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A Thesis on the study of a divided clan by Jack Hansum, circa 5396AB

Insignias: Clan Chagatai, House Azurplate, Bleak Company, Sundered Throne.
The Chagatai is a proud warrior clan known for their armor and weaponry. Nobody really remebers
how the Chagatai came to be as a minor clan. Nobody even remembers if the Chagatai clan was always
human or not. Regardless, whatever drove first Chagatai to become a warrior clan, they remained a
clan that accepted anyone willing to follow it's code of honor, even nonhumans, to this day.

At one time the Chagatai, under the leadership of Lazarus Vlad, tried to become a major clan by
conquering other clans and villages and forcing them to join their ranks. Were it not for a band of
heroes and the betrayal of the Azurplate family that overthrew Vlad and scattered them, the Chagatai
could have rivaled any of the major clans and perhaps gone to war with them.

. There are three notable factions that stand (or stood) out: Technically the head house of Clan Chagatai. . it is believed the entire clan was wiped out by a band of sea raiders. House Vlad as slowly been rebuilding it's house strength as Chagatai Warriors. another high ranking officer and House Vlad spy.Defend yourself and your family . is convincing Karka to ally itself with the Sundered Throne. Some.Never fear to act. His method. doing whatever it takes to achieve it. House Azurplate was one of the few factions to settle within a village. Azurplate took the role of defenders for the coastal village. What makes a Chagatai The Chagatai place no emphasis on birthplace. It is this company that took Katherin in after Pirates raided Malta Zan of which Onjo Ramis. but live life fully and wonderfully. an intelligent and calculating businessman and soldier. The most widely travelled Chagatai mercenary company. for battle is the true test of self-worth . The Company is led by Karka Bodge. Rather than conquering other minor clans and villages. They regard their warrior code as central to the chagatai identity. . and mercenaries companies. Recently. . The Sundered Throne is the remnants of House Vlad and those loyal to the goal of making the Chagatai a major clan. bandit and pirate groups. Add to the mix their ability to set aside the rugged individuality and sole ambition to achieve a common goal. fight armed. pirate crews. They also tend to be arms dealers as well.Raise your children as Chagatai .Only a coward strikes from behind . one of the company's high ranking officers.Deal openly and honestly with others .Wear your armor . and wiping out those who refused. Currently Bruck Rimson. or citizenship. Others have formed nomad tribes.Combat is glory. don’t use poison. If foe is armed. and one can see why Chagatai make superb soldiers.Never let a debt go unpaid. not paying lip service to not dishonor the name of the clan Anyone who practices this is considered Chagatai.Always fight equally. and mercenary companies.Respect your elders in the Family .Act with honor (don’t lie. The Bleak Company has a professional reputation of completing any contracts it takes. Settling in Malta Zan. fight unarmed . settled in communities to serve the local populace as defenders and armorers. regardless of whether or not they we're Chagatai to begin with. Taven has been recruiting nomad bands. and so on) . Some are lone wanderers and duelists.Lost Warriors Today the Chagatai are a scattered Clan that can be found throughout the Kingdom. The emphasis is carrying out these acts daily. Since it's fall from power. It wasn't until the current generation's leader. Taven Vlad. races.Take every opportunity to aid others. . bandit gangs. such as House Azurplate. If foe is unarmed. however is different from Lazarus'. The code is outlined as followed. that it started reuniting the clan. don’t cheat. continues to teach her Chagatai ways.

