (from the UK) Legal system: Mixed legal system of civil law influenced by the Roman-Dutch model and also customary and common law Source: The World Factbook More Government Information Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members in Botswana https://www.culturewizard. The capital city is also home to the University of Botswana. Links to Government Web Sites http://www.aspx.

construction.2. but vital agriculture sector. a major international diamond company. nickel. De iron ore. detrimental to Botswana’s small. Botswana entered its fourth year of drought. . However. Through fiscal discipline and sound management. unemployment is 19. potash.overview: Botswana has maintained one of the world's highest economic growth rates since independence in 1966. and about one-third of the government's revenues. 8.700 in 2015. Diamond mining has fueled much of the expansion and currently accounts for one quarter of GDP. In 2016. water and power shortages also played a role. and tourism development. Botswana's economy is highly correlated with global economic trends because of its heavy reliance on a single luxury export.5%. In October 2015 President Ian KHAMA announced a stimulus plan to boost the economy through projects in agricultural production. manufacturing.aspx. livestock processing. soda ash. The move was geared to support the development of Botswana's nascent downstream diamond industry.PrintView Page 12 of 38 Economy Currency: Pula (BWP) Economy .. Following the 2008 global recession Botswana’s economy recovered in 2010. but unofficial estimates run much higher. silver..2017. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is second highest in the world and threatens the country's impressive economic gains Industries: Diamonds. coal. Botswana transformed itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to a middle-income country with a per capita GDP of $17. salt. textiles Source: The World Factbook More Economic Information Central Statistics Office http://kpmg. Two major investment services rank Botswana as the best credit risk in Africa.culturewizard. This was primarily due to the downturn in the global diamond market. copper. approximately 85% of export earnings. Tourism is the secondary earner of foreign exchange and many Batswana engage in subsistence farming and cattle raising. signed a 10-year deal with Botswana in 2012 and moved its rough stone sorting and trading division from London to Gaborone in 2013. According to official government statistics. the Government of Botswana estimates the economy grew by only 1% in 2015.

544 km. warm winters and hot summers Terrain: Predominantly flat to gently rolling tableland.. Zimbabwe 834 km Coastline: 0 km (landlocked) Climate: Semiarid. north of South Africa Area: Total: 581.730 sq km Water: 15..note: Landlocked. carrying sand and dust across the country. http://kpmg. Information maintained by the Central Statistics Office. population concentrated in eastern part of the country Source: The World Factbook History Overview • The original inhabitants of Botswana were the Bushmen.000 sq km Land boundaries: Total: 4.culturewizard.2017.15 km Border Countries: Namibia 1. limited fresh water resources Geography . Kalahari Desert in southwest Elevation extremes: Lowest point: Junction of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers 513 m Highest point: Tsodilo Hills 1. seasonal August winds blow from the west.730 sq km Land: 566. .2.aspx.489 m Natural hazards: Periodic droughts. 8.PrintView Page 13 of 38 http://www. South Africa issues: Overgrazing. which can obscure visibility Environment . Zambia km.15 km. Geography & Climate Location: Southern Africa.

culturewizard. the UK established two advisory councils representing Africans and Europeans. • The UN demanded an end of Rhodesian hostilities on the Botswana border in 1977. • Given falling diamond prices. • In June 1964. • The Kalahari bushmen took the government to court over the 2004 forced eviction from their land. They forced many of the ethnic people to move westward.. • The Batswana seized the lands of the Bakhalagari people commencing in 1842. • The Tswana came into the country during the 1st and 2nd centuries BC. because of a decline in animal populations. the UK assured inhabitants of the Bechuanaland Protectorate. • The government banned commercial wildlife hunting. • With the death of president Seretse Khama in 1980. • Botswana became a founding member of the Southern African Development Coordination Conference in 1980. later helping create Bechuanaland Protectorate. Seretse Khama. He was re-elected in 1984. • European missionaries arrived in the 1800s. Reverend John Mackenzie asked the British to occupy the area. http://kpmg. • Copper mines were established in 1959. 1989 and 1994. • In 1836. leading to an economic recovery. making them into domestic servants. a leader in the independence movement and the a descendent of the traditional rule of the Bamangwato. re- elected twice. the government began relocating bushmen to settlements outside Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The missionaries petitioned the British government to intervene. • In 1904. The seat of government was moved from Mafikeng. shortage of land in South Africa drove Boers into Botswana. • Reverend John Mackenzie declared a protectorate of the land around the Molopo River in 1884. the UK put Bechuanaland under its protection.PrintView Page 14 of 38 • Farming people came into the area in the 5th century BC. • In 1920. diamonds were discovered at Orapa.aspx. vice president Quett Masire was made president. was elected the first president. Production was increased in November. the Africaners began the Great Trek from South Africa into other regions on the continent. and died in office in 1980. • Government workers staged a two-month strike over wages in April 2011. • In 1967. Reverend John Smith Moffat left the missionaries to take up a government post.. The Batswana retaliated and burned Boer homes. to Gaborone in 1965. the UK accepted proposals for democratic self- government in • The Boers attacked Botswana in 1852. the government cut production 50% in April 2009. and Swaziland that they would not be included in the proposed Union of South Africa. in South Africa. They eventually won their battle in 2006.2017. 8. • In 1995. commencing in 2014. • By 1870. . • To prevent Boer encroachment on the area. Basuotoland (Lesotho). In 1885.

