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The mixture

Mix the flour with 500ml coconut milk, scallions
(hanh la), 3 eggs, warm water and mix so that the
mixture won't stick together. Then, wait for 15
The filling
Chop the shrimp, lean meat shavings,

Heat the oil, put Shallots (hành tây), put meat
shavings, shrimp, cooked peas, put onions (hành
tím), fry it. (you can add sault) Add 100ml milk
coconut, mix it.

Step 3: Add a little bit oil to the pan
pour the mixture into the banhkhot pan, and the
filling in the middle.

Serve it when the fillings turn red.

How to make the sauce
Add red pepper, garlic, (sugar mixed with water),
lemon liquid to fish sauce