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Strategic Management

Evaluating a Company’s External Environment

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What are the strategically relevant factors in the macro-environment?
Macro-environment contains a broad environmental context where the company is
located and including of six components: political factors, economic conditions, sociocultural
forces, technological factors, environmental forces, and legal/regulatory conditions (Gamble, et
al., 2015). The analysis of the macro-environment condition of a company is often called by
PESTEL analysis; abbreviation of political, economic, sociocultural, technological,
environmental, and legal factors. This analysis is used to assess the strategic relevance of the
company to the six components of the macro-environment situations. The macro-environment
conditions can affect significantly or insignificantly on the company’s strategy, but it is still
important to be watched carefully. The company’s management must be aware to the changes
in the macro-environment conditions so that it can alter the company’s strategy to follow the
trends and maintain a good performance.

The political factors that influence Samsung Electronics are the political policies and
processes such as the tax policy, fiscal policy, tariffs, the political climate, the financial
institution's’ strengths, and others in the country which the company’s headquarter is located:
South Korea. Ever since South Korea and North Korea had split, they have been at a constant
conflict, making the both countries to always prepare for a strike from the other. This condition is
affecting their political situation. The recent news of the arrest of Jay Y. Lee, the vice chairman
as well as the heir of Samsung company, as one of the suspect of the bribery case to South
Korea’s President, Park Geun Hye (Sang-Hun, 2017). Mr. Lee had been indicted to have given
43 billion won ($36 million) to the Ms. Park’s confidante through a subsidiary of Samsung. This
news shows that the government is having big control of the economic situation, thus driving
companies to take a shortcut through bribery. Besides, the country’s tax rate is also influencing
companies including Samsung in creating its competitive strategy. South Korea has three
classes of corporate tax: 10% rate for corporates which generate Korean-sourced income up to
KRW 200 million, 20% rate for companies with the income from KRW 200 million up to KRW 20
billion, and 22% for those which have more than 20 billion income (Santander Trade, 2017).
This tax rate is quite low compared to Indonesia which has a flat rate corporate tax on 25%,
USA with 40%, Japan with 30%, and others (KPMG, n.d.).

The analysis of the economics condition includes the general economic climate and
other specific factors such as interest expense, economic growth, inflation rate, saving rates,
and many others (Gamble, et al., 2015). Nowadays, the economic condition of South Korea is

This poses a threat to its economic stability in the future.. Koreans are very reserved and well-mannered people where they respect etiquette. South Korea has been one of the biggest exporter in the world for electronics. The Government assists the development by allocating some of its budget to its public research institutes and universities. currency exchange rates. 2017). Technological factors in PESTEL analysis are describing the pace of technological change and technical development that will influencing the society such as genetic engineering and nanotechnology (Gamble. They also one of the most users of internet in the world and deemed to be following the gadget improvement actively. and supporting research freedom and start-ups/technology transfer (Science and Technology Office Seoul. The country is very famous for the people to be fashionable. Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology. internationalization. They will try their best to avoid embarrassing situations as they perceived that the concept of “face” is important. the economy has been weakening (The Heritage Foundation. 2015). and age distribution that affect businesses (Gamble. in which their main language is Korean. ICT. In general. and Future Planning. and civil engineering.. cultural factors.6 million of people. et al. When they are not closed to the other parties. and other things relating to the economy situation (Fendos. 2016). especially the youngsters. National Research Foundation of Korea. Moreover. recently South Korea’s power on the export goods has been decreasing with the rise of other similar but cheaper goods produced by China (ibid).not looking good as there is a scandal associating the President influencing the stock prices. Korea has the second highest number of total researchers in OECD countries. growth rate. and lifestyle as well as the population size. and boats. Although the macroeconomic stability is well-maintained and openness to global commerce. they always speak formally and are very polite (Kwintessential. Some of its institutions are Ministry of Science. automobiles. Yet. and many more (ibid). It is now a globally leading Research and Development power in industrial research such as IT. 2015). transport. attitudes. The third analysis is the sociocultural forces which involve the societal values. Institute for Basic Science. 2015). the Innopolis Daedok. 2016). communication.8 trillion (ibid). with the main focus of basic research. Moreover. South Korea had been heavily involved with the development of technology since 1960s. For more than a decade. the total corporate debt of the country is around 171% of its GDP which is $1. et al. Bloomberg has published a Global Innovation Index in 2014 that placed South Korea . Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. South Korea has a population on about 48.