culturewizard. There are no prohibitions about men and women greeting each other. a small gift is expected. however. then link your thumbs and raise your hand until your arms make a tight angle. although women should wait for the man to initiate the handshake.. Rushing a greeting by not engaging in social pleasantries is extremely rude. Some ethnic groups celebrate the 21st and 40th birthdays with a party. Close friends may hug and kiss in greeting. Greetings are accompanied by polite inquiries into the health and well- being of the person and their family. Take the person's right hand. although those under the age of 35 may.2. the one Batswana use is somewhat more extended than the traditional one used in other countries. You may give something larger if the gift is from several people. Maintain the grasp on the other person's thumb and the top of their hand. If so. Then. Gift Giving In general. .. It is polite to address men who are senior to yourself in age or position as Rra and women as Mma.PrintView Page 15 of 38 Country Information Embassies Public Holidays Social Etiquette Meeting People The most common greeting in Botswana is the handshake. quickly relax and drop your hand into a typical shaking hands gesture.2017. http://kpmg. keeping the thumbs linked. 8.aspx. shake older Batswana do not celebrate their birthdays.

• Women should cover their thighs. it is best not to give alcoholic beverages. Verbal thanks is seldom given. When in doubt. As in much of Africa. • Gifts are given with both hands or the right hand supported by the left hand at the elbow. the stricter the protocol. • Unless you know the host drinks.2017. do not wear torn or tattered clothing. but good However. they are saying thank you. 8. the thighs are an erogenous zone. • Do not ask for a tour of the house. • Expect to be immediately offered tea. .PrintView Page 16 of 38 Here are some general gift giving guidelines (but also check to be sure they are permitted under company policy): • If you are invited to a Motswana home. • If someone accepts a gift with both hands. but a telephone call the next day to thank the hosts for their hospitality is a nice gesture. Batswana do not generally invite others to their home. • Table manners are Continental -. If you are invited to a Motswana house: • Arrive on time. • Contact the hostess in advance to see if she would like you to bring a dish. • Wrapping a gift nicely shows extra effort.aspx. Punctuality is appreciated. Table Manners Batswana have casual table manners. Even if they are the latest style. Entertaining How Batswana Entertain With the exception of parties.2.hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating. • Wear casual. • It is a matter of personal preference as to whether a gift is opened when received.. • Keep your hands visible when eating.. • A thank you note is not expected.culturewizard. which is the sign of hospitality. http://kpmg. or pasties to the hostess. bring flowers. although they are happy to entertain anyone who arrives unannounced. the more formal the occasion. watch what others are doing and emulate their behavior. You will only be shown the public areas. • A small gift for the children is appreciated. good quality chocolates.

Dining Out Many restaurants include a service charge.aspx.. .culturewizard. It is rude to swear or tell sex-related jokes if there are women present.PrintView Page 17 of 38 • Keep your wrists resting on the edge of the table.2. your travels. Tipping The following tipping hints are There is a strong sense of propriety in conversation. you may leave a tip to reward exemplary service.. However. In rural areas. Conversation Topics Batswana are excellent conversationalists. http://kpmg. try not to back up. although they are not slaves to their watches. If so. • Restaurants: 5-10% if no service charge • Porters: Loose change • Taxis: Round up Approach to Time Compared to most Africans. Most Batswana do not tip. Even if you feel your space bubble has been invaded. 8. things you have seen and enjoyed in Botswana. Good topics of conversation include sports. If there is not a service charge. Batswana respect time. In business they strive to arrive punctually and meetings generally begin close to the appointed time. time is centered on agriculture. but it is expected that foreigners will. although it is probably best not to discuss religion or the country's history. a tip of 10% is given for good service. especially soccer. Many Batswana stand close to a person of the same gender when conversing. There are few taboo subjects. there is a leisurely approach to life. who enjoy conversing with friends and family over a cup of tea.2017. Most Batswana believe there is sufficient time that they can extend protracted greetings and take morning and afternoon tea breaks. You can find more explicit information on restaurant tipping in the Dining Out section above.

