Gryxx, Bartleby, Demanor, Elohiir,
Graybark, Nook’s Crossing, Tanner’s
Thistle, Edwyn, Aelfar, Ozruk,
Poy, Sistranalle, Greta, Jehat, Syla,
Ford, Goldenfield, Barrowbridge,
Rum River, Brindenburg, CAMPAIGN PLAYBOOK
Damarra, Baldwin, Lenore, Lim, Shambles, Covaner, Enfield,
Astrafel, Serah, Tanner, Sage, Helga, Crystal Falls, Castle Daunting,
Gerda, Old Cud, Vincent, Gregor, Nulty’s Harbor, Castonshire, CAMPAIGN NAME
Ramonde, Pelin, Rundrig, Cadeus, Cornwood, Irongate, Mayhill,
Clarke, Annika, Dahlia, Deryl, Sara, Pigton, Crosses, Battlemoore,
Drogan, Gerty, Milo, Rurgosh, Torsea, Curland, Snowcalm, PLAYERS
Willis, Brianne, Yev, Eldar, Seawall, Varlosh, Terminum,
Nils, Olive, Brunhilda, Freya, Avonia, Bucksburg, Settledown,
Daelwyn, Randolph, Dunwick, Goblinjaw, Hammerford, Pit, The
Florian, Baldric, Wei, Elana, Gray Fast, Ennet Bend, Harrison’s
Rudiger, Thelian, Aubrey, Walton, Hold, Fortress Andwynne,
Finbar, Taeros, Brinton, Janos, Blackstone, Ramsford, Georgeville, AGENDA
Becca, Dim, Jon, Durga, Wesley, Daedmyre, Hochen, Daggerdown, • Portray a fantastic world
Bernat, Carmine, Drast, Herran, Sunderedrock, Persence • Fill the characters’ lives with adventure
Kithracet, Aziz, Arlon, Hawke, • Play to find out what happens
Aegor, Charlotte, Obelis, Ethanwe,
Feliana, Grell, Hasrith, Jarl, Regis,
Rose, Siggrun, Melliandre, One Caldera, Mire, Forest, Dunes, Beach,
Eye, Medlyn, Sharaseth, Harper, Fell, Bog, Swamp, Hill, Plateua,
Mountain, Cliff, Cove, Glenn,
Bjorn, Slime, Surtur, Drummond,
Heath, Dell, Wood, Rock, Mount, PRINCIPLES
Finnegan, Mab, Ivy, Jocat, Xotoq, • Draw maps, leave blanks
Averron, Willem, Braxon, Hywn, Plains, Dale, Meadow, Hollow,
Ridge, Pass, Ford, Gap, Chasm, • Address the characters, not the players
Quorra, Robard, Shevaral, Dagoliir, • Embrace the fantastic
Anne, Adam, Andanna, Menoliir, Grove, Reef, Arete, Arroyo, Gulch,
Batholith, Butte, Mesa, Fen, Coulle, • Make a move that follows
Aversanno, Seraphine, Ewing, • Never speak the name of your move
Sinathel, Hycorax, Puck, Alhoro, Dome, Escarpment, Estuary, Geyser,
Quarry, Karst, Monadnock, Grotto, • Give every monster life
Piotr, Xander, Cassandra, Sibel, • Name every person
Siobhan, Lawrence, Lily, Herald, Riverine, Shore, Mine
• Ask questions and use the answers
Dunstan, Pendrell, Hawthorn, • Be a fan of the characters
Mithralan, Leena, Marlin, Brennan • Think dangerous
This text contains portions of “Dungeon World” by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel; “Dungeon • Begin and end with the fiction
World GM Screen Inserts” by Robert J. Finamore; and “Dungeon World Campaign Playbook” by
Jeremy Friesen, all licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licenses.
• Think offscreen, too
The entire text of “Dungeon World Campaign Playbook” by Emerson Harris is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
Due Credit to Adam and Sage for making a wonderful game, and Jeremy for the Campaign
Playbook idea.

