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Solutions for UMTS

from Hughes Software Systems and Adax

highly flexible and completely scalable to cope with future network demands. attracting users and bng revenues for operators. Iu Interface in UMTS networks The Iu Interface enables the interconnection of Radio Network Controllers (RNC) with Core Network nodes. Two interfaces are defined. The Iu interface is available in two separate packages for the Iu-PS and Iu-CS interfaces. Ultimately the solutions from HSS and Adax save time. IpoA Stack. with maximum flexibility throughout network implementation. RANAP. GMM/SM (for Iu-PS only). The HSS/Adax Iu solutions go beyond traditional protocol stacks as they are distributed and highly scalable integrated solutions. The increased capacity enables a far greater range of services and creates the opportunity to offer highly personalised and truly unique mobility services. AAL2 Signaling Stack (ALCAP). With no change in hardware for either solution. ATM SAAL and Framing Protocols. The partnership between HSS and Adax facilitates fast time to market and the rapid roll out of new services through a complete set of pre-integrated UMTS network components. The ATM plus has the ability to simultaneously support these protocols with two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports for connection to IP networks and two OC3/STM-1/STS-3c interfaces for optical transport. Core Network RANAP Stack. the higher layers and application need no alteration. . enabling OEMs to build high capacity 3G nodes faster and more cost effectively. Overview Hughes Software Systems (HSS) and Adax are at the forefront in the evolution to the third generation of mobile communications (3G) or UMTS. helping those building the new infrastructure meet the demands from the operators. Uniform and well- defined APIs result in easy third party application development. For broadband SS7. The RNC provides user mobile connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network via the MSC with signaling handled by the Iu-CS and to 3G services via the SGSN with signaling handled by the Iu-PS. UMTS seeks to build on and extend the capability of today’s mobile technology through using an innovative radio access scheme together with an enhanced evolving core network. providing cost savings through minimal design changes. money and investment for customers. The HSS components in the UMTS Iu interface include. The solutions and stacks from HSS and Adax are readily available. HSS MTP-3b has been integrated to the Adax SSCOP/SSCF on the ATM Plus controller. The HSS SCCP over M3UA has been integrated to Adax SCTP/T for an IP solution. HSS and Adax pre integrated solutions for UMTS include Iu Interface. By combining their respective technical expertise HSS and Adax are able to provide pre-integrated solutions for the key network elements throughout 3G infrastructure. implemented over either SIGTRAN (for IP network nodes) or Broadband SS7 (ATM transport). the Iu-PS and Iu-CS Interfaces for Packet Switched and Circuit Switched domains respectively. SCCP.

