Functional Language for Agreeing & Disagreeing

Put the expressions into the correct category below:

a) Absolutely! i) You can say that again!
b) Too right! j) I don’t think so at all.
c) That’s ridiculous! k) I’m in two minds about
d) But, on the other hand ... it/that ...
e) You took the words out l) As far as I’m concerned,
of my mouth! that’s right ...
f) In my view it’s just not m) On the contrary! I ...
true ... n) I’m undecided!
g) That’s not the case ... o) Rubbish!
h) I don’t follow, do you p) That’s a good point!
mean ...?

Agreeing Disagreeing Unsure

Clarifying Partly Agreeing/Presenting Another View

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