• Use a monster, danger, or location move 01. Criminal connections 51. Utter unremarkableness
• Reveal an unwelcome truth 02. Muscle 52. Mind-bending sexiness
• Show signs of an approaching threat 03. Skill with a specific weapon 53. Undefinable coolness
04. Hedge wizardry 54. A way with knots
• Deal damage 05. Comprehensive local knowledge 55. Wheels of polished steel
• Use up their resources 06. Noble blood 56. A magic carpet
• Turn their move back on them 07. A one-of-a-kind item 57. Endless ideas
08. Special destiny 58. Persistence
• Separate them 09. Unique perspective 59. A stockpile of food
• Give an opportunity that fits a class’ abilities 10. Hidden knowledge 60. A hidden path
• Show a downside to their class, race, or equipment 11. Magical awareness 61. Piety
12. Abnormal parentage 62. Resistance to disease
• Offer an opportunity, with or without cost 13. Political leverage 63. A library
• Put someone in a spot 14. A tie to a monster 64. A silver tongue
• Tell them the requirements or consequences and ask 15. A secret 65. Bloodline
16. True love 66. An innate spell
17. An innocent heart 67. Balance
DUNGEON MOVES 18. A plan for the perfect crime 68. Souls
19. A one-way ticket to paradise 69. Speed
• Change the environment 20. A mysterious ore 70. A sense of right and wrong
• Point to a looming threat 21. Money, money, money 71. Certainty
• Introduce a new faction or type of creature 22. Divine blessing 72. An eye for detail
23. Immunity from the law 73. Heroic self-sacrifice
• Use a threat from an existing faction or type of creature 24. Prophecy 74. Sense of direction
• Make them backtrack 25. Secret martial arts techniques 75. A big idea
• Present riches at a price 26. A ring of power 76. A hidden entrance to the city
27. A much-needed bag of taters 77. The love of someone powerful
• Present a challenge to one of the characters 28. A heart 78. Unquestioning loyalty
29. A fortified position 79. Exotic fruit
Perfect memory
Ambitious Organizations 32. A discerning eye 82. The language of birds
33. Endurance 83. A key to an important door
• Attack someone by stealthy means (kidnapping, etc.) 34. A safe place 84. Metalworking
• Attack someone directly (with a gang or single assailant) 35. Visions 85. Mysterious benefactors
• Absorb or buy out someone important (an ally, perhaps) 36. A beautiful mind 86. Steely nerves
37. A clear voice 87. Bluffing
• Influence a powerful institution (change a law, manipulate doctrine) 38. Stunning looks 88. A trained wolf
• Establish a new rule (within the organization) 39. A catchy tune 89. A long-lost sibling, regained
• Claim territory or resourcesn 40. Invention 90. An arrow with your name on it
41. Baking 91. A true name
• Negotiate a deal 42. Brewing 92. Luck
• Observe a potential foe in great detail 43. Smelting 93. The attention of supernatural powers
44. Woodworking 94. Kindness
Arcane Enemies 45. Writing 95. Strange tattoos
• Learn forbidden knowledge 46. Immunity to fire 96. A majestic beard
47. Cooking 97. A book in a strange language
• Cast a spell over time and space 48. Storytelling 98. Power overwhelming
• Attack a foe with magic, directly or otherwise 49. Ratcatching 99. Delusions of grandeur
50. Lying 100. The wind at his back and a spring in his step

