NIPEX TENDER No: 3100103



1. 1. QUERIES BY COMPANY COMPANY reserves the right to request TENDERER to provide such clarification/information. Any such clarification/information shall be provided in writing and email. QUERIES BY TENDERER 4. ambiguity or conflict in any of the Tender Documents. 1.1 Acceptance of Tenders shall be subject to the sufficiency and completeness thereof.1 If the TENDERER finds any discrepancy. 5. 3. TENDER STRUCTURE The structure of the Tender shall be as stated in the “Letter of Invitation to Tender”. TENDERER shall so inform the COMPANY forthwith through email and/or writing.INSTRUCTION TO TENDERERS. RETURN OF TENDER DOCUMENTS All Tender Documents are and shall remain the sole property of the COMPANY. 4. as COMPANY may deem necessary to evaluate the Tender.3 The Contract entered into between COMPANY and the successful TENDERER will be based on the Tender Documents. 3100103 .2 Communication during the Tender technical phase period shall be through email and letter writing.2 Any Tenders not complying with Company’s Specifications as mentioned in the “Letter of Invitation to Tender” or not including any of the required documents. Any TENDERER declining to tender shall do so through written communication only.3 TENDERER shall not communicate with COMPANY after the submission of the Tender. Page 2 of 4 Tender No. Such information/clarification agreed upon shall form an integral part of the Tender Documents. information and statements as identified herein and as aforementioned shall be rejected. All information issued by the COMPANY to TENDERER shall be circulated to all of the TENDERERS to the extent that such information is of interest to all TENDERERS. 4. PREAMBLE 1. 4. 2.

3100103 .1 Dispatch of the Tender shall be in two different dates:  The first submission (Technical/HSE Plan/Nigeria Content Compliance Plan/un priced Commercial exceptions (if any) on the closing date indicated on Article 1 of the invitation letter to Tenderers.1.3 The “Commercial Tender” containing the Tendered prices and all other requirements as defined within Clause 10 . Unless expressly requested in the “Letter of Invitation to Tender” the Commercial Tender shall be prepared on the basis of the “Compensations” (Appendix “A”) and /or “Contractors Price List” (Appendix “B”).2 Tender Validity Tender shall remain valid for 240 (Two hundred and forty) days from the “Tender Closing Date”.1.part II. 6. shall be solely indicated in Appendices A and B. 6.1 The Tender (comprising all requirements as defined within Clause 10 – Part I & III. V1 of the “Letter of Invitation to Tender). TENDER SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS 6. 6. IV and V. TENDERER shall ensure consistency with the terminology used in the Tender Documents. 6.1. of the “Letter of Invitation to Tender”. Page 3 of 4 Tender No. In no instance shall the prices be in any other part of the Tender other than as aforesaid.3 Tender Terminology In preparing the Tender.  The second submission date (Commercial Tender) shall be Communicated to the technically Qualified Tenderer at a later date to be notified.2 “Commercial” shall be submitted at the dated to be communicated to the Technically Qualified Participants as stated above Article 1 Tender Closing dates. “Technical/Nigerian Content Plan/HSE Plan/ Un priced commercial exceptions (if any)” shall be submitted to COMPANY on or before the closing date. TENDERER shall send to the COMPANY 6. 6.

except the COMPANY. 7. 9. COSTS OF TENDER All costs of Tender preparation. 8. (whether in full or in part or in extract or summary form). TENDER EVALUATION BY THE COMPANY 8. or summaries thereof.1 The principle adopted by the COMPANY for the award of the Contract is stated in the “Letter of Invitation to Tender”. 9. 6. to any other person(s). CONFIDENTIALITY AND ETHICAL BUSINESS STANDARDS 9.3 Each TENDERER may be informed by COMPANY in writing as to whether or not Tender has been successful. 8.2 No information shall be given by COMPANY as to the progress of the Tender Evaluation.  Not to use any material information or make copies or extracts. discussions or negotiations with the COMPANY during Tender phase. for any purpose except the preparation and submission of Tender and supporting documents in connection with any COMPANY proposed Contract and any necessary correspondence.1 Confidentiality TENDERER undertakes and agrees as follows:  To treat all material information related to the Tender as strictly confidential and to take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure and protect the confidentiality thereof and not to disclose the existence or content thereof.2 Ethical Business Standards Page 4 of 4 Tender No. 3100103 . submission and negotiation shall be borne solely by the TENDERER.  Not to exploit any material information supplied by the COMPANY.

the best interests of the COMPANY. 3100103 . 10.  Not to enter into any business arrangements with employees or officers of the COMPANY likely to result in conflicts of interests between their private financial activities and their part in the conduct of COMPANY business.1 Signature The Tender shall be signed by the person or persons authorised to legally bind the TENDERER and shall be dated. 10 SIGNATURE AND EVIDENCE OF AUTHORITY 10. entertainment or any other non-monetary favours or gratuities that are of a more than nominal value or that might be construed to exceed customary courtesies extended in accordance with accepted ethical business standards. TENDERER undertakes and agrees as follows:  Not to pay any commission.2 Evidence of Authority If requested by the COMPANY satisfactory evidence of the authority of the person or persons signing on behalf of the TENDERER shall be furnished. Page 5 of 4 Tender No. or conflict with. transportation.  Not to favour any employee or officer of the COMPANY with gifts. fees or grant any rebates to any employees or officers of the COMPANY.  Not to engage in any outside business or interest or activity likely to detrimentally affect.