Quality Management System

Design Test Report
Version: 1.0

Template information
Business Unit: QMS
Issue Date: 12-Apr-06
Issue Status: Approved
Owner: EPG Head
Author: Long Nguyen
Location: TMA's QMS
Confidential Class: TMA Confidential
Corporate Template info CO-TL-012 1.3
Hung Nguyen Implementation DO Required
Reviewer information
Approver information Viet Tran EPG Head

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10-Apr-06 1.0 First Version Long Nguyen

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the structure of the document depends on your document> TABLE OF CONTENTS UPDATE INFO No Sheet Last Updated 1 CoverPage 2 Report # . <From this sheet.

> executed test test cases Yellow> case that > passed> Defect ID Description Test Case ID Originator Priority Serverity Open date Status . Test Report Iteration/ Cycle EXECUTED PASSED 25 FAILED 0 (Total) TESTS EXECUTED 25 (PASSED + FAILED) PENDING 0 IN PROGRESS 0 BLOCKED 0 (Sub-Total) TEST PLANNED 25 (PENDING + IN PROGRESS + BLOCKED + TEST EXECUTED) DEFERRED 0 Feature/Components # Tests Planned % Tests Executed % Tests Passed # Deferred/ Status Remarks blocked <Name of <No of planned test cases > <Percentage <percentage <No of <Green/ feature/type> of executed test cases of Deferred Red/ test cases.

< Provide the <provide the P3 S1 <Open theDefect ID in step to preproduce the defect. hardware. However. Test case ID originator of Close> defect tracking platform. that raise the Defect> tool> defect. <Provide < Provide the description of Defect. It's optional because some defects are not come from the test case> .