To spread the good word 52. To rise in rank 73. To be careful 40. To become a terror to criminals Hordes 19. To expand their land 97. To become a beast 46. To raise dragons • Assault a bastion of civilization 20. To gain honor 96. To be a champion • Spread to an adjacent place 07. attack directly 42. To retreat from society 99. To do good • Expose someone to a Truth. when the stars are right. To extinguish an evil forever 68. To conquer a faraway land 60. To cure an illness 61. To earn renown 82. To go where no man has gone before 44. To not screw it all up • Rarely. To indulge • Grow in size by breeding or conquest 28. To restore the family name 91. To craft a masterwork 62. To follow an order • Lay a Curse on a foe 38. To recover a lost memory • Corrupt a natural law 17. To avoid notice • Lure someone in 08. To preserve the law 88. To heal an old wound 67. To be remembered in song • Overwhelm a weaker force 24. To perfect a skill 10. To steal something valuable 79. To overcome a bad habit 80. To run awayInstant . To party 02. To travel • Leave a lingering effect on an inhabitant or visitor 11. wanted or otherwisen 45. To be praised 74. To discover 89. To discover the truth 75. To kill a hated foe 59. To establish a dynasty 14. through intermediaries 41. To avenge 51. similar powers 43. To prove a point 65. To reclaim what was taken • Vomit forth a lesser monster 05. To find true love • Perform a show of dominance 26. To find the one • Appoint a champion 30. To hunt the most dangerous game 49. To die gloriously • Extract a promise in exchange for a boon 39. To overcome a disadvantage • Hide something from sight 12. To do what can’t be done • Change direction suddenly 23. To fly Planar Forces 34. To gain a title 98. To spill blood 47. faster and stronger 66. To show them all deliberation 32. To save someone from a monstrosity 84. find a new one 27. To find the six-fingered man • Turn an organization (corrupt or infiltrate with influence) 35. To prove their worth 95.INSTINCTS • • Spy on someone with a scrying spell Recruit a follower or toady • Tempt someone with promises 01. To retire • Confuse or obfuscate truth or direction 16. To make money 54. To bring about unending summer 33. To convince someone to do their dirty work 78. To locate a lost thing 58. To survive just one more day 63. To earn affection 64. To atone 94. To escape 100. To spread suffering 71. To serve Cursed Places 04. To teach 85. To be forgotten 25. To hate 50. To entertain • Give dreams of prophecy 37. To live forever 48. To destroy an artifact • Declare war and act upon that declaration without hesitation or 31. To improve the realm • Dampen magic or increase its effects 15. To live a quiet life 92. To wake the ancient sleepers 36. To accumulate power 83. To explore a mysterious place 56. To do what must be done 06. To help others 93. To make good on a bet 76. To play the game • Offer power 13. To make amends 55. To get out of an obligation 77. To show kindness • Attack indirectly. To prove worth 72. To hide from a shameful fact 69. To help a family member • Grow in intensity or depth 09. To lose their mind • Abandon an old home. To live up to expectations 21. To commit an atrocity 81. To uncover the past • Foster rivalries with other. To become someone else • Embrace internal chaos 22. To make the best of it 29. To reunite with a loved one 53. To devour 90. To settle down 86. To uncover a hidden truth 57. To return home • Demand a sacrifice 03. To battle 18. To evangelize 70. To be smarter. To get just one more haul 87.

• Huge: It’s as big as a small house or larger. Knack: MONSTER SIZE TAGS Instinct: • Tiny: It’s much smaller than a halfling. like a mage or warrior. • Planar: It’s from beyond this world. Knack: • Devious: Its main danger lies beyond the simple clash of battle. Instinct: • Hoarder: It almost certainly has treasure. 3–6 or so. Knack: • Construct: It was made. Instinct: • Amorphous: Its anatomy and organs are bizarre and unnatural. . The GM can adapt the monster by adding tags to reflect specific Knack: training. Quirk: • Organized: It has a group structure that aids it in survival. A lot more. • Small: It’s about halfling size. about as big as a cart. One may sound an alarm. Instinct: • Quirk: • • Name: • Knack: • Instinct: • Quirk: • • Name: • Knack: • Instinct: MONSTER ORGANIZATION TAGS Quirk: • Horde: Where there’s one. not born. there’s more.MONSTERS MONSTER TAGS Name: • Magical: It is by nature magical through and through. • Terrifying: Its presence and appearance evoke fear. • Intelligent: It’s smart enough that some individuals pick up other Name: skills. • Group: Usually seen in small numbers. • Stealthy: It can avoid detection and prefers to attack with the element Quirk: of surprise. Defeating one may cause the wrath of others. Name: • Solitary: It lives and fights alone. Name: • Cautious: It prizes survival over aggression. Quirk: • Large: It’s much bigger than a human.

