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Diesel Powered
Generating Sets
1005 kW - 1340 kW 50 Hz
KTA50 Series Engines

Typical model with Þtted options

Standard Genset Features
Single Source Responsibility Alternator Alternative PCC PowerCommand
● Design, manufacturer and test of all ● Brushless Group made machine Control System
components and accessories are ● Close voltage regulation ● Microprocessor control
made by Cummins Power ● Rotor and exciter impregnated with ● Integrates governor and voltage
Generation and Cummins companies oil and acid resisting resin regulation systems
International Integrity
● 12 lead reconnectable ● Superior alternator and genset
● Assurance and strength of a
● Exceptional short circuit capability protection system
worldwide, world class corporation
● Low waveform distortion with non ● Accurate battery monitoring system
linear loads ● Totally reliable and proven system
Global Backing ● Permanent magnet exciter with
● 24-hour spares and service support – MX321 AVR Þtted as standard
in 72 countries
Single Source Warranty All kW Power ratings based on a 40°C
● Complete genset covered by ambient temperature reference. No
Cummins Power Generation derating necessary up to 40°C
comprehensive warranty


Packaged Self-Contained Units

Built-in anti-vibration system
● Units with built in antivibration Bonded rubber units Þtted as standard Quality Assurance
systems with provision for base fuel eliminates need for rubber mats or
Registered Firm CertiÞcate Number FM509 in accordance with:
BS EN ISO 9001
tank and other accessories spring mountings Quality Assurance Schedule 3420/1
Cummins Engine PCL ‘Power Control’ System Sourc
● Heavy duty 4 cycle water cooled One e
● CE compliant Alt
engine ● Full AC instrumentation

Electronic governor control

● Emergency stop button
Cooling System ● Safety shutdowns en

e r a ti n g S e

● 40°C cooling package (50°C option) ● Key or Remote starting One
Ready Filled
● Every set comes Þlled with lube oil Cummins Power Generation, Cummins Engines and
Newage Alternators are all part of the same group
and anti-freeze

50 Hz Ratings
Model Prime Model Standby Engine TA-Luft
Prime kW (kVA) Standby kW (kVA) Model Compliance
1005 DFLC 1005 (1256) 1120 DFLC 1120 (1400) KTA50G3 ––
1005 DFLG 1005 (1256) 1120 DFLG 1120 (1400) KTA50G6 4.0 g/nm3
1005 DFLH 1005 (1256) 1120 DFLH 1120 (1400) KTA50G7 2.0 g/nm3
1125 DFLE 1125 (1406) 1340 DFLE 1340 (1675) KTA50G8 ––

A Single Source for all Power System Solutions
SpeciÞcations May Change Without Notice 09/01 CPG KTA50/C