et al. energy the first place. and insurance (Gamble. using indicators such as research and development capability. Furthermore. 2014). 2008).. minimum wage regulations. and minimum wage for all employees in Korea no matter what their nationality are.. and so on (Gamble. 2015). and related factors. The Labor Standards Act (LSA) in Korea requires company to have the employee retirement benefit. the nation had established Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) which has the authority for issues in intellectual property (ibid). consumer laws. In other words it helps the organization to know the different kind of strategic moves that industry member are likely to employ. Improving the standard of living and increasing the pollution level at the same time. The speedy development of the economic is giving both negative and positive impacts on the countries. climate. Various reclamation projects reduced about 2% of the total 2.. 2015). 2015). et al. productivity. The Government had tried to reduce the bad effects of the rapid industrialization by restricting the emissions and green belts to improve the nation’s air quality (Smith. a company must have minimum three directors which includes representative director and an in- house statutory auditor if the total capital is bigger than KRW 1 billion. For the intellectual property matter. equal employment for both genders and support for compatibility of work and family. 2016). The fifth analysis is the environmental forces that consisting of weather. occupational health and safety regulation. tech density. climate changes. the household and industrial waste of excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers had endangered the fish species.313 square kilometers of tidal flats along the western and southern parts of the country’s peninsula annually (Nations Online. In Korea. and patent activity (McGlade. It also gives us the data of an overall landscape of the industry. et al. . The last factor is legal and regulatory which comprise the regulations and laws binding the companies such as labor laws. These factors can directly impact the industries especially farming. South Korea implemented the civil law legal system similar to those applied in European countries (Cho. tourism. employee insurance. What are the industry’s dominant economic features? Identifying the industry’s dominant economic features is the crucial part of analysis towards the company’s industry and competitive environment. Korea has the highest broadband infiltration in the world with the speed of 50 megabits per second (ibid).

It seems that every day a new technological innovation is being made. Industry members must know about the nature of future competition. so it shouldn’t come much with any doubt that company moves in the IT business are competing globally. The global industry has been forecast to grow at compound annual growth rate of 5% over the next five years.Some of the industry’s dominant economic features are given below : Market size and growth rate Market size is the total number of firms operating in the industry. For example if a company realize that their key competence is on the diversification then they will start market expansion and and product development since the first day.S by 2017. There are more than 100. and the best information is to know whether the company is at the growing.150 billion in the U. reaching a market value of roughly $1.S alone. However large firms have their places in the industry.000 technology company in the U. with 99% of them being small and medium firms. controlling large shares of the market in sectors such as electronic operating system and hardware/software. Buyer needs and requirements . Number of rivals Organizations should also understand whether their competitor consist of too many small rival or a few large firms. static. the pace of change occurring so quickly and people are always trying to either upgrade their devices or purchase a new one. Scope of competitive rivalry Scope of competitive rivalry play a role in a firm’s level of competitiveness. or declining stage. Similarly they should also know about the various development in the industry such as merger and acquisitions. Information technology is a driving factor in the globalization of industry.

