18th International Conference
on Biomagnetism
August 26-30, 2012, Paris
Maison de la Chimie

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BIOMAG 2012. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 2 .

A range of sponsorship opportunities throw of the Eiffel Tower and Saint-Germain des Prés. In addition. and chaired by international experts will address these Dubrovnik (2010) has been steadily growing over the different questions. Sapporo (2008). The venue provides a unique developments! opportunity for different disciplines to interact spanning neurology. Vancouver (2006). Every and pharmacological markers with other year. customers and prospects. engineering and modeling. psychiatry and researchers from 30 different countries. psychiatry. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 3 . functional connectivity and attendance to the BIOMAG meetings held in Boston brain-computer interfaces. and public or BIOMAG 2012 will be held in August in downtown private institutions to share and support the goals of Paris at the Maison de la Chimie. are offered and described below. cardiology. Let leading scientific and methodological.BIOMAG is an international Conference covering all BIOMAG 2012 will emphasize on innovative aspects of biomagnetism – a non-invasive technique approaches in magnetic sensor technology and on for mapping the activity of the brain. BIOMAG attracts more than 500 magnetoencephalography (MEG). physics. the heart and emerging applications such as the use of genetic other organs. Welcome to Paris in August 2012! Catherine TALLON-BAUDRY Olivier BERTRAND Chair. with millisecond time accuracy. all over the world. contact us for more information. Please. BIOMAG 2012 Centre de Recherche de l’Institut Lyon Neuroscience Research Center Cerveau et Moëlle. psychology. The movement disorders. several satellite events years. associations. Paris BIOMAG 2012. reflecting an incredible dynamism of this field including training schools on specific topics will be leading to the creation of new biomagnetism centers held prior to the main meeting. clinical and fundamental research medical experts know about your latest products and in biomagnetism. We invite companies. This manifestation will allow you to establish a direct contact with your The scientific program will cover technological. within a stone’s BIOMAG 2012. Numerous symposia (2004). BIOMAG 2012 Chair.

Contents GENERAL INFORMATION Dates and Venue Organization Coordination Contact COMMITTEES Chairs Organizing Committee Scientific Committee International Advisory Board PROGRAM and keywords SPONSORSHIP PROPOSALS Symposium sponsoring Young Scientist Prize sponsoring Equipment Supplying Communication Social Program and Catering Services EXHIBITION Exhibition Area Exhibition Booth Official Contractor GENERAL TERMS OF SALE Ordering and Order Forms Cancellation Policy Legal Jurisdiction Clause ANNEX: ORDER FORM BIOMAG 2012. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 4 .

org Sponsor contact : Contact General information : info@biomag2012.biomag2012. CRICM Paris Olivier BERTRAND. 75013 Paris. France Participants : 700 expected participants Website: www.Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle épinière CHU Pitié Salpétrière 47 Bd de l’Hôpital. France Phone: +33 (0)1 44 26 26 26 Fax: +33 (0)1 45 54 23 86 Email: congres@spat. Chair. Registration. Business relations. CERMEP (Lyon). Chair. CLINATEC (Grenoble). France BIOMAG 2012. Advertising SPAT Organisation 34 rue de l’Eglise 75015 Paris. Schwartz – CENIR ICM . France Conference Coordination Management. Univ. Provence (Marseille) Conference Venue Maison de la Chimie 28. GENERAL INFORMATION Date: August 26-30. 2012 City: Paris. CRNL Lyon In collaboration with the 5 French MEG Centers: CENIR (Paris). NEUROSPIN (Saclay). Paris – Dossier de partenariat 5 . rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Organization Catherine Address: BIOMAG2012 D.

France International Advisory Board Hinya Kuriki. Canada Alim-Louis Benabib Grenoble. Canada David Cohen Boston. USA Gian Luca Romani Chieti. USA BIOMAG 2012. Croatia Shoogo Ueno Fukuoka. France Olivier Bertrand Lyon. France Patrick Chauvel Marseille. UK Eric Halgren San Diego. Grenoble Françoise Lecaignard CERMEP-Imagerie du Vivant. Paris Karim Jerbi CRNL. CRICM. Croatia Catherine Tallon-Baudry Paris. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 6 . Germany Andrew Papanicolaou Houston. de la Méditerranée. Chair Zagreb. Saclay Maureen Clerc INRIA. Japan Kazuhiko Atsumi Tokyo. Austria Sergio Erne Jena. Japan Harold Weinberg Burnaby. Lyon Antoine Ducorps CENIR. Lyon Denis Schwartz CENIR. Canada Stanislas Dehaene Saclay. Japan Douglas Cheyne Toronto. France Claude Fermon Saclay. Lyon Organizing Committee Jean-Michel Badier Univ. UK Selma Supek Zagreb. USA Matti Hämäläinen Boston. Germany Toivo Katila Helsinki. Finland Makoto Kotani Tokyo. USA Jens Haueisen Ilmenau. France Virginie Van Wassenhove Saclay. Italy Krish Singh Cardiff. Italy Selma Supek.COMMITTEES Chairs Catherine TALLON-BAUDRY. France Douglas Cheyne Toronto. Sapporo. France Joachim Gross Glasgow. France Nobukazu Nakasato Sendai. Germany Eric Halgren San Diego. Japan François Mauguière Lyon. USA Luder Decke Vienna. Canada Chris Wood Santa Fe. Finland Ole Jensen Nijmegen. Paris Scientific Committee Sylvain Baillet Montreal. Lyon Etienne Labyt CLINATEC. Japan Yoshio Okada Harvard. CRNL. Paris Olivier BERTRAND. USA Christo Pantev Münster. Japan Gian Luca Romani Chieti. USA Riitta Hari Helsinki. NL Shinya Kuriki Inzai. Sophia-Antipolis Claude Delpuech CERMEP-Imagerie du Vivant. Marseille Marco Buatti NEUROSPIN-MEG. Chiba.

