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Inversion, Emphatic forms and Adverbial Clauses


A. Choose the word or phrase that produces a grammatically correct

1. Not until they have actually finished the construction of the robot
_____________detect its shortcomings.

a. they will be able to b. they are able to c. will they be able to d. are they able to

2. Barely _____________hear the speaker at the annual computer science conference
so I asked the organizing committee to check the microphones.

a. I could b. couldn’t I c. I couldn’t d. could I

3. _________ you need any further instructions on how to use your new touch screen
computer, you have to contact the company’s service.

a. Would b. Should c. Had d. Could

4. Hardly had the computer scientists finished the experiment ___________ a big
explosion occurred.

a.than b.when c. then d. that

5. By no means __________assume that robots will be able to either substitute
human intelligence or express human feelings.

a. we can b. can’t we c. can we d. we can't

6. No sooner had Kevin completed his MSc in nanotechnology_____________ he was
hired by a big multinational

a. than b. that c. when d. so

7.___________we will always wonder about is whether she ever regretted making that

a. That b.It c. Things d.What

8.Nowhere in the world ____________such extensive humanoid robot construction
taking place as in Japan.

a. can’t you find b. can you find c. you can find d. you can't find

9. ______________was only three months ago that he said he wanted to study nuclear
physics and now he says he's changed his mind.

a. That d. This c. Then d. It

10. Who ________________ that invented the personal computer?

a. it was b. it was c. there was d. was there

2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must
use between three and eight words, including the word given.

1. Robots should not be designed to substitute human beings. NO

G. not Charles Dickens.Under _______________________________________________be designed to substitute human beings. 8. Wells wrote many science-fiction novels. 11. HAD 4. 5. Even though she made a great effort. The generator had just started working and then there was a big explosion. IN Sandra didn’t manage to win the race_____________________________________________ effort. Mark gave me a book for my birthday. 2. SUCH There were_________________________________waiting to get a ticket that I decided to leave. Why can’t you ever give me a straight answer? IT Why__________________________________________________________give me a straight answer? 7. There were so many people waiting to get a ticket that I decided to leave. The group of scientists were working in the laboratory and they accidentally created the humanoid there. Mary has a driving license. DOES Mary____________________________________________________. H. 9. but she just doesn’t like driving. not a CD. WHERE The group of scientists were working in the laboratory and _____________________________ ______________________________________________the humanoid. she just doesn’t like driving. 10. not a CD. Sandra didn’t manage to win the race. As the registration fee was high. I wouldn’t have spent so much money on it in the first place. Hardly _____________________________________________________there was a big explosion. few people attended the cooking seminar. HAD ____________________________________. OWING Few people______________________________________________________________registrat ion fee. If I had known how fragile that domestic appliance was. not Charles Dickens. WHO It_______________________________________ many science-fiction novels. WHAT ____________________________________________________ for my birthday was a book. . so much money on it in the first place 6. 3.

Angelo could not take part in the race because he was injured. ACCOUNT Dr Murphy advised Bill to refrain from smoking___________________________________ health. Due to Bill’s ill health. many people were forced to get a second job. 14. In order to spend some quality time with his children. Jason decided to taka year off work. RESULT As____________________________________________. . A lot of people have been forced to get a second job since the cost of living is so high in this country. Dr Murphy strongly advised him to refrain from smoking. 15. Angelo couldn’t take part in the race.12. 13. SEEING ___________________________________________. AS Jason decided to take a year off work _________________________________ some quality time with his children.