etc will definitely get discount because they usually buy in large quantities. In fact. Taking this into account. upgraded facilities and strong technological capabilities are an important factor in being a player in this industry. it is common for some rival to mimic those differentiation. However. schools. For example if the industry is characterized as rapid product innovation and slow life cycle then the research and development of a company must be at their maximum effort. the IT industry requires companies to constantly innovate and differentiate their product so the industry is constantly evolving. Product innovation Product differentiation is also used as a measure of the dominant economic features in the industry. but it also comes with a different variety of price. They should also know about various factors affecting the consumer behaviour. Vertical integration . however as i mentioned before a rival would probably quickly close in that advantage by mimicking the product. Degree of product differentiation Product differentiation is also one of the most important factors in analyzing the industry situation. Market demands comes from many sources. A company who’’s the first to market their invention gain a crucial advantage. Powerful buyers like companies. so it is fragmented. In fact as technology become more and more available globally. Many buyers could also customized their devices nowadays. it’s easier to innovate in this industry. Pace of technological change If the industry is characterized by the rapid pace of technology then the art of the state technology is imperative for the success of the technology.Industry member must take into consideration to the need and taste of final buyers as well as the middlemen. If all the product in the industry are all the same then what would probably happen is the price of the product in the market relatively low and barrier to entry is high for the new entrance.

vertical integration can cause a cost of product differentiation.It is important to know whether the industry are partially or fully integrated.wp. those who adapt the vertical integration are more able to control their products.png?resize=300%2C207. … shows the five areas where competitive forces can occur. other competitor are more feasible to undercut their prices. Although this comes with a and how strong is each force? The competitive forces of Samsung in the electronics industry will be described in the Five- Forces Model of Competition from Michael E Porter. February 2017 . Back in the 70’s vertical integration used to be a common model. The next chapter is trying to take a closer look on these areas Source: http://i2. Accessed on Economies of scale Organizations must also know the difference in the economic scale of purchasing. What kinds of competitive forces are the industry members facing. The picture no. Any reduction in the cost of production could lead into a higher competitiveness which ultimately result in higher competitiveness. as these companies can experience a higher cost. They should analyze whether the companies with high scale operations has any cost advantage or not.

as an example samsung is able to sell these phones to a high price during the launch of the product as the demand for the new product is high and has to lower the price during their time on the market to achieve good sales numbers. The competitive force of Supplier Bargaining Power and Supplier-Seller Collaboration Samsung has outsourced the production of many of its products for example the smartphone production to taiwanese company Foxconn. Many of the build in components as microchips or batteries come also from suppliers. In lower price categories the bargain power of the customer is even higher because there are many other competitors with an similar product which leads that most influential difference becomes the price of an product. If you take the flagship . This means Samsung is highly dependent on a good Supplier-Seller Collaboration as the production is part of an global and integrated process with highly demand of a good Supply-Chain Management. But it also has a good position in bargaining with Supplier as it is one of the largest electronics producer worldwide The competitive force of potential new entrants This field especially applies for Samsung Electronics. If you take the Smartphones you have different stages to consider. It is facing many capable competitors and is also facing the problem that former Supplier decides to compete against Samsung. The competitive force of substitute products Samsung Electronics is active in a high-tech industry so changes in products and new trends appear faster than in other industries. This means that it is facing competition from substitute products but it also emerges this trend.The galaxy Series.The competitive force of Buyers Buyers bargain power in the field of electronics depends on the considered product. Especial in Asian High-Tech Entertainment Industry the threat of facing new competitors is very high which always has to be considered and surveillanced by Samsung The competitive force of rivalry among sellers . For example the disapearing from station-phones to smartphones and also the decreasing sales of cameras due to better cameras in phones.

. Those reasons leading to an image of hard competition among the sellers. Among the large number of Electronics Companies there is a constant threat of competitors are making the first step and gain customer favor.This is the Main field Samsung is facing a competitive force. In most of the Products of Samsung electronics is facing a rather slow growth of demand and even facing an decrease such as in Televisions demand. Another indicator of high competitive force in this field is the fact how simple it is for a customer to just by a competitor product also the loyalty of the customers can be considered as relatively low due to the large number of different sellers in the market.