Aug 27 Tues. modeling and signal processing MEG in epilepsy High-frequency oscillations Brain computer Interfaces Functional connectivity Biomagnetism in fetal and reproductive medicine Spontaneous activity Standardization of MEG analysis Human brain development Data analysis competition BIOMAG 2012. Aug 30 8:00 BIOMAG 2012 REGISTRATION 9:00 LECTURE LECTURE LECTURE LECTURE 10:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break 11:00 Special Parallel Parallel Parallel Symposium sessions sessions sessions Line Garnero 12:00 Satellite Events Satellite Events Closing 13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Remarks 14:00 REGISTRATION Parallel Parallel Parallel BIOMAG 2012 15:00 sessions sessions sessions 16:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break 17:00 Parallel Parallel Parallel Opening sessions sessions sessions 18:00 LECTURE Business 19:00 meeting 20:00 Welcome Conference 21:00 Reception Dinner 22:00 Awards Ceremony Keywords MEG instrumentation Neural dynamics of language Forward modeling and source analysis MEG in psychiatric and neurological patients MCG instrumentation. Aug 26 Mon. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 7 . Aug 25 Sun. Aug 29 Thur. Aug 28 Wed. PROGRAM   BIOMAG 2012 Program Schedule Sat.

Price: 5 000 € (VAT excluded) Number of USB keys to provide: 700 Price: 2 000 € (VAT excl. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 8 . The keys will be inserted into the Conference bags. Schwartz – CENIR The model of notepads and pens must be approved by the Organizing Committee. D. The sponsor’s logo will appear on the diploma.) excluding production costs 75013 PARIS. The sponsor’s logo will appear on the strings.D.) excluding production costs Young Scientist Awards sponsoring Commercial documents Poster or oral communication abstracts from Ph. ICM . Price: 1 000 € (VAT excl.Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle épinière CHU Pitié Salpétrière Number of items to provide: 700 47 Bd de l’Hôpital Price: 800 € (VAT excl. The documents which will be included with the participants’ bag awarded students will be offered a prize covering the (after approval by the Organizing Committee). The Committee.) excluding production costs Materials should be shipped by the sponsor before August 18. SPONSORSHIP PROPOSALS Symposium sponsoring USB Keys The sponsor may provide USB keys containing the final program Companies may sponsor one Conference symposium out of the of the Conference and the abstracts. The model of bags must be approved by the Organizing Number of items to provide: 700 Committee. France Contributions of the sponsors will be acknowledged in the final Conference program and on the BIOMAG 2012 website BIOMAG 2012. presentation. The sponsor symposium will be announced with the mention: “Supported will insert the PDF files on the USB keys. 2012. technical sheets or promotional first authors will be selected by the Scientific Committee. registration and accommodation costs.) excluding production costs Number of bags to provide: 700 Price: 2 000 € (VAT excl. students as The sponsor will provide leaflets. by” and with the sponsor’s name listed in the final program. at the following address: Notepads and pens The sponsor’s logo will appear on the notepads and pens that BIOMAG2012 will be included with the Conference bags. sponsor’s logo will appear on the bags. Number of items to provide: 700 Price: 900 € (VAT excluded) Price: 750 € per prize (VAT excluded) Badge strings Equipment Supplying The sponsor will provide the badge strings for the Conference. The sponsored files will be supplied by the Organizing Committee. The sponsor’s logo will appear on the keys. The corresponding PDF symposia selected by the Scientific Committee. Conference bags Model of the strings must be approved by the Organizing The sponsor will provide participants’ bags (or backpacks). The sponsor may enter other information on the key after The logo of the company will appear at the symposium approval by the Organizing Committee.