• Avoid public displays of anger. There is no need to telephone in advance..2.. • Avoid public displays of affection in rural areas.2017. it is polite for women to keep their thighs covered. they expect people to drop by in the late afternoon or early evening when it is cooler and everyone can sit outside. • Do not point a finger at a person. this gesture is associated with animals. Expect to queue often. but it is more polite not to do so. As in many African countries.culturewizard. The following behaviors are common: • Remove your hat or cap when speaking to an elder. • Look elders in the eye when greeting them or speaking with them. Both are very rude. Reading in public is rude. a woman's thighs are an erogenous zone. . • Do not make direct eye contact with an elder unless you have a personal relationship. • Do not hold your middle finger erect or waving a pointed index finger. It is best to smile and not make an issue of it. Visiting friends is part of the culture.PrintView Page 18 of 38 Other Situations Elders are respected and revered in Botswana. It is extremely rude not to greet Batswana when passing them on the street. http://kpmg. Although most Batswana respect the line.aspx. 8. Young Batswana in urban areas may wear tight pants or short skirts. there are occasions when someone will cut in front of you. Although more common in rural areas. The invitation to stop by at anytime is • Offer your seat to an elder if there is not a vacant one. Faux Pas Keep in mind the following behaviors while in Botswana: • Ask permission before taking someone's photograph. The Batswana believe that the person must have a good reason for their breach of etiquette. Batswana seldom extend formal invitations.

If you do not make eye contact. personal sentiments are not considered a sound basis for making decisions. It is vital to append the words Sir (Rra) or Madam (Mma) to the greeting. which is an insult. If you are rude to someone. Therefore. it is better to say "I think" rather than "I feel". many Batswana have difficulty giving a negative response. . the Motswana may think you are avoiding them. including English.2.79% . However.speaks Sotswana. it is a good idea to ask open-ended questions. Key Words/Phrases: The official language of Botswana is English. When presenting material. the rules change when speaking with elders.. Even so. • Yes: Ee • No: Nnyaa • Hello: Dumala • Goodnight: Boroko • Goodbye: Go siame • Please: Tsweetswee • Thank you: Ke itumetse (informal) • Thank you: Ke a leboga (formal) • How are you?: O kae? (informal) • How are you?: O tsogile jang? (formal) http://kpmg. The largest population . where it is polite to lower your eyes as a sign of respect. since they learn British/South African English. Communication is generally They expect others to pay attention to their non-verbal cues and use them to interpret the true meaning of their words. also called Setswana or Tswana. Decisions are made from facts and figures. Eye contact is crucial when conversing. However. they may not be aware of the latest clichés and idioms.PrintView Page 19 of 38 Communication Communication Essentials Most Batswana can speak several languages. Greetings are leisurely and not as rushed as in many Western countries. Although personal relationships make business run.. In their attempt to be helpful and appear courteous. Botswana has a high-context communication culture where people use non-verbal language to enhance their spoken words. they may not do business with you.2017.culturewizard. a large portion of the population is more comfortable speaking a native language. 8.

http://kpmg. Letters may be addressed using a person's honorific title and surname or their honorific title and professional title. Non-Verbal Language Batswana do not require as much personal space as do people from most Western countries. pronunciation guide and links to more If you back up to create a larger space bubble. It is impolite to walk between two people who are conversing. the translation must be exact.omniglot. The amount of space is greater when speaking across the gender line. Language Related Videos http://www. Batswana frequently touch others on the arm when speaking to them. rather than what the translator thinks each party wants to The Sotswana alphabet. There should be a brief personal comment before moving into the business purpose of the communication. . Letters and emails should be warm and friendly.aspx. Developing a thorough relationship with your translator enables them to argue your points with a level of confidence they might not otherwise have. but decreases markedly when speaking with someone of the same sex. Have your translator explain to you the most elementary of basic courtesies.2. To be on the safe side you may want to meet with the translator prior to your appointments so that the person learns your accent and can be exposed to any technical or non-familiar terms that may be used.. Using Translators Take care in selecting a translator and develop an early understanding of what you A video featuring several spoken Sotswana words and phrases.2017. Mail & Telephone Letters/Email Letters are used for formal communications. building upon the personal relationship.. you may insult the Batswana.PrintView Page 20 of 38 • I am fine: Ke tsogile sentle. Spoken Key Phrases http://www.

• Strive not to sound arrogant or pompous. Presenter • Introduce yourself to each participant as they enter the room and make a modicum of small talk. • Minimize slang.2017. • Use proper grammar. or charts and data to substantiate what is presented should be given at the end of the presentation. Most will comply. http://kpmg. not the presentation.aspx. exaggeration or self-promotion. which is the general language of business. intersperse charts and graphs with written material. background data. jargon. do not focus entirely on one member. • Keep A/V slides simple and easy to read. Telephone Phone calls and emails are used for routine communication. Audience • Some may arrive late. • Handouts with additional details.. less than one minute. It is important to be polite and append the appropriate term Rra or Mma for Sir or Madam at the end of the greeting.. • Make eye contact with your audience.2. is sufficient before bringing the conversation to the business topic. 8. • To emphasize a point. • Avoid using hyperbole. Presentations Handouts • Handouts should be available in Page 21 of 38 If you write to introduce your company. A brief period of general conversation about sports. • Slides should be an outline. • Very technical data should be available is Setswana and English. it is a good idea to stress the benefits of your products or services. • Use diagrams and pictures when possible rather than words. • You may ask the audience to turn off their mobile phones. family. and idiomatic expressions. Presentation Slides/Power Point • Presentation materials should be spell-checked for British spelling. • A brief written summary of the main points and the agenda should be provided at the start of the presentation. or current events. . pronouncing words clearly and distinctly.culturewizard.