Many bags of coins for a total of 2d4×100 or so. 0 weight. A unique item worth at least 5d4×100 coins. Instinct: 17. 1d4×100 or thereabouts. . Instinct: 11. A small item (gem. notes. An item useful to the current situation.000 coins and 1d10×10 gems worth 2d6×100 each. possibly magical Instinct: • Divine: A sign of a deity (or deities) Quirk: • Planar: Something not of this earth • Lord over Others: +1d4 to the roll Name: • Ancient and Noteworthy: +1d4 to the roll Knack: • Instinct: • Quirk: • • Name: • Knack: Roll the monster’s damage die plus any added dice to find the monster’s treasure: Instinct: 1. A few coins. 3. A hoard: 1d1 0×1. A chest of coins and other small valuables. Knack: 5. about 4d10. 1 weight per 100. art) of considerable value. art) worth 2d6×100.). 8. worth as much as 2d10×10 coins. Something relating to one of the characters and roll again. A portal or secret path (or directions to one) and roll again. Quirk: 2. A magical item or magical effect. Knack: 10. Quirk: 18. Several coins. A large art item worth 4d4×100 coins. Some minor magical trinket. 1 weight but worth 3d6×100 coins. etc. Useful information (in the form of clues. 0 weight. 15. 2d8 or so. take higher result Name: • Far from Home: Add at least one ration (usable by anyone with similar taste) Knack: • Magical: Some strange item.PEOPLE TREASURE • Hoarder: Toll damage die twice. Instinct: 6. banner) worth at least 3d4×100 coins. A bag of coins. Quirk: 12. A very valuable small item (gem. All the information needed to learn a new spell and roll again. Knack: 16. A sign of office (crown. Name: 4. 13. Name: 14. 1 weight. Name: 9. Quirk: 7.

the burglar can disarm it by the time camp is broken. a main skill. Hirelings found in • Villages get 2–5. The exact effects depend on the situation and the spell and are up to the GM. the spell’s effects have greater range.HIRELINGS CAMPAIGN NOTES Start with a number based on where the hireling was found. Burglar • Experimental Trap Disarming: When a burglar leads the way they can detect traps almost in time. • • Give the hireling a name. a cost. and distribute the hireling’s number betweeen loyalty. • Towns get 4–6. • Keeps get 5–8. or potency. The most important feature of casting with an adept is that any negative effects of the casting are focused on the adept first. If the players Make Camp near the trap. duration. Most traps leave a burglar in need of immediate healing. . If a trap would be sprung while a burglar is leading the way the burglar suffers the full effects but the players get +skill against the trap and add the burglar’s skill to their armor against the trap. • Cities get 6–10. and zero or more secondary skills. The GM will describe what effects the assist will add before the spell is cast. COSTS • The Thrill ofVictory • Money • Uncovered Knowledge • Fame and Glory • Debauchery • Good Accomplished • • SKILLS Adept • Arcane Assistance: When an adept aids in the casting of a spell of lower level than their skill.

CAMPAIGN NOTES Minstrel • A Hero’s Welcome: When you enter a place of food. You also subtract the minstrel’s skill from all prices in town. • Guide: When a tracker leads the way you automatically succeed on any Perilous Journey of a distance (in rations) lower than the tracker’s skill. or entertainment with a minstrel you will be treated as a friend by everyone present (unless your actions prove otherwise). If you do you cannot get a 10+ result. . or weather. • Intervene: When a protector helps you defy danger you may opt to take +1 from their aid. drink. Tracker • Track: When a tracker is given time to study a trail while Making Camp. Protection • Sentry: When a protector stands between you and an attack you increase your armor against that attack by the defender’s skill. • First Aid: When a priest staunches your wounds heal 2×skill HP. when camp is broken they can follow the trail to the next major change in terrain. If your attack results in consequences (like a counter attack) the man-at-arms takes the brunt of it. a 10+ instead counts as a 7–9. travel. then reduce their skill by 1 until they receive healing or have time to mend. Priest • Ministry: When you make camp with a priest if you would normally heal you heal +skill HP. Warrior • Man-at-arms: When you deal damage while a warrior aids you add their skill to the damage done. You take -1 forward as their healing is painful and distracting.

HIRELING DESCRIPTIONS CAMPAIGN NOTES Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: .