Exile is a rare yet feared punishement. and gritty. it was family custom to wait eight years before having another child so that the first child is old enough to be trained as a warrior for five years until the child reaches age thirteen. the female ideal that chagatai men respect is not fragile and graceful but physically strong. The parents duty is to train their child in survival skills and their culture and language. thus to a chagatai. The uncertainty of their existence means most celebrate life whenever they get the opportunity. or a poor fighter. and Shenahsee have become popular worship recently. . When a Chagatai child is born. where they are considered adults in chagatai culture. Usually this is the warrior's weapon which. coming of age. Marriage is expected to be for life and usually takes place soon as they turn sixteen. and to prepare them to raise the next warrior generation. If you imply that a chagatai woman was delicate. enduring. and thus their existence. Burial is unusual – the houses that settled in settlements or strongholds being exceptions – because nomads do not have cemetaries. is valuable. although Goradin. or even have it taken from you. Grimaldi. being of Chagatai make. Not surprisingly. unarmed fights. scatter the ashes and keep one of the deceased's posessions as a memorial (The armor is left behind as it is set a flame with the warrior). Chagatai recite the names of loved ones and comrades each night before sleep as a conscious act of keeping their memories. communal singing. Chagatai are surprisingly forgiving and relatively unconcerned with parentage. a bad mother. The Chagatai cremate their dead if the can recover the body. The Chagatai pay homage to the war deities of many religions and have in truth forged their own sixteen deity Pantheon. home is where the armor lies. marriage. This mirrors the equal status of men and women and the general flexibility of societal roles. Life Cycle events – birth. alive. Despite their emphasis on fidelity and chastity before marriage. and relaxing with family and clan. The Chagatai afterlife seems to be battle oriented as they consist of two outer planes the eternal fields of Glory (akin to Ysgard in “Manual of the planes”) and The Cube worlds of Strife (akin to Acheron in “Manual of the Planes”) Daily Life and Death The Concept of home to the Chagatai is the sense of safety and comfort that can be found even in temporary settlements.Chagatai Society & Family Life There is no gender in Chagatan. weak. the language used by Chagatai bands. renounce it. you'll find out the hard way that she is none of these things. Religion & spirituality Being a warrior clan. Just as it's possible to become Chagatai. at whom the Great Mother was the Chief deity. Because many Chagatai have become disconnected from the cycle of the seasons due to nomadism. though many mercenary companies will join in festivial celebrations of settlements when they occur within presence. enjoying drink. it's also possible to lose your Chagatai Status. death – have become the only truly chagatai events to be celebrated.

all Chagatai armor must be of only two colors. sustaining. halfway through the baking process. Chagatai have a much a more plain and functional method of adornment. but one area where they shine is the preparation of fried things. or. If their wealth is not displayed through their armor.. they will then wear collars. a Chagatai foodstuffs created by the Bleak Company. A Chagatai warrior crafts their weapon and armor of choice with the aid of their parents (or an elder warrior should the parents. anklets. armrings. company. Another misconception is that they drink the blood of their enemies from said enemies' skulls. While the form and style of the armor is customized to the preference the the wearer. The Chagatai eat only the maggots as they are considered a good source of protein. flatbreads. a loincloth is a secondary identification of a Chagatai warrior with tattooes serving as a tertiary method of displaying insignia. Granted one are more likely to encounter them at swordpoint. and loinclothes. Armor. but meeting them in a more peaceful setting shows them to be gracious hosts and honest business associates. Arms. white dyed korgstarn. Whether it is worn with or without any sort of leggings. a light and dyeable metal that not only gets it's strength from it's natural properties but also from Chagatai smithing techniques. well you get the point). They drink normally from skulls made of white wood. maggots and all. either by eating them as is or smashing groups of the into a rich protein paste to supplement othe food. and preferably to require little cooking and Chagatai bands are no exception. Dishmeal is a flatbread thats coated with oil on top before baking it on an open oven. popularly tomato. One dish of note is Dishmeal. the bread is covered with a paste of some kind. Any form of piercing is especially frowned upon by the Chagatai as it can be torn off in a fight. Interacting with the Chagatai Chagatai are more sociable than generally supposed. which the colors of the house. When they reach the age of adulthood (again thirteen). Steel armor and weapons are prized highly by the Chagatai. That hasn't been practiced by them since even before the time of Lazarus Vlad. Just be sure to follow these rules when dealing with them is such a situation: – Say what you mean – Never refuse the offer of a drink or a meal – Do not hit on one unless you are proposing marriage or pledging to join the clan – Look them in the eye – Pay your debt immediately – Make a fuss of their children – Treat their elderly with reverence . especially if it's made from the korgstarn (Chagatai steel). One common misconception of the chagatai is that they eat rotten flesh. and Clothing One of the key symbols of the Chagatai are their armor and weapons. but the most common feature among Chagatai is the loincloth.. or tribe insignia. and vegetables roasted in ashes are all specialties of the chagatai. or vegetables before it is finished. Clothing among the chagatai varies from band to band. in the case of wealthy chagatai. causing injury. Small bits of meat threaded on skewers. before any kind of available cheese is added onto it followed by shreds of meats. white clay. fruits. or heavy belts of precious metals. Rather than normal jewelry such as rings and necklaces. weapons. That is simply not true.Food & Drink Soldiers and nomads need food to be portable.