• Introduce yourself. opinion. • An eloquent yet concise speaking style is preferred. • Opening with a joke or humorous story at the start can facilitate developing rapport with the audience. • Demonstrate how your idea has worked in the past.. http://kpmg. • Begin with the business advantage of what you are about to discuss and a big picture overview. including leading zeroes is optional. month and year format with a period between each number. . and interesting facts. Body of the Presentation • Presentations should be well-organized. are considered poor grammar and should be avoided. • Include case studies and testimonials. • Provide supporting documentation including facts and figures. • When presenting a new concept. opinion. • Incorporate a combination of Date/Time Date In Botswana. 8.2017. 2011 could be written 9. The year may be written in two. and facts. • Speak in a straightforward manner. • End with something for the audience to think about or consider. • Thank the audience. Opening the Presentation • Welcome the audience.aspx.07. • Moderate expressive hand gestures if possible.7. but it should not be too familiar. • Begin with an overview or agenda. • Leave time for a Q&A session at the end of your presentation.11 or 09.culturewizard. If the day or month is less than 10. • Presentations should incorporate a combination of analysis. • Emphasize details and explain the practical implications of your information. • Examples and illustrations should be drawn from local companies. Use common sense arguments. while understood. succinct and to the point. Example: July 9.or four-digits.PrintView Page 22 of 38 • Double negatives. • The presentation style does not need to be overly formal.2. dates are generally written in the day. Closing the Presentation • You may present a summary at the end of the presentation or discuss the next steps. provide some historical context.

Academic or political titles may be used by some Batswana. 8. learning the greetings in Swetsana gives the impression that you are interested in a long-term relationship.aspx.2. http://kpmg. This leaves no ambiguity as to what is the day and what is the month. When doing so.PrintView Page 23 of 38 To ensure there is no confusion. unless you are meeting someone who is older than you in age or position. Business Cards • Business cards are exchanged without formal ritual. Honorific titles may be used in English. Thus. • Address people by their honorific title and their surname. • Handshakes tend to lengthy. • Most people quickly move to a first-name basis.. The 12-hour clock divides the day into two periods (midnight to noon and noon to midnight). • Although not required. . although they may use the 12-hour clock when speaking. Read the Social Etiquette section Meeting People for a description of the Batswana handshake. Business Protocol Meeting & Greeting • Shake hands with everyone upon arriving and upon leaving. in which case you should lower your eyes. Batswana generally communicate in writing using the 24-hour clock.2017. you may want to spell out the name of the month. use "Rra" for sir and "Mma" for Madam. • Glance at the card before putting it in a business card case.culturewizard. 2 o'clock in the afternoon would be 14:00 in the 24-hour clock. although it is considered good manners to wait for your colleagues to suggest moving to this level of intimacy.. • Greetings are somewhat lengthy and include discussions about the other person's health and family. • Maintain eye contact while shaking hands. • Present your card so it is readable to the recipient. Time The 24-hour clock is a timekeeping convention where the time of a day is the number of hours since midnight. each with 12

• Men should wear lightweight. event. • Business attire is conservative. Before embarking on an international trip. http://kpmg. but it is best to err on the side of conservatism for the initial meeting.culturewizard. As such. • In smaller companies. It is important to dress well since this denotes status.PrintView Page 24 of 38 Business Attire The way a businessperson dresses conveys their professional image and their respect for the people with whom they conduct business. .com/DesktopModules/RW3Modules/CP2014/PrintView. • Shoes should be highly polished. 8.2017. it is generally a good idea to check with the local office to determine what the appropriate dress code is in a specific location. Some industries and companies may have less stringent requirements. • Women should wear elegant business suits or dresses.. Many prefer to use this time to further the personal relationship. conservative business suits. Appropriate attire varies within countries based on location. it may be possible to wear more casual clothing. what we report is the conservative approach to business attire for a country. • Appropriate gifts include desk accessories or good quality pens. • Something with your company logo is acceptable.. • Wait for the Batswana to initiate business discussions.aspx. • Gifts should be nicely wrapped. • You may give something after the relationship has been developed. and individual organization culture. • Ensure that your accoutrements are of good quality and in good repair. Business Entertaining • Business lunches are more common than business dinners. Gifts Here are some general gift giving guidelines (but also check to be sure they comply with company policy): • Business gifts are not part of the business culture.2.

