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Application of Phasor Measurement Units and 

Wide Area Monitoring System of EGAT’s Network
and Trend for Smart Grid


WAMS & PMU history in EGAT’s network
Phasor vs. SCADA Comparison
SCADA vs. PMU Measurement
Example for Real time Application
Benefits of using PMU in EGAT &Trend to Smart Grid


PMU PMU The acquired phasor data provides dynamic information on power systems.Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : use GPS Satellite GPS satellite Wide Area Monitoring System use a GPS satellite signal to time‐synchronize from phasor measurement units (PMUs) at important nodes in the power system. WAMS & PMU 3 . PMU which helps operators to initiate corrective actions to enhance the power system reliability. send real‐time phasor (angle and PMU magnitude) data to a Control Centre.

Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : System Configuration GPS synchronized current  and voltage phasor measurement.05% Installation of PMUs at critical nodes  in Power Systems.1%  of U and I and Angle accuracy  of < +/‐ 0. WAMS & PMU 4 . High precision data acquisition Time resolution: < 10–6 s Measurement quality: 0.

the origin. amplitude. To prevent system from inter‐area oscillation. usual duration and damping of oscillation are not know WAMS & PMU 5 . Bottleneck in transmission corridor: Limit due to concerns about power oscillation . frequency.Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : Project in 2005 EGAT installation Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) Inter‐area oscillation on the tie transmission line between the Central system and the Southern system is one of the important problems which lead to reduce stability and security of the transmission system. Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) was installed at the Central system and the Southern system in 2005 to monitor the stability of this power transmission network.

Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : Power Oscillation Monitoring Bang Saphan Central‐South power corridor Surat Thani WAMS & PMU 6 .

They can also finally see what is happening beyond their own control area – an advance over traditional monitoring and protection methods. WAMS Benefit: Detect of oscillation.Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : PMU Installation EGAT installation Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) Phasors Monitoring Units (PMUs) are installed at Bang Saphan and Surathani Substation and use a GPS satellite signal to time‐ synchronize voltage and current readings as they are taken from both substations. Data can be streamed into a Control Center from far‐flung points in the grid. Oscillation Monitoring. WAMS & PMU 7 . and Early warning to avoid power system collapse. Increase power transfer at defined security. online. where it is evaluated to give grid operators a precise picture of what is happening in their system. Assessment of power system damping.

Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : Schematic Diagram  WAMS & PMU 8 .

This is as the pilot project to test the function of PMU on DFR platform. This project has only used for monitoring purpose and observe the system in broader scale. WAMS & PMU 9 .. totally 6 sites and 14 PMUs installed.Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : Project in 2010 The project has upgraded from the existing of Digital Fault Recorder (DFR). Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) and its software application has been installed in the server and its display available at the operator console for visualization.

 SCADA Comparison WAMS & PMU 10 .Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : Phasor vs.

 PMU Measurement PMU is the higher time‐resolution providing about power system dynamics in comparison with SCADA/EMS WAMS & PMU 11 .Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : SCADA vs.

Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) : Example for Real time Application  Phase Angle Monitoring Voltage Stability Monitoring Power Oscillation Monitoring WAMS & PMU 12 .

improve system stability. Improve voltage control. security and reliability .WAMS Application Example: Phase Angle Monitoring Benefits: Provide operator with real time information about voltage phase angle deviation. and operate safety carrying components closer to their limit. WAMS & PMU 13 .

WAMS Application Example: Voltage Stability Monitoring Normal Operation Early warning Emergency alarm Benefit: Early warning against voltage collapses. PMU & WAMS WAMS & PMU 1414 . and Protection against uprising voltage instabilities. Immediate stop of cascading effects.

WAMS Application Example: Power Oscillation Monitoring EGAT System Status:  Normal. Warning and Alarm WAMS Benefit: Detection of oscillation. and Early warning to avoid power system collapse. Increase power transfer at defined security. WAMS & PMU 15 . Assessment of power system damping.

 Luigi   Vanfretti.Benefit  of Using PMU in EGAT & Trend for Smart Grid   Goal & Benefits Real time monitoring Post‐disturbance analysis Adaptive protection Power system restoration Source:  Dr. KTH Sweden WAMS & PMU 16 .

Benefit  of Using PMU in EGAT &Trend Smart Grid: Real time monitoring  Goal  To provide operators with real  time knowledge of system  conditions Benefits of using PMU  Improve calculation for real time  path flow and optimal  dispatch  Provide actual limits of the    system instead of the   conservative ones from  offline calculations WAMS & PMU 1717 .

Benefit  of  Using PMU in EGAT & Trend for Smart Grid: Post Disturbance  Analysis  Goal  To reconstruct the sequence of events after disturbance has  occurred Benefits of using PMU  Easier to understand sequence of events when using   synchronized data from PMU WAMS & PMU 18 .

Benefit  of Using PMU in EGAT&Trend for Smart Grid: Adaptive Protection   Goal  Adapt protection to be appropriate with system condition Benefits of using PMU  Improved backup protection  Adaptive protection setting   to avoid cascading outage WAMS & PMU 19 .

Benefit  of  Using PMU in EGAT&Trend for Smart Grid: Power System Restoration  Goal  Assist system operator during restoration with data from PMU Benefits of using PMU  System operator have more confidence during restoration  Reduce chance of recurrence of system outage  Reduce time needed for a system restoration WAMS & PMU 20 .

Benefit  of  Using PMU in EGAT&Trend for Smart Grid: Smart Transmission Grid  WAMS & PMU 21 .

    The capabilities of PMU for high precision.  Trend for the Smart Grid for the future. speed of response and   GPS time synchronization make PMU very appropriate for wide   area monitoring for protection and control.Conclusion  EGAT has installed WAMS & PMU since 2005. for monitoring and resolution of power oscillation problem between Central  and  Southern region. WAMS & PMU 22 . In 2010.    An Advanced early warning technology for power grids that helps  operators to ensure grid reliability by detecting and counteracting the  first signs of grid instability. more project has installed for visualization of  power system in broader scale.