CAMPAIGN NOTES Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: Name: Description: Cost: Skills: Loyalty: Notes: .

no further. • • • • • • • . • Reload: After you attack with it. it’s gone until you can recover it. you add n to it. If you volley with this weapon. When you deal damage with n piercing. you can’t choose to mark off ammo on a 7–9. • +n Damage: It is particularly harmful to your enemies. When you deal damage. you subtract n from the enemy’s armor for that attack. it takes more than a moment to reset for another attack. • Close: It’s useful for attacking something at arm’s reach plus a foot or two. • Precise: It rewards careful strikes. The number indicated does not represent individual arrows or sling stones. • Near: It’s useful for attacking if you can see the whites of their eyes. • Forceful: It can knock someone back a pace. • Reach: It’s useful for attacking something that’s several feet away— maybe as far as ten. maybe even off their feet. • Messy: It does damage in a particularly destructive way. but represents what you have left on hand. ripping people and things apart. • Far: It’s useful for attacking something in shouting distance. • n Piercing: It goes right through armor. it does stun damage instead of normal damage. WEAPON TAGS • n Ammo: It counts as ammunition for appropriate ranged weapons. once you throw it. not STR. You use DEX to hack and slash with this weapon. • Ignores Armor: Don’t subtract armor from the damage taken. • Stun: When you attack with it.BUYING STUFF CAMPAIGN NOTES RANGE TAGS • Hand: It’s useful for attacking something within your reach. • Thrown: Throw it at someone to hurt them.

• n Uses: It can only be used n times. • Worn: To use it. • Awkward: It’s unwieldy and tough to use. • Ration: It’s edible.” a little negotiation subtracts the haggler’s Charisma score (not modifier) from the price.” • n coins: How much it costs to buy.CAMPAIGN NOTES GENERAL EQUIPMENT TAGS • Applied: It’s only useful when carefully applied to a person or to something they eat or drink. • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Something with no listed weight isn’t designed to be carried. if at all. • Slow: It takes minutes or more to use. • Touch: It’s used by touching it to the target’s skin. The same value in gems or fine art may be lighter or heavier. normally. If the cost includes “–Charisma. more or less. If you interact with it without proper precautions the GM may freely invoke the consequences of your foolish actions. • Dangerous: It’s easy to get in trouble with it. • Requires: It’s only useful to certain people. If you don’t meet the requirements it works poorly. • Two-handed: It takes two hands to use it effectively. • n weight: Count the listed amount against your Load. • +Bonus: It modifies your effectiveness in a specified situation. you have to be wearing it. 100 coins in standard denominations is 1 weight. It might be “+1 forward to spout lore” or “-1 ongoing to hack and slash.

10 coins. 2 weight • Rapier close. +1 damage. 1 weight • Scale Mail 2 armor. precise. 1 coin. 2 weight • Halberd reach. +1 damage. 1 weight • Personal Feast Ration. 1 weight • Dwarven Hardtack Requires Dwarf. 2 weight • Antitoxin 10 coins • Dungeon Rations Ration. 2 weight ARMOR LIST • Leather. Battle Axe. 35 coins. +1 damage. reload. worn. worn. Axe. 2 weight • Hunter’s Bow near. 2 weight DUNGEON GEAR • Adventuring Gear 5 uses. two-handed. 10 coins. far. 0 weight • Poultices and Herbs 2 uses. 15 coins. 50 coins. 8 coins. near. 1 weight • Elven Bread Ration. worn. 5 coins.WEAPON LIST CAMPAIGN NOTES • Ranged Bow near. 9 coins. 1 weight • Crossbow near. 5 uses. 10 coins. 60 coins. 25 coins. 2 weight • Fine Bow near. 7 uses. 1 weight • Throwing Dagger thrown. 1 coin. 1 weight • Healing Potion 50 coins • Keg of Dwarven Stout 10 coins. 1 weight • Bandages 3 uses. 3 weight • Plate 3 armor. 1 weight • Dagger. 1 weight • Elven Arrows 4 ammo. 10 coins. near. two-handed. 1 coin. 1 weight • Dueling Rapier close. 1 piercing. 15 coins. 1 coin. 7 uses. 1 use. 0 weight • Short Sword. clumsy. 4 weight • Shield +1 armor. 15 coins. 2 weight • Staff close. 4 weight • Bag of Books 5 uses. 5 coins. 3 coins. 350 coins. Shillelagh close. 100 coins. 3 coins. 50 coins. thrown. 1 weight • • • . Shiv. 10 coins. 2 coins. Knife hand. 1 weight • Club. 20 coins. Ration. Chainmail 1 armor. Warhammer. Flail close. 3 weight • Bundle of Arrows 3 ammo. 1 weight • Spear reach. slow. Mace close. 1 weight • Long Sword. clumsy. far. slow. 20 coins. precise.

