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CE 416 – Geotechnical Engineering II: Foundation Engineering

Consolidation Test

Conti, Jeneva B.
dela Cruz, Joyce Camille V.
Ilustrisimo, Harold Loyd M.
Marasigan, Jean A.
Rosas, John Leo L.

Then remove the load and measure the settlement occurred on the clay. measure the dimension. water will be squeezed out of the soil. Weigh the load to be apply on the specimen. therefore reducing its bulk volume. Put the load on the top of the clay and wait for 15 mins. (viii) Analysis of Data Table 1. thickness of the soil layer. Sample Load Time Initial Height Final Height Modeling Clay 694 grams 15 mins 381 mm 254 mm . Consolidation is necessary to determine both the magnitude of volume change (or the settlement) and the time required for the volume change to occur. When this occurs in a soil that is saturated with water.(i) Title Page (ii) Abstract (iii) Table of Contents (iv) Objective(s) This laboratory experiment aims determine the effect of the applied to the clay by measuring the settlement after the given time. The magnitude of settlement is dependent on the magnitude of applied stress. (v) Theoretical Background Consolidation is the process in which reduction in volume takes place by expulsion of water under long term static loads. and the compressibility of the soil. (vi) Materials and Equipment Modeling Clay Weight Stopwatch Ruler (vii) Experimental Procedure Mold the clay to form a cube. It occurs when stress is applied to a soil that causes the soil particles to pack together more tightly.

(ix) Discussion of Results The secondary consolidation takes place after the load is applied to the specimen. Based on the results it takes 15 minutes to have a settlement of 127mm. The consolidation increases with respect to (xii) Appendices . load has something to do with the settlement in a clay particles in the sense that the initial height changed after applying the (xi) References http://nptel. (x) Conclusions and Recommendations In the laboratory test that was done. in using the clay as a sample in consolidation test.