25% of its mean value for ! Compliance to TA Luft In compliance with BS800 and VDE levels constant loads – no load to full load. Layer wound mechanically wedged rotor. Construction Exhaust System Four valves per cylinder.0%. Three-phase ! Coolant heater and thermostat unity. Fabricated and welded steel chassis VDE 0530. cable and Þtted tray At any variations from No load to Full load. Optional sub-base fuel tank with eight hour IEC 34. Sealed solid state automatic voltage IC 01 cooling system. cast iron Dry element air Þlters with restriction ! Residential type silencer block. harmonics and parallelling ability. Standard fuel water separator. ! Cable entrance box to BS5625 grade 2. Total harmonic distortion open circuit voltage ! Heavy duty air cleaner At any power factor between 0. CEMA. Fuel System Alternator sixteen-cylinder vee formation. ! Sump drain pump At speed droop variations up to 4. Oil cooler. self-regulating. only) Random Frequency Variation ! Tool kit Radio Interference Will not exceed ±0. ! Silenced enclosures Fully interconnected damper winding. ! Oil and water drain taps Frequency Regulation Alternator Temperature Rise ! CE Compliance (guarding) Isochronous under varying loads from no Class H insulation. Compliance Standards Chassis To BS4999/5000 pt 99. governor. ! Lead acid batteries. single bearing. four-cycle diesel engines. 900 and 1350 litre fuel tanks with stand Alternator ! Fuel tank level switch ! High fuel level warning Type Exciter ! Low fuel level warning Brushless. Dual ßexible fuel lines with ! 105°C rise alternator connectors. balanced load in the order of 5. ! See separate list on Control Panel pages Epoxy coated stator winding.5. Spin on Starting corrosion resistor Þlter.2. ! Weather protective enclosures Enclosed to IP22 (NEMA 1) standard. drip proof. Temperature rise up to ! Exhaust temperature monitoring (PCC load to 100% full load. UTE5100. Close coupled engine/alternator for perfect ! 3 or 4 pole circuit breaker Rotor and exciter impregnated with tropical alignment. Telephone Inßuence Factor ! NiCad batteries At any variations from Cold to Hot. forged steel Filters ! Industrial type silencer crankshaft and connecting rods. Cranking current 1800 Cooling High ambient 40°C radiator as standard with ! Hand fuel transfer pump amps Amps at 0°C. dual ßexible fuel lines. THF to BS4999 Part 40 better than 2%. ! Free-standing 450. Cummins PT fuel ! Thermistors Type injection systems with integral electronic ! PMG Exciter and MX321 AVR Water cooled. CSA A22.5%. resisting polyester varnish and coated with Generator Set Class H insulation. TIF better than 50. indicator and spin-on paper element full ßow ! Length of ßexible exhaust and bellows and by pass lube oil Þlters. Built-in anti-vibration mountings NEMA MG1-22. direct 24 volt fail safe actuator. ! Battery charger 5 amp or 10 amp grade insulating oil and acid resisting Permanent magnet exciter with MX321 AVR ! CE Compliance PCL and PCC systems polyester resin.5%. with replaceable wet liners. screen protected. turbocharged and aftercooled. revolving Þeld. ! Automatic fuel transfer pump 50°C ambient as option. BSS5514. regulator – self-exciting. Fuel System 24 volt negative earth. battery charging ! Sub-base tanks 35 amp alternator. oil and acid ! Low fuel level shutdown 4-pole. Cooling ! 50°C ambient radiator ! Remote radiator cooling (built to order) Engine ! Oil temperature indication Cummins KTA50G3 and G8.5%. dial type AS1359. dual spin-on paper ! Anti-Condensation heater injection. G and N. Output windings with 2/3 pitch for improved Control Panel AC exciter and rotating rectiÞer unit. element fuel Þlters. anti-tracking varnish. fuel gauge and drain bung ISO 3046 and ISO 8528 Finish Etch undercoated and Þnished in high gloss durable green General Complete set of operating and instruction manuals SpeciÞcations May Change Without Notice 09/01 CPG KTA50/C . capacity.Specifications Generator Set Performance Generator Set Options Voltage Regulation Waveform Engine Maintains voltage output to within ±0.8 lagging and waveform in the order of 1. Sealed for life bearings. 125°C permitted. Dynamically balanced rotor Þtted as standard. Triple dipped in moisture.

return time. Auto ON (2) shutdown ● connections off the circuit breaker RUN (2) ● Underspeed/under frequency alarm can be provided either as pads for Test positions permit RUN ON or and shutdown ● lugged cables or cable connectors off load ● Status and fault conditions display by for bare (unlugged) cables up to LED indication for mains/power LED illumination ● 1250 ampere capacity status ● Remote emergency stop connections ● Timers for mains fail. Module supplied loose or Þtted in Emergency stop shutdown ● ● Located adjacent to the control panel wall mounting cubicle pushbutton the breaker is complete with Works in conjunction with System Dual scale indication ● ● magnetic and thermal trips for plant PCL-002 ● Starting module (Manual or Remote) protection against overload and short Adjustable voltage sensing on all High engine temperature protection ● ● circuit conditions.Þtted or loose ● Manual start pushbutton ● Volts adjustment control ● Fail to start LED indication ● Low fuel level alarm and/or shutdown ● Run on timer ● Overload current protection ● 3 attempts to start (adjustable) in ● Common fault contact auto mode ● Annunciator units .5 or 10 warnings ● Set will automatically start in event of ● Under/Over volts shutdown receiving an external signal ● CE compliance ● Low battery volts alarm ● Earth fault ● kW meter ● PF meter ● Oil temperature gauge ● 2 stage low oil pressure warning ● 2 stage high temperature warning ● High oil temperature warning or shutdown Remote Only: ● Ready to accept load indicator ● System energised indicator ● Selector switch not-in-auto position *Floor mounted cubicle provided with indicator air circuit breaker on ratings over 2000 amps.Power Control System (PCL) PCL – Power Control System ● Choice of manual/key start or remote/automatic system ● Set mounted control panel on anti- vibration mounts ● Integrated circuit breaker (optional) Standard Specification ● Three ammeters 72 mm scale ● Voltmeter and selector switch PCL/Power Control – standard conÞguration PCL-001 ● Frequency (Hz) and RPM meter ● Hours run meter ● Oil pressure gauge Circuit Breaker* Automatic – Mains Failure ● Engine temperature gauge System PCL-005 ● Either 3 or 4 pole optional moulded ● Battery condition meter case circuit breakers can be Þtted. Manual System PCL-001 Optional Features to either warming time ● Key switch off/manual start positions Manual or Remote PCL ● Manual start pushbutton System Remote/Auto Start System PCL-002 (option) ● 5 or 10 Amp wall mounted battery ● Key switch off/auto and manual chargers position ● Audible alarm . Removable gland three phases shutdown plate covers provide top or bottom Provides signal to generator to start Low oil pressure protection shutdown ● ● cable entry and removable door over Provides signal to changeover Loss of coolant alarm and shutdown ● ● circuit breaker provides accessibility switchgear ● Overspeed/over frequency alarm and to load terminals. SpeciÞcations May Change Without Notice 09/01 CPG KTA50/C . Extended load Key control switch.