engineering and other numerous field. air conditioners. Following the success of the Maha 506 TV. and what impact will these changes have on competitive intensity and industry profitability? Samsung started out as a small trading company in 1938. Samsung expanded into other electronics categories such as refrigerators. Even though in 1970s there were few electronics company who made television such as Sony and Goldstar. Samsung set up a Braun-tube bulb factory and after extensive investment and expansion of production lines. In the result. and just two months after the production it exported the TV sets to Panama. Lee Byeong Cheol the founder of Samsung has invested in electronics area since he thought that electronics could be grow into bigger market. In May of 1978. Samsung had already expanded its black-and-white .What forces are driving changes in the industry. electric stoves and more. it pushed to produce its own TV model which is Maha 506 TV. From that humble beginning Samsung has evolved into a brand that resonates with global leadership in various industries including IT. washing machines. As Samsung established its own production system and accumulated technology. fans. Samsung realized they need to increase the size of production to have bigger profit. shipbuilding. selling noodles and dried seafood. So what made Samsung so successful so far? We will write 2 biggest forces that made Samsung today. Samsung succeed in producing 12-inch black-and-white TVs. it also established two black-and-white TV lines with a capacity to produce 480 thousand TVs a year. First factor can be foresight of future trends. As time goes. That is why Lee Byeong Cheol started to instill big investment to electronics segment.

Samsung introduced the industry’s first 256K DRAM. Also wearable gadgets with virtual reality to step ahead to future market. in 1984. Samsung has successfully able to foresee the market trend and consumer wants through fast responding to trend. the U. Also. Samsung Electronics’ first overseas manufacturing subsidiary was set up in Portugal in 1982. semiconductor is every parts of electronics. Samsung’s overall exports reached 100 million dollars. Third factor can be creative marketing . Samsung has started as semiconductor and if you look closely. To diversify or disperse the cost of manufacturing. The merger set the foundation for Samsung to become a global leader that it is today in semiconductors. Second factor that drive Samsung to be success like today is global expansion and product innovation. So Samsung has been try to find a new way to be the best in certain sector and Samsung entered in semiconductor area. Samsung has their production plants in most BRIC country and also in Indonesia.K. in a combination that helped create synergies in production of both electronics and semiconductor parts. Nowadays. Samsung has made . Production of the 256K DRAM – a technological breakthrough only a handful of companies globally were able to muster – marked a defining moment for Samsung in its growth as a leading semiconductor manufacturer. As we can see. The global manufacturing network expanded to include the U. Such small innovation and breakthrough has made Samsung to make smartphones with waterproof and resistant to break. Also in December 1978. If you see recent Samsung advertisement through television or social media. In October 1984. in 1987 and Mexico in 1988. 1 manufacturer. Samsung’s R&D has helped Samsung to relentlessly innovate and surprise people by introducing products. it would instantly make people watching the advertisement even though the person watching advertisement is not Samsung user. Samsung Electronics merged Samsung Semiconductor in January 1980.TV lines to become the world’s No. Samsung Electronics America was established in July 1978 as Samsung Electronics’ wholly-owned subsidiary and set up its own service system in the country.S. just three months after it successfully developed the 64K DRAM. Samsung was about to penetrate more complicated and unfamiliar field of market which is semiconductor.

Samsung Semiconductor was chosen as the official sponsor for 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. showcasing Samsung’s advanced technology to the world. These forces make Samsung more competitive in market and it means that other company will also need to keep up with the positive movements. In addition. and sales made noticeable gains. and resources. Apple. they were also able to advertise the brand on the world stage. Sony. the market intensity became higher and company that can not keep up may end up struggle or in worst condition bankrupt in same market.numerous advertisement with strong endorsement from soccer player like Messi and famous comic or movie like Marvel studio’s The Avengers. and LG. Therefore by cooperate with right endorsement has made people attractive to Samsung products. The greatest benefit was the fact that Samsung’s communications network was used in the world’s biggest sporting events. we believe that these forces has made Samsung to be competitive and bring great amount of profitability. While Samsung provided the technology and equipment. Barrier to entry also will rise due to deep-rooted companies such as Samsung. energy. This promotion opportunity was maximized. we will introduce historical and first step to let world know about Samsung through sponsoring world’s most anticipated event which is 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Samsung devoted an astonishing amount of time. Since most people know how good Samsung does in marketing. As overall. these forces will continually help Samsung to thrive globally. . Installing communications equipment to connect 22 different stadiums would cost over 3 million Won. In conclusion. To ensure that both events would be successful.