You can provide additional context by including references and case studies. This offer should be accepted.. • Role of Leader: The leader agrees to the agenda. • Who attends: Various levels and key stakeholders attend. determines the next steps. . Initiating a discussion about your positive impressions of the country will endear you http://kpmg.aspx. Business Hours • Offices: 7:30/8:00am–4:30/5:00pm Monday to Friday • Government: 7:30am—4:30pm Monday to Friday • Shops: 8:00am—6:00pm Monday to Friday. It is common to serve guests and adjourns the meeting. sets the pace.culturewizard. calls the meeting to order. they engage in a great deal of leisurely getting-to-know-you conversation. 8:30am—1:00pm Saturday • Banks: 9:00am—3:30pm Monday to Friday. The first meeting is often used to get to know each other and develop a sense of trust rather than to conduct business. to discuss a new project.PrintView Page 25 of 38 • The person who extends the invitation usually pays. the people who will be attending. if time permits. • Purpose: Meetings may be held to relay information. since doing so allows the Batswana to demonstrate their hospitality and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.. forward detailed information about your company. and brief business biographies of each participant. • Who participates/speaks: Key stakeholders may speak and even disagree as long as it is done diplomatically.2017. to build consensus. Since Batswana prefer to know and like the people they conduct business with. varies by region on Saturday Business Meetings Meeting Essentials • Structure: Batswana are comfortable working from an agenda.2. • It is good manners to reciprocate hospitality. 8. The general tone of participants is respectful towards the leader. If meeting with a company for the fist time. Social conversation is an important facet of meetings. or to exchange ideas.

and the meeting may be interrupted. It is often difficult to schedule meetings from mid December to mid January or the two weeks surrounding Easter. and not allowing interruptions. . introductions are generally done in order of seniority. age is respected and older people are considered to be wise and knowledgeable. • By the end of the meeting. It is a good idea to confirm the meeting a few days in advance. When meeting with government officials. it is a good idea to forward it in advance so that your Batswana colleagues are prepared for the discussion..aspx. Smaller companies may not have a set ending time for the In business. depending upon their personal preferences. Large companies tend to follow Western business practices of starting and ending meetings on time. the pertinent points have generally been discussed. Meeting styles may vary depending upon the type of company. punctuality is appreciated. As you would expect in a hierarchical culture. although it may be possible to do so with less notice. with the most important person leading the group. If you come with a team. it is a good idea to enter the room in rank order. In deference to their hierarchical style. • Agendas are followed.. • Wait for the most senior Batswana to refocus the discussion. may not have an agenda. • If one topic leads to another. Agendas • If you want to work from an agenda. Scheduling Meetings Appointments are necessary and should generally be made several weeks in advance. 8.2.PrintView Page 26 of 38 to them. working from an agenda. although not necessarily in a linear fashion. the conversation may veer off target. it is important to provide a great deal of lead time. it is a good idea to include someone on your team who is older and can be viewed as an authority. but will ultimately return.2017. Government officials may or may not arrive on time. http://kpmg. Therefore.

They may use metaphors or proverbs to demonstrate a point. they prefer to do business with people they trust. The business community is relatively small. The Chamber of Commerce. Although not absolutely necessary.. Batswana prefer to maintain harmonious working relationships. They may move even closer when they become engrossed in a discussion. the Botswana Embassy in your country or your embassy in Botswana can usually help you find someone to take on this task. This gives them the opportunity to understand your character. so they avoid confrontation. Management Styles Relationships Although Batswana do not need long-standing personal relationships before conducting business. For the most part. 8. so any transgression on your part will quickly become public knowledge. especially over tea which is often served mid-morning and Page 27 of 38 Conducting Meetings Batswana tend to be friendly and courteous.aspx. which will foster trust in you as a business partner. Network and spend time getting to know your Batswana colleagues. http://kpmg. Batswana do not require a great deal of personal space when conversing. Relationships are built in the office. Networking and relationship building are crucial for long-term business success..2017. The business community is relatively small and any indiscretion on your part will quickly become public knowledge. especially when speaking with foreigners.2. It is imperative that you remain polite when dealing with Batswana. a letter of introduction can facilitate making appointments. . Their communication style tends to be indirect. They respect position and status.

Spending time to greet associates in this leisurely fashion is an investment. managers may take a somewhat paternalistic attitude to their employees. 8.aspx. As in other hierarchical societies. Generally. They often demonstrate a concern for employees that goes beyond the workplace and strictly professional concerns. housing. Their greetings tend to be rather lengthy and include social discussions about their families or sports. Batswana expect proper behavior and good manners. health. and other practical life issues. Do not rush through the greeting process. they are extremely careful when communicating something that would hurt or offend. do not agree to something unless you have the authority. since failure to follow through leads to long-term loss of confidence. Your word will be treated as your bond. they would be: • Informality • Interpersonal relationships • Consensus building • Individual achievement It is important to devote time to developing personal relationships and getting to know your Batswana colleagues. Therefore. While it is fine to show healthy self-confidence and pride in your company's products or services. it is best to do so in an understated manner. They can be assertive if they feel passionate about a topic. however. Politeness counts in all Consider the time spent in leisurely getting-to-know- you conversation as an investment in successful business. Batswana have a somewhat indirect communication style where they are concerned about both the content of their message as with how it is received. . This includes appending the Rra or Mma.culturewizard.2. since it develops a personal relationship. for Sir or Madam respectively.2017. Management Essentials If you were to think about the most important cultural attributes that you will see operating in business in Botswana Africa. This may include involvement in their family..PrintView Page 28 of 38 Although they can appear somewhat casual. Risk Tolerance http://kpmg. at the end of greetings..