● Separate customer ● Underfrequency interconnection box ● High/Low AC Voltage ● Voltmeter/Ammeter phase selector switch Disconnector Switch* Standard Performance Data The addition of a circuit breaker is AC Alternator Data considered unnecessary when ● Current by Phase PowerCommand with Amp Sentry ● Kilowatts protection is Þtted. under Standard Protection ● Shut down – low fuel level frequency and overload Functions ● Earth fault. Engine Data ● Battery Voltage Voltage Regulation ● Coolant Temperature ±0. over/under voltage. SpeciÞcations May Change Without Notice 09/01 CPG KTA50/C . ● Engine Running Hours ● Engine Starts counter ● Oil Pressure Options ● RPM Control panel PowerCommand ● Oil Temperature options ● Audible alarm and shutdown ● Key switch-operating mode EMC Compliance ● Shutdown alarm-relay The PCC control system meets ● Running relays 4 pole D. Circuit breaker can be Þtted either EMC Shield Regulations.T.Alternative PowerCommand Control System (PCC) PowerCommand® Control with AmpSentry™ Protection ● Integrated automatic voltage regulator and engine speed governor ● AmpSentry Protection guards the PCC PowerCommand Control – electrical integrity of the standard conÞguration with optional contactor buttons shown alternator and power system from the effects of overcurrent. gasketed ● Overcurrent *Floor mounted cubicle provided with door ● Overspeed air circuit breaker on ratings over ● Self diagnostics ● Short Circuit 2000 amps. Shutdown conditions ● High alternator temperature Warnings alarm/shutdown ● Control components designed to ● High Coolant Temperature withstand the vibration levels ● PowerCommand Digital ● High DC Voltage Paralleling typical in generator sets ● Low Coolant Temperature Cummins Optional Network ● Low DC Voltage Communications Standard Control ● Low Fuel – Day Tank ● Echelon LonWorks multidrop Description ● Low Oil Pressure communication. ● Warning low fuel/high fuel side of generator set.5% with PowerCommand Þtted. Communication ● Over Current network up to 5000 feet (1523 m) ● Analog % of current meter ● Oil Pressure Sender Fault in length (amps) ● Temperature Sender Fault Allows for local and remote ● Analog AC frequency meter ● ● Overload Load Shed Contacts communications with ● Analog AC voltage meter ● Temperature Sender Fault PowerCommand network ● Analog % of load meter (kW) ● Up to Four Customer Fault Inputs products ● Cycle cranking control ● Weak Battery Power system monitoring and ● Digital display panel ● Shutdowns control using PowerCommand ● Emergency stop switch ● Emergency Stop software ● Idle mode control ● Fail to Crank Flexible for interface with other ● Menu switch ● ● Low Coolant Level (option for manufacturers’ control and ● Panel backlighting alarm only) monitoring systems ● Remote starting ● Low Oil Pressure Other PowerCommand Control ● Reset switch ● Magnetic Pickup Failure options are available ● Run-Off-Auto switch ● Overcrank ● Sealed front panel. For isolation ● Kilowatt Hours purposes a switch disconnector can ● Power Factor be supplied and mounted in the ● Voltage Line to Line normal circuit breaker position on ● Voltage Line to Neutral either side of the control panel.