.Communication Social Program and Catering Services Logo on the homepage of the BIOMAG12 website Welcome Reception The sponsor’s logo will appear on the homepage of the The welcome cocktail will be held on Sunday evening. The cost depends on the place of insertion: Price: 2 000 € (VAT excluded) per coffee break Second cover page. the reception. etc… The exact date of this VIPs Dinner session (August 29 or 30) will be known later. room. color Price: 1 000 € (VAT excl. cost) during the reception. The sponsor’s logo will appear during the The sponsors can insert an advertisement page (A5 format) in coffee breaks. development. August BIOMAG website. on the same floor as Advertisement in the final program the exhibition area. The content of the e-mail should be approved by the Organizing Committee who will take care of its dissemination.) Conference Signposts The sponsor’s logo will appear on the signboards at the Conference site. at la Maison de la Chimie. The sponsor’s logo will appear during the Price: 1 000 € (VAT excluded) reception. Price: Please contact us Sponsor Sessions The sponsors may have a room to promote their new products in equipment.) Inside page in black & white Price: 400 € (VAT excl. Price: 2 500 € (VAT excluded) BIOMAG 2012. or Gala Dinner any other information to all registered participants having The gala dinner will take place on Wednesday August 29. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 9 . color Price: 1 500 € (VAT excl.) 3 coffee breaks Back cover page. The sponsor’s logo will appear on the invitation cards and Please contact us for conditions (schedule. Price: Please contact us Price: 1 000 € (VAT excluded) Coffee Breaks Coffee breaks are planned in the morning. the location of his booth in the exhibition area. with a link to his own website. Price: 3 000 € (VAT excluded) Invitations by E-mailing The sponsor will have the opportunity to announce his own session if any. The sponsor’s logo will be sponsor’s logo will appear on the invitation cards and during included in the e-mail. 26th. on the same floor as the exhibition area. A dinner for the official VIPs will be held on Tuesday August 28. The accepted to be contacted by e-mail. The signposts will be supplied by the Organizing Committee. the final program.

show their latest innovations in products. Rates according to the surface and location (booth during all Example of a 9m2 booth equipment the Conference): Dimensions : L 3m x W 3m x H 2. (Room 8. 2 spots for 6 m2 Rates include cleaning before set-up.4m Front booth 6 m2: Price: 1 800 € Structure : Melamine-coated panels Front booth 9 m2: Price: 2 700 € Power supply : An electrical outlet (230 V / 15 Amp). editors. ground floor) as the poster sessions and Long breaks will be provided within the meeting the coffee breaks. special product interested in the themes of the meeting will be held from companies.     Exhibition Booth Surface 6 m2 or 9 m2. (Pease contact us). IT sector. the exhibitor's name will appear on the Conference the booths in collaboration with the Organizing Committee who website with a link to the Company’s website. 530 m2. participants and exhibitors. Paris – Dossier de partenariat 10 . Furniture: 1 table & 2 chairs The final price will be determined according to the technical specificities required. materials and The main exhibition area is located in the same space services. Corner booth 9 m2: Price: 2 900 € Lighting : 3 spots for 9m2 booths. A Wifi internet access will be available during the whole Conference. will also be responsible for the follow-up of the technical files. etc will all get the opportunity to the 26th to the 30th of August at la Maison de la Chimie. EXHIBITION Exhibition area An exhibition area accessible to all professionals Pharmaceutical industries. It is also possible to have a coffee machine (300 doses) on the booth Price: 300 € (VAT excluded) Official Contractor After receipt of the order form and the down payment for the The company SPAT has been entrusted with the installation of booth. A small number of booths can also be program to encourage exchanges between located in front of the main meeting room (1st floor). BIOMAG 2012.

mentioning that the down payment has already been received and indicating the due date the full balance (June 15th . together with a down payment of 50% of the total amount due (including VAT). Only order forms with a down payment will be considered. Advertisers from the pharmaceutical industry are invited to insure that their publicity is in accordance with prevailing law. Legal Jurisdiction Clause Any dispute or disagreement with the present contract falls within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Paris. the organizers reserve the right to cancel all commitments without refunding the advances paid. Costs for extra work resulting from non-observance of the technical guidelines will be invoiced to the advertiser. first served basis and in the order the forms are being received. they commit to refund the amounts paid.   BIOMAG 2012.   General Conditions regarding Advertisements The advertisement spaces will be allocated on a first come. Each and every order involves the acceptance of the general terms of sale. and according to availability. first served basis (date of ordering and payment). GENERAL TERMS OF SALE Ordering and Order forms Companies wishing to sponsor one or several items are requested to complete and return the corresponding order form to SPAT. Only in this case. 2012). however without payment of compensation. Confirmation of booth allocation will be made on a first come. Booth allocation The Exhibitors can choose the location of their booth by indicating a list of site numbers in order of preference (numbers 1 to 10 on the plan of Room 8. Would the payment dates not be respected. you will receive an invoice of the total amount due (including VAT). Paris – Dossier de partenariat 11 .   Cancellation Policy The organizers reserve the right to cancel or to postpone the Conference and the exhibition in case of circumstances beyond their control. After confirmation of your order by SPAT. page 10).