Higher level employees can take greater risks. a daily greeting can lead to greater harmonious working relationships. As such.PrintView Page 29 of 38 Like many African countries. they are expected to take http://kpmg. they may only do so after considerable thought. stay in touch with your Batswana colleagues and gently follow-up on the status of the Therefore. Seemingly a little thing. are small. Praise for a job well done may be given in private or public. also have limited tolerance for risk. Employees strive to be recognized.aspx. The fear of appearing foolish may lead to the need to thoroughly examine every implication before reaching a decision. . it is done privately. It is generally a good idea to institute milestones so that you know if a project veers off target.culturewizard. Others have a more fluid approach to time. Since managers are viewed as parental figures. It is important for innovations to have a track record or history noting the benefits if they are to be accepted and implemented. They expect their manager to offer advice and guidance about both business and personal matters. If it is important that a deadline be met.. planning and evaluation. managers often know a great deal more about their subordinates' private lives than in many countries. outside the mining industry. 8. It is often a matter of person preference of the person involved. If you leave the country. Managing Employees Employees prefer managers who provide clear targets and instructions and are also paternalistic. stress how failing to do so could impact the rest of the organization. When employees must be counseled for poor performance. Some have a controlled-time culture where adherence to schedules is important and expected. it is important for the manager to greet each employee daily. decisions may be made rapidly.2017. Schedules & Deadlines The view of schedules and deadlines varies by company.. the tolerance for risk and change varies by the level of the person involved. Lower level employees. however. Many companies.2. Decision Making Company Structure Business is dominated by the government. who have little power. In other cases.

http://kpmg.. Decision Making Batswana strive for harmonious working relationships. decisions are reached after arriving at a consensus among their stakeholders. It is important to control your temper while negotiating since emotional control is a sign of good character. In larger companies.PrintView Page 30 of 38 an interest in everything about their subordinates' lives. The leader is then responsible for explaining the goal to the entire team and ensuring that each member understands their role.aspx. This shows respect for the culture and a keen interest to complete the deal. The leader will be deferred to as the final authority in decision making. The leader should then harness the talent of the group and develop synergies. which are disliked.2017. be prepared to make concessions at the end of the process. they may offer an ambiguous response such as "I'm not sure.2. Show emotion about your product or service. Batswana expect to develop a strong relationship with those with whom they negotiate. Batswana avoid confrontation.." "we will think about it. Do not show anger. include an older man on your 8. Extended silences generally indicate a negative response. Batswana companies tend to be hierarchical. with decision making taking place at the top of the company in small companies. decision making may be delegated to key stakeholders. but they do not dominate the discussion. Rather than give a negative response. it is important that the team leader have a position that commands respect. Changing a member of the negotiating team may stall the negotiations since the new person will have to build new relationships. Since this is a hierarchical culture. not just their business side. If possible. ." Some may even ignore your question. Negotiations Batswana respect age and experience. When possible. They are a last resort when nothing else has led to the desired outcome. Concessions are generally made begrudgingly. Team Focus Batswana enjoy working collaboratively with others to achieve a goal.culturewizard." or "this will require further investigation. Avoid hard sell techniques. If negotiating with a large company.

If you walk out of the negotiation table because you can not reach an agreement. Being aware of this tactic will allow you to be better prepared for concessions. you can break the impasse. Consequently. In the case of an impasse. Of course. never make promises you cannot keep. Moving There Advice and Tips for Moving Customs Regulations Entry Requirements http://kpmg. they will use him to make concessions later. remember that the final decision maker may not be in the initial meetings. If you can present this graphically in a very basic way.. When and if the differences are just too great. . It may be a good tactic to inform your counterparts that you must call headquarters for confirmation. Since that person did not actively partake in the negotiations. if necessary. it will be known by others. Remember that everyone knows everyone in Botswana.2. 8. but they will expect that your word is your bond. you can diplomatically excuse yourself from discussions. even using a diagram to demonstrate how everyone gets a lot by giving up a but only after extensive attempts to come to an agreement. this does not mean one should not negotiate with the original company representatives.PrintView Page 31 of 38 when the ultimate decision maker is involved.. You will be called on them.aspx.culturewizard. you can leave the task of negotiation to one side and turn toward relationship-building once again. When negotiating with a large company. try to show Batswana the concept of the win-win situation. This allows your Batswana counterparts to use the top executive as a bargaining tool.2017. Also. You can walk away from a negotiation.

