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Notice of Rescission

That Council:

1) Acknowledge that the Equine Strategy 2012-2016 has now expired and will no longer be
referred to for current strategic direction;
2) Acknowledge the importance of the equine industry to the economic interests of the
Macedon Ranges and continue to support those interests through appropriate future economic
strategies and tactical initiatives;
3) Acknowledge the importance of accessible, safe and high quality equestrian facilities for
recreational equestrian participants in the Shire and consider appropriate improvements in those
areas as part of the Council's new Leisure Strategy;
4) Acknowledge the previous work of Macedon Ranges Equine Industry Network (REIN) and
support the continued existence of this group to provide input into the strategies that support the
economic and recreational aspects of the industry;
5) Note that continued support for any ongoing or partly-completed tactical initiatives from the
Equine Strategy 2012-2016 will be considered as part of Council's usual budgeting processes; and
6) Request the removal of the Macedon Ranges Equine Centre proposal
from the Loddon Mallee Region 2016 Investment Prospectus

7) Withdraw the $25,000 set aside in Summary of New Initiatives Appendix
B1 page 60 labelled Equine Centre Feasibility.

8) Seek to remove the Equine Strategy 2012-2016 as a reference document
from local, state and federal government policy development, including
from the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme and any policy statements that
support the implementation of that strategy.

9) Withdraw its support for points 2, 3 and 5 of the resolution passed by
council at the ordinary council meeting of 27th May 2015 viz:

That Council:

2.​ ​“Endorses the final Macedon Ranges Equine Centre Feasibility
Study May 2015
3.​ ​Supports the concept of an equine centre in the Macedon Ranges
Shire of the size and scale detailed in the feasibility study
5.​ ​Requests the State Government to provide financial and other
support and undertake the development of a full business case for
the Equine Centre in the Macedon Ranges incorporating a
subsidised community access model and provide a report to

10)​ ​ Withdraw its support for the resolution passed on item Pe.5 on 23rd
March 2016, viz:

That Council:
1. Confirms its continued support for the project
2. Continues to advocate for the project to the State and
Federal Governments
3. Agrees to pursue a partnership with the State Government
and Industry to produce the full business case; and
4. Refers the allocation of Council funds to the 2016/17
budget process and seeks funding from Regional Development
Victoria and Industry to contribute toward the full business case
to support the proposed local employment and economic
benefits to Macedon Ranges.

Be rescinded.