Surety Bond for the grant of medical advance to temporary employee

This deed is made on the Jan 30, 2017 between the Haryana Govt. and (Name and
Fathers Name of Surety )

(hereinafter referred to jointly and severally as the surety) of one part and the
governor of Haryana(hereinafter referred to the govt.) of the other part. Whereas a
loan of Rs. 700000/- (Rupees seven lacs only) has been granted to Sh. B.K. Mittal
S/o Sh. B. D. Mittal the resident of H. No. 280, sector 6, Panipat (hereinafter referred
as to borrower) under the terms and conditions set out in the agreement dated
30/1/2017 subject to the borrower furnishing one permanent govt. official s surety
to guarantee the due performance and observance, by the borrower, of the
conditions of agreement dated Jan 30, 2017 and also being not a adhoc employee.

And whereas (Name of Surety) have in fulfillment of the agreed conditions of the
medical advance stand as surety for the borrower on the terms and conditions
hereinafter appearing.

Now this deed witnesses the parties which hereby agree as follows:

In pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of Rs. 700000/- as
medical advance by the govt. to the borrower the medical advance surety hereby
agrees that the borrower shall perform duty faithfully and punctually as per terms
and conditions set out in the agreement dated JAN 30, 2017 and observed by him
that in the event of failure of the borrower to dying or passing to be in service for
any cause what-so-ever before the amount due to the govt from the borrower is
fully paid to the govt on account of principal and the interest under the said


travelling allowance or any other sum which may or become payable by the govt to the surety after this deed./Date of Confirmation : . In witness whereof the parties have signed this deed on the date respectively mentioning their signatures in the year 2017 of the Republic of India. ii. The govt shall be entitled to deduct from any pay. For consideration as said and further persuasion of the agreement it is hereby agreed that the surety shall not be effected by the govt while granting time to anyone including to the borrower. Signature Address: Date of Retirement: Date of Birth: Date of Confirmation: Order No.i.