including preparing a will. and what to do in those events. • Think about the small (and large) disasters that could occur at home during your absence and be sure there is someone prepared to assist you.2.PrintView Page 32 of 38 Getting Around Getting There Safety & Security Emergency Numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers To reach emergency services from a local phone. With the exception of the emergency telephone numbers. dial 997 or 911. we think of political situations as causing safety concerns. weather and geographic problems also pose risks. .2017. pickpockets and spontaneous political demonstrations. this information is compiled for travelers in general and will apply in varying degrees to your destination and personal situation. Emergency Numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers To reach emergency services from a local phone. Terrorist attacks and kidnappings have simply brought all security concerns to our awareness.. http://kpmg. Before You Go • Take time to get all of your financial and personal records in order. • Talk with a trusted family member or friend about what types of emergencies might arise in your absence..aspx. dial 997 or 911.culturewizard. but ordinary crime. Safety Precautions Today. The wise traveler is cautious about hurricanes and earthquakes along with hotel fires.

valuables and other important items. Hotel Safety • Know how to call for help AND what to say. When in comes to your safety. keep your room key.culturewizard. Seek information from cultural experts and local nationals whom you have confidence in. • Be sure you have enough of your prescription medication so you are all right if you cannot get a refill right away. • Hide personal documents.. . it is reliable and safe. 8.aspx. ◦ Ask hotel concierge or front desk manager to assist you whenever you have questions about your safety. Be sure to learn details of your location to dress. • Do not display your guest room key unnecessarily. (They will also arrange for you to have help. • Women traveling alone will have different issues depending upon the morés of the society you’re visiting.2017. • Do the same with crucial health documentation. The following websites offer specific advice for women: http://kpmg. and who to be watchful of. how to act in public. how to carry yourself. • Be sure someone knows where you will be and how to contact you in emergencies at all times. ◦ As a rule.. • Find out the services your company offers to you in case of emergency. Know exactly where the nearest fire exits are. don’t be afraid to ask. a pair of shoes and some money by your bedside. • Don’t let strangers into your room. • Travel with a flashlight. • In the event that you might need to leave your room quickly. (Remember to safeguard your • Read the fire safety information and know what you would do if you need to evacuate. In-Country So many variables go into being safe. • Use the room safe or hotel safe deposit box.PrintView Page 33 of 38 • Make copies of all of your travel documents (including detailed itinerary with contact numbers) and be sure two people have easy access to them. take an extra pair of glasses if you wear them. and many of them revolve around understanding the specifics of where you are. be extremely cautious and circumspect. if you wish walking you to your room very late at night or escorting you from a parking lot to the hotel lobby).2. ◦ Use a hotel known for its security and be sure that whatever type of transportation you use. ◦ Find out all the gender-based restrictions and abide by them. where you can go and where to avoid. obtain and make several copies of important emergency company contact numbers to keep and give to all members of your family who might need them. your glasses (if necessary). • Lock your door and do not answer it until you feel comfortable that you know who it is.

PrintView Page 34 of 38 • Travel Tips for Women • Best Women's Travel Tips • Her Own Way: A Woman's Safe Travel Tips • Tips for Solo Women Travelers Women Travelers Travel Tips Crowded Situations • When you’re in crowded places. your company should have guidelines for your safety. certainly understand written and unwritten laws and codes of conduct. You might want to contact: International SOS to see if you qualify for some of their services. Emergencies • In an emergency that requires help by your government. but is extremely important so you can understand what may be offensive or negligent behavior. reading local papers and telling your local friends to keep you informed.aspx. • Use your Embassy. Keep informed—not only with your country’s published data and • Carry as few valuable items with you as possible when you know you’re going to a crowded area. International SOS provides emergency medical and evacuation services for individuals and companies. • Embassies Around the World • Even if you are living in a relatively safe country. Safety in Your New Home City • Learn about your host country and culture. • For helpful information: Helpful Tips • If you are living in a high-risk location. the safer you’ll be. • No matter where you live—high risk or low risk countries—today’s world is volatile. contact: Embassies Around the World • Make sure you know the name of the firm your company has selected for medical emergencies and evacuation services.culturewizard.2. These people are here to help you. . For example. 8. Be sure you have 24-hour hotline numbers and appropriate contacts who can assist you. Even groups of children can be working together to divert your attention while one will steal your money. always be sure that close family or friends have accurate contact information so they can find you quickly. and you never know when a potentially dangerous situation can develop.. http://kpmg. • The more you know about your location. This is not only wise for business and social purposes. PDAs and cash are easy targets. such as a lost passport or the need for money because yours has been stolen. be very careful to guard your property at all times. expensive cameras. but by identifying sources of local news.. • Watch out for pickpockets who will try to distract you in many different ways while taking your money.