This enables existing IP applications for data. error indication procedures. or SCTP and OC3 OC3 or QCX QCX M3UA for SIGTRAN on the same Adax ATM board. RRC PDCP MTP3B M3UA RLC Over the Iu interface RANAP is used to facilitate general UTRAN SSCF SSCOP SCTP FR procedures from the Core Network such as paging. SSCOP and SSCF protocols. SCTP over IP over AAL5 or Ethernet. . providing the Iur and Iu-PS interfaces. and is ideal for implementation on embedded platforms as well as host-based system – ranging from low-end to high-end systems. For the Iu-CS interface both AAL5 and AAL2 traffic can be passed over the ATMII.The integrated Iu interface offering includes RANAP encoding/decoding. RANAP also handles RANAP signaling for the Iu-PS connecting the RNC and 3G SGSN. Specifically. ATM AAL5 ATM AAL5 or HDC HDC The Classical IP over ATM module runs with the existing SS7 signaling over ATM. Classical IP over ATM can be used for transporting IP datagram traffic generated by UMTS wireless networks from GGSN/ATM gateways to IP networks. RANAP transfers non-access stratum GSM RF OC3 signaling transparently and requests and manages various types of UTRAN Radio Access Bearers. RANAP manages the Iu connections on this interface and provides a transparent path for the NAS (Non-Access Signaling) messages between the User Equipment and CN RANAP. VPNs and Wireless sites. IpoA Stack The IpoA from HSS is a standard’s based building block for SERVING GPRS SUPPORT NODE for UMTS providing Classical IP over ATM solutions. For instance. This enables existing IP user content RANAP TCAP GTP-C GTP-U including voice and video to run in ATM networks and provides ALCAP SCCP GTP’ SCCP interoperability for these applications. The integration is between the HSS M3UA or MTP-3b level and Adax SCTP/T or SSCOP/SSCF respectively. This solution is both extensible and portable. Adax supports Classical IP on its ATM cards. No change in hardware is required regardless of the desired protocol as the ATM Plus has the ability to support a variety of protocols simultaneously. Iu is the interface between the UTRAN and CN. The ATM Plus has both 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports or two OC3/STM-1/STS-3c single mode or multi-mode interfaces for connection to the IP Networks. in accordance with RFC 2225. Iu connection management for all connection-less and connection-orientated messages. Core Network RANAP stack RADIO NETWORK CONTROLLER (RNC) RANAP (Radio Access Network Application Part) is the Radio SYSTEM for UMTS Network Layer signaling protocol (Control Plane protocol) for the Iu interface. Frame Relay or SSCOP/SSCF over AAL5. The joint solution combines HSS RANAP higher layer protocol and Iu Interface for both circuit and packet switching with the Adax ATM boards and SSCOP/SSCF and SCTP/T protocol software and is extremely flexible and easily scalable. voice and video to run unaltered but at the same time take advantage of the higher capacity associated with fibre optic transmission. as well as the complete handling of reset and reset resource elementary procedures. whilst SIGTRAN or SS7 controls the signaling. The HSS/Adax SSCF SSCOP SCTP FR FR MTP2 IpoA solution can be deployed within the 3G RNC and SGSN. For the Iu-PS interface Adax AAL5 signaling traffic is passed over the controller. which can be used for (SGSN) building Telecom and Networking equipment as well as GMM SM MAP applications. ALCAP and GTP-U are also offered as optional elements. In addition it performs the Serving Radio Network Subsystem (SRNS) Relocation. HSS RANAP enables message and application flow and Adax boards provide the transportation mechanism. and the ALCAP SCCP GTP-U Iu-CS connecting the RNC and 3G MSC. It separates MAC each User Equipment (UE) at the protocol level for mobile specific ATM AAL5 signaling management. Also supported on the ATM cards is IP. the Adax implementation enables the transmission of IP datagrams and MTP3B M3UA MTP3 Inverse ATM Address Resolution Protocol (InATMARP) requests and replies over ATM Adaptation Layer 5 (AAL5).

Integration is with the Adax SAAL software. MM CC MAP ATM signaling AAL (SAAL) stack from Adax provides efficient and reliable solutions to signaling components. SSCOP provides support for assured data transfer. saving ATM HDC development time.User Plane (GTP-U) GTP-C GTP-U PDN GTP’ SCCP Iu-UP and GTP-U from HSS are integrated to the Adax Frame Relay over IP above AAL5 on the ATMII MTP3 controller. on the ATMII board. network components as well as applications. SSCOP/SSCF MTP2 Adax SAAL UNI/NNI software consists of the Adax SSCOP and SSCF ATM AAL5 HDC modules over AAL5 on the Adax ATM Plus board. Again regardless of the desired protocol the Adax hardware remains the same. The solution is available with two OC3/STM-1/STS-3c interfaces. with no change in higher layers or the application. RNC and MSC equipment) for carrying voice. . These protocols include Radio MAP Link Control (RLC). The Adax ATM SAAL stack RANAP TCAP is a field proven building block for developing telecom equipment. Media Access Control (MAC). The ATM Plus is also available with two T1/E1 interfaces when mated with the QCX daughter card. User Plane Protocols HSS have the full set of user plane protocols which GATEWAY GPRS SUPPORT NODE for UMTS connect the RNC to the Node B's and core network (GGSN) in UMTS networks. Test and Measurement devices. The SSCF OC3 QCX module is for the UNI and the NNI. The HSS RLC. The ATMII is also available with four T1/E1 links on each card offering the capability for Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA) to enable AAL2 cells to be transported over T1/E1 where required. Iu User Protocol (Iu UP) and TCAP GPRS Tunneling Protocol . release and maintenance of AAL2 point-to-point connections between nodes. ATM MTP3B MTP3 switches. SSCOP/SSCF. RNC. ATM SAAL stack MOBILE SWITCHING CENTRE for UMTS The SAAL layer is used for reliable signaling between ATM endpoints. The ATM SAAL stack is SCCP applicable for 3G and GPRS equipment such as Node B. Iu-PS and Iu-CS interfaces. and supports UNI. MAC and FP layers are integrated above the Adax AAL2 on the ATMII FR FR LAPB/D MTP2 protocol controller. Interworking network devices. SGSN and MSC for providing Iub. In addition two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports are available for connection to the Internet and other IP networks. AAL2 is specifically required further out in the network (Node B. AAL2 Signaling Stack ALCAP AAL2 Signaling is the signaling protocol employed for dynamic establishment. Iur. which supports the passing of multiplexed AAL2 voice traffic. network components as well as applications. in an AAL2 network. therefore this joint solution from HSS and Adax completes their ability to provide solutions for the entire set of UMTS nodes. There are two OC3/STM-1/STS- 3c interfaces for ATM transport or two 10/100 BaseT OC3 QCX Ethernet ports for connection to IP networks. The AAL2 signaling stack (ALCAP) from HSS is a field proven building block for developing telecom equipment. Framing Protocols (FP). has extensive statistics collection of internal events and error statistics.

