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Aerial marker balls for Power lines

The market leaders in manufacturing obstruction warning instruments in aviation
industry, Avaids Technovators, brings a highly visible mechanical warning system (Aerial marker balls) for
marking transmission lines and ropeways along the flight path during the day.

These are spherical markers, which are compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
recommendations annex 14 chapter 6. These aerial marker balls displayed on an overhead wire, cable etc.
should not have a diameter less than 600mm. They should be of a single solid color. When installed, white
and red, or white and orange markers should be displayed alternately. The color selected should contrast
with the background against which it will be seen.

The aircraft warning spheres are made up of finest quality FRP and polished from both inside and
outside. Ultraviolet resistant pigment is infused with the FRP matrix to fasten the life of the colour. The resin
combinations are used in a manner to achieve the high strength to weight ratio to achieve a negligible
weight of the sphere.

Our warning spheres are composed of two hemispheres with aluminum alloy clamps. These clamps designed
depending on the client’s earth wire dimensions. All other hardware is made from stainless steel and
provided with spring washers and lock nut which prevent the sphere from slipping. We also provide an easy-
to-install guide along with the instrument.

Drainage systems are provided in each of the hemisphere, which is necessary to prevent water accumulation
inside the sphere.

The warning spheres are available in the following colour combinations as per requirements of various
aviation regulations world wide.





 Applications for Warning Planes

 Installation convenience also ensured because of split-design (available in two halves) Technical Details Night Drain Armour Weight Dia.0 Kg Aluminum Alloy/ 600 Provided Optional Aluminum 600 Approx Galvanized Mild Steel Color of Sphere Standard Application White/Red/ Orange White/Red/ Orange White/Red/ Orange White/Red/ Orange .(mm) Material of Clamp Material of Sphere Mode Holes Rod ADMS 5.0 Kg Aluminum Alloy/ Fibre Reinforced 600 Provided Optional 600 Approx Galvanized Mild Steel Polyester ADMS 5.  High-rise Power transmission Lines  High slung Cable-car lines  Ropeway cables  Guy Wires Applications for Warning Planes  High-rise Power transmission Lines  High slung Cable-car lines  Ropeway cables  Guy Wires Installation of Power line markers  Designed for Cable mountings through machined to size clamps.