†Subject to factory veriÞcation.3 Litres 50. Standby: Continuous running at variable load for duration of an emergency. ISO 3046. Prime: Continuous running at variable load for unlimited periods with 10% overload available for 1 hour in any 12 hour period. SpeciÞcations May Change Without Notice 09/01 CPG KTA50/C .6 m3/s 21.9:1 14. Generating Sets – 50 Hz Set output 380-440 V 50 Hz 380-440 V 50 Hz Prime at 40°C ambient 1005 kWe 1256 kVA 1125 kWe 1406 kVA New Model (Prime) 1005 DFLC 1125 DFLE Standby at 40°C ambient 1120 kWe 1400 kVA 1340 kWe 1675 kVA New Model (Standby) 1120 DFLC 1340 DFLE Engine Make Cummins Cummins Model KTA50G3 KTA50G8 Cylinders Sixteen Sixteen Engine build 60° Vee Vee Governor / Class Electronic / A1 Electronic / A1 Aspiration and cooling Turbo Aftercooled Turbo Aftercooled Bore and stroke 159 mm x 159 mm 159 mm x 159 mm Compression ratio 13.3 Litres Starting / Min °C Unaided / 7°C Unaided / 7°C Battery capacity 254 A/hr 254 A/hr Nett Engine output – Prime 1076 kWm 1168 kWm Nett at ßywheel – Standby 1206 kWm 1397 kWm Maximum load acceptance – single step (cold) 640 kWe 900 kWe Speed 1500 rpm 1500 rpm Alternator voltage regulation ±0.Technical Data Model 1125 DFLE with 50°C radiator Þtted. For TA-LUFT engine parameters refer to factory.9:1 Cubic capacity 50.5% ±0.1 m /s 3 28.7 m3/s Pusher fan head (duct allowance) 40°C† 13 mm Wg 13 mm Wg Air intake – engine (prime) 5166 m3/hr 5400 m3/hr Air ßow – radiator (50°C ambient)† 27.5% Alternator insulation class H H Single load step to NFPA 110 100% 100% Fuel consumption (Prime) 100% load 254 l/hr 289 l/hr Fuel consumption (Standby) 100% load 282 l/hr 345 l/hr Lubrication oil capacity 177 Litres 204 Litres Base fuel tank capacity – open set 2000 Litres 2000 Litres Coolant capacity – radiator and engine 351 Litres 400 Litres Exhaust temp – full load prime 518°C 482°C Exhaust gas ßow – full load prime 13590 m3/hr 13842 m3/hr Exhaust gas back pressure max (standby) 51 mm Hg 51 mm Hg Air ßow – radiator (40°C ambient)† 21.4 m3/s Pusher fan head (duct allowance) 50°C† 13 mm Wg 15 mm Wg Total heat radiated to ambient 176 kW 210 kW Engine derating – altitude Refer to derate curves Refer to derate curves Engine derating – temperature Refer to derate curves Refer to derate curves In accordance with ISO 8528.

com www: Standard and custom made generating sets from 30 kVA to 2500 kVA Cummins is a registered trademark of Cummins Engine Company SpeciÞcations May Change Without Notice 09/01 CPG KTA50/C .uk@cummins. Generation Cummins Power Generation Limited Manston Park. Do not use for installation design. Ask for certiÞed drawings on your speciÞc application. Power See your distributor for more information. SpeciÞcations may change without notice. Columbus Avenue Manston. Ramsgate Kent CT12 5BF. C D A1 B1 SUB-BASE FUEL TANK OPTION Dimensions and Weights (mm/kg) Set Weight Set Weight Tank Weight Tank Weight Model Engine A A1 B1 B C D kg Dry kg Wet kg (wet) kg (dry) DFLC KTA50G3 5290 5690 1640 2000 2238 300 9743 10300 2755 1075 DFLG KTA50G6 5290 5690 1640 2000 2238 300 9743 10300 2755 1075 DFLH KTA50G7 5455 5690 1640 2033 2241 300 9943 10646 2755 1075 DFLE KTA50G8 5866 5690 1640 2033 2333 300 11140 11700 2755 1075 DFLE *KTA50G8 5880 5690 1640 2033 2771 300 11540 12100 2755 1075 *With 50°C ambient radiator Floor mounted circuit breaker and load terminal cubicle (for use above 2000 amps) Capacity Width Depth Height amps mm mm mm 1600 1000 1050 1500 2000 1000 1050 1500 2500 1000 1050 1500 Set weights are without sub-base tank. Dimensions and weights are for guidance only. UK Telephone: +44 (0)1843 255000 Fax: +44 (0)1843 255902 Email: cpg.Dimensions and Weights – 50 Hz Optional entrance box or circuit B A breaker either side.