load 40 • Barge 50 coins. 15 coins. load 20 • Merchant ship 5. 10 coins. load 12 • Wagon 150 coins. 20 coins. 0 weight • Goldenroot Dangerous. 0 weight • Bloodweed Dangerous. 12 coins.CAMPAIGN NOTES POISONS • Oil of Tagit Dangerous. load 100 • Passage on a safe route 1 coin • Passage on a tough route 10 coins • Passage on a dangerous route 100 coins . applied. load 10 • Warhorse 400 coins. applied. load 200 • Warship 20. touch. load 20 • Horse 75 coins.000 coins. touch. 0 weight SERVICES • A week’s stay at a peasant inn 14–Charisma coins • A week’s stay at a civilized inn 30–Charisma coins • A week’s stay at the fanciest inn in town 43–Charisma coins • A week’s unskilled mundane labor 10 coins • A month’s pay for enlistment in an army 30 coins • A custom item from a blacksmith Base Item +50 coins • A night’s “companionship” 20–Charisma coins • An evening of song and dance 18–Charisma coins • Escort for a day along a bandit-infested road 20 coins • Escort for a day along a monster-infested road 54 coins • A run-of-the-mill killing 5 coins • An assassination 120 coins • Healing from a chirurgeon 5 coins • A month’s prayers for the departed 1 coin • Repairs to a mundane item 25% of the item’s cost MEALS • A hearty meal for one 1 coin • A poor meal for a family 1 coin • A feast 15 coins per person TRANSPORT • Cart and Donkey. load 15 • River boat 150 coins.000 coins. sworn to carry your burdens 50 coins. 0 weight • Serpent’s Tears Dangerous.

000.000 coins • A keep 75.000 coins Impending Doom: ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents Impending Doom: .000 coins • A month’s upkeep 1% of the cost BRIBES • A peasant dowry 20–Charisma coins Impending Doom: • “Protection” for a small business 100–Charisma coins • A government bribe 50–Charisma coins • A compelling bribe 80–Charisma coins DANGER: • An offer you can’t refuse 500–Charisma coins Impulse: GIFTS AND FINERY Grim Portents • A peasant gift 1 coin • A fine gift 55 coins • A noble gift 200 coins • A ring or cameo 75 coins • Finery 105 coins • A fine tapestry 350+ coins • A crown fit for a king 5.500 coins Grim Portents • A mansion 50.000 coins • A grand castle 1.LAND AND BUILDINGS DANGER: • A hovel 20 coins Impulse: • A cottage 500 coins • A house 2.000 coins • A castle 250.


Unskilled labor is readily available. • Watch: There are a few watchers posted who look out for trouble and DANGER: settle small problems. Impending Doom: . DANGER: POPULATION TAGS Impulse: • Exodus: The steading has lost its population and is on the verge of collapse. Impending Doom: • Rich: Mundane items and more.STEADINGS DANGER: Impulse: PROSPERITY TAGS • Dirt: Nothing for sale. There is always at least one armed patrol about Grim Portents the steading. torches. Grim Portents • Shrinking: The population is less than it once was. Some types of skilled laborers. DEFENSES • None: Clubs. There are multiple armed patrols at all times. Some slow growth. Buildings stand empty. • Battalion: As many as 1 . but at high prices. • Legion: The steading is defended by thousands of armed soldiers (or equivalent). • Moderate: Most mundane items are available. • Booming: Resources are stretched thin trying to keep up with the number of people.000 armed defenders (or equivalent). Most kinds of skilled laborers are available. • Steady: The population is in line with the current size of the steading. • Wealthy: Any mundane item can be found for sale. Specialist labor available. if you know where to find them. but demand is high for their time. • Poor: Only the bare necessities for sale. The steading has manned maintained defenses as well. Impending Doom: • Militia: There are able-bodied men and women with worn weapons ready to be called. • Garrison: There are armed defenders at all times with a total pool of 100–300 (or equivalent). The steading’s defenses are intimidating. Weapons are scarce unless the steading is heavily defended or militant. • Growing: More people than there are buildings. Impulse: • Guard: There are armed defenders at all times with a total pool of less than 100 (or equivalent). Unskilled labor is cheap. but their main role is to summon the militia. but no standing force. farming tools. nobody has more than they need (and they’re lucky Grim Portents if they have that).

