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1) Additional water heaters installed by SAK at Ground Floor Kitchen 119 and
at Basement Kitchen 032. Electrical power connection for these two
heaters provided by SAK, from the existing power outlet. Technical details
for these two water heaters installed at ground floor & basement kitchen
areas to be provided by SAK for our record.

2) NRV to be provided at hot water supply pipes to prevent cross connection
between hot & cold water. Please be informed that VGC is insisting these
NRV to be provided at all the showers at basement level.

3) Temporary circulation pump for hot water installed at basement by HBK,
which is currently not operational and also it is not required as per the
design. HBK water supply riser diagram to be revised as per watertech

4) Hot water circulation system to be bring back to its original form &
reinstall 0.5 l/s circulation pump as shown on the design drawing.
The hot water circulating pump of 4.5 l/s capacity installed by SAK will
have operational problems as follows
- The original design criteria is 1.5 l/s capacity for hot water supply and
0.5 l/s capacity for the hot water return line.
- The new circulation pump of 4.5 l/s is 3 times more than the supply line
of 1.5 l/s
- This will create vacuum at the end user which is not desirable.

5) Increasing the storage tank capacity for hot water by providing additional
hot water storage tanks without heating element with small circulating
pump connected with main water heater tanks is advisable and to be fixed
by SAK.
Refer the attached layout.
The reason for these additional hot water storage is to provide the enough
hot water supply during peak hours in the palace.

6) Required additional capacity of electricity, additional MV panel to be
installed for:
- Extension Bedrooms.
- More additional requirement for palace 1A & 1B.
- Existing all the available power is exhausted.
Space required for additional MV panel is not available at substation. SAK
to advice.

7) AC overcooling at palace 3. As per HBK home automation system is not
working properly which is not controlling the flow accurately.
1) For external swimming pool NRV at pump suction will create resistance
in flow and it is not advisable. Watertech also strictly opposed the
proposal of providing NRV at pump suction side for vacuum pipe which
was proposed by the new maintenance contractor metro pool after the
flooding of external pool pump room incident happened because of
negligence of metro pool during cleaning the external swimming pool.
Attached pump room picture for reference

2) The fountain heads have to be of equal heights for big and small jets at
entrance fountain.

3) Indoor swimming pool temperature has been raised to 34֯ C by the
request of the client representative and therefore humidity is
accumulated due to 34֯ C.

4) Penthouse water feature not tested yet and there was no electricity the
motor was tripping, later it was working & few bulbs to be replaced.

5) There was water leaking out from the steam door due to incorrect floor
sloping. The door threshold has been readjusted now ok.

6) Winter garden water feature: water supply location verified for topup
with water drainage located at the terrace to be utilized when cleaning.
Valve to be added for draining and chlorine container missing to be

7) Water fall is working. But there is a bad smell in the basin when the
waterfall stops. Chlorine powder to be added to water basin.

8) Turkish bath is working, but the smell of unknown reason during
operation still coming. Client representative using the scented oil
dispenser to reduce the odor.

9) Ice Fountain head was short & the ice was falling out the glass partition
by watertech has been fixed.

1) French bedroom at first floor French apartment was overcooling.
As the set temp was 21֯ C, the indoor temp. is getting overcooled with
17֯ C. Hence as per our investigating with HBK & Home automation
contractor we found that the problem was with home automation
system as the actuator of modulating valve for FCU which is providing
supply air to French bedroom is not receiving signal from home
automation for closing or opening of modulating valve with actuator
when the desired temp. is reached.

Since after this problem was found the home automation contractor re-
downloaded their software into the system and when we recheck the
system it started working as the modulating valve with actuator started
operating as per the signals from home automation.

2) French sitting & dining area at first floor French apartment was
With same problem, here and as per our investigation with HBK &
Home automation contractor we found that the problem was the
actuator of modulating valve for AHU which is providing supply air to
French sitting & dining area. In this problem, the actuator was not
working properly for closing & opening operation of valve as per the
signals from home automation system.

Hence in order to solve this problem the contractor HBK replaced the
actuator for the modulating valve and then it started working as per
the signals from home automation system for closing & opening
operation for valve.

3) HBK to prepare and submit the preventive maintenance manual for all
the trades executed by HBK. To be recorded all the interference done
by SAK for the same and to avoid unnecessary future problems and
blaming each other.

4) Sound proofing if required to be done for all the attics and ceiling
where the location of AHU / FCU as per site conditions.