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It is widely speculated in today’s modern society that number of couples with
no children is increased in the western countries. In the following essay I will
try to discuss both advantages and disadvantages of the aforementioned

To begin with, couples who decide to live without children are often selfish and they
appreciate acts that are much less valuable in life. Furthermore, if people want to
live without having the children in their lives, they will discover after some time that
this decision is not something that that is honourable. For instance, a famous
Canadian musician Neil Young stated in 1993, that he had felt depressed and alone
without having the children in the beginning of his career.

To continue with, happy couples who choose to live on their own, have more free
time to travel and to learn about other societies. Also, If people without children
decide to visit different parts of the world, they will expand their knowledge and
their social culture. For example, it is believed that American couples without
children are often oriented toward traveling and improving their private buisnesses,
and as a result they are wealthier and more knowledgeable.

To conclude, not only are couples without juveniles greedy and selfish, but also in
spite of that, that gives them time and freewill to travel all over the world, and to
gravitate toward self improvement.

I personally believe that it is a major mistake when couples decide to not have
children, because they are missing a gift that nature gave us long time ago.

if people want to learn one language proficiently . because they learn that language through reading special books which are necessary for their job career. English language has become a main speaking language in many developed countries . they will need to find a various language courses which mainly use combinations of both practical and theoretical knowledge. movie or music culture toward English language. I completely disagree with the aforementioned idea and in the following essay I will try to justify my point of view. For instance. but because they are exposed through art. fitness experts in Serbia say that it is really difficult to collect proper informations from Serbian sport science books. For examples. Furthermore.It is widely believed by one part of the population that speaking fluently some language is often associated with staying or living in country in which that language is used. they would never need to learn other languages. some people start to speak fluently one language. To conclude. but also some people start to speak new language because they want to improve their careers. Also. not only are different language schools popular in todays modern society for people who want to learn. there are different language training centres in the world today that are successful in giving lessons to the beginners. I personally believe that people will learn one language properly without moving toward other states. . To begin with. To continue with. but instead they need to read English or Russian literature. and often people learn English not because they need to. If they use both practical and theoretical informations for that language. if people could always find a literature for their jobs written in their national language.

children need to improve various intellectual abilities during certain phases in their lives. Furthermore. not only are books used as a successful method for brain improvement during growing of the children. books have been used recently as a valuable tool for children development and intellectual growth so I believe that this type of present could change behavioural and intellectual characteristics of the growing population. a study from 1999. If parents had known before that books are valuable tool for maturation of the children brain. a large longitudinal study done by Penn State University in 2015. they would not have given them to play computer games instead. showed that science-fiction books usually improve certain parts of the brain which are responsible for imagination and spatial gathering . To continue with. Also. I will choose an interesting book certainly. soccer ball or an animal will largely contribute future development of the children. For example. so I believe that appropriate books will help them on that way. To conclude. Also.It is widely believed that presents like camera. but also there are different researches which discovered that different topics in books influence children brain differently. I personally believe that children should mainly be occupied with sports and reading during early phases of development. some books will influence amygdala in higher proportion. . For instance. I should mention that If I want to give valuable gift to my child. Needless to say. it is well known that books have interesting influence on different regions of children brain. showed that children who read books regulary have 25% more developed left side of the brain. while some of them will develop all kind of spatial characteristics in children.

but also some people who live in the traditional buildings have chance to relax and enjoy in different sports or other relaxational activities. most of the traditional houses have backyards which are a good opportunity for people who want to indulge in various leisure activities. To conclude. In the following essay I will try to discuss both advantages and disandvantages of the proposed views. I would buy a traditional house for sure. not only is daily light a one of the main factors which could contribute to people opinion about living in a modern flat. If people had known before that daily light is an important factor for normal functioning of the organism. especially if there are not enough light in that place during the day. If I could possible choose to buy a house or an apartment. Also. usually use their backyards for barbeque or as a place for organizing the parties. To begin with.If I was asked would I choose to live in a traditional house or a flat I would certainly need a time to think about the answer. living in a modern apartment is sometimes difficult. because I personally have opinion that people who choose to live there are happier and much less depressed. a study from 2009. For example. . done by Psychological Research Centre in Ohio showed that people who live in dark apartments are usually more depressed than people who live in the outdoor areas or in the flats with enough daily light. For instance. It is well known that people in Serbia. To continue with. Furthermore. they would not have chosen to buy various flats with not enough sunlight. people usually use backyards as a place for yoga relaxation or for playing tennis or voleyball.

that he had used in the beginning of his career dancing as a strategy for his boxing style. a dance is used as a training method which could possibly change our physical appereance. but also some dancing skills are used as a tool for technique improvement in various sports.It is widely speculated by some people that dancing is an important activity in our culture. I completely agree with the aforementioned subject and in the following essay I will try to prove my thoughts . If we look at the pictures of early African tribes who populated dancing as a part of their religion . To conclude. If people decide to improve their athletic perfomances or to loose extra body fat. not only is dance used as a beneficial training style. I personally believe that dance could be used as a relaxation method in chronic stress situations. we will conclude that 90% of these people look slim and muscular. Furthermore. dancing has complex patterns of motor control. dancing skills are transferred to the various sports out there. For example. Also. a former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson stated in 1993. . For instance. To begin with. To continue with. so it could be used for development of the motor control brain functions in athletes. they will sometimes choose dancing as a one of the available training options out there.

Also. To begin with. For example. it is believed that gross income of vegetarian products in America today is worth 1 billion dolar per year roughly. and I would certainly give them advice to not exclude dairy products or eggs if it is possible.I personally believe that people should never ban different type of meats from their daily menu. if people choose to eat only vegetarian products. not only is meat a necessary food group for optimal human health and performance. but also eating only vegetarian products is pretty expensive in todays modern society. showed that people who rarely eat animal products are more prone to develop deppresion. Furthermore. people who choose to eat only vegetarian food are often decieved by modern vegetarian marketing culture.It is widely speculated that everyone should ban meat and instead start eating vegeterian food. a study from 1999. because they are often deficient in vitamin B12. To continue with. people who follow vegeterian lifestyle often have various health problems. For instance. if people had known earlier that not eating a meat on daily basis could produce various vitamin deficiencies. To conclude. . and I also believe that this statement is especially true for the professional athletes. I completely disagree with the aforementioned statement and in the following text I will try to prove my thoughts. some people will still choose to follow only vegetarian menu. they would not have promoted vegetarian type of eating. they will need to spend a lot of money during the week. In spite of that.

and usually their art teachers have the opportunity to work closely with school psychologist because these professors often discover if some of the children in class have emotional problem. so if they have art subjects in their highschool they will have opportunity to express themselves through these subjects. Some of them are less social and more introvert. if students want to express how they feel emotionally. Furthermore. art subjects have tremendous influence on students emotional intelligence. To begin with. children from different highschools in Serbia have painting as a regular subject. To continue with. For example. I completely agree with the aforementioned statement and in the following text I will try to explain my thoughts in details.It is widely speculated by one part of the population that all students should have some form of art or music subjects in their highschools. they will do that through painting or sculpting. .