LG Electronics was actually the biggest competitor of Samsung Electronics in the origin country. Apple who was the market leader in electronics was also has strong position due to its well-known high- end products such as MacBook and iPhone. it lost some of the market share to Samsung who was steadily growing and becoming major player in several industries. As the leading electronic company in the world. but in the past few years. the companies are allocated based on the price/quality and their product-line breadth. Samsung has strong position in most of the market served as they always improve their products and investing in R&D for fulfilling the customers’ demand of sophisticated yet high quality electronic goods.What market positions do industry rivals occupy–who is strongly positioned and who is not? In the strategic group map. Despite serving many industries. Sony and LG Electronics was located in the middle of the map. Meanwhile. telecommunications. Sony still maintained its position in the . Samsung has the largest area in the map as they are serving many industries such as consumers electronics. On the other hand. South Korea. and home appliances. semiconductors.

This rivalry is unique in terms of business competition because both of them are preferred brand by most people. their position in the map is still risky as it does not have large market share and wide range of products.) Apple Inc The rivalry of Apple and Samsung has been known since Apple first introduced their famously known iPhone and Samsung then followed to invent what its called as Galaxy phone. Last but not least.middle although they have been losing market share significantly in the recent years in the smartphone segment. Since this company is well-known is some part of the world of course it has many competitors that has perhaps similar or even look-alike product. With this term. and with that its competition rises incrementally especially those that have the classification of high-technology industry. it can be concluded that Samsung has the best position in the market industry due to its wide-range yet high performance electronic goods and Kyocera is the least well-positioned in the map as they do not have strong market presence and still have low market share compared to the others. Innovation is one of its highly valued understanding that the company wants to achieve and implied in its product. Kyocera which is known as the new player in the industry was trying to compete with the electronic giant such as Samsung. dominates most market because they’re constantly introduce their new and developed iPhone while Samsung usually follows after the hype of Apple’s product to boost the sale on their product. Samsung Electronic has to be conscientious on looking over the strategy of its rival. Apple on the other hand. Samsung electronics strive for the best especially giving and providing their customer on their products. Therefore. What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next? Samsung electronics had grown so much from 1969 to present years. . Although Kyocera has been known in the semiconductor industry.) Kyocera Corp. 2. Apple and Samsung are both two companies that strive for constant innovation and creativity. Potential Dominant Competitors 1.

the company is one of the top leaders especially in the Electronic Industry. Sony has dominated the market with its flat-screen TV since it was announced a couple years ago and due to Samsung late coming for flat-screen TV its sales loses to Sony. This company is owned by Japan and in few years ago it has disputed with microsoft regarding copyright issue. . which are able to compete with the spirit of the digitalisation. which define the characters of the competitors in an industry. Technology This technology related factor is the base of all competitors in the Electronic industry. Kyocera is one of the threat for Samsung due to its company habit on what it's taught to be “copying” Samsung product. Scientific research as well as the expertise in digital technology have to be perfectly known and effectively used. The factors affecting this enormous success in that particular industry will be showed as followed.Though it’s lesser known in the name of international market. 3. But also the connection between this factor and other areas for example advertisement lead the company to a special performance. Samsung concludes all these aspects and beats its competitors by developing a stable high level of innovative products and features. Samsung takes part in several industries. Sony strategy is focusing on their market especially for TV. resources.) Sony Corp. competitive capabilities and intangible assets. What are the key factors for competitive success? The Industry Key Success Factors consist of product attributes. The innovative spirit and force is important to create competitive advantages by developing new processes and products to challenge the competitors. Sony is also one of Samsung dominant competitor over their home entertainment technology. Putting aside the competition for handheld smart phones.