• Oath: The steading has sworn oaths to the listed Steadings. List them. romance. • Divine: There is a major religious presence. • Personage: There’s a notable person who makes their home here. +1 to recruit that type of hireling. Items of their chosen craft are more readily available here or of higher quality than found elsewhere. divine. This tends to FRONT: draw more arcane casters. • Power: The steading holds sway of some type. • Religion: The listed deity is revered here..g. • Safe: Outside trouble doesn’t come here until the players bring it. +1 to supply. a type of ore. • Dwarven: The steading is significantly or entirely dwarves. If the guild is closely associated with a type of hireling. STAKES • Guild: The listed type of guild has a major presence (and usually a fair amount of influence). authority is weak. tragedy. • Elven: The steading is significantly or entirely elves. These oaths are generally of fealty or support. Take +1 to recruit priests here. • Market: Everyone comes here to trade. That resource is significantly cheaper. • Lawless: Crime is rampant. CUSTOM MOVES That resource sells for considerably more. • Craft: The steading is known for excellence in the listed craft. if the steading would lose or degrade another beneficial tag get rid of safe instead. They can heal and maybe even raise the dead for a donation or resolution of a quest. On any given day the available items may be far beyond their prosperity. grapes). choose one and detail or make up your own: battle. Dwarven goods are more common and less expensive than they typically are. • Exotic: There are goods and services available here that aren’t available anywhere else nearby. or arcane. OTHER STEADING TAGS • Arcane: Someone in town can cast arcane spells for a price. Give them a name and a short note on why they’ re notable. fish. but may be more specific. • Resource: The steading has easy access to the listed resource (e. a spice. usually a type of monster. Idyllic and often hidden. Typically political. DESCRIPTION AND CAST: • Blight: The steading has a recurring problem. • Need: The steading has an acute or ongoing need for the listed resource. myth. +1 to recruit when you put out word you’ re looking for an adept. • Trade: The steading regularly trades with the listed Steadings. • Enmity: The steading holds a grudge against the listed steadings. . maybe a cathedral or monastery. miracle. Elven goods are more common and less expensive than they typically are. • History: Something important once happened here.

STEADINGS DANGER: Impulse: Name: Grim Portents Tags: Notes: Impending Doom: Name: DANGER: Tags: Impulse: Notes: Grim Portents Name: Tags: Impending Doom: Notes: DANGER: Impulse: Name: Grim Portents Tags: Notes: Impending Doom: .

FRONT: Name: DESCRIPTION AND CAST: Tags: Notes: Name: Tags: STAKES Notes: Name: Tags: CUSTOM MOVES Notes: Name: Tags: Notes: .

FRONTS DANGER: Impulse: FRONT: Grim Portents DESCRIPTION AND CAST: Impending Doom: DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents STAKES Impending Doom: CUSTOM MOVES DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents Impending Doom: .

DANGER: Impulse: FRONT: Grim Portents DESCRIPTION AND CAST: Impending Doom: DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents STAKES Impending Doom: CUSTOM MOVES DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents Impending Doom: .

DANGER: Impulse: FRONT: Grim Portents DESCRIPTION AND CAST: Impending Doom: DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents STAKES Impending Doom: CUSTOM MOVES DANGER: Impulse: Grim Portents Impending Doom: .