SCTP/T. and www. crucial in an uncertain telecommunications environment. reliable and high performance 3G building blocks.adax. . Uniform. RNC and Node B for UMTS networks. saving customer development time and resources and making for a more cost efficient solution. With the ability to run up to 128 channels of SS7 (64k and 2MB). enables the rapid integration with customer applications and protects investments made in infrastructure. Frame Relay. Due to its flexibility and superior design. ease of use and modular software components of the ATM and HDC cards. Solutions can be scaled without any required changes to the higher layers and least of all the respectively. which are easily customized according to customer specifications. portable and modular design results in value-added solutions. PCI and PMC format’s enabling maximum flexibility of platform choice for building UMTS infrastructure. The ATM plus can simultaneously support a variety of protocols including SSCOP/SSCF and AAL5 for ATM. Conclusion The HSS/Adax solutions are designed to increase the ability of OEMs and Systems Integrators to win business and stay ahead of competition – quickly and cost effectively. The readily available value-added solutions give customers the flexibility to accommodate future network demands. flexible platform for narrowband signaling in UMTS networks. Two OC3/STM-1/STS-3c single mode or multi-mode interfaces are provided or two T1/E1 interfaces and the ATM cards also have two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports for connection to the Internet and VPNs. Protocol Controllers and Network Interfaces The Adax high performance ATM protocol controller is built to meet the demanding signaling needs for broadband and converged networks. HSS and Adax not only provide a smooth evolution towards 3G networks. SCTP over Ethernet and IP over Ethernet for 3G SGSNs. but a real time to market advantage with proven. Sun Solaris and Linux. The solutions are completely scalable and the product design allows the deployment to grow as the network size and number of subscribers/cells increase. total scalability and rapid time to market benefits that are essential for OEMs and Operators to stay ahead in a competitive and ever changing industry. Flexible. Frame Relay over AAL5. well defined and documented interfaces (APIs) to the stack components. The pre integrated solutions feature distributed architecture and are available on many operating systems including VxWorks. For narrowband signaling between 3G SGSN and HLR/VLR and MSCs the Adax HDC multiple protocol controller provides a high performance foundation. LAPB/D/V5 and HDLC per card. The partnership between HSS and Adax aims to accelerate the development and deployment of 3G infrastructure for OEMs. For more information on the UMTS solutions please view the HSS or Adax web sites www. GGSNs and the Iu-PS interface to the RNC. minimises development time and delivers the high performance. SCTP over IP over AAL5. Simplicity of design. The HDC has 4 T1/E1 interfaces via the QCX daughter card and has two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports where connection is required for the Internet and VPNs. All the HSS/Adax solutions are based on 3GPP. it offers a high density. this one card has the ability to satisfy the signaling requirements for SGSNs and GGSNs. Both the ATM and the HDC cards are available in cPCI. In addition to this the ATMII has the ability to provide AAL2 for the Iu-CS side of the network work for connection from the RNC to MSC/VLR as well as right out at the network edge from the RNC to the Node Bs.25.hssworld. ETSI and ITU-T specifications and conform to the latest standards.

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