which leads from store and dealer distribution over to various ways of internet sales by their own websites and especially by different sales providers. representative products needed. Using Viral Marketing and building outstanding customer experiences in the stores and on the internet leads to success and a popular brand identity. Especially Samsung developed a structure of distribution. Samsung established its name as a well-known and respected brand internationally and intercontinentally. to a conclusive marketing strategy for each country or product. Since the digitalisation the networking process has to be expanded all over the world to stay in competition with the big leaders of this industry. ending up with the fulfilment of individual customer expectations of the whole buying and service process. . Starting from detailed market research. For that reason the delivery time can be perfectly managed and fulfil customers expectations. Management Capability The management leads the company to strategic planning and decisions. Therefore is a currently presents of all dimensions of marketing for selected.Distribution The distribution pattern in the Electronic Industry is essential for the participants’ results. ways how to work and how to treat customers is evaluated by the management for a concluding concept. With such a national and global network Samsung can provide their products nearly to every retailer and therefore to any customer in the entire world. which represents the values and capability of a company and its products as well as services is needed to position the products in the market. Especially e-commerce has to satisfy a high standard in the Electronic Industry to guarantee international operation strategies and commercials. Clear roles and relationships define bases. Supply chain management has to guarantee a perfect connection between the inside and the outside structure of the company. responsibilities and authorities for a working human resource management. Furthermore values. Marketing and Branding Developing a brand identity. The structure of an organisation is really important for a working management. norms.

It is expected that the sales are declined. As one of the new income sources. Samusung are facing with a threat of the emergence of new tough competitor such as latecomer in China and India. Recently.IoT is increasing at an incredible pace. Samsung is entering into automobile business utilizing high semiconductor technology. which can be divided into diverse fields from the things which are relatively close to our lives such as electronic components. in its human resource development institute. In today’s age of competition.The executives regarded the market as saturated. which is one of Samsung’s strength. IoT(Internet of Things) was necessary in electronics industry. In 2015.Does the outlook for the industry present the company with sufficiently attractive prospects for profitability? The worldwide electrical and electronics industry are experiencing remarkable changes these days. and telecommunications to ones we hardly ever see in our lives.The global electronic industry is driven by demand for the products durable.(Semiconductor sector is one of the sectors Samsung electronics is . electronic and electrical products manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to develop new and innovative products in shorter period reducing cost and with improved quality. Samsung is now facing tough situation especially in smartphone market in which it has occupied large share.Voluminous production has been gradually moving towards low cost destination. “ We will overcome such new a business environment through changing and innovation” said the executives of Samsung. and its market growth will be a dominant force across the spectrum of the technology-related industries. The electrical and electronics sector is highly fragmented. This industry is successful in fast technological advances and has grown rapidly than other than over past 30 years. Samsung searched new income sources for the continuous improvement. lighter and cheaper better than ones before. whose market is continuously growing as more and more devices are becoming connected. The executives of Samsung are judging smartphone has already become the commodity and innovations before has commoditized and that it is more difficult to gain profits continuously than before.. Furthermore.

. Samsung has changed the direction of its business according to the industry paradigm in which companies have to consider climate change and environment. It will take 5 to 10 years IoT is widely implemented worldwide. Moreover. so Samsung can not gain its profit quickly. Samsung is also engaged in bio-health care field as future growth power. however.) In the background. Samsung is showing posture that it will gain steady growth reducing the number of its smartphone model and focusing on IoT connecting its technology with automobile and consumer electronics as new income source. This company has tried cultivating state-of-the-art business for next generation in accordance with the business environment changed suddenly. this sector is said to be the largest and highly profitable.engaged in strongly and contributed company to its expansion and saved it from bankruptcy. this company is searching other ways to retain its improvement based on their strength.

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