Sample Question Paper


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2. 8. Weightage to type of Questions No. Inside a Computer II. of Score % Score Question 1. IT enabled data collection 3. Spreadsheet for data consolidation and analysis 4. Computer Networks 10. Short answer type 2 2 20 3 Essay type 2 4 40 12 10 . Further programming in BASIC 6 9. DESIGN OF THE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STD. Objective Type 8 4 40 2. Gimp and Draw for illustrated posters Let us create a webpage } 7. Presentation of concepts through Multimedia software 4 5. Type of Question No. X I. Weightage to content The study of IT and its application in other subjects } 1. Word processor for publishing report 6.

1(½) 1(1) 2(1½) 3. 2(½) 2(½) 8 2 (2) 2(4) 12(10) . 1(½) 1(½) 6. BLUE PRINT Unit Type of Questions Total Objective Short answer Essay 1 1(½) 2. 1(2) 1(2) 9. 1(1) 1(1) 10. 1(½) 1(½) 4. 1(½) 1(½) 5. 1(½) 1(½) 7. 1(2) 1(2) 8.

Exhibit the findings in a beautiful poster for building awareness. ½ 4. Presented the findings before the public with the help of multimedia effects. 5. A School in the Kuttanad area is given the responsibility to conduct a study on the following topics.I STANDARD X INFORMATION TRECHNOLOGY TOTAL SCORE : 10 TIME 1 HRS INSTRUCTIONS: ! All questions are to be answered. CD drive d. figure .Why is it so? Can you suggest a solution for this? 1 3. figure . 4. The pictures of some of the components inside a computer is given below. ! Read the questions carefully before answering. Which among the following components is fixed to the motherboard a. . Memory slot c. 1.b. A dialog box 'open with' appeared when tried to open a file named agriculture.d. SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER. USB Port b. How much area of paddy fields in Ramankara Panchayat in Kuttanad. 1. Analized 100 samples. Afew students were entrusted to conduct a study project on this topic. 2½ 2. 3. 2.c . figure . Hard disk ½ . Mention the software used for the following activities and write down any one faculty / tool available in it. Alappy Dist is left uncultivated? What are the circumstances that leads tp to this problem. They made use of computer to complete the project. Name the component which converts and distributes power to the components in the required quantity. Collected reports of scientific studies from different states and countires. figure . To prepare the questionnaire and conduct the data collection for the survey .a.pdf as part of the study related to the above project . ! Score is given against each question.

... <HTML> . Data collection d........ Planning c...... UTP cables and Infra red rays are used to network computers... Suppose... ..... 2 .... a.... which media will be used in your School computer lab where the computers are arranged in two seperate rooms? Why? 1 7.... Preparation of questionnaire b................... </MARQUEE> </HTML> 2 8. you have decided to conduct a study on hereditary paddy seeds and its pecuiliarities...5. Consolidation ½ 6...5) PRINT B$ What will be the output of the above BASIC program. A$ = " HAPPY BIRTHDAY" B$ = LEFT $ (A$. Fill up the missing tags and make necessary modifications in the following HTML program to move the sentence 'LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP' from left to right...... What are the changes to be made in this program to get the word 'BIRTHDAY ' alone as output ....Which of the following will be your first activity for the project....

SMPS ½ ½ 4 b. 1 4 ½ ii Web browser 1 4 Any facility like search engine.. filtering. SCORING INDICATORS No.. 1 No hinterance between the computers is allowed. 1 4 ½ iv GIMP 1 4 ½ Any one among layers. sound.. Scoring Indicators Score Total Score 1 i Word processor 1 4 For writing any one among drawing tool.... Memory slot ½ ½ 5 b. 1 4 ½ 2 Any one of the pdf viewer is required in the computer to open ½ a file in the pdf format.. formatting tool. picture. Book marking(Add to favorites) ....formatting.. 1 4 ½ iii Spread sheet 1 4 Any one among sorting. ½ Here the computers are arranged in two rooms (any one of the above ideas need to be written) 7 <MARQUEE direction = right > 1 LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP 1 2 8 HAPPY 1 B$ = RIGHTS $ (A$.8) 1 2 ... 1 Any one of the pdf viewer is to be installed in the computer (Name any pdf viewer ) ½ 3 c.. Planning ½ ½ 6 UTP cable ½ Infra red rays can be used only if the distance between the computers is very low. background. logo..... animation. 1 4 v Presentation software 1 4 Any one among formatting tools.