this information is compiled for travelers in general and will apply in varying degrees to your destination and personal situation.aspx. contact: Embassies Around the World • Make sure you know the name of the firm your company has selected for medical emergencies and evacuation services. nor is it a stroke of luck. such as a lost passport or the need for money because yours has been stolen. Emergencies • In an emergency that requires help by your government. Keeping yourself and your family safe anywhere you go—whether it is an extended trip within hours of your home or a long-term assignment halfway around the world—requires planning and active follow-through. • For the most current. practicing common sense based upon knowledge of your location will help you.2. up-dated information. Clearly the length of time you spend and the geographic and political profile of the countries you’re living in--or traveling to--will make a difference in your level of preparedness. • Be sure you know how to contact (and get to) your country’s Embassy and Consulate wherever you are traveling—you need the location details. International SOS provides emergency medical and evacuation services for individuals and companies. 8. With the exception of the emergency telephone numbers. Embassies Around the World http://kpmg.. You might want to contact: International SOS to see if you qualify for some of their services. Always check to see what services your company may offer to you.. keep enough cash on hand so you will be all right if there are power failures and ATM machines don’t work. Prepare For Your Destination • Read about security and safety issues in the countries you’ll be traveling to or living in. Don’t underplay the importance of understanding what is culturally appropriate—it may help you avoid some difficult situations. For example.PrintView Page 35 of 38 Security Issues Security is not simply a state-of-mind. .culturewizard.2017. we recommend the following government sites as quite comprehensive and easy-to- understand: Australian Travel Advisories Canadian Travel Advisories UK Travel Advice US Travel Warnings • Read about other precautions you should take for weather. phone and hours of operation.and geographic-related concerns.

Otherwise. may not be so you’ll be well served to learn what is appropriate. do not pack valuables in your checked luggage. Be sure you know the words to use in the local language. 8. credit cards and other valuables. • Use your business address on your luggage tags. it is one of the most valuable items you possess--so protect it as you would cash.state. if asked.. . Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has in- depth information regarding all regions of the world. Your interpretation of this guideline needs to be based on local practices and customs. quickly walk the other way. if possible. • Be sure to respond completely to requests by security officials and avoid comments about security that could be misinterpreted. En Route • Protect your Moving Around Safely • Always remain alert. offers a wide-range of information to travelers of all nationalities: http://www. State Dept. report it immediately to the nearest appropriate Embassy or consulate. • For general information when you are en route. alleys. and deserted train stations. • Avoid areas where you can become a victim of crime. subways. You may need to reach the police. Find out before you go if it is preferable to hire a private driver and car. When they Page 36 of 38 • See if there are any health-related issues in the countries to which you’re traveling. • You should also ask your company about specific transportation guidelines they’ve established for your safety. • Avoid disturbances and loud arguments. Contact your Embassy for detailed information. http://kpmg.. Trains. Be sure you know how to call for help in an emergency. Attire you may think is perfectly acceptable.2. fire and other emergency personnel. the U. • Do not leave laptops. you could run the risk of being misinterpreted and perhaps becoming a target if your clothing is provocative or offensive. If it is lost or stolen. • Ostentatious jewelry will also draw attention to you. computer bags or other luggage unattended at any time. The U. • When you’re on the plane or train. • Avoid calling attention to yourself by wearing fancy jewelry or carrying other expensive items.2017.S.aspx. • Be able to answer questions about your luggage and be able to open all suitcases and packages immediately. • Learn about transportation in your location—what’s safe and what can be problematic and when. such as poorly- lit streets.S. read safety literature and be sure you know where emergency exits are located. independent taxi cabs may pose specific problems. • Dress conservatively. buses. • Whenever possible carry valuables and important prescription medications in your carry-on luggage.

*Sources: U. Get off if someone suspicious gets on.culturewizard. carry the card of your hotel or your address with you at all times--as well as your destination address. 8.S. • Experts say that if someone does attack you. Consider marking and tagging the pages of a phrase book with these types of important phrases. • When you have a specific location you’re going to. even when you’re going to business appointments. • If you find yourself alone in a train car or compartment after everyone else leaves. • Make others aware of your specific whereabouts. Identify the location of the emergency alarm system. give them your valuables—money and passport—and do not fight back. ask colleagues or people who work in the hotel if there are things you should know about that area. • If you cannot speak the local language.PrintView Page 37 of 38 • If you drive.aspx. Know Where You’re Going • Ask people in the hotel what areas you should avoid. and never pick up hitchhikers. • Be wary when you are alone in lifts. • Be sure to know enough of the language to call for help.. learn to use the local pay phones and keep change with you. Transportation Security Administration Settling In Accommodation Arrival Procedures http://kpmg. you may feel safer moving to an occupied keep your doors locked and windows closed. • Even when you have a mobile phone.. .2.2017.

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