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GESE 10-12 Lesson Plan

Focus: Interactive phase

Before beginning the task, remind the class of some examples of functional language which are suitable for
each level.

1. Split the class into groups of 3 (preferably the groups will be pupils of the same grade) and give each
group a few interactive prompts as well as a check list (see material below). Each group must decide
who is the examinar, who is the candidate, and who is the helper.
2. Tell the pupil functioning as the examiner to take the first interactive prompt and remind them that they
must limit their interactions to 1-2 phrases. Encourage the ‘candidate’ to include a question in each of
their phrases, even when stating their own opinion. Tell the groups that you will time them discussing
this for 5 minutes.
3. During this 5 minutes the ‘examiner’ and the ‘candidate’ will perform the interactive task whilst the helper
evaluates the candidate’s performance using the provided checklist.
4. Do this process enough times so that each pupil has had a go at each different role.
5. After this, ask each group to feedback to each other and see if they can provide any advice to one
another, and check that the specified language functions of each prompt were displayed.
6. As a class, discuss the most common areas which need to be worked on. 

Example check list (I have used the Grade 10 functions, plus some extras. Obviously for Grade 11/12
classes, you would add these functions and anything else you would like to!)

Check list

Developed an argument

Defending a point of view

Expressed opinions tentatively

Evidence of deducing

Summarised information, ideas and arguments

Expressed beliefs

Idiomatic phrases

Good range of vocabulary

Use of speculative language

Made a suggestion

Use persuasive language

Displayed a range of grammar

Maintained the conversation