Draft of youthpass

Tasks of the volunteer – a short decision of what you did (500 characters). You did a lot of things
but this is what will appear on the certificate, so it is best if you highlight(put an accent on) the thing that
you want.

During my period as a volunteer I was working in one high school and one primary school, in a little
town in the south of Romania (Filiasi). The project that I carried on was focus on a multicultural
exchange, for that reason, the activities were related to know better the Romanian culture and for the
students to learn more about Spain, Lithuania and Italy. To achieve that objective, the activities were
focus in cultural aspects, like arts, traditions language courses,etc. Apart of this I did a course to learn
Romanian twice per week to be more adaptable to the Romanian culture.

Key competences

1. Communication in mother tongue

During my period in Romania I had the chance to practice my mother tongue (Spanish)
because I lived with one Spanish volunteer and with another volunteers from my
country. This help me a lot to learn more about the different dialects that we have in
Spain and to learn new vocabulary that is specific from some places in Spain. Apart of
this, I have the chance to work in Spanish courses with the students, so was interesting
to teach them Spanish, because I prepared my vocabulary to teach them the correct
grammar and the correct way to talk Spanish.

2. Communication in foreign languages

I improve my English, because I was in another country, and the rest of the volunteers
that I worked with where from different countries and English was the common
language. Apart of this I learned a base of basic Italian, because I was interested on
Italian language (I lived with one volunteer from Italy) and Romanian, because I was in

Romania and also we needed to work in the schools and also we received romanian lessons.) The technology and digital competence I developed in different ways. how to administrated it. because when you decided that you want to do an EVS you are using your initiative. 4. Learning to learn Living in different country you learn a lot. Civic competence - 7. 3. and travelling around Romania. 8. To prepared the final documentary I learned how to edit videos and photos and also in some activities that we did with the students we use technology that helped me and also the students to learn more about TICs. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship This competence I started to develop before coming here. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology/ digital competence The mathematical competence was the less used competence during this period. Social and civic competence I lived in a little city in the south of Romania and when I arrived I learned a lot about the Romanian culture to adapt to the village and feel more comfortable in the city. 5. observing how the Romanian culture works and also talking with other volunteers from different countries that help you to learn some different points of view and to be more open-minded. Also here when I decided the activities or how to work on the centers I used my initiative. 6. Cultural awareness and expression . in my case. I only used to administrate my monthly money and to prepared some activities in the school (like organized the number of materials.etc. For that reason when I interacted with someone from the town I tried to respect their culture and to be the most closed as possible to their culture. To do that you need to be open-minded and observe a lot.

First of all. because was a discover way. because every day I learned something new.This is the most important competence. As I said. the activities that we did on the school and high school were all focus on culture and we showed to the students different topics of our cultures and I really liked how they were surprised in some aspects and that helped me a lot to grow up as a person. 9. Other specific skills - . I lived with people from other countries and that also helped me a lot to learn about new cultures and sometimes was interesting when we talked about different topics and we tried to compare that in our different countries. but day a day I learned more about the Romanian culture and I enjoyed a lot. the shock between Spain-Romania was difficult. and Romania has a really strong culture and its perfect to learn more and be more open-minded. because the project was focus on culture.