Listening Task

You are required to listen to the first 5 minutes of each of the following (You can listen to more if you
 Everyday Time Machines (nominated for best single drama)
 Dark Passenger (horror)
 The Troll of Stoney brook

Note down what sounds you hear and how you know where they are and what is happening. The point
of Radio drama is to set the scene through SOUND rather than visual

Use of sound Use of Use of Music Use of Characters
Narrative silence or narrator
Everyday Use of old At the Calm, piano In the Michael
Time phone beginning music starts second half Wishell and
Machines ringing. the narrator when there is no Harry Weller
Over phone is telling us background are the two
sound about a music, just protagonists.
What is drama
about? effects. story that the
happened to characters
him. talking.
Talking over
the phone.

Dark Guitar on top The narrator Guitar, In the scenes Two
Passenger of the at the negative there is characters in
narration. beginning is strings. mainly the scene
Next scene, one of the diegetic where
there is main sound, and they’re
What is drama
about? sound characters in no music, driving.
effects of car the drama, between
driving, he’s telling scenes with
music the audience the narrator
playing on a bit about talking,
the radio. the story. there is
Two Narrative tense music
characters comes in the
talking. between background.

The Troll of Low, somber The main Low, somber There is no The
Stoney Brook music, no guy, the music in the obvious characters
sound protagonist, background silence, include
effects in is narrating of the because Jaimie and
beginning the story at narration. after the Rick as the
What is drama
about? during the narration, two main
narration. beginning Party music, the talking/ friends, and
and telling voices in the chatter and in the first
In the the audience background. party music scene there
second that he’s fades in from is another
scene, there going to tell The scene the first girl. Jaimie is
is the sound them about changes scene. the
of music at a his story. when the protagonist
party coming main guy, and he is the
from a In the next Jaimie, Is narrator in
stereo. scene there going the story,
Talking and is dialogue outside to telling the
voices, then from the leave the audience
some characters. party, and about it.
distinctive Rick, his
voices. friend, asks
where he’s
going, and
as Jaimie is
away, Rick’s
voices fades
as he is
further away
from Jaimie.
You can hear
Jaimie gets
in a car as
he opens a
car door, and
drives off.