Seir the Horite

Sons living in the region
4 Sons of Seir

Ezer Lotan Shobal Zibeon Anah Dishon Dishan

Bilhan Zaavan Akan Hori Homam Alan Manahath Ebal Shepho Onam Aiah Anah Dishon Oholibamah Hemdan Eshban Ithram Keran Uz Aran

This is the Anah who
discovered the hot springs in
the desert while he was
grazing the donkeys of his
father Zibeon v24. Sarah Abraham Hagar

Elon Isaac Rebekah Ishmael
the Hittite

Adah Oholibamah Esau (Edom) Basemath Nebaioth 1 Born in Canaan

Timna Eliphaz Jeush Jalem Korah Ruel
concubine 2 Born in Seir

7 Amalek Teman Omar Zepho Gatam Kenaz. Nahath Zerah Shammah Mizzah

Chiefs who were descendants of Esau (in Red) 3
5 Kings in Edom Bela Jobab Husham Hadad Samlah Shaul Baal-Hanan Hadad

Temanites son of Bedad from Masrekah from Rehoboth son of Acbor

6 Chiefs descending from Esau according to dwelling places
Timna Alvah Jetheth Oholibamah Elah Pinon Kenaz Temen Mizbah Magdiel Iram
Chapter 36 layout
1 8 Esau: the final move A general consensus is that the
Our Reading v1 - 8 move to Seir occurs here in ch36 : 6/7 following Jacobs
return and Esau relinquishes his claim to the homelands WeSt Bible Study
This is the account of the family line of Esau (that is, Edom).
These were the sons of Esau, who were born to him while Genesis 36
resident in Canaan. (during Jacobs absence)
Note: marriage to Chief of Sier’s grand daughter
9 Name changes
As noted, in ch 26:34 the names of Esau wives were
(A)Oholibamah Judith and Basemath, in ch36 they are Oholibamah and

2 in ch 28:9 Ishmael daughter is Mahalath and she becomes
Basemath in ch36 . . . but sister remains Nebaioth in
v9-14 both passages
This is the account of the family line of Esau the father of While copyist may account for it , a likely reason is the
the Edomites in the hill country of Seir. transfer to people in Seir adopting the region of influence
A Transition time of status and dwelling as name hence Oholibarmah (local girl) as founder of a
region with her three sons following in her line.

3 15 -19
These were the chiefs among Esau descendants:
Esau children and grand children are chiefs in the new
10 Hagar remembered and God’s word to her.
Ishmael : a wild donkey of a man, against everyone and Petra in Jordan
land everyone against him.
Its this family that Esau marries into, as a man who ‘would
live by the sword’
4 20 - 29 Gen21:13 God’s promises to Abraham : Ishmael will ‘be
These were the sons of Seir the Horite, who were living in made into a nation ‘ Esau : Edom
the region. Older generations This is partly true through this union The name and the Land

5 31 - 39 Applications
Edom meaning ‘Red’
Gen 25:30
These were the kings who reigned in Edom before any We have a birds eye view of spiritual neglect and
Israelite king reigned. wilfulness panning out in time following Esau demise.
later kings, looks like the survival of the strongest A mountainous zone in accord
Our studies in Judges also concluded with the lives of
with the blessing of his father Isaac
individuals going forward to infect the future, . . . putting
‘away from the fatness of the earth
6 40 - 43 a greater onus on us to live holy lives that will influence
others much more than we may think.
shall your dwelling be.’
40 These were the chiefs descended from Esau, by name, Gen 27:39
according to their clans and regions. We also have sight of the omniscience of God in this
like Jacob becomes Israel and Esau becomes Edom local chapter as we are able to track the integration and Avoided and respected by Moses and Israelites
lords take the name of their place tessellation of peoples and tribes in time. as they travelled in the wilderness
He observes this grand viewl with meticulous interest. Deut 2 ; 1-7
Likewise with ours . . . one day the books will be opened!
7 Amalek
A mention of cowardly activity in Deut 25:17-20 and are We have this opportunity to live our lives and to live them
despised as the worst type of people. to our Lord.
1Chro 4:23 sees the end of these people.